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1:29 AM
@b_jonas This may have inspired me to ask a question.
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2:34 AM
Q: 3 Children/teenagers move because of accident, to a old castle, as a foster home

flopper393I think i read this book in about 2009/2010 ish. I don't remember much, execpt these 3 kids/teenagers have this accident happen to them where they live, and have to move to a foster home. I remember it being described as an old castle on top of a hill, in front of a lake, close to a little villa...

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4:09 AM
Q: How can the years of Fudge's ministership be reconciled with Sirius's statement?

AlexIn the Pottermore article "Ministers for Magic" by J.K. Rowling, the years given for Cornelius Fudge's term are 1990 - 1996: Cornelius Fudge 1990 - 1996 A career politician overly-fond of the old guard. Persistent denial of the continuing threat of Lord Voldemort ultimately cost h...

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7:49 AM
Q: Why hasn't Rita Skeeter registered as an Animagus?

Shana TarI mean after she got caught by Hermione. While being an officially known Animagus can be a downside to her work, not working at all is surely a bigger issue. We know she was forced to be unemployed: Unemployment did not suit Rita. The hair that had once been set in elaborate curls now hung la...

A: Why Did Mrs. Crouch Die While Taking Polyjuice Potion?

HBPI'm voting for DVK's answer! Lost her will to live. However, we don't even have to switch sagas for this self-destructive behaviour: Merope Gaunt, Voldemort's mother, died just like Amidala. Her heart was broken by Voldemort's father and through this pain, as we learn from Dumbledore, it is possi...

VtD: NaA.
8:05 AM
Q: Why would the PPDC build more than one Jaeger of a specific specification?

GipsyDAfter reading the movie's novelization and it's other paperback novel, Man, Machines and Monsters, one image caught my eye, specifically this one, this image is in the Man, Machines and Monsters book, so I would think it is canon. This image is interesting, as it directly contradicts what the PP...

8:21 AM
Q: Is the "Eggscellent Knight" in Regular Show actually Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty in disguise?

Jed WilliamsIs the "Eggscellent Knight" in the Regular Show actually Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty in disguise? Eggscellent Knight Rick Sanchez Because in the Regular show he acts very blasé when stuff like in the episode "Garage Door" happens; he pretended like he didn't care about all the "trials...

8:45 AM
we're yodeling now i see
@Mithrandir You hear
Correction accepted
15 hours ago, by b_jonas
@Jenayah Yeah, I know. But I have another idea of where to ask it instead, at least first. It's not an urgent question in any case.
@Alex Sirius's -> Sirius' I believe
@TheLethalCarrot I think it's an old debate.
@TheLethalCarrot Either is acceptable, just be consistent.
@Mithrandir I thought s' was "more correct" but now I mention it I feel like I've had this discussion before
9:08 AM
Rule: To show singular possession of a name ending in s or z, some writers add just an apostrophe. Others also add another s. See Rules 1b and 1c of Apostrophes for more discussion.
In the Harry Potter books (at least the ones I've seen) she writes Sirius's
@TheLethalCarrot 's'iriu's'
@Alex wait or z
@AncientSwordRage I don''t think I've ever seen that.
The reason I use the extra S is that that's how it's pronounced.
Contrasted with a plural possessive where there is no extra S sound.
E.g. "Sirius'" would be Siriuses but "boys'" would not be pronounced boyses.
unless you're gollum
Just ask Gollum that
Dang it
Well played Mith, well played
9:18 AM
That was clearly prepared.
1 hour later…
10:22 AM
Mith = TLC confirmed
Also TLC = Ed
So Mith = Ed
@Mithrandir not Ek, Ed
(I know, that's not what you meant :p )
Jul 25 at 13:24, by Rand al'Thor
@Edlothiad Ed and Mith are basically mirror images of each other: mostly identical but opposite in some ways.
Okay, I put too much effort into that answer
A: Is the "Eggscellent Knight" in Regular Show actually Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty in disguise?

TheLethalCarrotHighly unlikely Whilst I don't know the answer for sure there seems to be very little connection between the shows beyond similar generic tropes and art style. The similar art style has even been mentioned by Justin Roiland, co-creator of Rick and Morty. Were there other shows you looked to ...

