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4:00 PM
Apple has turned M$FT into a bunch of whiny little ¢unts.
And I still haven't popped my cherry with Bing.
Reading the W3 Consortium’s stuff about fonts in CSS makes my head hurt.
I haven't used a print page-layout program seriously since Quark. I've mucked about with InDesign, but I never liked it much.
@Robusto I thought they're closing down now? They did bring the guy onboard who successfully shut down Nokia.
@RegDwigнt We should be that lucky.
Anyway, taking credit for shutting down Nokia is like claiming a piece of road kill as a hunting trophy.
@tchrist no prob, here's a TL;DR: "use Arial, you dimwits, and shut it".
4:03 PM
And they still don’t allow hanging puncts, damn it.
There's been workarounds for that for as long as CSS existed.
Can you spell yet another framework?
Probably the biggest gripe I have with Microsoft anything is that they think they know more than I do about what I want. "Wait, you don't want to use a lower-case letter after a period! Let me fix that for you!" Or: "If you want to select the last three words in that sentence I'm giving you the punctuation too, for free! No, don't thank me. It's what I do."
@Robusto it looks like you are trying to rant. Do you need help with that?
I can’t ever type text messages because it autocaps after terminal puncts, and my fingers always manually shift.
I rant. I ranted. I have runt.
4:06 PM
So this auto stuff screws me up.
The runt is too damn high.
The runt dwarfs everything.
Until he's disg-runtled.
Now, who the other day was asking about true (swash) italics versus obliques? @Cerberus? @cornbreadninja麵包忍者? The supercited W3C page has a nice example.
Ha, we just had a tiny temblor here. I feel them every now and then.
4:09 PM
My God! Does it truly take 10,000 hours to master CSS these days?
That's some obliquatory reading.
@tchrist 'Twas not I.
@Robusto is it better than a tiny dancer?
Temblorina, Temblorina, when you’re very small. . .
You should have seen her, dancing in the sand.
4:10 PM
@RegDwigнt That would be your namesake's opinion, yes.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 made a better Reginald Dwight joke the other night.
I didn't pay attention.
yesterday, by cornbread ninja 麵包忍者
And he shall be Zevon / and he shall be a good man
Attention is the worst paid person in this room.
Achtung, baby.
I never cared for Levon, and I dunno who Zevon is.
Which is to say, I very much believe that's a better joke.
4:12 PM
Read the context.
@Cerberus Log disagrees.
Nov 3 at 15:28, by tchrist
I think I’ve tried the mirrored-C version for the uc variety when I’m trying to add more swash, but I normally just come back to the stroked version instead.
Her response shows invention and art.
Yeah no I don't understand. Geoffrey Rush?
Anyway, time to hang pictures in my newly painted living room!
Nov 3 at 15:45, by tchrist
user image
4:13 PM
@RegDwigнt Warren Zevon.
I only know Warren Buffet, and I wish I didn't.
These are easy to find because I and I alone am the only person ever to use the word swashy in this chat.
Time to eat soup here.
Have fun hanging.
Always soup.
Today is day 0, Soupðay with its soupçons.
4:14 PM
On the bright side of life!
You mean ßoupday.
Can’t tie one on at the front.
@Cerberus their spelling is awful. I don't understand a word.
> dear saint nicholas my toot is almost coming out lov hetteke
4:16 PM
@RegDwigнt Correct!
I have converted the misspellings into English.
Leave mine hands off of Santa Clause, lest he lead me into Black Pete.
One wonders why a girl would find it necessary to mention her tooth to saint nicholas on a big sign.
@tchrist Scuse me?
Dunno, but it’s sure a hoot.
@Cerberus She left off the rest of the text, clearly.
It's funny, but a little bit creepy.
Which was?
4:18 PM
is no jokexplainer
The yokels must autoëxplicate.
I have no idea what text she must have left off.
But never mind.
That’s . . . interesting.
@RegDwigнt Your ct ligature is an hlig per this:
Think heilige. :)
I just don’t know why the opposite of discretionary-ligatures is no-discretionary-ligatures instead of indiscretionary-ligatures.
@Cerb This is what I meant when I said that subscripts and superscripts are best implemented by font magic, where you select an alternate type instead of using the Unicode code points for those.
It’s the font-variant-position CSS property.
I'm not sure I understand, and I suspect that isn't possible in, say, this chat?
You might be able to do it with your
own style sheet but not in a way that others could see.
The kitten typed that .return.
4:27 PM
Are they getting bigger already?
@Rob There’s your matrix.
@Cerberus Sure!
But I never notice.
I’ll try to get some today. I mean, I take them daily, but I have no especial faves selected.
