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4:00 PM
what I meant was, this tag guidance seems to counter what I understood of tag franchise policies? So the guidance should be changed as well, not just moved from one box to another?
@Alex ahahah
Q: What are the common shorthands for Harry Potter fanfic pairings?

SQBI know of drarry for a Draco/Harry romantic pairing, and dramione for Draco paired romantically with Hermione. Are there any other pairings that are common enough to have their own shorthand?

I suppose it is a bit misleading
@SQB Valorum said it best:
There are hundreds. Each in the list is more appalling than the last; fanlore.org/wiki/List_of_Harry_Potter_Pairing_NamesValorum Aug 22 '17 at 13:32
Q: Sci-Fi Novel Earth with space station defense against aliens and a space fleet

CameronI remember reading this novel when I was younger and here are some of the details I remember: Earth has a space station that is used as a main defense against aliens, however, I believe the Earth also had a space fleet. The aliens would only attack the top 20 'tribes' on the planet since Earth h...

Or maybe Rand:
Ugh. What the heck. Harmony?! Also, does "Heron" count as a fanfic pairing since it's a canon pairing? :-P — Rand al'Thor ♦ Aug 23 '17 at 12:31
Now I'm tempted to read through that whole list and make one up that's not already there.
Got one.
Star to whoever figures it out.
4:07 PM
Dedalus Diggle and...
the woman with him
who came for the Dursleys
Hestia Jones?
Now go write it.
Very good. But you wrote it in four comments. So which one am I supposed to star?
@Alex Star the star:
4:09 PM
Q: Tagging for stargate/"franchise" related questions

RobHaving recently answered a question relating to stargate, it started me thinking that perhaps we should consider how we're going to organise tags for "franchises" such as Stargate and Star Trek. The question concerned is tagged stargate and stargate-universe, which I am quite happy with as it tr...

