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12:19 AM
Q: Why did the Rebels not try to Stop Rouge Ones departure?

EwokSniperIn Rouge one, Jyn and her crew go to steal the Death Star plans from the empire, doing so in the cargo shuttle they stole. They got away pretty easily after only some banter with control. So, why did the Rebels not try and and stop them, and if they did, how so?

1:00 AM
Q: Book series where the main character is called "Priest". Mini-nukes used to rescue slaves

hardletI remember a book series I started to read years ago and now I can't remember what it was called. It was set in space and on alien planets far in the future. All I can remember is these things: I think the main character was named "Priest", someone used mini-nukes as a weapon, and they were part ...

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2:01 AM
Q: Are the Light Side and the Dark Side "real"?

WmbuchUsers of the Force often refer to the "Light Side" and the "Dark Side". Is there any indication that there is an actual separation in the Force between these two sides, or do the terms just refer to moral/idealogical differences? For example, force lightning is often thought of as a Dark Side po...

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3:02 AM
Q: Blue Alert in VOY: "Dragon's Teeth"?

Hunter BatleyWhy doesn't Captain Janeway initiate Blue Alert in the episode "Dragon's Teeth"? Note that the threat from the Turei had ended before she gave the order to land the ship. (Netflix time index: 6:20)

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4:04 AM
Q: Trying to find a book where humans traded weapons with a primitive bird species

Knagy5703Hi I read a book about ten years ago I’m trying to find and I can only remember a small part of it. There was a primitive bird species on a planet and humans were trading old weapons with them, eventually the birds turned on them and there was a large pit under their roost that was their bathroom...

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5:26 AM
Q: Intellectually simple man crosses space border that kills the rest of the crew

AliI do not know the title or author. The main character is an intellectually simple man who ends up alone on a ship because it passed over some border in space. The border kills criminals (or something like that) and kills the rest of the crew. That’s near the beginning. I think he is stung or pois...

@Marvin This feels like a Norton story...
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7:28 AM
Q: Giant grey humanoid alien that mind controls earthlings

Darren VancouverPaperback (I think) where humans (in the USA?) find a giant (grey?) alien in tomb or crashed spaceship circa 1950. Alien is hostile and can mind control everyone around it. It forces the humans to take it somewhere to build a rocket ship or simply just enslave all of earth. Read in early 70s. Re...

Q: Trying to find a Choose Your Own Adventure book, Medieval Fantasy, bizarre possible ending

Ryft This was in the school library when I was in 3rd or 4th grade so around 1992 or 1993 (the elementary had it's own library) though the reading level was above my head at the time. I remember the "armour" spelling, the setting was unusually dark and gritty, it seemed like the book really shouldn't...

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8:49 AM
Q: Why didn't the coven try this method earlier?

AdamantAt the beginning of the third season, the coven has lost its power due to Lucifer withdrawing his gifts. After some false starts, they eventually hit on a plan. They consider the prospect of draining the energy from a bunch of hedge witches, but discard the prospect due to their advanced age. Eve...

Q: How, if at all, did Caliban overcome these two?

AdamantAt the end of the seventh episode of the third season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, we see that Caliban was able to, apparently, overcome both Lilith and Lucifer and imprison them in the same sort of prison that Judas Iscariot was originally in. How did he do this? By all appearances, Cali...

Q: Why do they arrows of Avatars from the air nation glow while in avatar state?

Mor ZamirAvatars from all nations have their eyes glowing when entering the avatar states. No nation, beside the air nomads, has any extra special visual effect. Why do the tattoos glow? I the tattoos are very spiritual and an air nomad will get his/her tattoos only when they master airbending, but it is...

9:09 AM
Q: Why did the Council suffer a loss of power?

AdamantAt the beginning of the show, the members of the Council informed "Faustus Blackwood" that they had suffered a loss of magical "potency." Later, the characters attribute this to the Dark Lord withdrawing his gifts from the Church of Night in revenge for Sabrina and company having imprisoned him. ...

