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10:06 AM
@kalina No, it is a current problem and patch 1.0.7 isn't out yet
what makes you think that
@kalina It's a Gnome question
It can't be a gnome question, it's about a game that's more than a few hundred mb in size
I guess he could have been downloading the trilogy since 2007
that user does like asking fringe questions though
I have to say my favourite question so far today that I've found is this:
Q: Why is the series named "Mass Effect"?

JohnoBoyHaving never played any game in the series before, I am intrigued by the name. Is it ever explained in the third game? If not, what's it meaning? (spolier-less as possible, if possible)

which is a clear 'why did they do that?' question
but it's about a well loved game and can be answered, so it's exempt from the rules, right?
not to mention it's full of a whole load of unmarked spoilers
I feel grumpy this morning, I'm blaming having to be at work
I also feel a bit ill, which is a feeling I'm not used to
@kalina so I had a terrible night
It's 2 am, and I'm woken up by what sounds like scratching at the front door. It lasts for a few seconds.
Turn over, ignore it. 5 minutes later, it happens again. A kind of scratching, and fiddling with the letterbox.
This happens a few more times, once every few minutes, and I get properly spooked.
Get out of bed, turn on lights, adrenaline pumping.
Go downstairs and shout 'Hello?'
No reply at first, then, after 20 seconds, someone replies.
Turns out it's my housemate, who's lost his keys, sitting on the doorstep, in the -8°C cold. He's afraid to ring the doorbell in case we wake up.
I was incandescent with rage.
10:43 AM
well at least you woke up, otherwise he would have frozen
Is it really that dangerous where you live that you can't go out and investigate your own front door in the middle of the night?
although I hate things like that, since I live alone any random noises trigger paranoia
Is it the wildlife?
10:44 AM
I miss having a room mate
@kalina Well quite.
@YiJiang'sEvilClone It's not dangerous, but I wouldn't say it's perfectly safe either.
my neighbours annoy me in exactly the same way
they stamp their feet up and down stairs all night
but the wall between the houses is quite thin so it sounds at times like somebody is walking up my stairs
@kalina Yeh, I'm in a terrace, although neighbours not too bad. Housemates do thump around though.
I could live with it if it were house mates
thing is, all of my electronic stuff is on the top floor
theoretically people could break into my house and I wouldn't hear it until they were half way up the stairs
@kalina I think being burgled while you're in is very very rare (dependent on location)
10:49 AM
@fredley you wouldn't be able to tell that I'm "in" until you were inside the house
My problem is my bedroom window opens over a roof, so it's very easy for someone to climb up and remove things if I leave the window open, which I often want to do most of the time in Summer
@kalina Crooks ring the doorbell. If there's someone in, they leave.
I don't hear the doorbell on the top floor
@kalina That's easily remedied.
Hmm, I just set up a spinning icon using Font Awesome. It looks great, but when I add a text shadow to it the text shadow starts spinning with the icon
I looked at that, read 'flashing strobe' multiple times, and now I want one just for the strobe
10:53 AM
Which is just annoying
@fredley I've just realised what's happening here
you're spamming tag wiki's to get to 20k
and I'm helping
starts rejecting
@kalina Yes. Well noticed.
@kalina :(
I am only 4.5k from 20k
not bad for 7 months
3.5k in 2 years! Yay me!
I am going to end up spending about 10 hours researching answers to my own question to get my accept rate back up to 100%
11:07 AM
@kalina Or delete question. Or live with the blemish.
@fredley can't delete a question that has an answer on it
@kalina Accept answer, even if wrong.
@fredley never going to happen
@kalina Nothing to stop you, site policy absolutely says you can.
well the site policy is flawed in many ways
common sense prevails
it's not useful if it's wrong
I hand out upvotes relatively easily in comparison to most but I'm not going to upvote/accept answers that are wrong
11:08 AM
So that's odd. I've run in two elections, I have a lot of profile views as a result (1,700). You have 2,100.
its the pink avatar
This is clearly a ruse by @fredley to answer all of your quesions with "bacon" and have you accept them in order to get your accept rate to 100%
@badp And for me to get delicious accept votes and break 20k
and if its nothing as innocent as the pink avatar, then it's because I'm outspoken, loud, complain lots and cause friction
@fredley You know, your race towards 20k would be more... exciting if we blindfolded you, preventing you from seeing your reputation for a week or so.
Exciting, right?!
11:11 AM
Not everyone finds being blindfolded as exciting as you, @badp
I think @fredley's race to 20k would be more interesting if he was competing against somebody
@fredley Yep, I rate being blindfolded at "not exceedingly exciting"
Others like it more. ;)
@kalina I am self-motivated. Problem?
And I'm willing to bet you don't know how exciting it'll be until I do suspend you for a week. You'll be consumed by the wait, pressing F5 until "1" turns into your real reputation score. Will it have broken 20k by then?? WILL IT?!?!?
It's win-win!!
@badp Actually, that's not a very good idea
11:13 AM
@YiJiang'sEvilClone It's an awesome idea.
Since he can't post in that one week, he can extrapolate the rep gain through old posts from old data
@fredley I just think it would be more interesting if you and I had the same rep and were racing to 20k
And project forward how long it would take to gain enough to reach 20k.
@YiJiang'sEvilClone but a flat projection would fail because people would be less inclined to upvote posts by a person with 1 rep.
So you need to estimate some kind of dampening factor.
@badp Meh, I don't think it's that big a deal.
11:14 AM
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Actually I think it is.
And 500 reps through old posts only could take months
@YiJiang'sEvilClone WIN-WIN-WIN
but my current interest is getting site-first 'Steward' badge in at least two categories
@kalina If we had the same rep, the race would already be over.
11:15 AM
@fredley how?
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Actually the amount of rep I'm getting from old posts is surprising. Most of my rep in 2012 was from old posts.
