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12:00 AM
Friggin dual screens...
This is going to take a million years.
Grr. Not only can't get an in store replacement (or equivalent value gift card) for my dying earbuds (product replacement plan), but Future Shop doesn't even carry anything by Shure any more. And they don't have similar quality Sennheisers either. :(
Don't get earbuds.
@GnomeSlice Earbuds are preferred for work
@MBraedley Uugghghghghhhhh
Those Sennheisers sound amazing, and they fold up
They sound much better than they look.
You can't get the old PX-100s any more =[
12:05 AM
@GnomeSlice I don't want on ear at all, regardless of how good they sound, because there is absolutely no isolation. Over ear are too bulky and have the potential to be very uncomfortable, especially when used for 6+ hours a day, and in practice are more likely to cause long term hearing damage for me, so the only option are top quality earbuds.
Anyone else up for Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt (aka BL2 DLC3?)
A: About asking for "a game similar to X"?

jdmYes, that should be a proper question for this site! The question got at least three answers before it was deleted. I can assume at least some of the answers would be helpful for the OP, as well as for anyone who finds the question via search engine. There are many people here who know a lot of...

tortoise sigh
@MBraedley Hm. That seems logical. I can't even wear earbuds.
@MBraedley how much did you spend on the pair you want to replace?
@GnomeSlice I think they were on sale, but the receipt says $110
@Wipqozn You have read the comments though, right?
@MBraedley I have, which is part of the reason I'm tortoise sighing.
@Wipqozn I like that he's trying to participate, but he's not really understanding why they were deemed off-topic in the first place.
That's what I'm replacing. I think it's really just the cable, but I have the replacement plan for the entire package.
@MBraedley Yeah, okay, as long as you're buying decent earbuds. :P
I think I know why my screen appears to flicker. It could be because the system unit is vibrating ever so slightly, and the vibration is being transmitted up the table and causing the screen to vibrate, which causes my brain to think the screen is flickering
@GnomeSlice I wouldn't buy anything less than $75, even if they were on sale.
12:10 AM
@MBraedley I'm lucky my dad knows stuff about electronics, he's fixed the cables for my various px-100s so many times...
@MBraedley The previous version of that sennheiser pair I linked went on sale for $50 at HMV after they put them out of production... I bought another set for when mine broke
@GnomeSlice Yeah, well I'm afraid these might not be fixable. It's a bad connection between the cable and the driver
And I've broken them both since, multiple times.
@GnomeSlice The link is already IN the question. It's redundant in the answer. Besides, @jmfsg already edited it out. Twice.
@fbueckert I thought it was because he was linking to a ripped copy of it
Is my edit invalid?
@GnomeSlice It's redundant. It serves no purpose whatsoever.
12:14 AM
Oh, it is in the question. Bah
I don't get the terms you guys use on this site. I would have thought a 'list question' was a question asking for a list of something. But it isn't.
Well it is, but it has to be a special type of thing.
Arg, has headroom not been updated in the past, I don't know, 3 years?
FUCK, Distance didn't make it into this round of greenlight.
Did anyone else just lose connection to steam friends?
@GnomeSlice Why did you edit that link back in?
@DaveMcClelland Yep
12:19 AM
@Wipqozn SHUT UP
@MBraedley Thanks
@GnomeSlice Then actually look for context before you do something.
Q: Are these two questions "similar"/"duplicates"?

RetrosaurI have two questions, posted by kalina. Question 1, and Question 2. Though the questions have different titles, they both specifically ask for something that can restrict weapons or limit weapons. Are these two questions then considered the same? I answered Question 2, using a mod I found at A...

