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8:00 PM
Jan 6 at 21:44, by Doorknob
python: 1946
javascript: 1285
cjam: 1164
pyth: 1037
ruby: 648
perl: 618
haskell: 535
c: 497
mathematica: 483
java: 462
task: 451
matlab: 354
php: 333
r: 296
julia: 279
c#: 264
j: 230
bash: 217
apl: 198
c++: 191
powershell: 179
><>: 161
k: 141
ti-basic: 136
lua: 130
golfscript: 125
retina: 121
octave: 105
brainfuck: 96
japt: 85
sed: 85
scala: 82
seriously: 72
pip: 70
common lisp: 70
prolog: 68
befunge: 67
groovy: 66
minkolang: 65
idea: 63
teascript: 62
coffeescript: 59
original output: 58
I wonder if that has false positives from the retina/trash challenge, but if that was the case the script would be pretty bad
It probably does, honestly :P
Searching for Retina answers is tricky because of that
@quartata nope
there are 208 results when searching for retina
only 38 of those are part of that challenge
A: Capture on the Pawn Chessboard

Martin BüttnerRetina, 33 29 bytes T`d`w )`\d $0. _ p.{7}(..)?P To run the code from a single file, use the -s flag. Should be easily beatable by something like Perl where the expansion of digits into strings of spaces (or other characters) doesn't take up 17 bytes. The output is positive (truthy) if ther...

You didn't win but you got pretty close
8:01 PM
oh I like that
it contains transliteration and a multi-stage loop
Plus it's chess!
Everyone likes chess :P
(I'm more of a Go person...)
A: Horizontal graph of word length

NinjaBearMonkeyRetina, 5 + 3 = 8 bytes + \n . * Every line goes in its own file, so I've added 1 byte for each additional file. Also, the \n should be replaced with an actual newline. Each pair of lines is a pattern-replacement pair. + matches one or more spaces and replaces it with a newline. . matches a...

But not that complicated
@quartata heh, with the latest update I would have beaten Pyth. 23:

@MartinBüttner Interesting
You could add that to the bottom
with a disclaimer obviously
8:05 PM
Oh, geez. There are so many deathclaws around me right now. ;-;
Retina has really evolved from "simple .NET regex executor" to "crazy thing"
@FlagAsSpam ?
@quartata and I still have bigger plans for it ^^
I saw the decimal to unary thing on your FizzBuzz answer
That's really cool
@quartata Fallout. Bad news bears happening right now.
@FlagAsSpam Oh.
Never been much of a Fallout person although I do admire the reputation system
8:08 PM
@quartata yeah, it's nice I can finally add new syntax to substitutions. the biggest thing that is still on the list is adding some things to the regex flavour that can be done via string manipulation of the regex. (so that I don't have to reimplement the regex engine.) for that I need to tokenise the regex correctly and I'm not looking forward to that.
It's like bad had a evil twin sister in the game and gave birth to the things around me. ;-;
@FlagAsSpam I find this statement highly disturbing ರ_ರ.
@Mego: I've modified your question's formatting and added a testing snippet (Flip It, Flop It, Average It)
@mınxomaτ Well, have you seen Fallout deathclaws?
Q: Can we standardise how percentage bonuses combine?

trichoplaxSome questions have a number of bonuses stated as percentages. For code golf (where the majority of these bonuses are seen) these will be percentage reductions of the score. If an answer achieves several of these bonuses, how should the resulting score be calculated? There are two main ways I c...

8:10 PM
@El'endiaStarman No, which is probably why.
I've not played Fallout at all, but I've seen gifs on Imgur.
@mınxomaτ Only way to phrase it.
@ZachGates Please don't remove reference implementations
@Mego My bad
8:13 PM
I've mininuked a queen mirelurk in the face. That ended well.
After 3 shots of it. ಠ_ಠ
@Mego Does the testing suite work alright?
@ZachGates Haven't tried it yet
@Mego OK, let me know
Aw, what, the test cases were wrong? That means my ImageMagick implementation was actually correct! >_<
/me tries to dig it up
<- Star this if you want people to stop making "star this" messages for petitions star farming
8:15 PM
Nothing like the taste of hypocrisy in the morning
Mixed with cheerios? c:
My favorite.
Frosted wheaties are da best.
Has anyone used SPL before? It seems like a nice crossplatform language. Especially the way it handles (large) constant string literals.
@zyabin101 Does that have something to do with the tic tac toe problem?
@ZachGates Tbh I like Calvin's fiddle better
There is nothing more satisfying than killing a deathclaw with a 10mm pistol. c:
I'm trying to golf evaluating a polynomial at a specific value
I'm so close to a bronze string badge :P
do any languages have tricks to do that with very little code?
8:18 PM
@KSFT lambda p,x:eval(p.replace('x',x))
I think it has solve(
@Mego What's the difference?
I mean an expression like "ax^2+bx+c where x=2"
@ZachGates It's a lot simpler and loads the images in canvasses rather than a download button
a, b, and c are known at compiletime
8:20 PM
@KSFT Oh, well then Mego's suggestion probably does work.
Except I don't think ^ is exponent in Python
If p='a*x**2+b*x+c', it does work
Have to replace it with **
@Mego Mine is a direct port of your GitHub repository, but OK, I'll add a canvas
8:20 PM
@Mego Your program canvasses the neighborhood for images? Interesting.
@Mego then I'd have to type out the polynomial
@quartata +1 for creative misinterpretation.
@trichoplax i iz proofezzional pedant!!11!1
@El'endiaStarman He he
@quartata We need more pedants here
@ZachGates Nevermind, I've already worked too long on it. I'm submitting it as a pull request to your GH repo as the gh-pages branch.
8:25 PM
I just changed the snippet over to Calvin's fiddle
I appreciate your help, though
@Mego: Could you create a branch, gh-pages on the ImageBlender repo so I can submit a PR
@quartata posted the nomination. got quite long even after two rounds of editing it down...
8:31 PM
A: Best of PPCG 2015 — Now Accepting Nominations!

