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12:00 AM
Q: How to make slime block not bouncy?

Max ChanWhat is the minecraft command to make slime block become not bouncy while remaining all his original properities, what is the command to make slime block not bouncy?

2 hours later…
2:07 AM
Wow, that League of Legends anniversary stream was so good. I feel like I need a cigarette... O_O
They finally putting the S in Riot Games
has anyone gotten the October Humble Bundle Subscription and able to post a link to Puss! so i can see what it is, i try looking it up.......i'm getting hentai games
@Memor-X It's a bit like a flash game where you move your mouse through a maze avoiding the edges
I appreciate the style but absolutely not my kind of dexterity game.
@RedRiderX hmmm, yeh not really my kind of game so i'll think i'll pass on it
2:33 AM
@MageXy Worried they might stretching themselves too far though.
> We’re increasing base minion XP slightly so solo laners level a bit faster, and we’re reducing the amount of bonus XP generated when allies share XP so bot lane levels a bit more slowly. We're also slightly decreasing jungle XP.
I already have problems ganking solo lanes because of level advantage.
3:04 AM
Q: I have also seen Silhouettes of weedle and seedot, sableye. I already have these

Cheryl Williams in the nearby list you can see sableye is a silhouette I have that one already and don't understand why these pokemon are up like this.

3:24 AM
Q: Unable to update the Minecraft runtime environment after installation

Stephen DowdUnable to update the Minecraft runtime environment after installation. I downloaded the game from Minecraft.Net after logging into my account, I was able to run the installation wizard with no error. when opening the launcher I get the error posted. (reference image attached). attempting to run o...

Q: Final Fantasy VII

Oscar Garza MirelesIm starting to farm the Sources in FFVII and im having some trouble and hope you could help me: for some reason for every character with the guard, luck and strength sources it allowed me to increase every character stats to 255 but fot tifa it stopped increasing no matter how many adittional sou...

3:45 AM
Q: Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 Season 1

Mordecai MendezHow do i view the medal punchcards? I want to know what I have to do in order to get them, but I don't know how to open them up.

4:14 AM
does anyone know if the Google Play store has DRM on their videos?
i saw could buy Rick and Morty there but i know Apple has DRM (or atleast they do with their books) and i don't want to buy and download a series with DRM that's stops me from playing it on any device i want, like currently my PS3 and later my PS4 and in the future (so long as Sony stops this stupid censoring bullshit) my PS5
@Memor-X On mobile you have to use approved apps and on the web videos play in a psuedo-Youtube player. You can't download the files directly.
I haven't tried but I'd imagine a normal youtube downloader app could work.
4:50 AM
@RedRiderX crap and chances are such app would require a version higher than my Ice-cream Sandwich
so once again EA "obtains a macrotransaction patent from a prior acquisition". yeh and i wonder why it keeps happening to you
5:08 AM
in all cases the person has a problem. wither it's a legit problem that's being targeted on purpose by the developer/publisher or an intelligence problem that there is no such thing as a released game that costs you $150k
5:43 AM
I don't get capital G Gamers??
Like that just looks like fortnite, counter strike and overwatch mashed together to make the most generic shooter ever
Like one of the shown characters is literally mei and mercy mashed together wth?
@Ave are they saying Project Gay?
Project A
@Ave oh, ok that makes a bit more sense
@Ave mash up all the popular games into one mess
including their macro-transaction for "More Creativity and Expression"
for that Pride and Accomplishment
Can't wait for overwatch except I have to buy each character
and I can pay more and get versions that expose more skin
@Ave I suppose the context is that Riot Games hasn't made a video game other than League of Legends since... League of Legends?
5:55 AM
@Yuuki They announced multiple projects, including project a
1 hour later…
7:21 AM
@Yuuki The crossover episodes are my biggest issue with the series, especially the one from Season 4 where such a highly anticipated moment (the marriage of Barry and Iris) is essentially done in a different show
7:43 AM
Good morning, Bridge
I'm sleepy
@Wrigglenite good morning
I am not made for being out of bed
8:08 AM
@Wrigglenite morning
I only slept for 2 hours
8:35 AM
8:57 AM
@Elise Morning
@Ave this actually looks pretty sick
it looks like CS:GO with abilities
and it's going to be free2play, I assume, so it's gonna be popular 🤷‍♀️
1 hour later…
10:27 AM
@Elise recon arena or gtfo
@GnomeSlice This is easily the most worrying 'food' I've ever seen
10:46 AM
Well royalty was never know for its taste
11:16 AM
Q: Spells of the Dungeon Master [DOS]

riki481So guys, i just found this DOS game called Dungeon Master. It's a interesting point n' click with combat in turns, spells, puzzles, etc. i was searching some stuff around the DOS-BOX on windows 93 when i found it. But there is one thing about this game, to cast a spell, you need to put symbols in...