10:59 AM
Q: Anime with female main character who dies trying to kill dragons again and again and is resurrected with new powers

Abhijeet SekhonAn anime where a town is under the rule of despotic dragons. A girl decides to fight them, she gets killed and comes back with a new super power every time till she defeats all of them. Really old anime; 1970's I think. One of the powers she had was moving on balls that were under her feet. Anot...

@TheLethalCarrot yeah I don't know much about it but it seemed documented so I UVed :p
I've only seen Rick and Morty not Regular Show
11:17 AM
I've seen one episode of R&M
None of the other
R&M is pretty good
Nice for random nonsense
Didn't quite got along with the tone
It's certainly not for everyone
My gf really doesn't like it
Yeah but she likes the Incredibles so it's okay ahah
I mean you can't not like The Incredibles
11:21 AM
What can I say, some people don't like it
Lost souls
Those people really need to re-evaluate everything about themselves though
When you interpret the letters "GF" as "grandfather" instead of "girlfriend", the internet gets a lot more interesting.
@Marvin This seems like it should be easy to search but I know nothing of anime and my Google-Fu is failing me
@TheLethalCarrot anime-id is possibly the worst of all ids
There are too damn much of them
11:30 AM
Yup :/
With so much common tropes
Only one I've ever ided was from memory
The imgur "m" links are working but not working
Worked in that edit I just did but not with my answer
11:44 AM
yeah they're not working
i think like... one of them works
I thought they'd finally fixed it cos the first edit worked and then was immediately disappointed haha
12:33 PM
Q: Need help finding a short dark fiction story about Hermes and Satan

Rob ChurchThe main idea is "Girl gets abducted on a date by satanist cult (cute guy and friends) but she has already given her soul to the Greek god Hermes" I read this story sometime in the 1980's. It was probably in Science Fiction & Fantasy paperback or Asimov monthly (could have been anything) The hea...

Just got quoted in crypto class ahah
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1:52 PM
Q: Short story - cars designed to seem faster than they actually are

Jon StuartI'm trying to identify the short story(?) in which cars are designed to be slower than they appear to be driving - louder engine noises, higher speedometer readings than actual speed.

2:04 PM
doppelspooker and doppelgreener is same person or tehre are multiple dooplers now ?
Unless they're both somehow mods on rpg, same person
They're doppelgangers
2:27 PM
On the month of spookoween, doppelgreener becomes doppelspooker. And orange! So spooky! Aaaa!
@NapoleonWilson might care to disagree on that
Greetings, Earthlings.
2:45 PM
@Donald.McLean greetings, Hubble guy!
Q: Why did The Doctor chastise Karl for kicking Tzim-Sha after she had already apparently killed him?

AstralbeeIn the Doctor Who episode The Woman Who Fell to Earth The Doctor removed several DNA bombs from her companions and reinserted these into the data-gathering coil brought to Earth by Tzim-Sha (Tim Shaw). The Doctor was not surprised when these found their way back into Tzim-Sha and seemed to unders...

3:11 PM
Q: Why did the Empire choose to build the second Death Star near Endor?

LongshanksI was wondering why the Empire chose to build the second Death Star in orbit around the Forest Moon of Endor? I guess that having locals who aren't capable of space flight is handy, but aren't there fully uninhabited planets hidden away in the Outer Rim, that would be just as defensible, and les...

3:42 PM
Q: Novel about two sisters who died in car accidents; one of the sisters dreamt it would happen

goitse nanogangI have read a novel about two sisters who died in a car accident, one sister died three and a half hours after the accident while the other sister died three and a half days after the accident. Before the accident one sister had a dream that they died in a car accident riding the red car and when...

3:58 PM
Q: Novel about a sorceress called Rumour

user105830Novel about a sorceress called Rumour who has spells woven into her hair. Her hair is cut off for some reason and her friends are tortured by being roasted in a cage with really graphic description of cooking them .

