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4:02 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

geokavelDumb Chess code-golf Would this challenge be closed as a duplicate of Smallest chess program ? Let me know. I think it's different enough. Make a program that does random (valid) chess moves for both White and Black, and records them in algebraic notation until the game is over. At the end if ...

So I did a dumb while testing my reference implementation
@Sp3000 My health class handed those out (minus the bulb) at the end of the cpr section. It's about the size of a retainer case, and I bet some people carry them around
I accidentally fed it the Meta.PPCG logo I made, which was grayscale and had an alpha channel
how do I nominate something
The results were interesting
4:04 AM
You know TPLQ was the first challenge I saw on this site
Too bad I found out about it 2 weeks after it ended
I had tons of languages up my sleeve too :P
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Programming Language Quiz
It looks a lot better now that I converted it to RGB:
Anyways now that I can see deleted answers I have read every single answer on that question
I feel enlightened
Esolangs buzzing through my head
Filled with... SP3000NATION
@Mego nightmare fule
4:05 AM
Or something
@Mego favicon + your image blender?
@quartata The Meta favicon I made, which was essentially just grayscaling the favicon and editing the leaves
@quartata ... did I do something? :o
@Calvin'sHobbies ty
Actually, did you win the robbers challenge or did Dennis win that?
4:07 AM
Dennis did
Regular PPCG favicon blended:
By the way, this mini PLQ thing I posted a month ago in chat:
Dec 1 '15 at 2:56, by quartata
(utt.synth (Utterance Text ""))
(format t "Hello, World!")
The language was Festival Lisp
Totally forgot I did that
Dec 1 '15 at 3:02, by quartata
If it doesn't get cracked in an hour I'll reveal it.
Valve hour
4:09 AM
Anyone got any other images they wanna see blended?
Yeah one second
Blend Minibits's face:
Geobits would approve
Blend my avatar.
I wonder what that would look like honestly
I tried Fry's avatar last night
Not surprisingly, it didn't change
4:15 AM
quartata's avatar:
Making that my new avatar
Minibits (warning nightmare fuel):
4:16 AM
what did you do
I'm so sorry I asked
Actually that doesn't look so bad blown up
It looks much worse as a thumbnail
I bet mine would look nice
4:17 AM
is it in python 2 or 3 @Mego?
4:19 AM
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ 2
@Mego sighs
Could you do my avatar?
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Why don't you have Python 2?
I don't need it.
More to the point what insane OS comes with only Python 3
I should just make this a heroku app >_>
4:20 AM
You can use 2to3 if you want I suppose
Mine didn't come with Python
More to the point what insane OS doesn't come with Python
Oh. Ohhhh
Cygwin power
@El'endiaStarman What was that color-maze post you made that I really liked? The name escapes me
Black and White Rainbows
4:21 AM
@quartata Remember when we talked about adding shoco to Jelly?
is that it? O_O
@Dennis yes?
4:22 AM
A: "Hello, World!"

DennisJelly, 8 bytes “3ḅaė;œ» Try it online!

