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12:02 AM
Sitting in the in-laws motorhome and everyone's cold, so they got the heat turned up. Meanwhile I'm sweating in my hoodie, but can't take it off and feel like it would be rude to leave 🤦🏼‍♀️
bridge I hate everything
Q: For wow classic is there a character level requirement for leather work and alchemy

Charlie WuFor wow classic (blizzard server), I want to have my main character to have skinning and herbalism and create a second character which I won't play much to have leatherwork and alchemy. My question is for my second character, is there a character level requirement to reach max leatherwork and ...

I'm in pain yet my brain is thinking if I can pay to get it stopped
and the answer is no
and my insurance isn't helping out either
I woke up thrice in the last 3 hours and couldn't sleep for an hour beforehand, yet I see no easy way out of this
I hate that we live in a system where "ending pain that makes it impossible to sleep or focus" requires me to ruin my personal finances
if I can even afford to that is
@Ave what's the cause?
dental bs.
12:18 AM
@Ave is dental that expensive in Turkey? :o
tldr fillings shattered over the last year or so, I didn't bother to get them fixed due to dental care being hell and me lacking an insurance for it
it's expensive in US and Canada, but I thought most of Europe was more affordable
now I regret that
@Elise The numbers I remember us paying almost a decade ago are affordable
however back then everything cost 4-5x less
@Ave you should probably inquire about it
a single filling shouldn't be "ruins my personal finances" levels of expensive
Not a single one tho
And thing is they will require me to go and get things checked before they give me a price
12:21 AM
even in Canada, I've had fillings done with no insurance and it cost... don't remember exact, but it was between 110 and 150 range
which by itself costs money
they also tend to lower the price once they find out you don't have insurance
@Ave you can call the dental office and just ask roughly what price range a filling is
you don't need the exact amount, just what they normally charge for it
like, if I'm going to a dentist without insurance, I need to know if I should expect to pay 20, 100 or 500 dollars
they have set prices for each procedure, so they should be able to tell you what it should cost
Q: What is Noita downloading every time I quit the game?

Ryan_LEvery time I quit the game, a small file downloads extremely slowly. I get less than 1kb/s on that download for some reason, even though I normally get 100mb/s or better. This is a problem because I can't play anything else while it downloads; so when my friends invite me to play something else...

I'll ask for dentist recommendations tomorrow
in the meantime, i'm sure we can send comforting hugs to help ease the pain
1:02 AM
merve checked some list prices and while it's not as bad as I expected (and again, they'll likely ask for more than just the filling cost), it's still not great
It's not "will destroy my financial state" but possibly "will make me live on ramen for two months or so and put 36c3 at a limbo"
and that's for list prices
maybe I'll get the ones that hurt done at first and leave the rest for after 36c3
1:17 AM
@Elise oh that sucks :(
@Ave here's hoping you can work something out to at least make it easier
@GnomeSlice that is awesome news
@GnomeSlice I am so so so happy to hear that
@Elise I love seeing your nails when you do them!
@Ash aww, that made me feel better 😊
I'm glad someone else likes them too
I do!
I need to unpack my polishes so I can do mine again.
I have some pumpkin'ish orange and very strong pink nail polishes that I bought few days ago
gonna try something with those
I've let my nails grow out a bit too, Idk how long that will last with my job 🤷‍♀️
my nails have always been really strong (and sharp) though, so maybe they'll survive :D
Oh all of that sounds fun
:O I JUST REALIZED! I could do my nails tonight, since I won't be seeing in-laws anymore (they'll be leaving before I get up)
I just need to do something about this cat on my lap... 🤔
gonna play a game a bit and then send the cat downstairs, probably
1:38 AM
Yay nail painting!
Q: Dealing with old questions about non-existent features?

BenAs games get updated, sometimes features are removed, or become redundant, especially with games that cannot have previous versions accessed, like the leaves in Pokémon Go. Questions like this, while still interesting, are no longer relevant, or useful, as they are not (currently) part of the g...

