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5:00 PM
SourceMod actually has an entirely new UserMessage infrastructure to support it.
@Fluttershy It sounds like it from the title
@kalina Not my fault the Internet is made up of idiots.
@Fluttershy juciy deleted meta post? Where?
@fbueckert that's not fair, most of the people in chat aren't idiots
@BenBrocka This one.
5:00 PM
Oh nvm I see it
@kalina By your powers combined, I am Captain Arqade!
@Powerlord Any more breaking than the usual patches?
1 min ago, by fbueckert
@kalina Not everything. Just crap.
Women! They bitch about everything!
I am not bitching, how rude
@CruelCow Anything that either sends or hooks UserMessages will be broken.
5:01 PM
I go one way, you complain.
o_o Shit just got real
I go the other, you complain!
I can't win!
@fbueckert Not everything! Just crap! She just said that!
@fbueckert this is a fact of life, you're not supposed to win
looks like you're the one complaining to me!
Whoops, late to a meeting
5:04 PM
user image
@agent86 Nice. =P
@Fluttershy I have a hard time believing that he couldn't figure out a way to get rid of the cakes, personally.
I'd be mario's cake tester and princess peach secretary. for a fee.
@agent86 He did. He gave them all to Luigi
I find it hard to believe Luigi likes the sweets
@SaintWacko yeah, but luigi looked to be at capacity there. I'm thinking he needs to outsource that.
5:09 PM
@agent86 I read a news article yesterday about a programmer who outsourced his own job to China
He paid them a fifth what he was getting paid and they did his work for him
I also read he got fired
@tiddy Yeah, he eventually got caught, after 6 months
Pretty fast
@agent86 Have you played Enslaved?
@tiddy He should have had the people in China connect to a VPN server at his house and then connect to the systems from there
5:12 PM
@SaintWacko Yeah. Bounce it through his own network.
Less trouble all around.
Moooooooooom @Fluttershy is talking about his S&M games again
Still, I sorta doubt the code quality would be there. You get what you pay for.
@fbueckert That's why they caught him, they noticed connections coming in from China
@BenBrocka I'm just trying to find someone who can adequately express why you should play it!
5:13 PM
@fbueckert Apparently the code quality was good enough that they never noticed it wasn't his
@Fluttershy I have not played Enslaved.
...or his was just bad enough...
@SaintWacko That says bad things about his code quality.
You can do damn near anything, even with spaghetti code. It just looks like crap.
And if you're paying someone six figures, you're assuming he knows his shit.
I wish The Cave had online coop... I mean, I love couch coop, but I have no one here to couch with. =(
5:15 PM
@Fluttershy oh, the cave has co-op?
@agent86 Local only, but yes.
in related news, my son finally was good enough for long enough that he got his surprise: Lego Batman 2 to play with Dad (that would be me, in case you missed the first part of this statement)
I'd say similar to Trine's.
he's doing decent, but still gives up occasionally when things get tricky.
been trying to encourage him to practice
@Fluttershy Mmmm, Trine
5:16 PM
he doesn't know jack about comic books, but he's learnin'. Later this year I think they're doing a Marvel Lego game....
@Yamikuronue Various polls indicate that somewhere around 80% of mods that require client-side installs (i.e. not Bukkit) use Forge. As a result, the likelihood that a client-side multiplayer install with "a lot" of mods requires Forge is only infinitesimally smaller than 100%. — SevenSidedDie 3 mins ago
When digging a hole, go for broke!
@SaintWacko I've only played Trine 2, but I enjoy it. I am a huge, huge fan of beautifully rendered environments, and Trine 2 has some of the best I've ever seen. Giana Sisters is another good one.
can you guys go like... one day without getting in a comment fight? I mean, seriously.
I will turn this mothership around and nobody gets ice cream
Mobile chat, y u no let me star?
@agent86 This is the internet. It's powered by strife.
@Yami Also fbueckert is often pedantic and picky, and pointing out where he's being too picky to the point of being unwelcoming is worthwhile to show the asker that they're not unwelcome. — SevenSidedDie 1 min ago
5:20 PM
@agent86 That's it, back to Winnipeg!
I honestly think he's got a grudge against me or something.
@BenBrocka Good! I get all the ice cream!
@fbueckert Yeah, that was kinda unnecessary...
I'm willing to listen to honest feedback. Was that comment I made being at all picky?
@fbueckert I think it's a fine comment, although I do think you come across as blunt probably more often than you mean to.
@fbueckert No, it made perfect sense. Reading the question, I wouldn't have assumed they were using Forge
5:23 PM
that you didn't engage afterwards is a smart decision as well.
@agent86 For the record, I didn't see your comment until mine was posted!
there's a certain amount of friction that comes with every action, and pile enough of it up and you start a fire. sometimes the best solution is letting things cool off.
@agent86 Yeah, I tend to be blunt. Working on that.
I channel Sheldon a little bit too much when I'm online.
@Fluttershy do you mind if I remove it?
I think we all had the same idea at the same time :P
@agent86 Discretion is the better part of valor.
5:26 PM
and then I've really got go move, lest I'm late for lunch
It may have been a bit blunt, but his attack was entirely unprovoked
crap, gotta run, bbl
Since joining Arqade, I've learned that not every battle has to be fought. So, hey! I'm getting better!
@fbueckert Weren't you just asking why you couldn't kill this user?
@agent86 If you feel it's not constructive. I'm just trying to point out to SevenSidedDie that his attitude was more hurtful to users than helpful.
5:26 PM
@GnomeSlice The account, presumably
@SaintWacko That would piss me off...
@GnomeSlice In chat. And anyone who knows me (which most of you presumably do), knows I'm joking.
@fbueckert It's still not a nice remark. Just something to think about.
@agent86 You might also remove SevenSidedDie's last comment. While his others were remotely related to the question, that one was just a personal attack on another user
Remember that one time @kalina thought I threatened to delete her account?
5:28 PM
@GnomeSlice You. Are telling me something is not nice.
@Fluttershy I remember that!
@fbueckert I'm not sure why you're acting surprised, I'm a nice guy.
That was when she first got here, I think.
Q: Where can I find my melee damage?

