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2:05 PM
asks on ELU: "Should I always ask on ELU first, then SO? Or are there exceptions? What does the Queen use?"
Pfft-topic. Ask on ELL
asks on SO for a double-blind test: "I have doubt about JAva in language C how plsea now why? Hlp"
@Mitch asks on Meta ELU: "I thought questions in English were on-topic? You guys suck"
Above freezing today!
reposts same question to ELL, Skeptics, Musical Performance and Quantitative Finance
@KitFox in Kelvin?
In Fahrenheit!
And everything is flooded.
2:13 PM
+31 in Fahrenheit is still freezing.
It's 40 here.
we had above freezing yesterday. now we're expecting MORE freezing rain.
That's over 9000!
Fifty degrees warmer than two days ago.
2:13 PM
This bears repeating to welcome Mr. Shiny:
Supposed to hit -2 tonight.
!!lego 71006
I saw that. I'm not that excited about it. I don't think the Simpsons is a good match for Lego.
I dunno. Better than TMNT or Spiderman, if you ask me.
I mean. They are yellow. Come on.
2:15 PM
And square.
But the house is extremely boring on the outside, of course. I totally expect them to more than make up for it on the inside.
heh. Simpsons colouring puts to rest the lie that Lego minifigs are meant to be race-less because they're yellow.
Yeah. Gimme Karl and Apu.
Speaking of, we can't find Nick Fury anywhere.
he'll be mad
2:16 PM
My sons are quite upset.
my daughter lost one of her LEGO Friends mini-dolls with a little dog. She put it in a wooden box for safe-keeping but lost the box.
I'm the only one who seems upset by the loss of lego parts though.
I've been buying so much on-sale lego lately, it's crazy. I have four boxes put aside for a rainy day, and each one was at least 30% off, up to 50% off. There had been five, but I opened one already.
I normally have zero boxes of unopened rainy day lego.
I have one trillion of those useless Friends minifigs by now. Couldn't care less until you try to take away a bow from their hair. Or even so much as touch them with your greasy fat hands.
I get upset by the reckless vacuuming my MiL does.
2:19 PM
oh, did she maybe vacuum up Nick?
It's like she has no idea you need to actually check the little bits to make sure they aren't lego parts.
It's possible. More likely he went on an adventure.
And never came back.
There should be special vacuum cleaners for reckless vacuumers. With no motor, only a sound chip. Integrated into headphones they'd have to wear. Yes, that would be good.
@RegDwigнt So all SO, even the XLU sites, are really just branches of ELU? Nice!
@Mitch that's what I thought, yes.
Well, Nick Fury is not TOO expensive on Bricklink: bricklink.com/catalogPG.asp?M=sh056
2:22 PM
I think it's just his head is missing. The little one loves to tear them apart.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 You never know how many rainy days there'll be.
I mean, completely apart.
Not like this guy, which I also have, and only crap people are asking a lot for it: bricklink.com/catalogPG.asp?M=sw105
I have no idea who the f Nick Fury is.
And I think I actually have him. Still MISB.
@RegDwigнt You don't want to know.
OK, I'll tell you.
He's Darth Vader.
2:23 PM
@RegDwigнt He's the guy that comes with the spiderman flying motorcycle and car
If you're Luke Skywalker, it becomes a little awkward.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Yeah. So let me rephrase. I have no idea who the f Nick Fury is.
He's the head of SHIELD, duh.
@RegDwigнt That's all you need to know, really. The rest is just made-up stuff.
@KitFox Isn't that problematic? I mean for waling around the house barefoot. Worse than glass shards.
2:24 PM
Didn't you watch The Avengers?
Or Iron Man.
@KitFox you saying he's the same guy as Mace Windu?
@KitFox I did. It was crap. I moved on with my life.
Or Wolverine?
or Batmanji?
2:24 PM
For some reason, they made him a black guy. But that's OK, because he is awesomer that way.
@KitFox Probably because Marvel didn't have enough prominent black guys.
