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Oh that came through almost straight away... I was expecting to have to wait a while :P Nice one
2:23 PM
@SQB Do we really need a tag for a specific episode?
@TheLethalCarrot Yes, I think we do. I had the discussion earlier with @Jenayah. And I think that the episodes of Black Mirror can be seen as akin to short stories, which we grant their own tag.
I wouldn't be against giving even Star Trek episodes their own tags, but I can see why that might be controversial.
But with Black Mirror I feel episodes should have their own tags.
I can see how Black Mirror episodes might warrant their own tag but I'm not entirely for it
Episodes don't need their own tags, unless it is stand alone work, which by definition it is not
short stories even if part of an anthology are stand alone
You would open the door to every show being tagged with episode which would be insane, what about series that don't name their episodes (may be few but probably exist)?
@Skooba Have you watched Black Mirror?
Yes, there are links between episodes, but they're akin to the Pixar easter eggs.
Episodes of Black Mirror stand alone.
(I'm at 5/15 and done with ).
2:39 PM
@TheLethalCarrot basically what I said too...
> My answer to that has changed, actually. It always used to be that it's just a bit of fun. But then sometimes we've done some things where we did explicitly refer to other episodes. I think the rule is that when a character says something that explicitly refers to something else, it's canonical. Also, they follow the same dream universe. That's the other thing that I tend to say. There's a line in 'Hated in the Nation' where someone refers to a crime that happened in 'White Bear.'
If the creator is indicating that that are actually somewhat connected that makes me think more that they shouldn't have their own tags
@TheLethalCarrot They're linked, but still pretty much stand alone.
Joining the Stargate cleanup TLC? ;P
@SQB He's literally saying same universe and referenced between them, also a few characters appear in multiple episodes... I'd say that's enough of a connection to not warrant episode tags
Like the individual stories in I, Robot.
2:41 PM
@Jenayah When there's nothing to clean up on the home page :P
@TheLethalCarrot neat, might speed up the cleanup
Could be done by the end of the month...
I'll only being doing 2 or 3 a day max probably but every little helps aye
There are 10 stories all featuring Susan Calvin and 4 stories with Powell and Donovan. Still individual stories.
I think as long as there's no more than 2-3/15 Stargate that's good
The more I find out about Black Mirror the more I'm convinced that they shouldn't have their own tags
2:44 PM
What's the score on tag burn sheet?
No idea but that can be somewhat subjective... I mean look at the difference between Rand and SQBs evaluation for book tags on HP
I mean apart from #7 I'd put no to all the others...
So no to creating them then
Well you know what I think of work tags to begin with
When works are part of a saga/series I mean
I score them around 2-3 from a rough estimate so doubt they're worth creating/keeping
2:48 PM
Then again you lot also know I won't go ahead and unedit them :p
I'd give it no/yes/possibly/see previous/not yet/possibly/no/no/yes, so that's -1 + 2 + 1 + 1 - 1 + 1 - 1 - 1 + 2 = 3
> tags that score < 8 are "terrible" tags
Maybe the best way to go is Meta for this one... I'm not too familiar with BM, you don't seem either but SQB does so obviously we'll have different POV... Might be better to have more insight from more people
So we're all in agreement we don't need them then? :P
I think we should take it to meta.
2:50 PM
@SQB eh... You're shooting yourself in the foot?
I'll refrain from creating tags for the other episodes.
So who's posting?
@Jenayah No, because I think a tag for an individual work is always in order. And in the case the individual episodes of Black Mirror are the smallest pieces of work that can be consumed individually. Yes, they are linked, but not necessarily so. They can be watched out of order, for instance.
@Jenayah I'll do that, if no-one minds.
If you want to be pedantic most things can be watched out of order and still make some sense
@SQB can you separate question and answer?
2:55 PM
@Jenayah I was planning to.
@TheLethalCarrot -_-
3:22 PM
Q: Why do a number of Jedi Masters have beards?

