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1:59 AM
Q: SciFi writer’s stories are plagiarized from the future

Kelly W.An author of science fiction repeatedly finds that no sooner has he published a new work than he finds that that it appears as though he had plagiarized it because it is suddenly listed as an already published work. The author suspects a time-traveler, from the future, copies his stories then tr...

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3:40 AM
Q: Looking for an old cartoon

MichaelI am looking for an animated TV series which was probably made in the 80s or 90s. The main character had red hair The cartoon is set in a post apocaliptic environment and the character lives with his mother and and old man, his mentor i guess with a nomadic group In one early episode on of the...

4:28 AM
Q: Did Iron Man take any blame for the events of Avengers vs X-Men?

NikolaiDanteAfter the events of Avengers vs X-Men and Wolverine is pretty clear on who to blame - Cyclops. But without the actions of Iron Man in Avengers vs X-Men #5: The Phoenix Force would have gone into Hope, instead of the "Phoenix Five": Was Iron Man ever really held accountable for this? I'm...

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7:46 AM
Q: Did Count Dooku know about Order 66?

LincolnManSince Count Dooku worked closely with Darth Sidious to undermine the Republic both internally and externally, he might have known about Order 66. He could have used the Clone Troopers to destroy the Jedi himself. Or he could have turned the troopers against Darth Sidious and ended the destructive...

8:06 AM
Q: When did the Separatist Movement start within the Galactic Republic?

LincolnManWhen and how did the Separatist Movement begin? I am asking about the separatists before they officially became the Confederacy of Independent Systems. In the second movie, the separatists have gathered on Geonosis before they have announced their intentions to leave the Galactic Republic. The w...

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10:27 AM
@TheLethalCarrot I started editing for the title, then got so distracted by all the misspellings in the body, that I forgot about the title.
Thanks for picking it up.
No worries, I've done the same thing a few times
Q: How did Aladdin trick Genie inside the cave with his first wish?

Steve NoelIn Aladdin (2019), by rewinding, Genie reminds Aladdin that he already used his third wish to get out of the cave but Aladdin argues that it didn’t count as his wish. How did Aladdin trick Genie inside the cave ?

@Marvin isn't the more recognisable name? Shouldn't we use that for the tag, with as a synonym?
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1:31 PM
Q: What's the name of this movie (Definitely not Hollywood)

Pramod BeemaAs mentioned in the title of this question, the movie I remember is not from Hollywood, below are some of the scene references. (Theme of the story is people get trapped in certain places (with recurring food and water for their survival) and have no connection with the outside world and ultimat...

2:12 PM
Q: Was Batman ever issued a ticket for his infractions?

ShreedharThis question asks if Batman could be arrested for driving an unregistered vehicle, in the real world. The answer, of course, being a clear yes. In the comics, Batman commits several infractions on a daily basis, some of which that come to mind are over-speeding, damage to public property, drivi...

2:54 PM
@Jenayah Congrats on the story-id gold badge! (I just noticed.) Nice!
Oh congrats, nice
3:07 PM
Q: Trying to locate source of a story about Japanese storyteller's apprentice who is mistaken for a master

Simon KI'm trying to locate the source of a story I remember, for an essay I'm writing. Not sure if the story is fact, fiction, or legend. It concerns an apprentice to a master storyteller in Japan (Rakugo I think). The master makes the apprentice practice the same bit of the same story over and over, n...

3:28 PM
Wow, congrats, @Jenayah!
3:57 PM
I just read elsewhere on the internet that Terry Jones died. I checked Sci Fi Meta for an obituary, and indeed there is one.
Q: RIP Terry Jones

Rand al'ThorTerry Jones - actor, writer, comedian, screenwriter, and director - has died just short of his 78th birthday. He was of course most famous for his work as part of Monty Python, starring in roles such as Mr Creosote and the mother of Brian the not-messiah, as well as directing the three films Mont...

4:52 PM
Thanks all! :) @DavidW @TheLethalCarrot @SQB
Q: Brian Aldiss short story about caveats of advanced military technology

MephistophelesI'm trying to remember a short story I read many years ago about the negative side of developing and deploying advanced weapons technology in an SF setting. I think the story was written by Brian Aldiss.

@Marvin Probably Clarke's "Superiority" though the question is a bit thin.
I don't know, ask @Jenayah she's the expert ;P
In short stories? Certainly not :)
@DavidW answer it then :)
5:14 PM
Q: Was the outcome of the galactic civil war pre-determined by Dooku and Sidious?

Michael StachowskyI get that the entire point of the civil war was to install Palpatine as emperor. However, it feels that could have been accomplished had the separatists won. Is there any canonical information regarding whether Dooku and Sidiuous pre-planned the ending of the civil war?

5:35 PM
Q: Ready Player One - Book references in the film to 'Wargames'?

Pat DobsonFinally got around to watching the film version of 'Ready Player One'. Obviously the film doesn't stick to the book when it comes to the tasks/tests but I did notice references to the main book themes: Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Wade buys and uses a 'Holy Hand-Grenade' 2112 by Rush - Ha...

6:15 PM
Q: Did anything happen to the Vorlons after they assassinated Deathwalker?

just_happen_to_knowIn season 1 episode 9 the Vorlons assassinate the Dilgar scientist Deathwalker. They did this pretty openly. Was there any diplomatic consequences of killing Deathwalker for the Vorlons?

There it is, the "Exponential Field" is the one I recall where two same-size screws from different parts of the ship will no longer interchange. — Zeiss Ikon 55 mins ago
Fridge Horror: If that applies to the crew too, and there's no obvious reason it wouldn't, then every one of them will die when they can't properly metabolize normal food anymore. They might not even be able to breathe; it'll be worse than Anathem.
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7:57 PM
Q: Is The Doctor on her 3rd set of regenerations?

SpacePhoenixI was reading in the news today that it's been confirmed that Jo Martin's Doctor is an actual regeneration of the Doctor. How can that be when all 12 regenerations of her previous regeneration cycle have been accounted for (the one where the "duplicate" Doctor is created counts). The only regen...

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10:19 PM
Q: Short story where aliens think cars are the dominant life form

Red It's not HGttG and it isn't a poem. It was like a page long and it was in my textbook in high school circa early 2000s in CA, USA. I remember there were aliens and they were talking about how humans aren't evolved enough yet to contact (we still use meat flaps to communicate) and that clearly c...

11:15 PM
Jan 22 '19 at 2:02, by Jenayah
I wonder what I'll get first, gold story-id tag badge or ahead of you in terms or Revivals ;)
Interestingly, my most recent Revival was on my own question.
11:34 PM
Apr 30 '19 at 15:34, by Jenayah
@Alex ah then no I don't really wonder. I think gold badge will come first
posted on January 28, 2020 by Justine

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