@kalina You would be at the point at which you were overtaking me, and I would have lost.
You are gaining rep much faster than me
I've gained 1k rep on SO in ~a year despite only posting a couple of questions
(yay close powers)
There just aren't many questions on the site at the moment that I want to answer
11:16 AM
I gain anywhere between 10-50 reps on SO every day
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Yeah, I have pretty good Money for Jam
@kalina I've beaten the @kalina system :-P
@fredley wrong
@kalina :(
and since you're intent is to beat me, let me crush your mood by saying I am currently eating a bacon sandwich
11:19 AM
Oh hey, SE's rounding system seems to think @fredley has 20k now
@YiJiang'sEvilClone The privilege system does not :(
@YiJiang'sEvilClone yeah he got over 1995x
> I was approaching OrigamiRobot and then he pulled away again -Kalina
@badp this is definitely abuse of moderator privileges
@kalina what? at most it's abuse of owner privileges.
wink wink hint hint.
11:22 AM
can room owners see deleted messages?
Room owner can see deleted post history?
I'm fairly certain they can
somebody unsuspectingly gave me the most powerful tool against the GnomeSlice evar!
I don't think you can flag deleted messages
It doesn't stop me from waiting until @badp goes afk and then removing the star though
11:23 AM
@kalina You can remove it now. @fredley can't star the same message again, I think
I am so close to clicking on "remove from owners of this room" from kalina's dropdown :P
true story, but if I remove it now @badp might pin it
and then the world will end
I don't think you can pin what was forcefully unstarred
I wonder if I can remove @badp from the list of room owners
You could but I remain a mod :P
11:24 AM
@badp It's like a MOD-ABUSE-off
@fredley awesome, innit?
@kalina Terrible mod. Terrible terrible mod.
@badp but then it's a mod actually abusing moderator powers
@badp It's fun to watch the abuse, rather than be abused for once.
@kalina not really, I'm using owner level features
@fredley When's the last time I actually did throw mod abuse in your direction?!
11:25 AM
I wrote an awfully suspect sentence there about us abusing fredley at the same time
@badp The memory still haunts me :(
but my wording looked perverted
@fredley Share with us. It'll help you heal the wound faster!
Weaponized stars, tsk tsk... what is the world coming to?
@badp No!
11:27 AM
people only ever seem to star things I say when they could be interpreted as perverse
it's like you're all a bunch of ... oh
@kalina Men?
out of context star abuse has been a thing since the very start
I suppose you could use that word, it wasn't the first one that came to mind
like, the day-long private beta two years ago
OMG OrigamiBot overtook that DMA person
now I have to overtake two people to be ahead
the side effect of that though, is that overtaking both puts me in the top 20 users on the site by rep
and then I can quit
11:29 AM
your mind is a strange place
it's like you were a... oh.
I know my mind is strange
Unlike men, who only think about one thing at once, I have over 9000 different thought processes going at once
I have noticed that fredley is looking through my unaccepted questions for easy rep
I decided before he even did that there was no way I was going to accept them
oh wow I've used "convert to edit" for the first time
what is that?
when an asker posts a self-answer that isn't actually a self-answer
11:33 AM
@kalina Lol, no you can't
the button deletes the answer and appends it to the question body
@kalina :(
I didn't think I'd use it on a 4ker tho
@kalina Even if it's right?
@badp Neat. Can't see much use for it though
11:34 AM
I was trying to help you get back to 100% accepted!
@fredley I can, I could do it right now!
@fredley :p~
@fredley It's not right, not for ME1 anyway
works in ME2
@kalina Yes. Yes you can. I'll be waiting here for you.
@kalina What on earth happened to your tongue?
@fredley blowing raspberries
@kalina 3~~~
11:35 AM
@kalina Ah
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Ew
@YiJiang'sEvilClone eww
wait, if I downvote all of these answers to '0' do they not count towards my accepted answer score?
I don't want to downvote answers, it costs rep
I shouldn't be punished for other people's mistakes!
@kalina They won't anymore
@kalina oh, you min maxer you.
@YiJiang'sEvilClone downvotes EVERYTHING
@badp It is fair to say that I have played MMOs more than any other genre of game during my life time
The rate will take at least 24 hours to update, though
11:36 AM
min-maxing happens as naturally as breathing at this point
@YiJiang'sEvilClone you lie! I lost rep!
I mean, the question won't count towards your accept rate calculation
@kalina Upvotes bad answers
@fredley cool, I will get loads of rep if you start upvoting bad answers
If the question doesn't have any answer with score > 0, they won't be counted towards the accept rate percentages
@kalina Bad answers other people have left on your questions
11:38 AM
Answer downvotes always cost you rep, except if the answer is CW
@fredley YOU ARE MEAN
@kalina meab
wtb 10 people to downvote everything @fredley has ever posted on any stackexchange site, paying £100 per person
@kalina Accepted.
@fredley you are exempt from this offer
11:39 AM
@kalina :(
@kalina Anyway, I posted another answer, hooray for me
gee, why don't you just post 10 answers on the same question
you could at least post one correct answer
@kalina :(
so I can play Mass Effect again
now I have to download auto hot key
so that I can tell you that you're wrong
and even if you turn out to be right
I will wait until you've got to 20k before accepting
@fredley and @kalina sitting in a tree, P O S T I N G
I am not posting anything
11:43 AM
@kalina It would be rather difficult to do that without triggering the serial voting script
@MadScientist vote once every 30 minutes
@kalina Nonsense, dear. You want the rep. You need the rep.
@YiJiang'sEvilClone I'm just going to coast the whole way to 20k
I have 5 months left to get there
4 upvotes away from 20k
@kalina No idea if that would work, but the script is also not the only defense.
11:44 AM
@MadScientist spreading them out does work
not that I have extensively tested it or anything
I imagine there is some trigger in place if the same user is responsible for a large portion of the votes though
Q: How does one obtain and install KSokoban?

