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12:00 AM
I am here as well.
yeah but I checked the reviews here this morning
@Jenayah Ah, so I falsely suspected you.
I didn't realize that you realized that I was talking about Mi Yodeya (where you don't have the ability to check). I thought you were just being a little lazy.
> I'm posting that here instead of SFF Meta, as I think it could happen elsewhere on the network, but it's not something I can easily check (as SFF is the only site where I'm >10k and can access review history).
You didn't read past the "bug" section? :P
12:08 AM
@Jenayah I did, but I wasn't thinking of that when I posted here.
According to the Talmud, I should beg your pardon and bless you: From this we learn that one who suspects his neighbour of a fault which he has not committed must beg his pardon; nay more, he must bless him,
oh well, apology and blessing accepted :P
@Jenayah In fact, I was going to comment that this was the first time I've seen a documentation of duplicate searching.
@Jenayah Well I haven't done it yet.
I hereby apologize for suspecting you falsely.
In Yiddish they say something like: aleh maylis (hope I got that right).
12:14 AM
What does it mean?
Kind of a blessing to have all the virtues.
Which I can loosely extend to having all good things in general.
Anyway, back to the topic, so far I have only found one edit that wasn't either suggested by me or reviewed by me (not counting original creation edits).
So still no bug...
12:56 AM
A: Short story about space sheep and an inflatable doll

AysheOld MacDonald had a space farm by M. S. Goodall - a isolated farmer of Wrigglets goes mad with loneliness. It's been included in Science Fantasy Stories. The sffchronicles.com thread from the comments links to previous scifi.stackexchange.com question and someone has been been searching for it ...

Tried to edit this but failed; the thread linked mentions two similarly named stories, one which is by Mike Resnick and does not match (except in very broad ways) and one by an "M.G. Goodall" which I found LITERALLY nothing about (and nothing about the author, either.)
@Stormblessed You tried to edit the question, or the answer?
@Alex The linked answer
@Stormblessed What do you mean by "tried... but failed"?
I don't see any edits there?
Did you not save it?
Or are you already at the limit?
@Alex It mentioned one thing with a link to a thread
@Stormblessed they have a ISFDb page isfdb.org/cgi-bin/ea.cgi?125404
1:01 AM
But the thread mentioned two stories
@Jenayah I was trying to improve it, but that was not the right story
I found literally nothing about the one by "MG Goodall"
@Stormblessed But what did you try to edit?
mmmmh... In that case I think your best course of action is to leave a comment along the lines of "hey answerer, I browsed a bit but that doesn't seem to match? What gives?"
@Stormblessed MS Goodall; I don't know the author but ISFDb does isfdb.org/cgi-bin/ea.cgi?125404 so that's good enough I'd say
@Alex I was trying to fix the fact that it mentioned one story that seems to match but not having much about it
All there is are a reddit post and another SF SE question
funny though... "Old MacDonald has a space farm" doesn't appear on their ISFDb page
@Stormblessed I don't see any edit history.
1:05 AM
@Alex I think what Stormblessed means is that they wanted to edit a summary or some quotes, but couldn't because they didn't find any - hence they "failed" at their edit attempt
@Alex I didn't edit it because I found very little to add
(Stormblessed - you're a guy, right?)
@Stormblessed Oh, I thought you were saying that the edit function didn't work.
It's just weird that three different people remember it but there's nothing about it online
@Alex Oh, got it
@Jenayah Ah, I misunderstood.
1:10 AM
@Stormblessed that happens... But maybe the local short stories expert will have the text and transcribe some :)
@Jenayah how do you check your question record?
I need a positive one for a badge
I remember I asked some really crappy ones when I first made an SF.SE account.
Not that useful, but would make sense if meta.scifi goes to scifi.meta
Unless you have a bunch of deleted questions you look okay.
@Alex How do I tell if it is positive
@Alex I have two with negative scores lol
@Stormblessed That's weird
Chat doesn't make links with weird TLDs like .tv clickable
@Stormblessed you do the math here:
@Stormblessed That is a lot dumber, though
1:14 AM
A: How is a "positive question record" calculated?

