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9:00 PM
@Mego lel
I was thinking a generic "no longer funny in questions" post, where answers can specify one thing and whether it should result in
1. No action
2. Edit
3. Close
4. Delete
5. Delete user
6. Send attack drones
7. Other (please specify)
@trichoplax It might be worth having a moderator post it and say, "Bee tea dubs, we're going to start doing this. Deal with it."
Yay FlipFlop is on page 2 of HNQ
@trichoplax Send attack drones
That was easy
@trichoplax I like this
9:01 PM
> Bee tea dubs
... what?
@Mego The list you see in the sidebar on main sites is page 1, right? I saw it there once.
8. Close and comment that it belongs on SO
@Doorknob BTW
There may be more than just this meme annoying people - should it be an overall post or does this meme warrant its very own specific post?
@Doorknob You've never heard that? B T W
9:02 PM
@El'endiaStarman Yep. I missed it being on page 1
W = double u = dubs
@trichoplax I'd say go with overall
@Mego I almost choked
oh... no, I have never heard that :P
You need to read more shitposting
9:02 PM
Same. I've never heard the acronym spoken... :P
9. Migrate to Code Review
@El'endiaStarman Oh, I say it IRL sometimes. :P
I have, however, heard "UW" as "you dub". That and BWW (Buffalo Wild Wings) as "bee dub".
Vee dub, German engineering, in da haus
@El'endiaStarman Apparently you have to call it that or else people look at you weird. My sister gave me shit about saying "you double you" until I trained my brain to stop saying it.
9:03 PM
@AlexA. Haha, makes sense. :P
Did your sister move to Seattle before you or something?
She's 8 years older than me, so she moved out when I was in middle school. She's lived in Seattle proper ever since she moved out.
@AlexA. Your sister giving you shit about something isn't conclusive. Rule #1 of being a sibling is to give your sibling(s) shit about literally everything.
@Mego Well then, I have failed miserably.
@Mego I'm not allowed to give her shit about anything. That's not for lack of trying though.
@El'endiaStarman shameful display
9:05 PM
@AlexA. You make up for it here
@Mego ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Wow... I leave for an hour and 15, and when I come back there's 343 new messages
Remove bonuses, problem solved — Mego 35 mins ago
9:07 PM
dammit I accidentally voted for both no siblings and one or more brothers
stupid firefox
I think Microsoft needs an intervention. Syntax highlighting is getting a bit out of hand.
@mınxomaτ good god
@Mego I dislike bonuses, but not quite enough to want them banned altogether
On the bright side now you'll never know which one is the truth
What program is that? Visual Studio?
9:07 PM
@quartata Brothers
@AlexA. Yes.
9:08 PM
@AlexA. oh really
I likes it :)
Me too
You'll never know
@Mego this is cool
@flawr ¡Hola!
@quartata I already do know.
9:08 PM
No speaky da espanol
Is there a limit on how often I can change my avatar?
@ETHproductions No
@ETHproductions No
@ETHproductions I do not think so
Just username
9:09 PM
translate: 日本語を話す
@ETHproductions Only caching - it's just your username that takes 30 days for the next time
(from Japanese) Japan to speak
^^^^ Starman
9:10 PM
Why is there an apostrophe in "ninja'd"?
@Mego Was wondering when you would get around to doing mine. :P
@El'endiaStarman ...Close enough?
@AlexA. That looks horrible. Who thought it was a good idea to anti-alias only some symbols.
@flawr No one has proposed golfing it out yet
@mınxomaτ Me. I give Bing all of their shitty ideas.
9:10 PM
.i xu xe'e ro do cu jimpe fi la .jbobau.
> "nina'd"
Santa Maria'd
Alex A.'d
@Mego This is now my avatar
9:11 PM
I refreshed your profile
@ETHproductions Had to refresh but now it shows
Now I see it
Looks not so different from afar
I just meant refreshing my page - I see you did the brunt of the work :)
s/from afar/when it's small/
Ah, there, it's changed on my browser as well
9:12 PM
@trichoplax ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
^^ CSphi
i can't get the cache to clear, though i've refreshed thrice
@Mego dafuq
@Mego This one is cool.
@quintopia Ctrl+R or CMD+R
9:13 PM
Need more fractals to flipflop
@Mego dragon curve?
@AlexA. I re-posted it instead of un-deleting it
@quintopia It's @CSᵠ's avatar flipfloped
abomination !!!!!
Would mine work?
9:13 PM
Four headed turtle/tortoise/whatever?
turtle :)
@Mego do a dragon curve
@Mego Looks kinda like a ninja star.
@quintopia Gimme an image and I will
9:15 PM
Take a fractal with four-fold symmetry and delete 3/4 of the image!
@Mego take your pic: google.com/…
@Mego Ooooh
@quintopia that's a good pun even if it was unintentional :P
@quintopia I see what you did there
@Mego: Try this ^
I've not seen that one before and it's so pretty...
9:18 PM
@Doorknob It was a typo that I noticed and intentionally left in before posting. I wish it had slipped through unintentionally, but unfortunately I have to take credit.
Gonna do that one
@El'endiaStarman Some more nice pics (along with the fastest Mandelbrot explorer I know): autoitscript.com/forum/topic/111271-fractals-autoit-have-fun
I suspect it is going to be monochromatic=)
9:19 PM
All 3 of those are running right now
@mınxomaτ Wowza.
Tell us which of them one the race.
@El'endiaStarman His (inline) Assembly magic is off the charts.
> Btw, the maximum-zoom is comparable with a camera which has a zoom lense to photograph an ATOM on the surface of the moon.
user image
9:22 PM
@Mego ....well, that was kinda boring. :P (Figures, since it's vertically symmetric.)
Tap your phone or key and your car will open the garage door, exit, close the door and come to you. Will do same in reverse for unsummon.
In ~2 years, summon should work anywhere connected by land & not blocked by borders, eg you're in LA and the car is in NY
@Mego use this one:
The script flips the image vertically, horizontally, and both, then averages the color values of the 4, right?
9:23 PM
Q: The absent-minded linguist