@Ave This looks fun
12:04 PM
got my new glasses in the mail today!
my left eye is already starting to hurt, because I went up in prescription by like a million steps compared to my old pair, so that's fun
my right eye only went up one step, so that one's fine 🤷‍♀️
I usually get a mild headache for a couple days until my eyes adjust.
Yeah, that's definitely not atypical
I've just never had such a huge increase in prescription at once
I was supposed to change prescription 2 years ago and I didn't
and in these 2 years my right eye didn't change, but my left eye got way worse
PSA: Kids, if you have long hair, keep it out of your eyes or you will ruin them.
1:08 PM
youtube has decided that I need a bunch of cloud service provider ads just because I've been working with digitalocean the past few days lol
no thanks my business doesn't need help moving our data to the cloud or whatever
2:06 PM
@Unionhawk Galar form Alolan Exeggutor?
gigantimax meowth (he long)
put ultra lord in pokemon you cowards
Q: iPhone controls disappear on the screen

EliantonaThe controls on my IPhone have disappeared when I am in a world of Minecraftpe. It is also no longer possible to scroll the screen when I open ‘Parameters’. What can I do to make the controls appear ? Thank you for your help ! Eliantona

3:01 PM
Q: What is the strange general slowdown (walking/motion speed) in Splatoon 2?

FattieI play Splatoon with the Switch connected to a TV, Definitely LAN (wired) connection from the Switch to the internet router. Very fast internet Absolutely no other use of the internet during play I use pro-wireless controllers (FWIW I don't have a wired pro controller) 1000+ hours experience pl...

3:11 PM
@Lazers2.0 some p2p multiplayer games slow down everyone's gameplay in order to avoid stutter 🤷‍♀️
3:21 PM
Q: Is Dragon Quest 11 Switch playable with only 1 Joycon?

FanaAs the title sqlays, I'd like to know if it's possible to play DQ11 single handedly (or at least do most of the stuff with L - ZB - +). Some of the older DQ allows to Confirm/Cancel with the trigger button, making it somewhat playable one handed.

3:41 PM
Q: mcpe diamond sword sharpness value higher than 5

QBsmartguyi want to have a sword with a sharpness value higher than 5 ive tried/give @p diamond_sowrd{Enchantments:[{id:sharpness,lvl:10}]} but it doesnt work anyone that can help?

thank you
I am also a fan of gigantimax pikachu
@Unionhawk You can't prove they weren't always huge
4:03 PM
@Yuuki, how do you feel about support/adc/jungle becoming irrelevant in 2020?
13 hours ago, by Yuuki
I already have problems ganking solo lanes because of level advantage.
I'm wondering what are the chances that preseason will have two hard CC junglers and botlane becomes a solo lane.
Both junglers will spend little to no time taking camps because lack of EXP and instead constantly roam for ganks.
need old morde passive back
also, dont bother ganking for your solo lanes unless they are winning and you can cc them or something for your solo laner to kill
Actually swap out "jungler" with two roaming supports.
just camp bot since they will be even further behind in xp than you
Roam lanes to gank and hand over your Targon stacks to give your solo laners even more gold.
4:08 PM
bard sleeper op now since he can just leave lane and get xp from his chimes
allows his bot laner to get a big xp lead
Ranged Targon execute too.
So yeah, get Bard and one other support. Three solo lanes with two supports roaming for ganks, vision, and handing over Targon stacks to accelerate solo lane gold income.
also, if i play jungle, i am never not going to soak xp from waves if laner recalls
I'm actually wondering how useful jungle will even be with further decreased EXP.
Is it possible that we shift to a jungler-less meta? Top and bot both have a support and one support has Smite?
Jungling consisting only of getting buffs for one of the laners and maybe scuttle?
Q: After completing a blacklist race is there a way to guarantee a pink slip reward from the opposing driver?