2:28 AM
Woo we possibly have a local LSC political education group
If you're interested in some bottom-left political education, please contact me and I can get you plugged in to at least our At Large group
(if not the Cincinnati local group, which will most likely meet in person)
(we are going to be voting on what our first group will be this week, then work from there)
3:22 AM
... Wonder if I'll even have work on Tuesday? they're still without power according to Hydro's map
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4:25 AM
cc: @Ash
Q: Tf2 Gibs not appearing

alex1976So awhile ago, I needed as many fps as possible, so I disabled gibs and ragdolls. now, I would like to help to re-enable them, please. I have the commands in my auto exec, but even then when I or others die, there's no gibs, ragdolls, just the weapon I was holding on the ground, nothing else? I'v...

4:55 AM
@Yuuki you were accidentally banned?
I’m not good at sarcasm comprehension
5:13 AM
@Stormblessed the teacher sounds like Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation
@Stormblessed I've encountered so many youtube videos today that are disabled in Canada...
but SNL has never been available in Canada, I guess
6:14 AM
@Elise ooh! Nice
6:34 AM
Also, morning chat!
here's the other hand :P
and good morning
I have DnD in RL this sunday
Hmmms, if I don't chicken out... I can paint my nails :o
didn't you say you were out to... some people? I guess not your DnD group?
the first time having painted nails in public is difficult, but once you realize that no one really cares, you kinda stop caring if anyone cares anyway 🤷‍♀️
It's not really "my" DnD group, I'm a stand in :p
But I am out to at least some of them, and some of them I've not met :D
you could at least try a clear coat
or you could buff your nails
makes them nice and shiny, but without the nail polish
6:43 AM
But from my understanding of who's there, there's two enby people (one 'plain' enby, one multiple personalities with different genders between them) and a lesbian to whom I'm out
@Elva that seems like the best group to be in with painted nails for the first time, lol
Though I only know one of them well, the other two I met two weeks ago at the first's birthday party
@Elise Yeah! But chickening oooouuuut
Who knows! I'll def need to redo my toes
Cause the paint may not chip... but toes do keep growing!
Toe.. nails keep growing. My toes aren't gigantic ever growing things
@Elva Morning
@Elva you should do it tho, it feels great :)
but you need to do it when you're ready
having my nails painted gives me something to remind me that I am a woman whenever I'm feeling down (not saying that women have to have nails painted)
it will take time, but I'll get there 🤷‍♀️
7:06 AM
7:24 AM
@GnomeSlice Did he also fully recover his fine motor skills? From what I understand those were very important for his hobbies
siiighs People that just biked in to work should not open the windows... YES YOU'RE HOT BECAUSE YOU JUST EXERCISED, NOW EVERYONE ELSE IS COLD, GOOD JOB!
8:24 AM
Good morning, Bridge
Morning Wriggle
9:12 AM
gaming.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/2187/… ctrl+f "friday" - zero results?
Q: Battletech Sensor warfare

SmockIn the Battletech refit screen, I noticed a tutorial button that mentions stealth options, and using probes. I'm assuming these are somewhat similar to the guardian ECM suite and beagle probe from MechCommander However, I've not seen any items of this type in Battletech so far (either stores, b...

Now I wonder if it'd be possible to set up a system of like, 10 tanks, have them grow power for half an hour and kill off the lowest producing tanks, then distribute the content of the remaining tank to the others
Forced evolution :p
(probably you'd need more then half an hour...)
reading the original post further Definitly need more then that
Days apparently, booooooo :p
9:54 AM
Q: How is Dota 2 MMR calculated after Role Rank is implemented?

The1993As the title suggests, how does Dota 2 calculate the MMR (Matchmaking Rating) after the implementation of the role queue? I noticed that it is not a simple +25 or -25 MMR. I tracked my MMR and found out that both of my roles' MMR (support & core) changed after the game (in a party of 2 with both...

