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12:03 AM
After all, not every language has an Académie française to formally define changes :-)
@ConradBennishJr Words mean whatever people want them to mean, and therefore the meaning can change over time as people use them differently. — Alex Sep 4 at 3:00
And that comment led to one of the greatest comments of all time:
Never have I seen so much unnecessary pedantry over such a simple question. I’ve edited my question accordingly. Hopefully it’s now understandable even to a chair. — Conrad Bennish Jr Sep 4 at 21:35
12:23 AM
@RDFozz Yes, it's my question.
@Jenayah Hungarian does have pronouns, it just doesn't have a distinction between male and female referent for pronouns
6 hours later…
6:03 AM
@b_jonas ah crap, sorry!
6:52 AM
Q: Tribute to Stan Lee in The Flash?

Tolga OzsesIn the latest episode of The Flash, All Doll'd Up, we see Ralph aka Elongated Man swinging over buildings, throwing arms around like Spider Man does his web, while carrying Iris on his back. Just before that, he said he saw this in a comic book. It sounded to me like a tribute to Stan Lee. Am I r...

7:03 AM
@Jenayah It wasn't that way until about 30 years ago actually. In the past, genderless singular they was only used when referring to a non-identified individual of unknown identity, e.g. when one leaves the bathroom, they should wash their hands. It still sounds weird even today when used as a gender-indefinite singular pronoun, e.g. I love my wife. They are my soul mate.
1 hour later…
8:04 AM
I've seen xe used for that purpose as well.
Pronoun: xe
  1. (nonstandard) they (singular). Gender-neutral third-person singular subject pronoun, coordinate with gendered pronouns he and she.
Verb: xe
  1. smack
  2. xe
  3. to block so that it is not possible...
Adjective: xe
  1. hoarse
Noun: xe
  1. bird
never heard of that one
Guess it's the equivalent to French "iel" (il/elle)
I think the original franchise has so little to do with the Eddie Murphy film , that the franchise tag is not needed on the latter.
Weren't you the one editing them in yesterday?
Only the name and the fact that he can talk to animals. And the pushmi-pullyu.
No, I edited the film tag into those questions. I left the franchise tag (which they already had) alone.
8:17 AM
I'm 258 over 25 k. Any questions out there that need a bounty?
Should we cc @Randal'Thor or flag a post with that tag on it?
(Since I've already the former, maybe you can do the latter?) :)
I like that, how asking if we should cc someone, already ccs someone. "Should we cc @x?"
scifi.stackexchange.com/q/186805/98028 I'd put X-Men tag instead of The LAst Stand?
it's not that much about the movie
whereas X-Men tag is a more natural companion to Phoenix Force tag
8:57 AM
Hm... agreed, go ahead.
Should become a synonym for ?
Or perhaps the other way around.
behind the scenes is nicer than OoU
They have different meanings so why should they be synonyms
> Referring to things that happen "behind the camera", the real-life reasons for how/why a TV/film/book/comic turned out the way it did
@SQB will do later... Too much Phoenix questions on the homepahe right now
The second part of that line is pretty much the explanation for as well.
9:11 AM
doesn't seem like a necessary tag in the first place.
No it doesn't
@Jenayah this one already is.
But it isn't the same as BtS
@SQB sure but that'll only make it stay longer
9:12 AM
@TheLethalCarrot What's the difference then?
@SQB difference is that they're not the same?
@Jenayah actually no, since now it'll be bumped from halfway the front page up to the top. So it'll be on the front page for a cycle and a half. If you wait until it has gone off, and then bump it, it'll be on the front page for two full cycles.
BtS is used, in practice, for production Qs i.e. how did X film this? Why did they change this? whereas OoU is general OoU answer which tbf isn't needed at all imo
@SQB fine
9:14 AM
Hm. OoU is a superset of BtS.
I'll probably bump it back later though... That answer of mine could probably use some reworking
9:26 AM
What's the proper word to use for a previous instalment? It's not prequel, since that indicates a work that was created later than, but plays before a previous work.
Or do I just call it "previous work" and be done with it?
Previous, prequel, etc. It doesn't have to be 100% accurate it's only usage guidance
@SQB Xe is pretty much exclusively mocked lol
what TLC said
9:49 AM
[insert rant about retagging but no fixing of plain links/HTTP instead of HTTPS]
I mean do you really want to get me started on tag only edits bumping old posts?
y'know what I mean
heck I'm even sure we already discussed that :P
Probably, I like to moan about it
High five!
@TheLethalCarrot r/nocontext
9:52 AM
When I see obvious issues, I do fix them.
But yeah, I often use the "edit tags" option.
@SQB well not the worst worst but while bumping scifi.stackexchange.com/q/3891/98028 I can spot a plain link and two HTTP :P
one HTTP even is in a plain link, C-C-C-Combo!
@Jenayah Off topic Q probably best deleting it? Is it even worth it? I doubt it was worth the retag
I admit I didn't look that far down.
not to be bossy but y'know
@TheLethalCarrot I thought so too but second answer is quite a good find I reckon?
9:54 AM
@TheLethalCarrot when looking for hard to find material, not off topic. Although the Amazon link seems to indicate that it isn't hard to find (any longer).
A: Where can I buy Battletech ebooks?