@KitFox You mean like how they made Jesus into a white guy?
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Probably.
@Mitch Yes.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 yeah no bah what rubbish is that one. I'd rather buy gray masts for 129 bucks.
Luke Cage wasn't an easy one to knit into the storyline.
2:26 PM
@RegDwigнt It was the first non-yellow star wars fig and the first non-nba black person in Lego. Also only available in one kit which was very expensive at the time.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 still rubbish, and I'll still take the mast. Thank you.
And unlike Nick I actually know Lando.
@RegDwigнt You just shoulda bought it when it came out. Then the whole set would cost less than the fig does now.
'Luke' makes me think of Fox in Sox. and licking lakes. Which seems kinda inappropriate. YOu don't know who's been in that lake. Probably ducks.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 I think this was way before I learned that LEGO existed, for which I am thankful as the first SW wave was pathetic, and the second one not much better.
That set also came with this Boba Fett and this Leia
2:30 PM
Hah. Cloud City. That one was especially rubbish, from what I hear.
And is worth a million now.
Wow, just lost power here.
I liked the cloud city set. It was no Parisian Cafe, but then it wasn't supposed to be.
Too bad it's bley. Shoulda dunit in dark pink.
2:34 PM
I wish I could impress you like that.
Make it in dark pink, is all it takes.
I'd have done it in that dark blue color I like. Dunkelblau.
Your Charger, my SHIELD truck.
Not bad either. I'd be over this much impressed. At least.
I mean, my sons' SHIELD truck.
I don't know who charger is, but I have that S.H.I.E.L.D. truck myself.
You mean the 4WD Crawler?
2:36 PM
Problem right now is, I'm not sure if this query is still running or if it's faking me out because the power kicked off.
@RegDwigнt Crawler, yes. My brain is not functioning.
checks failover components
So I have a complicated mission. I got two Chrismas boxes for free at the LEGO Store, which I can fill up with Pick-A-Brick elements of my liking. I've never done that before, so this is really making me nervous.
Oh wow. Nice present.
I've already scanned the wall, did the list, checked it twice, but I still don't know how many of what I should be getting, plus they keep restocking it so my calculations are getting outdateder every day.
@KitFox well it was a "present" for spending 55 Euro.
Is that a lot?
2:40 PM
It's like OVER 9000 US$.
I don't know if that's a lot.
Not really.
We are a very wealthy country.
It's not a lot in terms of what you get for it. 55 Euro is one S.H.I.E.L.D. truck and some change.
@RegDwigнt Those boxes are great. The one last year was perfectly sized for fitting 11 2x2 bricks + 1 tile along one edge. It was super easy to fill.
So I'm writing this query, and I think I need some help thinking.
@RegDwigнt Gods.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Yeah right, but those are probably the parts I'm the least after.
2:41 PM
Unlike the regular pick-a-brick containers which are non-euclidian solids with irregular shapes.
@KitFox Aye.
@RegDwigнt well, how much variety does your PAB have? the ones around here are pretty small.
They pretty much have bricks, plates, something transparent, windshields, steering wheels, tires, doors, doorframes, and some modified brick I don't need.
These were the only parts, in black, on the PAB wall that were of any interest to me.
2:43 PM
ooh.... yeah I haven't seen that one here.
in black, eh? hm.
It's relatively new, but rather ubiquitous across all product lines.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 or perhaps in reddish brown as pictured. I forget. It only comes in the two colors, and of one I have a bunch, and of the other none.
well, stack those as tightly as you can, then put some bricks along the sides to fill up the space. wedge some tiles in.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 and then I still have 99% room left for bricks I already have more than enough of.
Also, the official rules claim that the lid of the box must close. But in practice I've seen them tape the boxes closed even if they can't really be said to be "closed"
@RegDwigнt Sorry dude. I'm afraid I can't help you with your "I have so much Lego the PAB is useless to me, even when I get two boxes for free" problem.
