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@RDFozz Interesting.
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Q: Late 60's or early 70's book based on War of the Worlds

Danny3414This was a uk paperback, somehow the protagonist was on Venus with two or three companions. They discovered that 'The jungles' are populated by tribes of wild humans transplanted from Earth. Venus has long been ruled by Martians who stomp about in tripods and hunt the humans for sport. The prota...

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@user602338 hi!
Subjective question, folks: What, if anything, is the point of diminishing returns on answer upvotes? I.e. when you see an answer score, at what point does a higher score stop making you think that it's a good answer and instead make you think that it was a Hot Network Question or some other form of luck popularity?
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@Alex story-id answer with only a title and a Goodreads/IMDb summary, no form of "this and this matches, here is the scene you described" but > 1k views and >13ish score: pretty sure it was HNQ yeah
Not saying it's a bad answer, just that there are more elaborate answers out there
(my latest story-id falls under the above category by the way... Even if the question was quite terse to begin with ahahah)
@Jenayah What about without analyzing the content of the answer?
And doesn't mean I won't upvote, though when there's only a Goodreads/IMDb summary I rather upvote when I know the stuff
@Alex just the score you mean?
@Jenayah Yep.
Depends on question's age and "hot" characteristics (polemical, trivial, HP/SW/ST etc)
HNQ doesn't necessarily mean rewarding ok-ish answers though
What about you? What do you think?
@Jenayah I'm not totally sure. But I know, for example, that my top seven answers here have significantly more upvotes than my other answers, yet none of them are significantly better (in my opinion). I attribute the upvotes solely to external characteristics. So when I see an answer with 170 upvotes (like my top answer) It doesn't even make me think that it was a good answer. If I see an answer with 10 upvotes than I would probably think it's a good answer.
So the additional 160 upvotes didn't really contribute to my impression of the answer, and perhaps even diminished it.
Which is kind of counterintuitive.
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But yeah overall (only talking for SFF here) I'd say it's an answer score/tag ratio. Story-ids score 5-10 average (it's empirical), so a story-id with > 15 (and a question not very old) would make me think it was HNQ. The ratio would raise up to 20 for HP for instance... Though most HP questions go to HNQ anyways
@Jenayah Yeah, much depends on the site and the tag.
But it does make it hard to measure the true value of an answer.
@Alex doesn't mean it's a bad answer, though
There might be some kind of group effect + the fact that your 170 answer probably is in the top 20 of SFF answers
@Jenayah True, it doesn't actively mean it's a bad answer, but it messes up the evidence that it's a good answer.
@Jenayah That's the problem. There are definitely more than 20 other answers that are better than that one (heck, I probably have 20 of my own answers that I would consider better).
There might also be a "c'mon OP it was obvious, here this guy provided the answer to you" effect, because to be honest the question was kind of obvious even in the movies
For instance I prefer your second top answer, the Dumbledore room one, because it was less of an obvious one
@Jenayah That leads to a separate question of how we define a "better" answer. Is it based on being most explicitly correct, most effort involved to come up with it, most brilliant reasoning used, etc. ?
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@Alex well once you hit the enter button it's not up to your appreciation anymore though, enter community votes and all :p that's the deal
@Jenayah Ah, so we have now circled back to the beginning – how to interpret the value assigned by the community.
@Alex depends on source material involved I'd say. Let's leave story-id aside for a moment since the basis of story-id is that you don't have said material. For instance we know that providing quotes, pictures etc make up for a better answer, almost no debate to that. It's a tad bit easier to provide quotes than pictures because one can CTRL+F the book/script etc. Then, the greatness of the answer would rather come from the analysis.
(that doesn't mean answers based on book quotes/transcripts are less of great answers of course, far from it!)
Now for images for instance. Well obviously I'm very biased in this one since a good chunk of my answers are comics one with a handful of pictures
@Jenayah CTRL F certainly makes things easier, but it's not always enough to cover everything.
Oct 7 at 17:56, by Alex
@Jenayah According to Ctrl F nowhere (at least in the first book, which is what the post claimed) does it say that Haymitch was the second victor.
Sure sure!
Though sometimes it obviously will cover everything. Like the time I searched through every instance of the word Voldemort to see if JK Rowling made a mistake.
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Well when a comics answer is to be answered by a bunch of images you don't necessarily need reasoning, really. It might just boil down to finding the right set of panels, tracing the source back, providing the general context and let people appreciate the drawings
For instance on this question
A: Is Captain America immune to electric shocks?