Symmetric stuff gets turned into 70s-like images
How did you get it working in Python?
Asymmetric stuff turns into a pixel explosion
Also cool stuff
@quartata I didn't. shoco is way longer.
4:23 AM
What's this then?
My own creation. Doesn't really have a name yet.
How it worky
@Mego It's a compressor
Also @Dennis can you refresh my chat profile real quick
Not going for the bubblegum route? Or is that only good for long stuff?
@quartata Done.
@Sp3000 Bubblegum works well for long strings, but the best it can do for short ones in packed printable ASCII.
My new method uses an English dictionary. It encodes 2-5 letter words, with an optional leading space in 2.12 - 2.32 bytes, and longer words in 2.56 - 2.76 bytes.
4:28 AM
Fair enough, makes sense
The primary use case in English text. I'll also add Bubblegum, for other stuff.
I had thought about a similar approach for pl
How does it do with something like this: "IntegerStringDecimal"
Just curious
Actually, better yet
What's the compression atom? :P
Any plans for data lookup methods, e.g. 1 -> one (num -> word) or Australia -> Canberra (geo data)? Probably ways away though
@Sp3000 That would be... something if it was ever included in a golfing lang.
I have a mental list of things that'll probably happen someday, and that's one of them :P
4:30 AM
@quartata There is none. The string terminator decides how the string is processed. “...” is literal, “...» is the new compressor.
No I mean for compressing the string not decompressing
@Sp3000 Yes, but way in the future. There's a lot of stuff I need earlier.
So I can test it
@quartata That doesn't exist (yet). I've encoded the HW example by hand.
well cool stuff
I have now officially lost all determination to work on pl
4:32 AM
I want to play with it a bit first. For example, I might get rid of the short/long distinction and encode each word in 2.45 - 2.65 bytes.
guess I'll maybe tinker with my idea for a 4-bit instruction stack based language and my idea for competitor with Retina while crying in a corner chewing cinnamon gum
Jelly is the future
@quartata Well, there's at least one challenge where pl will remain at the top. I don't think I could get 2spooky4me in 12 bytes...
What does "spooky" compress to with your compressor?
Just curious.
Probably not that small
@Geobits I take it you've seen @Mego's creation.
@quartata ×¥X
50% compression is nothing to sneeze at
4:40 AM
Any chances for a bit to indicate capitalisation (like with the leading space) or is that not as useful?
You can already swap the capitalization of the first letter of a word.
I'm not sure if I should implement it for entire words.
I got a time capsule entry by someone who claims to be named "PLS SEND TEH CODES." Nobody with that username exists. -.-
@Doorknob ...
That's weird.
Someone from SO trolling us?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

geokavelChess-olition Derby (Suber-Dumb Chess). code-golf (Possible king-of-the-hill?) To differentiate more from a standard chess program challenge. What could be more polar opposites than chess and demolition derby. You would think that no one who enjoys one would enjoy the other... until today. Ch...

4:53 AM
Mained my challenge
Q: Blending Images

MegoGiven an image in plain PPM (P3) format as input, for each pixel p in the image, replace each of the following 4 pixels' red, green, and blue with the floored average value of the respective channels of all 4 pixels: p itself The pixel located at p's location when the image is flipped verticall...

You should have put Minibits as one of the example images.
@Mego How about a more descriptive/interesting title? "Blending Images" could mean anything. Like "Flip it, Flop it, Average it".
It's kind of an tradition.
2 hours ago, by Mego
Last call for feedback before posting to main (a better title would be appreciated)
4:58 AM
"It's all done with averages and mirrors"
I changed the title to that first suggestion because it's awesome
I don't think I'll be able to keep up with this whole 5-challenges-a-day thing.
Also, my bedroom gets really dark when I turn off the lights. The brightest thing is the afterglow in the lightbulbs.
Except right now this phone is the brightest.
When people suggest that HTML is a programming language. ಠ_ಠ
just say, yeah, like css is a programming language
@FlagAsSpam Who said that?
5:08 AM
Ugh. Some kid on a MC server that I moderate on.
HTML+CSS is a programming language though, it's TC
He also is a script kiddie who uses small MC hacks like aura and flymods. c: He doesn't get away with it on my server, though.
@FlagAsSpam like the LOIC on the desktop kind?
@Quill Related.
Not the same.
LOIC is more focused on crashing than anything (as far as I've seen)
just sayin its a tool of script kiddies :P
5:14 AM
NOTICE ME SENPAI! (sorry, I had to.) — FlagAsSpam 8 secs ago
one of the podcasts he was in was great
A: Would "render the Mona Lisa in 1000 bytes" be on topic here?

quartataNo. A spec that simply said "recreate the Mona Lisa in 1000 bytes" would be far too broad and vague, even for a popularity-contest. Without an objective criteria for what makes an image resemble the Mona Lisa, golfers have no real goal to shoot for (aside from just simply displaying a photograph...

bot was so slow i had time to answer the question before it
Oh, damn, I actually got a mention in @AlexA.'s post.
I feel like I might have already asked this here:
5:17 AM
^^ Waiting for the "I LIKE WATERMELONG" correction.
the bernoulli distribution is described by the number of tries needed to achieve failure
@NathanMerrill I timed that so well, my gosh. xD
(or success)
@NewMetaPosts Don't worry I got ya
5:18 AM
What kind of bagel do you like? Everything? Sesame?
basically, flip a coin, if tails, flip again, otherwise, count the number of flips
@NathanMerrill That's geometric
ah, so they are related
Bernoulli is 1 with a probability p and 0 with a probability q = 1 - p
Geometric is essentially iterated discrete Bernoulli: how many 0s before you get a 1?
5:20 AM
is there an O(1) way to generate a random geometric number?
I dunno about constant time
But this may help you:
A: Alex-style Addition