We have , , and (which perhaps should be renamed to ).
^^ there doesn't really seem to be a consensus?
Another one:
I mean I'm all for including franchise tag but given that this very tag was brought to Meta and people haven't agreed I don't know
@Jenayah That's from 2011 and with the amount of Qs now things have changed... just use common sense and normal practices i.e. use the franchise and series tag
4:10 PM
Slytherin + Peeves?
@SQB :'(
@Jenayah Close.
Slughorn + Peeves?
Indeed. This is too much fun.
@TheLethalCarrot gotcha
4:11 PM
FWIW I updated the excerpts
@NapoleonWilson We might need a , actually.
Nothing fancy just the basics haha
@SQB grmbl no, we don't
@SQB What's that for?
Oh, wait, Snape? Urgh!
4:13 PM
@NapoleonWilson Snape/Harry.
Wasn't there a meta, or was it a discussion in here, recently where we said we don't really need all these fanfiction tags?
I think I saw at least two ID requests for Snape/Harry/pregnancy in that list.
Here's a harder one:
Also, they already have an interesting an tragic relationship. Why on earth do those people need to drag sex into this?
I mean the ones we have are fine but I don't think there's any need for new ones as things stand at the moment
4:14 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I recall a discussion here ending up with a lot of sighs and letting them be
But I guess that's just muthaeffin' fan-fiction.
As much as I dislike Harry Potter fan-fiction (sorry, @Sly), the tags do make sense. At least more sense than a lot of character tags.
@Jenayah Yup, we don't like them but we don't need to get rid of them or add more
@Alex Norbert and something...
@Jenayah Nope.
4:15 PM
I can easily imagine someone being into as specific pairing and having read a lot of them.
@SQB But why isn't and sufficient? To what granularity is it worth to drive this?
Well, there's an awful lot of Harry Potter fanfic out there.
@Alex first names? last names? mix of both?
23 hours ago, by Jenayah
Googling Aestivate "short story" sleep universes has a fanfiction result with, from the two lines displayed in the Google search results, has Rita Skeeter doing naughty stuff with Lockhart -___-
4:17 PM
@Jenayah One is a first name, one I'm not sure.
they're everywa
So signalling that we need an expert for a specific pairing, could be useful.
@Alex so, animal's name?
@Jenayah Is that ?
@Jenayah Yes.
@SQB It's Locker.
4:18 PM
Happens when your target audience is right during adolescence when reading those things, I guess. ;-)
@SQB Urgh do you really want the next generation of SFFers to inherit a site with gold badges? :'(
I'm sure I'll say this a few more times but:
@Alex lol
@Jenayah The possibility that someone could answer 200 such questions is... I don't know.
Please do not create any more HP fan fiction pairing tags
4:20 PM
@Alex geez and to think I was asked "would this new tag bring experts on the topic?" when suggesting new tags in Meta... :P
@Jenayah Eh, there's probably many tags that won't.
I'll just sit quietly with my 251 GoT answers then ;P
@Alex pursuant to earlier discussion, find a dozen rather long fanfics, ask dozens of dupes, get to 200 questions, answer them all with a scokpuppet, get the sockpuppet a gold tag badge
Then nuke that dirty sock
Or better yet, write your own fanfic, and ask for it as you go with a sockpuppet account
@TheLethalCarrot bury it in the desert, wear gloves
4:24 PM
You'd carry it that far? ugh
Or how about an Area51 proposal for a dedicated site for Harry Potter fanfictions.
@Alex Too late, now it'd be a duplicate of this site. ;-)
@TheLethalCarrot starting here is the latest I remember:
Oct 8 at 10:56, by Adamant
So we have 5 questions and 8 questions.
@NapoleonWilson Well I'll give you guys some time for mass deletions before I proose it.
Aye that's it
4:26 PM
@Alex it's already been done I think
@Jenayah Really?
(And of course, too late because Area51 has stopped working for anything but Blockchain.)
Or better yet just ban all fan fiction... on the entire network
@Alex pretty sure I saw one one day which was closed as dupe of SFF
@Jenayah Link!
4:28 PM
tried to fin it didn't work
@TheLethalCarrot uh, writing a HP ("Snarry") fanfic doesn't seem very complicated, from what I can see of fanfic-id questions. Download whatever fanfic which already exists, replace pixies with screwts or stuff, add a pregnancy here and there (bonus points for male pregancy), have two characters cheat on whoever you paired them with, sprinkle the lot with typos and poor writing style
I mean that seems pretty spot on but I was replying to the desert comment haha
@Jenayah Ha, Ted Tonks + Blast-Ended Screwt = Screwed.
right so Norudo
But I think it's spelled Skrewt in the books.
4:34 PM
Ms Norris and Ludo Bagman?
@Jenayah About time.
And today all the stars are mocking Harry Potter fanfiction.
@TheLethalCarrot "Entire network" makes it sound like fan-fiction is on-topic anywhere else. ;-P
@NapoleonWilson Well I'm sure you could find some posts where "fanfiction" would be a charitable label.
4:38 PM
I'm sure there's somewhere you might be able to get away with asking about it
@TheLethalCarrot Lit?
Maybe but I've never really been to either
Or Interpersonal Skills: If Snape wants to get together with Harry, how should he best approach him?
I peek once every two week at their story-id tag but never found anything
@Alex Ask that right on the day when they go back to HNQ and break the system :P
4:41 PM
@Marvin Is it just me or does this sound like a Star Wars book?
@Jenayah It's actually a fancfiction about Interpersonal Skills/Worldbuilding pairing.
@TheLethalCarrot well we do have a story-id question which was genuinely looking for Star Wars
@Alex lol
@Alex ew
Just think - if the web came into being 30 years earlier, we'd be talking about and instead.
^^ Star Trek (TOS) "slash" fiction, as it was called when I was in high school.
4:45 PM
I mean, at the time it was said as "Kirk-Spock" - but I don't think I'd combine the names in that order :-)
That'd be hyphen fiction, though. ;-P
Q: Sci fi movie where a killer robot wears the face of the main character

GregThere's a movie, that I watched in the mid 90's, with a scene where a killer robot wears the face of the friend of the main character. The scene I remember is on a planet e.g. the moon, and that the main character is in a white dome like structure hiding from the robots. The robot walks by with ...

