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Q: Cartoon Series with a man in black clothing making a metal/rock monster appear after throwing rock cubes

MaxamillionOne of the first cartoons I watched. A man in black clothing (like red outlining) throws three rock cubes, with red writings on them, and a gigantic metal/rock monster appears. Maybe he gets his arm taken off and replaced with a blue metallic one.

@Stormblessed maybe it got taken off, or OP misremembered
@Alex why is it missing sentences?
@Jenayah Because it's a bad PDF, I suppose.
fair nuff
Q: How to find a story-ID answer?

Stormblessedstory-identification is a big tag. I've read How to write a good story-ID answer? and How to ask a good story-ID question?, but neither answers my larger question: how to find a good story-ID answer. I've answered three story-ID questions, but two were based on others' answers and comments and t...

I have a better one, but the text isn't copyable so I can't use it for word counts.
12:03 AM
@Jenayah Made a post for you to answer.
8 hours ago, by Jenayah
I'm planning of organizing that in a guide/chatroom for it to be clearer but I don't have the time right now, so transcript's good :P
crap didn't I mention the meta thing in that transcript?
Q: Can somebody walk me through how to research these Identify this story questions?

sarge_smithIs there any way to research an identify this story question? We have 391 unanswered questions and almost a third of them are story id questions. I wouldn't mind putting in the research effort, but I have no idea where to start short of reading every single short story anthology ever published. S...

dupe :/
12:28 AM
But we could use something more definitive, like the good answer and good question posts
Can you change what answer you have accepted?
@Stormblessed Acceptance isn't locked, OP can change/remove it at will, yes
12:51 AM
Q: How to find a story-ID answer?

Stormblessedstory-identification is a big tag. I've read How to write a good story-ID answer? and How to ask a good story-ID question?, but neither answers my larger question: how to find a good story-ID answer. I've answered three story-ID questions, but two were based on others' answers and comments and t...

slow feed
1:03 AM
Q: A movie or theater about a traveling salesman selling little atomic bombs to a family

Babak N.IA film or theater about a traveling salesman who want to sell a little atomic bomb to a family to destroy their bad neighbor. Anyone can tell me the name of that film/theater or story of that please?

1:22 AM
isn’t a synonym for
@Stormblessed It's not a tag.
Jan 9 at 0:15, by Jenayah
Synonymization's goal isn't to prevent but to cure; basically if for years people have been using two tags with the same meaning (for instance and ), then it can be a good thing to synonymize the two
so basically can't be done if one of the tags don't exist to beginn with
furthermore I think SE policy is to always have US Eglish in tags name unless explicitly British (such as HP1)
I’m gonna ask a question about a play just to change the tag sometime
@Jenayah but I’ve heard edits shouldn’t change to American/English
@Jenayah But in this case it's the British spelling.
@Stormblessed edits of bodies, no, tags names are different
A: Should we allow or indicate non-English titles for SFF works along the English title?

Rand al'ThorTag names: English. Tag names are important, because we can only put one name there (perhaps adding others as synonyms). We should use the English name there, because we're an English-language site. As for what kind of English: in general, network-wide consensus is to use US English for tag name...

A: What should the standard spelling be - British or US?

Shog9 Does SOFU have an accepted standard on language and spelling? Which is it? For bodies, no. For tags, US-English. Titles don't actually need to be consistent (tags absolutely do!), but if you think anyone might want to search for a question then you would do well to use the more common spel...

1:30 AM
@Jenayah He should check out Mi Yodeya where there are tags with a dozen synonyms to account for variant spellings when transliterating.
drop a comment then
Updated that based on that answer
@Stormblessed approved; although I'd suggest you add add original title per https://scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/a/12118/98028 to your edit reason so you don't risk people rejecting it for "no improvement whatsoever"
I mean they could still reject it if they want but if it's backed by a mod on Meta then it's backed by a mod on Meta
yeah so far it's only a fanfic-id tag
What, do you mean the tag's name?
1:37 AM
@Jenayah I.e. "Boku no Hīrō Akademia" in the tag description
Is there a way to search tags by the text in excerpts/wikis?
Like looking for all tags about "manga" to add the Japanese titles?
A: search in tag description

GlorfindelUntil this feature is implemented, you can use the following SEDE query to search in tag names, tag descriptions ('excerpts') and tag wikis. SELECT t.TagName, 'Tag', '' FROM Tags AS t WHERE t.TagName LIKE '%' + ##query:string## + '%' collate sql_latin1_general_cp1_ci_ai UNION ALL SELECT ...

