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12:15 AM
@Cerberus I wish.
I’ve got 4, but not for long.
Probably 10 below or worse when I wake up.
That is most unfortunate.
Worst part is the wind.
I see a plane crashed in Aspen today, with at least one fatality.
With this much dry snow on the ground, any wind makes a mess of everything.
Bear in mind that 83% humidity isn’t much at 4 degrees and 24" of pressure.
So it is still dry.
@tchrist are you a broncos fan?
@skullpatrol Sorry, the only golf I play is code golf.
@tchrist you don't even watch football?
12:22 AM
@skullpatrol 1. I don’t have television. 2. Spectating is not a sport.
fair enough
Could somebody else please take a look at this and tell me what’s going on?
I’m sure JR must have had a reason for doing what he did.
I was pretty sure we used Georgia, but I haven’t looked at the CSS.
@Cerb I just approved this edit to your post. Please make sure it’s ok with you.
Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.
Q: The "Bibles" of American English Phonetics

BohooDaniel Jones' Outline of English Phonetics and Alfred C. Gimson's Introduction to the Pronunciation of English are considered the "Bibles" of British English phonetics. Are there equivalent works in the American English tradition?

@tchrist Hmm the j is too high, but it is all right with me.
It's either dots or letters of unequal height.
12:39 AM
@Cerberus Oh! It didn’t look like that to me. Must be a bad font sub.
@skullpatrol I pity you and admire you at the same time.
@skullpatrol Haha.
@tchrist ııȷ
They look equal and sans serif here!
But not in the actual answer, not to me.
Completely different, in fact.
Why do they close schools now when it’s merely cold? They never did that when I was a kid.
Smells like bullshit to me.
and you had to walk up hill both to and from school, right?
No really. Nobody I know ever had school cancelled due to cold. Ever.
Not even when it was 25 below in the morning.
Or when the highs never hit single digits negative.
This has got to have something to do with lawyers.
Some bullshit like that.
The way kids are mollycoddled these days does them no good.
12:54 AM
@tchrist Forecast says "feels like -50 °C". There are limits!
@Cerberus Yes: 0 K.
I’m telling you, we NEVER closed for reasons of cold. Ever. And it was very, very cold. -25F before calculating wind chill.
I would close for -25F...
Do you really think you would be excused from going to work on a day that it were -25F? Of course not.
@tchrist You are violating The third law of thermodynamics
@tchrist Yes!
12:57 AM
You would be expected to dress appropriately, and show up for work.
Where is @JohanLarsson when we need him?
the phrase "The Zeroth Law of thermodynamics" plays tricks on your mind...
@tchrist But if they are no longer clearing the roads, how are you expected to get there, even if you have a car?
The only reason to close schools is if the school’s furnace is broken, or maybe if the buses won’t start or can’t get through the snow.
@tchrist right here
@Cerberus Trust me, that never happens.
@JohanLarsson Do they close schools in Scandinavia just because it’s chilly?
They’ve started doing it here now, and they never used to. I think it’s dumb.
1:01 AM
How cold?
@tchrist It's what the news said.
@Cerb Why would they stop clearing the roads?
All schools?
I don't think I heard of any schools getting closed in Sweden due to it being cold.
universities too?
1:02 AM
@JohanLarsson Yes, exactly.
I remember our university had a policy that even with heavy snow they didn’t close because most students lived on campus and so walked, not drove.
I mean, consider Alaska.
@tchrist The news said something about salt, I don't know.
@Cerberus Well, yes, the 0F thing.
But that doesn’t mean they won’t plow.
It just means that the salt won’t melt the snow.
> Het ministerie van verkeer in de staat Missouri waarschuwde dat de meeste snelwegen niet sneeuw- en ijsvrij gemaakt kunnen worden. Het is zo koud, dat de pekel niet meer werkt. De harde wind kan ook de sneeuw tot onneembare duinen ophogen.
By the way, the above sounds a bit like a translation, "onneembare duinen".