Just post a n arbitrary one!
By the way, I love Chili:
4:30 PM
Their presidential candidates.
They went to the same schools and were friends.
Then Allende's palace was bombed and he deposed by the military junta. Bachelet's (left) father supported Allende and was later tortured to death.
Matthei's (right) father became part of the junta. So that probably didn't help their (former) friendship.
Bachelet has been president before and will win these elections.
Left is left, right is right.
@Cerberus 0 threats found in scan
@JohanLarsson Ah OK.
So then it is either not a virus or a very powerful one.
Do you still have the same problem?
What happens if you use a VPN?
If you don't have a VPN service, Tunnelbear is free (1500 MB/month).
Quite a coincidence.
4:48 PM
Oh, you can't see deleted questions on other sites?
I guess that is per site, then.
> title: "stress superscripts (the tiny 1,2,3)"
It's not an interesting question, but it happens to be what we were talking about.
I can only see deleted questions on sites where I have 10k.
Well, or a diamond, which I don’t.
Thems just the rules.
Why do bodybuilders have to make themselves so ugly?
The colour of their skin is ugly and it's too shiny.
Not to mention their muscles are too big and many of them are too skinny.
The pursuit of extremes is rewarded in our culture
Maybe be in all cultures. I don't know
@Cerberus never tried one
but if you're the most X in a group of things that seek X then you are seen as a winner
5:03 PM
Do you know any German chats? Maybe a dating chat? (Friend needs to learn the language)
Dating or programming
You could try and liven up GL&U chat. I don't know if anyone goes there

 deutschsprachiger Raum

General discussion for german.stackexchange.com. You may speak...
@MattЭллен But it's not an extreme as in "extremely attractive", nor is it "biggest muscles": it rather seems to be "biggest muscles plus ugly tan spray and baby oil".
looks pretty dead but ty sir
Why a dating chat?
I just guessed what he is interested in
5:07 PM
@JohanLarsson If you still get the captchas from Google, it might be worth a try as a step in the analytical process. It's free and takes five minutes to install.
If they stop with vpn, what would it mean?
Then the error may have something to do with your Internet provider?
If it's your OS that's sending a ton of requests at the same time, then it should still do that through a VPN.
So if it continues, it has to be something inside your OS, I'd say.
ok makes sense
Still think OS can be discounted since it is on three computers
and they are squeaky clean as far as I know
Cerb you speak German right?
5:25 PM
A bit.
@JohanLarsson I mean the OS and all programs installed on it.
Have you tried using a different computer on the same network, by the way?
I use three computers + tablet on my network regularly
all are blocked
And do they all get the same captchas from Google?
I guess perhaps those sites simply block the IP address if one computer on it misbehaves.
I'd try a VPN.
I should try it you are right
I'm just so insanely lazy
5:31 PM
*lazy like normal people
I think I'm worse, sitting feels like an effort sometimes
have you used the bear-thing?
Yes, I have used it for years.
Which is why I recommended it.
or Cerberus is an agent for the evil people who are in control of your computer.
one or the other
5:46 PM
he's making innocent noises to throw you off the scent.
I renamed my worm; it used to be Tunneldog, but that seemed too obvious.
I noticed how we hardly use worm any more.
I guess worms are a thing of the past. It's all bot nets and trojans
5:48 PM
I was reading something about worms, and it took a second before I realised what they were talking about. Then I noticed it was a paper from 2000.
@MattЭллен Virus is still alive.
infects ur puter
nooooo! Do not want!
2 l8
infects your brain with memes
whatever you do, don't think about white elephants
Do you see that little speck on your monitor that you thought was a dead pixel? It is I, Virberus.
Hah, you think you can infect a virus?
5:50 PM
I remember when my friend told me a certain pixel on his computer was a virus. I believed him, I was 9 years old or so. Didn't really know what viruses were.
@MattЭллен Totally didn't see that coming.
You forget that evil o rnaughty viruses feed on pranks and crimes.
absorbing rickroll energy
so I've only made you stronger?
you're some kind of jedi virus
5:55 PM
6:15 PM
in German Language and Usage, 49 mins ago, by Johan Larsson
@Cerberus meet drch, a great guy!
Oh, dear, German...
I'm not good at it!
6:57 PM
@Cerberus I think you mean Chile. And apparently you love Chile con Carnage.
Yes, Chile.
They also have Internet neutrality!
Best country in South America.
@tchrist no, but I like.
@Robusto you're too kind.
7:14 PM
very clever, Mr. Randall.
7:33 PM
@tchrist this?
7:52 PM
Is the bot around?