TynamBattleTech actually has a dedicated option: there is an online BattleTech fiction site at BattleCorps. This site was originally set up to do short fiction by the regular BattleTech authors. The site team have since begun moving the original BattleTech novels to ebook; you can buy these directl...

though second link seems to be dead
It's a shopping Q which are off topic and the fact that it is closed proves this....
So an Amazon link and a dead link... I see no value there
not familiar with the thing, is it niche?
though if Amazon has it... yeah let's drop it
Hm. I flagged a question that had the tag to request renaming to to follow tag conventions.
That was declined, because
> [the-core-movie] seems to be a clear and unambiguous tag name, and we have several other tag names of the same form
Didn't we have a similar situation some days ago about Stargate movie?
10:04 AM
Since you've been working on , what are your thoughts about vs ?
@Jenayah exactly that.
Nov 8 at 16:57, by TheLethalCarrot
Convention is to add year rather then -movie -book and what not too
from related transcript
Of which The Lego Batman Movie is a false positive.
@SQB for Stargate I'd say -movie is okay because it's a big franchise and there won't be much other movies with this title. For others, more generic titles, I'd go with -year
eeeh stuff which are only movies shouldn't be tagged -movie
Hop is a 2011 American 3D live-action/computer-animated comedy film produced by Illumination Entertainment and released by Universal Pictures. Directed by Tim Hill and produced by Chris Meledandri and Michele Imperato Stabile. The film was released on April 1, 2011, in the United States and the United Kingdom. Hop stars Russell Brand as E.B., the Easter Bunny (Hugh Laurie)'s son who'd rather drum in a band than succeed his father as the Easter Bunny; James Marsden as Fred O'Hare, a human who is out of work and wishes to become the next Easter Bunny himself; and Hank Azaria as Carlos, an evil chick...
In this case, I can see it being misused, though.
stargate-movie to stargate-1994 got rejected
10:10 AM
Same goes for vs (which should be ).
@SQB how so? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hop only on-topic stuff in that is the movie... (ish)
If the-core got rejected too no point in editing to -year from -movie... the mods think it's fine as is so leave em be
@SQB is useless
oh hey Aeg
ID request about some planet hopping cowboy gets then tagged .
With ending up as since we don't actually have the former.
@SQB no one will use such a "hop" tag... and if they do it'll get nuked in no time
10:14 AM
Q: What happened to the Black Thorns?

CherubelI am reading through a pile of Battletech novels and I can't seem to figure out what happened to the Black Thorns mercenary company. Did they just get retconned out of existence or did a writer do an oopsie and accidentally kill them off?

Q: How did Thanos travel from place to place?

KyloRenIn Avengers Infinity war Thanos was able to travel through what looked like some sort of worm hole or portal. What allowed him to do this? And what is the mechanism that enabled him to do it?

Sigh... [*-movie] -[the-lego-batman-movie] does not quite expand how I want it to.
@SQB I don't think someone wanting to tag would put Cowboy Bebop tag
([*-movie] expands to stargate-movie or moon-movie or and so on for all tags ending with -movie, then tags on the -[the-lego-batman-movie]. Then only works on the final tag in that list, because AND goes before OR).
@Jenayah I've seen stuff like that happen.
Will be corrected anyway.
@SQB hurray for SE search...
oi Kylo :)
@Jenayah Nice.
10:28 AM
6/15 @SQB
@Jenayah thanks for the heads-up.
you're welcome
I'm surprised to still see http links to imgur. I thought they would've been fixed by now.
Mass-fixed even.
TBH SQB you need to pay more attention to this yourself, it's multiple times a day at the moment people are having to remind you
we talked about this a while ago, lemme find the transcript
starting here:
Nov 8 at 16:33, by TheLethalCarrot
@Jenayah When the network moved to https the community user updated "all" links to https from http... well all stack imgur and network links anyway... must have missed some
10:30 AM
Conclusion: It probably didn't update the stack imgur links, only the network ones
Q: Bad or down-voteable questions on Sci-Fi Stack and its consequences?