1:11 AM
a couple of days will not hurt anyone
Missouri is down south as far as I’m concerned.
If you cannot drive because the roads are unsafe, then you can’t hold school.
Around here, they close roads a lot.
But if it’s cold, you are supposed to dress appropriately.
Stop wearing flipflops and shorts in the dead of winter.
what if it was too hot?
It cannot be so cold that you cannot dress appropriately.
If the school’s air conditioning were to break down, I suppose that it could be too hot.
Schools in Fairbanks, Alaska indeed closed in November due to bad weather this past year, but there was no power due to an ice storm.
If there’s no power, you cannot hold school.
The places that are the hottest still have school even if it’s hot. Ask people from Phoenix.
When it’s 120 degrees, you really do need to have AC.
Or it could be dangerous.
This is a different situation from the cold.
We are not talking about the South Pole here, you know.
People are being pussies.
1:29 AM
people are people
On the other hand, why is it so important that people go to school or work a couple of days more or fewer than in other months?
It’s all part of the hysteria culture of super-hype. Like the way in the east, they’ve taken to giving every little snowstorm its own precious name. Utterly asinine. The Weather Channel and other mass media are all conspiring to get people all freaked out. It’s all an excuse for more spamvertising.
@Cerberus Don’t understand.
If the weather is bad, why not stay home?
Nobody dies if schools close for a couple of days?
21 mins ago, by skullpatrol
a couple of days will not hurt anyone
Because weather is weather.
1:33 AM
@skullpatrol Right!
Cold weather is not “bad weather”.
Unpleasant weather, then.
Snow that interferes with transportation is bad weather.
Name it as you like.
But cold is no excuse for not going about one’s normal activities.
It just means you have to dress differently.
Especially if you need to be out in it for any substantial period of time.
Long johns.
1:35 AM
Dressing different won't remove all the unpleasantness.
Snow pants.
Scarf, even a face-mask.
Hey, Bitcoin is over $1000 again.
Mittens instead of gloves.
Boots not sandals.
It will still not be fun.
And wear a hat for God’s sake!
@Cerberus So what?
It will not be unpleasant.
It’s just a bit cumbersome.
But if you’re too cold, you’re doing it wrong.
1:37 AM
You seem to experience the weather differently, then.
I’ve seen tourists, Californian chicks, visiting here during snow storms wearing sandals and halter tops. They’re being idiots.
he has experience
Most people will find -50 °C unpleasant even when wearing lots of extra clothes.
A –60 wind chill is just that: wind chill. You are expected to wear clothing to stop that.
they still play football in the coldest days
1:39 AM
If you insist on running around in your bathing suit — or your birthday suit — during subzero weather, you are responsible for your own discomfort, and have no business blaming it on the weather.
People need to learn to deal with it.
But I always run around in the snow in my bathing suit. Why can't I have fun?
@Cerberus Because your butt is frozen to the metal struts of the ice-sled.
It’s like the school-kid whose tongue gets frozen to the metal pole during recess.
This happens all the time — just usually not to the same kid. :)
1:47 AM
true dat^
Except that unlike the dares involving peeing on an electric fence, this one requires assistance from others to get undone.
@tchrist Not when you're running.
@tchrist You can wait for the metal to heat up just enough...
@Cerberus Losing battle there: it’s got more cold than your tongue’s got heat — as it were.
But not locally...
Did you ever go to a sledding party as a kid?
1:55 AM
I'm still not sure I like that edit.
It messes up the rest of the answer by creating false expectations.
Well, then by all means do please revert it.
And the capital J doesn't really look like what it ought to look like in 2/3 fonts.
@Cerberus mmm... that'll keep you warm!
It does!
2:00 AM
I'd be scared of the roller coaster ride of ups and downs.
2:10 AM
@Mitch What do you call those knit thingies that look like fencing masks that you pull over your head when it’s cold?
I guess they’re called ski-masks.
