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12:10 AM
Guess not, @GodEmperorDune. I popped you a room invite, so keep an eye out for it.
Or maybe I didn't. I hate chat.
okay maybe I did!
12:55 AM
Oh, goddamnit!
Apparently the heat sink anchors on mosfets are linked into the mosfet circuitry itself
No wonder the damned thing wasn't working
I had a heat sink connected to both the mosfets
@Wipqozn secret room, cool
The mosfet's getting really hot, though
That's not great
@Wipqozn where is the invite supposed to show up?
ok @Wipqozn you invited me to a room that 404ed as well as the bridge
is this the new mod abuse?
1:12 AM
You guys, I have found where all the obscure Disney movie graphics came from
@GodEmperorDune I deleted the first room, and the bridge one was science. One sec
Also chat is terrible, my word
@GodEmperorDune Okay new invite sent. I think.
1:34 AM
Q: Which boss in Dark Souls can be buffed by a Channeler?

DeepDeadpoolTV TROPES LINK An excerpt from this TV Tropes pages says If you take the shortcut through the Depths and go straight for the boss, bypassing the Channeler you would have encountered on the normal route, guess what? The Channeler can buff the boss. Although many players consider that particul...

1:58 AM
user image
Cc @Ash @Yuuki @Wipqozn
@GodEmperorDune 🤦‍♀️ had to read it twice...
@GodEmperorDune snortgiggles
3:06 AM
@SaintWacko If it's stupid and it works, then it ain't smart but at least it works.
3 hours later…
5:39 AM
Neat, I felt my first earthquake
6:04 AM
I have contributed to science
6:15 AM
lol, at work we were just talking about who might be added to Super Smash Bros and one guy suggested a character from Fate/Stay Night like Saber or Archer......and then i see this
Kirby is already prepared
6:40 AM
Q: Civ 6 Firetuner multiplayer

CodeCamperIs there a way to enable Firetuner in a multiplayer game? Maybe with a shared mod or a special setting? I imagine only the host would be able to spawn things in, I notice that in the new Firetuner screens there is options to resync and force sync network games.

7:21 AM
Q: Mechanics of this observer stabilizer?

Ent L Wu Qiufeng built this observer stabilizer on Youtube yesterday. It looks really attractive and efficient but also confusing to me. Could someone tell me why the second pulse is prevented from firing the piston? Thanks.

8:01 AM
Q: How to get bone meal effectively by composter?

Max ChanI need bone meal to fasten the growth of trees because I live in a survival island. I have grown many crops and what crops should I put in the composter to earn bone meal effectively?

8:21 AM
@Ave oh no
Also morning chat
1 hour later…
9:26 AM
@Elva morning
so, yesterday I was sleeping after work and I dreamt about puppies and they were making me laugh in my dream. I was laughing so hard that I woke up and just started crying for no reason 🤦‍♀️ (or maybe I cried because I woke up and the puppies weren't there?)
Hormones are weird 🤷‍♀️
lol what
I clicked through, what a horrible account, not recommended (slurs and a lot of propaganda). Blocked.
9:49 AM
A person with an account named 'The Right' and 'FreedomFarRight' is a bad person... I mean the big red flashing warning lights weren't enough? :p
10:17 AM
@Elva well, I still have no idea if "Learn to code" is pro-my-tweet or anti-my-tweet
Oh, this is UGLY. I just wrote a unittest that retrieves an XML string that's over 70,000 characters long and, using Regex, iterates over all node values, sets the found node innervalue to an empty string so it gets processed as null, and then checks whether we don't get a 500 error when feeding the into our Rest API. This is then repeated for every single node in the string
It's like a basic form of fuzzing, only this method triggers so many errors that by the time it's done writing the errors to the logfile, the build is done
Like, I'm worried to commit it because on my system, which only runs 1/3 of the unittests, it creates a 27 MB logfile
Let's try running it against all tests and see what happens
11:10 AM
@Elise hormones are weird!
I dunno why I CC the hawky one on anyone that says abolish ICE buuuuuuuuuut
I am awake early for on call but at least the sky is pretty.
11:25 AM
Q: Was Super Mario Bros. 2 for the FDS a two-sided disk?