CaiThe List of all badges with full descriptions explains the criteria: A positive question record means you don't have too many closed, downvoted or deleted questions, overall. The formula is (total questions - negative questions - closed - deleted)/total questions ≥ 0.5` Questions that...

It doesn't get .co.jp
Q: Asking days badges

Jon EricsonA couple of months ago, I suggested a set of badges for asking questions. The responses were... mixed. The top answer can be summarized: In practice, all this would do is encourage people to ask yet more stupid, worthless questions and we have quite enough of that as it is. We believe that ...

@Stormblessed I think it lacks the https://www at the start
1:15 AM
> (total questions - negative questions - closed - deleted)/total questions >= 0.5
@Jenayah Oh
@Jenayah So I need way more than one more positive question
Weird that doesn't need an https://
@Stormblessed well no, as it is now a new question with a postive score would grant you the badge
How do I tell who starred a thing?
oh wait I think I do remember some questions of yours that don't show up on your profile - did they got deleted?
@Stormblessed you can't, it's like votes, it's anonymized
@Jenayah I deleted them
They were crap
I learned that you should read the rules of random websites you make accounts on
1:19 AM
(I think a bug used to exist about one being able to tell who starred what, but it got fixed IIRc)
@Jenayah I think moderators can see them.
@Stormblessed something about reading GLs or HJ&GLC, something about Rebirth Superman?
@Stormblessed You actually made it worse for yourself, because now they count double.
What was that song @Jenayah? Not on youtube here
@Alex Dang
1:21 AM
@Stormblessed Depeche Mode - Enjoy the silence
@Jenayah Is it French?
@Stormblessed not at all, they're Brits :)
Does this one work?
Weird it's available in France but not here, I thought the EU was much stricter about copyright than here
@Jenayah No
@Stormblessed hmmm... what's weird is that emimusic (the channel) is the music producer/publisher/whatever
so it's like 100% official
@Jenayah I know!
Wait never mind
@Jenayah Works
Q: Cartoon movie: man turned into crow helps a girl who rescues scraficed children

Maria682Cartoon movie about a man who is turned into a crow and a girl who tries to help kids who are sacrifices. She gets in trouble with the leader of some sort of devils or demons and the crow helps her get away.