@Stormblessed that seems redundant, there's already the Boku No Hero Academia thing
@Jenayah I guess it is kinda pointlessly less readable like that
don't ask me I don't read past the Japanese characters :P
Q: Is "fleet captain" a production mistake or an actual Starfleet rank?

Dr SheldonIn the opening scene of "Whom Gods Destroy", Captain Garth (posing as Dr. Cory) says to Kirk: "Garth of Izar, a starship fleet captain." Was this intended to be a real Starfleet title, or a production mistake (i.e. by a writer or actor) that has been later retconned into "canon"? The phras...

good spot
@Stormblessed great writing lol
@Jenayah how do I ping Buzz?
hmmm if he hasn't been in chat lately you may not be able to
But let's invite him back
Invite sent, let's see if he comes
@Jenayah How do you invite?
you click on a user's chat profile and select "invite to room ..."
1:56 AM
@Jenayah How do you get to their Chat profile?
To fetch his chat profile I browse the transcript to find a message of his and clicked on the chat avatar
oi @Adamant :)
@Jenayah Hi
Did anyone watch the Steven Universe special?
How's the yeast going?
@Jenayah The yeast is OK. It's simulated yeast, so it's easy to keep happy.
Because titles of full-length works don't get quotes, even when italicization or underlining are unavailable.
1:58 AM
how does one simulate yeast?
numeric simulation you mean?
Yes, precisely.
oooh yeah I can see how that's easier
@Jenayah I think it's a good idea. Kind of a pain, moving all of the links over, but you have the gold badge for story-id, right?
@FuzzyBoots it's on my to-do list for 2019... :)
Silver might come this week ;p
7 hours ago, by Alex
@Stormblessed What are you waiting for?\
2:01 AM
@Alex people to ask questions
I browse a lot of old ones but don't always find an answer
I wonder what I'll get first, gold story-id tag badge or ahead of you in terms or Revivals ;)
@Jenayah What makes you think you'll ever get the latter?
Technically speaking my phrasing didn't mean I had to get both
@Jenayah A hero turned bad, had a crush on his teacher's daughter, and she ended up killing him. He had some kind of power. What's the story?
@Jenayah Eh, I took it to mean that you'll eventually get both.
@Alex oh that is what I intend to do anyway :P
@Alex mmmmh... Let me think
I'll have to up my game then.
2:05 AM
game is on ;)
I've answered six potential Revivals in the last day and a half or so.
@Alex beats me. I'm sure I'll be all "dangit! Of course! How could I miss it?!" ... but I don't see it
@Jenayah I don't think it's a real story.
You duck
You had me thinking :P
2:09 AM
Editing out of questions
I should have mentioned that I was joking around.
no worries :P
@Jenayah If only you would stack messages more often. we could be 35 deep by now.
@Alex ?
@Stormblessed lots of Alexes out there
@Stormblessed I went to Alex's profile to look to see his answers then changed the number on his main profile to my number and found another user named Alex.
@Jenayah Yes
@Alex oh, ahah
Jan 15 at 22:00, by Jenayah
Nov 2 '18 at 12:46, by Jenayah
@TheLethalCarrot "oh my God it's spreading!"
with a double nest to please @Alex
@Jenayah That's the word. I knew it was something other than "stack".
@Stormblessed Which site?
@Alex I typed my SFF account's number
@Stormblessed I'm still Corvo even though that was like a month ago that I changed it
2:17 AM
@Stormblessed But which site were you looking at my answers on?
@Alex SFF
SFF account number != chatt account number I think
@Jenayah Yeah
@Stormblessed Any specific one, or just browsing?
@Stormblessed you can transfer the new tag wiki by the way
2:18 AM
@Jenayah What?
@Alex ?
@Stormblessed well now you created a new tag without a wiki when there was one for the former UK version
@Jenayah Sorry, I replied to the wrong message.
That's what you get for posting so quickly after Stormblessed.
meh not my fault if you can't have your cursor right
2:21 AM
@Alex Nope
Nov 28 '18 at 23:32, by Jenayah
@Alex that... may be my fault :P
Oooohhh, another experimenter!
@Alex Trolling looks fun
13 secs ago, by Stormblessed
@Alex Trolling looks fun
@Stormblessed Experimenting does not equal trolling.
2:23 AM
@Alex for some reason I Can't find the transcript of that
@Alex Quote trolling
I know part of it went to Trash but still
@Jenayah Removed
@Jenayah It was removed.
2:24 AM
@Stormblessed no, I was referring to an experiment we did with Alex like two months ago
infinite nesting
@Jenayah Here's the evidence:
Oct 16 '18 at 23:09, by Gallifreyan
Now wondering whether I need to move the experimental messages from here to the trash room
Oct 16 '18 at 22:30, by Alex
Have we determined yet if there is a limit?
Watch there be some feature that if you self-delete X amount of messages you get suspended from Chat @Stormblessed
Oct 16 '18 at 23:13, by Jenayah
My beautiful science! ;_;
@Alex There is????
2:27 AM
@Stormblessed I don't know. I guess we'll find out if we don't see you for a while.
Damn, messed up and deleted too quickly \_(ツ)_/
Backslashes don't display
@Alex Well, that one didn't
2:29 AM
It thinks I'm a robot spammer
I think you are too.
.o. /o. /o\ <o/ <o> \o/ heeeeey Macarena
Q: How to find a story-ID answer?

