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12:08 AM
@tchrist Or hypochthonic...
Kata implies a downward motion to me, whereas sub, which is related to hupo, is more like "beneath, upwards from beneath".
@skullpatrol Have you tried saddling her?
It might work...
I prefer "bare" back.
I see.
Is that safe?
Saddles are cruel.
Many horses don't seem to mind?
12:26 AM
That is a difficult statement to show.
You can look at their reaction and measure stress hormones?
12:46 AM
Does a horse "feel" pain like a human?
Define "feel"?
Define: "define" first please ;-)
Is it not clear to thee?
Not in this context Sir.
To define is to give the precise meaning of a word, such that it is crystal clear to your audience what it means in context.
In this context, "feel" is vague to me.
What does it mean to say "a horse feels pain differently from a human"?
1:02 AM
Therefore the "definition" must be vague, no?
A definition should make the intended meaning of a word less vague.
Finis = boundary, limit.
But we don't have a meaning
Isn't that what we are discussing?
If so, then I cannot answer your question!
So then it was a rhetorical question...
Agreed :-)
1:13 AM
Biologists and psychologists struggle with these types of questions all the time
So as I said that is a difficult statement to show :-)
1:33 AM
2 hours later…
3:50 AM
@skullpatrol It kind of is, but...
If you measure stress hormones in the blood of a horse and there are none, doesn't that mean that it can't be suffering too much?
4:35 AM
@Cerberus It means the speaker is a liar.
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9:23 AM
3 hours later…
12:26 PM
Q: Which one is correct or better?

kejma His work in research and teaching have been ... His works in research and teaching have been... His work in research and teaching has been ... If I want to express many pieces of his work, not just one piece of work, which one above is correct or better?

Anyone want to help sort the problem out (before it could go worse)?
12:41 PM
@cornbreadninja Ouch! :(
Sorry @Cerberus I know absolutely nothing about neurochemistry.
1:13 PM
1:34 PM
How're things?
Fine thanks, how about you?
That's good to hear.
posted on January 05, 2014 by sgdi

There once was a serious frown That frowned its way all about town The frown was displeased As once it was seized Someone tried to turn it upside down

2:01 PM
Hello all. I'm on a train again.
No hats to find this time.
1 hour later…
3:16 PM
Wow, the Winter Bash roundup is boring beyond all belief.
Abby T. Miller on January 03, 2014

Another holiday season has drawn to a close. We’ve had three glorious weeks with our beloved hats. Now as we pack away the tinsel and the party horns, it’s time to put the hats back in their boxes for another year. Before we move on to 2014 with our bare heads (and our full hearts), let’s take a few moments to reminisce.

76,586 users from all over the network earned 214,172 hats this year – that’s just about twice the number of hats they earned last year. 95 sites opted to participate in Winter Bash, which is more than the total number of sites that simply existed during last year’s event. …

