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9:00 PM
@GnomeSlice I was just curious. It's sad that AnimeSE is still in beta and it's obvious it will be worse than SciFi.
@Fluttershy My experiences with personal acquiantances who watch a lot of anime have been mostly really bad.
> "This is Scout, rainbows make me cry, over!"
@RonanForman Do you guys have your exams in Jan instead of december???
@Fluttershy You can vote to close, make your point on meta/comments...
@BenBrocka For a second I thought you were saying that you can now vote to close a site in beta
9:08 PM
@BenBrocka By sad I mean funny. I like anime, but I see absolutely no reason for it to have any sort of stack exchange site.
WHOA WHOA, why does anime.SE get animated spoiler text?
brb, need to restart Firefox
@GnomeSlice the fade effect? It's the beta default
@Powerlord No...though you can in Area 51. If you have amazingly insane amounts of otherwise useless Area 51 points
I feel like the new Diana Allers question is still a dupe...
9:11 PM
@BenBrocka Which I don't.
I'm surprised that Board and Card Games hasn't been shut down yet. It's been in Beta since around the time Gaming started Beta.
@kalina I just got to where I recognized them :P
@GnomeSlice Because fady effects weren't the standard when the original design was introduced. In fact I don't think most sites have it
It's also on links and stuff, but it really does work well with the spoilers
@Fluttershy I killed the dragon pretty late, so it was very easy
@BenBrocka Custom Client
@BenBrocka feature requesssssst
9:18 PM
@GnomeSlice Okay, Gollum
. . .
. .
.  .   .
....   .
.  .   .
Ѿ <- Does that look like a butt to anyone else?
no, it's clearly an accented omega.
@badp Ω I don't think so
Not at all.
9:22 PM
@OrigamiRobot ω
I forgot about lowercase
Also, that doesn't mean it doesn't look like a butt.
you'd be surprised
By what?
@OrigamiRobot It looks like a but with a ballsack...
do you know how they measure aggressiveness in video-game-aggressiveness studies?
9:24 PM
@GnomeSlice You need to see a doctor.
@OrigamiRobot Uh.
They ask questions like this: what's the missing letter? E X P L O _ E
۞ <- This looks like an Elder Sign
@badp R or D
@badp And if you choose d, that means video games make you aggressive.
9:25 PM
@badp Я
@badp P
@fbueckert I chose D because I am an engineer. We like explosions.
@OrigamiRobot YOU MURDERER
@OrigamiRobot Don't post that here! Do you want us all possessed?!
P is a cross between D and R, so P
9:26 PM
@OrigamiRobot This
@badp S. Also the last E should be an M.
@OrigamiRobot I chose D because I'm male. Explosions make anything better.
@fbueckert They have that in common with bacon.
May 10 '12 at 3:30, by OrigamiRobot
Iä, Shub-Niggurath!
@OrigamiRobot averts eyes
9:28 PM
@badp I know. That's such horseshit
@SaintWacko It makes no difference. We have no need for your eyes.
(video games gave me a pottymouth)
@OrigamiRobot That sounds racist
@GnomeSlice That's what you said last time.
9:29 PM
@GnomeSlice Think, dude. Think.
they put the Pyro, Heavy and Spy in "Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed" and the voices don't match
@fbueckert I did...
:For the French zeuhl band named after it, see Shub Niggurath (band). Shub-Niggurath, often associated with the phrase “The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young”, is a deity in the Cthulhu Mythos of H. P. Lovecraft. The creature is sometimes referred to as “The Black Ram of The Forest with a Thousand Ewes,” lending a male gender to the entity that is often thought of as female. Shub-Niggurath is first mentioned in Lovecraft's revision story "The Last Test" (1928); she is never actually described in Lovecraft's fiction, but is frequently mentioned or called upon in incantations....
especially for the Pyro
@badp Hudduhh!
9:30 PM
@OrigamiRobot I'm not reading that at school.
@GnomeSlice Why? It's literature.
@GnomeSlice You're like the people in the usage notes for niggardly.
Oh, it's lovecraftian.
@StrixVaria Ahahahahahahahaha
(does it say "Why the fuck do I have to do everything?")
@fbueckert Be honest, he isn't wrong.
9:34 PM
@OrigamiRobot For accusing random text of sounding racist?
@fbueckert For accusing a word of sounding like another word.
You're on the Internet. If you don't have at least a passing knowledge of Cthulhu, you're a sheltered individual indeed.
@badp Are you judging this from the one video posted months ago or from something more recent?
@Powerlord the video posted today on the TF2 blog
I suppose it could sort of pass for german of some sort.
9:36 PM
don't know when that video was uploaded
@fbueckert Cthulhu, yes. But knowing about Cthulhu doesn't mean you know about anything else Lovecraft or even who Lovecraft is.
> Published on Jan 17, 2013
@badp I'm checking the blog on teamfortress.com via lynx and I'm not seeing any entries more recent than January 10th.
@Powerlord News section. It's probably easier if I just link you to the video
Someone just started playing Terraria.
9:45 PM
@OrigamiRobot That question and answer really make me want to play Terraria
I still think we should have a Terraria server
@SaintWacko We did.
@Ullallulloo What? When?
@SaintWacko Oh was there a new question? I only meant some of my Terraria answer have been upvoted recently.
@OrigamiRobot Oh, I guess it's not new
It was just edited recently
Q: What is the progression route in Terraria?

