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12:12 AM
Q: Film name need help

Phil RigbyHi trying to find a film all I can remember was ending, what I remember creatures had taken human form (women) good looking if I remember right but in reality they where like jabba the hut smiley and horrible but they fell in love with the husbands and wanted to stay, I Think they did people's he...

12:36 AM
Since this is buried under eleven comments:
This appears to be a completely separate question from the one it is closed as a duplicate of, nor is the answer the same. That question asks about something only in the movie(s) and how it can be justified in light of the books. This question is asking which of two methods of flying are used in the book. — Alex 4 mins ago
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2:26 AM
Q: Book about an asteroid passing really close to earth and how the people thought they were going to die, so they made the last day on earth party

DayI read the book last year, it is written in different perspectives,basically everyone thinks the meteor is going to hit the earth, and they make a the end of the world party.

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4:27 AM
Q: Searching for book title - Space Shuttle and its carrier aircraft (large rocket plane) both carried into orbit

The ProgrammerThe book was available in paperback, and published around the 1981- late 1984 timeframe. The plot revolves around a lower-cost way to launch shuttles with a re-usable carrier aircraft underneath it. The carrier aircraft is supersonic or hypersonic, power by scramjet or perhaps pure rocket engin...

5:12 AM
Q: When was Destiny launched?

ThunderforgeWhen exactly was the Destiny ship launched? And how does that compare to other important events in the Stargate franchise, such as Atlantis leaving Earth?

Q: short story, child time travels when dreaming, finds another child who believes he was created by robots

triakis2I remember reading a story about a kid who lives in an old Frank Lloyd Wright house after mankind has returned to earth after mankind left for a time, he meets another child whenever he sleeps who believes he is a robot and that robots (who order the child around) are the ones who have families a...

5:27 AM
Q: Who is the Professor McGonagall in The Crimes of Grindelwald?

Ishita SinhaSpoilers Ahead. If you haven't watched Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald yet, please do not read further. According to this and many other such fan pages, Minerva McGonagall, Harry's Transfiguration teacher was born in 1935 (although Pottermore only mentions October 4, and no year). No...

6:26 AM
@Alex agreed, added my VtRO.
6:45 AM
@SQB Thanks. Though at this point it might not help, as it's already been kicked out of the review queue.
@Alex I see that @TheLethalCarrot voted to leave closed; perhaps you can threaten them with a rabbit?
@SQB The time is long gone when I could frighten you with a burning rabbit and force you to make repayment for your crimes. - Albus Dumbledore
Reposting for floof:
Interesting... comments on deleted posts don't onebox.
Daily floof 2018/11/16: Ein
7:51 AM
Hm. Do we need , or do we merge it into ?
8:27 AM
Q: Is Superman more powerful than the Greek gods

KyloRenThis is long post, but I promise I get to a point at the end. In DC's Justice league Wonder woman (Diana Prince) explains to The Bruce Wyane the origins of the Mother Boxes and Steppenwolf. So Steppenwolf has come before and has been beaten before. But, I am cu...

8:45 AM
Is it possible for the order of questions to change even when sorted by "newest" both times?
9:00 AM
@SQB that's 6 on the homepage again, this is everyday someone is having to say something to you, I don't want to ping a mod about it but it's starting to feel like your constantly going over it
@Alex on /questions/new or whatever the tab is?
@TheLethalCarrot the idea is not to bump old posts. My most recent edit was on a new question.
One of the others was one a pretty recent one too — 13 hours old.
It's the same user, yes it was mainly about old posts but it's still no more than 5 in 15 with same user and I'm talking about this constantly not just right now
I'm also pretty sure someone said a mod declined the flag to change the-core-movie to the-core-2003 so I don't know why you'd then go and do it anyway
The reason for that still is to not bump old posts too much, to not upset the homepage's natural order. Should users then refrain from answering as soon as they've answered 5 questions? Because that has the same effect.
@TheLethalCarrot the flag to do it through a mod action was declined, yes. That means that a mod didn't think it important enough to do. That doesn't mean it is forbidden.
@SQB I think you know what the rule is and why its there, yet you continue to go over it and me and Jenayah have to remind you all the time. The answering thing is a different circumstance so there's no point in discussing it
The "rule" is to prevent from old posts getting bumped by trivial edits.
9:09 AM
@SQB It does not, but it is odd to have a mod say something like "there is nothing wrong with the tag, we even have other -movie tags" and then go ahead and do it anyway
@SQB TBF if you really want to go into it, most of the time you're over the 5 in 15 is bumping old posts with trivial edits
9:28 AM
On a different note Crimes of Grindelwald is pretty good, took a while to get going but was good
10:23 AM
@TheLethalCarrot It was in the list of questions for a specific tag, sorted by newest.
For a tag sorted on newest, the order shouldn't change except when a new Q is posted... or if a tag is edited onto/out of a post
Q deleted etc.
10:38 AM
Q: Why isn't there ever any mention of the Americas in Harry Potter?