Martin BüttnerShowcase of Most Promising New Golfing Language [What the title says.] There seem to be quite a few of these new languages that have popped up in the last year. Nominations: Diamond Puzzles! by Dennis - Jelly Nominated by Alex A. Not only is this an interesting approach to the challeng...

> or make use of all 256 possible byte values to squeeze in more functionality.
Also, since this was completely ignored yesterday:
yesterday, by Martin Büttner
I wonder if this would be fun: a code golf with a larger problem that requires 3 or 4 distinct stages of fairly different nature (some string processing, some arithmetic, whatever). answers can consist of multiple programs (in different languages) and you get pipes between those programs for free.
shots fired
@Mego better step up and defend yourself
@ZachGates Done
@quartata cough pl cough
8:32 PM
@Doorknob Excuse me. pl only has access to ~160 chars for builtins
@Mego PR submitted
@quartata Huh?
@quartata no, I mean that's fine for a hardcore general-purpose golfing language. I just thought it's something noteworthy that Retina doesn't even try doing.
@MartinBüttner I know ;)
@quartata still more than 95
8:33 PM
@Doorknob so much hate against linefeeds.
@Doorknob fine I'll make a deal
@MartinBüttner me gusta
I pledge to keep pl under 95 commands.
Then what's the point of using not-ASCII
@MartinBüttner haha, fine, 96
@MartinBüttner Sigh, I thought I had a beautiful algorithm for your Sierpinski problem. But it doesn't find the shortest path and I don't know how to fix that. Sigh
8:34 PM
@Doorknob For barewords string functionality that people can actually use
I don't need to defend Seriously against a DSL regex language. It'll just argue itself into circles anyway.
As opposed to an insane giant mess
@Mego I was just kidding.
@quartata So not all printable ASCII characters are allowed to be in barewords?
@quartata So am I. Except about Retina arguing itself into circles.
@Doorknob All printable ASCII chars are allowed to be in barewords yes
But I don't consider those commands
8:36 PM
well, they are
I'm still not sure why you're arguing so vehemently over this. APL's codepage is larger than 127, for instance.
@AlexA. that he does
printable ascii it seems
Ain't nothing wrong with that
Never said there was.
@quartata Achieving the goal of "beat Pyth" is pretty easy when you have access to more characters than it
8:38 PM
I wasn't implying that I thought you said there was
@Doorknob "beat pyth" = easy
@MartinBüttner I wonder whether it would be better to set up a framework for what counts as free pipes between programs, or just to choose a large enough problem that it is advantageous to mix languages even without defining anything as free
"beat pyth by at least 40% at all challenges" = hard
And that's my goal.
But it doesn't matter I've given up on it. Jelly's better anyways.
@trichoplax the framework would be "the STDOUT of program 1 will be available on STDIN in program 2"
I don't want to split the problem into fixed stages myself
doing that should be part of the challenge
as well as defining an exchange string format that is golfy to generate in program 1 and golfy to parse in program 2
user image
8:40 PM
^ Dork noob
@Mego I actually really like this
It looks like some sort of Venn diagram
Looks vaguely like a flower to me
8:42 PM
^^ Vesty
Mego's Challenge seems ideal for MATL, but that language is so complicated.
@Mego Dam Son
@Mego this reminds me of a tie-dye shirt I had
8:42 PM
@AlexA. I'm still for this as Doorknobs avatar :D
is that actually you? @Doorknob
It looks like the kind of reflective pose I'd imagine you taking while playing nethack
@mınxomaτ Doorknob = human with a doorknob for a nose confirmed?!
@quartata hahaha
8:43 PM
yes. that really is @Doorknob sitting on that boy's nose
Maybe @Doorknob is a doorknob with a human for a butt.
@AlexA. 'zackly
@MartinBüttner That sounds good - I also like not specifying boundaries between parts. Will there be anything to prevent someone just using one language? Or will the problem be chosen such that this is unlikely to be competitive?
@quintopia *zigzactly
... so anyway, did I count the score of this answer correctly? I'm not entirely sure.
8:44 PM
@AlexA. ಠ̯ಠ
Oh gahd
@Doorknob Looks ok to me
It looks like a headcrab
8:45 PM
@trichoplax I hope I'll be able to choose the problem such that using multiple languages should be advantageous, but it's hard to guarantee with things like Jelly and Pyth around
Looked vaguely similar to Minibits for a second
@Mego: testing site is here (you probably knew that, though) [also, the difference between mine and Calvin's: mine handles PPM, his handles PNG. didn't realize that haha]
It looks like nightmares
@Mego I like how the face in the corners is still perfectly intact.
@MartinBüttner There must be something they can't do well...
8:46 PM
@trichoplax Not really
@trichoplax be long
Oh, that ^^
They're not very fast.
@trichoplax well strings for Jelly. don't know what Pyth's weakness is
8:46 PM
Actually, Pyth is pretty long when I write it.
Jelly is weak at strings, Pyth is weak at number theory.
Both don't have graphical output either.
Pyth does with PPM
Yeah, but still.
Also I didn't realize Jelly had strings yet at all
It does.
8:47 PM
Is that like o.o but with half of your eye chopped off?
It also has a kick-ass compressor which basically makes it perfect at kolomogorov complexity
@AlexA. No that is nightmares
I don't know if you saw
Also, neither are as good at general 2-D pattern matching as Snails
8:48 PM
@AlexA. <what Doorknob said>
But it compresses Hello World down to 6 bytes
@quintopia No language is good at that except Snails and Retina
@Doorknob No, it's like the most horrifically written C code ever to exist.
But also yes, it's missing half an eye
@Mego Eh, I've read it.
It's not that bad.
8:48 PM
@AlexA. oh, haha, yeah, that
@quartata ergo, such a multiphase challenge should rightly involve such pattern matching :D
Error 202: Eye half found
@quartata ._. wet
> wet
> wet
I didn't know you liked C that much..
8:49 PM
Oh god
insert lenny face
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
My pleasure
(╯ಠ ͜ʖಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻
@Mego At least that one made some semblance of sense. Unlike the ones that Downgoat uses...
8:51 PM
@Mego Why!!
@Doorknob All or nothing
haha, I'll opt for nothing then
@AlexA. ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)
Since my grandpa really likes ginger candies, your code must be as short as possible.
^ Not any good
8:52 PM
@Mego it was funny when the justifications still made remotely sense. At this point it just clutters up the specs. — Martin Büttner ♦ Jan 5 at 7:51
@JAtkin Your (someones going to get this ;) is just P implies Q, yeah?
Seriously thinking about posting a "things no longer funny in questions" on Meta now
Yeah, ok..... not so great
> And since I have to clutter up the spec, your code has to be as short as possible.
Q: Best of PPCG 2015 — Call for Categories