BooleanI have noticed that a large number of male Jedi have facial hair if they are a Jedi master or higher. Is there a reason for why a lot of Jedi have beards if they are Jedi Masters or higher? For those that want some examples: -Qui Gon -Dooku -Luke Skywalker -Ki-Adi-Mundi

3:40 PM
byt the way @TheLethalCarrot dunno if you saw that or not
13 hours ago, by Jenayah
I'm guessing https://scifi.stackexchange.com/q/19876/98028 needs a tag but I'm no expert on this topic so I guess I'll just cc the local GoT expert I know of... cc @TheLethalCarrot
@Jenayah downside to that is that I can't vote on my own answer.
@SQB true
but one could remember that if you posted your answer it's like an auto-upvote
you get what I mean
I do.
@Jenayah I did, haven't looked yet...
@TheLethalCarrot 'kep
on second thoughts maybe I should've dropped it in TQAT
3:47 PM
whats going on?
There are at least 3 local GoT experts
no it's just that I stumbled upon a mistagged GoT question and don't know whether it should be chronological or suggested order tag
@Skooba you, TLC, ...?
(in TREU I mean)
3:51 PM
and @Aegon
Aegon's in TREU?
he is still pingable
Didn't see them much my bad
means hes been here is past 30 days lol
I thought it was like 4 days
3:52 PM
He popped in here earlier today actually
now I feel like a fool
puts on hat of shame
He didn't say anything mind you
Q: Do the individual episodes of Black Mirror warrant their own tag?

SQBblack-mirror I've been adding tags for individual episodes of Black Mirror, when it came to my attention that not everybody wants them to have their own tags. I've stopped tagging the remaining questions to ask this on meta first. Do the individual episodes of Black Mirror warrant their own tag?

@Slartibartfast [insert usual "you're slow" joke]
~12 mins
Actually not too slow for once
3:57 PM
what is that lol
@Marvin How's that for an over the top answer ;P
@TheLethalCarrot no images, answers should be self-sufficient, downvoted
Feel free to edit in 44 images ;P
your answer your job
@Slartibartfast how am I to pronounce your name?
4:11 PM
@Jenayah Oh that's sorted then. Too late. Bad Aegon.
@Aegon they can speak!
You make me sound like a crowd. :D
It is because there is more than one Aegon.
Meh I don't know whether you're he or she :P
@Jenayah It's a he ;)
@TheLethalCarrot I think my record is 46 images.
Meh, effort :P
If I cared about the answer more I'd probably add them all in
It just isn't really worth it for this one
I mean this is one of my favourite self answers and it barely got any UVs for the work I put into it
Q: Are the swords shown in Game of Thrones faithful to those in A Song of Ice and Fire?

TheLethalCarrotAfter answering this question: Is Needle’s portrayal in Game of Thrones faithful to the books? (And is it a shortsword?) I found out that the shows portrayal of Needle does not align with the books portrayal. With this in mind are there any swords in the show that are faithful to those in the bo...

scifi.stackexchange.com/q/168453/98028 seems a bit off-topic... Even if restrained to SFF comics... no?
4:22 PM
It would be better for Lit. I agree
probably too old for migration though?
yeah but we don't have an open migration path there anyway
Wasn't a question recently migrated to Lit?
@TheLethalCarrot If we’re talking about lots of work and low score I think I win the contest. My hardest worked answer has exactly one upvote.
still gotta read that one ahah
4:26 PM
Maybe if mod did it, which they could at any time I think anyway.
@Jenayah Jack in the box.
By "open" I mean user can vote to migrate in close vote review.
@Alex Oh I have answers with a lot of work and no or barely any UVs, that's just one of my fave self answers is all
@Alex yeah
we can only move thing to Meta right now lol
4:26 PM
@Skooba ah!
@Alex Jack in the box?
The question that was migrated was about a jack in the box, story id if I remember correctly
@TheLethalCarrot I mean while your name is on top of homepage anyway there's a wild ugly HTTP in there... scifi.stackexchange.com/a/133729/98028
Q: Short horror story I read two years ago about a Jack-in-the-box

Hermione GrangerAbout two years ago I read a short story about a Jack-in-the-box that is unused. I believe that he was at the bottom of the toy box and where he came from was unknown. In the house were a bunch of kids. If I can remember the oldest died in World War One. It took place in a nursery in the attic o...