Ok, credit where credit is due. That's more SFF than most spam.
9:24 AM
Most of our spam comes in the form of someone advertising a way to turn you into a vampire
It's nice to see a new form of on topic spam
How does one become a vampire, out of curiosity?
Through the Vampire Kingdom of course
Q: Why did Queen Ingrith believe that the wounded Maleficent would lash out?

Ronaldo SmithIn Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019), Gerda describes to Queen Ingrith about the creature that pulled Maleficent from the depths of the sea: Queen Ingrith: What did it look like? Gerda: Her. It carried her up into the sky. Queen Ingrith: Hmm. A wounded animal lashes out and now sh...

9:47 AM
A: Obfuscate spam in page title as well

SQBSince there's already a process in place to replace the question title and body with an appropriate text when deleted for being spam or rude, changing the page title as well should be a five minute fix. Ten minutes perhaps, to figure out a suitable replacement text, but here's my suggestion "Post...

@Adamant get bitten by one?
How does that work anyway?
I don't know, but to be honest I am more interested in a voodoo love spell.
I mean, vampires need to drink blood. That's their whole shtick.
So we have a vampire. Needs to drink blood. Bites a victim.
Victim becomes a vampire as well.
So now we have two vampires. Need to drink blood. Bite two victims.
Victims become vampires as well.
So now we have four vampires. Repeat.
So now we have eight vampires. Repeat.
How long before the whole world population is vampires?
Usually you have to drink the vampire's blood too.
Or instead.
Or be afflicted by a voodoo curse.
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11:10 AM
Who do?
Q: Is this the first actual death in the Asterix books?

EleventhDoctorAsterix and the Chieftain's Daughter is the 38th book in the Asterix series, and the fourth to be written by Jean-Yves Ferri and illustrated by Didier Conrad. Although Asterix is full of peril and Roman-bashing, the possibility of actual fatality always seems remote to these stories. However, i...

As I recall, in what is probably the canonical vampire text,
You have to have vampire venom in your bloodstream to become a vampire, and it's not automatic just because a vampire killed you.
11:31 AM
Q: Source for canon Middle-Earth materials, flora and fauna

EägothI'm working in a videogame set at the end of the Third Age in Middle-Earth, and I would like to properly use Middle-Earth materials, flora and fauna. I've been looking at MERP (a tabletop RPG) publications, they're great, but I'm aware of them adding non-canon elements. For example, adarcer metal...

11:56 AM
Q: What are the Doctor's "Rules"?

Angelo DeMichaelsRule #1: The Doctor lies. What are his other rules? Is there a definitive list anywhere?

12:48 PM
Q: What is a sensible ratio of humans to vampires in various fictions?

AncientSwordRageIn a question on the RPG stack exchange that I tried to answer I attempted to work out the ratio of humans to vampires in a game setting based on what I know of a handful of settings. I was wondering if my rationale for the percieved ratios holds up in general, and if an expert could give a compa...

Q: Do vampires in the Buffy universe need to feed?

AncientSwordRageIt's shown that spike can survive for a long time without supply of fresh blood. It's never really stated what happens if vampires don't feed. What does happen? Do they need to feed?

Relevant to previous discussion
Yes, very.
oo/ <- Zaphod Beeblebrox
@SQB \oo// you mean
I'd forgotten about the extra arm.
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2:54 PM
Q: Novel with teleportation and possibly called "Burning Man"

TonnyI'm trying to identify a novel that I partially read many years ago. This is a real long-shot as I remember very little details. Googling the title is impossible due to the festival of the same name that generates millions of hits. A novel that I read in English or possible a Dutch translation o...

3:35 PM
Q: Commercial (Super Bowl?) where guy looks mean but is nice

Briguy37Since the Super Bowl is coming up, I thought I'd ask this ad identification question, and hope this is the right place. Background: I remember watching a commercial a long time ago (maybe 20 years?) that I really liked. I thought it was a Super Bowl ad, but I spent a while last year lookin...

4:15 PM
Q: How does the "rust virus" actually spread?