So we have a tag now -_-
Character tags are "fine" but I don't see why we really need that one
There seem to be some questions eligible indeed.
I'm still not big on such a tag though
Let's get rid of it...
What's next one tag per Weasley :/
Go for it if you think it's pointless, I'm certainly not a fan of it
I'm on mobile
You know what editing is like on mobile? xD
4:11 PM
Yeah, though I use the main site now
With responsiveness disabled
Says a lot when good old generic mobile version is better than both desktop and responsive on mobile :/
Oh I don't like the mobile version either, though I haven't used it in a while
@Jenayah not any more.
@SQB \o/
Also this last story-id is...
...Takes more time writing the question than finding it on Google
For the record, these books are terrible. Flicking through a copy of the collected works of Sarah Rayne, I was particularly intrigued by a scene in which the heroine beats her lesbian rapist to death with an outsized sex toy. — Valorum 2 mins ago
4:17 PM
book sorceress rumour yields exactly that book
Apparently I was using too many words when googling it
> Flicking through a copy of the collected works of Sarah Rayne
Valorum has everything.
> There was a character called the Fisher King who everyone was afraid of. He had a barbed penis.
The description of this book just gets "better" and "better"
hey, what?
Wasn't there somehing like this in a story-id like 2 months ago?
@SQB He has many things
4:30 PM
@SQB "has"? You're adorable. ;-)
@NapoleonWilson I don't get the joke?
@Jenayah Thinking there's an actual copy involved that someone genuinely owns is adorably naive. ;-)
serial upvote
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5:48 PM
Q: Shrek 4 paradox

Alex DownsIn Shrek 4, Rumpel has Shrek sign a contract causing him to not be born. Because of that, he never met Fiona or Donkey and the King and Queen signed their kingdom to Rumpel. But there’s a paradox - a grandfather paradox. The grandfather paradox is where you go back in time to kill your grandad...

5:59 PM
@Marvin No actual question.
6:20 PM
Q: Story? - Cars on permanent journeys until ozone hole burns them all

Jon StuartMy recollection is of a highway circling the world, people living in their cars until finally a hole in the ozone breaks through then expands, burning them all Any ideas?

Q: Favorite Questions and Answers from third quarter 2018

Jack B NimblePlease link to your favorite questions and answers which were either asked or answered from July 1st 2018 through September 30 2018 (They don't have to be your questions and answers, but it also doesn't matter if you want to self promote your own stuff.). Your answers will be compiled into a blo...

6:36 PM
Q: Short horror story I read two years ago about a Jack-in-the-box

Hermione GrangerAbout two years ago I read a short story about a Jack-in-the-box that is unused. I believe that he was at the bottom of the toy box and where he came from was unknown. In the house were a bunch of kids. If I can remember the oldest died in WW1.

Q: Can anyone identify the powered exoskeleton in this image?

PalliserWhile cataloging some of my sci-fi assorted images, I found this image that I have in my ‘sci-fi dioramas to-do’ folder. If one considers its appearance, the artwork looks like a sketch of some (nonsense) sort for a sci-fi movie. The only references that I have of this image are the folder name, ...

6:48 PM
Q: Did Qrow cut Winter?

ConnorThere is a picture on Imgur https://m.imgur.com/a/7dgVCDL where someone is saying that Qrow didn't put that cut on Winter but she was battling him when the cut was spotted. So was had it been there or did Qrow cut Winter?

@Jenayah I was typing something else and didn't realize that I was actually typing it here.
oh ok
@Jenayah +100 if you guess what I was trying to write.
@Alex judaism?
just kidding?
7:01 PM
@Jenayah This one is sort of correct.
@Alex sort of? :p
@Jenayah Well to be precise, I was trying to enter the URL judaism.stackexchange.com
Because of autocomplete, I usually just type "ju" and then press the right arrow to finish it. That's why it got posted here as just "ju".
@Jenayah As I learn another new word...
Q: Why did Korra not use the Avatar state sooner in Book 3?

NeinsteinSpoilers for Avatar: The Legend of Korra Season 1-3. below. Korra became able to enter the Avatar state at the finale of Book 1, and we have seen her using it numerous times in Book 2 - even for cheating in a game with Tenzin's children. Even after the happenings of the series's finale, she is c...