KyloRenOK, this seems to be a big issue for people here when deciding what is good and what is not. From what I can gather this is what constitutes a bad or not very good question on this site. A question with an answer that can be googled easily A question that if you logically think about it is eas...

~23 mins... not bad
I count over 38k posts with http instead of https.
@SQB on SFF only? :'(
(some sites still don't have HTTPS though, Stargate SG-1 solutions among them)
10:45 AM
@Jenayah SFF only.
10:58 AM
I'll edit in some of the main metas I mentioned, but I'll have little to no access to a computer in the days to come so if anyone else wants to edit them in be my guest — Jenayah 1 min ago
Just posting that in
Fair point about DVs not being permanent
Don't know why my answer has 2 DVs though, it addresses his main points easily enough
Don't know either...
(I'm the upvote, by the way)
I mean I understand where one of them came from :P
Oh well...
FWIW that Q is in the meta CV queue
Eheh, only 996 reviews left before gold badge on Meta :)
No one even has a silver meta review badge haha
11:08 AM
11:19 AM
scifi.stackexchange.com/a/193800/98028 eerrr... I'm not sure how, or even if, I should edit this. I haven't read the whole thing but it looks borderline NaA
Don't know, pretty sure I never read the whole thing
doesn't look very SG-based
Awww now you're gonna make me read it...
It seems to be trying to answer the question but it's so long and convoluted I'm not even sure if it is
well yeah it's kind of an answer but it's only fiddling with humbers and stuff until they pop to a Stargate number
Did you flag or nah?
11:30 AM
12:09 PM
Aaand DVed on Meta :P
Yup, was going to happen eventually
Granted it wasn't really an answer on the bullet list but you done that already so eh
Well it was a partial answer and addressed something I missed so valid
12:33 PM
Have you guys ever seen a Corgi cross?
They just look like Corgi's dressed up as other dog breeds
They're fantastic
My gf wants a corgi when we move into our house
Post that as daily floof
1:05 PM
This corgi would've been on topic:
That one isn't in a costume though
@SQB Avengers are on-topic?
These ones I mean
Not the obvious Marvel ones
The bottom corgi, not the top Corgi.
Hence the colon.
Where's he from?
Cowboy Bebop.
1:17 PM
Some anime according to the link
Not just some. One of the best.
Good stories, good music, good timing.
Good style.
1:30 PM
Ok, thanks
1:43 PM
Q: How can we hear Tyrion pee when he urinates off the top of the Wall?

KyloRenHow can we hear Tyrion's pee when he is pissing off the Wall? It is way, way down and there is no way we could hear this. What is the explanation?

Q: What prevents Asimov's robots from locking all humans in padded cells for the humans protection?

budgiebeaks A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. Since Asimov's robots are already shown as not possessing "human common sense" when applying the laws to their actions, law 1 pretty much forces robots to lock up humans in matrix-style cont...

FWIW I thoroughly regret analysing this video. — TheLethalCarrot 18 secs ago
@TheLethalCarrot I've voted it up for your troubles.
Lol, thanks
Also, first he pisses, then he shakes Jon's hand.
Yeah washing hands isn't much of a thing in that society haha
1:54 PM
@Marvin it was a very pressing need
Greetings, Earthlings.
@SQB why the song and singer tag? Surely only one is needed?
@TheLethalCarrot work and author?
For a song? We only do that in the smaller cases for books, despite your best efforts, I don't think we need to do it for songs
It already had a tag for the song, just a weird one: .
But I'm okay with just .
2:23 PM
Do we need ?
Q: Why does Thanos give Loki the mind stone?

KyloRenAccording to the Avengers movies, Thanos is after all the Infinity Stones, so why does he give the Mind Stone to Loki? Scepter

There are only 51 questions, so why the heck would we need a tag for an alien species from his works?
Sale on the ebook version of Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age - one of my all time favorite science fiction novels.
I agree. I have the paper version.
2:50 PM
I guess if some starts a new browser session they won't get notifications from an unregistered account
They need the cookie to log back in I think
Well... It's pointing fingers but (the way I see it) in a good way; I see several contributions by that user, especially in HP tag, but they're always using unregistered accounts. Which is too bad since from what I'm sure was theirs it's relatively good content
I mean of course could be someone different but you know same display name same avatar
And we can't search for unregistered users so...
I have a feeling that account is from a disgruntled user but can't remember exactly
But seriously I'm pretty sure the guy/woman must have 200-300 rep minimum in all those one-time accounts
It'll be close to the thousand mark if not more than by now
I could go for some cookies.
Thousand... Geez it's really too bad
Holy duck that's 4,000 rep if I am to believe this query
Q: What should we do about duplicate, unregistered user accounts?

