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6:00 PM
And that making him adhere to site policy is trolling.
@fbueckert He's a gamer, what do you expect.
@GnomeSlice To adhere to site policy.
Like everybody else who sticks around.
Well now you're just being silly.
@Fluttershy Not quite the same. Lock-in points can occur much earlier.
So, bacon!
6:03 PM
Gamers don't adhere to things! We're rebels! Men (and women) who don't take shit from nobody! Heroes among men!
@Fluttershy so much meat!
@Powerlord Woo, bacon!
@Powerlord I LIKE BACON
Bacon is awesome!
@GnomeSlice You accidentally a word.
6:04 PM
@kalina It feels like you're doing this on purpose now.
@GnomeSlice no :(
@Fluttershy No I didn't...?
oh woops
@GnomeSlice nice double negative btw
@kalina I wouldn't call what McDonalds serves meat.
@Wipqozn it is in this country, they're not allowed to serve cardboard
6:05 PM
@Wipqozn It's beef.
@kalina "No" is an interjection.
@Wipqozn It isn't from McDonald's.
@Ullallulloo "don't take shit from nobody" = "takes shit from everybody"
@kalina That was my point
@kalina What about a public rest room?
6:06 PM
Actually, no it wasn't, but it is now.
@kalina Ah, didn't see where you were replying.
@kalina Wrong
@Powerlord er
"don't take shit from nobody" = "takes shit from somebody"
@OrigamiRobot ok PedanticBot
6:07 PM
It's completely different thing!
It is not a completely different thing.
@Fluttershy I thought you said you ordered 3 big macs or something equally crazy.
Oh, colour me mistaken.
everybody is completely different than somebody
@Wipqozn Oh man, I could go for three Big Macs right about now.
@GnomeSlice You should do it. Go right now.
6:08 PM
3 big macs does not sound like my idea of food
@Wipqozn I have class in an hour, and, while there is a MacDonald's close to school, it will still be a good 15-20 minute walk. Plus it's freezing.
heart failure? possible
@Wipqozn Three 2lb. burgers. From a place called Vine's Custom Meats. They're slow cooked on a smoker for hours. They're amazing.
@kalina STUDENT 4 LYFE
puking? likely
weight gain? definitely
6:08 PM
@kalina Not for me. =[
@GnomeSlice What?
@OrigamiRobot MacDonald's is cheap
Students eat ramen and nothing else.
@OrigamiRobot he's saying that he needs to remain a student for the rest of his life, because he can't spell "life"
@OrigamiRobot Japanese students
(Doesn't know anything about ramen; I hope it's Japanese)
6:09 PM
@GnomeSlice ...
Well 'Asian students' sounds even worse.
@GnomeSlice: Keeping the Bridge classy till the end of time.
Donald A. Gorske (born November 28, 1953) of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin is an American world record holder and "Big Mac enthusiast". He is best known for having eaten over 26,000 Big Mac hamburgers from the U.S. fast food chain McDonald's in his lifetime, subsequently winning a place in the 2006 Guinness Book of Records. He claims the Big Mac constitutes 90% of his total solid food intake. He is featured in the documentaries Super Size Me (2004) and Don Gorske: Mac Daddy (2005). He is the author of 22,477 Big Macs (2008). Overview Gorske claims that after getting his first car, the first ...
6:10 PM
@Fluttershy This guy is a hero.
how the hell can you be a "Big Mac Enthusiast"
He was in SuperSize Me too, wasn't he?
@OrigamiRobot I could correct that, but it would be incredibly mean.
@GnomeSlice Yes he was.
6:11 PM
First day he ever went to MacDonalds he had 9 Big Macs.
That's about all I remember.
@GnomeSlice Mc, not Mac.
@Fluttershy That's "Mc" for the first, and "Mac" for the second.
> Gorske also states that he has only eaten one Burger King Whopper sandwich in his life, and will never eat one again. Gorske claimed that he first tried a Whopper after his friend bet him $5 to do so, and that he then spent the money on Big Macs.
@Fluttershy Right, right. I forget all the time because of 'big mac'.
6:12 PM
the bit that gets me is this
> At his doctor visit on April 26, 2011, his first since 1985, his cholesterol level was 156 mg/dl, which is below the average of 208 mg/dl.
@AshleyNunn Star Command update!
@kalina He's a skinny motherfucker too
at over 4000 calories a day?
@kalina Yeah, it's nuts.