@Alex I use mi...
@Mithrandir For some reason "mi" gives it to me in a dropdown but doesn't autocomplete it, whereas "ju" does.
7:14 PM
Why pressing the right arrow? If it autocompletes just press Enter
2 days ago, by Alex
Wow, I'm stupid.
There, you once again gained a quarter second each time you go on Mi Yodeya, alll thanks to me. What would you do if I wasn't there to give you tips, I wonder... :p
@Mithrandir Maybe it has something to do with the difference between miyodeya.com and judaism.stackexchange.com
@Jenayah For that you have my gratitude.
Always happy to help.
7:21 PM
@Jenayah Just hope I don't take the "always" too literally.
@Alex well, maybe you'd change the always to an other frequency then :D
@Mithrandir ... to be honest I'm often up at four AM
@Mithrandir I think I'll save this away somewhere
'specially since I reckon it's around midnight or 2 am when it's 4am for @Alex so... :D
oh wait no, that jet lag is confirmed for you Mith but I don't know about Alex
@Jenayah How so?
7:24 PM
@Alex yeah I thought you were in Middle East but in hindsight I don't remember stating you were, it's Mith who's there
So when it's 4am for Mith it's around 2am or 3 am for me
@Jenayah So I haven't forgotten saying my timezone.
@Alex nay
I'm just a dummy :)
@Jenayah Or you confuse me with Edlothiad.
@Alex no, why would I? Guy's a Brit, I was implying your location was somewhere in Middle East
@Jenayah Alex=Mithrandir=TheLethalCarrot=Edlorhiad
7:34 PM
checking @Alex's "t" key
@Alex I'm going to start thinking I'm just all alone on this site and you're one big creep with multiple accounts that you shaped into different characters.
@Alex *Edlothiad
@Mithrandir I just switched from computer to phone, hence all the typos.
@Jenayah Especially because one of the first things I did on this site was start a big debate with Edlothiad and TheLethalCarrot, and I think Mithrandir got involved a little as well.
oh right, the JMHPRW
I stick my nose in most things around the site. Although I don't always show myself.
7:46 PM
@Jenayah What does that stand for?
@Alex the July Meta Harry Potter Reopening War.
but JMHPRW sounds cooler.
@Alex Jell-O Monstrosity Hard-Pressed to Relax Well
@Jenayah Did you expect me to figure that out?
nope :)
@Jenayah I came close, at least. I was thinking along the lines of Just My Harry Potter Related Work.
But Mithrandir's guess is better.
7:49 PM
@Alex oh, not bad.
@Alex And a bit of experimentation indicates that my guess was correct.
Scope question, I'm a bit at a loss to know whether scifi.stackexchange.com/q/196289/98028 is on-topic or not. I didn't listen to the story (that doesn't help, granted :p )
but from OP's description it seems like it could be Goosebumps-esque:
To be serious the jack in the box seems to be alive and may have abused the other toys in the toy box,I got marks on a paper for ststing that last part BTW, so is toy story- withseveral semi-living toys that area lot nicer- not fantasy then? — Hermione Granger 14 mins ago
So is that kind of stuff on-topic?
my current stake is yes but I'd be curious to know yours
(given that it's got 4 close votes though...)
K I was just highlighting similarities between toy story and this to prove that this is horror-fiction in a way — Hermione Granger 3 mins ago
8:06 PM
Q: What is the definition of “fantasy” as opposed to “horror”, “science fiction”, or “adventure”

Larry FreemanThere's no question that there's overlap and this question is tough. From one perspective all fiction is fantasy since it begins with a set of assumptions that are most likely of appeal to the author. I've recently been trying to make lists of "fantasy movies" or "fantasy books" with the aim of ...

Q: Are 'pure' horror works on topic? And if so, why?

ValorumWe seem to have a number of questions under the horror tag relating to works that contain no discernible science fiction or fantasy content. Title of horror novel book where the villain is actually twins raised to believe they were one person? Young adult horror novel from the 90s Searching for...

