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10:00 PM
(e.g. I could require my input to be all separated by newlines)
@PeterTaylor 1e1, 0.1e2, 0.01e3
It just must be valid P3 format, and a consistent format across all inputs
@Mego could I require that every horizontal scanline is on the same line, and that scanlines are separated by newlines?
and that all the metadata (width, height, header, etc) is on the first line?
@orlp Sure
10:03 PM
@Mego for convenience I'll write a Python script that can preprocess any valid PPM into the format my program wants
@orlp That's fine. That's essentially what I did for my testing. ppmtopng <input> | pngtoppm -plain > <output>
@Mego lol
import fileinput
p3, w, h, d, *data = fileinput.input().read().split()
print(p3, w, h, d)
for i in range(0, w * h, w):
    print(" ".join(data[i:i+w]))
Q: Finding Exclusive Area in Circle Intersections

BrainSteelHere's a deceptively challenging geometry puzzle for you! Given a circle A, and n other circles B[n], find the total area contained within A that is not within any circle of B. Your code should be as short as possible. Input Your input should contain the following information: A floating-po...

Q: Chess-olition Derby

geokavelWhat could be more polar opposites than chess and demolition derby. You would think that no one who enjoys one would enjoy the other... until today. Rules The starting position is a standard chess board: RNBQKBNR PPPPPPPP PPPPPPPP RNBQKBNR Looks normal enough, until you find out it's ...

@Mego oh that doesn't work because fileinput is weird :(
sys.stdin.read().split() it is then
and I forgot int invocations
10:18 PM
@ETHproductions Should be getting mine soon
I'm at 95/100 15/20
How can i search for questions only?
@Doorknob and all this time I've been typing out "is:question" in full :(
> There are 11300000000950000000034000000011600000001010000000115000000011600000000340000000‌​061000000003300000000420000000058000000010500000000500000000102000000009800000000‌​490000000102000000009800000000490000000098 null bytes between the double quotes.
10:22 PM
I'm 2 rep behind DigitalTrauma. The race drags on...
A: Partitioning reciprocals

Alex A.Julia, 77 bytes n->collect(filter(i->i==∪(i)&&sum(j->Rational(1,j),i)==1,partitions(n)))[1] This is an inefficient lambda function that accepts an integer and returns an integer array. To call it, assign it to a variable. We get the partitions of the integer using partitions. We then filter...

This might be the most inefficient solution I've ever written
almost 14 GB of memory allocated
Fourteen gigabytes!!
+1 for OMG
I take it you're enjoying that album?
My personal favorite is probably Seminar II.
10:26 PM
I am
It seems there are actually two albums with the same name
I really think we haven't had a plain array sorting code golf.
we have
10:27 PM
I was searching for about 10 minutes now.
We did?
Q: Sort this, quick!

Daniel M.Well... there are 59 (now 60) questions tagged sorting, but no simple quicksorts. That must be fixed. For those unfamiliar with quicksort, here is a breakdown, courtesy of Wikipedia- Pick an element, called a pivot, from the array. Reorder the array so that all elements with values less than...