2:46 PM
Right. It comes in five sets in black, of which I have three. It comes in twice that many sets in reddish brown, of which I have none, but will be getting the Ewok Village eventually.
First world problems.
So about my query? Do you have a minute to help, Mr.Shiny?
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 yeah that's what people keep telling me. People is cruel.
to the jquery room?
I'll thaw it.
2:47 PM
@RegDwigнt Just fill it with whatever brick you have least of. Free is free... who cares if you get the most optimal brick value.

 I can haz jQuery?

Programming chat
> House prices [in Toronto] were up 5.2 per cent in 2013 compared to 2012, with the average selling price hitting $523,036 compared to $497,130 in 2012
6 mins ago, by KitFox
First world problems.
I cannot understand how the average house price could be so high. I am concerned that it will crash.
3:06 PM
Good for you.
Not so good for people who are not concerned and are still buying at these rates.
well, I already own in this market, having bought a few years ago when I could still afford it. But if it crashes, I am screwed.
So. Sell now?
Make a profit, buy back when it crashes.
heh. My neighbours and I have discussed doing that. The problem is we'd have to leave the city in the meantime.
Why that?
disassmble it for part and teach yourself how to build a house
3:12 PM
Your city does not allow people to live in other people's properties?
No hotels?
that's how I level up in guildwars 2
we can't afford to buy anything else here. At least nothing desirable.
Yeah, rent ain't cheap when housing prices are so high.
Well you sell under the condition that you stay in the place, or rent it.
An empty house falls apart. You could actually demand money for the upkeeping.
landlords pay for upkeep. I've never heard of an arrangement where you up-keep it yourself for a rent discount.
I see.
That doesn't mean it wouldn't make sense.
Someone somewhere is always the first one to do something smart and profit from it.
3:16 PM
anyway I don't think it would be worth the hassle to sell. It would seriously disrupt my life. So instead I live in fear that the market will collapse and disrupt it later.
Well, if you're not planning to sell, how exactly will it disrupt your life?
What do you care how much it's worth if you're not selling it anyway?
it will trigger an economic downturn, locally, which might cause me to need to sell to move somewhere else where the jobs are. that sort of thing.
Even if it loses value, it will come back.
This is all Greek to me as I never understood why private people buy real estate in the first place.
3:19 PM
that's because everyone in Germany rents
yeah. hopefully it will come back, eventually.
There is no guarantee that the property, or the street, or the town, will so much as exist thirty years down the line. And I am saying that as someone who for his entire life has lived in cities that existed for a thousand years or longer.
In other places owning a house is a status symbol
or even a flat/apartment
@MattЭллен what? Germany is batshit insane about building a personal private my my my my my own home for absolutely everyone and his dog and his dog's car.
@RegDwigнt Around here, it generally makes financial sense to buy if you can afford it. You can get nicer places, for overall lower prices, than if you rent. But you need to have enough money up-front for the down-payment.
3:21 PM
@RegDwigнt oh, well a few years ago, statistically, I heard everyone in Germany rented
We have a special type of banks that do nothing but give credits to new-home builders.
They are heavily subsidized, and have been ever since their creation in the 1950s.
then you should own a house
why give a landlord money for nothing forever when you can give it to a bank to slowly buy your house
See above. Makes no sense unless I know that a) this is where I want to spend the rest of my life and b) it will not collapse in some random earthquake in five years.
I was paying $1000/month for renting a 750-sq-ft apt. I instead bought a 1000-sq-ft condo for $1200 mortgage + $300 condo fees. I paid it off in 5 years, and so then my monthly fees were $300. Then I sold it and got more than my money back.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 well yes, but that is precisely my point. That's speculation. That's money-making. That's a second job.
