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12:00 AM
Q: Sci-fi movie from 80s-00s about a killer alien roaming a dark city

Piotr BurzałaI vaguely remember a movie about an alien/monster roaming a dark/grim city. It could hibernate/burrow or drill underground, or used underground city infrastructure to move. It murdered different people, and might have resembled a trilobite? There was a fight scene when it emerged from garbage at...

12:21 AM
Q: 1979 or earlier short story - dispute settled with opposing factions fighting on a planet using WWI rules

EdgewoodI am trying to track down a sci fi short story from a magazine. Been bugging me for years. Not sure if Galaxy or some other magazine. I got the magazine some time during 1977-1979, though the cover was missing. The father of the person I got it from was a collector of magazine cover artwork. ...

12:36 AM
@Jenayah Well now I guess all you have to worry about is:
Jan 22 '19 at 2:02, by Alex
@Jenayah What makes you think you'll ever get the latter?
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1:42 AM
Q: Weird scifi movie about military sending a team to island/survivors, crashed ufo

Piotr BurzałaIt was pretty old movie 70s-90s, about a military sent to investigate a remote island with strange signals, or crashed survivors on an island[cant remember exactly]. When the team landed it became apparent that it was some UFO underground.I remember there was a concrete structure, or the team dis...

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2:42 AM
Q: What's the inspiration and/or meaning behind the names Dahj and Soji?

ThePopMachineCertainly they are reminiscent of the name Lall, which means "loved one" in, I believe, some South Asian languages... But what do we know here, both in and out of universe?

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7:15 AM
Jan 22 '19 at 2:03, by Jenayah
Technically speaking my phrasing didn't mean I had to get both
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9:29 AM
Q: Book where all people live in a tower above the clouds

OroshiXI'm looking for a book I read some 15 years ago, at my middle-school library. The story is set in a tower above the clouds, so they don't see the floor, and every so often, they all have to migrate one floor upper, but I don't remember why. I think the community has to build the tower higher and...

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11:10 AM
@Alex Mine too, for scifi.stackexchange.com/q/188938/4918 and literature.stackexchange.com/a/2233/139, but I'm more proud of the revival where I solved an old story-id question scifi.stackexchange.com/a/203799/4918 .
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12:52 PM
Q: A man builds a suspended animation machine to visit the future

CJ DennisI read a story in the '80s (it could have been early or late '80s) about a man who built a suspended animation machine as a form of time travel because he wanted to see the future in person. I think he was from the past (not contemporary) maybe 100 years ago. He had a kind of capsule or pod and w...

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2:01 PM
@Jenayah It looks like we're back to the old days where we had conversations via transcript.
@b_jonas Looks like (one of) yours got accepted as well, unlike mine.
2:57 PM
Jan 6 '19 at 3:33, by Jenayah
Also you know, I wonder at what point we'll have discussed so much stuff with so many reusable lines, we'll only talk through oneboxed transcripts and it still making sense
Oct 28 '18 at 20:52, by Alex
@Jenayah I think that’s the one.
3:13 PM
Q: When was the viewer told about the vulnerability of the new Star Destroyers?

J. MiniIn many reviews of The Rise of Skywalker, I have heard it said that the new Star Destroyers have a vulnerability that will make them very easy to destroy once their shields are down and that this fact is explicitly stated to be part of the The Resistance's plan. Having seen the film, I know that...

3:33 PM
Q: Why didn't Obi-Wan use the Force in the Cantina?

Paul JohnsonIn the Mos Eisley Cantina in Episode IV Luke is picked on by a couple of random thugs (1:37 into this clip). Obi-Wan tries to defuse the situation by offering to buy them drinks, but they turn violent and Obi-Wan has to use his lightsaber, thus attracting Imperial attention that he was keen to av...

4:14 PM
Q: what is the name of the sci-fi movie or TV show shown in this Linus Tech Tips video?

NzallRecently, Linus Tech Tips covered a TV from China, and as part of the coverage they loaded up a segment from a Chinese movie through one of the apps. the segment can be found at 4:54 in the below video: Screenshot: I'm curious what movie or TV show this is fr...

4:34 PM
Q: Movie identification: 70s,80s or 90s scifi movie - A scientist measuring intelligence

jo1stormI don't remember much about this movie. Only one quote. The problem is, I only remember it translated into Serbian. At first I thought the movie was Suburban Commando but I didn't find the quote. The movie is from 70s,80s or 90s. There is a scientist experimenting with measuring intelligence wit...

4:58 PM
@Marvin Quite fun to track down
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6:06 PM
Wow, amazing job!
@DavidW There are 3 Stormtroopers surrounding them when Obi-Wan first uses it, if it only affected the one he was asking I'm sure the others would be like "Hold up!". — TheLethalCarrot 2 hours ago
Q: Was Ben Solo able to become one with the Force?

SkoobaAfter the final battle in The Rise of Skywalker, Ben Solo uses the Force to give his life energy to heal and revive Rey. The act of sacrifice takes a toll on his own life and he dies. Now, if I remember correctly his body also vanishes. This would seems to suggest that he "became one with the For...

I thought that Obi-Wan convinced the NCO, and the others just went along with it.
Most grunts, especially the ones pulling traffic duty, aren't going to care too much about anything that's fine with their superiors.
6:32 PM
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8:57 PM
Q: Were the TNG-era uniforms re-created or reused?

ThePopMachineIn the first episode of Star Trek: Picard, "Redemption" we observe with uniforms from the TNG and Nemesis era. Were these uniforms re-created or re-used? Related: Which props in Star Trek: Picard are reused from the original TNG show and films (if any)?

9:17 PM
Q: Searching for a book

JpohI'm looking for a book I read once but I don't remember the title. The gist of the plot is this: A spaceship carrying colonists leaves Earth travelling perpendicular to the galactic plane. The ship is fuelled by a large tank of antimatter. As their journey proceeds, strange, unexplainable things ...

10:15 PM
How do you link to a comment?
Click on the timestamp.
Q: Was Leo Bonart a witcher?

Viktor Be(Saw this question in a russian forum and wanted to share it here.) Was Leo Bonart a witcher? He was in early senior age and still got an enourmous speed, strength and reaction. Non-human fishy eyes. He knew the wolf's school fighting style as he could recognize it from Ciri. Was able to ki...

Got it. Thanks.

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