I was gonna say it was that EMI is Parlophone here but it's the other way around.
@Alex So, like a girl with all the gifts?
1:24 AM
Maybe it's just that Warner Bros. removed those from America after buying it?
no idea
@RDFozz Is that a reference to something?
it seems weird as they're the "source" one and they got a shitton of views
the first one's got 141 million
The Girl with All the Gifts is a science-fiction novel by M.R. Carey, published in June 2014 by Orbit Books, based on his 2013 Edgar Award nominated short story Iphigenia In Aulis and written concurrently with the screenplay for the 2016 film. It deals with a dystopian future in which most of humanity is wiped out by a fungal infection. == Characters == Melanie – test subject number one, a host of the Ophiocordyceps unilateralis fungal infection. She has a brilliant intellect. Very fair skin, long hair, about ten years old. Miss Helen Justineau – a compassionate teacher with a psychology...
@Alex The Girl With All The Gifts - They made a movie of it.
1:27 AM
@RDFozz Are "the gifts" positive?
^ and M. R. Carey is also known as Mike Carey. Prolific comics writer, perhaps best remembered for the first volume of Lucifer, from Vertigo.
@Stormblessed humanity's been ravaged by a Cordyceps fungus? Meh... The Last of Us got there first :P
@Alex Gee, I'd have to have read it to know that. :-)
@RDFozz Joe?
@Jenayah That's definitely not what I originally intended.
@RDFozz Ah, I didn't realize you hadn't.
1:30 AM
@Alex So you didn't imagine me as a Clicker? (warning mild horror image)
@Alex Wouldn't have expected you to. :-) I like his stuff too much to plow through it real fast.
@Jenayah It fits your geese-slaying proclivities.
six months left :)
For whaat?
@Alex What?
1:32 AM
If that's what happens if you kill a goose, I'd try to avoid doing so.
@Alex The Last of Us 2 :)
Dec 30 '18 at 21:32, by Jenayah
@Alex visual aid:
Subtitled Electric Boogaloo like all #2 movies :-)
Seriously, people - check The Last of Us out. Here's the trailer (warning, mature audiences, survival horror - but not dumb horror!).
I'm not saying play it, but if you ever not know what to do with three hours of yours time, watch the game movie (basically they edit the cutscenes together, cut the "redundant" game parts, to make it look like a movie). It's really worth the watch, the story is entertaining, the characters are GREAT, and the graphics are AWESOME.
It's also a fun experience to watch a game movie for the first time :)
You can find a ton of summaries online, but basically: it's been 20 years since a fungi ravaged humanity, turning the infected into zombie-like creatures (the image above? Not even the final stage). So humanity survives in strongholds organized by military-like forces, black market is a thing, so far nothing really new.
The story follows a mid-40s guy called Joel who's involved in some smuggling
Some day he and his partner are asked to escort a teenage girl to another stronghold. Things go a little bit... haywire, and the trip takes longer than expected
I watched a Let's Play of it, since I'm not a console person. But it's nice indeed.
1:45 AM
(it's kind of hard not to spoil anything, although I'll admit some things are pretty predictible - what's so special about the girl, why a character isn't on the game's jacket)
But...I'd hesitate to call it a milestone of originality. But still, quite well-made even if the story is known.
but basically, check it out :)
@NapoleonWilson admittedly the most original is probably the zombie evoution (Runners/Clcikers/etc), even if it's not that uncommon for a video game to begin with. Still, it was nice not to have a "zombie game" which isn't just about shooting zombies (and the occasional foe survivor group)
And those graphics :) my opinion only, but it really added to the "wow" feeling
2:40 AM
Should I watch Star Trek?
I liked the third recent movie (seen nothing else from it except a few tiny bits of old episodes someone showed me)
I'm not the biggest ST fan out there, so I can't really answer that :) surely others here can, though
Not me.
But the Finnish spoof series Star Wreck is definitely worth a watch if you're in the mood for a movie but only have two neurons available
And I don't think there's anyone else currently actively here.
Depends what you mean with Star Trek, though.
There's about 5 million different TV shows and they can be quite different. If you're not a hardcore Star Trek person, you might only like some of it.
The films are definitely all watchable and quite accessible for "normal" people who enjoy entertaining science-fiction films.
3:10 AM
@Jenayah I was just editing questions to add the tag after adding a tag excerpt (I noticed you approved some of them), but now I'm having second thoughts. Should I edit questions just to add tags?
Maybe first ask if there even should be a character tag for Bender to begin with? o_O
@Stormblessed depends. Watch for other things to edit as well (alt text, dead links - basically what I improved in that one scifi.stackexchange.com/posts/9612/revisions); while you're bumping questions it's better to clean everything at once.
I'd advise against bumping 3+ questions about exactly the same thing at once, though. Because then a third of the homepage is about one single thing which isn't great :/
@NapoleonWilson There are a LOT of questions about him
@Stormblessed title:bender [futurama] is a better query to search for the relevant oens
I assume those questions actually are about him then (although, the search suggests they just contain the word "bender")?
3:17 AM
@Jenayah how did Community approve this?
Ah, also - keep in mind that usually, one shouldn't have their name on more than 5 of the 15 top posts (for edits; answers are different, per common sense). Cf this meta scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/a/9853/98028
@Stormblessed I improved the edit. As I have "instant" edit privileges, that got it out of review queue
More info here:
Q: Why does the Community user approve and reject edits?

ZyerahWhy does the Community user sometimes approve or reject edits? How does a machine know if my edit is valid? What does it mean if my edit was rejected by Community? See also: Who is the Community user? How do suggested edits work? Return to FAQ Index