GraydaI recently bought a Famicom Disk System, and am looking at buying some disks to go along with it. In particular, Mario Bros 1 and 2 (AKA "The Lost Levels"). In one eBay auction I'm looking at, an SMB2 disk the game on one side, and Volleyball on the other. Yet in this Japanese ad, the disk shown...

@Ash oooo
I love having windows in my apartment
@Elva jim sterling is cool.
Yeah. Also trans rights earlier in the same episode!
So that one test I wrote, when ran against all our databases we support, grows the build.log file to 85 MB
So now I need to verify our build server can actually handle 85 MB logfiles
11:30 AM
@Elva I mean he's a polyamorous gay male
It's kind of given
Wouldn't say it's a given but it's not news from Jim :p
@Elva I live a happier life thinking that it's a given :)
12:00 PM
Hmmm.... electric heated blanket...
@Ave i always wondered that. thought he was just flamboyant
I really shouldn't
Yup, as I suspected, Java Heap Space error
12:24 PM
@Memor-X he talked about himself on the fallout 4 video iirc
@Ave also he's not gay btw :p
He has a wife :p raises tiny bi flag
(actually looking at his wiki he's pan! My bad)
hold on I have something for this
12:39 PM
@Elva but heated blankies are magic.
@Elva Was about to say, yeah, he's pansexual
(also not his wiki, his twitter durr me
@Ash But but but, I can just pile on more blankets!
I lied I don't have something for this
He doesn't care whether you're a guy, girl, trans, nonbinary or genderless
@Elva true yes and that is good but heated blankies are their own kind of magic
12:40 PM
Well... it's 20 euros... hmmms
All he cares about is that you're a consenting adult human AFAIK
I am a little bit uncomfortable with the detail of this conversation, can we not?
@Elva I love my heated blankie for winter cold, especially when I first come inside and I feel like I can't get warm ever again
yeah your understanding is largely correct (and subject to one's individual interpretations), but nobody really asked I think all of us here got it
@Ash Hmmm, that's a rarity in the netherlands and also I have a shower for that but maybe heated blanket would be nice toooooo
12:49 PM
@Unionhawk yeah, we could have and should have stopped at "he's pan"
@Nzall Yeah, he's got full motor control back! The main issue now is it's a bit hard for him to use computers and things due to the vision problems he now has which... look like they may be permanent. We're not sure yet.
@Elva I just like the way it is warm fast but not in a bad way, in a good oh hey my bones are warm way
@GnomeSlice I am so, so, so happy to hear he is doing so well.
Thank you very much
The vision issues are having him a little bummed out right now but... as he says himself, it's better than being 'six feet under'
@GnomeSlice I assume vision corrective tools aren't of any help?
12:51 PM
I'm hopeful he will be able to get back to driving eventually if it improves somewhat. There's also a course you can take apparently as an experienced driver who experiences vision loss and you may be able to get an exemption
@Nzall The issue is he's damaged his optic nerve and lost the right half of his vision
Not the right eye, the right half of the field of view in both eyes. But he can definitely see things in that area some times and in different kinds of light so I don't think it's as cut and dry as the optician first suspected
He also smashed his good glasses in the fall and had some new ones made but it looks like the prescription has changed again during his recovery so he'll need new glasses, but that's a relatively easy fix
I used to play this a lot
@GnomeSlice here's hoping it, like everything else for him, gets easier and better
Holy crap this website process is way easier when you're building on top of a blog platform rather than from the ground
I think I'm... almost done
and all it took was a $5/month hosting budget
@GnomeSlice Looks like Medical Science has developed a number of solutions to Hemianopsia, but I assume your optometrist already discussed that with you
Idk. I'm sure theyre looking at every option. He's going back in 3 months for another test
@Nzall I mean I guess the optometrist discussed it with his parents :p
1:04 PM
@Elva okay my bad
@GnomeSlice I'm just basing my statement off a random article online at healthline.com/health/Hemianopsia, but I assume the optometrist has a better overview of such things
@Ave No problem :p
@Nzall Yeah they probably do, lol
@Elise Ooooooh <3
Oh that reminds me I need to see if that gothy store still has that sale going on >.>
1:05 PM
(excuse the mess on the floor, there's a 1 year old running around out of frame)
@GnomeSlice Essentially, all I'm saying is that there's probably a solution that will work for your father so he can overcome that final hurdle
@Elise oh ha, hadn't noticed!
And I imagine 1 year olds do that a lot
@Elva this shirt was actually brought over by my mom for my wife, but it's too small for her. My mom is giving me lady clothes and she doesn't even know I'm trans 🤷🏼‍♀️
She also sends me over sisters clothes that don't fit her (nothing overly girly tho)
@Elva we don't bother picking up the toys until she goes to sleep. It's quite pointless otherwise 🙄
Yeeeahhh, would imagine so
Hihi, my sister is kind of a neat freak... my nibling is now uuh a month and a half almost, sooooooooooon the tormenting will begin!
Oh yeah, just wait until they can move around and grab things 🙄
1:16 PM
I like your "this is ironic I swear" subtext on the profile pic
Also yaaay creepy people
@Elva here's the full size btw elixi.re/i/ru8ugx6k.png
sadly bitdab isn't too visible on twitter :(
@Ave is the doctor guy just copypasting the same intro to all the ladies or is it a bot?
@Elise same intro, dude went on to have a lot of talk with notnite
(we were checking for exactly that)
1:47 PM
MSE people are the worst, actually.
Q: How does the "Capture the princess" work?