Jack B NimbleObviously the focus of the books is on the characters and school situated in England. But it seems to me that while there is mention of other schools, and quidditch teams, they are all European countries. In the first book when Harry says he doesn't have any money Hagrid says this about banks ...

I thought there was an old JKR interview where she said that she didn't show anything American in the HP books published before that (probably the first five or so) because she herself was unfamiliar with America. Was I just dreaming that?
This one isn't quite that: accio-quote.org/articles/2000/0700-swns-alfie.htm "Can American kids go to Hogwarts? / No, they have their own school. You'll find out in Book 4. Hogwarts just serves Britain and Ireland."
10:54 AM
Hmm, I can't find such an interview.
Q: What happened at the end of Fantastic Beasts with Queenie and Jacob?

MithrandirAt the end of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, After they do that, But then Then Jacob goes and wanders off, bumping into Newt along the way. But when This is in addition to that This would imply that he still remembers things. So, the question is: Did Jacob not lose all...

11:17 AM
Possible theory for who the McGonagall is in TCoG
A: Who is the Professor McGonagall in The Crimes of Grindelwald?

TheLethalCarrotIt would appear to be the same Minerva McGonagall we know from the main series of the Harry Potter books. This is further backed up in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - The Original Screenplay by J. K. Rowling which states the following (emphasis mine): The class laughs. The door ...

12:11 PM
@SQB Wookipedia isn't HTTPS as fas as I know so not much point changing the link and you forgot to change the stack imgur one
@TheLethalCarrot did I? Darn. That was the whole point.
Corrected now.
Jolly good
At least Wookiepedia redirects https to http. ISFDb links just plain don't resolve if https.
Aye it does have the redirect
Unsure of non-https non-stack imgur links.
Ah, a few more.
12:28 PM
I'd just do the stack imgur ones, otherwise you're opening the door to going through every none https link and checking if it can be https or not etc etc which isn't really something we need to do
Isn't Imgur, Imgur? Stack or no.
Yeah it is, thought you said something else with all the non-s I got compuzzled
Ah. I meant just anything on Imgur, be it i.stack.imgur or just i.imgur.
If it's on just i.imgur I bet the majority of those can go to stack imgur anyway but then I don't know about licensing and stuff so maybe not
Q: Are there male witches (warlocks) in The Witches?

Alex DownsI know that the beginning says There is no such thing as a male witch but there ARE, called warlocks. Take Ben Ravencroft from Scooby Doo and the Witch's Ghost for example. Also, in the film adaptation of The Witches, the "witches" in the back rows were played by men, so could THEY possibl...

12:44 PM
Wait wait wait wait wait. So that rule to not edit too many old posts has shifted now to just not having your name appear too often on the frontpage? O_O
Nov 7 at 21:26, by Jenayah
by the way if anyone wants to add franchise tag for the most recently bumped one... I'm at 3/15 and might answer/ask stuff tonight so I'd wish to keep n/15 slots ahah
Apparently. I certainly disagree.
Interesting, though, when something is driven ad absurdum without someone intentially doing so to make a point. ;-)
The true comedy of reality so to say.
(Or tragedy, depending on your viewpoint.)
It is only edits still, I was just saying one of the reasons behind the rule
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2:26 PM
Q: Novel set in future Middle-East

Spunto the Rat BoySome time ago I borrowed from my father a paperback science fiction novel with an Arab setting, possibly from the late eighties or nineties. Much, perhaps all, of the action takes place in the Medina of a city somewhere in the Middle East. I think it is a first-person narrative; the protagonist e...