3:23 PM
@RegDwigнt mortgages make more sense than rent because a: it's not rent and b: they're transferable to your new house
you can move house even if you own one
eventually you will own a house, like properly, even if it's not the first house you bought
Even if you buy at the same monthly rate as you rent: if you spend, say, $20,000 down on a house, then live there until it's paid off, paying $1000/month mortgage vs $1000/month for renting something else; once you sell the house anything you get back over $20000 is profit. The month-to-month costs were the same.
rather than never being able to own a house
@MattЭллен It's just that it's one of those things where I constantly know at every step of the process someone's screwing me over and making a fortune off of me and other suckers like me in ways I could never imagine existed.
See, I know that, but don't care so long as I benefit.
@RegDwigнt for me, and everyone else I talk to in the UK, it's the same for renting. Not as bad (no stamp duty), but still pointlessly expensive
3:26 PM
@KitFox which brings us back to Mr Shiny's problem right now. He might stop benefitting in a rather foreseeable future.
I havve to pay £100 to stay exactly where I am, because of letting agent fees
There are two problems with owning houses: 1. if interest rates jump too much your monthly mortgage payments might increase, and you might not be able to afford your house anymore. (However that could also cause rent increases). 2. If house prices fall, you might sell your house at a loss, or even foreclose, which means you lose money over all, which is bad.
Those two things often happen at the same time.
@MattЭллен I dunno. I get to pick a place I like, most of the upkeep is not my duty, and I can move out any time to somewhere nicer or cheaper or nicer and cheaper. Try that as a full-fledged homeowner.
@RegDwigнt yeah, alo my rental agreement is stupid in that I can only move out once every 6 months
It used to be once a year
stupid tenancy agreements
@RegDwigнt I got to pick a place I like. I can pay someone to do whatever upkeep I don't want to do personally (and don't be fooled, you are paying for that upkeep yourself), but yes, moving is a hassle, what with realtor fees and land-transfer taxes.
But finding something nicer and cheaper, in this city, ain't going to happen much. Even for rentals. vacancy rates are low and prices are sky-high. The only people who rent are the people who can't afford to buy, and they never will be able to afford to buy, because they pay too much rent and can't save up a down payment.
Also, if I wanted the benefits of owning AND renting, I'd get a condo, which I used to have, and really enjoyed. All the benefits of renting plus the benefits of owning. Also, all the fees of both.
But I never had to shovel snow or mow the lawn and there was a pool that was open all year.
3:31 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 so 2 is the one I do not understand. At all. Why would you want to sell? Especially when the market is low? I thought the whole point of buying a home vs renting was not to ever move out again, especially not on short notice and when others dictate the prices.
@RegDwigнt Because sometimes you have to move away because you need to find a job in another city.
Gah, crap, work to do.
Talk you later.
Or even another job in another part of this city.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 then do not buy a house. Sorry, that's like the first logical thing that comes to my mind.
If I like moving around, I like moving around. That means renting. By definition.
@RegDwigнt But maybe you don't like moving around, only, circumstances forced you to.
3:33 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 yeah, precisely, and that's why I personally cannot understand buying at all, ever. See above.
13 mins ago, by RegDwigнt
There is no guarantee that the property, or the street, or the town, will so much as exist thirty years down the line. And I am saying that as someone who for his entire life has lived in cities that existed for a thousand years or longer.
@RegDwigнt Look. Feel free to spend your money on rent and never have anything to show for it at the end. It's your choice. But there are sound financial reasons for buying. There are risks to buying too much if you can't afford it. But the math is in favour of owning, at least here.
Why would I want to spend $1000/month on a tiny apt when I can have a house for $1200/month?
and I get to keep the house at that price.
4:06 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 well yes, except for the minor fact that this conversation would not exist if not for your fear that you don't, and that the math will not be in your favour in the end.
I am just moving with the flow, I am a complete noob so all I can do is offer counterarguments from a noob perspective.
Meanwhile on the main site, someone asks which words to capitalize in a title (again), and when provided with the canonical answer "it's a matter of style", says "no, that's not what I asked".
But at least I have shipped the package, so the day was not in vain.