Sigh. You know, I'd never tied the name into the punctuations? You're probably right, it probably was "Kirk/Spock" and "Kirk/Spock/Uhura"
I had to correct that from "Kirk/Sock/Uhura" - and then I found that unintentionally hilarious.
4:52 PM
And, that's just about exhausted my knowledge on the topic. The only true fan-fic I ever read was a couple of X-Men things - Prominently featuring one of my favorite characters, Hank McCoy.
It wasn't bad as a story goes, though I suspect the author absolutely was a Mary Sue in the story.
There's a couple decent Broken Sword fanfics out there.
stuff isn't very known so there are no hordes of "let's have character X make out with both characters Y and Z"
But, the truly most entertaining fanfiction I ever read was an Animal Crossing creepypasta.
^ seriously. This shit is golden.
> I've always heard a lot of good things about Animal Crossing, but I never owned a Gamecube. When it was released on the DS it received such positive reviews that I decided to give it a shot, despite the fact that it appears to have been created for small children suffering from down's syndrome and ADD.

I was not prepared for the shit that goes on in this children's game. The result is this.

I've documented the journey of Billy, a young, happy lad who believes he's going off to have fantastic adventures at summer camp. The following images have not been altered in any way (other than to
No, really, read this.
@TheLethalCarrot Some fan-fiction might be worth keeping but I'd be totally fine with banning all Harry Potter fan fiction. In the meantime I will have to settle with the mild pleasure of downvoting such questions.
@Null Can I write fanfiction and then post questions about it?
@Alex You're going to ask questions about fan-fiction you wrote? Are you planning on revealing that you're the author? If so you will probably attract a lot of downvotes.
@Null Would I have to reveal that I'm the author?
5:00 PM
@Alex yes, otherwise it's spam :P
Non-disclosure of affiliation
@Jenayah But it's not really promoting a product.
@Alex Directing attention product-wards is promotion.
I know I know, you're not selling it for $$$ or stuff but it could be interpreted as such
See related comments in the Ultimate Space Battle question
Given that OP is evidently the creator of this (commercially available) image and has failed to disclose their affiliation on the original question, I've flagged this as spam; artstation.com/chekavoValorum Sep 28 at 0:43
@Alex Well, let's step back here for a moment. Why would you be asking questions about your own work if not to promote it?
@Null To make a point about the allowability of fanfiction.
5:03 PM
To gather insightful discussion about its themes that might you might be unaware of?
@Jenayah Whoa that art is pretty crazy
(Though, a stricter "author says, author's right" attitude might make that a little moot.)
@NapoleonWilson Or to see if anyone can retroject my words to explain something that wasn't there.
@SethTaddiken it is indeed :)
@Jenayah But the author was promoting it in the wrong places you say?
5:04 PM
Author did that one too:
@Alex What point would you be trying to make? Fan-fiction is permitted.
@Alex Yeah.......let's maaaybe refrain from asking questions "to make a point". ;-)
@SethTaddiken no, it's just that he challenged the community to find everyone in the poster, and didn't say head-on he was the author; therefore some people flagged as spam
@Null The point is that if fanfiction is permitted then anyone can technically write their own stories and ask questions about them,
5:05 PM
@Jenayah Ooh, is there significant to the number 113?
By doing so, I illustrate the point.
I honestly think there was no bad faith and the guy just wasn't aware but hey
@Alex Technically, yes. Are they, though, except for making points?
in any case it's settled now, there's a big disclaimer at the beginning
@Jenayah Where did he post it? As a question on SE?
5:06 PM
Q: Can we identify all the characters in this Universe 113 poster?

tobiasvlI found this Universe: 113 Character Poster, which features a whole bunch of sci-fi characters. Who is everyone?