ZgarbBackground Your friend, a linguist, has recorded and analyzed some simple conversation snippets in various languages. Being quite absent-minded, they have forgotten which language each snippet was in. You must help them by creating a program that analyzes the sentence structures and rules out im...

Does this really qualify as a dupe? codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/69083/42736
From a quick glance at both, maybe. What's different about yours?
More vars, more ops
@JAtkin Yes IMO
9:27 PM
@Mego Oooh...cool...
Whoa, those turned out really cool :)
user image
9:29 PM
I was under the impression that for questions to be dupes, you should be able to copy/paste answers and still be competitive.
As far as I can tell, this is not possible for my challenge.
That is not the case.
@JAtkin That's not the only criteria, but it's a strong one. If two questions can be boiled down to the same concept, they're likely dupes.
@JAtkin AFAICT is a thing. :P
@Doorknob Oh
@Doorknob But I prefer such acronyms to be spelled out, so I like JAtkin's edit... :P
9:30 PM
Oh well......
user image
@Mego I should send this to the band. I bet they'd appreciate it.
oooh idea
I'll try it with my fractal flames
@Zgarb my vague memory of Latin tells me that word order is pretty much arbitrary.
9:31 PM
@Mego I think this is my favorite yet.
@AlexA. I wasn't sure whether or not to include this jokey list in the meta question, but it can always be edited out if it becomes tiresome
My GF found the word I've been looking for for days
@Mego Potato?
The images look like something viewed through a kaleidoscope
9:34 PM
Dam Son
@Mego If you wanted it more kaleidoscopic you could include scaling down the image slightly and repeat it lots of times
@trichoplax I don't. I was just trying to describe the output of flipflop
Seems a pretty good description - even makes a potato look beautiful
@trichoplax Potatoes are always beautiful
9:36 PM
Of course. I apologise
@Doorknob Your flame fractals don't have enough substance to be interesting after flip-flopping.
@Doorknob Is that after flipflopping?
@Mego yes
@El'endiaStarman ohhh burn!
9:37 PM
@Doorknob Better. :)
@El'endiaStarman yeah, true. Maybe some image editing would be beneficial
meh, I still like them before the flipflop better :P
@feersum Wasn't intended as such.
@El'endiaStarman Burn is what a "flame" does. Get it?
@feersum .... >_>
9:41 PM
Remember this from starman's rainbow challenge?
I'm running flipflop on it now
Q: Things that are no longer funny in questions

trichoplaxIf there is something that you no longer find funny in questions, post an answer here describing what it is, and proposing a solution. Voting will indicate whether that solution has the backing of the community. For example, you might suggest one of the following: Comment linking here Edit que...

I figured as much. :P
9:42 PM
@Mego actually
ṭ̴͙̱̣͎̮h̥̳̪̝̬ḛ̶̦̟̯̳ ̴͇̝͖ey̧̝̦̭e ̟̦͚̘̻͕o̡̬̙͍̟̳f̘̮̠͍ͅ ̢̖̫̪̞̙e̷̦t͝e͢r̰̺̹ͅṉ́i̪̦̞̳̤̼͜t͔̣̞̠̻͍̩ỳͅ ̜s̘̣̜͈̱̦͇t̘̪̹͕a̛r̤ę͎s̟͔͙͖͙̣̣̕ ̵͍i͉̼͎̱n̺̠t̨̫̳̹͓̳̙̻o͇̥ ̺̹͚̹̩y̻͖͖͜o͙͉̣͔̜̝̺u͈̬̥̲̦͚ŕ̙͔̲͎ͅͅ sou̢l͈̘̥͕
I want to do that again
@PeterTaylor when floating point numbers have a radix of 10, it becomes possible to represent a number multiple ways
but using a cubehelix rainbow: bl.ocks.org/mbostock/310c99e53880faec2434
@NathanMerrill what do you mean? infinite series? (0.9999999... = 1)
9:43 PM
@orlp I look forward to seeing the results. :)
@Mego ❂‿❂
@NathanMerrill could you elaborate?
@mınxomaτ Excellent response.
give me a sec
9:44 PM
A: Things that are no longer funny in questions

