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12:00 AM
@TanMath oh right, the onebox was easy to overlook
@MartinBüttner for rookie? Like really?
Like for realz.
Dam Son.
I just joined Anime SE's chat
big mistake
12:01 AM
They have a bot that autoposts softcore porn.
@quartata truth machine counts? Hmm
The posts get flagged often.
@AlexA. I didn't even know that was allowed on SE period
I just scrolled up oh god
the ecchi
help help
Wow I feel like I don't understand half the words they use in that room.
Even better with the chat script which shows starred images as images.
12:03 AM
flagging as offensive and running away
A: Best of PPCG 2015 — Now Accepting Nominations!

Martin BüttnerRookie of the Year (challenge) Best challenge by a user who had not posted a challenge before 2015. Nominations: I'm not the language you're looking for! by MuddyFish Nominated by GamrCorps This is one of the coolest chalenges that I've seen on the site. It encouraged users to think o...

I added your challenge.
@quartata It isn't, but that room is their deal. I tend to stay out of the business of other sites' chat rooms.
I better not flag it as offensive and attract the attention of everyone on site
The temptation is strong though
I wish chat moderation didn't suck
Might as well. People do it all the time anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@MartinBüttner so?
12:04 AM
@RikerW > Heading
@quartata What is this word
@TanMath what Alex said. nominate it and the votes will show.
@MartinBüttner WTF? Fixed now. :P
@AlexA. bad things
very bad things
Um, okay.
12:05 AM
anyways... let's try.... Physics SE's chat.
I'm on a mission to explore the corners of SE chat
@quartata what are you going to do with my friends??!!
Oh sweet, World Big Dosa is eligible for rookie of the year. :P </sarcasm>
@AlexA. haha
@quartata I'm coming too. :P
12:06 AM
Wait, shouldn't Rookie be "new user challenges?"
It is.
@PhiNotPi you really go scared, huh?
Alex has been here for over a year though
it's for "hasn't posted challenges before 2015"
@quartata People who posted their first challenge in 2015 - regardless of how long they've been posting answers/lurking
12:07 AM
Oh right
Well h-bar seems pretty normal
@AlexA. "lurking" wasn't aimed at you :P
Haha I know
except for this:
so how is my challenge? what do you think? what would you vote?
12:08 AM
in The h Bar, 1 min ago, by TanMath
I will protect my friends at h Bar
@quartata hahaha!
Can I nominate @AlexA.'s `One True R Program` for the title of Über-troll?
what are you scared of?
we come in peace
@quartata you sure?
well, war and peace
but yes
12:08 AM
You will make h Bar a room of off-topicness...
@TanMath it wasn't @PhiNotPi it was @quartata.
@TanMath I think it's a nice challenge but there are challenges more deserving of the prize
@RikerW no, he came in too!
Oh, okay.
@MartinBüttner ok... anybody else?
12:10 AM
Hello again
Honestly I don't consider Truth Machine to be a good challenge at all
Pick something cool like Graph Florets of a Flower or Confidant Numbers. Now those I actually put effort into.
@TanMath Unless you nominate you'll never find out. So just ask yourself, do you want to find out how it compares with other nominated posts?
Well, barely.
@trichoplax ok...
@TanMath Turtle is right, just nominate it
12:11 AM
I don't want to look weird and slef-nominate it but...
fak who tipped off the anime se police
@quartata It was really cool.
@quartata rofl
i'm so sorry
@quartata It was... ME!
There's technically a self-nomination already because xnor was the one that spurred on the team effort while keeping their own short solution hidden :P
12:13 AM
@Quill dammit
none of this talking shit about other chat rooms
Culture is culture is culture is culture is culture
you don't go to the SO rooms using expletives like I drink coffee and flag spree
so please refrain from making hurtful comments about topics you aren't completely familiar with
I plan on posting two more challenges tonight. I think I'll have a goal of 2 challenges a day, that I'll try to keep up for a couple days.
@quartata it wasn't ecchi. It was just anime
12:15 AM
1. I didn't flag it (joke) 2. ok sorry
don't flag the message guys
Culture is culture. Is culture is? Culture is culture. <-- I have no idea how to parse that sentence
@Sp3000 Culture is culture, is culture? Is culture is culture.
So confused, how do the best of ppcg nominations relate to anime..?
12:16 AM
Also 3. I didn't fully understand what the chat was at first hence my overly dramatic initial response. I was under the impression that it was Japanese Language SE not Anime SE
@Calvin'sHobbies they don't
They don't
@Calvin'sHobbies nothing
come on!
12:17 AM
Culture is. Culture is. Culture is. Culture is culture.
^ valid?
Yeah, that works.
But those are incomplete sentences...
in PHP it is
In English "Culture is" = "Culture exists."
$culture = $culture = $culture = $culture = $culture = "culture";
12:18 AM
@AlexA. should I nominate World big Dosa?
highly redundant but whatever
It's using "to be" as an intransitive verb.
I really want to
@Maltysen Hahaha only if you think it's worth of the nomination.
12:18 AM
@PhiNotPi ye
> Word bug Dosa
Personally I don't think so, but you're welcome to do as you please.
Phi cracked the riddle
I am friends with @Quill everyone!
@Calvin'sHobbies mmm delicious bugs
12:18 AM
I like locusts best with my dosas
It's what happens when you make dosas but don't clean your kitchen
@AlexA. I thought that's the recipe for rat dosas.
12:19 AM
@TanMath yup, I updated my BrainSQL table with your name and everything
I messed it up too, but I don't want it unstarred
Word bug dosa needs to happen.
12:20 AM
Or maybe public health and sanitation closure dosas
@PhiNotPi Hmm....
Maybe something about parsing mixed fractions weird
Programming bug Dosa
@Maltysen What do you call mold on a car seat?
no idea
Butt-induced mold on a seat inside a motorized vehicle...
12:22 AM
I sense a terrible joke on the horizon
@Calvin'sHobbies I call mold on a car seat mold on a car seat generally
What can I say I'm an idiot
^ agreed.
Car-rot of course (shush @AlexA.)
Did you make that up?
@Calvin'sHobbies I actually saw that coming but decided to hijack your joke for a more literal interpretation
12:23 AM
> roflol
So sorry
combined laughing
Rolling on the floor laughing out loud = Rolling on a math rounding function while giggling.
@RikerW Yep. It seemed about time for our monthly bad pun contest
Somebody add that to the event schedule...
12:24 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies I laughed a rotTON
While I'm spamming got your attention, if you like Lua and you like reputation: there's a bounty going on CodeReview
@Quill meh, that looks complicated
^ but I'll try
12:26 AM
What do you call a sweepstakes where the prize is a joke book?
Oh god
I can't believe you've done this
Somebody kill him pls.
12:27 AM
The neighbors probably just heard me laughing
Because I'm good
that was so gooood
12:27 AM
This has officially become jokes.SE
I actually think that's a thing
Seriously, either do perl or jokes. Pick one.
does that exist
12:28 AM
There's an Area 51 proposal for Humor
Oh. Ninja'd.
@RikerW or Seriously jokes!
@RikerW How about Perl jokes?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