(it wasn't him who posted it though, the Universe 113 I mean)
Oct 30 at 14:55, by Alex
Is a bug a bug if it never happened?
@Alex You don't. You illustrate that so far the only reason people do that is to make points. And asking questions to make points comes with problems orthogonal to the topicality question itself. In fact this way you're actually dilluting the subject you weanted to make a point about.
@SethTaddiken I dunno - number of works referenced maybe?
@Alex ...and disclose their affiliation with the work, and attract downvotes from users wondering why someone is asking questions about his own work.
@Alex Is a flaw in thought process a flaw if it is never exposed?
@Jenayah My lucky number is 117, can you guess why?
5:08 PM
@SethTaddiken OSS 117?
@Null Right, but we don't say that other off-topic questions are allowed because they'll get a lot of downvotes.
You could say, if you have to force an artificial question to demonstrate a problem, you're making a point for it not being an actual problem.
I mean I'm French so you say 117 and it triggers OSS 117 reactions/memes
@NapoleonWilson It's not a practical problem, but a theoretical one.
that's probably not what you were thinking about though, were you? :)
5:09 PM
@Alex I'm still not seeing the problem. Fan-fiction is already on-topic.
@Alex Then let's keep it a theoretical one? ;-)
@Jenayah Haven't heard of it, 117 is from Halo haha
oh right
(for me)
You can also have GRRM appear and ask a ASoIaF question. What's the point as long is it's a good question and he discloses affiliation?
5:10 PM
I mean I associate it with Red Vs Blue but then the source is obviously Halo :P
Where does the fan-fiction aspect figure itno this?
@Null (Well I am somewhat jesting but) my point is that having something on topic which allows anyone to make up anything they want and then ask whatever questions they want about it might not be a good thing.
That's a reasonable concern. But...you're not helping it by forcing that problem to surface.
It won't make people pissed at fan-fiction. It will make them pissed at you and by extension your concerns.
If you like Halo and somewhat absurd humor, you might enjoy Red Vs Blue, @Seth :)
@NapoleonWilson By forcing the problem to surface it alerts people to the problem, and then they decide to ban fanfiction. It's like some book where they bomb themselves to make it seem like they were attacked and then retaliate.
5:13 PM
@NapoleonWilson But it COULD be a problem, and since the future is indeterminate, we can't say it will NEVER happen :) are we still talking about bugs?
Maybe I should ask a story-identification about that.
@Jenayah I loved that show hahaha I thought it was so funny
@SethTaddiken it's still going
@Alex I don't think this is or could be a significant problem given that they'd have to disclose affiliation and would probably receive a lot of downvotes to discourage such behavior.
and it became AWESOME :D
5:13 PM
@Jenayah :O
yeah mate there are 16 seasons now, gotta catch up :)
they went from bobbling heads to awesome CGI and more developed plot
I saw some of the CGI stuff, and remember some awesome action scenes... but I stopped watching a few years ago when I thought they finished!
and they introduced Washington, and Wash is the best character, period.
@SethTaddiken nooo it's still going, one season per year :D
Wait he's been around for a while right?!
@Alex If and when that actually begins to really happen, we can resolve it together.
5:15 PM
It's all on YouTube
hm maybe season 16 isn't it might be only on their website
@doppelgreener Stay tuned...
A startlingly high number of “but what if someone does this?” loophole problems at Stack Exchange get resolved by nobody actually doing the thing.
@doppelgreener But I'm the one who does those things just because no one does them.
@SethTaddiken Wash's been here since season 6
Or, in some cases, one person doing the thing and others saying “stop doing that” and then it ends.
5:16 PM
@Jenayah ah ya I like Wash... I like kaboos lol
@Alex Which is where goodwill figures in. ;-)
@SethTaddiken Caboose: "I like me" :D
@Alex Are you saying you've done other things to test the system?
@Jenayah Hahahaha thanks for reminding me!
Go watch 'em episodes!!
5:17 PM
Oct 15 at 8:34, by Alex
I hear ya. (By the way, not all the actions I ask about are things that I actually want to do. Most of the time I am just probing the theoretical behavioral limits for the sake of theory.)
@Jenayah When I have some free time :( so much school work
@NapoleonWilson I forget if that was mentioned in the new Code of Conduct.
Doesn't matter. It's part of the human code of conduct. ;-)
@SethTaddiken I hear ya :/
Doc: I'm a pacifist

Caboose: You're a thing that babies suck on?

Tucker: No dude, that's a pedophile.

Church: I think he means pacifier...