FeuergeistHow does the "capture the princess" work in Civilization III. I capture the princess and I don't know how to trasport it the my capital.

@Ave We've done the science and it checks out
Which MSE?
is confuzzled
Meta Stack Exchange
Ah okies! That is what I thought yes
1:51 PM
@Ave The pronouns thing again?
I don't think it ended yet...
debate meeeeeeeeeeeee
How about noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
I am merely Being Polite About This
Why are you Compelling My Speech
I'm very good faith
much wow
Yup yup, same refrain again and again
1:55 PM
I have a right to free speech no I do not wish to elaborate on why I am insisting this because I have learned that doing so will create a valid "bigotry or abuse" comment flag against me
@Unionhawk My main worry is that this might be enforced retroactively (as in, I have to edit a post where I used a pronoun if the person added their pronouns to the bio after I made the post), and what I should use if I don't know a person's preferred pronouns
if you don't know, then the CoC say to use "they/them/their"
And bloody hell of course no one is going to go "OH! You didn't use they/them/their here in this 5 year old post, BANNED FOR EVER"
ban all users
uni 2021
2:05 PM
@Elva That wasn't my intent obviously. I mean, I make a post today, and in a week someone who I referred to using a pronoun states a different preferred pronoun. I'm not made aware of this change
I don't see a need to worry
As a general rule of thumb, no one is out to get you
^ better then I could write
Another wooden ball. Would it kill the makers of avocados to include a different toy? Maybe a novelty eraser?
@Ave don't think i've seen that one. if it was a Jimpressions episode then i wouldn't have seen it since i generally watch him for the Jimquisition and those other ones which fall outside the 2 like that Cuphead Clone video
2:12 PM
How on earth did I remember that I made that post so quickly?
@Yuuki I was hoping somebody would remember this
That ones still better
New solution to the second amendment! You are allowed all the guns you want, but posession of gunpowder without a license is illegal
@Elva I think they already tried regulating ammo
Ammo is perhaps the easiest "part" of a firearm to manufacture at home.
Yeah but not enough. Just ban ammo entirely
Also self made ammo
@Yuuki Hence banning gunpowder! :D
Also a simple gun is pretty easy to make
@Elva or even better, switch all guns to be Raising Heart from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha which will only fire Slaps, Divine Busters or Starlight Breakers. people will do mass "Befriendings" and the US becomes a much happier place as everyone becomes friends
@Elva I'm fairly sure someone already 3D printed a disposable gun
I know far more people who do self-loading than people who are gunsmiths.
@Nzall Yeah several people, alternatively you can go to the hardware store
Get some steel pipe and some other bits and have a pretty easily made reusable gun
2:19 PM
@Memor-X Probably not a good idea. Blunt force trauma -> hospital -> American healthcare system -> massive medical bills.
@Yuuki Slaps wont cause that much damage to cause trauma and the other 2 are magical beams, the latter of the two scored Nanoha her Wife and Daughter
squints that doesn't sound good
Pretty sure Starlight Breaker is basically a magical nuke, IIRC.
Didn't it level buildings at some point?
@Yuuki not that i remember. the only times i remember it being fired was over an Ocean at Fate and near close range to Vivio. you might be thinking of Divine Buster that shot through several decks of a warship
Some of this conversation makes me think of the Fate series.
2:28 PM
whispers nerds
Q: What can I get out of fishing?

senpaiI spent quite a while in Team Rumble just fishing in essentially any body of water that was in the circle. The majority of my items were Small Fry, Rusty Cans, and small amounts of building materials. In the trailer for Chapter 2, Season 1, they showcase the 4 initial characters fishing up to l...

