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Q: Sci-Fi book with a ramshackle shed being drawn towards the end of the universe or into the future; turns out to be a human perception of something

StacyThere is a scene in the book that is very different from everything else in the book. There is a ramshackle shed, which is being drawn (or maybe pushed?) like a carriage towards the end of the universe or into the future or something. Possibly by horses, but maybe some other animal and possibly ...

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Q: Why are energy weapons seen as more acceptable in children's shows than guns that fire bullets?

BuzzThis is a question about the real-world factors that have influenced the development of science fiction and television for children. In children's television (as well as movies), especially animation, there is a strong tendency toward using science fiction (or sometimes fantasy) energy weapons i...

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Q: TV show where a man receives a message that he can't decipher which turns out to be a picture of the alien

Jack WatersI remember a black-and-white television show a long time ago where a man received a message from an alien and he could not decipher it. It turned out that it was not a message but rather a digital picture of what the alien looked like. Can anyone help me identify the name of the TV show and the...

Q: Why Hulk Wasn't Helping In Avengers Infinity War

IdnpmnoIf You Have Seen Avengers Infinity War You Will Know Our Favorite Character Hulk Is Acting Strange The Exact Reason Is Unknown But I Have 3 Theories That Could be True Remember When In Thor Ragnarok Hulk Says Earth Hate Hulk So When Hemdall Teleported Him To Earth He Quickly Realized He Can't F...

@Stormblessed For what?
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Q: Why Hulk Wasn't Helping In Avengers Infinity War

IdnpmnoIf you have seen Avengers: Infinity War you will know Hulk is acting strange, the exact reason is unknown, but I have 3 theories that could be true: Remember when in Thor: Ragnarok Hulk says earth hate Hulk so when Heimdall teleported him to earth he quickly realized he can't fight because reme...

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@Alex Not a question
@Stormblessed There's no such flag reason. You can try Unclear What You're Asking.
@Alex That's what I flagged it as
@Stormblessed Okay.
You know, why do only little kids' books have illustrations? Illustrations are fun
Here's an illustration:
A: Can a single Killing Curse kill more than one soul?

AlexAvada Kedavra is a spell that has spatial properties.That is to say that the spell does not simply kill an intended victim, but instead it has to be aimed at a specific target and it has to hit the target. Consider, for example, the duel between Dumbledore and Voldemort in Chapter Thirty-Six of O...

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@Stormblessed Please be very very careful about auto-flagging comments that can be deleted by a single flag. E.g. on story-ID, it can be actively harmful to delete "thanks, this is it" comments, and even mods can't undelete those. We had someone a year or two ago who flagged a lot of "thanks" comments on story-ID, not knowing our policies, and it's still causing harm to this day.
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@Randal'Thor what are the criteria for a comment to be deleted by a single flag?
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like "thanks" or "upvote" or "google this for you"
Or obscenities or slurs
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Can we adjust those for this stack?

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