@RegDwigнt yes, well, there are risks. The gains you make by paying off a mortgage instead of paying rent can be erased by certain kinds of problems. However, if you never owned and always rented, you'd never have had those gains in the first place.
If you pay outright for something that can drop in value, then you risk whatever you spent on it. But who pays outright for a house?
I dunno, we enter yet another domain here where I am a complete noob: buying stuff on credit. Which makes even less sense to me.
buying a house on credit makes sense. at least as much sense as renting.
it depends on what your goals are.
also depends on the terms of the credit.
4:17 PM
Spending money you don't have on something that might drop in value any time depending on a zillion of variables in none of which you have any say? I don't know. That's not the kind of math that checked out when I studied math.
In the mean time, the credit guy does get a profit. This way or the other.
The drop in value matters only when you sell, though. If my house dropped in value and nothing else changed, I'd just keep it, keep paying it off, and weather out the dip.
@RegDwigнt yet that's what all governments and medium to large companies do every day.
Why be the credit taking sod when you could be the credit giving banker?
@RegDwigнt Yes, credit costs money. But it also provides value.
Example: I buy stuff on my credit card and pay it off each month. That costs me $0 (not mentioned: the hidden transaction fees that everyone pays through higher prices).
@MattЭллен exactly. And just how well have they been doing? The collapse of the system is part of the system from day one.
4:19 PM
Our whole notion of economy is based on growth.
I buy a house on credit, and I get to live in the house.
It permeates all thinking.
The credit for the house costs money. But rent costs money too.
@RegDwigнt exponential growth, what's worse
4:20 PM
in fact, lots of landlords pay for their property with credit themselves, and just pass the cost of that credit down to the renter.
That is precisely what my neighbour is doing. They bought the house across the street from them and rent it out.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 I don't know what kind of credit card you have, but here you have to pay 16% interest as soon as your account is a single cent in the red. That's in addition to the 3% higher prices for yourself and everyone around you.
And in addition to the 40 or so bucks a year simply for having the card.
@RegDwigнt here, the credit cards only charge interest after 30 days.
and the cards are no-fee
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 here, after 30 microseconds.
my credit card is magical, I swear. I don't get charged interest until a month after my statement.
and in fact my card is no-fee AND I get 1-2% BACK as a refund each year.
4:22 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 here, the first year is typically free. But they never give you a second one.
And at any rate, in what world is it fair for me to pay 3% more on everything so you can buy shit even though you don't earn enough to afford it?
In fact, I have probably half-a-dozen credit cards, simply because getting the card is free, keeping it is free, and each card provides some benefit. like a discount a a certain store.
yeah. i only use my credit card because it's more secure than my debit card (i.e. I can lose less money because of the credit limit)
not because I spend money but don't have it
@RegDwigнt Who says I can't afford it? I'm getting literally FREE credit. NOT using free credit is stupid. I pay off the bill each month and never pay a single cent of interest or any fee.
Plus I get all sorts of benefits from using the card. 1-2% cash back. free insurance on car rentals. purchase protection. chargeback protection. fraud protection. The convenience of never having to carry cash. A nice tallied list of most of my purchases once a month.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 but it is not free credit. It is only free if you have covered it within 30 days. So all you do is run 30 days ahead of yourself. One paycheck. For your whole life. You could just as well dump all your cards, wait out that one month, and then proceed as usual.
@RegDwigнt yes. But look at that list of other benefits.
Granted: before I got the cash-back card I used my debit card, because it makes hardly any difference in most cases.
4:26 PM
Yes, but look at who wrote them up and have been feeding you with them all your life. The credit-card companies.
Cui bono.
@RegDwigнt Oh sure, the credit-card companies make lots of money. But that's simply because they don't let vendors give you a rebate for using cash or a cheaper payment method. I'm fairly sure that will be sorted out in 5-10 years. Meanwhile I get 2% back on all my gas and groceries and 1% back on everything else. What % back do you get for using cash?
