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12:00 AM
@Jenayah Flags you can do even earlier. There’s a privelege where you can see close votes even though you can’t cast them.
So if I downvote a question/answer now, then get to 125 rep, do I lose a few reputation points because it finally goes into effect?
Yep. You can flag posts for inappropriate content from 15 rep
@Alex those are for your own questions I think
@Jenayah Your own questions you can actually vote on.
You're thinking of the 250 rep one
I think
@CorvoAttano You can’t downvote without 125 reputation.
12:02 AM
@CorvoAttano you don't loose rep when downvoting a question
you loose 1 rep when downvoting an answer
Also, yep, what Alex said
and rep lost is immediate, though you can revert your vote in a short period (I think it's one hour?)
and said period is reset when an edit is made
But if I downvote an answer now, do I go down 1 right after I reach 125?
@Jenayah It’s too hard for me to find it on the app, but I’m almost certain my next privelege on one site is to view close votes. When I get back to a computer I’ll hopefully find it.
which makes sense: maybe you agreed/disagreed with the previous version of a post, but the newest one is better/worse
@CorvoAttano if you downvote an answer now I'm pretty sure you'll get a popup saying something along the lines of "you can't downvote yet, reach 125 rep"
12:04 AM
@CorvoAttano You don’t have the ability to downvote until you reach 125.
But they are recorded, it tells me
@CorvoAttano does the vote counter update when you downvote?
@CorvoAttano Where does it say that.
(not saying your answer was bad, it was the first one I could find)
Why does it try to open different SE profiles when I view them in chat from Scifi?
A: Voting with less than 125 reputation points

GlorfindelNo, it is not a bug - you receive the 'vote down' privilege at 125 reputation. In the meantime, the system does record your 'downvotes' (for anonymous feedback, as @NathanTuggy mentions), but once you reach 125 reputation nothing happens to these vote attempts. The popup text is misleading, that...

> the system does record your 'downvotes' (for anonymous feedback, as @NathanTuggy mentions), but once you reach 125 reputation nothing happens to these vote attempts.
12:08 AM
@CorvoAttano You have multiple profiles.
@CorvoAttano There are two "profiles": the chat user profile, and a site profile
@Alex It shows literature when I click on Mithrandir even though they have more rep on SciFi and Meta
@CorvoAttano You can set your “home” profile.
The site profile I'm not sure how it's determined... For some users it seems to be where they have most rep, for others it's where they're mods (@Mith for instance), for others I don't know - date of creation? Yours for instance
What is my home profile?
Like which SE
12:10 AM
@Alex today I learned
@Jenayah You choose.
@CorvoAttano whatever you want it to be I guess
It’s called “parent user”.
@Jenayah But what is it currently?
You can set it to whatever site you want.
Mine is Mi Yodeya.
12:11 AM
@CorvoAttano Stack Overflow
I barely use that one
@Alex Where can I set it? Can't find the option
@CorvoAttano Argh, I can’t tell you exactly because I’m on the app, but it should be an option once you click on your profile.
is there a [change] link next to your name?
@Jenayah Yes!
you're welcome
By the way @Alex I forgot about it but what were you referring to?
Oct 16 at 4:45, by Alex
Though sometimes it obviously will cover everything. Like the time I searched through every instance of the word Voldemort to see if JK Rowling made a mistake.
12:22 AM
@Jenayah In Order of the Phoenix there’s a line that says that Hermione said “Voldemort” (i.e. not “You-Know-Who”) for the first time. So I checked every time the word “Voldemort” appeared in the series up to that point to see if it was true.
My point in that comment was that in that situation searching for just the word “Voldemort” would cover it.
As opposed to other cases where just searching for the obvious word won’t necessarily cover everything.
Like for instance the passwords post.
@Alex With the caveat that the search tool is accurate.
@Alex oh, yeah indeed
though it could have happened off-screen
@Jenayah But there’s no way to prove that. But if it happened on-screen than Order of the Phoenix would be refuted.
@Alex aye aye
If I recall, there were something like 400 instances.
what, only?
that makes around 60 per book
less than I'd have expected
12:29 AM
@Jenayah Only the first four and a half books.
meh... you can't really compare the number of pages throughout the books though
@Alex damn, I'm slow tonight
@Jenayah Plus half the times he’s referred to it’s not with the actual name.
@Jenayah I’ll forgive it this time.
@Alex that's very knid of you ahah
@Jenayah Eh, I’m sure you’ve forgiven some of the dumb things I’ve sais.
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2:17 AM
Q: Book about kids facing world ending scenario