PausePauseAfter defeating Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2005)'s difficult Blacklist drivers you are given the option to pick two of three available Reward Markers. These rewards include cash bonuses, get-out-of-jail cards, extra impound strikes, reclamation of impounded vehicles, and best of all: the title ...

4:25 PM
Jungle is too impactful of a role for there to be no jungler. Unless they reduce exp to a degree where jungling is actively detrimental, I highly doubt a no-jungler meta will ever form.
Well, the point of a jungler is that you get two solo lanes, which have increased EXP gain, and the jungler can roam to provide vision and gank every lane. This seems achievable with roaming supports.
@Yuuki doubtful. decreased xp from shared lanes means you dont want another duo lane.
I already barely keep ahead of duo botlane in levels. Depending on how much jungle EXP decreases, I could possibly see myself having the same level progression as a duo botlane.
I should tax lanes more often.
there are plenty of champions that can safely lane 1v2 if you play correctly early. then with the level lead, you can win 1v2 pretty easily later on
Junglers will be getting less exp, but shared lanes will also be getting less. So having two duo lanes probably won't make you level much faster than just jungling anyways
4:34 PM
but why reduce jungle exp
Lack of toplane influence doesn't really have to do with EXP differentials, imo.
Herald is just not as good as having dragons. That's the reason: neutral objectives.
Increasing solo lane EXP doesn't just affect toplane, it affects midlane.
Midlaners are going to be big in preseason, I'm betting. Buffs to solo lane EXP in addition to these dragon changes.
@Yuuki I'm definitely a little leery about that for sure. It'll be super fun to get blown up by a roaming level 6 Zed while I'm still a level 4 ADC... :/
Probably won't be quite that bad but you get the point
I think we might going to a "shove lane and roam (bot) for kills" meta if nothing else is announced. And junglers will likely be handing over their first blue buff to the midlaner.
> (blue side jungler) Red -> wolves -> give blue buff to midlaner -> krugs -> gank botlane with midlaner
> (red side jungler) Red -> raptors -> give blue buff to midlaner + gromp -> gank botlane with midlaner
Midlaner can shove lane with blue buff and have enough resource regen to 4-man gank botlane.
Anyone have any idea what the deal is with the Ryze teaser page? He's standing in front of a MASSIVE portal right now
And the timer shows 1h 42m left on the countdown, but I don't know what it's counting down to.
I just found out how to make donair sauce and wtf @Wipqozn
I'm wondering what they're going to do about Ryze gathering all those World Runes now that Sylas lore has revealed that petricite stores magic instead of negating it.
Ryze's petricite World Rune chamber has been gathering World Rune energy for centuries.
That would be a big kaboom.
4:49 PM
Sylas wanders into the room
Casually turns into a god
@MageXy And then goes kaboom.
ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I just realized something
I need to go downtown today but the garage I normally park in is closed to day parkers monday through friday for now
thats a big gun
@Yuuki Official splash art i.imgur.com/Y8qc2zB.jpg
I definitely thought that was a giant sword at first
5:08 PM
The concept discussion is interesting. She's a supportive marksman and they designed to be playable with Lucian dashing to duel while she supports him from range.
With a square barrel?
I imagine then that she'd work well with short range ADCs (Graves, Kalista, MF, Kindred [rework pls]?) and melee engage supports.
@PrivatePansy Well, her husband dual-wields pistols that are literally stone boxes.
With no holes/barrels.
tl;dr they're magic guns
Ah yes, handwaving
I mean, he doesn't shoot actual bullets either.
The stone is called Petricite, it stores magical energy and Lucian releases that energy in controlled blasts.
so much cooler than actual guns imo
5:22 PM
Well, I just got my exercise for the day. Fire drill, I work on 17, the second highest floor in the building.
That's a retcon, right? IIRC, petricite didn't exist when Lucian was first released.
@Yuuki Honestly I don't think they ever officially confirmed his guns are petricite. It just makes sense given their appearance and Lucian's Demacian origins.
But you're right, petricite didn't exist when Lucian first came out.
So Riot released games in all of the esports genres except battle royale and RTS.
Well, announced not released.
@MBraedley That's...a lot of stairs.
Do you think that top-down game with Blitz and Ezreal is an ARPG or an MMO?
I thought it looked more like an ARPG but everyone on Reddit is calling it an MMO and I don't know where they got that from
5:26 PM
I think it's an ARPG.
MMORPG are just too big in scope for Riot to be announcing one in addition to the other announcements.
Okay that's what I thought. Glad I'm not crazy haha
Of the MMORPGs being played right now, I think Blizzard and Square-Enix are the only ones that run an MMORPG in-house and work actively on other games.
If Riot had announced an MMO I think Blizzard might have imploded.
I don't think ESO is handled in-house but I could be wrong.
Riot already announced competing games for Hearthstone and Overwatch
Taking WoW would be the finishing blow
5:30 PM
I think Riot's trying to corner the esports market and an ARPG is closer in execution to an RTS than an MMORPG would be.
As for why people are guessing MMO, I'd chalk it up to a LoL MMORPG being on everyone's perennial wishlist.
So more wishful thinking than anything.
I think Morello already mentioned that it's a top-down dungeon crawler.
@Yuuki But how does esports work in an ARPG, other than PvP modes (and then how do you build characters)?
More about the stuff you build around an ARPG vs stuff you build around an MMORPG.
Q: Logistics Of Tarot Cloth and "2 Of ___" Cards

