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room topic changed to Cog/Diss: General discussion — both on and off topic, but please be nice (no tags)
Cog/Diss is named after Cognitive Dissidents, a bar in William Gibson's Bridge trilogy.
Let's not discuss what happened to Mos Eisley in here; please take that to Meta.
SQB has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
SQB has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
8:38 AM
Cool ^_^ I can now make this a squirrel-free room mwa ha ha
Before we turn over a new leaf once and for all, allow me to get just one thing off my chest.
I really don't like Man of Steel, or any of the DCEU for that matter.
OK, good, I feel better. New leaf turned, let's never speak of this again.
SQB has added an event to this room's schedule.‌​
Let me also state that whatever happens, I want this movie night to happen :)
Q: Short Story About an Immortal Looking for a Wife

BuzzIn the 1980s, I read a story in an anthology, and I think it was relatively new at the time I read it. I would like to locate it again, but I don't recall anything else about the author or what kind of anthology it appeared in. The main character was immortal (or more likely he was just very lo...

Q: Do the children survive in Snowpiercer?

TimFollowing from this question: In Snowpiercer, could any life survive outside of the train? Is there any indication that the two children who survived the crash actually survive long enough to procreate? I'm looking for answers from novels, the writers of the film, or interviews. I know the fil...

Q: How far does 'The Known Universe' extend?

Nu'DaqIn the Dune series, have humans colonized planets in galaxies other than the Milky Way?

Q: Short story space liner materializes, almost self destructs

M. A. GoldingI read this story (English language) in a science fiction anthology paperback book from the 1960s or earlier. I remember only one scene from this story. In this story spaceships travel by jumping from one point to another. In probably the opening scene the story the protagonist is outside on E...

Q: Which superheroes went to Agartha?

peterormeAs I remember it, some superhero comic featured the mythical city of Agartha. I think, in this version, it was a city tucked away in some mountains, maybe under some sort of shield or dome? I can't remember whether the heroes had a base there of if they were trying to protect it. I've been ...

Gallifreyan has added an event to this room's schedule.‌​
Gallifreyan has removed an event from this room's schedule.‌​
Q: Why can't you change your reason to close after making a close vote?

KyloRenI voted to close on this question, Back to the future, A couple of things im confued about. I made a mistake and voted as Not Clear What you are asking, when I wanted to vote as Too Broad, so I retracted my vote, but then I was not allowed to place a vote. In regards to other questions and comme...

Q: Do we need "science-fiction-genre" tag?

I Love YouThese days, whenever I ask a history-of question, next minute I find Gallifreyan (and always Gallifreyan :)) has added the science-fiction-genre tag. A quick glance at the science-fiction-genre tag shows that it is always there on history-of questions. Do we really need such redundancy?

Q: Should we make this answer Community Wiki?

I Love YouIs there an official Marvel Cinematic Universe viewing order? This answer is an ever-growing list which looks good for community wiki thing. Other users update the answer time to time (when new MCU property is released). The original answerer has earned lots of reputation already. Although, thi...

Q: My apologies. Mos Eisley closure

ValorumDuring a conversation on chat yesterday I used words and phrases that resulted in a chat flag. This resulted in my receiving a(nother) chat-ban and the suspension of the Mos Eisley chatroom. I'd like to offer my apologies to the site's users. It was not my intention to cause offence. In hindsi...

Q: Why did our main chat, Mos Eisley, get frozen this time?

MoozMos Eisley is currently frozen, apparantly indefinitely. I assume it has something to do with the users mentioned in @Shog9's banner, but can we be told at least in concept what happened in our room to make it get frozen again? Please bear in mind that this involves users being banned, so the u...