Sometimes you execute bash 'commands' that are cute:
(develop):> ^-^ -
git add -u
10:35 AM
Q: How to install the voice

SmockWhen I first started playing F1 2018 (Steam - PC) I did not like the idea of having the voice command software installed (or see the need for it), so when the game was installing I skipped the installation for that bit of software. Now, however, I'm at the point where I want to be communicating ...

10:45 AM
> Then comes the 19th century. During this time, the myth of the conflict between religion and science becomes very popular and people like John Draper and Andrew Dickson White who are very dedicated to spreading this myth claim that people in the Middle Ages believed in a flat earth in their (White and Draper's) incredibly inaccurate histories, because it makes religious folks seem stupid.

> The myth that Columbus argued for the spherical earth against religious fanatic flat earthers comes from Washington Irving (of Sleepy Hollow fame) and becomes quite widespread (in actuality, the major
TIL. I always wondered how that myth came about.
"myth of the conflict between religion and science" why is that a myth? o.o
Science is a means of figuring out the truth. Religion teaches that it's okay to belief things ... basically because they're beliefs that are old
11:24 AM
@Elva Science versus religion is pretty much "how does something happen" versus "why does something happen". A lot of science is about finding the root cause that makes the world the way it is, while religion is about finding greater meaning behind why the world is like that, essentially a motivation
Religion also makes factual statements about the universe and in those it is in conflict with science about how to figure out if said factual statement is correct or not
@Elva Not necessarily. If you look at the story of Genesis, for example, it's quite reconcilable with the history of the universe up until now. you just need to not literally view a day as a day, but rather as a separate major step up until now. Each of the days in the genesis creation narrative roughly matches a stage in the history of Earth
"religion also makes factual statements about the universe" => "here's a story that could if you bend over backwards be interpreted as not a factual statement"
If you know of a religion that makes no factual statements I'd be interested in hearing about it
@Elva No, it is just a different interpretation of the same truth. They make a statement about the history of the universe and bring it as factual, and from a certain point of view it is. You just need to think less in literal facts and more in metaphors
(also which genesis story, there's two in the bible ain't there? And they contradict each other...)
11:33 AM
@Elva I'm talking about the book of Genesis, so the very first book
I wasn't aware there was another story than God creating the universe in 6 days plus a day of rest
Yeah, Genesis 2
Oh the broad strokes are similar
But they directly contradict each other, Genesis 1:1-2:3 and 2:4-3:24 if you need citations
Essentially, Genesis 1 is a story, genesis 2 is a poem
It's essentially telling the same story in a different way that puts different emphasis
I'm just gonna drop this
11:37 AM
Probably a good idea
Okay, same here then.
11:57 AM
Q: How to join a Skirmish in Neverwinter Online?

JeroenLongtime MMORPG player, first time Neverwinter player, but having a lot of trouble completing the "Driving Back the Orcs" quest in Neverwinter Online. The linked wiki doesn't help much, and searching leads to only one relevant result at Reddit that says: Go to queue’s and queue for it. It’s a...