@Jenayah Damn Community user not actually doing what it was supposed to do -_-
@TheLethalCarrot mh?
4:32 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Ahh. Thanks, both.
@Jenayah When the network moved to https the community user updated "all" links to https from http... well all stack imgur and network links anyway... must have missed some
@TheLethalCarrot definitely missed a bunch, I've edited a whole lot of Imgur links along with the Stargate posts...
Aye saw you've been doing that, didn't realise how many there were
Anyway I'm sure it was meant to get the stack imgur ones, maybe it wasn't though... :/
@RDFozz The post that Jenayah linked.
@TheLethalCarrot when was that supposed to happen by the way?
4:35 PM
Already has
I think it's completed now but I stopped following it
yeah but ruoghly
@Alex Yep. "Thanks Both" wasn't meant to indicate boht you and @Jenayah - sorry if I was unclear.
Hmmm a SFF search tells me there are no more http stack imgur links... not sure if it is accurate or not though
@TheLethalCarrot probably not... Give me two minutes and I'll find you one :P
@TheLethalCarrot I thought that was worked through early this year, actually.
4:37 PM
Yeah it was this year sometime
@TheLethalCarrot Here you go scifi.stackexchange.com/a/150834/98028
Community user did edit the SFF link, maybe it wasn't meant to do stack imgur ones
@RDFozz Eh, it’s too annoying to see the reply scheme on my phone, so I didn’t know what you were replying to. I was just addressing your original question.
This search brings back nothing url:"*http://i.stack.imgur.com*"
@Alex np
4:40 PM
@TheLethalCarrot then it's broken
(if it's not you messing the search operator)
Add the s for https and it brings back results
Though I could have easily messed it up
[2]: http://i.stack.imgur.com/LevYP.jpg
Can't have the space after the uptick
@TheLethalCarrot Thanks! - I know I was doing something wrong.
Anyway, that's from that answer (although, if you hover over the image, the link you see is https:)
I imagine it redirects, might be why it wasn't edited by Community
4:46 PM
Meh while bumping the post for franchise tag better clean all up
@RDFozz Whilst you're bumping that fancy adding [stargate] to it?
@TheLethalCarrot Since I'm pedantic, and already had it open in the edit screen, it's now fixed.
^^^ what TLC said
4:47 PM
By the way not familiar with stargate but isn't that asking for all three series?
+ maybe movie
it does start with "The Stargate franchise"
Always been tagged SG-1 though so I dunno
Don't suppose it matters either way though really
just using the fact that it's on homepage anyways
I dropped the sg1 tag - since the answer covers sg1 and atlantis, and the franchise is referenced, made sense to me.
4:50 PM
then shouldn't it be tagged with all?
Ah fair call, I somehow missed the answer said Atlantis
No if about all the franchise tag alone is fine
Otherwise you'll quickly be hitting tag limits
nah there's just the right amount I think
+franchise tag
Which ones SGM? And yeah they'll fit but I was talking in general
4:52 PM
Stargate movie
Ew that tag wants renaming... I'll flag a mod
The former to the latter aye
I flagged anyway
I guess that would keep things cleaner for 15 years from now, when someone decides to remake it. And, there were the two direct-to-video movies from SG-1 (I think).
4:57 PM
Convention is to add year rather then -movie -book and what not too
@TheLethalCarrot And, I imagine that's why - better differentiates. Though I don't think I've seen it on books yet....
^^ Not a request for an example - I'll take your word on it.
I think the Jurassic Park book has the year
@RDFozz Too late :P
@Alex Eh, it was actually 45 images.
5:19 PM
Looks it aye
5:39 PM
wait so stuff still cna be migrated to Meta?
iif I read this right
1 hour ago, by Skooba
we can only move thing to Meta right now lol
Because scifi.stackexchange.com/q/58442/98028 looks like it should rather be on meta
@Alex it's already closed
@Jenayah So either reopen and migrate, or flag for moderator attention.
sure but if they can't migrate better to delete it or stuff
@Jenayah Why wouldn't they be able to migrate?
5:45 PM
too old
@Jenayah Oh, that's a different story. I thought you were simply asking if questions can in general be migrated to Meta.
@Jenayah yes it should be
but yeah just downvote and delete at this point
6:04 PM
Anyone know a way to calculate how many clicks on the ↓ it would take to scroll to the bottom of a given page, aside from physically measuring the size of the cursor? (Or is there a Stack Exchange site where such a question would be on topic?)
@Alex pretty sure you can't, since the scroll length should be a function of the click's length, and there are not two clicks of the exact same length
..... that is way too much mathematically pedantic. Why am I being a math pedant ._.
@Jenayah Eh? When I just click abruptly on the down arrow it seems to move the same distance each time?
Unless I hold it down for longer.
Maybe the difference exists, but isn't perceivable by our puny human senses
@Jenayah Ah, so let me rephrase: Is there a way to calculate the number of clicks disregarding the minute differences between click sizes?
Geez the local pedant is asking for a non-pedant solution... You're a self-traitor :P
6:10 PM
What I did was: I clicked 10 times and measured the distance which was about half a centimeter. Then I measured the length of the whole scrolling bar which was about 17 centimeters. So assuming a negligible difference between clicks it would take about 340 clicks to get through the whole page.
But that seems like not a cool way to do it.
why do you need that in the first place?
@Jenayah Well when the pedant solution is that there is no solution, I have to sacrifice some principles.
@Jenayah I don't need it, but I want to use iit as a rough estimate of how long an answer is.
@Alex better way: use the zoom and dezoom functions until it fits in one view
@Jenayah Interesting. But then the number would have to be expressed as the percent of zoom.
well yeah but % of browser is a bit more objective than number of clicks
6:15 PM
@Jenayah Well also, maybe I'm just a fool, but my zoom only seems to go by 10%. Plus t doesn't go less than 20%. Which still only fits like a twentieth of the answer.
Q: How do I set a custom zoom in Chrome?