JenayahMore than the average human, yes. Actually immune, definitely not. Captain America gets zapped a lot. Most of the time, by powerful villains/heroes, which could probably have killed your average Joe. But it's Captain America, so, he gets back up anyways... though each time it hurts badly. Here'...

The other answer did more "analysis" than I did
Because what I say is pretty much "lol, no. Here, look at Cap getting wrecked"
@Jenayah But how do you find the panels? Are you simply such an expert that you know exactly where to look?
Both answers are correct, buy in this instance I'd say mine is better because it does provide source material (once again, I'm biased)
Q: Story about aliens nicknamed 'Eechees' who have created a network of tunnels on Mars

SavaI read that story in the 90's or early 2000's. I'm quite sure it was a series, but I read only the first book. It was the French translation, so it is very possible that the story dates from earlier. What I remember so far: The aliens had created a vast network of underground tunnels under the...

@Alex sometimes memory, sometimes Google images or good set of keywords, often a combination of both
A: Why does the Symbiote need a host?

JenayahTL;DR: Overall they don't need a host (whether it be human or something else) for survival, but they need it to reach their species' purpose. Having a host helps: To help people out For communication For food For food of the mind and self-definition For self-control For vesseling and environme...

^ memory, I had read all those already
Could probably add instances from comics I haven't read yet
@Jenayah Impressive!
4:52 AM
A: What was the name of the magical robot from Dr. Strange?

JenayahMaybe Voltorr, also known as Voltorg? In Strange Tales #165 (1968), Doctor Strange went against Yandroth, Scientist Supreme. They fight the good old way (read: lots of punching), and Strange has the upper hand, but the issue ends with the reveal of Yandroth's latest creation, the robot Voltorr. ...

^ Google magic
A: What's the cost of Iron Man's armor?

JenayahGuess what, it depends Seriously though, 50+ years of Iron Man comics/movies/series have introduced a good bunch of armors, so there is no definite number. However, here's a list of "Tony Stark implies armor X cost Y dollars" references, by chronological order. I'm excluding AIs, villas, space ...

^ mix of both, I had read the last instance (the Avengers one), I knew the Iron manual existed but hadn't read it, and I certainly hadn't watched the Iron Man anime
Whoops, I can't upvote this because of the final paragraph. Have you actually read the HG books, or even seen the films? — Rand al'Thor ♦ Oct 18 '17 at 17:14
@Randal'Thor nope. I use the mighty google. Smarter than any of us will every be. — Edlothiad Oct 19 '17 at 10:03
That's why I would probably be nervous to answer a question based just on Google.
@Alex that's why I make a point of reading what I bring up first :p and I bring evidence that I've read it by providing summaries/description of what happens
Granted I do that more for stuff I had not read before. In the Venom answer above I might not have given context each time, let me check
Mmh, I did, not the best summaries though
Might rework them when I find additional evidence, if there is
@Jenayah Ah, reminds me I wanted to add evidence to an old answer. Thanks.
There should be, since the character has been around for some time and all those issues were <10 years one
Except the ones for food
@Alex you're welcome
@Jenayah Interestingly, I now notice that it's my most highly downvoted answer, yet there are no comments pointing out any issues.
5:07 AM
@Alex point being if you find an answer with Google and can gather enough info to feel like you know what you're talking about and could talk about the research, I'd say there's no problem in answering based on Google
@Jenayah Oh, I'm not saying there's a problem with you doing it. Just that I don't know if I would feel that I know something well enough from Google (unless it's something that I could easily independently verify).
As long as it's not "here, I found this panel/quote about this stuff I know nothing about, simply by googling. Eat it"
(leaving aside story-id once again :p )
@Alex 'course there's no problem with me doing it, 'cause I do it in what I feel is the right way, that's what I'm immodestly trying to prove ahah :p
As for Google well now Google is more of a door
Telling you where to go, and the confirmation can be checked somewhere else on the internet/the library etc
At best this answer confirms that they don't eat unicorn. — Valorum Jun 22 at 19:11
Sounds like an issue for some, although I wouldn't downvote just for that
@Jenayah That's actually not the answer I was referring to. That's my answer with the lowest score, but I have another answer with more downvotes.
A: How many students attended Hogwarts?

AlexLike many things in the series, there seems to be various different lines of evidence that don't all necessarily lead to the same conclusion. It should be kept in mind that there is not necessarily a reason why there should or would be the same amount of students from one year to the next. Gene...