PhiNotPiThis is not a challange. I am using the sandbox to... sandbox stuff. My Progress I'm not anywhere near the completion of this, but I've got an attack plan. They key word here is "abstraction." If a problem seems to esoteric to solve (as in this whole challenge), just abstract it to he next ...

A mountaineer was climbing a mountain and came across a tiny mosquito buzzing about. What happened?
There's four main types of humor: blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile.
12:29 AM
@PhiNotPi Rolling On Floor Laughing Out Laughing My Ass Off. Seems legit.
@RikerW Why do Perl programmers look so serious all the time? Because it's their (7, 10)
@Calvin'sHobbies Can't cross...
@Sp3000 bah
@Sp3000 I didn't get it
12:30 AM
@quartata look what you started
where can I donate my tears
@TanMath Nothing happened. You can't cross a scalar with a vector.
Comma operator chucks out the left argument in scalar context
@Calvin'sHobbies And I was expecting something awful - I'm going to use that...
Hmm what's a good Perl joke
12:31 AM
I still don't get it...
Actually, I don't get it either.
A: Because it's their regular expression.
In mathematics and vector calculus, the cross product or vector product (occasionally directed area product to emphasize the geometric significance) is a binary operation on two vectors in three-dimensional space (R3) and is denoted by the symbol ×. Given two linearly independent vectors a and b, the cross product, a × b, is a vector that is perpendicular to both and therefore normal to the plane containing them. It has many applications in mathematics, physics, engineering, and computer programming. It should not be confused with dot product (projection product). If two vectors have the sa...
@Calvin'sHobbies but why is a mosquito a scalar?
@trichoplax what does cross product have to do with this?
12:32 AM
No, I mean Sp's Perl joke.
@TanMath You can't do a cross product between a number (a scalar, i.e. mountain climber) with a vector (the point the mosquito is at)
I got the mosquito joke.
It's a bad joke undoubtedly
Hey, at least it's a math joke
@Calvin'sHobbies really bad joke...
12:33 AM
@Sp3000 oh
@NewSandboxedPosts Thank you @NewSandboxedPosts.
I did not get the perl one too...
@quartata The only reasonable response to that.
@quartata I'm fairly sure I wouldn't get that one even if it was explained to me...
@RikerW somebody edit this post!!!
make it say: I AM DUMB!
I do not want more thank you's!
12:34 AM
How does a camel walk up a mountain?
@Calvin'sHobbies I assumed it was referring to a mosquito being a disease vector...
He thanked me...
Eh that one wasn't that good
@trichoplax now that makes more sense
@RikerW I'm scared to click on that
12:35 AM
@RikerW huh?
@TanMath In a roundabout way you're calling RikerW dumb, which goes against Stack Exchange's "be nice" policy (besides just being generally not a nice thing to say).
@quartata not rickroll.. I promise
@quartata On its feet?
@Calvin'sHobbies scalar(%camels) forces the camel into a scalar context. i.e mountain climber
12:36 AM
@AlexA. it was a joke!
I thought it would pair well with your joke
But it wasn't that good
@TanMath We shouldn't say things like that to each other, even in a joking manner.
@trichoplax What's the most diseased type of tree?
@AlexA. i am sorry...
@Calvin'sHobbies Here we go... My brain is looping through the tiny list of trees I know now...
12:38 AM
Although, it is like saying, we shouldn't star messages of people calling themselves stupid...
@trichoplax The sicker-more!
@TanMath It's alright, just refrain from that in the future.
@TanMath I'm stupid
^dont star that
@Calvin'sHobbies I was going to say: anything on the Tropic of Cancer.
12:38 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies Wow - it was actually one I knew and I still didn't guess it.
@PhiNotPi nah leave it in another day
@PhiNotPi I like it.
get some more eyeballs on it
quartateroni makes a good point
@quartata This is how I get posts in the sandbox for three years.
12:39 AM
@PhiNotPi oh just one more day......
@AlexA. a golfer who rolls on the floor laughing
Yes :P
@PhiNotPi @TanMath One of you needs an avatar, because I keep confusing you in chat.
I've had my avatar for longer.
12:40 AM
@Phi Did you choose ~ arbitrarily?
I'm keeping it.