@Kitfox define moot
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 moot (current in the UK, obsolete in the US) Subject to discussion (originally at a moot); arguable, debatable, unsolved or impossible to solve.
@Transmissionfrom ^
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Thanks!
You're welcome!
7:56 PM
I always thought that "that is a moot point" meant "we don't need to discuss this as it is no longer relevant". Anyone?
@Transmissionfrom What she said.
@tchrist: font-variant is mostly supported, with the notable exception of IE-retard 8.
Note that I didn't even mention IE mobile. I mean, WTF is that anyway?
@Robusto something that spins around and amuses the blue guy.
Broken image link.
8:10 PM
Ah, that one.
Yeah, put it above his crib. Oooh, pwetty!
@Transmissionfrom Mostly true: en.wiktionary.org/wiki/moot_point
@Cerberus Jeez, I'm good.
Voor een boerenlul niet slecht toch?
Boere(n)lul? That, I don't know.
8:26 PM
De tusse(n)-n. Wie kent hem wel?
Petje af.
8:48 PM
Hi guys!
9:42 PM
@JohanLarsson What do you seek, the whys and wherefores of that statement?
just a lame joke pun (fuck font)
A fuck font is a pubic fountain, n’est-ce pas?
Many large cities have pubic fountains.
I notice the missing l
9:45 PM
How can you notice something that isn’t there?
I have super human skills
Perhaps it is the room, whose owner is souper human.
Usually don't tell people about them
wonders what @Reg’s soup du jour happened to’ve been today
9:49 PM
If a tree fells in a forest, is it murder?
very often yes
In a fell forest, every tree is a murderer.
> Wolves there were, or creatures that walked in wolf-shapes, and other fell beings of shadow; and among them were the Orcs, who afterwards wrought ruin in Beleriand: but they were yet few and wary, and did but smell out the ways of the land, awaiting the return of their lord.
@tchrist You're just saying that because you cut down their friends, Saruman.
> There spiders of the fell race of Ungoliant abode, spinning their unseen webs in which all living things were snared; and monsters wandered there that were born in the long dark before the Sun, hunting silently with many eyes.
Is this a forest in the east somewhere?
9:56 PM
> ‘There are fell beasts,’ they said, ‘in the land east of the mountains, and your ancient kindred that dwell there are flying from the plains to the hills.’
The dwarves of yore made mighty spells,
While hammers fell like ringing bells
      In places deep,
      where dark things sleep,
In hollow halls beneath the fells.
Have you found your Fifth Head yet?
I just realized I duplicated Tolkien’s rhyme–meter scheme.
Beyond the Wall white walkers walk,
Lord Brynden urges ravens talk,
In waters cold lurk dead things bold,
And wolves the sons of men do stalk.
You give the 3rd line of the 4-line set an internal rhyme.
O who can rhyme Targaryen?
Can any rhyme Targaryen?
Swift Aegon brings the sword of kings
The unburnt queen to marry him.
How curious of me. It was not conscious. I just thought it sounded cool.
@Cerberus Aye, in a forest long sunk beneath the waves when Beleriand foundered at the breaking of Thangorodrim.
a map of middle earth a bit too big to inline
The cry of Morgoth in that hour was the greatest and most dreadful that was ever heard in the northern world; the mountains shook, and the earth trembled, and rocks were riven asunder.

Deep in forgotten places that cry was heard.

Far beneath the rained halls of Angband, in vaults to which the Valar in the haste of their assault had not descended, Balrogs lurked still, awaiting ever the return of their Lord; and now swiftly they arose, and passing over Hithlum they came to Lammoth as a tempest of fire.
@MattЭллен Nice.
@tchrist I thought nothing east of Beleriand was swallowed?
Everything east of Lindon and west of the Sea.
@MattЭллен Nice.
@tchrist Whence comes this text? The Balrogs fly! Is it canonical?
It’s from the published Silmarillion.
But it may not be literal flight.
So the Silmarillion says Balrogs can fly!
Some take it to mean that.
That sounds like flight.
10:13 PM
@tchrist why shchi of course.
Shchi () is a Russian soup with cabbage as the primary ingredient. When sauerkraut is used instead, the soup is called sour shchi, and soups based on sorrel, spinach, nettle, and similar plants are called green shchi (, zelyoniye shchi) or schav (Yiddish shtshav, from Polish szczaw). In the past, the term sour shchi was also used to refer to a drink, a variation of kvass, which was unrelated to the soup. History Shchi is a traditional soup of Russia where it has been known as far back as the 9th century, soon after cabbage was introduced from Byzantium. Its popularity in Russia originat...
"Passing over" combined with "tempest" seems to clearly indicate flight.