verveIn IE 9 you can type in whatever number you want to get the perfect zoom but in Chrome all I see is the + and - in the drop menu. How do I choose a custom zoom and set it as the default?

Doesn't seem very easy.
How about measuring answer by number of words?
@Jenayah That's not necessarily a true measure of the answer's length. Like my answer with 45 images (which is what inspired this in the first place).
I guess I could hold down the scroll button and time how long it takes to reach the bottom. In that case it should be traveling at a uniform speed, so the result should be accurate.
...which took about 32 seconds.
6:25 PM
By contrast, my long answer about the end of term only took about 10 seconds.
See, now I have a rough estimate of answer length.
6:36 PM
Q: Story Identification: Genocide averted by Divine Intervention

David TonhoferAnother old story. This was a pretty dark but also psychedelic affair. Humanity has found that it is divided into two separate races which have different thinking patterns. One is rational, prefers patriarchy and tends to Sun worship. The other is dreamlike, prefers matriarchy and tends to Moon ...

@Alex Down again.
6:52 PM
Q: Who should I take as a Conjurer of Cheap Tricks?

Peter VandivierI am aware that it's not an original line from the book, but is there a canon or significant non-canon explanation for the operative part of the phrase: Bilbo Baggins - do not take me for some conjurer of cheap tricks, I am not trying to rob you! The fact that this phrase is used in convers...