Stormblessedstory-identification is a big tag. I've read How to write a good story-ID answer? and How to ask a good story-ID question?, but neither answers my larger question: how do users here find the answers to story-ID questions? I've answered three story-ID questions, but two were based on others' answ...

I hope Valorum answers this
I want his secrets !
:48619310 Are you sure?
2:35 AM
Any way to submit a request for manual deletion rather than waiting on that?
@Jenayah - In this case (frustratingly) it's cached by Google but not accessible. The site comes up when I search for the word "Cling-mine" in quote marks, but the cache button is greyed out. — Valorum Dec 25 '18 at 21:21
@Alex I think so
@Stormblessed meh it will die within the week
no need to bother a mod
@Jenayah Ok
After one gets tons and tons of rep here, can they see things like upvote/downvote counts on other site where I have way less?
@Jenayah That's weird, they don't seem so top-secret
gotta work your way back to 1k on other sites
it's a pain
maybe less on beta sites
2:41 AM
@Stormblessed It's not about being secret, it's about cost.
@Stormblessed IIRC it's got something to do with it being a "greedy" query server-side
or something around these lines
A: Show Total Votes (or Up/Down Votes)

Jeff AtwoodThe total vote count (score) is denormalized, but the individual up/down vote counts are not. So to display it on every post would incur 2 vote table queries * number of visible questions / answers. Our DB is fast, but the vote table is pretty massive, and not doing a query is always faster than...

What movie is this person from?
All that comes up is Google seeing Valorum's profile and guessing it's Chancellor Valorum from Star Wars
Valorum uses Buffy as his avatars
This a different user?
2:47 AM
should be the same user
accounts must be dissociated for whatever reason
101 1
enjoying the stalking you two? :^)
@Jenayah I'm awaiting the day I find one of those for you.
oh you can wait
Most probably I'll keep a separate Stack Overflow account from this very one but that implies creating a SO account first
My interest is not in the Stack Overflow one.
2:58 AM
Which one interests you?
The one that I linked for Richard.
A Mi Yodeya account?
You're probably going to have to wait some time :P
Until you have a question.
That I don't ask you first, for the sake of easiness. :P
3:33 AM
@Stormblessed yes. Same account
Because in network profile all top posts are scifi and Richard was his old name
5 hours later…
8:43 AM
Q: Why was the Kree's kill switch so weak?