@kalina You can eat the worst things in the world, apparently. Just gotta exercise. So that who "exercise and eat right" argument is crap. Clearly only one is needed.
6:14 PM
If I touched 4000 calories worth of food in a day I'd gain weight
@Fluttershy That's disgusting
I'm like that too (although I don't probably don't intake calories a day), but I never, ever gain weight for anything.
@Fluttershy Metabolism :P
@SaintWacko What is? I can't see replies, people!
@GnomeSlice That's what I have :D
> Despite a diet some would call unhealthy, Gorske says he keeps himself in good shape. He says he’s 6-foot-2 and weighs 185 pounds, and walks as many as 10 miles a day.
6:15 PM
@Fluttershy the wiki link
@SaintWacko Ooh!
@GnomeSlice I wasn't aware metabolism had an effect on cholesterol.
@Fluttershy You know what you did!
@kalina <3 Thank you.
@Fluttershy Oh, I dunno.
6:15 PM
But yeah, that person
Now I want McDonald's....
@Fluttershy At his doctor visit on April 26, 2011, his first since 1985, his cholesterol level was 156 mg/dl, which is below the average of 208 mg/dl.
@Fluttershy Ew
@Fluttershy I would assume it does.
nothing ever makes me want mcdonalds
6:16 PM
It's probably been a decade since I've eaten what I consider fast food
Of course, average does not mean healthy.
McDonalds, Burger King, Arby's, that sort of place
For two years I lived off of fast food. Lunch and dinner, every day. For two years. I didn't gain any weight.
@GnomeSlice I wonder if he's ever tried a real hamburger
6:17 PM
McDonalds hamburgers are awful. If I ever go there, I get chicken because it is edible.
@SaintWacko I dunno, I hope so. Big Macs are pretty tasty, but it's hard to beat a giant juicy hamburger.
@OrigamiRobot I don't go there. I'd honestly rather skip a meal than go there
@SaintWacko Eugh. Every update we get about Star Command is, "We're so close! Promise! It's almost out!"
I like fast food.
Have you guys ever tried a McGangbang
6:18 PM
I like most food though.
@fbueckert I know :(
@SaintWacko I haven't been in a couple months, but that's more laziness than health consciousness.
@OrigamiRobot I'm normally not terribly health conscious, but I draw the line at that sort of "food"
@SaintWacko The premise is great, but they've missed release dates constantly for a whole year.
@OrigamiRobot barely, only fast food chicken that is 'edible' is KFC
6:19 PM
McGangBang = Order 1 Junior Chicken and 1 McDouble; take them apart and rebuild them as bun/beef/bun/chicken/bun/beef/bun; eat
So good, even though it has nothing on it but bread and meat.
@SaintWacko When your main protein source is cardboard with an official name of, "100% beef", I'm thinking you can't call what you serve, food.
And ketchup/mustard if you get some.
@GnomeSlice "bread" and "meat"
@fbueckert Except it's actually beef.
Actual bread and meat are delicious
6:20 PM
@GnomeSlice Except it's actually not.
@fbueckert Source?
It's just something called beef.
and I would be perfectly happy to just eat bread and meat
@fbueckert It actually is in the UK, the only fast food I've ever eaten in Canada is Wendy's though
@kalina Ugh KFC is the greasiest grease that ever greased. Not that it's not delicious.
6:21 PM
@fbueckert I started to google "contents of mcdonalds beef", then decided I really didn't want to know
@kalina Haven't been there much lately, used to really like them.
Especially while I'm eating lunch
@OrigamiRobot must be a regional thing, KFC over here isn't that greasy at all
Must be.
@OrigamiRobot They're one of the few fast food places where I do like the food
6:21 PM
@OrigamiRobot Love KFC.
burgerking over here disintegrates as you take it out of the packaging though
In the South, everything is grease.
That and Chik-fil-a
It's delicious
Their fries are so amazing
6:22 PM
over here, BurgerKing do the best fries
followed by McDonalds, followed by KFC
but KFC do food that doesn't taste like death
Apparently McDonald's used to put a mystery 'Pink Slime' ingredient in their beef, which they dropped a while ago.
while McDonalds could be cooked rat it's so tasteless
@Ullallulloo Good to know that on their website they say something that will make people like their food
@GnomeSlice Which is scrap beef sanitized.
A company would never lie to a consumer in order to make more money
6:23 PM
@SaintWacko You think they blatantly lie?