This Saturday (May 13th) we will be watching Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, at 10PM UTC (11PM BST, 6PM EDT) in shared video room. Register here!
8:47 AM
What happened to Mos?
It got nuked... again.
Also, we don't talk about it here. See the pinned message.
Oh sorry. I'll stop
Guess I'll just watch some epic meal time to make me happy
Can I ask why this room is called Cog/Diss?
29 mins ago, by SQB
Cog/Diss is named after Cognitive Dissidents, a bar in William Gibson's Sprawl trilogy.
pins the answer
8:59 AM
Thanks SQB
Is it also ok to ask if Obie, Gideon, Greedobie, Professor Obie and M&TV Obie will be back?
iirc custom feed names require moderator intervention, so that's not up to us
we really don't know any more than you do at this point
@Ixrec Ok, thanks!
We're out of electricity :/
@Edlothiad Gideon is up to @KutuluMike and we indeed need a mod for the rest.
9:15 AM
5 messages moved to Trash
@Ixrec thanks.
Uh oh.
Anyone interested in watching eating world records get broken?
@Edlothiad If so, just come to my house tonight about 6PM and watch me go.
@DrRDizzle tempted to add that as an event to the room's schedule.
9:25 AM
@SQB Haha!
room topic changed to Cog/Diss: General discussion for — both on and off topic, but please be nice (no tags)
room topic changed to Cog/Diss: General discussion for — both on and off topic, but please be nice (no tags)
@Gallifreyan thanks.
I wonder if [] would expand properly in that place.
9:40 AM
@Ixrec I can help if you want
@SQB I think full bold will be better here
@DrRDizzle lol
@DrRDizzle Give me an address and I'll be there
@AnkitSharma I bolded not, but I don't care that much about the actual formatting.
Although if it's north of Cambridge I'll need to start heading out now
9:44 AM
@SQB I mean full bold, which I already did
@Edlothiad 123 Fake Street.
@SQB not a bad idea
@Gallifreyan don't rush it, patience is the key
@AnkitSharma was this mocking an italian accent?
Q: Why was creating "Orc-Men" considered to be Saruman's worst deed?

Voronwë "If that was so, it was a shameful deed; but not his (Saruman's) worst." Unfinished Tales - Part III, The Third Age: The Disaster of the Gladden Fields Saruman, in his 'fall from grace', did a lot of despicable stuff. In this quote, it seems to imply that one of his deeds were known as...

Is there a notable character from Sprawl it would be thematic to name the feeds bot after? A bartender of Cognitive Dissidents? An information broker or sleuth?
9:52 AM
@Feeds Because he took Eru's creation and bred them with Melkor's creation.
@doppelgreener good idea, although I would be okay with using Obie.
@SQB Obie is the interrupting one-box
@Edlothiad I know.
@Edlothiad I don't know how I can do that
@AnkitSharma There is a typo, mena.
@AnkitSharma Do you remember Akhiri Paasta?
9:59 AM
@AJ Ooops, this guys don't know how bad I can spell :p
@AJ uhuunn., what O.o
@AnkitSharma I amma joking.
@AnkitSharma Try speaking that sentence with that typo.
Maybe I should leave now :P
I just came to check in and to see if I can be of any help
The room's feeds bot has been renamed to Obie.
I'll hang around and make myself available for moderation in the room for now.
@doppelgreener Can you make the meta feed "Meta Obie"?
10:07 AM
@Gallifreyan Done
I'm not exactly sanguine about unnecessarily importing cosmetics from ME; doesn't seem like good optics, at the absolute minimum.
whoops, i am a dumb. one sec.
@BESW But... it's Obie...
I'm going to leave it as Feeds just for the time being, since I'm not confident that isn't a generic feeds bot.
@BESW A side benefit of leaving it named as Feeds for the time being will be that this room will feel different, which will probably be a good thing.
@doppelgreener Exactly.
10:11 AM
Mos felt homey... Mos felt nice... sigh
Obviously not everyone felt equally comfortable. Cultivating a change in social atmosphere is easier if accompanied by a change in environment.
@Gallifreyan homely*
If we wind up wanting to customize the feeds later, I might suggest something like Palantir or Ansible.
(I'd vote for Hen Wen the Oracular Pig, but I suspect I'd be alone in that.)
@doppelgreener still showing as feeds
No M&TV feed yet
@AnkitSharma See this message
& the ones following, which are just above
10:18 AM
@Feeds Dupe of this?
Q: Why is breeding men and orcs considered evil?