Molag BalWe have at least a couple users who post regularly and never register accounts. Each time the cookies on their computer get cleared, they lose their old unregistered account and are given a new one. If we know of users like this, do we need to do anything about it? Possibly the best well-known ...

Found here ^
3:20 PM
Q: Are there any indications why Roddenberry chose to make Star Trek a "battleship universe"?

AlmoStar Trek focuses on large, slow (in local space, anyway) ships which behave like battleships. As a counter-example, Battlestar Galactica was in an "aircraft carrier universe", where the big ships don't fight as much directly, but instead send out squadrons of fighter craft. Aircraft carriers i...

3:43 PM
Q: what happened to Saruman in the books

CarterI know in the movie that he was stabbed then he fell of his tower onto a water wheel. But my friend says that didn't happen in the books please let me know so I can confirm this

3:53 PM
@Marvin sounds dupey
@Marvin just read it?
@SQB not everyone has the time to read all the books, that's kind of the point of SFF sometimes... But agreed that checking Wikipedia is the basics
@Jenayah Yes - voted to close
And the original answer is more complete.
4:13 PM
Q: Are the Weeping Angels really trapped?

Nemon27In the Doctor Who episode "Blink", the Doctor tells Sally this about the Weeping Angels: They are quantum-locked. They don't exist when they're being observed. The moment they are seen by any other living creature, they freeze into rock. No choice. It's a fact of their biology. In the sight o...

Q: Significance of names in "Orconomics"

FuzzyBootsI just finished reading Orconomics, first book of The Dark Profit Saga. It's a satire on corporate economics with adventurers and their loot acting as a sort of investment fund where kingdoms and other investors pay into the supply of heroes with an expected return on the items brought back, and ...

Q: What exactly happens when a Weeping Angel is quantum locked?

murgatroid99In the Doctor Who episodes with Weeping Angels, the Angels turn into statues when they are observed. In "The Time of Angels" and "Flesh and Stone", the Angel statues become deteriorated as the actual Angels die, which means that the state of the Angel's statue is connected to the state of its act...