Alex A.Entirely nonsensical rationales for short code length. This was fun (and was documented as a local meme) when the rationales vaguely made sense, for example, "We want the program that does this to be as small as possible so it can fit into the margins" (from The Margin is too Narrow). However, ...

@Mego Vaguely dizzying.
@trichoplax @MartinBüttner @Doorknob ^ you may be interested
@NathanMerrill remember that in floating point the mantissa should strictly be on [0, 1)
@AlexA. Way ahead of you :)
9:45 PM
the only number with multiple representations is 0 if I'm not mistaken
@AlexA. +100
oh no, that's not true
0.1 e -1 = 0.01 e 1
Wow that was a quick +8
9:46 PM
All numbers have at least two decimal representations in any base.
I got 8 upvotes in one minute.
Dam Son, BearMonkey'd by @NinjaBearMonkey.
@El'endiaStarman decimal is always base 10
I thought the question was gathering votes fast until I saw the votes on the answer...
9:46 PM
@El'endiaStarman right?
BearMonkey'd again!!
Hello my people.
Hello our person.
@orlp I was using "decimal" in the sense of abc.xyz.
I am currently in a library. I am internet-less until Saturday. My time is limited...
9:47 PM
from wikipedia: For instance, if b=10 and p=7, −12.345 can be represented by −12345×10−3, −123450×10−4, and −1234500×10−5
Would "having no test cases" count as no longer funny?
@ThomasKwa I thought that was never acceptable.
though, I don't know what "p" is
@ThomasKwa Post and find out ;)
@ThomasKwa I think that's just bad challenge-writing practice.
9:48 PM
Except for the really hard problems, maybe.
@MartinBüttner I'm basing my claim on Wikipedia, so I may be wrong. I don't know any Latin.
I was wondering if it was even an eligible answer, not if it's good.
@Mego O_o
@Mego Mmm, bread...
9:48 PM
@NathanMerrill # of digits I would think
@El'endiaStarman I believe the official term is 'positional notation'
@ThomasKwa There may be cases where it isn't clear and a separate meta question is needed
That's BrainSteel's avatar flipflopped
Can't think of any though
@orlp I guess that works. But ultimately irrelevant because you guys were talking about something else.
9:50 PM
random idea: a challenge where your score is simply "the number of 0s in the binary representation of your source code". find out what people can do with the high end of the byte spectrum in various languages.
@quintopia [inserts tons of null bytes]
Already had something similar, with 1s I believe
Now that you mention it, that does sound vaguely familiar.
@El'endiaStarman I assume he meant minimize the zeros
I think unary won that one...
9:51 PM
@Sp3000 I figured unary would be a trivial win on that version
@AlexA. Oh, that makes much more sense.
That said, there are few numbers with a zero below 256.
wait, d'oh
We're talking binary here.
That would be the only time when Unary is the right tool for the job
@quintopia just give 0 a score of 0.9 and 1 a score of 0.1
Or maybe Lenguage
that way unary would still lose
9:53 PM
@NathanMerrill It would lose if 0s are bad also
Lenguage should win this one too because you can pick ASCII 255 as the chosen character.
Then you could use Lenguage with FF bytes
@NathanMerrill I think Headsecks would have a decent chance.
I just mortarboarded on meta. ._.
9:54 PM
Did you get a notification?
Yeah, I got a badge.
@ThomasKwa Thanks! I don't know that I'd consider it an accomplishment. I find the fact that it's even possible to "mortarboard" on meta kind of strange.
@ETHproductions wasn't familiar with lenguage. I guess Nathan's scheme would be better then
@ETHproductions Firefox bytes?
Oh no, the firefox bites
s/bytes/bit damn ninja'd
9:57 PM
Just earned my string bronze tag-badge yesterday, just realized I'm at 99/100 for number as well
Now I need to find a question to answer :)
Q: Source code ecological footprint

Super ChafouinYou've just been hired by a German car manufacturing company. Your first task, as an engineer, is to write a program that computes the ecological footprint of ASCII strings. The ecological footprint of character is computed as follows: Write the character's ASCII code in binary, and count th...

Finally found it (that was a pain to search)
And then my is at 91...
@Mego yo
@Mego you don't have to accept any valid PPM file as input, right?
9:59 PM
@NathanMerrill Not finitely.
only a format that is consistent with PPM

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