DVK-on-Ahch-ToThere is a quote from the History of Middle-Earth (Morgoth's Ring) - supplied in dlanod's answer - that states: There is no doubt that long afterwards, in the Third Age, Saruman rediscovered this, or learned of it in lore, and in his lust for mastery committed this, his wickedest deed: the in...

Can someone confirm my thoughts
@BESW But Obie has historical meaning. Palantir is just a random name
Can we at least have feeds from Meta be called Meta Feeds?
@Edlothiad k, wait
@Edlothiad anyone think it's a dupe?
10:28 AM
Who is messing with feed names O,o
@AnkitSharma you?
No there is someone else too
'twas me ;)
@BESW seconded
Q: Movie where the protagonist trains to hold his breath longer to resist sleeping gas

user2823387My memory is quite fuzzy, so please bear with me. I am looking for a movie, where the protagonist has to escape a prison or psychiatric center. The convicts are put to sleep with gas, so the staff can enter the center. To escape, the protagonist trains by holding his breath to be able to wait f...

Q: What triggered Cisco power?

DeanWinchester07I just started watching The Flash series, currently in season 2. So, Cisco gained his power when season 1 is nearly coming to an end. He somehow also affected by the particle accelerator explosion, and why he doesn't know he has power until several years later? What has triggered his meta-human p...

Q: Iron Man further movie plans

Akshay ChawlaMarvel entertainment has released 3 blockbuster movies of Iron Man so far. Is there any official comment from Marvel Studios and/or the producers for further movies in the Iron Man franchise? "Word of God" only please, no opinions.

Q: Can White walkers speak?

CamoIn Game of Thrones, Can white walkers speak? I haven't read the books but don't see evidence to the affirmative in the TV series. If not, I'm interested in any communication theories.

Q: Why did Filius Flitwick's appearance change after first two movies?

SS.In the movie, Harry Potter and the philosopher's Stone/Sorcerer's stone, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Filius Flitwick the Charms professor's appearance is like this. But from the third movie, the appearance has changed. From the third movie, he looked young. This continued ...

10:30 AM
@M&TVFeeds that's nice
@JNat ohhh, no I need to get SFF meta image again. Rest all seems fine now
SQB has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
@Feeds @SQB what si that for?
@AnkitSharma I added xkcd.
Often on topic, generally appreciated.
10:32 AM
Infrequent enough not to be interruptive.
But might make for lighter atmosphere.
I'm contemplating other comics.
@SQB Can we leave that for meta to decide?
ha, that explains why I got in a sandwich definition discussion last week
Also what are the rules of dupeing specifics to general questions?
@AnkitSharma done
SQB has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
10:34 AM
@Ixrec same here.
@Edlothiad nope guess not
I've added Jack's comic (At Wit's End) as well — that's even less frequent than xkcd.
@Edlothiad Sorry, missed that.
You might want to try something like this for the feeds.
@SQB I guess if it's jack's it's fine
Hey @Jolenealaska
@BESW Good idea. Perhaps later; for now I'm gonna post a meta about this new room, telling people to be nice.
10:38 AM
@Edlothiad Hello
@SQB I hope your post includes carrot as well as stick.
@BESW will try to.
@JNat great
@Feeds tahts's noise @SQB
@doppelgreener could you please edit my message about the name of the chat room to replace Sprawl with Bridge?
@AnkitSharma Now it is because the feed is catching up, but it only comes out thrice a week.
10:43 AM
Every time you add a new feed to a chat, it posts the four or five most recent items in the feed before settling down to only post new ones as they come.
@SQB k but I think it's too early to make too many new feeds, keep them low for now and meta should be used to decide what more needed here
@AnkitSharma we can sue meta?
Hmm, Sueing meta....
@SQB yeah only on friday and full moon
@SQB Edited. How's that?
10:45 AM
tbh I think we erred on the side of too much bureaucracy with old Mos, feeds are really not a big deal as long as none of them are spammy
@doppelgreener that's great, thanks!
but two new ones on day one is probably a good stopping point anyway
@AnkitSharma Did you try to sue meta?
> Meta had deep violet eyes and long flowing black hair that fell to her thin waste. Her friends all loved it when she laughed b/c it made them feel warm and happy inside, but she didn't laugh very much. Meta was very sirius and very deep thoughts swirled behind her deep violent eyes. That was why everyone always asked her for advise.
Is that Sue enough?
@Ixrec that's my point but everyone is so concerned about my typo that my point got lost :D
10:48 AM
because this is a nice chat where we prefer fun and games to policy arguments
someone get Riker and his floofs in here
Q: How are Robin Hobb novels related to each other?