PrateekHow does one obtain and install KSokoban on Ubuntu 12.10? It used to be there in KDE 3, but is gone now.

@YiJiang'sEvilClone What do you do on SE, if not P O S T I N G?
@fredley flagging, voting, chatting, tingting
@fredley Chatting. Editing. Flagging. Stalking.
editing of course
I preferred E D I T I N G if I'm honest
since let's face it, the vast majority of editing on arqade wouldn't have happened without fredley and I
11:49 AM
@kalina I'm not sure if we needed that much editing
@kalina o/
@YiJiang'sEvilClone well, I disagree
@YiJiang'sEvilClone We are the most coherent Gaming community by a very long way
and I would have edited more if people had stopped complaining about me temporarily destroying the front page
so short sighted, not looking at the big picture
@kalina I've still got my tag singe-er somewhere. Could be adapted for editing
11:52 AM
there are still tags that need burning
You could set up a script that automatically performs your edits, from some queue you've defined, one every 5 minutes.
@kalina Such as?
I don't know off the top of my head
I know that I didn't finish, so it's not finished yet
I will just upset everybody one day by submitting 1000 retags in the space of an hour
@fredley It's not exactly hard to earn that distinction
@YiJiang'sEvilClone but it is something to be proud of
We'd have won purely based on the fact that our members can speak English good
11:54 AM
@YiJiang'sEvilClone the irony in this statement
@kalina It was on purpose
I had figured
12:07 PM
Q: Why can't OS X handle this Minecraft mod pack but Windows can?

Eric LaniniI have this mod pack here containing ~90 mods. (for use with MultiMC) When I attempt to play on my Mac, within minutes it crashes, with no error. It just stops after some heavy lag. However, using the same computer, with the same maximum amount of memory as on OSX, it runs flawlessly, without is...

Q: How do I find my Staff of Magnus in Skyrim?