Q: Guys, it's possible to create a tag with the player's name with a selector?

Marcelo Agustín Gonzalez AyalaI want to create a protection system for a Bedrock Realm with Armor Stands, the armor stand will teleport the players without the tag outside the area, but here is the problem, with a Book or Another Item I will summon an invisible armor stand and add a tag with the nearest player name. For exam...

Q: How does Rockstar expire your online character/save game? (Are they in control?)

Robert SiemerWhere is my online character (appearance, experience level, inventory, weapons, horses, ...) stored? (I talk about Red Dead Online, but long term experience with GTA Online is probably helpful, too.) Is it local? In a save game? (I don’t think so.) Is it on Sony PSN servers [I’m on PS4.]? (I do...

@Frank both have magic which the fundamental principles resemble programming
Still a bit awkward to say that overwhelming firepower got someone a wife and daughter.
That sounds problematic sans context.
@Elva looks around I'm in good company!
2:31 PM
> "Please be aware that the previously announced Overwatch launch event scheduled for Wednesday, 10/16 at NintendoNYC has been cancelled by Blizzard. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause." - @NintendoNYC
Yup yup
Blizzcon is going to be a shitshow
How far out is it?
Just when I thought they couldn't top "Do you guys not have phones?"
2:34 PM
Beginning of November, hmm.
@Wrigglenite "No because the Chinese Government took them away because we kept looking up freedom"
Probably not a hot take, but my money's on everyone's outrage petering out by the time we get to Blizzcon.
@Yuuki unless they keep stoking the fire
I learned this weekend that trying to outdate controversy is a thing.
You might have a few token attendees doing some kind of protest-esque thing ("free Hong Kong" signs, etc.) but I don't think it's going to be as big as some people are saying.
2:35 PM
@Yuuki I'm thinking that too
People don't care that much
@Wrigglenite It's not that people don't care that much (although arguably, they don't) so much as it is people don't care that long.
yeh, who knows, by then EA might drop a Star Wars Battlefront 3 ahead of the film with free spoilers and pay-to-win/grinding legacy unlocks
hell someone might see the current situation and sneak something really shit out and no one will notice
@Unionhawk dear libser, no site ever limited what I can say or not without getting banned
what se is doing is radical, it's too far
like maybe Anthem shutting down or Bethesda goes full pay-to-win
@Memor-X I'd be saddened about the latter.
Bethesda made such good games.
2:42 PM
Here's a controversial opinion
I have not liked a single Bethesda-developed game
same here
@Wrigglenite KOTOR?
I would think that would be the least controversial, out of all of them.
i only enjoyed the later TES and Fallout games. Morrowind is hit and miss because of how hits are done
@Frank that's Bioware no?
...Derp. Got the two confused.
Then I can empathize with the position. Most of the Bethesda games I liked were the early Fallout ones.
I did not know that Bethesda made a Pirates of the Caribbean game.
2:46 PM
we've been looking at this same file in code review for 45 minutes
saying exactly the same thing over and over the whole time
Bethesda games would be a lot more enjoyable if they stopped using their buggy mess of an engine
@Ave first they came for the gamers
@Frank early being 3 and NV? Don't think Bethesda did anything with Fallout 1 and 2
(it's funny because one of the mods resigning quoted that poem lol)
Q: How do medals and medal punchcard work?

senpaiIs there any sort of strategy I should be doing to gain the most efficient EXP out of the medal punchcards? What are the best medals for earning EXP? Does it matter what medal is earned at each punchcard slot? How do medals and medal punchcard work?