Would appear to be from the titles but haven't checked properly
4:28 PM
@TheLethalCarrot NaA.
4:40 PM
@Alex Maybe he's Scottish they like Battered Advice up there
@TheLethalCarrot How'd you notice that so quickly?
I've been keeping an eye on that post for... reasons
Well stay tuned then... I might post an answer.
And more importantly, I got pinged recently haha
Ah, from my comment?
4:43 PM
Ah yes it was your comment
This appears to be a well reasoned answer but would be better if you could edit in some evidence such as quotes. — TheLethalCarrot 2 mins ago
For someone with no knowledge it is well reasoned... from their thought process
Plus if I said "this is total nonsense edit in why you think this" it would most certainly be poorly received and go ignored haha
Answer only has one thing right...
Sorry for low rate reply, train WiFi sucks
Prices went up but I still have a better connection with data on Edge (edge data, not Edge browser) than train WiFi... Wonderful
@TheLethalCarrot it's not nonsense, at least not how we happen to read sometimes
Like I said I have no knowledge of it :)
But just basing on thought process is slippery too ahah
There's a "skip" button y'know? :P
4:53 PM
Well FPs/LAs aren't really there to judge correctness just give some general advice to the user, edit into shape etc. etc.
Hm... I feel like we had this discussion with Rand already
Lemme think if I can find the transcript
Lemme see if I can find the transcript
^ mobile chat
Going to see the new Fantastic Beasts tonight at midnight, gonna be knackered tomorrow haha
Still have to watch the first ahah
And read the book
First was alright
Oh screw train WiFi
Can't believe price rose for this shit
5:07 PM
Our internet speed at work is terrible so when I got a new contract (~2 weeks ago) I made sure I got lots of data... yesterday they announced we were upgrading to a dedicated line, after about 3 years of putting it off and saying "yeah it'll happen soon", so speeds should go through the roof -_-
Well they will go to astronomical speeds compared to what we have now haha
What they actually will be, I dunno but will be better than what we have
Yep, screw train WiFi for good
10 minutes 10 queries in chat search... Too slow for me to bear
I'll find this transcript another time
5:13 PM
You could just give a conclusion instead haha
@Jenayah Totally unrelated.
@Alex aye I know but still
@Jenayah This?
Aug 29 at 7:58, by Rand al'Thor
@Edlothiad @TheLethalCarrot I've noticed both of you recently leaving feedback in comments on posts where you don't seem to actually be familiar with the franchise in question (Doctor Who in both cases, as it happens). I know you like to edit/comment on everything, but could you consider Skipping in cases like this?
I mean even a encyclopedia --> full-fledged movie can't be a worse adaptation than Jumper movie for instance
@Alex ah, you and your search skills
Also your better connection than mine
Sep 12 at 22:50, by Jenayah
@Alex blushes
5:23 PM
Nov 2 at 17:26, by Alex
Using my own lines against me.
Man that very transcript is handy :P
You guys need to start nesting these
Then maybe you'll stop doing it ;P
@TheLethalCarrot Last time we tried something along those lines it broke my computer.
See the following message...
@Alex hey, the science nesting experiment was fun ;P
@Jenayah Fun for those whose computers didn't break.
Kidding. Fun for everyone.
5:39 PM
Wasn't it your phone that went haywire?
@Jenayah Interesting phenomenon here:
Oct 16 at 23:09, by Jenayah
@Gallifreyan I may have broken @Alex's phone :p
Oct 16 at 23:10, by Alex
@Jenayah Nah, it was my computer. That's why I switched to my phone.
5:58 PM
Phone 1 computer 0
7 hours ago, by Jenayah
I'll edit in some of the main metas I mentioned, but I'll have little to no access to a computer in the days to come so if anyone else wants to edit them in be my guest — Jenayah 1 min ago
Phone 1 Computer 1
Oct 28 at 21:33, by Alex
Unrelated: If you acknowledge Chat notifications on Mobile they don't get removed from Desktop?
Phone 1 Computer 2
Oct 22 at 16:07, by Jenayah
I think I'll raise a mod flag when I'm on a computer
Phone 1 Computer 3
Oct 21 at 0:03, by Alex
@Jenayah It’s too hard for me to find it on the app, but I’m almost certain my next privelege on one site is to view close votes. When I get back to a computer I’ll hopefully find it.
Phone 1 Computer 4
Oct 17 at 16:06, by Jenayah
@TheLethalCarrot will have a better look on computer but you rock :D
Phone 1 Computer 5
Oct 16 at 22:35, by Alex
@Jenayah I still have plenty of room on my computer. Phone is a different story.
Phone 1 Computer 6
Oct 9 at 19:42, by Alex
@Mithrandir I just switched from computer to phone, hence all the typos.
Phone 1 Computer 7
6:14 PM
Fair nuff
Alex 1 Jenayah 0 ?
1 hour later…
7:18 PM
@Jenayah Eh, don't worry, if we would actually go through the transcript I'm sure we would find you quite a few points.
Q: Did Douglas Adams get the idea of communication / alien dolphins from "Stationary Orbit" by Peter Macey

NKCampbellInspired by this question / answer Given that the novel by Macey was written four years prior to the first broadcast of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and subsequent novelization, is there any evidence to suggest that Douglas Adams was aware of / referencing the Macey book, Stationary Orbit? ...

7:49 PM
8:22 PM
Can someone write tag info for ?
Pretty please
I don't think you want me to.
Whoever's got a computer and a rather stable connection
8:38 PM
... And has actually heard of this book/movie/show before.
Well patching up a two-liner with name author and date is doable
9:12 PM
Q: What is this movie? evil killer robot, time travel, bent jail cell bars. (not terminator)

JoelI have a movie that is stuck in my head but I don't know what it is called. It isn't high production, I can't find it on websites for finding a moive and it isn't in any list anywhere. I remember one scene specifically. The hero man is at the jail in a sherriff's office and the robot attacks...

2 hours later…
11:12 PM
@svick For the same reason you tilt your controller to the left when making left turns in Mario-Kart. — IQAndreas Aug 31 '14 at 23:32
Ahahah, spot on
He changed the way we look at heroes, and modern comics will always bear his indelible mark. His infectious enthusiasm reminded us why we all fell in love with these stories in the first place. Excelsior, Stan.
Even enemies are paying tributes. What has happened to the world? Everyone are expressing fake emotions..
Didn't Stan Lee made DC run for its money?
You can respect and like your competitors. I see no reason, on the face of it, to assume it’s a fake emotion
Harry Potter questions that are asking about something that only occurred in the movies should have , correct?
@TheLethalCarrot I am just kidding..
I just wanted to put a funny caption to the tweet.. :)
11:34 PM
Because there are a lot that don't.
11:48 PM
I'd sooner say it's very low quality (granted, not knowing anything about the specific information).

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