NormanI've been asked to close a rupture and need my Staff of Magnus to do this. Thing is, I don't know where I've kept it. I've lived in the Dawnstar sanctuary and checked there, but its not there. I live in the College of Winterhold where I'm Arch Mage, and checked there. But it's not there either. ...

ok I am cold enough that I'm going to put my gloves back on
12:29 PM
1 hour ago, by badp
> I was approaching OrigamiRobot and then he pulled away again -Kalina
@OrigamiRobot we were ~100 rep apart before christmas and then you played FTL
I just don't understand people.
Q: How do I restore the glory of the Thieves Guild?

StrixVariaOne of the achievements for the Thieves Guild says "Restore the Thieves Guild to its former glory." Brynjolf doesn't say anything to me, I can't seem to find Karliah, and as far as I can tell, I am finished with the plotline quests for the Theives Guild. All I have left available are repeatable ...

Someone just downvoted this.
It doesn't really matter, I still have more rep than I know what to do with.
I have to assume he was just jealous that I'm so awesome and I asked such an amazing question before he did.
Q: When do a dungeon path counts as a daily path - In its beggining or end?

Eduardo CopatI think the best way to ask this question is with an example. We all know the server reset its dailies in midnight UTC, so, let's suppose it's the day of the lord 17 Jan 2012, 11:45 UTC, I'm with a group and we start Ascalonian Catacombs Dungeon doing the Path 1. But we just finish it at 18 Jan ...

Q: Do the footsteps outside in the modern Villa Auditore in Monteriggioni mean anything?

EBongoWhen I "Leave Animus" I am able to go outside and explore the modern day "Villa Auditore" as Desmond. There was an early mission to do some stuff out there, but otherwise I don't see much point and apparently if I stay outside too long something bad happens, though I don't know what - I've never...

12:45 PM
@StrixVaria tbh all downvotes should cost enough rep to prevent people from downvoting unless they mean it
but that rep should be refunded if somebody else also downvotes
far too much random downvoting for no reason
1:01 PM
@kalina Generally speaking there' s not enough downvoting on stuff that should have been, especially answers. Random single downvotes on extremely highly voted answers aren't a good reason to greatly reduce overall downvotes
1:11 PM
Downvotes can't cost more than they deduct
and maybe -2 for a downvote isn't enough, but still anything more would get people exceedingly worked up about downvotes
@badp In this case it was a question, so the downvote was free.
@StrixVaria eh, random downvotes happen
even when you're not Reddit and downvotes actually cost
Yeah, like I said, it doesn't really matter.
In other news, oh god are "hoppers" actual things in Minecraft?
why does Minecraft have to be this terrible kitchen sink of random stuff that doesn't make sense
Can't they leave this shit to mods?
@DaveMcClelland the Infinity pistol (the rarest pistol in the game and quite possibly the rarest gun of all), has a 0.07% (that's less than a 1 in 1000 chance of dropping) drop rate! Glad we didn't try to farm that for too long
1:25 PM
ah god so close to falling asleep
and it's snowing again
@badp Because even for Minecraft mods are a big barrier to entry and a general UX cluser$%^&, so they just incorporate the most common suggestions/hacks/mods into the real game where it can be implimented
@StrixVaria Hey, I got a random, nonsensical downvote too!
@BenBrocka Many launchers try to hide the complexity by cramming as many mods into minecraft.jar as they can
@kalina Sleep~
@GraceNote sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep
1:45 PM
user image
@fbueckert We have a winter storm warning advising us not to drive tonight unless there's an emergency.
@BenBrocka Oh man, that's a huge bummer. I suppose I'll wait until the level cap is maxed to really try for one
Oh god oh god oh god who thought this would be a good idea
The newest Chrome replaces system contextual menus with their own implementation
...and every menu item is now huge
@badp which version?
1:51 PM
why is mine reported as up to date at 24
@badp You're on the beta channel
badp is whining about beta changes
tut tut
@MadScientist so?
if you want to use a beta release of anything expect the unexpected
1:53 PM
I do wish it was a bug
but a custom implementation of right click menu is hardly a bug
woo woo flags in english language & usage
moderation team... dispatch!
@badp I was careful not to use the word 'bug' in any of the sentences I posted
@kalina unexpected behaviour = bug
I didn't use the word behaviour either
I simply said expect the unexpected
you didn't expect it
so it was unexpected
Marketing explained:

1. You see gorgeous girl in party, you go to her and say I am rich marry me - That’s Direct Marketing.
2. You attend party and your friend goes to a girl and pointing at you tells her. He is very rich, marry him - That’s Advertising.
3. Girl walks to you and says you are rich, can you marry me? - That’s brand recognition
4. You say I'm very rich marry me and she slaps you - That’s customer feedback
5. You say I'm very rich marry me and she introduces you to her husband - That’s demand and supply gap

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