2:50 PM
@Nzall pfft, what's wrong with using the buggy engine from 2009 that was largely copypasted from their engine from 2002? /s
I need to go vote
@Elise Well, that's probably why I like the first two and Tactics, then.
I never got my card in the mail. I think I can just show up in my riding with my id though?
@GnomeSlice And probably a piece of mail with your current address.
I think the Dishonored games were better than most of their bigger games
2:51 PM
@Frank yeah, Bethesda acquired the franchise after all of those games. Fallout 3 was the first game they did
@Steve-o169 less buggy for sure (different engine, I'm pretty sure)
@Steve-o169 AFAIK Dishonored was published by them, not developed
Dishonored was just published by Bethesda, not developed tho?
@Wrigglenite How about Dishonored, Doom, Wolfenstein? I'm not a huge fan of those either but I've noticed for whatever reason these tend to get overlooked when talking about Bethesda games
inb4'd :(
@MageXy because they aren't Bethesda games
Bethesda published them, they did not make them
2:52 PM
@Unionhawk Okay, I'm going to say something about this, and I'd really like it if people take this to heart. I'm replying to a specific message for context.
Ah I see
That makes sense then
@MageXy All those games were published by Bethesda. Bethesda is a really good publisher, but their development branch is underperforming
Everyone is allowed to have their opinion, and show support for their position.
Dishonored was great
I am beyond excited for doom eternal
2:53 PM
@Wrigglenite I heard Dishonored 2 was kinda a mess, but I haven't played it myself so Idk
That said, how you express that opinion matters. If you are unable to express it in a way that doesn't mock the opposition, do not say it.
the first one was good tho
Yeah I haven't played 2 either
2 was a bit of a mess, but the first was great
and the dlc
one of the few games I've played through multiple times
It violates Be Nice, and I'm tired of seeing it in here.
I now return us to our regularly scheduled gaming discussions.
2:58 PM
@Frank "Regularly scheduled"?
Can't have regularly scheduled discussions of things that are off-topic.
@Yuuki Insomuch as we regularly schedule anything around here.
3:15 PM
Apparently, WWE 2K20 has appalling bad graphics.
Like from the mid-2000s bad.
@Yuuki well, it's just WWE 2000 part 20, isn't it? So I would take that as a compliment 🤷‍♀️
3:30 PM
Q: Texture transparency does not work as intended

HalpMeI was making a texture pack for 1.14.4 in Minecraft. Once, I decided to mess around with the stone.png texture. I made it green, and got this: Next, I made it transparent: The stone was still green, but black when viewed from an angle. It was supposed to be transparent everywhere it was. Ple...