Tis a yo-yo
But fortunately almost every quote is available elsewhere if you search enough.
Oct 17 at 21:28, by Jenayah
every single HP sentence is on the internet
7:12 PM
@SQB I have this strange feeling of having exactly the point of that story seen discussed somewhere. But apparently there's no question for it yet.
@NapoleonWilson Well, there's "The Chimney Song", of course; but that actually appears to have come out after the movie (1987)
I remember someone explicitly bringing this substory up and debating how it fits in with the rest of the film. Maybe it was in some kind of review or something.
Maybe Stuckmann, seems like his kind of stuff.
8:20 PM
@NapoleonWilson I'm eagerly awaiting your answer, then.
Although there's a pretty good one already.
To me, the story feels out of place.
And raises the age at which I'd let my kids watch it.
@SQB I didn't check that yet. Answers that are only giant yellow boxes tend to repel me a little.
@SQB That raises the age? The whole thing is a really dark horror comedy.
@NapoleonWilson yeah, but (though I'd have to rewatch) the rest is more slapstick in nature. This story is truly dark.
I'm pretty sure that that is what my youngest would have nightmares about.
9:07 PM
Q: Do orcs live like nomads or do they live underground waiting to be called up?

Ian FryDo orcs in the Lord of the Rings universe wander the world like nomads sometimes or just live underground until summoned by the one controlling them? Also do the orcs have a tribal like society as opposed to a more structured one with laws and whatnot?

9:20 PM
Out of curiosity @TheLethalCarrot why vote to leave scifi.stackexchange.com/q/123573/98028 closed? As I posted in my reopen comment it's a meh question and answer would be meh too but it's not like future policy applies anymore does it?
9:35 PM
Didn’t see your comment, didn’t realise it wasn’t FWP anynore
9:52 PM
Q: Movie like Body Snatchers - with bus and Cielito Lindo

Teem PoraryI remember watching this film (dubbed in Italian) in the late 90s, during a bus trip with university friends. I don't remember if it was on VHS or DVD, but VHS is more probable. It wasn't one of the various remakes of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but the idea was similar: aliens are secretly ...

[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected (79): Why did Shae act as she did at the trial? ✏️ by Eddy on scifi.SE
@SmokeDetector How do you decide that something is offensive a year after it was posted?
@Alex the question got new activity today from something, so it got bumped, so Smokey saw it and scanned it.
There's probably an answer in there that's been deleted and is the cause of the bump.
@RDFozz can you be a bit more attentive with FPs/LAs just from a cursory glance it looks like it should be edited
@Alex As to why it wasn't caught originally - updates to algorithm or word/phrase lists, maybe?
10:06 PM
@doppelgreener deleted answer aye
@RDFozz That's what I was wondering.
@TheLethalCarrot I'll take a second look....
Q: pre-1980 story about solipsism

Steve Mollethis could be in an anthology or is a novella. the guy goes to the psychiatrist because he thinks he is being followed and watched, or is it paranoia. Turns out the government is protecting him because he is the source of all life - god? story is ending with the world and the darkness closing i...

Q: Are Fiona and Cinderella god cousins?

Alex DownsBecause Fiona’s Fairy Godmother is the evil twin sister of Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother.

@doppelgreener Ah, so I am 108 shy of being able to see the activity.
So close!
10:09 PM
You’re not missing much, just a general spam answer
Also interesting, the only word that I could see that might be offensive is a word that appears 13 times in another answer.
@TheLethalCarrot I tweaked it a little. Probably should have added the "Welcome to SFF.SE" blurb, but Valorum took care of that. Thanks.
Aye he got the guide link, the welcome comment on its own isn’t needed so yeah fine to leave it
10:25 PM
@Alex Not to mention that, in both SF and F, that can be a legitimate job description, not a personal insult.
@RDFozz Indeed, in context I did not think it offensive.
Q: Book where boy teleports to another world/dimension but doesn’t know how; fights a wild boar

AlexanderOrange/yellow book cover. Boy somehow teleports to a different world or dimension but doesn’t remember how he got there, just wakes up to find himself somewhere else. Fights a wild boar or hog.

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