@Zgarb ha!
@Sp3000 Actually no. It comes from the practice of distinguishing ~ and - with TI-BASIC answers.
@PhiNotPi since you have had it for longer, maybe you should have a change...
@PhiNotPi Ah k, I was wondering whether _ might be a good alternative but nvm then
12:42 AM
It doesn't really matter.
@PhiNotPi LIFO
@Zgarb I had that problem with steveverrill and Nathan Merrill on the main site (similar avatars and vaguely similar names) until Nathan changed his avatar.
@trichoplax When was the first time Alex was wrong?
@Calvin'sHobbies An event or someone pointing it out in chat?
I've never known Alex to be wrong
Maybe I wasn't around for some occasions...
I feel like CH is trying to make a joke.
12:44 AM
@trichoplax For that you get no punchline
does anyone know a good java CAS?
so no one wants to nominate me?
uhh.... how about this other challenge... is it ready? meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/7998/2867
@TanMath You can find out by watching the post and pressing refresh constantly
12:46 AM
@MartinBüttner Insomnia kicking in?
@PhiNotPi Needs another year in the sandbox
@Maltysen What does CAS stand for?
@Sp3000 It's friday :P
Computer Algebra System?
12:46 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies I didn't realise you were still doing jokes - I thought it might be for some kind of challenge...
@Maltysen Honestly I've been looking for one myself.
@Sp3000 says the guy who is regularly up at the same hours as I am but lives on the other side of the Earth.
I think Octave has a Java bridge thing
But other than that not really
@PhiNotPi Do you want it to be a consistent symbol for all answers or would you consider "you can choose which symbol represents negation"?
12:47 AM
@MartinBüttner Hey, not in the past month :P
@MartinBüttner Sp lives on earth? My whole view of him has been shattered...
@PhiNotPi Can the parens in perplex be nested?
Hi @GamrCorps
@trichoplax I could allow them to choose between -_~
12:49 AM
@Maltysen There's one for C++
What's up @TanMath?
@Calvin'sHobbies OK now this is getting to me - what was the punchline??
I think I'm planning on making a traffic simulator code-challenge
I read that as Traffic Cone Simulator...
@Quill I thought you have work!
12:50 AM
@NathanMerrill what's the goal?
oh, never mind @TanMath
a 10x10 grid, and you control the lights
my question is:
@PhiNotPi If you want to be really generous you could provide code that takes the operator as input and outputs test cases
@Sp3000 What's your opinion?
what's the best way for somebody to return a light configuration?
12:51 AM
@NathanMerrill how many lights are there on each junction?
@NathanMerrill Just an array with 0 for red, 1 for yellow and 2 for green
every road has a left, straight, and right turn lane
Oh, but then there's right and left lights
and the lights can control all directions
so I can say "straight and right, but not left"
so per intersection you've got 12 lights
12:53 AM
I'm not allowing "straight and right and yield left"
10x10 grid means 9x9 intersections?
@quartata's suggestion plus S, R, or L for allowed directions.
and 9x4 T-junctions?
@Phi At first I thought parens where just to group "real and imaginary parts", so to speak (like complex number notation) but your third example suggests to me that it's more for specifying precedence, in which case I'd expect a nested case
12:53 AM
Maybe a 2D array like this: [[left, straight, right],[left, straight, right],...
If I'm understanding it right
I honestly don't know how much easier no nesting is though
The values could just be booleans
there are 10 feeder roads on each side
so there will be exactly 100 intersections
the other complication is that the user doesn't decide the length of yellow, just when to turn red/green
(yellow is a fixed 3 sec)
so, if I were to do an array like @quartata suggests, then there is a lot of empty data being passed
because each tick, the majority of lights won't change
@PhiNotPi When I first scrolled down to the red and white diagram for a moment I thought it was a banner ad within your post. For some reason I have red and white associated with advertising in my subconscious...
@trichoplax Hmmm... maybe I could start making money off my challenges.

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