AntoI often find cool items that provide melee damage bonuses, e.g. +50% melee damage. I'd like to know the base of the melee damage calculations, "+50%" of what? It is easy to find this information on guns, it is written in their specifications, but where can I find this information about melee...

Q: Reopen Diana Allers romance question

Iszi Subject Question: Can I court Diana Allers, and still pursue other romances? The above question was closed as duplicate of this one: Can you romance multiple people? My question is very specific, and even calls out the fact that generally the answer in the proposed duplicate is applic...

@Lazers I love how the votes come rolling in before anyone could have finished reading it.
@Fluttershy I don't remember this but it does sound like something that may have happened
5:30 PM
@Lazers @Fluttershy, @BenBrocka, @MBraedley, @murgatroid99, @Ullallulloo please check out this.
@Iszi Only them?
@GnomeSlice If you upvote it just because someone downvoted it, that's a pity upvote.
@GnomeSlice Not only them. But them, especially.
@fbueckert I think the upvote came first
@GnomeSlice yeah he doesn't want me going near another one of his questions
5:31 PM
@kalina Yeah. We were arguing about something around the time of your "I never asked for this" meta post, and I threatened to delete my account, and you thought I was talking about yours. =P
@gnomeslicd I down voted and read it. I read fast.
@fbueckert What? That's not what I said at all.
@kalina Did you even read the Meta question all the way through? What's your argument against the last paragraph?
@GnomeSlice I had just finished reading it when the votes started showing up
@Iszi I have no arguments, the correct way of dealing with the situation is getting the full specifics on the question that already exists, rather than opening a million questions about each NPC you could romance
5:33 PM
@kalina this.
before you misunderstand that - I'm not saying that you're opening a million questions
@kalina So, you're saying that the answer to the proposed duplicate should pretty much cover the entire Romance article on Mass Effect Wiki?
To be fair, we do sort of swing both ways when it comes to questions like that.
@Iszi yes
@kalina That's not what people told me when I asked my question about Steam downloads... =[
5:34 PM
@kalina That's patently absurd.
Sometimes, we dupe it for a more complete answer, and sometime we leave it alone.
Okay, it's a dupe, but do you really need to downvote it? — GnomeSlice 3 mins ago
@Iszi "Can you romance multiple people?" should answer exactly what it says on the tin
Since your question is about romancing multiple people, it should be covered in the original question
@Wipqozn Other than it being a dupe, what was wrong with the question?
> This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful (click again to undo)
5:34 PM
Otherwise I'm going to raise a "can I romance jack and liara?" question
@Wipqozn How does it not? I was even quoting the damn Wiki?
@Iszi no need to get aggressive about it
@kalina Sorry. Bad hair day.
I just walked home in the snow, don't talk to me about bad hair
Current IndieGameStand deal: Alien Hallway + Sigma Games Bundle
5:35 PM
@Iszi The amount of research a user things is required varies from user to user. Whoever down voted that question didn't think you did enough research.
@kalina Uphill, both ways?
@Iszi muddy slippy paths with a layer of black ice under the newly fallen snow
@Wipqozn Maybe. But probably not.
it was "fun" to say the least
ultimately though, your question "can I romance Diana Allers and Liara" falls directly in the middle of the scope of "Can I romance multiple people"
@GnomeSlice Stop making wild claims. You're constantly making claims that people down vote for no reason, and when people offer you a reason, you just dismiss it.
5:37 PM
since Diana and Liara are multiple people, and you're trying to romance them
@kalina So, if I was to change the question to "When does the Diana Allers romance lock in?", you'd say it's still dupe?
@Wipqozn Oh you.
@Iszi In order to ask that question and get the answer you're after, the question content would still highlight that you're trying to romance multiple people
@Wipqozn No, I like making wild claims.
@GnomeSlice Then don't angry when no one cares about your opinion.
5:39 PM
@kalina Yes, but the question of "Can you romance multiple people?" is a simple Yes/No. It doesn't need the further detail of "You can't romance anyone else after you've said X to person Y." However, my question does need that.
@Wipqozn "when"?
It's because of things like this that people often just dismiss what you have to say.
@Wipqozn So true.
@Iszi well, I'm going to leave it to the others to decide, I've done enough mass effect arguing over the last few days
@kalina canon
5:40 PM
@Fluttershy die
@Fluttershy ...in a fire.
If I die, I want to be cremated. Then I want my ashes to be fired from a........ can(n)on.
A: Reopen Diana Allers romance question