@Jenayah So it shows Community to represent instant approval?
Basically, what I'd suggest is browse through questions, put the ones you think you could suggest an edit on in your favorites, and then suggest edits on different topics, in order to keep a "diverse" homepage (like edit one Star Trek, one 40k, one story-id etc, you get the idea)
@Stormblessed basically
if you check the revision history scifi.stackexchange.com/posts/9612/revisions you'll see that there was an infinitesimal amount of time where you were the editor, then the ameliorations I put took over
For what it's worth: I'm skipping the suggested edits on Bender because I think the homepage has enough Bender questions already, but that's not enough of a valid reject reason (in my mind). Hence, I'm letting others approve/reject (yeah I'm basically giving them the baby)
@Jenayah Have you changed your mind?
Nov 7 '18 at 21:43, by Jenayah
@Alex I think so
^^ telling you this just so you know why I don't approve/reject (at least for the Bender ones) while still being present :)
@Alex literallly four lines after that:
Nov 7 '18 at 21:45, by Jenayah
If it's just answers it should be fine, I guess... but there's enough brewing to ensure such a situation doesn't really occur...
3:28 AM
Jan 2 at 23:38, by Alex
@Jenayah You're making me feel foolish again.
well you did once said that context was overrated
Did I, now?
Because I also said:
2 days ago, by Alex
I mean, there are plenty of messages in here calling people dumb, stupid, foolish, etc. but in context they were clearly said jokingly.
And I've also said:
Jan 1 at 0:46, by Alex
But I've never contradicted anything.
Nov 28 '18 at 20:34, by Alex
@Jenayah Context is overrrated.
yesterday, by Jenayah
I was being rhethorical
@Alex way more than four lines after...
3:32 AM
And you're trying to thwart my searching abilities with misspellings.
What misspellings?
In case it wasn't clear: the rhetorical wasn't referring to my original comment about context; it was referring to my "Did I, now?"
Also you know, I wonder at what point we'll have discussed so much stuff with so many reusable lines, we'll only talk through oneboxed transcripts and it still making sense
@Jenayah rhethorical.
ah indeed
I was squinting my eyes at "overrated" wondering what could be wrong with that
3:34 AM
Is it lazy to take tag descriptions from other sites?
@Jenayah I'm almost certain we've actually already discussed this itself.
I want to take one from
@Stormblessed Dang, thought that would look cooler
@Stormblessed yes, but it's acceptable if you clearly state the source (for instance: scifi.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/139064)
In excerpts it's less "intuitive" to put a source
@Jenayah Where should I put it?
I want to steal one to make the site better more quickly
(Totally my only motivation...)
@Stormblessed exceprt should be just about what the tag is about and how it should be used. Body is a more thorough description, with references and such. You put the sources there
@Stormblessed in that case, either reword it a bit (surely it can be improved?) or go all the way and make both an excerpt and a body, and state in the body that excerpt is partially taken from Anime.SE
3:39 AM
Dang, I can't edit any more
Out of pending ones
@Jenayah That's dumb, Facebook
I can't watch the video :(
@Alex Can't find anything explicit right now, but these allude to it:
Nov 15 '18 at 17:23, by TheLethalCarrot
You guys need to start nesting these
Dec 11 '18 at 20:23, by Alex
It's more fun.
Q: Did Gandalf already know Boromir before the Council of Elrond?

TheMathemagician ‘Here,’ said Elrond, turning to Gandalf, ‘is Boromir, a man from the South’. Since Gandalf had visited Minas Tirith many times and was well-known to both Denethor and Faramir how was it that he didn't already know Boromir?

Q: Fanfic Ron/hermione, recovery from bellatrix torture

TessdyDoes anyone remember the name or author of a popular fanfic on Ff.net (several hundred favs), Ron spends a few chapters believing hermione to be dead, but she remains hostage by Bellatrix. Fic spent a lot of time focusing on her recovery, she struggles to speak for many chapters. It was completed...