@GnomeSlice facedesk
@DaveMcClelland Thanks for taking care of that BL2 DLC answer for me. Was meaning to do that tonight.
12:22 AM
@MBraedley No worries. @BenBrocka and I are (trying to) play through it
Although steam friends going down has disconnected us
Oh, it's back up. @MBraedley if you'd like to join us, let me know
@fbueckert Hey, I saw him trying to put a link in it, so I put it in properly. SORREEEE
@DaveMcClelland I haven't beaten Handsome Jack with my mechromancer yet, and my brother would kill me if I played with my siren
@MBraedley That's fair
@GnomeSlice Part of your thought process should've been, "Why was it taken out in the first place?"
@fbueckert Not just once, but twice.
12:25 AM
@Wipqozn And a comment!
@fbueckert Plus the edit was by a mod, whose name is blue.
@fbueckert That said don't add it back in
@fbueckert Presumably because he was linking to a scraped post.
@MBraedley Well, yeah. That sort of goes without saying.
@Wipqozn where's a good place in town to find high quality earbuds?
12:28 AM
@MBraedley Not sure. I usually just buy cheap ones. Maybe Best Buy or Futureshop?
@Wipqozn Yeah, they stopped selling a lot of the prosummer ones and I'm iffy on what remains
Guys, guys.
How does this look so far.
Buy online on Amazon or something?
I shall read pings when I return from pizza
12:33 AM
@GnomeSlice I don't know how people can have wallpapers of nearly naked women. It would make me feel so awkward.
@Wipqozn Is it sad that I didn't even see that at first?
And I'm with you on that. It is awkward.
@fbueckert nah, it's fine. It just means you're not really a man.
@Wipqozn Better than being a turtle!
@fbueckert tortoise*
12:36 AM
@Wipqozn I meant what I said.
@MBraedley My word those are expensive.
I was subtle about it.
@Wipqozn Especially for earbuds.
Eugh. Hate having to jam things into my ears.
@Wipqozn No they aren't, just look at the fully pro version. I wonder if they have just the replacement cable though. That's only $10 or so.
@GnomeSlice The font doesn't exactly scream GenX to me. The jaggies around the car needs to be fixed (select pixels > refine edge > smooth). I'm not sure what the left AI window is suppose to show, but unless you're doing print stuff it's not a good idea to use CMYK. And nearly naked woman wallpaper, but that's mentioned already.
Oh, I see you're trying to trace the car. It doesn't look too bad so far, I guess.
Q: What should be our one exemplary question to be featured in the About page?

badpAs of five minutes ago we have gained more control over our new and improved about page. Among other things we get to pick the exemplary question that is featured on that page. Now the list of requirements for a question to be eligible for the about page is not known to me, but apparently you ne...

12:40 AM
@GnomeSlice Conclave
@fbueckert oh wow. I flagged as offensive. I have a feeling he didn't mean to put that in there. At least I hope that's the case.
@MBraedley Not as bad as @Fluttershy's link back when I first joined here, but not far off.
Could be an accidental copy + paste mishap
@YiJiang'sEvilClone That's my thought
12:44 AM
I'm just going to edit it out. There, done.
@YiJiang'sEvilClone @badp says not to. Then it doesn't get noticed for the spam/offence that it is
I'm going to take my chance that this wasn't intentional.
and it's still in the revision history. better to get rid of it entirely
So... do we allow users to have multiple accounts? >_>
@badp is that two or more answers? or exactly two answers?
12:45 AM
@Fluttershy Yes, no, sort of
@Fluttershy As long as they don't upvote their other accounts, I don't see why not.
@Fluttershy So long as there's no sockpuppet voting activity going on, it's not against the tos.
@Fluttershy I would argue no
They can't interact with each other, and they can't share the same OpenID
Otherwise they'll get merged
@LessPop_MoreFizz Two or more, I guess? The new about page will only show two though
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Yeah, I know it will only show two. I just didn't know if the requirement was exactly two.
12:49 AM
Arqade doesn't seem to have the ! -> ? question title filter
@MBraedley Looks like just a copy/paste mistake.
Q: What should be our one exemplary question to be featured in the About page?

badpAs of five minutes ago we have gained more control over our new and improved about page. Among other things we get to pick the exemplary question that is featured on that page. Now the list of requirements for a question to be eligible for the about page is not known to me, but apparently you ne...

Q: Is Amanaki Town a no-fly zone?

Steve V.Just now, I decided to see if I could fly from Cradle Gas to Dr. Eberhardt's mansion. I got in the glider located at X:654.9 Y:694.0, waypointed the mansion so I'd have something to aim at, and hurled myself into the wild blue yonder. Everything was going swimmingly (over 2km of travel!) when su...

@Wipqozn But the nuke from orbit approach is the quickest and easiest way to permanently remove the offending content, even if it was accidental.
@badp Without having access to the list, opening this up to public comment seems kind of silly. You people were elected mods, you can figure it out.
@LessPop_MoreFizz he went to bed already
And this thing is all his baby
12:56 AM
@RavenDreamer Well he's dumb to open this up to public comment without a public source list. If you guys want to draw up a shortlist and have us vote, that's cool, but in it's current state, it feels like a waste of time.
@LessPop_MoreFizz There are others you can ask. Let me see if I can find them
^^ see if you can click that link. I don't know if it's mods only, maybe.
@RavenDreamer Only mods can see that page.
I would nominate this, but my answer takes up 3.5 screen heights. I'm not self centered at all!
12:59 AM
Huh. @Retrosaurs proposal that meets none of the criteria got 3 upvotes awfully fast.
@MBraedley Also, it has images.
@MBraedley Also, only one of the answers has a positive score.
Also it only has one tag.
That's the first half of the first of four pages of possible about questions.
@RavenDreamer Yeah, the problem is really the multiple tag requirement IMO.
@LessPop_MoreFizz That was exactly my thouught.
1:02 AM
It basically means we are stuck with a question about 1)Minecraft, 2) Diablo, 3) wierd technical fiddlyness, or 4) A really stupid lore question that is dumb enough to allow for pithy answers.
Tekkit questions? They're also tagged with
I think the current's about as good as we'll get.
@MBraedley Minecraft was first on my list. :P
Q: Punching Diablo?