Broots WaymbSomething about the rust virus (or whatever it's called - I can't remember) doesn't quite make sense to me. I'm probably just forgetting some detail or I missed some explanation at one point. Obviously it can pass from metal to metal (to clear up the obvious). Somehow it can also pass via h...

4:56 PM
Q: Is there a firm answer for what pipeweed actually was?

Zeiss IkonI recall reading, many years ago, in a foreword or appendix to either The Hobbit or one of the books of the Lord of the Rings, a short discourse on pipeweed. As I recall, Tolkien said that what it was wasn't completely certain, but he was sure it was some breed of nicotiana -- that is, if not ge...

5:16 PM
Q: Were Luke and Leia aware they had the same birthday?

Milo PIn both Legends and current canon, Luke and Leia had been told at least some true information about their origins while growing up: Luke knew that Owen and Beru were his aunt and uncle, and that his father's name was Anakin Skywalker, although he was told that his father had died and was a "nav...

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6:17 PM
Q: Is DC dropping or "Rebooting" the DCEU?

RusshiroThere are a lot of changes coming in the future DC films [Robert Pattinson playing Batman is just one!] But I'm uncertain where that goes in terms of timeline. considering the success of Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Shazam and the upcoming WW-1984, it would seem that film universe is still active.... b...

Q: Scifi movie from 70s, 80s - Humanoid on Earth in search for the key to his spaceship (ship appears to be looking like a dragon)

Yaroslav  KornachevskyiMovie is about the search of an ancient artifact. At the very beginning movie looks like a criminal detective or so about the band that is looking for some priceless relics. It appears later, that band is lead by the alien. Near the end of the movie band finds artifact, alien leader is badly woun...

6:55 PM
@SQB not if the victim is completely drained and dies?
7:11 PM
@SQB Sounds like a pyramid scheme
7:39 PM
Q: Space exploration/RPG PC game where humanity is trapped in a space bubble

Darth PseudonymI've been trying to find a PC game that I played a demo for back in the early 90s (give or take). It was a space exploration/RPG with sprite graphics and I think a top-down perspective. You fly around in your starship talking to different people and doing missions for them to upgrade your ship a...

Pyramidal vampires, that's new.
Are there any good short stories online that combine horror and math? I especially like the nature of infinity as a horror theme, although a comp-sci (not AI, that's software engineering) or other subfield horror are welcome.
7:56 PM
@JohnnyApplesauce Ring theory was a bit of a horror show, but I don't know if it qualifies as a short story...
Q: Is there official confirmation that Crisis on Infinite Earths affected DCEU?

Jorge CórdobaAs it is well know in the arrowverse Crisis on Infinite Earths: Has there been any official or unofficial comments as to whether this will be explicitly acknowledged to justify any creative changes on the DCU (like Pattinson’s Batman or any other planned changes? I’m specifically looking for ...

@DavidW You made me vainly excited that there might be a fic titled "Ring Theory."
I wish it had been a story, instead of a required course... ;-)
@JohnnyApplesauce What's purple and commutes?
8:16 PM
My dad's old Beetle
<sigh/> Not what I was going for... "An Abelian grape."
8:39 PM
Q: Old science fiction book about flying spheres that want to destroy all technology

Alvaro Bortolato GiuseppeI am desperately looking for an old science fiction book, I only remember this much: A woman (I believe) observes an ancient statue of an extinct race that indicates a point in deep space. After much research they arrive on a planet (perhaps frozen) where they are attacked by flying spheres that...

2 hours later…
10:33 PM
An even 100,000.
It won't last long.
But alas, I didn't get there soon enough.
Congrats anyway!
I need to find a good picture of the newest Doctor to replace my current one.
Any recommendations?
11:22 PM
Q: Early IBM PC sci-fi RPG with a girl in a shower and an optional dragon encounter

FuzzyBootsI swear I've found this one before, maybe on another site. Somewhere between 1988 and 1992, my brother was allowed to borrow an IBM PC from the school (it was an anti-theft measure). I remember we played Hack (predecessor to Nethack), Brøderbund's Ancient Art of War, and a Hoyle card game. There ...

ok the theme in this room is a bit loud :)

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