@Alex yeah I can search SFF Meta, it's main Meta which is search hell :p
just wondering for your opinions on a specific question, the general Meta aren't always what I'm going for
@Jenayah Does it work differently? Or just becasue there's so many more posts.
@Jenayah Well just about my only opinion about scope here is that Harry Potter is on topic.
@Alex so many more posts and I'm not familiar enough to know what keywords to go with
Also, I did browse SFF Meta "for science", but I didn't for main Meta because. So. Much. Questions.
I go there when I need to
and since I'm a coccoon stack person I can go around just fine with SFF policies :D
@Jenayah I thought we debunked this last week?
@Alex because one of those is a URL
8:12 PM
@Alex yeah and I got hit with a big fat off-topic so I'll stay here for six more months until next question :p
just kidding, I have a Movies question coming up... sometime
when I get around to do some research beforehand
@doppelspooker Yeah, I ended up figuring that out:
21 mins ago, by Alex
@Alex And a bit of experimentation indicates that my guess was correct.
@Jenayah It's still open last I checked.
Which was 10 seconds ago.
@Alex Awesome. :D Good stuff.
@doppelspooker Thanks for confirming it, though.
Can't believe it, I've been waiting for that movie to be asked in story-id there :D
@Alex oO
close votes go slowly or what
for that self-answer to rise to the top scifi.stackexchange.com/a/162442/98028
@Jenayah Well, if it's position as the seventeenth question is indicative, there is clearly not much activity there.
8:22 PM
@Alex yeah...
@Jenayah It's at the top.
Q: 2010s (?) movie where everyone is hiding from sunlight

Jon StuartI saw the trailer maybe 6-8 years ago. May have been a German language movie - the trailer was in English. Post-apocalyptic. People hiding from very harsh sunlight. Kind of Mad Max.

@Alex that went fast, three upvotes in a row ahah
@Jenayah When I followed the link I think it had one vote. By the time I finished reading the question it had five.
@Alex lol
8:50 PM
@Jenayah It's now been migrated to Literature.
@Alex alright then
1 hour later…
10:16 PM
Q: What is Ethan's power?

AdamantIn the series Zeroes, by Scott Westerfield, the protagonists and various other people have supernatural powers. Most of them are straightforward enough to understand, except Ethan's. At first it seems like some kind of unconscious mind-reading that makes him more persuasive. Except later the voi...

10:32 PM
Q: What is the inverse of Verity's power?

AdamantWe've seen that every Zero power has an inverse. Some are rather obvious: destroying with electricity vs. fixing, making oneself the center of attention versus removing oneself from attention altogether. Others...a little less so (seeing through other people's eyes vs. seeming very sexy?). What ...

Q: What sort of powers do the Ones have?

AdamantIn Ethan's "omniscient" narration at the end of the series, it's mentioned that the next generation, the Ones, will have powers significantly more awesome than the apparently garbage ones that the Zeroes possess, such as mind controlling thousands of people or destroying the power grids of large ...

11:01 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I'd argue in favor of leaving the PR tag
not sure sure but it felt ok
Q: How much did Peter Pettigrew learn about Harry as Scabbers, and did he ever relay all this personal information to Voldemort?

cherieWhilst reading the first three books, and especially PoA, I kept wondering whether it's known how much Pettigrew learned about Harry, Ron and Hermione whilst in Animagus form; i.e. as Scabbers. How valuable did his time as Ron's pet rat turn out to be when it came to strategic or personal infor...

11:19 PM
Q: 70s/80s SF short story about bullied scientist who develops a new type of simple but deadly nuclear weapon

Mark MillsBack in the late 70s or early 80s, I read a short story in an anthology of science fiction (possibly The Year's Best series) about a scientist who has developed a new type of nuclear weapon. The technique is so simple but devastating that he is sure if he releases his work, all humanity will be...

Well it isn’t about PR just a story like it so I don’t think it’s appropriate
11:35 PM
Q: Novel: Incarnated Master-Swordsman is on a Quest to find his Love and save His Homeland

Stefan F.I wasn’t able to find this novel since I've read it as a child at least 10 years ago). The story goes somewhat like this: A boy escapes the siege of his father’s castle. His family gets killed and he decides to travel as far away as he can. He meets a band of thieves and joins them. In their tr...

11:51 PM
Q: Batmobile and traffic jams

LudovicoNHas the Batmobile ever got stuck into a traffic jam? I suppose the Dark Knight will just left it there in case of an emergency (perhaps causing more trouble by parking that monster in the middle of the street), but looking for more data on this question I came across this article, that mentions ...

Aye but it indicates stuff on the story
My reasoning is that if you browse PR tag you most likely know stuff about PR
So you might know that thing too if it's not too far
Kind of like author tags on story-ids

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