DavidThe Tarot Cloth is an item that doubles the effect of any rune or card used in Isaac. My question pertains to what occurs when you use a multiplier card while at 0 of that item. If you use a 2 of clubs while at 0 bombs, you will end up with 4. Does the game give you 2 bombs twice, or does it gi...

6:25 PM
Q: After finishing Minecraft what do I do? Pls help

Over CookedWhat do I do After finishing minecraft what do I do?

I hate this
New Fiddlesticks appearance!
@MageXy So is Fiddle some kind of Hextech/Chemtech apparatus going wrong now?
All though mechanical parts feel weird in conjunction with a character that's supposed to be a personification of primal horror.
Yeah it'll be interesting to see how they work that in
7:19 PM
I can ask this as a real question, if needed.

What genre are the games where you and a number of opponents (usually 2-4 players total) have projectiles with ballistic trajectory and are trying to kill each other

worms bg
the old tanks games
oh man i used to play the hell out of gunbound
I had this one on my windows 95 machine where you (a farmer) lobbed cows at a rival farmer, which exploded.
Not sure what the genre is called, but it's had some really good games in it.
7:47 PM
Q: What is this goblin spell, that’s been wrecking me?

LudiI am getting wrecked by goblin shamans. They just stretch their staff towards me and my health starts dropping like crazy. Sometimes I get 2 of them, but the third one inevitably gets me. I try to figure out what spell it is, so as to take counter measures. I don’t see any sparks or fire. I have ...

8:00 PM
Here we go finally
> VICE Games: This morning, I asked my three-year-old daughter what sound a goose makes. She told me "goose goose goose." When I told her it was, in fact, "honk," she shook her head and repeated "goose goose goose." Thoughts?
8:17 PM
Did anyone else notice that Reddit suddenly doesn't recalculate frontpages as frequently anymore? My personal homepage only refreshes like once ever 4 hours it seems instead of every 30 minutes
8:30 PM
Okay, time to try the Reddit redesign again. Seems like that one does in fact refresh
Weird, isn't the redesign just a new UI over the same data?
Maybe the old frontend is caching weirdly?
8:53 PM
@MBraedley I broke the build yesterday. Turns out that if you call the same API a thousand times deliberately failing to insert something and then print the stack trace for the exception you get to System.err instead of debug logging it to Log4j, and then have code that appends system.err to your test results, you end up with such a big logfile that it outgrows the heap size you assigned to Ant
It's 3D Happy Wheels, lol. I have this already.
9:13 PM
@Wipqozn :(
9:39 PM
@fredley Rad!
I forgot that Floex was the main artist behind that
Ah. Tomas Dvorak is Floex
I just got an email from him about the new release
My fav from the original soundtrack
10:35 PM
That reminds me I need to finish that game
I just end up finding games where you have to find the right thing to click on a little annoying usually
feels like I wind up spam clicking everything I can see until I luck into something that works
10:59 PM
@GnomeSlice my fave is m.youtube.com/watch?v=dy8HXFrqpCI
@fredley I remember that place. God that game had so many memorable moments
This one was really remarkable too

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