AlbortOne of the Diablo 3 achievements simply says "Punch Diablo." How exactly does one achieve this? Is it a matter of removing all weapons, or is it a class/skill-based feat?

There's not many questions with multiple tags aren't super long or troubleshooting questions.
That ones pretty good actually.
1:03 AM
I'm sure there's a good ME3 multiplayer question in there...
@RavenDreamer: If a question assigned to the about page is reduced to one tag, will it be removed? IF not, we could always abuse the system. Edit in a second tag to a good question, assign it tot he about page, and then remove the tag.
gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/89066/… looks fine, if you can ignore the video
@Wipqozn Sounds like creative use of game mechanics. Unfortunately, as we don't know the exact criteria to get a question on the page in quesiton, it's not a sure thing.
@LessPop_MoreFizz The accepted answer has less votes than the second one, which could make it look weird to new users
@YiJiang'sEvilClone That's the point.
1:05 AM
What about this question? Thoughts?
Look at how the About page works.
Q: How do you use a PC/PS3 controller when playing Skyrim on a PC?

EmiamSo I bought this PC/PS3 Controller that works for both PC and PS3. It works fine when playing Virtua Tennis 4 (on my PC), but how do I connect it to Skyrim? The only option I can see is for 360 controllers. Any help is appreciated!

@YiJiang'sEvilClone Also, the vote counts on the about page are fudged anyway.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oh, yeah. True.
@LessPop_MoreFizz This. And the accepted answer is unaccepted
1:06 AM
@RavenDreamer Meh, still feels kinda fiddly and technical. I don't like it for the same reason I don't like the Volume question.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Post that in the meta.
I feel like if we're going to hold up a question as exemplary, it should be a gameplay question of some sort. The current one actually isn't bad.
Q: How can a deaf player detect where monsters and caves are?

victoriahI see all the time that the recommended ways to mine is to dig deep and listen out for the sounds of monsters in caves. My niece is deaf, and whilst she loves the building aspect of the game, tasks like "finding caves" or "knowing a monster is behind you" are obviously more difficult. Are there...

Q: Permanent readiness from promoting multiplayer characters in ME3?

RandomEngyI heard that promoting a character in ME3 multiplayer permanently increases your minimum readiness value. Is that true? By how much? Can you promote enough characters that you stay at 100% forever?

I mean, with exception of the giant YouTube video, but that can be fixed, right?
1:07 AM
Does the question need comments?
@Ullallulloo I refuse to because I think the current meta is stupid and I think the mods should just make a decision because the fact that we can't see the list beyond Ravens screenshot makes our attempts to figure it out kind of moot.
I honestly think going dumpster diving to try to find questions that might be on the list is a waste of our time.
@MBraedley Only the answer
@RavenDreamer I hereby formally request that you go through the whole list and pick 5 or 10 and then we can vote within those.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Seems like a better idea, yeah
@LessPop_MoreFizz Already on it.
1:09 AM
Having people guess at what works is a waste of time and energy and effort etc.
@RavenDreamer But yeah, if I were choosing, the things I would look for would be: gameplay questions, not technical questions; high quality use of multiple tags, not use of borderline deprecated tags like quests that are just too hard to properly clean up or inappropriate use of platform tags; high views/interesting content; well written questions/answers that use impeccable written english, with a minimum of jargon, rather than just 'good enough'.
@LessPop_MoreFizz We don't have "high quality use of multiple tags" for anything but achievements, I think. :/
@RavenDreamer the diablo class tags would be another example.
There are a good dozen
There are a handful of others as well.
@RavenDreamer Those work too.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Don't agree with that. Diablo 3 class tags are the bitter exception, not the rule.
1:13 AM
@RavenDreamer It's a shitty rule that we're stuck with though.
> 26629 rows returned in 81 ms
@LessPop_MoreFizz #@$* just got real in conclave.
Thems a lot of dudes.
That's a first count of available questions, although it's only for multiple tags
@MBraedley Minimum score 1, not closed, etc.
Down to 10547, but I'm still including a lot of questions with bad answers
Actually, I must be getting a mix of questions and answers in my query. Let me revise that
1:24 AM
@YiJiang'sEvilClone The car is not going to be in the final image, I'm tracing it using text.
Also, sgvilweriuvhrkvjkhtrjgI spent hours picking that title font
@RavenDreamer We got dis.
@Wipqozn Oops.
Q: What is purple eridium shrine?