I don't have a Facebook and Facebook is creepy so I won't make a Facebook
@Stormblessed Here on Twitter :)
Puppies and a mini obstacle course. Simply too cute! https://t.co/lvyad7SFWq
(no account needed)
Thanks for the adorable video 🐶🐶
3:47 AM
eheh you're welcome :D
also, duly noted -next time I post a video floof, I'll make sure it's not on Facebook ;)
careful @Stormblessed - you're on 7/15 ;)
4:05 AM
@Stormblessed you mean currently pending ones or in total?
(if there are pendin gones, they're not in yet)
@Jenayah Speaking of which, your trick didn't work for me.
right now?
if there is no next edit it's normal it doesn't work
@Jenayah No, when you mentioned it.
not sure I get what you mean
talk technical stuff :P
Jan 2 at 4:54, by Jenayah
@Alex browse the possible IDs
4:10 AM
@Jenayah in total
Still a ton of un-described tags
@Stormblessed ah! then yes, indeed :)
@Stormblessed some of them are better edited out than documented, though
@Jenayah what do you think of , then?
There are SO MANY questions involving him I think it’s good
and even then there are described ones that aren't really useful... has been on my kill list for some time :P
@Stormblessed I'm not the biggest fan of character tags but 1/ they're in use 2/ Futurama tag has a lot of questions so it's not completely unjustified (would be for characters of a Final Destination movie, for instance) 3/ other people approved it so if that's what people want... :)
For the record I'm mainly against Harry Potter character tags
because they get used for really nothing
I guess it happens with ST/SW character tags too but I don't worry too much about those so meh
4:25 AM
@Jenayah Except fanfiction combinations.
@Alex especially for those
you don't put a Hermion tag just because the fanfic has Hermione in it
@Jenayah Well then we would end up with .
Tag overload!
*tag overflow
just the three first ones are relevant
4:28 AM
@Jenayah Yet the others still exist.
I know
Is anyone an expert in ?
By the way, pretty good.
That's all from one answer.
I know
@Alex ?
4:31 AM
@Jenayah Your translation was quite accurate.
final translation wasn't mine, Valorum fetched it from Duck knows where ;)
@Alex ah! thanks :)
@Jenayah I know. I was comparing your translation to the quotes he found.
4:50 AM
@Marvin I think I regret searching for this.
Q: Story with female scientist having sex with a self aware computer

FlatlineI read this story a long time ago. A female researcher is working with a budding AI and in the process she discovers sexual gratification. Interaction was via sensors and remote sex toy control escalating at the end to a full sensory suite. I think the last line in the story goes something li...

Well, this is going to be an interesting one to Google for ... — Rand al'Thor ♦ Nov 10 '18 at 22:03
"50 billion results found."Valorum Nov 10 '18 at 22:18
Eh. Now I'm stuck with a story.
Oct 7 '18 at 19:53, by Mithrandir
Aug 16 at 13:13, by Rand al'Thor
in The Reading Room, Jan 22 '17 at 23:25, by DVK-in-Florida
@b_jonas I was once informed about a fanfic shipping a great squid and Dumbledore's chair. At that point, I realized people just treat HP fanfic as a homework in combinatorics.
Q: Fanfic where Hermione finds out she's a Zabini, marries Draco, has a fight with him, and flees to Italy

anonI'm looking for the name of a dramione fanfic, where Hermione finds out she's a Zabini and that she has to get married to Draco. They get married but they fight and Hermione moves to Italy with some other Zabini family members. Basically, Draco feels a burn on his ring (which means Hermione is/...

A true masterpiece...
that one seemed to have rather enough unique stuff to be found
5:18 AM
How do I see every message I've sent here?
@Jenayah Searching for stuff said by me without saying what didn't work
Trying to find the link to my question about that educational manga to copy a bunch of it into a Literature question
oh it's just for the link then?
@Jenayah just found this
I'm not sure how to search for all messages one posted in a room
(for this one I just went to chat.stackexchange.com/users/388410/named?tab=recent and since you didn't post much yet it was easy to fetch)
@Named You can see all your recent messages here:
@Alex gets messy if user talked in several rooms though doesn't it?
5:23 AM
@Jenayah It could, but it sorts them by room.
ah, nevermind then
Like so:
Q: Educational manga about

NamedI tried to ask this on Science Fiction but it was off-topic. I remember, in kindergarten to first grade (late 2000s or early 2010s), reading a kids' comic book from the public library. I think it featured some sort of mad scientist who somehow taught scientific things. He looked like Einstein w...

Q: Educational manga about a mad scientist

NamedI tried to ask this on Science Fiction but it was off-topic. I remember, in kindergarten to first grade (late 2000s or early 2010s), reading a kids' comic book from the public library. I think it featured some sort of mad scientist who somehow taught scientific things. He looked like Einstein w...