MegoSeriously, 10 bytes ,Σ1±╤_G_\+ This program generates a random variable from a geometric distribution by transforming a uniform distribution. It takes input as a list: [2,3] (braces optional). Try it online. Explanation: ,Σ1±╤_G_\+ ,Σ get sum of input 1±╤_ push ln(0.1) ...

that's constant time
assuming your math is correct
5:26 AM
I pulled it from Wolfram, it must be right :P
@Mego does it have to be plain P3? Can it be binary?
> You may input and output PPM data formatted in any convenient manner, so long as it is valid according to the PPM format described above. The only exception is that you must use the plain (P3) format, and not the binary (P6) format.
Can I input with n newlines in between each pixel, where n is the RGB value of what the transformed pixel should be?
What do you call standard practice on a site?
Something with q, right?
(I'm word hunting)
5:33 AM
Rules? Policies?
A: Loopholes that are forbidden by default

Peter TaylorHard-coding the output Unless the question is an obvious exception (the primary exception being those tagged kolmogorov-complexity), your program is expected to do work, not just print a pre-calculated result. If the question doesn't require input and so a solution which just prints the answer w...

@Mego that's not that
I'm saying, can the input format be required to also encode the requested output? Actually, I'm just trolling mostly :P
A: Loopholes that are forbidden by default

Martin BüttnerAdding input or rules which weren't explicitly mentioned in the challenge There was recently a case where an answerer claimed Nowhere does it say the program can't (also) ask the user what the [result] is. Adding additional input or new rules, because they haven't been explicitly forbidden...

@El'endiaStarman Policies! There we go.
But you said
> any convenient manner
Encoding the output via number of newlines would be very convenient for me.
5:36 AM
@Doorknob I added "consistent", happy? :P
That kind of answer would certainly get deleted because of at least one standard loophole, though
@AlexA. We ask so many questions about MC that we might as well have a tag. xD
@FlagAsSpam It'd be just as easy to search for "minecraft" on meta as it would be to click the tag to find relevant content.
Eh, fair enough.
As for now, it's late enough in the morning for me to play Fallout.
Because waking up at 0330 sucks. ಠ_ಠ
Will wordsmith.org/anagram/… finish loading for anyone else?
5:47 AM
@FlagAsSpam 3 or 4?
> Answer a survey question to continue reading this content
haha nope
@Mego 5. c: About to be 6.
^ I get this too.
@FlagAsSpam I meant the game. Fallout 3 or Fallout 4?
5:48 AM
@Mego Oh, 4. Although I frequently play 1 and 2.
Darn. There was some good anagram site that allowed nice long words. @Rainbolt might have shown it to me
I'm getting 4 in a couple of days
It's great. :D
Q: Should we consider the starting mechanism for Minecraft programs?

FlagAsSpamTime to add to the list of Minecraft Meta Questions! So, my question is fairly basic. When we run programs in other langs through the command line, we don't count anything but their flags. For example, take Java. java B.java [arguments] We wouldn't count this bit to run the program. We would c...

I was never a big fan of TBS games like 1 and 2
5:49 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies It loaded for me
> A Handled Pool Sort
Shoo a landlord pet
A dado phone trolls
5:51 AM
A Paddle Horn Stool
@Mego (>^_^)>
A handed troll oops
A Stalled Droop Hon
> A Dados Phone Troll
Oh, wait.
A darned sloth pool
^ hahaha I find that one hilarious for some reason
5:52 AM
> A Laden Lords Photo
"Oh, a pool of liquified sloths on the ground. Darn."
> Get off my lawn with your darned sloth pool, you filthy teenagers!
@Doorknob God dammit, my pool is all full of sloths!
5:54 AM
> dunb
@quartata What happened to your avatar? You look like Christmas.
I had a feeling
> hornets
5:56 AM
LED spoon halos, drat
Tornadoes hold pals
aw they hold hands

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