They only mention the top two users and list nine run-of-the-mill gravatars and that's it.
Very poor. You should have had a mention for starters...
3:34 PM
Haha yeah I wouldn't mind, especially after this buildup:
> And finally, we need to send a special shout-out to the top hat earner across the entire Stack Exchange network. This user earned a whopping...
But yeah. No. I actually would like to see some juicy stats. Heck, it barely mentions how many users/sites participated, and how many hats were earned. These are pretty much the only numbers in the entire article.
Or the top ten of sites.
@skullpatrol -_-
Or which sites were most active by some other criteria. I saw some sites towards the bottom that had absolutely crazy top 20, starting at 15 hats. And I saw some sites towards the top where the top 20 started with a mere 4 hats, so their only leverage was age/number of passive users.
I'd also like to see on which day the most hats were earned. Was it Christmas/NYD due to the special hats? Or was it the very first day due to all the Old Hats?
The list goes on, but you get the idea. They have a ton of interesting info, and they only publish the top two users, which is the only info absolutely everyone already has.
I am disappoint.
I agree with all of your points.
What I really wanted to say: imagine Don Draper had surfaced earlier. Think of all the spam on all the threads on all the sites.
They'd have literally spammed their entire network with rubbish cross-promotion ads.
Six upvotes? We found out it was trivial to get forty-six.
True. Did I tell you that Shog came back to me at 8 minutes past midnight about Eureka? I would have been number 1!
3:46 PM
Why did you even bother with that one. It was always a huge letdown by design.
Sec, installing Unity...
Yeah, I agree - but I wanted the full set (excluding the mod hat).
It just occurred to me how the synonyms "middle" and "central" can have such contradictory connotations. The latter more often means something positive: centrally located, central heating, the central tenet of sth., etc. While "middle" gives us middle-class, middle-of-the-road, middling, middle school, etc.
Even the noun synonym, center, is more positive: center of attention, center stage, the center of the universe, et al.
4:06 PM
Middle Earth.
Middlesbrough. Urghh.
@tchrist Yeah, I thought of that one, as well as Mediterranean and China's "Middle Kingdom" . . .
Those are all middle as central.
How special.
The Midlands, the Mideast, the Midwest, Midsummer, middling, middle age, Bette Midler.
Although I suppose Midwinter is closer today.
4:15 PM
Mid-life crisis.
fair to middlin'
I know! Center-wife is much better.
Mean wife.
4:16 PM
Middle of the road.
leave out the middle-man
middle of nowhere
Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita
Mi ritrovai per una selva oscura
Ché la diritta via era smarrita.
Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.
Kay Middleton.
I win!
4:20 PM
Pippa Middleton's arse
!!wiki Pippa Middleton's arse
wiki? Are you there?
!!wiki Pippa Middleton
She hears you not.
Probably frozen.
"[Pippa] Middleton began receiving media attention with her appearance at her sister's wedding to Prince William, and has continued to do so for her fashion sense and personal relationships."
"continued to do so for her...personal relationships."? You can do that. checks rule book
4:24 PM
Pippa is a toad. From Suriname.
Wow. The rule book doesn't say you you_can't_. And there's a meta rule book that says that if there's no rule for it you can do it.
There's also another meta rule book that says you can't do it if there's no rule.
There is also Neo who says there is no books.
searching for meta meta rule book
@RegDwigнt That's funny, she doesn't look like she's from Suriname.
Matamata is a rural Waikato town in New Zealand with a population of around 12,000 (6,000 in rural areas, 6,000 in the township). It is located near the base of the Kaimai Ranges, and is a thriving farming area known for Thoroughbred horse breeding and training pursuits. It is part of the Matamata-Piako District, which takes in the surrounding rural areas as well as Morrinsville and Te Aroha. State Highway 27 and the Kinleith Branch railway run through the town. A nearby farm was the location for the Hobbiton set in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings film trilogy. The New Zealand gove...
What do they have to say about rules? Whatever it is I'll follow it.
4:31 PM
> Association football Matamata is home to Matamata Swifts who compete in the Lotto Sport Italia NRFL Division 1A.
I think that means you have to play by Association Rules, although that Italia thing suggests that cheating might be tolerated.
5:11 PM
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
And goodbye my hats...
5:54 PM
> The Gaelic form of “Troy” is “Troightheach”.
And is probably pronounced the same way, too. :)
@Ste Aw, I’m so sorry to hear that.
@RegDwigнt Yes, yes, yes, 500 times yes. Here’s a hope-glimmer for you to do with what you will: if you read the current comment-set to that blog post, it appears that its author is at least potentially amenable to updating it with additional data/info, insofar as this has occurred at least once so far. So you just might possibly ask nicely enough, and specifically enough, to get something for your trouble.
1 hour later…
7:11 PM
This chat is dead.
it was, but you broke the silence
now you must die
I see you are lurking in this chat...