S SThousands of years ago, Kree experimented on primitive humans to create first Inhuman Warriors. Later, the program was abandoned and some Kree Reapers were put in stasis to forever orbit the solar system, in case the need arose to kill the Inhumans. And, its activation system was put on the Earth...

2 hours later…
10:49 AM
Q: Animated TV show about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

Jen TibbitsI'm looking for an animated TV show bast on King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. It came out some time in the 80s or early 90s. It centres around the table and the knights. All the knights would place there swords on the table. In the intro they showed the building of Camelot. Lifting ...

Q: Movie about a house haunted by a teenage girl who possesses the daughter

Addison GreeneI believe it's only the mom and the daughter who move to a new house. The house though is haunted by a teenage girl who died there and now she want to possess the daughter. The ghost ends up succeeding but the mom figures it out though when she asks her "daughter" where she came up with her name ...

11:44 AM
@NeoDarwin will you please stop digging my answer's grave :P
Get searching instead :P
@Marvin I doubt my answer here is correct but it is surprisingly difficult to search for King Arthur cartoons apparently
And it was at least a partial match
If someone gives a wrong answer are we supposed to accept it?
Accepting an answer is up to the question asker
Don't accept a wrong answer just because there isn't anything else
Wrong answers can be downvoted if you want, a comment given to explain why its wrong and if you feel like it post your own answer that is correct
@TheLethalCarrot ? I only know of 3-4 of them
@NeoDarwin what TLC said
@Jenayah Whatever I google only brings back the same 3-4 and none of the intros really appear to match
11:53 AM
To be fair this is like the most generic description you could give of a King Arthur cartoon
Oh yeah it's not great
Then again apart from the football one what can you do with a King Arthur cartoon
The OP seems somewhat confused. I asked them to edit in anything else, they said "magic/monsters" I said okay great edit it in and then they said I put in everything haha
The football one, that the one with justice in its title?
It kept dominating my search results so had to filter it out haha
Yeah the justice one
I don't even understand what's going on in that one haha
11:57 AM
Japan, don't ask :P
It's not Japanese :D
I didn't think so haha
Meh same thing. US, don't ask
European high-five
12:09 PM
Meh if it's not in en.wikipedia.org/wiki/… I don't knwo where it is
Yup looked through those and didn't find any that looked right but didn't check them all
@Marvin talk about broad, that's what, 50% of all ghost movies?
Yup, tbf it immediately made me think of one shit series I watched but apparently the sequels that I didn't watch don't follow that pattern
which one?
Something in the Insidious franchise, dunno why though
I only watched the first film and thought it was terrible
12:24 PM
So didn't bother with the rest
I'm not a big fan of those, they're boring
This kind of movies follows the same plot and since I don't react to the "jumpscares" there's literally no enjoyment to be found
Better to watch cheesy 80s action movies :P
Nah I don't like them in general either
12:58 PM
Unfortunately, though, this ghost house crap is about the majority of horror fair released. Since this way you can make 500 million with a cost 5 million.
1:24 PM
If we are talking about horror movies then I have to mention Babadook
@Marvin Every horror movie inspired from The Exorcist ?
That was nice, true. Very depressing atmosphere.
My kind of thing
And best thing is Babadook is gay
I also liked Oculus for the whole aspect of not being able to trust your own mind anymore, which...also lead to a depresing atmosphere.
@AnkitSharma Uh...oookay.
And supposedly dating pennywise
@NapoleonWilson I like it too
@NapoleonWilson For context
But...I can't even keep all these ghost house things separate Insidious, Ignoramus, Conjuring, Paranormal Purge 17, ...
1:30 PM
@NapoleonWilson for god sake Purge was different and interesting before they made 4 more films and a TV show
Oh, right, there's a TV-show, too.
@NapoleonWilson I liked Purge, Purge 2 was also not bad. 3rd one was I have seen it all already + election but I was happy purge is canceled and all happy . But then they made prequel film and prequel TV show, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
I used to like horror but I have to watch 99 bad ones to spot the 1 good film
@AnkitSharma wow next dp
I like horror when it presents an interesting and engaging story apart from the simple horror moments. The film ought to work as a gripping thriller even if you don't want to just get scared or whatever.
I don't find most horror films too scary anyway. Though, the last time I was genuinely scared probably was Oculus indeed, I guess.
1:41 PM
@NapoleonWilson In never found a film which can scare me but I do have many fav
The Exorcist was good but then they made shit sequels and even now they copy paste same scenes
And...there's a TV-show too.
The Exorcism of Emily Rose is good
Mama, Oculus and Babdook
Conjuring 1 was good
But conjureverse is crap
1:58 PM
@Marvin gotta love the usual impossible to answer identification questions.
For some definition of "love". ;-)
> Find me a show about X, please post guess as comments, so that I will be able to post a self answer stating "got it!" in your place if by sheer luck you manage to find it.
@AnkitSharma who is that?
(Sorry, never watched any horror films...)
The infamous Babadook, from the film of the same name (albeit carricaturized based on a ridiculous joke played by and on the Twittersphere that apparently developed a life of its own).
2:30 PM
Q: How could the wall really protect the Westeros when it didn't extend into the sea?