@Alex ah!
Read that wrong indeed
@Jenayah Not your fault; I didn't specify so clearly.
5:20 AM
@Alex there might be some downvote-explanations in the JMHPRW
@Jenayah Not that I recall. (My theory was, though, that people might have downvoted it simply because of the highly contentious debate surrounding the question.)
I don't have enough faith to reread all that right now though ahah
There was a (now deleted) comment discussion with Valorum about why I included so many redundant quotes, but I don't think that was actually about the answer per se.
There was quite the comments discussions in there ahah
@Jenayah True, but I mean comments on the answer post, not the Meta discussion.
5:27 AM
Ah yeah sure
Maybe you'll get more feedback when bumping it with new evidence though
@Jenayah It's already been bumped 12 times since I answered it.
The more the merrier
@Jenayah Or, some people are downvoting it just because they're annoyed with seeing it so many times already.
People are free to do whatever they want with their votes but IMO that's not what downvotes should be for
'cause it's then based on the user rather than the content
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Q: I’m looking for an anime

Yurii ValentineA couple years ago I watched an anime on Netflix.. maybe 2015-2017... it was about a girl who’s mom I think worked at some government or intergalactic facility that kept an eye on aliens (who looked like regular people but just weren’t living on earth). The girl for some reason goes into the site...

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Q: Story of a time traveller meeting himself repeatedly

jodyI read this story in the 70s or 80s (it might however be older). I think it was a short story, and not a novel. These are two scenes i remember: In the beginning of the story a guy (lets call him A) sits in room, when suddenly a disk appears and somebody (B) drops through it (it turns out it is...

8:24 AM
@Marvin anime-ids are just impossible to search...
9:05 AM
If Tarzan is on-topic, Sheena is too, right?
9:18 AM
@Jenayah are they related? As Tarzan did had magical elements like Queen La in animated TV series
But I still think Tarzan was not scifi enough for me.
@AnkitSharma they're not related
Well there might be some weird crossovers but they did not originate from the same work
Sheena works are inconsistent with magic... Some feature it, some don't
If Jungle Book and Dark Knight is scifi then anything can be if you try hard enough;)
I'd have said that Batman works were sci-fi per the argument of "Batman gets involved in way too much weird shit not to be sci-fi" ahah
Even if Batman isn't sci-fi per se
though his wealth might me ahah
9:47 AM
@Jenayah I'd say that Batman is sci-fi due to the available technology
@Mithrandir24601 or Batman is sci-fi BECAUSE I'M BATMAN :D
Or that :P
10:03 AM
Q: Story Identification: A trash robot in Chicago?

SuzuteoI am trying to remember the name of a short story (or novella). It is about a lowly menial robot that collects trash or something like that in Chicago who gains some measure of self-awareness. Eventually, we learn that a central AI controls everything, and humans are kept in stasis. The robot ina...

10:29 AM
Q: What is the relationship between Steppenwolf and Darkseid in DC Extended Universe?

Ankit SharmaIn DC comics, Steppenwolf is uncle of Darkseid but their relation was not made clear in Justice League (2017) film. I read many CBR and other sources which contradicted about it, few claimed that their relation is same as comics and few claim that it's just opposite. Did they ever clear their rel...

11:00 AM
Q: Do all Oglaf comics share the same universe?

SQBWe see some of the characters showing up in different story lines. The setting of most if not all comics seems some medieval / fantasy world. But do all comics actually share this same world? This was prompted by the comic "Clumsy Fetish", which is NSFW, so I won't link to it. It does seem to...

(Zaphod's too slow).
11:12 AM
Q: Do all Oglaf comics share the same universe?

SQBWe see some of the characters showing up in different story lines. The setting of most if not all comics seems some medieval / fantasy world. But do all comics actually share this same world? This was prompted by the comic "Clumsy Fetish", which is NSFW, so I won't link to it. It does seem to...

@SQB For once he actually wasn't
Well still slow but fast for him
Pretty fast, I must admit.
That's what...
11:31 AM
Q: What's the timeline for Orphan Black?

SQBIn the final episode of Orphan Black, we see Sarah, Kira, and Felix go fishing. How much time has passed since Sarah witnessed Beth's suicide in S1E1? And for bonus points a bounty, what's the entire timeline for all events, including those seen in flashbacks or photographs?