1 hour later…
1:26 PM
cc @Yuuki @GodEmperorDune
Oh gods facepalms
@Wipqozn is it stealing if it was freely given? :p
@Ash I certainly hope so
@Elva at some point when I have spoons I want to argue this from a Baha'i perspective (wherein we very much believe in the integration of science and religion) but right now my brain is full of tired spiders.
@Ash This makes me wonder whether a brain of tired spiders is worse than a brain of active spiders
1:39 PM
(in our case basically we look at Genesis as a giant pile of metaphor - science tells us the like material bits of how it went together, spiritually it's basically God loved the idea of us so damn much that He couldn't stand not having us around so He made us, it's a giant act of incomprehensible love.)
@Elva I very highly recommend the Crash Course History of Science, as it touches on many traditions and periods of knowledge making(or proto-science) where religion was a strong ally and in many cases enabled the work.
@Ash Sure :)
@RedRiderX I think I've watched that
Ah nice
It's definitely not always the case that the two are closely tied, but it's a bit more nuanced then you're making out.
Though given that people are starting it up, before you misinterpret what I meant let me clarify. Religion at it's most basic says that it is okay to believe things without having reasonable evidence to support them. That is essentially by definition in conflict with science.
Yes, religion is not that very most basic thing
@Elva sorry I just get excited when I learn new stuff, in like very much a tiny seedling when it comes to my Baha'i-Ness so I am mostly like ooooooh I kinda remember a thing
1:44 PM
I know that, I'm not dumb :p And there good things about the culture that religion created, but those are not where it is in conflict with science.. because science is that really 'simple' thing of a method of figuring out what reality is and how it works
(there are also lots of horrible things created by that same culture of religion, and I would (well, not here and now) argue that a lot of those horrible things it create are because it teaches to be okay with believing things just because people in authority say it's true)
@Elva The way I understand it, religion is a form of attributing meaning (in an existential interpretation) to various events that occur around us. In that respect, it was originally meant EXACTLY for things that don't have reasonable evidence to support them, because we didn't know the scientific reasons for various elements
I feel a need to point out a lot of that last one you are tying all religions together and that's not entirely true but that's partially me being defensive about being tossed in with all of the things as the Baha'i faith is...not that)
But that's enough from me on this methinks
Yeah, I assume that Elva saying "I'm just gonna drop this" was a signal from her that she doesn't want to discuss it right now
Yes my bad not noticing that before I posted the link.
and that doesn't mean "let's randomly bring it up again 2 hours later"
1:52 PM
Anyone in here good with C?
@SaintWacko No, and I can say that with confidence
@SaintWacko North C, Black C, South China C or Mediterranean C?
@Nzall Si
No one is ever good with C
Amen to that
Anyways, what is your question?
@SaintWacko Somewhat!
@Ave Star thief
I've got most of my digital skylight project working, but in order to fine tune it I need to be able to send it a kelvin value over serial to have it set the led strip
1:55 PM
I can read in the value I send as either a String or a char array, but I cannot for the life of me convert it to an integer
The wonderfully named atoi
Every single method I've tried (and there have been a lot) only convert a single byte
Yeah, doesn't work
how do you get/form this string or this char array?
On any number greater than 255, it just starts counting over
1:56 PM
Can you show us the sending code, I think I know the problem
(and this is arduino right?)
There isn't any sending code, I'm typing in the value in the serial monitor
@Elva And yes
oooh yeah arduino is fuun
And then I can either do a Serial.readString() to get it as a String