Dave McClellandWhile playing through Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt (DLC3), I stumbled upon two of these weird looking purple shrines that take large amounts of eridium. What do they do?

@Wipqozn $100 is not that expensive for headphones.
@YiJiang'sEvilClone What sort of font would you suggest, gah
Fuck man
It's 50's yo
fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck
@Wipqozn Better? ^
@GnomeSlice I almost flagged that.
1:35 AM
@Ullallulloo For what.
Oh come on
It's not like I'm cursing at somebody.
I just didn't want to send you away for a long time.
What is the main character from Miror's edge named?
My brain is telling me Echo, but I am telling it that it is wrong, and it has been thinking of Joss Whedon too much, lately.
@RavenDreamer Faith.
@Fluttershy E. F.
Same bacon.
I mean, ballpark.
1:39 AM
Beaten to it
Shit, my query is messed up. 10000 (and change) is the number of questions with at least 2 answers. Back to the drawing board.
and is upvoted
I got back more?!? WTF?
My somewhat limited SQL is completely failing me. What's the where clause for selecting a question with more than one tag?
Ah fuck, Playboy is going to kill all of my favimon.
I thought where (select count(*) from PostTags, Posts where PostTags.PostId = Posts.Id) > 1 would do it, but apparently I was wrong.
You have to WHERE PostTags.PostId = q.Id where q is the aliased Posts table from the outer query (and then you can drop the , Posts)
1:59 AM
@TimStone Now I need to go really learn table aliasing. I've seen it done. I've even used it in some queries that I've copied from other sources, but I don't really know it. Although that previous experience didn't involve joins. We've been doing them in software...
I cheated a little bit and changed your query to this
But what I was originally referring to would have been something like SELECT ... FROM Posts q WHERE (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM PostTags WHERE PostTags.PostId = q.Id) > 1 ...
Yeah, that works. I was thinking of doing something like that, but I didn't know the syntax.
> It turns out the rumors were true after all. The Oxygen network has pulled the plug on Shawty Lo’s reality show “All My Babies’ Mamas.”
Oh no!
@TimStone D:
I think this'll cost Oxygen a spot in the Television Limbo Internationals, TLC has been making ducking under that bar look effortless in the last few rounds.
2:22 AM
Woo, only 632 eligible questions...
@TimStone thought someone made a query
@BenBrocka Someone probably did, but it's hard to tell if it's a single compound query, multiple queries or what. I wanted to write one because I need to improve my SQL, and so the community can have something to look at.
2:40 AM
@MBraedley I think shog shared something with the mods, I asked him for the raw query
there's a post length limit too, answers/question have to be under 400 chars
@BenBrocka That's easy to add in
Most formatting's a no-no too
@BenBrocka Yep, that's probably it
See, I can read SQL pretty well, I just can't write it
Amazing sci fi student film (like no srsly it's actually amazing)
2:55 AM
There was a biography of Snooki on the tv today. It made me detest Jersey Shore somethin' fierce.
3:08 AM
I forgot how awesome Favimon is.
Also, stackoverflow gets its own category?
Q: Do Blizzards from multiple Wizards stack?

BrantThe description of Blizzard states "Multiple casts in the same area do not stack." What if there are two Wizards in my party? Will each of their Blizzards deal damage, or only one?