SekhemtyRobin Hobb has written many novels, that are part of several series, that in turn belong to a broader cycle called The Realm of the Elderlings. From what I have gathered, this cycle is composed by the following series: The Farseer trilogy (began in 1995) (the only one that I have read as today)...

What name and image should be used for At wits feed
For deciding xkcd was easy
@M&TVFeeds I have also added Arrowverse and Harry potter to the feed this time. I hop[e nobody mind that
@AnkitSharma No prob.
Q: General chat room: Cog/Diss

SQBAfter Mos Eisley was nuked from orbit, I've created a new room with a new name: Cog/Diss The Name Cog/Diss is named after the abbreviation for Cognitive Dissidents, a bar featured on several occasions in William Gibson's The Bridge trilogy. Thinking Twice Shog9 told us to think twice about c...

@SQB nice
@AnkitSharma I didn't have much time (at work) but perhaps short and sweet is better anyway.
10:59 AM
@SQB Cool.
@BESW seconded.
@SQB Do you mind if I add some cool bullet lists and fancy links to main meta?
@Gallifreyan Perhaps better as an "answer".
@SQB No, I mean just format your posts for a slightly improved readability.
@Gallifreyan O, go ahead.
11:04 AM
Q: General chat room: Cog/Diss

SQBAfter Mos Eisley was nuked from orbit, I've created a new room with a new name: Cog/Diss The Name Cog/Diss is named after the abbreviation for Cognitive Dissidents, a bar featured on several occasions in William Gibson's The Bridge trilogy. Thinking Twice Shog9 told us to think twice about c...

Funny guy:
A: Why did Gandalf not return to help Frodo and Sam?

user3900459Because he wanted to give u the chance to ask this question hundreds years later.

@Gallifreyan my first flag after 100 years here
@Gallifreyan I did some more formatting.
11:24 AM
Gallifreyan has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
A: General chat room: Cog/Diss

SQBOn Thinking Twice I am of course, only a fraction of the community. Also, I didn't consult the community nor did I take long to think twice, instead deciding on a name and creating the chat room. The reason for this is that I view a chat room essential to the community of a stack. So I feel tha...

Q: Story where the number 3 is the monster?

zompzI remember as a child (in the nineties) reading a story where the narrator was a little boy and how he was scared only twice a day – when the clock read 3:33. The 3's would be powerful enough (there were three of them at 3:33) to leave the clock in the boy's room for one minute and do what they w...

Q: Was Aragorn's claim to the throne legitimate?

user1027In a recent post to The Toast, Austin Gilkeson argues that Aragorn, son of Arathorn's claim to Gondor's throne is invalid. The author goes into various details, but the core argument is: Gondor’s own laws and rulers even recognized how ridiculous Aragorn’s claim was. Arvedui, the last king ...

Q: In Tolkien's world, are the Vanyar considered to be greater than the Noldor?

user22121I often read so, but couldn't find a specific quote. So did Tolkien say that or is this a generalization or assumption I am making? I know that Ingwë, the King of the Vanyar, is at the same time High King of all the Elves, and the Vanyar are also the closest in friendship to the Valar. But it i...

12:20 PM
So... new beginnings. Welcome, all.
Welcome yourself, too.
@Skooba Cute picture of a squirrel drinking water
@Skooba Is that Steeler water?
@Bellerophon the water of champions
12:35 PM
A: What were Saruman's most despicable deeds, and which is the worst?