Oh wait, that should autobox.
> Balaclava [bæləˈklɑːvə]. Balaclava helmet (also cap): a woollen covering for the head and neck worn esp. by soldiers on active service; named after the Crimean village of Balaclava near Sebastopol, the site of a battle fought in the Crimean war, 25 October 1854.
That’s the word I was looking for.
Except that I would never think to use /æ/ there.
Very odd.
Then again, Brits like to eat /ˈtækoz/, too.
2:33 AM
@tchrist I call it a ski mask and everyone I know calls it that, but I read that some people call it a balaclava. If I heard somebody say that I'd wonder what the hell.
Baklava (, , or ; also baqlawah) is a rich, sweet pastry made of layers of filo pastry filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey. It is characteristic of the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire, but is also found in Central and Southwest Asia. Name The word baklava is first attested in English in 1650, a borrowing from Ottoman Turkish . The name baklava is used in many languages with minor phonetic and spelling variations. The origin of the name is unclear. Buell argues that the word "baklava" may come from the Mongolian root baγla- 'to tie, wrap up, pile up' compos...
That's wrong
@Mitch Yeah, you tell ’em. Creepy, eh?
As in esthetically wrong
Kwayzadillers, too.
2:35 AM
But the amazon thing is a mish mash of everything, it's a balaclava and a fask mask.
it looks like balaclava is a neck and head covering together but not a face thing at all.
@tchrist I don't know what that is!
so still a face mask and a balaclava are not the same.
They really murdalate imported words.
sounds like my grandmother who used to say. pi - zah instead of peet - sa
See their /mæˈkizmo/ while you’re there.
2:38 AM
it should be muh cheese mow right?
Brits are funny. unlike americans who are always right.
Q: Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts, theories etc

fordsonHere is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts, theories etc. http://jayagauranitai.blogspot.in/

3:06 AM
I try.
It’s like people don’t know to throw spam flags at it.
3:58 AM
In your resume do you usually say: I worked as an Admin Assistant or I worked as Admin Assistant?
4:22 AM
@Mitch Voted to delete.
@tchrist Have you?
1 hour later…
5:43 AM
> deleted by Cerberus, Community♦ 1 hour ago
The community and I are a good team!
6:08 AM
Hello @Cerberus
Are you there?
6:42 AM
Hello, Noah.
How are you? @Gigili
I am, umm, fine.
Why the umm?
How is the weather in your area?
6:57 AM
It's cold, very cold.
How is the weather where you live?
Warm.71 degrees.
Which is 22 in centigrade.
@KitFox: Could you delete the two lines above this message?
Yeah, that's rather unhealthy. You must go and see a doctor ASAP
7:29 AM
@RegDwigнt This is how one of them feel: พูดอะไรกันฟระ ตรูไม่เข้าใจ ขอซับหน่อยด้ายม้าย... :-)
(In short, "Subtitles, please!")
8:23 AM
8:40 AM
oh god, I just sneezed and my ears popped, now the world sounds louder
can you hear me louder now?
9:06 AM
I still have bunny ears
I will never refresh this page again
take a screen shot
@Gigili Deleted.
No worries.
@Gigili You mean the temperature is unhealthy?
10:09 AM
Morning, all!
Just embarking on my final week before unemployment.
10:24 AM
You could become a milliner.
@kalina are you sure it's not because you sneezed so hard your hat came off?
I could.
And I would give hats to you all.
Since that's what milliners do, I would say you would make a very good milliner.
I'm bored
I'm holding you all responsible for my boredom
I'm also tired
but holding you responsible for me being tired has implications I'm not willing to make
11:05 AM
@RegDwigнt I will be overtaking another individual on the overall chat activity soon!
I say soon, it's not like it's going to be today or anything
Business as usual.
well, it could technically be today
but I'd have to ride the spam limiter for the entire day
I can't chat because half my keys don't work on first stroke.
@Mitch you're funny, unlike Americans who are always right.