by plain I mean without any restrictions: Sort however with whatever method you want.
then no
10:28 PM
I have a challenge like that in the sandbox
That sounds like a decent catalog
assuming sort builtins are banned
Why banning builtins?
10:31 PM
@flawr ^^
@flawr because otherwise it would be boring
We did not ban builtins for the hello world catalogue.
Those are the back covers of Old Man Gloom's Seminar II and Seminar III when you put them together.
Well there's no "Hello World" builtin in most languages
Except for HQ9+.
10:32 PM
There is in many golfing languages.
And some stuff made here.
for sorting, it would just be some variant of ->x{x.sort} for every single answer
And Stuck.
@AlexA. Nice=)
I really want to stab java. It just doesn't want to do what I want. Why did the android people have to pick java out of all languages?
10:32 PM
I already liked the covers of the ape of god.
@Maltysen Perl?
@Maltysen Actually, it's doing exactly what you're asking it to. :P
@Maltysen What specific problem are you having?
Also Android API is trash, don't let it make you think Java is trash
@quartata there really isn't any specific problem
10:34 PM
@AlexA. Cannot find those albums here.
Albums? Alba?
@quartata well, the most annoying one is its functions not being first class objects
So I have to use stupid switch cases
@flawr You mean they aren't available to purchase in Switzerland?
@Maltysen why on earth would they be
it's OOP
@Mego must the input format be the same as the output format?
10:35 PM
@AlexA. Yes.
@quartata but it doesn't even provide any other mechanism to do what I want
just fricken switch cases
Oh I found one in my "last resort" shop.
But like 35$ each.
@flawr That's weird. Can you get them from Bandcamp?
@Mego never mind, I had a bug - it's easy for me to do that
@AlexA. I'd love to get the music as cds!
Lets check amazon.
10:37 PM
That's a good idea.
You can also check the Hydra Head store.
I love cover designs like those:
That's the back cover for No, right?
Aaron Turner, one of the guitarists, does the art.
No idea, just found it browsing here.
The EU section of the Hydra Head store doesn't have those CDs.
@Maltysen try anonymous Runnables
10:40 PM
@quartata but that's even more boilerplate
@AlexA. "Luckily" switzerland is not in the EU=)
not really
new Runnable(){public void run(){...}}
@flawr Well, Hydra Head only lists US and EU for the available online shops, and I would assume you'd have to order from EU rather than US. But idk. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
not that bad
you what, I'm gonna forget about java and some Haskell to destress :P
10:42 PM
if you want you can do this: interface R extends Runnable {}
or just use groovy
do you know how easy groovy is to set up with android?
It's pretty Groovy
@Maltysen ez
is there even a groovy -> dex compiler?
oh its ez
just compile it with gradle with some flag
@Maltysen ye
added in 2.4 i think
also note i am currently typing with one hand (other is holding an icepack) so sorry for bad grammar
10:45 PM
awww what happened?
cut my gum on my sammich
@quartata please change your avatar back XD
@FlagAsSpam \o/
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ no
@quartata 14 people want you to :P
10:47 PM
stars are non-deterministic
@quart potatoes I'm on your side, I like the new one
Oh, hey, @CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ I was just about to ping you. :D
any Pyth pros here?
10:48 PM
@FlagAsSpam yay! Why?
pyth noob
@orlp hi
given two 2D lists (or matrices) with same size
@orlp dont use pyth use jolf
ees better
what's the shortest way to add them?
10:49 PM
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ I was wondering if I could interview you for a Philosophy class.
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ eh bien
you can't nest V right?
for a vector it'd be +V[1 2 3)[4 5 6)
@FlagAsSpam Huh!
@FlagAsSpam lmao
10:49 PM
puts on a beard
muttonchops + burning team captain = philosopher
@quartata Wow, what a dangerous sandwich!
You seemed the most likely not to make a joke out of it. (glares at everyone else ಠ_ಠ)
@orlp i got sMMCMC,
10:51 PM
@FlagAsSpam what's the topic?
General questions about life, the universe, and everything.
Oh, that's easy: 42.
Which, I think, is not actually that far off.
This is so frustrating. If you finally do find some good music, you cannot get it anywhere.
10:53 PM
@Maltysen what about .b+VNYab where ab are the two matrices?
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Meaning of life questions.
Plus related.
@FlagAsSpam Oh, wow, @El'endiaStarman was close.
@Maltysen that's 1 shorter
@Maltysen now I want to fold that over 4 matrices :P
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ That's 'cause FlagAsSpam said that earlier. :P
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Hmm, I wonder why... ;P
10:54 PM
Oh, I missed something. Again.
@orlp mine works over n matrices
I'd read the transcript except you guys talk about bear monkeys and throw your stars around the place like they grew on trees.
@Maltysen ah that's better then
@Maltysen I kinda get scared of transposes when I lose track of dimensions
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ When it's like that, I just skim.
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ They do grow on trees.
10:56 PM
@El'endiaStarman Oh, right, skimming. Forgot about that.
@FlagAsSpam o_O omigersh
Seriously, though, I do need to do this assignment and I need someone to take it seriously.
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ lel
What kind of interview?
@FlagAsSpam maybe you should stop being on chat then :P
10:57 PM
@xnor Would you happen to be in atm?
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ I ask a few questions, you respond, I ask a few questions based on your responses, and that's it.
I'm down for that.
General information on your perspective of the universe.
Sounds interesting.
You got Skype/want me to set up a chatroom?
10:59 PM
The latter is preferable.
One sec.
@Doorknob Indeed. "Abandon work-" wait that's not in the room description anymore. Nevermind.

 Whaddya mean, Philosophy's off topic?

Philosophy discussion. Yeah. Okay. This is a good enough descr...
@Mego nvm, I can actually save a byte with a different output than input format, is it allowed?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BrainSteelCoaxial and Copolar? code-challengegeometrytrigonometry Introduction SANDBOX NOTE: Diagrams soon Copolar: Two triangles ABC and A'B'C' (not necessarily in the same plane) are said to be copolar if and only if the lines AA', BB', and CC' are concurrent at one point V. Coaxial: Supoose two tri...

11:09 PM
> Your challenge is to write two entire programs (but not necessarily in the same language, if you so desire) which detect whether or not two circles are Coaxial/Copolar.
@BrainSteel: ^ typo?
11:24 PM
@Sp3000 yup
And now it looks like Sp3000 isn't anymore. :P
@Timwi, got your time capsule entry
Q: Construct ASCII arches

JuanPotatoI like ascii art and I get bored a lot, so I found some ascii characters and started to make random things, 8-bit mario castle, mazes, and arches. I found that the arches could easily be stacked in a neat way. ╔═══════╗ ║╔═════╗║ ║║╔═══╗║║ ║║║╔═╗║║║ ╨╨╨╨─╨╨╨╨ Challenge Create a program, funct...

