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12:02 AM
Bah. Family tech support is the worst.
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2:42 AM
Q: Which science fiction story ends with the word INSECTS (or similar) instead of the end?

Romina PellegrinoI'm looking for a story in which the last natural things on earth are behind doors or have been bought and there are just a few things left. What there is plenty are insects. I would like to find out the name of that story.

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4:08 AM
Q: UK scifi book with children kidnapped in spaceship

Karen WorthingtonI read a library book in the late 60s. Set in the UK, a man takes five children for a ride in a spaceship, intending to "save them" from pending destruction of Earth. Nerdy Brillo is able to take the controls after the man dies of radiation poisoning. Tony and Di don't want to land on the borin...

4:33 AM
Q: In the movie Constantine

MrErMThere were a lot of glass jars hanging from ceiling in Beemans room in bowling alley. What does this mean. Obviously google brings up glass bottles in trees and catching spirits etc. Is there more? Thanks

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7:02 AM
Q: Book about a boy who is turned into a frog somehow involving rain

GerryI recall reading a book in the early nineties about a boy who was turned into a frog. Rain was somehow factored into the plot. The cover art showed the boy, rain and possibly a frog.

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9:57 AM
Q: Looking for movie I saw 30yrs ago

JF NunezI’m looking for a movie I had seen on VHS. All I remember was that there was a couple who snuck into an abandoned facility. Something happened while they were in a room with what I think were cryogenic chambers. What the chambers contained escaped and I think they were humanoid aliens but I don’t...

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11:12 AM
Q: Is Romana still the only Time Lord to be one of the Doctor's companions?

EleventhDoctorRomana is a Time Lord who accompanied the Fourth Doctor on many of his adventures. Is Romana still the only Time Lord to be one of the Doctor's companions?

12:02 PM
Q: Japanese anime about a spoiled young boy befriending an old man

user10191234I watched a long time ago a Japanese anime about about young spoiled boy, I remember something like throwing chicks (as in chicken) out of his balcony who befriends an old guy living in a nearby land who claims that he is a descendant of a noble family (or that the lands belong to him) and draws ...

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1:17 PM
Q: A movie where Professor from college gives Puzzle to students

Rohit SawaiMy friend told me about this movie when we were in college in 2015. In that movie, Psychology class was going on and a professor gives Puzzle to Student and all the students will become a part of that puzzle and everyone plays role in puzzle and Professor takes Wild Card entry. What is the name o...

1:34 PM
@Spencer Oh totally. "What do you mean you don't know how to set up X on my phone?" "I program server applications. My interaction with devices ends once I serve up a valid response." "?? But you work with computers."
2:03 PM
@DavidW Heh. "What do you mean you can't replace my camshaft? You sell cars..."
Epsecially great when "dealing with computers" also includes looking up shit on the internet, like plane tickets. I can do that as good as you. Hell, it's exactly what the guy in the travel agency does. He didn't study computer science.
@NapoleonWilson Or copier paper jams.
It's worse now with so many stupid devices. "My Garmin won't talk to my phone, can you fix it?"
And people wonder why I don't have a "smart" doorbell, or a "smart" watch, or "smart" lights, or a "smart" TV...
2:39 PM
@AncientSwordRage Sure. Though perhaps in another room.
@Spencer I'm the head of family tech support. LOL
2:51 PM
@Donald.McLean sure thing
My dad works in Tech Support and my Mum either asks him or figures it out herself
3:04 PM
@Donald.McLean Or you could do it here so I can follow along. I haven't used either react or vue, but I have used angular, so I have some basic knowledge.
Q: English short story about a highway man. Possible quote "one good turn deserves another"

yash.seetaThe story starts with an old man and his cook/caretaker lady in his home. I seem to remember that is was not a rich house, but well to do. It is supper time and it is raining heavily outside. I think this was set in England. A highwayman man bangs and enters at some point. There is a wounded pers...

3:26 PM
@AncientSwordRage @DavidW I created a room called "Tech Palace" - an open room.
3:59 PM
@Donald.McLean thanks
4:36 PM
Q: Would Mandalorians be better off making a thin mesh of beskar over their armor instead of combining it to make alloys?

Blue Skin and Glowing Red EyesSince the Mandalorians in Season 7 of Clone Wars, Mandalorians are seen being taken down with single blaster bolts. It’s also mentioned that combining beskar with other metals to strengthen the durability of their armor. However, Din Djarin’s pure beskar can take several blaster bolts. Therefore,...

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6:16 PM
Q: 00’s book about kids heading through door in costume to different universe

BenI read this book in primary school between 2005-2010. It was about 3 kids/teenagers, I believe who went through a magic door while in costumes and then took on the abilities of those costumes, they traveled to another reality and I know the city was futuristic and I think one of them was dressed ...

6:35 PM
posted on August 10, 2022 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: This week I learned the word 'googology' and my life got Tree(3)x better. Today's News:


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