And of course two thirds of your benefits don't exist outside of your market, where of course those guys can afford to offer them because everyone has ten credit cards.
Sure. YMMV. But I'm talking about here. In other places, where credit-cards cost more or provide less, etc, there would be less point in using them.
As I said. Here, 40 Euro a year, plus 16% interest from second one, plus you have to pay money for getting money at the ATM, plus not everyone even accepts them.
And interest rates here on most cards are 18+%. pretty ridiculous. They should never ever be used for borrowing money.
4:29 PM
A scam of epic proportions.
Yeah, not worthwhile in your case.
It's like the whole cheque thing. Nobody understands it outside of North America, either. And nobody inside North America understands how life could possibly work without.
Ironically, I wanted to get a certain credit card, but they wouldn't let me because of some flaw in my credit history. I guessed it was because I hadn't had a card in my name for a while, so I first got a lower-end card, then one month later re-applied for the high-end card and got it.
s/North America/The United States/g
we don't use cheques much here any more.
Oh, good for you. I wasn't sure.
but cheques are just like a debit card... it just withdraws money from an account. The real WTF with cheques is how insecure they are.
the second WTF is how much of a pain they are.
with my credit card I can go to a gas station, tap the card on the pump, then proceed to fill my tank with gas, then get back in my car.
In the old days, if I had to use a cheque for that, I'd have to go inside, then write about 100 lines of text on a magic piece of paper.
4:32 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 see, that's another thing that I always hate. Whenever I have a contract, any sort of contract, I immediately have to deal with shit. Even if it's a phone contract I've been having for the last 13 years with no problems whatsoever. Even then. One day, there will be some tiny problem, and I will have to call people and talk to people and nobody will be able to sort anything out and it will suck and I will hate my life. And that's one tiny thing.
So yeah. Whenever I can have three things to think about instead of five, that's good. Three things to think instead of zero, not so good.
@RegDwigнt Yeah, credit-history can be a big problem here if it gets fucked up and you need credit.
But most of the time it just works.
The downside is that some large companies know everything about you.
luckily, all large companies already know everything about you
Until your HD crashes and you politely ask them for a backup.
makes note not to eat with earbuds in
yeah, then they're all "you're so paranoid, Mr. Ellen. We don't record everything about in our databases."
Until you realise they're the ones who called you
on a payphone you were walking past
4:39 PM
@KitFox oh yeah. Awful.
More likely they would make you fill out paperwork to prove that your name was not Ellen Matthewson.
@MattЭллен well, who asked you to pick up. Twas a payphone. Now you have to pay.
@MattЭллен That is paranoid, lol.
Right now, I am in the annoying process of "proving" to my old IRA holder who is now my new IRA holder that my name is, in fact, my legal name that I am employed under and submitted on my paperwork.
4:41 PM
@KitFox And that name is Kit Fox, lol.
They are being incredibly bitchy about it.
Account admins. tch
@JasperLoy Kit Danger Fox
My stance is that I am legally employed under that name. My employer saw my legal name on my SS card. Hardly my fault that the IRA holder helpfully reverted to my maiden name and is now making me change it.
I saw a woman called Kit Fox on Facebook and I thought it was you.
Could be.
I am on FB.
4:43 PM
I have just posted my first question on EL&U!
Q: What is the verb for "Glossary"?

kalinaSome software I am using has got the word "Glossarise" in it, which baffles me immensely. My spell checker hates it but googling for the word returns results for sites like Urban Dictionary but no reputable dictionaries or resources. Since I am in the position where I work for the company that ...

@JasperLoy Why? My name's not Kit Fox.
downvote away
@kalina gloss
nor am I a woman
incidentally, I am terrible at wording these things, feel free to edit it into oblivion
4:44 PM
@KitFox that's annoying. one more nail in the coffin of women-taking-their-husband's-lastname-when-getting-married: annoying paperwork that men never have to deal with.
@kalina I vote for "glossarify".