Snapchat userThe TL;DR answer In this world: Orchestrating mass rapes is pretty close to a Class A felony. Doing so in the name of genetic engineering is Nuremberg material. In Tolkien's world: There is only one Creator, Eru Ilúvatar. Any other attempt at Creation/mutilation of Life is treason and attack ...

@Skooba Squirrel!
I need to get that squirrel GIF.
Took me a long time to find the favourite button. Is that a bad sign?
@Edlothiad Much obliged.
@Bellerophon yes
12:54 PM
also... seems relevant but I can't find it on the youtube
Can we change the room name? I like Cognitive Dissidents, but not Cog/Diss.
Dissidents might inviting the "wrong kinda of people"
Cognitive people who obey every rule to the letter?
I doubt those people would be attracted to a room with that name lol
How about something broadly recognisable as a gathering place in sci-fi/fantasy?
How about the Hogs Head? The Three Broomsticks?
12:56 PM
@DrRDizzle just go to the quill and tankard :P
the real question: should we decide this via Meta thread or via just talking in chat here
@DrRDizzle what was the place in Hitchhikers?
@Ixrec meta thread of course
@Skooba The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Good call.
meta thread right now isn't really an option since it'll devolve into "you shouldn't have created another chat room" and other unrelated arguments
The Prancing Pony
12:58 PM
@Edlothiad I was going to suggest that.
For the record, if we decide to rename this room, I'll be voting for "Lux".
@Ixrec well that could just as easily happen here. both solutions are the same... delete comments/move messages to trash
What about The Enterprise? Everyone knows what it is, it's sci-fi, it's a vision of the future and harmony, and it quite literally means an undertaking, the start of something new.
@Skooba except we have the power to move messages, we do not have the power to delete comments
I agree with this name.
12:59 PM
The Last Homely House
I'm cool with pretty much all of these names for the record
@Ixrec maybe we should wait for a mod to start the meta thread then
Nah, Lux is the best.
Q: Did Gene Wolfe make up any words for The Book of the New Sun?

tobiasvlI've read that Gene Wolfe strove to not make up any words in The Book of the New Sun. The book uses a lot of strange words that at first glance seem made up, but are actually archaic or non-English words that most readers won't be familiar with. Example: The northern human tribe/race "the Ascian...

Q: What happens when a pregnant Time Lady or her baby dies?

er-hanJust came to my mind, while reading other Doctor Who tagged questions: I wonder about regenerating of a pregnant Time Lady and her baby. There are 3 different situations: Mother dies, baby lives: Does the mother regenerate? Mother lives, baby dies: Does the baby regenerate? Mother dies, baby ...