The_Mad_NovelistThere's a very specific book that I would like to re-read, it's been almost 5 years since I've read it and I cant find it on google. It's about 2 kids, who are faced with a world-ending scenario. The earth creates macrophages to eat humans, and transports them using a mist of sorts. Near the end ...

2 hours later…
4:13 AM
@Jenayah Okay, I got to a computer and checked. I think you were correct, and I was thinking of the 250 thing.
2 hours later…
6:12 AM
@Alex toldya :p
6:47 AM
@Jenayah I will never second-guess you again.
7:26 AM
@Jenayah Yes, you can rename then and then keep the old tag as a synonym.
2 hours later…
9:02 AM
@Mithrandir ok!
9:21 AM
Q: Questions about Hogwarts Paintings

The wizard policeCan you get cursed into being stuck in a Hogwarts painting? Do people in the paintings have feelings? Are they secretly trapped in Hogwarts? Are the Hogwarts paintings actually sinister prisons similar to the horcruxes in that they take the "aura" from the witch or wizard and "contain" it in a "...

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10:39 AM
Q: When hermione removed her parents memories, what happened to everyone else's memories of her?

LaurenSo I understand she modified her parents memories, but what happened to her other family? Did they remember her? Or did she remove everyone's.. it would be suspicious if parents suddenly refused to acknowledge their daughter. Or did her parents just disappear and emigrate to Australia then come b...

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1:42 PM
How can I @ everyone in the room?
I have a question
How do you reply to a comment from someone with a 2 word name? @word%20word?
That didn’t work
@CorvoAttano you can't
@CorvoAttano is there no autocompletion?
@CorvoAttano start typing their first name and there will usually be an autocompletion suggestin
Or, you know, click the "reply" button
If you reply to John Smith, when you start typing @Jo... it should propose you @JohnSmith
Also you might want to take a read at this:
Q: How do comment @replies work?

GnomeHow do the comment replies (aka "pinging users") work? Who can I send an @reply to? How do I respond to a specific user when entering my comment? Will they be notified? What do people mean when they talk about "pinging" another user? Related: How do I view the recent replies to things I hav...

Chat in the app sucks
It just opens safari within the app but doesn’t even log me in
1:48 PM
@CorvoAttano the app sucks, period
I don’t see a reply button
I tried opening the desktop site on my phone
Yep, mobile chat isn't making it easy
@CorvoAttano when you tap on a chat post, does a banner with a flag, an arrow and a star pop?
Oh chat works
Not comments
1:51 PM
Like on a question or answer
there are no "reply to comment" buttons that I know of
@CorvoAttano Same logic: ping a use with @UserName. The author of the post will be pinged automatically. If there's only one other commenter before you, they'll be pinged automatically as well, iirc
I think the app offered autocomplete for comments as well, but can't test now
Just doing @WordWord didn’t work
Neither did @Word Word
Or @Word%20Word
@CorvoAttano what do you mean it didn't work?
No autocompletion?
1:54 PM
It's @WordWord. `@Word Word will work too, though, because only 4 first letter are enough for a ping
It didn’t turn blue and alert the user
@CorvoAttano In chat or comments?
Try pinging me under one of my posts
Try @Gall or something like that
Did that
1:58 PM
Got it
Lemme try pinging you
C'est juste une illusion o/
A peine une sensation o/
2:37 PM
@Jenayah Actually, in the app there is. It may be the one thing the app has better than the site.
@Alex ah?
Well today I learned
alright alright
As I violate my resolution within mere hours.
2:50 PM
8 hours ago, by Alex
@Jenayah I will never second-guess you again.
@Alex you didn't though
I was the one to be wrong :)
@Jenayah I still second-guessed you. I just happened to be right this time.
then modify your resolution into "wrongly second-guss"
@Jenayah Then it wouldn't be helpful. If I know I'm wrong I wouldn't second-guess you anyway (unless I'm in a mischievous mood, of course), even without a resolution. the point of the resolution is to stop me from second-guessing you even though I think I'm right.
3:10 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I paid attention this time. It loaded to the middle of the (wrong) answer and did not highlite orange.
Though a couple more tests show that it's not always the middle of the answer, nor even always the same wrong answer. Apparently it always goes to the correct answer if I directly click on the link, but it always goes to a different answer if I open the link in a new tab.
3:52 PM
Q: Sci-fi book about a body transfer called ‘body’ something by a female author possibly named Sue