I hate my Chinese name. If it was free, I would take it out of my identity card.
feel free to make your answers
so I can laugh at the developers that chose the word "glossarise"
Well them's not answers, them's fooling around.
There ain't even a verb in Latin.
You see, they borrowed it from Greek.
Where "glossa" means "tongue".
So your best bet is go check what the verb would've been in Ancient Greek and see if English has borrowed it via some other detour.
It's gloss. I just said.
4:46 PM
Other than that, derive away.
rolls eyes
@KitFox no Mariah Carey movies in this chat.
most importantly, I just got a badge
Yeah, I've no idea what the word could be
If only someone here knew the word
and that's all that matters
4:46 PM
@kalina does it has bunny ear?
no bunny ears :(
Well. Then with all due respect, your new badge sucks.
Does noöne know that word for it?
@RegDwigнt and having made only the minimum payments, they now owe over 9000 drachma
4:47 PM
@RegDwigнt I don't care for your negativity!
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 see? See? See? I told you that would happen.
@kalina you don't need to, I can care for it myself just fine.
oh heh, I have no upvotes to spend
sucks to be me
Why would that be.
somebody received a lot of reputation from me today!
well, a lot of somebodys
Enough to avoid the auto-scripts?
4:48 PM
@RegDwigнt because I already upvoted 40 times today
@kalina you may control only the check mark of destiny. none of the up arrow of truth for you
@kalina You do know you won't be getting no Boater no more, right?
@KitFox yeah, I very rarely upvote any individual enough to get caught by the script
@RegDwigнt I don't care, I always upvote at least 40 times on every site I have an account on
@kalina Five a day is the maximum.
there is a badge for it, you know
@JasperLoy It's not, actually
4:49 PM
@kalina OK, but it's safe that way.
It's five in quick succession
@kalina interesting. You mean a site you just registered on? But didn't you register precisely to ask the question?
I am confused.
@kalina Of course, a mod can manually reverse the votes.
@RegDwigнt No! I registered to provide a high quality answer that got 10 upvotes
@JasperLoy yes they can
@kalina oh!
Where? It needs eleven!
4:50 PM
She's stretching the truth there.
it's fine as long as it doesn't overstretch to breaking point
She's a hat beggar holdover.
yes, I signed up to post a meta post
but since I deleted the meta post
Oh kalina. Wait till next year. This will get you so many hats. So many hats.
You can't hide from mod eyes.
4:51 PM
@RegDwigнt I got #1 hats on Arqade
like normal
A: Difference between "game" and "sport"

kalinaDEFINITION OF SPORT Physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively. A particular form of this activity. An activity involving physical exertion and skill that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often undertaken competitive...

I got #1 hats on OVER 37 sites, yet no mention on the blog.
you'd think a bunch of gamers would be good at collecting hats
@RegDwigнt I know! The injustice!
@kalina The Taiwanese dramas have a saying "ren zai zuo, tian zai kan" meaning "man is doing, God is watching", lol.
i got hats
4:52 PM
I got an honourable mention last year
I was outraged about it all weekend.
because of that hat that required 30 upvoted questions
only three people on the network got it
And only one people got 604 hats this year.
Now it's some kind of crazy gale outside and I forgot about being upset and ranting.
This just goes to show that they are not paiyng attention.
Which is good news, I guess.
Next year I'll just cheat and get 1000 hats within five minutes. They won't notice anyway.
4:55 PM
Nov 17 '13 at 16:10, by RegDwigнt
Attention is the worst paid person in this room.
Just counted them. I'm in the top 5 for 46 sites. And in the top 5 for the entire network.
I just changed my avatar so that it wears lots of hats. Three, in fact. Mr. Shiny and Three Hats. Plus some extra hats for nohat, in case he changes his mind.
Actually I'm certain I'm in the top 5 for a couple more, but the sorting on the overview chart is not the same as on individual charts, so I fell off in a number of places.
@kalina has cast 1 downvote, I have none.

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