And another one.
I'm done with setting bounties on other's questions.
What is this now O.o
Tom Hardy is Eddie Brock in #Venom, the upcoming film from Sony’s Marvel Universe releasing October 5, 2018 – production starts this fall.
Basically for Venom and the other films that will be made by Sony
I hate this idea
The new universe?
I have zero trust in sony, I heard about ti before but want it to get same fate as Dark universe
11:42 AM
Sony are making new films, i.e. Venom, so it's just their way of tying them together
@TheLethalCarrot giving Sony chance to make any more shit from Spider-man universe
Silver sable is not worth a stand alone , meh
Q: What's the timeline for Orphan Black?

SQBIn the final episode of Orphan Black, we see Sarah, Kira, and Felix go fishing. How much time has passed since Sarah witnessed Beth's suicide in S1E1? And for bonus points a bounty, what's the entire timeline for all events, including those seen in flashbacks or photographs?

And black cat is just a cheap catwoman
@SQB ~12 mins again
So it's the characters you don't like then?
@TheLethalCarrot I hate the idea of sony to ruin spider-universe
11:45 AM
Well give 'em chance, might be good
Disney doing fine, sony should back off and sleep
@TheLethalCarrot Spider-man 3, Amazing Spider-man 1, amazing spider-man 2, how many more chances ?
I'd rather have a few competing than leave Disney to monopoly it all, especially until Disney own everything
@TheLethalCarrot for competition Fox have better characters. Solo film on silver sable is just bleh I don't care
Fox are now owned by Disney.. for the most part
@TheLethalCarrot that also is a danger if they do days of future present in MCU ;)
Better reboot X-men fully with keeping deadpool same as a joke
11:49 AM
Aye at least for now MCU and XCU are separate
Although I could like to see Deadpool in the MCU
@TheLethalCarrot but I don't want them to break MCU canon, XCU is shitty canon to begin with
You don't have to bring everything across or even the "same character"
@TheLethalCarrot who knows what are there plans yet
Q: In Ready Player One, Why didn't the Sixers empty the Giant Robot Inventory?

TheAshIn Ready Player One, completers of the second gate received a choice of a giant Robot: Then something strange happened—something that had never happened when I’d beaten the original game. One of the “wise men” from the dungeon appeared on the screen, with a speech balloon that said, “Than...

11:57 AM
There are random rumour
Well I doubt they'll do any crossover between the MCU and XCU for the immediate future
We would need a tag.
I'd imagine it would still be the MCU and the XCU would just cease to exist at that point
12:28 PM
Q: Has Star Trek ever have any battle droid-like entities?

Robert ColumbiaWhile Star Trek has had android characters for some time (most notably Data and his Soong-type brethren), and we do see that such androids do take part in combat from time to time, I realized that I can't recall ever seeing any purpose-built artificial combat creatures - that is, creatures that a...

1:26 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
@Donald.McLean greetings, Hubble guy!
@SQB oh boy now that would be a mess
I would like to beg for a vote.
A: In Twilight, could the vampire head still live if only the body was burned?

Donald.McLeanUnfortunately, there is insufficient canonical information in the books to give a definitive answer. The books make it pretty clear that, short of burning, a vampire would eventually regenerate. The most reasonable assumption would be that the head would regenerate a body, but the vampire would ...

Can you add in quotes, you say some things that appear to come from knowledge of the books so there's likely quotes you can edit in to support your answer.
@Donald.McLean ah, the Twilight variant of "what if you chop up Wolverine?"
I thought I would take care of the unanswered Twilight questions, since unanswered questions are BAD.
1:35 PM
I never noticed before, but oneboxing on mobile doesn't display tags?
Oh nevermind
It was a oneboxed answer
@Jenayah agreed
It's already quite a mess
XCU is mess and merging it with MCU will be adding poop and cashew over a sandwich cake.
> “We have the opportunity to expand iconic franchises for new generations of fans just as we have done with Marvel and Star Wars... We’re also looking forward to expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe to include X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool." - screenrant.com/disney-ceo-x-men-fantastic-four-mcu
@TheLethalCarrot ^^
2:13 PM
Well I did say "immediate future", I know, and hope, it will happen at some point
2:53 PM
@Jenayah Random. I just had the same thought process s few hours ago.
@Alex great minds think alike
3:19 PM
@Jenayah Not the first time, either:
Sep 14 at 1:30, by Jenayah
Great minds think alike
@Alex aye

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