Líam MurphyTrying to identify a book I saw today that I’ve forgotten. It’s a story where a woman has her head/brain transferred into another woman. I think the author's name is Sue something.

4:22 PM
@Alex I’d imagine my theory is correct then and it jumps around as images load
4:32 PM
Cook roommate is able to guess what I cooked based on "the color and location of pastry spots left on the kitchen counter once it's done"
I don't know if that's awesome or creepy
@Jenayah Sounds like being able to determine someone's age just from talking to them in Chat. You've got a room full of magicians.
@CorvoAttano By the way, the same thing happens when you vote on your own posts. The counter changes for a split second and then reverts back (though you don't get the message about anonymous feedback).
it does?
goes upvote an answer of hers
oh indeed
oh hey @lephe :)
been a while
Yeah, not really sure whether my watch-tag notifications are messed up or whether my range of expertise has less than a question a month.
Both are quite sad :'-
4:39 PM
There was one yesterday IIRC
Q: Amber series. Merlin’s higher initiation (twice?)

DestragaSo, in the beginning of Prince of Chaos, Merlin is using the Spiker to examine the Jewel of Judgment in Coral's eye. He pushes through a void and ends up finding what he believes to be the entrance to the 3d pattern, according to what Corwin has told him about it. But he gets denied, and Coral is...

Damn you're right!
I have no idea what's going on in that question though ahahah
4:41 PM
Well it's quite specific tbh, I'll need to re-read the passage again.
And I'll need to understand why I didn't get any email or site notification although I'm watching the tag.
@lephe I don't think you get notifications for watched tags?
There's highlighting that's for sure
A: How to subscribe to tags?

GlorfindelAccording to 'Favorite Tags' is now 'Tag Watching', subscribing to tags will be replaced with a Notifications feature, which will have some configuration options in addition. However, it hasn't been rolled out yet. Until then (thanks @ᔕᖺᘎᕊ), you can use the workaround described by Joe Friend in ...

> If you want to subscribe to updates for ALL your fav tags on all sites, then there is a way around this. Go to: stackexchange.com/filters. Click on "Favorite Tags" under "Select Filter" in the right sidebar. Then click "Subscribe" to received email updates (again, right sidebar) and choose your subscription prefs.
@Randal'Thor how is that still up? I thought pinned messages "expired" after two weeks?
5:04 PM
@Jenayah Thanks! I'd reached the "filters" page but did not find how to link it with watched tags.
5:25 PM
@lephe you're welcome :)
6:08 PM
@SmokeDetector It's yaoi, thank you very much
@SmokeDetector deleted now
Q: How did the Hogwarts founders sort students?

BwhitCurrently the sorting hat looks inside a student’s head and determines the traits that best match one of the Hogwarts houses. These may be traits the student has yet to demonstrate or even be aware they possess. So before the sorting hat came into being how did the founders choose students for th...

Q: The boy at the bottom of the river who spent 2,000 years looking at a statue of an angel?

Harry FriedlandI'd really like to re-watch this sci-fi flick: a young boy is presumed dead because he fell into a river/was in a car that drove off a pier in New York. He freezes but doesn't die, and spends +/- 2,000 years staring at a statue of a girl/angel which sank to the bottom of the river. I think he fal...