(Fixed the title)
Q: Are Mr. Poopybutthole, Noob-noob and Stealy of the same [alien] species?

ShreedharHas it ever been revealed (or mentioned) by the creators of Rick and Morty that whether Mr. Poopybutthole, and Stealy belong to the same species (alien or otherwise)? Additionally, although Noob-noob is a bit distinctive (in skin tone), is it ever possible that even he too, belongs to the same ...

Maybe the folks there will find/recognize it then j
5:49 AM
Q: Identifying the writing inside T'Challa's shoes in this scene

ShreedharFollowing up on the question asked here, what does the inscription inside the shoes mean?

6:36 AM
Q: Has Blob Ever Been Shown to Be Injured by Electrocution?

Gothamite24One of the main reasons I have started to wonder about this recently, is I can't find any instances of this happening, although I imagine that there are several characters who could use electrocution as a means of assault. Can anyone help?

7:02 AM
Q: What date does 'Ender's Game' take place?

Rob KaneDoes the book ever specify the date of when the story takes place?

7:37 AM
Q: Is anything known about science fiction illustrator Martin Key?

John OMartin Key is listed as the illustrator in the debut issue of "Worlds of If" magazine, March 1952. The cover illustration is this: Wikipedia has nothing. Amazon has nothing (not surprising, maybe 1 in 20 of the classic pulp illustrators will have an art book). I have no proof the man ever exis...

@Jenayah open secret - that page has hidden pagination
Add a &page=2 at the end of the URL
7:52 AM
Ruddy brilliant!
Q: Is there a connection between Dr who "The happiness patrol" and Dr who "Smile"

theta basil foremanI was wondering due to in both episodes unhappiness is outlawed and if you are sad you will die, also that I wonder if "Smile" might be a sort of prequel to "The happiness patrol" is this possible as in is there any in canon reports to prove this or am I just making it up?

8:18 AM
Actually, y'all should just use all of these. Makes things so much easier :P
May 15 '17 at 13:07, by Mithrandir
@LocutusofBorg you fool...
I've already pled guilty to being a fool multiple times.
Just a few hours ago, in fact:
5 hours ago, by Alex
Jan 2 at 23:38, by Alex
@Jenayah You're making me feel foolish again.
Why don't you use scripts?
Because I'm a fool?
8:30 AM
No, I mean the actual reason. ;)
Or have I mixed up correlation and causation?
just don't go mixing cauterization in there also
@Mithrandir Eh, I prefer not to modify things in ways I don't understand.
@Alex You're missing out...
@Mithrandir So I've been told.
4 hours later…
12:16 PM
Q: Is there any more information about the golden fleet?

Richard CHaving read the Tallarn book one aspect really confused me. At one point a fleet named the golden fleet, arrives led by a rogue trader named Sangrea mistress of the Eagle Claw. The fleet is stated as being made up of mercenaries with 300 ultramarine warriors also on board. The fleet is only d...

Q: Why was there not a firestorm at Tallarn?

Richard CAt Istvaan after the planet is virus bombed, the decaying matter creates a large amount of flammable gas (methane etc) in the atmosphere. One of the ships fires into the atmosphere then igniting the atmosphere as if it where a match. The firestorm engulfs the whole planet burning everything and c...

12:47 PM
Q: Why does Hayley decide to stay?

Nikita NeganovIn The Originals s5e06 Hayles undergoes binding and becomes a vampire, not a hybrid, therefore she is no longer able to survive daylight. On the other hand, there's Roman who has a daylight ring, so why does Hayley stay instead of just taking Roman's ring and leaving with Hope?

1:12 PM
1 hour later…
2:17 PM
Hello! Would anyone be up for telling me what they think of my short story? It's like 1500 long so not too strenuous. :)
2:58 PM
Q: Why didn't they make Harry change into another person in the Battle of the Seven Potters?

NobleEagleI never thought much about the Battle of the Seven Potters at the beginning of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 when watching it the first time. Now after rewatching, I'm wondering why The Order didn't use a double decoy instead...to make Harry change to another person while the rest ...

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