Oh, so it's receiving it as a written down number?
Or I can do a while(Serial.available()) {
incoming[count] = Serial.read();
if(incoming[count] = '\n') {break;}
1:57 PM
The only kind of C I am good with is this kind
Can you debug and see what you get from Serial.readString?
Is it just like 1200?
as a C noob I have a horrible idea on how to solve it.
just do atoi when you're doing a while loop taps forehead
what is speed
what is clean code
To get it as a char array
@Ave See, I'm almost desperate enough to do it
Go through and convert each byte, multiplying it by its place value, and then summing those
@Elva readString() gets the correct value
As a String, of course
1:59 PM
So like "1200"
And incoming in that example is a char[]?
In the second one, yeah
char incoming[5];
int count = 0;
Would have led that loop
Okay, cool! So you're sending the number as an ASCII string
The code's on my computer at home, and I'm at work, so I'm doing this from memory lol
2:01 PM
You're gonna probably want to use atoi( readString().c_str() )
...Oh sonofabitch
I didn't even think about that
Damnit, now I want to go home and try it
Yeah, it's probably not that complex, but the code you were using to convert it from the char[] probably assumed that you were sending the number in it's binary representation and not in ASCII
@SaintWacko there is nearly always a simple solution noone ever thought of
2:04 PM
@Wipqozn hue
@Nzall See, I knew there had to be something. What I was doing was far too simple for it to not have a simple solution
Okay, here's the weird part, and maybe you can tell me why this happened
If I did atoi(&incoming[0]) it would convert the first byte, so only up to 255
But if I did atoi(&incoming[1]) it would convert the full number properly, but missing the first digit
Like missing the first digit makes sense
I was starting with the second digit
But why did it convert the rest of it properly?
I even tried initializing count at 1 so that was where the number started, but that just went back to only doing a single byte
havn't seen this one but heard of some details from Inside Gaming
SSD, using 100GB Disks. DS5 Rumbles are going to be different to allow a varied range of vibrations and apparently they work like those hand shake weights
@SaintWacko C++ Strings (which I believe Ardiuno Strings are based on) do not guarantee that all the characters in the string are stored contiguously in memory.
@ToxicFrog Oh, that's wild
So it's stored more as a List rather than an Array?
(or rather, they do now, but they didn't one revision of the standard ago and earlier, and I'm not sure the Arduino stdlib is fully standards-compliant in either case)
It might be. The implementation does not require it to be.
.c_str() forces it to store the string contents in a contiguous null-terminated array (either in-place or by writing a copy) for use with legacy C functions like atoi()
2:11 PM
I don't think C++ String (note, capital S) is compatible with std::string, and it is it's own implementation based on a pre-allocated memory buffer and a lot of other microcontroller things
And I'm not sure what the problem is that you're describing @SaintWacko, except that your string isn't null terminated
All that said
Might be able to figure it out with the code and input/output
@SaintWacko what you should actually do is ditch both atoi() and c_str() and instead use incoming.toInt()
Yeah use that!
My Arduino is pretty rusty (I usually work in plain C or in a home-made forth variant when doing microcontroller work, even if it's an actual arduino I'm targeting) but I'm pretty sure that's preferred over atoi().
2:18 PM
@ToxicFrog Do you leave it outside or something?
@Yuuki I mean, you're more right than you know, since my prototyping board got water splashed on it and is now very dead
Oof =[
So all I have left are a pair of digisparks
And those are a lot harder to prototype with, at some point I need to solder a bunch of headers onto one of them so I can experiment with it
I have... too many microcontrollers I bought from various places that I need to do stuff with <,<
I also have way too many plans
Q: WoW attack speed calculation