3:46 PM
@Unionhawk fun story
yesterday I played taiko for a couple hours
@Ave Is that that drumming game?
while my gf read the "they targeted gamers" copypasta
restarting whenever I missed a note
(I play on spartan-- it restarts whenever I miss a note or have a BAD)
(well, actually it restarts on a bad, and missing a note is a BAD on its own)
@Frank I had a couple replies typed up for this but I honestly cannot be asked so I'll just leave you with the crux of those unsent replies
@Unionhawk Respect flows both ways. Be Nice is not negotiable. That shouldn't be a hard ask.
I'm so happy that people who think that using correct pronouns is coerced speech or is totalitarian or is radical etc etc are talking about leaving SE tbh.
3:56 PM
@Ave Are those bad positions to have? Sure. Nobody is saying otherwise.
What I'm saying here is that mocking those positions here violates Be Nice.
Mocking the person definitly, mocking the position itself too though?
This whole thing has become far too charged. We're starting to conflate disagreement with bigotry, and I'm tired of it.
There's more nuance there than anyone, either side, is giving credit to.
Thank you for protecting both sides
I know that's sarcasm, @Uni. And that's going to be my last straw on this one.
If you can't find something nice to say about a person or position you disagree with, do not say it.
@Frank that's fair enough
4:04 PM
The problem is that the arguments against these rule clarifications (because they were in place, just not explicitly written) are written in such a way that they are clearly violating be nice, but by making it either a strawman or a """hypothetical""" question (assume good faith is not in CoC, and I will as a result not assume that they are asking in good faith), they are avoiding getting banned, and anyone who is actually affected by this change gets smeared, downvoted, silenced.
I'll stop this sort of behavior:
9 mins ago, by Ave
I'm so happy that people who think that using correct pronouns is coerced speech or is totalitarian or is radical etc etc are talking about leaving SE tbh.
@Ave make a script that prefaces everything you say with "hypothetically speaking..."
inb4 she actually makes one 🤷‍♀️
@Ave That's all I ask.
@Ave 😮 and also 🤦‍♀️
I already mitm every message so it was a matter of just sneaking in a "Hypotethically speaking" +
4:11 PM
@Frank to be clear, the "position" at hand is "I don't think I should have to respect people's pronouns if I don't want to."
^ and this is and was a violation of "be nice" before the change
@Unionhawk In some cases, sure. But you're painting with an awful broad brush.
@Frank I personally have not seen any other argument, only ones like "Shouldn't you think about this mod situation first?" or "But what about foreigners/peopleofotherreligions?".
If you hold and act on this position, you will be removed from this space
anything other than that has been "I want to use and respect people's pronouns, but this shouldn't be a rule.", which is just "I don't want to use people's pronouns" but not bannable.
4:14 PM
@Ave There's been a lot of discussion about people disagreeing with how it was implemented, that goes nowhere near that argument.
@Frank I have not seen any good faith arguments.
@Ave it's more like "I'll use people's pronouns unless I disagree with them, so pls don't make me treat everyone equal"
There are good ones like "perhaps make it easy for people to show their pronouns and don't make them be put in posts", but that's about it
@Ave I'm going to disagree with you on that.
But that's all I have to say on the matter right now. The Bridge will respect people's pronouns.
4:18 PM
@Ave don't agree either
I don't really care about the new coc I don't think it will affect me much as I can't remember the last time I bothered to refer to somebody by their gender on the site
I'd really like to see cases of actual good faith arguments that people have encountered, because seeing mostly bad faith ones has been somewhat exhausting.
I hope it works out for SE though
@GnomeSlice then it doesn't affect you.
4:22 PM
oh boy, the blizzard debacle rolls on
Since the Switch Overwatch launch party thing was canceled, the mods on /r/NintendoSwitch have added a "no politics" rule.
They're getting hyper downvoted for it too.
So now we have internet forum moderators bending over backwards for a video game company that's bending over backwards for an authoritarian government.
it's lumbar problems all the way down, man
I mean, I kinda get it. It's a Nintendo sub, focused on the Switch. Blizzard's mishandling of their games isn't really 100% related, and I'm sure the mods are getting tired of the endless posts about it.
Especially since there are plenty of other places on Reddit they could be discussing it.
But yeah, I don't see the big deal, just let people discuss it. It'll blow over eventually anyways.
@MageXy Like I said, I'm fairly certain the outrage will peter out by the time it hits Blizzcon. But maybe not if people keep doing these things.
So... hopefully people keep doing these things so we can get an entertaining Blizzcon?
I can't wait for the soundbyte this year.
> "Do you guys not have financial ties to a Chinese dictatorship?"
Man, there's even drama in the LoL subreddit right now about cvMax, former coach of LCK Griffin.
For the win trading thing?
4:29 PM
More like conflict between him and Cho (is he an owner or a general manager? this thread doesn't say).
tl;dr Cho has been assuming a lot of credit for Griffin's success
Cho also may or may not be doing press releases on behalf of the Griffin players (i.e. putting words in their mouths).
The spiciest timeline would be Griffin dropping out of groups, last place in LCK, followed by losing in the relegation tournament to... JAG, now led by cvMax.
Okay yes, Cho is the manager for Griffin.
4:46 PM
@Yuuki They warned us about those heavy backpacks but we didn't listen. WE DIDN'T LISTEN
@TimStone if only they were actual canvas
the whole HK thing is getting a bit too wild tbh.
Also funnily enough it's not the only uprising that's happening right now, but it's the only one that's getting media attention.
@Ave well a teenager just washed up dead, so yeah getting kinda wild
I wonder why (def not related to the red scare and the fact that HK uprising is aligning itself with US and UK)
Q: Should Classic Sonic be called fat round or chubby?

SONICFAN8just i need answers please i want em. Thanks for your co operation. I want answers. I was digging deep in the Sonic Fan base and i saw N O T H I N G. just things such as 'short', 'Robotnik', 'six chaos emeralds', and 'younger'. Please answer this.