WipqoznI wasn't one of the closers, but your questions is a duplicate. A complete answer to the question Can you romance multiple people? should cover any special cases, including your Diana Allers example. Situations like this are why comments and bounties exist. Leave a comment on the accepted answer ...

Seriously though, @GnomeSlice, I'm not trying to sound mean, but why do you always accuse people of misusing their downvotes?
@Fluttershy he got downvoted as a child
5:47 PM
@Fluttershy a mass effect cannon
@kalina Oh goodness... How traumatizing!
I hate when people in an XDA thread quote the entire OP in their reply
@Fluttershy or, he has a recurring nightmare about a huge mouse cursor clicking on downvote
@BenBrocka Only if it's the canonical Normandy cannon.
Back to my point earlier... Angels in Manhattan is stupid, makes no sense, and is stupid. Also, it's dumb.
5:48 PM
In other news, I just ordered three 2lb. cheeseburgers. >_>
@Sterno Needs more Harkness.
red queen matt ridley. what motivates me to study humanity. Also check cocksofthealphamales.com — Jim Thio yesterday
sounds legit
@Wipqozn Thanks for the response.
@kalina Why the -.-?
@BenBrocka I miss JT's contributions to Arqade.
5:51 PM
@Fluttershy Bonus points for making one 6lb burger
@BenBrocka I would if the other two were mine. I only get one of them.
@Fluttershy He truly is a unique brand of...something
Was he the one with the most down voted meta post?
Though UX found a similar one with a different schtick
Q: Product design materials

Tyler LanganDo industrial designers have a rule for the number of materials used in a product? What if I want to use moss for a board game? download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups

It's the checkerboard that seems weird at first but it really grows on you
@AshleyNunn ^
5:55 PM
@Wipqozn Just for the record, I placed a ton of bounties on this question and never once got a new answer.
Ho hum... I'm bored again...
@GnomeSlice That's because no one knew the answer to your question.
Adding a bounty doesn't change that.
@GnomeSlice It has the best answer it's going to get. "Because the devs put it there." If there was any other reason, it'd be there by now, surely...
I guess
Tweaked the question a bit. Please review for reopening:
Q: When is the "lock-in" point for the Diana Allers romance?

Iszi Possible Duplicate: Can you romance multiple people? Generally, in Mass Effect, you're limited to monogamous romance. However, Diana Allers seems (from what I've read) to be a little unique. The Mass Effect Wiki entry for Diana Allers notes that she does not become a "committed part...

5:57 PM
@Fluttershy I added my own eventually, because the one that was there was really dumb.
@Fluttershy Nah, that's user28015.
@Fluttershy I don't know, it just feels like there is a lot of inconsistency that nobody but me is aware of, which probably just means I'm full of shit.
Who insists that thanks in his question is valid and totally his right under the First Amendment.
Q: When does the romance occur?

SternoMass Effect 2 had a very definite trigger point when the romance would culminate with your chosen paramour. If I remember correctly, Mass Effect 1 did as well. Is there a certain mission or event that triggers it in this game, or does it happen some other way?


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