but i dont see how we could decide a new name in chat. you need to give all time zones a chance to vote
1:00 PM
Speaking of mods, why none of the site mods are here?
Rand usually arrives at this time.
@AJ probably in "meetings"
@Skooba Is it really that important a question? Just name it what we want now, and if anyone has a problem later on, talk to them then
@AJ Dunno. Haven't added them as ROs, but they don't need to be to do their thing.
@DrRDizzle It was for Mos
start crying uncontrollably
... it... WAS... for...... Mos.......
@Skooba It was for what now? I don't remember that name.
1:02 PM
sobbing continues
@DrRDizzle Hasn't SQB essentially done that with Cos/Diss. Why can't we leave it as that for now and change it later when the bad stuff has blown over.
@AJ He said he'd be mostly AFK for this week. And the next week. And maybe the week after that.
@Bellerophon Cog/Diss imho sounds bad
I repeat that a meta thread right now is almost certainly out of the question until things blow over
@Bellerophon Because Cog/Diss sounds like a room for people who are really into gears and insults.
1:03 PM
One of the site moderators seems to be around-ish. For now I'm hanging around here so that there's a moderator available.
I saw it this morning and was pretty hesitant to go in
Ankit Sharma ♦ is also around.
@doppelgreener WE thank you for your service
No that Cognitive Dissidents sounds bad, I like that, but we can't really have that as a name
@Gallifreyan OK. There isn't any site related thing that made him AFK, is there?
1:04 PM
@doppelgreener Not the hero we deserve but the hero we need
@Skooba 👍 🖖
Or something batman-y like that
Does anyone in here have an objection to changing the name to The Prancing Pony? I agree that, as much as I like William Gibson and his ability to come up with names of bars like other writers do with planets, Cognitive Dissidents is not the best choice.
@SQB Sounds good to me.
@SQB I'd rather a sci-fi name than a fantasy one TBH
1:07 PM
@DrRDizzle I'd rather a fantasy one.
Purely because of the planet background
@DrRDizzle The Prancing Dissidents
A Planet background can be fantasy-y
> dissidents (n.): a person who opposes official policy, especially that of an authoritarian state.
might not be the most tactful choice for a name
@doppelgreener Ye but a Prancing Dissident is surely the nicest kind of dissident
1:09 PM
Okay, so how about The Restaurant at the End of the Universe?
I like that. Seems chill.
@SQB I like that.
go for it, the only reason I didn't change the name already is I wanted you @SQB to have some input
Are comedy skits that involve pedophiles ok?
@Edlothiad ?
1:09 PM
I have no idea what you're asking about but I'm going to assume no
@Edlothiad I'm going to put my money on "No, is that some kind of joke, look at the position we're already in you mentalist".
@Ixrec @DrRDizzle Ok. I mean it's just a standup comedy skit, but yes
Hello @sphennings
@AJ No he just has some real life stuff.
room topic changed to The Restaurant at the End of the Universe: General discussion for — both on and off topic, but please be nice (no tags)
1:11 PM
What about Lux?
@Gallifreyan What even is that?
We'll figure that out later on meta, for now I want to get rid of any dissidents.
@DrRDizzle It's the piano bar Lucifer opens in LA when he abandons Hell.
@Gallifreyan Sounds edgy.
@SQB I'll go then.
1:13 PM
Can we name it after the bar in LA LA land?
@DrRDizzle It's the best place in LA.
Hum, Goes looking for his good friend Marvin
Do not impersonate Himarm or Valorum. Impersonating another user is a bad decision at the best of times, and at the moment with those two people, it's just flat-out a terrible idea.
In the interests of Not Fun(tm), Not Actually Himarm is suspended for an hour, within which time I hope someone (perhaps themselves) will reverse the impersonation.
@FuzzyBoots Greetings :)
29 messages moved to Trash
1:24 PM
Here, "Not Fun(tm)" is me sarcastically referring to the fact y'all have some cultural issues to resolve, and pretending to be users who were far over the line is not a good idea. This isn't a situation to make light of.
Q: YA sci-fi/fantasy story collection (most notable story being about a dinosaur-possessed crane)

DrearyBasically, I remember having this old paperback (which was apparently published in the 70s, although I think my Dad got it second-hand) which was a small anthology of various fantasy/sci-fi/horror short stories for young adults (of course it was published in the 70s so it was better written than ...

@doppelgreener Agreed.
@Skooba Thank you for changing back. I have removed your suspension.
@Ixrec awww. all my messges
I gotta bring some squirrels back in here now
1:29 PM
yes, squirrels are good
@doppelgreener much obliged
@DrRDizzle This is Hell Squirell, he's got my back. He could eat you all with one bite, just like clearing a plate. I advise you not get killed by him - his teeth traps the souls of its victims.
1:34 PM
@Ixrec what about having kiwi and squirrel in same place
@DrRDizzle This is Fabulous Squirrel, he saves all those souls.... and looks damn good doing it.
Well, I'm off now. I'll probably see you all later.
1:52 PM
Anybody used moonpig before and no if it's any good?
Hey @Voronwë!!
Hmm, I don't see why your updated question is attracting Downvotes or Close votes? If it does get closed, we can just reopen it though
Also anybody know what the quality of rugby in the US is and whether they have games on Thursday/Friday nights?

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