Q: Heinlein slide rule calculations

James JenkinsA sister site question Is it possible to navigate space travel with no computer? got me looking for a list of works where Heinlein solely relied on a Slide Rule to calculate navigation in space. I came up with The Rolling Stones but am looking for a comprohensive list.

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3:52 PM
4:20 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
Right in time for a question to the inclined Heinlein connoisseur.
4:40 PM
Q: Why didn't Grindelwald kill Spielman?

ValorumAt the start of the film Grindelwald makes his daring escape. He kills several aurors with spells and half-drowns two more before throwing them out of the carriage to fall to their deaths. He then throws Spielman and a wand out of the carriage from a great height. Spielman manages to Why didn...

4:54 PM
Nov 7 at 21:43, by Alex
What if I already answered 5 questions? I can't answer anymore?
4 hours later…
8:25 PM
Q: How I knew that Vader was Luke's father

DocWho, in the theater during the first episode of Star Wars, knew that Vader was Luke's father? I did. Everyone should have. Here's the answer. The names given certain characters reveal something about that character. Consider Solo and Skywalker. I propose that Vader means father. Consider...

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9:26 PM
In Harry Potter, satsumas are mentioned in Phoenix ch. 23 and later in Prince ch. 16, both at Christmas. Are those the only mentions? I seem to recall there was one more mention somewhere in the first few books, but I don't know where.
I'm trying to find out if they're magical fruit.
> The reception area looked pleasantly festive: the crystal orbs that illuminated St Mungo's had been colored red and gold to become gigantic, glowing Christmas baubles; holly hung around every doorway; and shining white Christmas trees covered in magical snow and icicles glittered in every corner, each one topped with a gleaming gold star. It was less crowded than the last time they had been there, although halfway across the room Harry found himself shunted aside by **a witch with a satsuma jammed up her left nostril.**
> ‘We danced to this when we were eighteen!’ said Mrs Weasley, wiping her eyes on her knitting. ‘Do you remember, Arthur?’
> ‘Mph? said Mr Weasley, whose head had been nodding over **the satsuma he was peeling.** ‘Oh yes … marvellous tune …’
> With an effort he sat up a little straighter and looked round at Harry, who was sitting next to him.
> ‘Sorry about this,’ he said, jerking his head towards the wireless as Celestina broke into the chorus. ‘Be over soon.’
> ‘No problem,’ said Harry, grinning. ‘Has it been busy at the Ministry?’
@b_jonas In the Scholastic edition it has "walnut" instead of "satsuma".
Which means American kids believe that the witch only had a walnut jammed in his nose, I think that seriously weakens the image;
but at least in Prince, Arthur isn't peeling a walnut or comparing Stan Shunpike to one.
Q: Science fiction story where humanity is so technically advanced that they lack for nothing

chasly from UKMany years ago I read a story (I think it was a full-length novel) set in the far future of Earth where people effectively can have whatever they want whenever they want it. I also believe they had immortality. Their main problems were decadence and ennui. I seem to remember that this was all ava...

9:54 PM
Q: Why does Centauri keep wearing his disguise on the Starfighter base?

PsychonautIn The Last Starfighter, an alien named Centauri disguises himself as a human and travels to Earth. There he whisks away Alex, a young video game addict, to serve as a Starfighter, a spacecraft gunner. Centauri's true identity is not revealed to Alex until, on the way to the Starfighter base, h...

10:09 PM
Q: Do Jedi Ever Visit Their Families?

DragonChampion7We know that Jedi are taken away from their families when they are very young, but do they ever have any communication with their families when they are older? Do they ever even know who their families are?

10:39 PM
Q: Why didn't a phoenix come to Ariana Dumbledore's aid?

SlytherincessIn Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Dumbledore says: "Well, I've always felt an affinity with the great magical birds. There's a story in my family that a phoenix will come to any Dumbledore who is in desperate need." Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - Original Screen...

11:09 PM
Q: The Children in Rickchurian Mortydate Reference

HSchmaleI'm wondering what the hypnotized children in the fight between rick and the president are a reference to in season 3 episode 10.

11:24 PM
Q: Why didn't deadpool's friends just remove deadpool's necklace?

user4951At the end of deadpool 2, deadpool is wearing a necklace that makes him lost his "power" That necklace is easily removed. It removes itself when cable comes when Deadpool falled. That necklace seems to prevent his regeneration. So cable has to reverse time to ensure that deadpool isn't death. ...


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