> Then the lust of the Dwarves was kindled to rage by the words of the King; and they rose up about him, and laid hands on him, and slew him as he stood.
And so the Flying Dwarves slew Elwë Thingol.
@RegDwigнt That actually looks delicious.
I have no idea how to say that.
> In the wavering firelight Gandalf seemed suddenly to grow: he rose up, a great menacing shape like the monument of some ancient king of stone set upon a hill.
And there the Grey Wanderer levitates.
> But at that something snapped: suddenly Wormtongue rose up, drawing a hidden knife, and then with a snarl like a dog he sprang on Saruman's back, jerked his head back, cut his throat, and with a yell ran off down the lane.
Global (de)forestation map, incredibly detailed: earthenginepartners.appspot.com/science-2013-global-forest
10:16 PM
It may simply be an uprising, but yes, one would think they flew.
But the early conception of Balrogs was not what they were to later become.
An uprising?
I thought Tolkien had been consistent enough after the story about the siege of Gondolin?
The people rose up against their oppressors, and flying across the unguarded plains quickly entered the city and put all male children found there to the sword.
What, regarding the balrogs slain there?
At last, in the year when Eärendil was seven years old, Morgoth was ready, and he loosed upon Gondolin his Balrogs, and his Orcs, and his wolves; and with them came dragons of the brood of Glaurung, and they were become now many and terrible.

Of the deeds of desperate valour there done, by the chieftains of the noble houses and their warriors, and not least by Tuor, much is told in The Fall of Gondolin: of the battle of Ecthelion of the Fountain with Gothmog Lord of Balrogs in the very square of the King, where each slew the other, and of the defence of the tower of Turgon by the people of
There were still Balrogs aplenty at Gondolin’s fall.
10:40 PM
> both fell to ruin in the abyss.
That would point to no wings.
In Moria, when another hero and another balrog fall into another abyss, the excuse is that the Balrog had no space to spread its wings in the narrow cleftminto which they fell, I think.
well this is a first
i'm actually not going to respond to an unsolicited message from a female on an online dating site
usually pride myself on not doing what they tend to do to me...
Is she not to your liking?
she's.... well, unattractive. to put it mildly.
easier not to reply than to turn down a date request
10:51 PM
I suppose...then again, what if all the men that she signals do the same thing? Then she never gets any replies...
as i've learned, life is totally unfair
(my mum always said life's not fair but that doesn't seem to hammer the point home hard enough)
you guys really are obsessed with that black cat game
That's right.
11:13 PM
where is the game?
It has four stars.
ah ty
Ninja made it?
I...don't think so?
what a trainwreck Australis is going to be
one wants to trap the cat?
11:15 PM
bet it's gonna cause a ton of people to complain and mabye a bunch to jump ship
@JohanLarsson Yup!
@Cerberus pfft. still a complete fuckton of crap that shouldn't be implemented
"we're taking the vomit off your turd sandwich"
@Cerberus are you successful every time?
@JohanLarsson Nope.
dunno if it is possible every time
11:22 PM
@Jez Yeah I don't quite get why they want to introduce limitations.
It will break so many extensions...again.
Why don't they focus on making it faster and stuff?
switch to SeaMonkey
Or why don't they make it so that you can press alt-left to go back while in a Flash plug-in? That bug has existed since 2001 or so, and it still haven't been solved.
Why, is Sea Monkey better?
yeah, it retains the old Firefox 3-style interface
So do all the normal FF extensions work on SM?
nope, but some do and they're generally quite easy to port
some addon authors dont bother
the ones i care about do; flashblock, adblock, firebug, stylish, noscript, and of course MonkeyFix ;-)
11:32 PM
That one only had five dots filled to start.
there should be an instant replay feature in the game
I'd like to see a move counter.
@Robusto Not bad!
@Jez Okay, well, there are a lot more I care about...I want to stay on the biggest platform, I'm afraid. I'd sooner downgrade Firefox.
@JohanLarsson Agreed!
@Robusto That, too!
My son said he's known about this game for a couple of years.
@Robusto you can hack that easily in js no?
11:42 PM
@JohanLarsson Flash? No.
If I had the source code I could, but not from the executable.
oh, missed flash
@Cerberus email the authors to get them to port to seamonkey
@Robusto do you win every time?
No. I win about 6 out of 10 times now.
@Jez Yeah that doesn't sound practical.
11:49 PM
I had my first win now, the game did not stop
ok stopped when I boxed him tight
another win
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 finally got it
three in a row
@Cerberus Yes, I know. But perhaps they were already dead by then. The worm eats its own tail, and the argument can never end. Although one might ask Christopher.
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