Let_Me_BeI'm kind of stuck in Terraria. I have full silver armor and 12 hearts (gold/silver gear). I have just killed the Eye of Cthulhu. I was thinking about gathering gold armor, but gold is damn scarce. I have tried searching for floating islands (at 406 altitude) but if I go to far I get attacked by...

The answer needs to be updated.
9:47 PM
user image
@SaintWacko @IanPugsley had one, but we all stopped playing on it.
@OrigamiRobot Would anyone else want to play if one started again?
@SaintWacko I'm playing too many other things.
@SaintWacko I'd be a little tempted
@OrigamiRobot it'd be vastly longer now wouldn't it?
@saintwacko theoretically yeah. I own Terraria so I should try to play it.
Also apparently I just slept the whole day.
10:02 PM
@AshleyNunn all day sleeping is the best kind!
@OrigamiRobot I tried searching. Whatever.
@agent86 what are those from? They are awesome.
10:05 PM
@AshleyNunn a crappy mobile phone final fantasy game
Awww I am sad it is a crappy game. :( because those are hilarious
@Fluttershy I am now
@agent86 Oh yeah, I heard about that game.
Or as I like to call it the "How Not To Do Microtransactions" game.
omg I am so addicted to salsa and sour cream
10:20 PM
@BenBrocka that is shit.
Q: What is the most efficient crop in terms of money?

victoriahIf we talk about plants that are the same quality (let's say Perfect), which one is the most efficient? It might not necessarily be the one that is worth the most, if the time between harvests is different for different plants. Which plant has the best money/time ratio?

Q: Is portal-burnout only player-specific or global?

ShiDoiSiWhen a portal reports burn-out, is this only for me, or will other players (regardless of faction) be locked out as well? (No one around to do experiments at the moment.)

Q: How much coal does a Hobbyist Steam Engine use for a full tank of water?

fredleyHow much coal should I put in my Hobbyist Steam Engine so that the (full) tank of water and the coal run out at the same time?

Q: If I stumble into an enemy outpost and then leave, can I come back later for the undetected bonus?

Steve V.I accidentally stumbled into an enemy outpost while gliding, they spotted me and summoned reinforcements. I bailed and they lost track of me. If I go back later to clear that outpost for a Path Of The Hunter mission, will I be able to get the undetected bonus, or do the guards always remember th...