Americans are rarely right
11:23 AM
Unless you mean right of centre.
12:20 PM
8 hours ago, by Noah
In your resume do you usually say: I worked as an Admin Assistant or I worked as Admin Assistant?
@matt Boo!
Hi @Jasper :)
@MattЭллен Will you be replying to my email?
@MattЭллен would you mind reading my question?
@Noah with an
@JasperLoy yes
12:26 PM
But there are cases where you remove the article, right?
@Noah I would write "I worked as an admin assistant" or "I worked as Admin Assistant". Notice the capitalisation.
One is an ordinary noun, while the other is a direct address.
12:39 PM
!!lego 71006
@MattЭллен you wanna debug a deadlock? :)
drop database <database with deadlock>;
powerful way of doing it!
is the deadlock issue resolved?
yes it is
12:47 PM
Hats have earned me 14 stars on the wall.
sure, your application is no longer working, but that is not a deadlock issue
no database involved
well fine
I'll go sit in the corner then
I don't code, looks like gibberish to me
you should totally drop that and try jQuery
12:52 PM
@JohanLarsson sure!
code ^^^^
which test(s) gives the deadlock?
All Async tests [Test, Explicit("Deadlocks")]
    CollectionAssert.AreEqual(new[] { 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 }, ints);
@reg I see you are quarter way to getting a unicorn painting, lol.
12:57 PM
that will fail, because you're adding 4,5,6 to 1,2,3
you're not adding 4,5,6,7,8
but does it deadlock for you?
oh, sorry :D I'm running it in my head, as I don't have c#5 available
but you are right, sloppy stuff in there
I tried configureawait(false) but no dice
that's what she said
@MattЭллен Things always compile correctly in my head. Also running, butbi run outbid memory pretty quickly. Luckily I've never had a seg fault.
1:02 PM
@MattЭллен See? I was right!
Bee Dee is a type of lingerie, IIRC.
@MattЭллен What was his name? Data? FG's sidekick?
1:05 PM
@JasperLoy it will take less time to learn painting unicorns myself.
@Mitch Twiki
Oops, segfault. Excuse me while I clean up.
Nonono, you don't clean up after segfaults. You mean core dump.
@JohanLarsson what happens when you run the test, but don't use an extension method, just call dispatch.invokeasync normally
1:31 PM
I keep getting 91–92. But never once a 100/100.
Haha, and just when I say that, I get a 100/100.
I got 100 for holly, but 16 for the previous one
Ugh. Only 68?
@MattЭллен I can try
I got -7 for 'gargantuan'
Yesss. Another 100.
Total score 89/100.
1:39 PM
@Mitch 100 :p although I did spend a few minutes on it :D
I got 100/100 with Courier New.
I never spent more than a couple seconds per letter.
public async Task InvokeAsyncSimpleTest()
    var ints = new ObservableCollection<int>();
    var dispatcher = Dispatcher.CurrentDispatcher;
    await dispatcher.InvokeAsync(() => ints.Add(1));
    Assert.AreEqual(1, ints.Single());
@MattЭллен deadlock
I've submitted all mine as 'better'.
Too bad so has everyone else, so it evens out.
1:43 PM
"KernType is part of Method of Action, an online course to help programmers learn design." Design of what? Screwing around with fonts that you have no control over?
You have. Draw every letter individually. As SVG.
Will help make your stupid website less wordy, too!
gets bored after A
You only ever need five letters: z, o, m, b, c.
After that, the infinite is immediately possible.
I'll try to reboot this shitty piece of garbage. Tired of retyping every second letter thrice.
1:50 PM
@JohanLarsson so the problem is that the dispatcher thread can't access the observable collection. it could be a problem with tests
yeah it can be, think it works outside tests, still annoying that I can't understand why it locks
you should ask on SO!
Test test test can I type now? Where are all my letters?
Looks promising.
@MattЭллен always ask in ELU first imo
we're a good testing ground

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