Tucker: Oh, I was thinking of something totally different.
5:21 PM
@Jenayah Did you ever watch spongebob?
Spongebob Squarepants?
I watched like two episodes, didn't like it
Aw, I thought it was pretty funny and had some pretty subtly mature jokes in it, I always wondered why my dad watched it with me when I was like 7
Now I see
@Alex Not sure if Null or someone already linked this, but: scifi.stackexchange.com/help/product-support
(the wording is very SO-oriented, but you get the idea)
Oh hey Rand some time no see
5:24 PM
@Randal'Thor It literally looks like a copy/paste with keywords just changed to Science Fiction.
Also hello @IanHunter!
and everyone that I may have missed :)
@Jenayah Hi hi!
People are coming here because "I got this error"?
@Alex Well, because it probably is.
Oct 25 at 15:08, by Alex
@TheLethalCarrot Yeah but it would still be fun to close a question "Why did Voldemort want to kill Harry?" with "sorry, we can't reproduce your problem."
5:25 PM
@NapoleonWilson And it doesn't quite make sense for the topic of this site.
@Alex Almost all of the help centre is literally copy-pasted, i.e. the same across all network sites.
I doubt they tailor any of these pages for individual sites except for the ones that are editable anyway.
Oct 25 at 15:10, by Jenayah
@Alex "we killed Harry just fine, maybe Voldemort is just a dummy"
Using my own lines against me.
@Alex Sure.
5:27 PM
@Alex :P
@Randal'Thor Which is probably what led to my confusion about writing my own stories and then posting questions about them.
@Alex The main thing to take away is that, as Null said, you must disclose your affiliation in such a scenario.
On the bright side, if you post an answer it's automatically Word of God.
Likewise all other answers are invalid since we know (from the question being asked) that there is no official answer to it. ;-)
Closed as primarily opinion-based!
@NapoleonWilson not necessarily invalid, it's interesting to have an other point of view on the thing
Imagine: My fanfiction: Snape saw Harry in a deserted corridor and said, "Harry, I love you". The next day Ron said to Hermione, "did you hear? Snape professed his love for Harry." My question: How did Ron know that Snape professed his love for Harry if the corridor was deserted?
5:31 PM
@Donald.McLean discussed that a while ago, lemme find the transcript
@Jenayah I wasn't being entirely serious. ;-)
@Jenayah I don't think Napoleon was being entirely serious ;-)
@Alex ... ... ...
5:32 PM
@Randal'Thor Is that an upvote for the question?
@Alex Downvoted for writing a fan-fiction so bad even the author can't figure out the plot.
@Alex If you're the author, maybe Writing or Worldbuilding could help. ;-P
Oct 17 at 16:13, by Donald.McLean
One of my life goals is to be a published author and answer questions on this site.
Oct 17 at 16:15, by Jenayah
@Donald.McLean or someone answers it before you and you just can't do anything else but comment "yep, totally that" :p
and conversation that ensued
@Alex Not an upvote, no.
@NapoleonWilson I'm not looking for advice on how to create the story. I just have a question on what happened.
5:33 PM
What Null said.
@Jenayah Like that one time where this guy stole that awesome ID answer from you? ;-P
@NapoleonWilson don't even get me started :P
Seriously! Self-answered with a one-liner five minutes before I posted my relevant answer! :(
hey hey Hubble guy
Oct 23 at 18:29, by TheLethalCarrot
Once or twice a month seems a good amount of times to retell it
5:35 PM
@Jenayah An Earthling has summoned him.
@Randal'Thor last time I checked I was indeed an Earthling :P
Greetings, Earthlings.
@Alex Perfect! I haven't done November yet!
I had a moment to engage in unimportant stuff, so I thought I would check in.
Being mentioned just before hand was pure coincidence.
@Jenayah But you don't want to waste it so early in the month.
What if a new user comes tomorrow?
You'd have to wait a whole month to tell them the story.
5:38 PM
@Donald.McLean "unimportant"? :'(
@Alex I'll link to earlier chat transcripts
it's not retelling per se, it's reposting
VTC, duplicate!
@Jenayah Then you end up with the situation that broke my computer a couple of weeks ago.
Oct 16 at 23:10, by Alex
@Jenayah Nah, it was my computer. That's why I switched to my phone.
5:43 PM
@Jenayah Are you sure? It's like I say when I tell someone my birthday: "Well, that's what I was told, but I'm not sure - I was pretty young then." (Stolen from Looney Tunes, ttbook)
@Alex If you haven't heard it before, it's new to you!
^^ Stolen from an old NBC ad campaign for their summer re-runs, I think.
@RDFozz I've spent 20 human years on this rock and got to known its unhabitants. Some are friendly, some are a big pain in the [BENICEPOLICY], and having to bear the latter on a daily basis I feel like I could at least be awarded an Earthling title!

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