@kalina on stuff or just eaten with a spoon?
@AshleyNunn either, but with chips atm
10:24 PM
@YiJiang'sEvilClone you need some http:// in front of that
@kalina Actually, I just left an extra space in front of the URL
I am so happy my cat is adjusting to my new place. Makes me a happy bean.
@Fluttershy That is a lot of meat
10:31 PM
@AshleyNunn If you want a moderately fun, Final Fantasy related time waster for your phone, check out Airborne Brigade.
@AshleyNunn It actually sounds worse than the penny arcade review makes it sound
@YiJiang'sEvilClone I know! I'm gonna eat allllllllll of it.
@fluttershy I have a jealous of your meat.
Also, @YiJiang'sEvilClone I forget why I pinged you earlier.
@Fluttershy Whoa
That's not a hamburger
That's an enormous meatball between two buns
10:34 PM
@SaintWacko And it is delicious.
@fluttershy it looks like it would be.
@AshleyNunn $4
@Fluttershy That was $4?
@SaintWacko Also:
4 hours ago, by Fluttershy
Anyone who visits me will be treated to a meal.
10:39 PM
I think that much meat in one sitting would make me ill
@SaintWacko Yep.
@Ullallulloo honestly, even it is just $4,it is a pile of meat. I would happily eat a pile of meat with @fluttershy.
@kalina It is no easy task, I assure you. Especially for me. I mean... I'm not a big guy. <_<
@fbueckert Thanks for the heads up, I always enjoyed the flash version, and this one looks even better
@AshleyNunn O_o
10:40 PM
@agent86 My thoughts exactly
@SaintWacko Yeah, it was fun.
@agent86 If that's in reply to Ashley's eating a pile of meat with me, all I can say is... I'm pretty awesome.
@AshleyNunn I still want to try to make it up there to visit you this summer
And everyone else in that area, too
10:43 PM
People need to visit me!
@fbueckert Yeah, I think they actually did it to a comet
Also, did you know there was a kickstarter for Super Motherload?
One of the reward descriptions:
> PRE-RELEASE ADVANCE COPY: Be the first to own and play the game! Receive a digital download of Super Motherload for Mac and PC before it retails commercially! "Finally something worth beating at your computer without having to google pr0n!"
@Fluttershy you're both going to be full of meaty goodness!
@agent86 I already am.
@Fluttershy that's just how you roll
10:48 PM
@SaintWacko I'd have expected it to be a bit wider and shorter (with a more fitting bun)
@BenBrocka I had no idea what you were talking about for a moment
Ahhhh, there we go. I can reply to things again.
@SaintWacko the reply arrow is magic
Whoever decided to downvote my months old Tiny Tower question today: If I find you, I will you.
I hate when I try to reply to someone's message and end up editing it instead
10:50 PM
@Fluttershy Random question downvotes happen all the time.
@fbueckert Not to me!
@BenBrocka First mod problems.
@StrixVaria Don't make me edit you
@fluttershy I still plan to when I can get money and time and such! Visit you that is.
@saintwacko awesome! We can have cupcakes when you visit!
@AshleyNunn Woo!
10:54 PM
@AshleyNunn Yay, cupcakes!
@fluttershy that is alot of pizza
@Fluttershy That's the best thing I ever saw
@AshleyNunn Yes. Yes it is. =P
@BenBrocka This pleases me.
Dinner time.
Joy. Power cord for my switch died.
11:05 PM
@James We do indeed, why?
@RonanForman Madness!
Guy who is doing my intro video said he was in exams and I was all :O
@RonanForman Just seems like an odd time to to me to have em :)
@RonanForman For my youtube videos
11:08 PM
@Fluttershy It made me laugh :)
@AshleyNunn How did this not get starred earlier? I go away to work and this is what happens shakes head
@TimStone giggles Now all is right with the world?
I'm a bit tired and hungry, so I suppose that needs fixing, but otherwise yes.
@TimStone Have some meat!
@BenBrocka shakes head
11:18 PM
Woah, just updated thirteen FF add-ons. Now for the tabocalypse on restart...
Ah, just four tabs and things adding buttons where I don't want them.
user image
@agent86 But I love my onions!
@AshleyNunn you must let go
@agent86 you don't understand my feeeeeelings
Q: How do you defeat the Ancient Rock Wraith in the Deep Roads. I cannot beat it

Digger HallI really need help with this. >-< I have it on Casual settings. But it still does not work. I've died around 10 times now. So yea. My team is. Hawke(F)Mage (Healing and Elemental) Merril: Mage (Elemental) Fenris: Warrior The dwarf: Ranged. I don't think that is a good team, But i am true...

11:35 PM
@AshleyNunn your eyes will be stimulated when you use steel knives to cut onion - even will be tearful. :( youtube.com/watch?v=qJBPpi7T7R0
I have hello everyone
@AshleyNunn king double knives - they cut the breef.
@agent86 giggles For some reason all of these videos are enthralling
11:39 PM
@RavenDreamer I have hi!
Also, it is a tomato, not a potato.
@TimStone we all know the question is about you, Tim
@AshleyNunn Potayto Tomahto.
11:40 PM
@BenBrocka We all know I don't show up to work half the time, it can't be me.
@AshleyNunn there's something there that just makes me laugh every time I watch it
if they would just do US infomercials this way, we'd all be buying oxyclean or whatever
@agent86 I secretly want to buy one.
@agent86 I prefer these infomercials (NSFW swear wordies):
11:46 PM
@GnomeSlice art style kinda reminds me of Wipeout (especially the ad)
the billboard I mean
@BenBrocka It's like handball meetsTF2 in floating tanks. With guns. Play it, I can't recommend it enough.
@BenBrocka balbalblabllalblalblalblablalbllalbla
@BenBrocka I forgot about Jaboody Dubs. Used to love these.
@BenBrocka This is the best of the Jaboody Dubs:
Onebox hates me :(
@DaveMcClelland Needs moar hyper text
11:52 PM
@DaveMcClelland The query string behind the URL must start with the v= parameter first
What have they done
@OrigamiRobot Tilt. It's a tool used by web developers
It helps visualize the nesting of HTML elements
Do they actually use it, or do they just go "Oh, look what I can do?"
@TimStone Both :D
You can spot out of place elements pretty easily with this
@YiJiang'sEvilClone I know what it's intended for.
11:55 PM
I'm going to look at Meta, I'm scared D:
@TimStone Tables. Tables everywhere.
AHHHH. Now I'll have table-based nightmares.
Q: How do I unlock the new "Second Wave" options?

Raven DreamerSecond Wave is now a real thing, released as free DLC. However, I've noticed that not all of the options are available at the beginning. What are all the options available in Second Wave, and how do I unlock them?


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