@kalina Where I am (and every place I've been) Burger King has better burgers, but horrible fries. McDonalds has awesome fries, but horrible burgers.
@Ullallulloo Interesting
McDonalds fries over here have no potato in them
@Ullallulloo I think they twist the truth
I mean I'm sure they did at one point, but by the time you get them they're just shells of fries that are generally quite hollow
6:24 PM
They don't have to be potato to taste delicious.
KFC fries are soggy
McDonald's is not a shitty little broke organization man, they have the means to GET high quailty foods.
and Burger King fries are nice
@GnomeSlice higher quality foods = more overhead costs eating into profits
6:24 PM
@kalina Arby's and Chik-fil-a fries are delicious
@kalina Joey's Only used to make the best fries hands-down until the chain died. =[
At burger King, I get "onion" rings.
Ok, yeah, looks like that 100% beef thing is an urban legend. My bad.
They still have to do something to it to make it that wholly unhealthy, though.
@Fluttershy the nicest thing in that picture is the can of dr pepper
6:26 PM
@Fluttershy ...dammit, now I want a burger and onion rings for lunch.
@Fluttershy -cheese +lettuce
Wow, they fillet and bone their fish on board the ship?
@fbueckert Everything in that picture: $4
@Fluttershy Finish it!
@Fluttershy I hate America for this
6:27 PM
@GnomeSlice I ate the entire thing.
@Fluttershy Damn. That's crazy cheap.
$4 = £2.50
I can get a bottle of Dr Pepper for that
@Fluttershy Now I have a craving for beans.
@fbueckert You ever come to my neck of the woods, a burger like that is on me.
Fuck I should go eat
half an hour till class though
And then class till 10:00 with a one hour break in between the two at some point
6:28 PM
@GnomeSlice Run really fast. Problem solved.
@Fluttershy Does that offer extend to me as well?
@Wipqozn Sure!
@Fluttershy I may take you up on that.
@Fluttershy Excellent.
I haven't even had breakfast yet. You guys aren't helping with my pre-existing hunger.
And then we hit up a steakhouse for supper on me.
6:28 PM
I should have done some homework this morning, I've been here for like four hours.
Fuck me
@fbueckert We should alll take him up on it, and then make him go broke. Then we'll make him become our butler.
@GnomeSlice I don't want to.
@Fluttershy I'm the closest to you. What about me?
tries to think of response
Anyone who visits me will be treated to a meal.
6:29 PM
@Wipqozn Nothing like abusing someone's generosity to make them never do something nice again.
@Fluttershy on my way, cya in 10 hours
@fbueckert I know! I't sgreat!
@kalina I'll be here!
@Wipqozn So many $4 meals.
6:30 PM
In the tens!
@Wipqozn Tell you what: you come over here, during winter, and I'll treat you to a meal, too.
@fbueckert Nova Scotia is cold enough, thank you.
I really need to start a fire, but I'm lazy.
@Wipqozn By fire be purged...
I should make a point to travel across Canada at some point and visit all the Arqade Canadians.
6:32 PM
@Wipqozn I do not live in Canada. No free food for you.
@Fluttershy THen move. Problem solved.
@Wipqozn You can be my wingman
In fact, I'll extend that offer to anyone. You come visit me during winter, I'll feed you.
@Fluttershy: How is FAE doing? Haven't heard from her in a bit. I assume she lacks non-dial-up internet.
@fbueckert Someones lonely.
@Wipqozn I have a fireplace, but the log holder thingy is bolted down and it's a pain to clean.
6:32 PM
@Fluttershy Where do you live?
@Wipqozn Not really. I just want to see you shiver in the cold.
@OrigamiRobot Power washer
@SaintWacko Missouri.
@GnomeSlice ... indoors?
@OrigamiRobot Wear a helmet
6:33 PM
Hence why, "during winter" is part of the caveat.
@Wipqozn Maybe you should come to 'merica.
@GnomeSlice Haha
@GnomeSlice I'm not worried about me...
@Wipqozn She's fine. She's visiting some friends of ours near Toronto and will be heading home Sunday.
@Ullallulloo Whoa
6:33 PM
@OrigamiRobot Air compressor, then.
@Fluttershy Hmmm, not too far...
@GnomeSlice Are you even thinking?
@Ullallulloo But 'merica is too hot.
But too far for a burger
@GnomeSlice That would fill the house with ashes
@GnomeSlice Going under a waterfall or something?