you call it lurking
I call it... well, lurking, I guess
So I am bored, tell me something interesting...
delicious, moist, cake
is delicious, and moist
7:13 PM
And is cake.
and is cake
which is moist, and delicious
I now know that you are crazy as you said, lol.
nooo, everybody else are the strange ones
I am normal
My favourite cake is tiramisu, you?
I have no favourite
all cake is delicious
choosing one over another would just be wrong
7:16 PM
My favourite colour is steelblue, what you are seeing.
my favourite colour is not steel blue
we are so different
Kalina sounds like Kalima, what they said in that Indiana Jones movie where they dug out the heart, lol.
They said Kalima, Kalima, Kalima, and the heart came out. So scary!
I have never seen that movie so don't know what you're talking about!
That movie is Temple of Doom.
7:33 PM
Kali, not Kalima.
@tchrist Looks like she left all her rooms.
Any pianist here?
@Reg is one.
Oh, that's good.
So I can leave a question for him. :)
@Rob is a flutist, but he might play piano too. I can't remember.
@RegDwigнt What kind of action would you call when a pianist play octaves with both hands?
7:40 PM
@KitFox I thought it was flautist, hmm.
!!define flutist
@KitFox flutist One who plays the flute.
!!define flautist
@KitFox flautist One who plays the flute.
7:40 PM
(It's a curious question I found in ELL.)
!!define qed
@JasperLoy My pocket dictionary just isn't good enough for you.
@DamkerngT. Playing scales?
I think the OP meant striking the same note in four octaves at the same time.
I shouldn't try. I really don't know.
Sounds like chording or something.
I play some guitar, but I don't know much music theory.
!!define chording
7:42 PM
@KitFox chording Present participle of chord.
!!define chord
@KitFox chord ​(music) In music, a combination of any three or more notes sounded simultaneously.
Yeah, but that's not really it, I guess.
When we strike the same note in two octaves with one hand, they call playing octaves.
My guess is it's still called playing octaves. :)
Or maybe playing two octaves.
One for each hand?
7:43 PM
That's interesting.
Anyway, I'm not a pianist. Signing the word hello is challenging enough. (See the photo in my profile.)
I see.
ima do the crossword now. bbl
2 hours later…
9:21 PM
@KitFox it's true.
@KitFox Kalima? Aiya Eärendil elenion ancalima!
10:28 PM
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 the 49ers are ahead 6-0 already?
@skullpatrol for some reason, yes
I thought them boys would be frozen solid by now.
...I like this rivalry
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 that was meh, but the N64 transformers linked from there were spectacular.
@RegDwigнt jeebus.
@DamkerngT. boring. Seriously though, I don't know a name for that. And seriously though, it is boring.
@tchrist yeah no thanks I'll pass.
I mean, more begging? I thought the hat season was over.
10:35 PM
Ist der Bahnhof.
Isuto de banufofo?
10:37 PM
Meri kurimasu.
("Do ist der Bahnhof" is from a famous Dutch comedy sketch.)
Not that famous, it would appear.
Well, I don't know it.
And I'm like five villages away.
10:40 PM
I guess you have to really speak Dutch very well to be able to understand and appreciate the sketches. Van Kooten en De Bie are the best Dutch comedians of all time.
Imagine how the people of Thailand must feel.
This sketch is about how all Dutchmen (claim they) were in the resistance. These guys tell us about their act of resistance: they once told a German officer "do ist der Bahnhof" while pointing in the wrong direction. And they keep going on and on about it, adding various petit-bourgeois, typically Dutch details.
@RegDwigнt Well said :D
10:55 PM
@skullpatrol Hi
@IceGirl hi
Hmm it seems North America has it rough.
@skullpatrol Do you have time to answers my questions?
-30 °C?
Salt is no longer working to clear the roads of snow?
@Cerberus and they are playing football in it
10:57 PM
Are they?
playoff football
started yesterday
Is that unlike normal football?
Precisely. Webster's pre-steampunk notation system is the one that nobody ever understands or learns, because it makes no sense. Therefore it's perfect for an American dictionary. Merriam-Webster has published Kenyon & Knott's Pronouncing Dictionary of American English, with excellent IPA-based phonemic notation, since the 1950s, but they continue to not use it anywhere else, for fear Americans might learn something. It's like the metric system; "not invented here". — John Lawler 52 mins ago
Shit's hilarious.
But I'm logging off for today.
No hats, no fun.
@Cerberus yes, this is to see who will play for the championship
Au reservoir.
10:59 PM
@RegDwigнt It is..."not invented here", as in Dutch (Fahrenheit lived most of his life in Holland, and certainly not in the New World).
@skullpatrol Ah, I see.
@Cerberus Sooo...much more INTENSE than the regular season.
add in
6 mins ago, by Cerberus
-30 °C?
It is played outside?
11:03 PM
That's cold.
Why is it played in the midst of winter, especially on a colder continent?
Most outdoors sports are not played in winter here.
The Italians might get cold feet when temperatures fall below 10 °C...
well it starts at the end of summer and by the time the playoffs begin it is january
Most sports here have winter and summer stops.
Not in North America
11:33 PM
It was 25 degrees today...almost forty degrees warmer than yesterday and yet still below freezing.
11:49 PM
8 degrees here.

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