S SYes, the White Walkers couldn't swim, but during the winter, water gets frozen. What prevented White Walkers from assimilating every single human being from Westeros?

I've been able to use my gold badges a few times recently :)
so what about that Kaijudo thing
Fuzzy seriously thought I would be able to handle it? I'm no gold tag badger yet xD
I don't know what you're on about haha
16 hours ago, by Jenayah
Hmm... I improved my Kaijudo answer (this one). The current dupe-target for this series is https://scifi.stackexchange.com/q/162516/98028 which is a terse question and kinda terse answer. @FuzzyBoots, do you think it's reasonable to change the dupe-target to the new question?
13 hours ago, by FuzzyBoots
@Jenayah I think it's a good idea. Kind of a pain, moving all of the links over, but you have the gold badge for story-id, right?
13 hours ago, by Jenayah
@FuzzyBoots it's on my to-do list for 2019... :)
Ah simple as that haha
TBF you should get it, score doesn't seem to be a problem, it never really is, just the number of answers
2:35 PM
ayup :)
Silver might come this week
3 answers right?
meh in any case my answer's better and should totally be the dupe-atrget :P
Is easily doable
2 technically, I've got one I need to finish writing
2:38 PM
@Jenayah moving what links?
there's also a couple users I've pinged so that they convert their comments into answers but no action so far so I might snatch it some day
@Stormblessed Changing the dupe target on closed questions
@Stormblessed nah, being a gold tag badger in story-ID
@TheLethalCarrot you've got me mistaken with @Alex :P
Hmmm? Isn't that what you was on about before? Or do you just mean Alex does it a lot?
@Stormblessed Gold tag badge holders can edit the duplicate list, see this:
2:51 PM
@TheLethalCarrot no what's on my 2019 list is the gold badge
changing the duope here is why I pinged Fuzzy :P
TBF it didn't take me too long to get the GoT gold badge but that was mainly going through old Qs which is why my score is so "low"
story(-id's different it's not like you can "add" stuff to existing answers :P
most of the time
Well no but the pool of unanswered ones is so large you're "golden" to not even having to do that
2:54 PM
large, large... sure but there are so many "there was a guy in space and they meet aliens who turn out to be past humans"
either you know it or you don't but searching for those is
Aye, I gotcha
Though sometimes searching for one with a lot of information is harder
oh deffo
the Zanti Misfits one I haven't even read entirely
mmmh story-id answers on meta isn't duped, I'll have to write mine properly
I've read about 1% of it haha
there's @b_jonas' too
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