6:34 PM
@OrigamiRobot do you really need to ask this question?
@Wipqozn Go to Alaska.
@SaintWacko Vacuum cleaner!
Sorry, La Mulana was on the mind recently.
@OrigamiRobot Let me know how your snowstorm fares; we're supposed to get ~2 inches tonight.
6:34 PM
@fbueckert Did you see my ping about the weather here?
@GnomeSlice That's better
@OrigamiRobot Yeah, I did.
@SaintWacko How else are you going to clean up all of the ashes around your house?
Q: Most time-effective way to play EVE online?

autodidactI'm thinking of starting to play EVE online, but I'm worried about the amount of time it will take. I would consider playing 3-5h per week, but not more. Hence, my question is: what is the most time-effective career path/way to play EVE online?

6:35 PM
@GnomeSlice Poltergust!
@Powerlord Which is a vaccum cleaner.
Which reminds me, has a North American release date been announced for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon?
@OrigamiRobot I'm confused. What happened?
@OrigamiRobot I dunno; I do it to everybody.
6:36 PM
@fbueckert It's the ice that makes it particularly dangerous here.
Last I checked it was still "Spring 2013"
@OrigamiRobot eugh ice
the snow we had last week has turned into ice now
and today it has snowed on top of the ice
I'm going to go eat something
@fbueckert @SaintWacko @StrixVaria Start here
@kalina That's dangerous
6:36 PM
tomorrow is going to be hilarious to walk to work in
Oh, apparently the release date is now officially March 24.
@GnomeSlice oh, I know
@OrigamiRobot What?
@OrigamiRobot I did. I still don't understand
23 secs ago, by SaintWacko
@OrigamiRobot I did. I still don't understand
6:38 PM
@StrixVaria @SaintWacko He answer the question before I asked it.
It's pretty obvious.
@OrigamiRobot Not on my screen
I think @OrigamiRobot's robot senses are making him perceive time backwards.
@OrigamiRobot Post a screenshot?
@OrigamiRobot That just looks like a normal conversation to me.
6:41 PM
@StrixVaria Me too...
@OrigamiRobot Wait, my image wasn't found?
Why would I ask if he saw the ping he replied to?
@Ullallulloo imgur is blocked here
@OrigamiRobot Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
@OrigamiRobot It wasn't imgur.
6:42 PM
@Ullallulloo then whatever it is is blocked here
@OrigamiRobot Oh, I see. Didn't realize those were related
@OrigamiRobot okay
I am failing so hard at Link to the Past
Someone should write a browser plugin that automatically google reverse images searches every image posted in here and then blocks it if it has to do with ponies.
It would be much simpler to explain everything if Google, Chrome and Safari weren't three different web browsers on the iThings
6:43 PM
Actually he didn't reply to the ping I was referencing, but my question was not a reply. The point is, my question came 1 second after what he said.
@Ullallulloo Panchero's is like the bottom feeder of those middle-speed mexican food places.
It might be better than Moe's, actually.
Moe's is terrible.
@StrixVaria I've never heard of either of those.
@Ullallulloo That napkin says Panchero's on it.
@StrixVaria I found it on the internet though.
6:45 PM
@Ullallulloo Well, having eaten their queso, I can say that the joke is much worse now.
@Wipqozn And I didn't even make that connection.
@OrigamiRobot Ice is currently a permanent fixture on our sidewalks.
And on quite a few roads, too.
Until they get around to scraping it back down to pavement.
Guys, what game should I play tonight?
@Fluttershy KOTOR3.
Only a 25GB download!
6:55 PM
@fbueckert Lost interest in that rather quickly.
@Fluttershy Aww.
And it isn't on my list!
Q: Dieblo 3 site down?

Domenik VanBuskirkNot quite sure where to post this but is the Main Diablo III site down? I can access a cached copy of it (in Goole Chrome) which shows me an un-formatted version of the site. That's not very read-able though. The site hasn't worked for me in several months, but after hearing about the new 1.0.7 p...

I'm having fun with it again, after getting bored in my mid-30's in the beta.
There are so many good close reasons for that question.
6:56 PM
@StrixVaria Let's use the really rare one!
Is @YiJiang still around?
@fbueckert Ice on the roads means nobody drives here.
@OrigamiRobot I will take pictures tonight.
Especially on residential streets, there tends to be a permanent sheet of ice.

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