Michael MuntaReading up on attack speed calculations for World of Warcraft I noticed that the formula for attack speed is: Attack_speed = "current attack speed" / (("Percent increase or decrease" / 100) + 1 ) So with a weapon of speed 1.8 and activating a 40% attack speed buff for example we would ha...

2:21 PM
(they're also a lot less capable than the arduino that died, which makes wild experimentation harder)
2:32 PM
Okay, time for home timeeeee! CC @SaintWacko
@ToxicFrog That was the first thing I tried
It also only converted up to 255
But the atoi(.c_str()) approach worked?
I haven't tried it yet
My ESPs are at home, and I'm at work
@Elva I have an old arduino duemilanove from college, an ESP8266, two ESP32s, and a RasPi 3B
If it does work, I should be able to get the skylight working tonight
2:42 PM
@Yuuki that's less "low orbit" and more "high hovering".
I have the sensor working, it picks up the color every second and, if there's been a significant change since the currently used value, it sends it over to the master unit
@SaintWacko aah. If toInt() doesn't work I'm not sure I'd expect this to either. It's extremely weird that that's happening but that logging the string works fine, though...
The master unit picks up the RGB values, converts those to tristimulus values, converts those the chromaticity coordinates, and then converts those to a kelvin blackbody temperature
@ToxicFrog Yeah, it's been driving me nuts
Honestly I should just give in and do the place values thing, especially since this code is just for testing and won't be in the final product, but it's such a stupid solution
Also, who else is hyped for the Google event tomorrow?
2:49 PM
What Google event?
They'll be announcing the Pixel 4 and possibly a Pixel Watch and possibly Pixel Buds 2
Their hardware event
The pixel watch might be interesting I guess? It probably won't be, though, every smartwatch since the Pebble has been a huge disappointment :/
@MageXy ooo
argh, i keep forgetting worlds games start before i head to work
so i keep forgetting put the stream up so i can get watch rewards
Are there rewards other than the one-time 500 BE?
Cuz you can get those by watching 10 minutes of any VOD.
2:56 PM
@ToxicFrog Yeah, I know :(
Some of them have almost been great, but they insist on putting stupid amoled screens on them
So they have a really short battery life and look like you've got a phone strapped to your wrist
Honestly I would be willing to tolerate AMOLED instead of transflective screens if the UI and/or build quality weren't always a complete clusterfuck as well
And notification handling
The "Pixel Watch" may actually be a hybrid, with an analog watchface and a transflective display
Even Fitbit, which bought Pebble, has nothing anywhere close to Pebble's UX.
Yeah, that's been my biggest issue. I bought a Garmin VivoActive 3 when they first came out, hoping that would be a replacement. I used it for about a month, but the UI was just nowhere near as usable as Pebble's
Here's the watch that's speculated: theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2019/9/18/20871852/…
Which, if it's as good as it sounds, I may actually get
Well, as long as it's not huge
That's the other problem with so many smartwatches. I have small wrists and most smartwatches are massive
Those look...not great, for my purposes, but maybe usable?
3:04 PM
Especially if they're running WearOS
Like, my absolute hard requirements for a smartwatch are: it needs to properly display notifications and let me respond to them, it needs to have an integrated calendar view, and it needs to not break constantly
The Pebble does all three except that the P2 has a design flaw where it's not actually water resistant at all after a few months of use
@ToxicFrog Yeah, I am so glad I didn't get one of those
My PTS is fantastic
The Samsung Fit2 has some notification handling issues and I've had to RMA mine three times, and it's on track for #4
The Fitbit Versa can't handle calendars at all
I wish I hadn't given away my mk 1 Pebble when I got the P2
3:06 PM
My requirements are:
Battery life ~= a week
Always on screen
Notification/response support
small enough for my wrist
And I prefer if the backlight is easily triggered, rather than trying to rely on lifting it up to your face or something
Yeah, I'm willing to compromise on battery life and, if absolutely necessary, always on screen to get the last three of those
Oh, and I like having a good selection of apps and watchfaces
Always on screen is a hard requirement for me
And I think transflective display is, too
I don't want to have a big glowy screen on my wrist
I really had high hopes for Fitbit when they picked up Pebble's stuff
But they don't seem to have done anything with it
Did anyone do transflective apart from Pebble?
The Versa felt like they were trying to court Pebble users, but they missed the mark
Yeah :/
Yeah, I actually got a Versa and bitterly regret it
3:10 PM
@ToxicFrog Garmin's watches are transflective, and Sony released a transflective smartwatch a few years ago
I want to say some of Fossil's earlier smartwatches had transflective displays, but still managed to have abysmal battery life
Oh, interesting
I've kind of ignored Garmin because IIRC their stuff is all really, really pricey
@ToxicFrog Transflective sounds like a term thought up by a marketing drone who wanted to annoy every English teacher in a 30 mile radius
Oh, and the Amazfits
The Vivoactive line isn't all that bad, actually
Okay, well, the new ones are pretty expensive. The 3 wasn't, though
@ToxicFrog I still have all my pebbles
Haven't worn one for ages though
@SaintWacko huh. I might want to look into the VA3.
3:14 PM
Nowadays I just wear a garmin, no notifications or smart features but a good HR/activity tracking watch.
@ToxicFrog It wasn't bad. I think if I were a person who got a lot of benefit out of run/activity tracking I might have kept it
The interface certainly needed work, but it may have gotten that work by now
My dad kept his and still uses it
I don't get any benefit from activity tracking, really, although I do like having sleep tracking
Yeah, all I'm really interested in is step tracking and sleep tracking
Step tracking is handy, but I can live without it, especially since most smartwatches have their own special-snowflake fitness app that syncs with nothing else on each
Huh. One of my P2HRs has resurrected itself.
The waterproofing is of course a complete writeoff and the bottom button covering is hosed, but maybe I can 3d print a replacement for the latter...
@ToxicFrog Yeah, that was pretty annoying. I ended up buying a cheap Fitbit since Fitbit refuses to let Pebbles send data to it
3:31 PM
fires up the slicer
@ToxicFrog Garmin's special snowflake app is actually pretty good, and syncs with Strava/Google Fit, don't know about other things.
4:03 PM
Q: Game about gang wars in a future city - pixel turn based cyberpunk style MS-DOS win95