Q: On what game versions the "Missing Purple Nines" bug can be found?

LemonFrom the Glitches in Grand Theft Auto III page on GTA Wiki: If the player starts a new game on a memory card with the mission Rumble completed, the Purple Nines, who are wiped out in that mission, will not spawn in the new game due to a programming oversight. This will make it impossible to c...

@Lazers2.0 why
lol apparently Payday 3 is coming at some point
per a Starbreeze press release to what looks like investors
some newsletter about cash flows that the company expects, the company is broke
It won't be good
"remember the time we did a thing that was good and made money? well we're going to do that again please give us money ignore Overkill's The Walking Dead etc"
5:12 PM
Q: What is the symbolic meaning of the outsider's mark on Dishonored?

MetalFeverI saw this question on Reddit but it is unanswered properly, does it have a meaning? What's its origin?

5:32 PM
Q: Minecraft "/give" problems

user238870I'm trying to give a sharpness 10 diamond sword to myself using /give, but a syntax thing comes up saying "*line 1 column 2 missing 'y or object member name" please help

6:13 PM
Q: What is the purpose of the dungeon in Future Hyrule Castle?

GendoIkariAfter you get transported to the future in Cadence of Hyrule, there are just a few options for where to go: Go down the stairs and fight your way through a typical dungeon. Go into the main castle entrance and fight Ganon. Go into the side entrance to solve a puzzle for an item. It seems stra...

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7:16 PM
Outer Wilds comes to PS4 today
7:35 PM
Q: How to get a most wanted car after you have raced it and won?

ShayanHow to get a most wanted car,after you have raced it and won against it in most wanted,do you have to follow it,and follow it till when,please help me out

7:55 PM
Q: How to make world edits using a wooden axe in minecraft?

Over CookedI tried to use every datapack but nothing works.

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@Dragonrage what the hell, neither sneaky nor rekkles have played a traditional marksman this worlds yet?
Man, I think they took that Perkz interview a little too seriously.
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I'm pretty sure the rumor is the Rekkles has horrible mental against Uzi due to past games and maybe that's why he doesn't want to do a traditional marksman match-up, but still...
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oh wow, all of a sudden there is so much new content I'm interested in both on Youtube and on Netflix that I don't have enough time to watch all of it. Mind Field is free until the end of the year, Netflix added a bunch of children's shows from my youth, Flash Season 6 is starting, plus all of the usual content I watch.
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@Nzall The Flash is one of my favorite guilty pleasures
Like, the plot doesn't really make sense if you think about it longer than a few seconds
And most of the conflict feels manufactured when you know Barry could literally fix everything by not being dumb for once
But damn if it isn't the most entertaining superhero TV show available
I mean, having only watched the first season completely, it's still fun to watch a show where you save the day by answering one question, "but what if he could run faster".
I did watch some crossover episodes and it kinda bothers me that Flash and Supergirl have better chemistry with each other than their respective romantic interests on their own shows.
@Yuuki Haha yeah, it gets a little silly in the first few seasons. But they finally made the conflict slightly more dangerous in season 4 and 5.
Honestly the show is best when the villains actually feel like a threat. Season 1 was great, and season 4 and 5 are close. Two and three were bland imo
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Q: Issues with running a data merge within an if command

Blaze the FoxI've spent a few hours on this and looked around on the minecraft wiki and I cannot work out how to go about this. The aim is to add motion to a minecart a player is riding in when looking in a certain direction. The following two commands work as intended: execute as @e[type=minecart,distance...

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Q: How do I detect if a player is standing on a specific block?

SillyEar7What I want to do: Detect if the player is on black concrete, and then change a scoreboard I created called reviveto 1. I'm in 1.14.4, and I can't find tutorials online for this. I assume that the command will be execute, but I'm not sure. Help appreciated!

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Q: Why does Commander Shepard never call in a tactical airstrike?

Mason WheelerI've been replaying Mass Effect lately, and I recently noticed something: Commander Shepard is a naval officer in charge of a (presumably armed) warship. This is significant because there are a lot of surface missions where the obvious solution to fights where the Mako is outgunned is "radio J...

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Close vote request: gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/358974 is a duplicate of gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/341263, but I can't vote for that anymore, because I had previously voted wrong and retracted. Can 5 others please do that?
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