7:00 PM
Q: Looking for a fantasy book with elemental magic containing submarines

CodeOI am currently looking for a fantasy book (trilogy actually I think) that I have read years ago. Sadly I can't remember the title or author. Here is what I remember: The world has several nations (that seem to be elemental based if I remember correctly) There is a (fire based?) church in this w...

3 hours later…
9:37 PM
Can be renamed ? (cc @Randal'Thor)
Also should be a synonym of the above
can't suggest it as I don't have score in this tag though
but surely mods can do that without the score requirement?
@Jenayah I think you should be able to do it.
@Alex nope
needs some score in the tag
I tried but red popup appeared :(
@Alex enter fmab and press that button
you'll see :p
@Jenayah Interesting. Though the wording is unclear. And I have a potential theory.
9:47 PM
@Alex mh?
@Jenayah Well it has just been disproven.
@Alex mmmh?
@Jenayah Eh, it was a pretty bad theory.
It had to do with creating the synonym tag first.
but not needed for synonyls I think
In any case (and I might be asking this out of complete ignorance), would anyone ever try tagging a question with "fmab" that this would be needed?
9:50 PM
@Alex I think so
Like for example, I would never think to search for a tag to use on a Harry Potter question as "hp", even if it was my first time on the site.
not in search
but, say, a relatively new user asks a question and creates the tag
@Jenayah Yeah, I meant that as well.
I guess people might do that, but it seems pretty strange to me.
Well I hear the anime being referenced as FMAB a lot
(mainly by one of the roommates)
just had an idea... gotta check something
@Jenayah As far as I know you can't suggest a synonym if the tag doesn't exist yet.
9:53 PM
though our wording of the tag is a synonym of the actual tag
hence the renaming, at least, being supported (apparently) by the good people at Anime ;D
@Jenayah It probably has to do with the old character limits.
@Alex aye
Q: Was anyone else besides Benjen Stark and the Night King stabbed in the heart with a dragonglass dagger?

RichSThe children of the forest stabbed an ancient man in the heart with a dragonglass dagger, transmogrifying him into the first White Walker, the Night King. Season 6, Episode 5 The children of the forest stabbed uncle Benjen Stark in the heart with a dragonglass ...

10:23 PM
Q: Suicidal man is sent to explore a remote planet with a robot to help him

Mikhail KudashkinA miserable man who is going to slice his wrists in the bathroom gets an offer to explore a remote planet. He’ll be accompanied by a robot who’s supposed to help him, but instead, as the story progresses, the robot becomes more and more of a nuisance. They have to fight some winged creatures and ...

10:44 PM
cleaned the orphan FTWD questions
What's for tomorrow
11:09 PM
Q: Wheel of Time - Circular?

Companions11Working on a Masters in English Lit (I know, why?), but have been comparing classic sci/fantasy novels as they address the theory of circular time. Jordan places tremendous emphasis on the, "It was A BEGINNING..." ideology. Can you share other books/authors that compare and contrast this idea? T...

Hey @CorvoAttano - I know next to nothing of Dishonored but I stumbled across this; I thought maybe you would be able to come up with an answer :)
Q: How are the leviathans linked with the void (dishonored series)

Angel Like I know that leviathans are an embodiment of sadness and dispare and a perfect subject for the outsider’s attention but how are they linked to the void why are they just floating about in the void

11:39 PM
A question for moderators (cc @Randal'Thor @AncientSwordRage). I'm currently checking on some tag irregularities, either the odd renaming (now that there's more characters allowed), or the occasional typo ( which I think is a typo for ), or the "should be a synonym, not a tag of its own, but don't have enough score in the tag to suggest a synonym" ( which is in use but not a synonym of ).
Now pinging someone in chat each time I encounter one of these is messy, posting a Meta post is not worth it (I think?) so I wanted to ask how I could "present" it in a handy way?
I thought a chat room might be handy (1 post = 1 notice, and post is deleted once action has been taken - or not - this way it stays "organized"); the SFF Community cleanup room seems kind of overrun by the new Q feed.
Or a shared text editing thingy online?
Idea being people can report this kind of stuff in a dedicated place, it's not a big priority so it stays here until it's dealt with, people/mods know it exists and go there from time to time and the reports don't get lost in general chat etc

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