I think this would make a good /about question
@fbueckert No, immediately progressing into the best in slot items. And where will you go from there?
and wow, the time got away from me. Night all
@GnomeSlice It's a pretty big site, and the dev posts on Arqade.
Most of the sites I tried weren't in the database.
3:19 AM
@BenBrocka The fact that electricity hurts certain organism has nothing to do with the amount of water in them. Otherwise, the rendering and animation is superb
@YiJiang'sEvilClone that bugged me too but I'm willing to ignore it
Okay, one more thing, then I'm off to bed. For the NFL fans:
and anyone else, because it's funny
@BenBrocka Oh my God, one person??
The sound design could use an improvement, but this is amazing for one person.
Great. Another Atelier game.
Dammit, Gust, quit making awesome games!
@OrigamiRobot The only fixed stat is the primary; there are still five other stats that need to roll well.
Chests and pants will still need max sockets.
Monks will still need their double resists.
3:40 AM
Yay I have my cat now my apartment is perfect
@MBraedley Not DJO don't care
This is breaking everything I know about physics.
@BenBrocka You around?
4:06 AM
@StrixVaria This too
@StrixVaria What the hell
@StrixVaria These are 'hypothetical' though, no? These must be faked.
The davinci wheel is obviously motorized. Still cool to see all of these ideas though
@fbueckert Oh I thought I read differently. Better, but not ideal. I think it should take more essences. Then at least you'd have a reason to pick up non-rares.
@OrigamiRobot 50 per craft isn't enough?
@strixvaria those are cool. But they're not true perpetual motion machines, as those break various laws of thermodynamics, or so I have read.
@fbueckert Meh
I couldn't sleep last night so I read a bunch of stuff about perpetual motion stuff, like the Beverly Clock and so on.
4:27 AM
Q: What is the maximum number of Locations Discovered that one can achieve in Skyrim?

AndersonUnder Stats | General, there is a counter for Locations Discovered at the top. What is the maximum number one can achieve in this? I have tried googling the answer but I am not able to find satisfactory answer. There are some self reports of people achieving 348, 329 or 323 in various places in ...

Is there any reason to believe that the new answers by 1 rep users are going to be useful (or even verifiable, for that matter)?
@AshleyNunn (More specifically, they all cheat and use motors or pumps. But they're nice models of how those machines would work, if they could :P)
4:42 AM
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Everyone started at 1 rep.
linked or not answer is an answer b**tch! get the idea and fo! — Sleepwalkerfx 7 mins ago
And this is why I don't like 1 rep users.
@fbueckert You mean 'rude users'.
@fbueckert You were a 1 rep user once! =P
@GnomeSlice No, I mean 1 rep users.
Anyone who posts a good answer doesn't stay a 1 rep user for long.
@fbueckert They do if it's about a game nobody cares about, asked by someone who never comes back
4:48 AM
@GnomeSlice That's what upvotes are for. I answer questions about Kairosoft games, and they get random upvotes.
A: How to fire a rocket

GnomeSliceIf you command your rocket man to Aim (not the Look command), he should fire his rocket in the direction he's aiming automatically. There's nothing else to it, as he won't fire on sighting an enemy. I can't think of any reason why this wouldn't work... can you show us some screenshots of your r...

A: How do I Pass the Second 'Narrow Gap'?

GnomeSliceAfter a bit of fiddling, I came up with the solution. First, take off the turntable and drive a little ways into the gap. Then mod your robot and put the turntable back on, but on top of your battery (not under it as usual). Now your turntable will help you climb up the slopes on either side...

Oh hey, someone upvoted that one.
A: Where Can Each Different Attack Be Found?

GnomeSliceThe abilities are all located in the first episode; so far there's no new unlocks in any later episodes (although there's only two at the moment). Here's where each ability is located: Pulse - Tutorial (Redundant) Blast - Hot Rocks Eruptor - Lake Bottom Stun - White Drifts Orbit - The Beaten P...

Oh what, who upvoted all of these
Lok at that shit, custom graphic and everything.
Q: Can I Import Data From the iOS Game to the Android game?

GnomeSliceI've been playing Arel Wars 2 on iOS, and I'd like a way to transfer my game data to my new Android tablet. Can the built-in import/ export features in the game do this? If they can, I can't figure it out.

Q: Can I Back Up My Save Data?

GnomeSliceBecause of the pretty bad main menu in Mobiloid, I just accidentally deleted my entire game while trying to play some more to see about getting into a secret room I'd found. Is there any way to back up my data to this from happening by accident again? The only other file in the install director...

wat, my profile said that had a score of 0
Q: Is There Any Way to Play Through the Game Again Without Losing all of my Robos/Setups?

GnomeSliceI beat Custom Robo a long, long time ago. Unfortunately, once you beat it, there's not much to do buy walk around the town battling the same people over and over again. Even worse, the game only has one save file. I'd like a way to start over again, but I really don't want to lose my parts, or...

This is why I don't ask questions any more, lol.
Why are you spamming chat with questions?
11 mins ago, by fbueckert
Anyone who posts a good answer doesn't stay a 1 rep user for long.
@GnomeSlice You're proving my point for me, dude.
@fbueckert Look at how many of those have scores of 0. Two of them did, but they've been upvoted recently, apparently.
I must have complained about it, because they have upvotes now.

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