Weren't you a singer in Juan Direction? — FlagAsSpam 7 secs ago
11:40 PM
Obi Juan Kenobi?
Weren't you a singer in Juan Direction? (I'm so sorry, but with a name like that, I just can't help it. xD) — FlagAsSpam 3 mins ago
Also: 24 views. .-.
Q: Should we consider the starting mechanism for Minecraft programs?

FlagAsSpamTime to add to the list of Minecraft Meta Questions! So, my question is fairly basic. When we run programs in other langs through the command line, we don't count anything but their flags. For example, take Java. java B.java [arguments] We wouldn't count this bit to run the program. We would c...

I can't stop looking
I'm deeply confused by this.
Initially, the bananas in his ears are whole, but when he flies away, they're just peels
Because the out of context of that is brilliant.
11:46 PM
I think you're overanalyzing this
@AlexA. what???
@AlexA. I love how delighted the woman is
@xnor Was looking at elevator and was going to suggest a byte improvement but then I realised I forgot brackets :/ sorry
11:47 PM
@Maltysen She loves nose bananas
Can you get a plaintext version of a chat transcript?
@TanMath Carrot-blocked.
The if condition's bugging me
hello BTW...
A: Flip It, Flop It, Mean It

orlpPyth, 30 bytes zjms.OdC.nM[JrR7.zKms_cd3J_J_K My program expects all metadata on the first line, and the image data row by row on the lines after on stdin. To help, this is a small Python program to convert any valid PPM file into a file my program can understand: import sys p3, w, h, d, *dat...

@Sp3000 yeah, the fact that in chains is annoying
11:48 PM
the other solutions are relatively close to Pyth on this one
@FlagAsSpam I don't think so
no builtins to abuse :)
@orlp we should fix '
@Sp3000 and that it stops the while from being on one line
@AlexA. Should I ask meta?
11:49 PM
@FlagAsSpam you can copy/paste into notepad and it kind of works
with a little notepad++ ctrl-h regexp, it should be pretty presentable
@FlagAsSpam Well, try going to a room, looking at the full transcript, see what it looks like if you try to Cmd+P to print to PDF.
Woot, 15k. Also my rep is a Dennis number.
Thanks :)
@AlexA. what is a dennis number again?
@AlexA. Congrats on 15k!
Q: Generate Dennis Numbers

Calvin's HobbiesThis challenge is a tribute to PPCG user Dennis for winning the robbers' part of The Programming Language Quiz. Looking at Dennis' PPCG profile page we can see some pretty impressive stuff: He currently has over thirty-seven thousand reputation, making him second in rep overall, surpassing th...

@TanMath Thank you!
11:51 PM
I'm back.
Incidentally, GamrCorps also got Dennis numbers approved as an OEIS sequence.
Now with 100% less bleeding
@AlexA. I saw that lol
@quartata Um, I think I missed something. Are you alright?
@quartata Killer sandwich eliminated?
@AlexA. Perfect, thanks.
11:52 PM
1 hour ago, by quartata
cut my gum on my sammich
@flawr yas
It was already eliminated before the icepack so
@quartata Why do you keep eating knife sandwiches?
@FlagAsSpam :)
@AlexA. In my defense the knives were really well baked into this piece of ciabatta
Wow I just dealt with a life-or-death situation and you're being a grammar pedant
@quartata Were they seasoned properly?
@AlexA. Yes
@quartata #thuglife
11:53 PM
Sundried tomato aioli
What was on the sandwich?
Pairs best with stainless steel knives
Besides cutlery
@AlexA. roast beef arugula tomatoes cheese
what is going on?
11:54 PM
@TanMath Top secret sandwich discussions.
did @quartata seriously almost eat a knife?
quartata tried to eat knives on a sandwich and died a little.
@TanMath No
That was a joke
@quartata Eh. 1/10.
11:54 PM
I have also been hurt by bread in the past
then is cutting your gum on a sandwich true?
@AlexA. Not the most appealing sandwich to a vegan, I know :P
@TanMath Yes
The really crusty bread where the crust snaps when you bite, but then snaps shut and refuses to release your lip
@trichoplax Show me on this accurate recreation of a turtle where the bread touched you
11:55 PM
Evil bread.
Good night guys, I'm gonna go counting bytes.
Good night!
Good night!
@flawr I have actually fallen asleep thinking about pl
So not that weird
Anyways good night
@quartata That or it is that weird, but you're weird too.
11:56 PM
@Calvin'sHobbies mm
The world will never know. :P
@Calvin'sHobbies Awwww....
@AlexA. true...
@Calvin'sHobbies I would feel too guilty eating this. It's too adorable to consume.

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