Martin BüttnerAt the end of each year, our nemesis friendly neighbours at Code Review vote for the best questions and answers from that year. I think that is a great tradition we should steal adopt here as well, because it allows us to showcase some of the amazing content we've created and potentially reward t...

This should probably be locked
since voting is over and all
8:54 PM
@quartata It's dupe-closed with the nominations thread as the dupe target
@Mego Right but people can still comment/vote/edit
And delete categories too which we don't want
It should just be frozen completely.
@quartata Yeah but nobody cares at this point, it doesn't matter
Doorknob did it
@trichoplax Since trichoplax does not find this funny, your code must be as short as possible.
@Mego yeah except I get to press buttons
which is fun
8:56 PM
oh boy
buttons are fun
buttons are the best
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

JuanPotatoContruct ASCII arches I like ascii art and I get bored a lot, so I found some ascii characters and started to make random things, 8-bit mario castle, mazes, and arches. I found that the arches could easily be stacked in a neat way. ╔═══════╗ ║╔═════╗║ ║║╔═══╗║║ ║║║╔═╗║║║ ╨╨╨╨─╨╨╨╨ Challenge ...

[presses many buttons in the course of writing this message]
@AlexA. Since there isn't yet a meta post banning this, you must read this meme again.
8:57 PM
@trichoplax Personally I don't think it should be banned outright, but I think we could make an effort as concerned citizens of the community to just edit it out on sight.
ooh ooh
@AlexA. yes finally
I'll do the edits
@AlexA. I guess a meta post could be used to judge how much objection there is to that - I'd be wary of starting edit wars without giving fair warning first...
@quartata Badge whoring, are we? ;)
8:59 PM
@AlexA. Actually I just like editing things
@trichoplax That's a good point.
It's why I liked Wikipedia until they got all witch-hunty
Terrible place don't ever go there again
Looks great on the outside
Q: Turing's truth tables

J AtkinAlan Turing - Wikipedia Truth tables are very important in logic. They are a very useful tool to help you visualize how a function works. In this challenge, you are going to make a program/function that generates a truth table. Ops that you must support: &: The and function |: The or functio...

But the politics is terrible
@quartata It all started with that one article on Salem and then it got way out of hand
8:59 PM
@NewMainPosts Wasn't this posted, closed, deleted, and re-sandboxed?

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