LanThe game was a turn-based futuristic strategy game where you recruit and fight different gangs in a city. Pictures of gang members where pixelated art, with some cyberpunk style. There was a 2D grid of different tiles (guess zones of the city), and your gang was advancing and fighting other grou...

cc @Ash
4:29 PM
Can confirm. PUPPY
4:44 PM
Q: How many Easter eggs are there in Terraria?

Lsootgamer13I was playing Terraria yesterday when it came to thought, " How many Easter eggs are in Terraria?" Someone, please help me!

5:20 PM
In case anyone needs another opinion, PUPPY
@Unionhawk I need to buy that game
6:05 PM
Q: How to tank (get threat) as a low level paladin in Neverwinter?

JeroenI'm running the level 12 dungeon as a level 19 paladin in Neverwinter. From the wiki entry on threat in Neverwinter I understand there is such a notion. When I queue for the dungeon it even specifically asks for a tank, a healer, and 3 dps. However, none of my abilities say anything about threat...

6:18 PM
I'm thinking about combining a headless horseman costume with a pumpkin hat for Halloween.
But how do you wear a hat without a head?
Well, the torso would go up over my head.
So the top of my head would be where the "neck" is.
6:36 PM
What the hell, Control is out?
Why did I never hear about this?
It's an EPIC (timed) exclusive on PC
And on console people were too busy complaining about how bad the performance was.
Oh yeah, that sounds familiar now.
7:00 PM
@murgatroid99 So in other words, it's not out yet. :P
It does look really cool though, I'll probably pick it up eventually.
@MageXy LCS regular split had a thing where you could get an icon if you completed the watch a game mission X amount of times.
@Yuuki Even so, they only give credit once a week, right? Or maybe once every couple days? I got the icon and know I didn't watch most of the games
Yeah, it was like once a week or something.
And even then, you didn't you need to watch once every week to get the icon.
With Tristana mid becoming groups meta, I kinda wanna see DL mid on Tristana and Jensen playing botlane mage.
But it'd be understandable if TL doesn't want to mess around with something that low-percentage in Worlds.
I'd really like to see some more teams with lane-agnostic team comps. Instead of making the "midlaner" play AD carry champs, have the "botlaner" swap to midlane with the ADC while the "midlaner" goes botlane.
Sure, you run the risk of messing with long-running botlane/support synergies.
But I feel like at the end of the day, that's the smarter move over making Jensen play Tristana when Doublelift already has an amazing Tristana, for example.
7:48 PM
Q: How to use world templates in Minecraft bedrock servers

Yohello 1I have spent a lot of time looking for a guide on how to use a world template in a defected server bedrock but there are non.

@GnomeSlice I don't play, so I don't know.
For those of you who are developers and fans of My Hero Academia, I made a little something to express some frustration with my current project
8:03 PM
@MageXy of course integration would be the dude that brainwashes people
And core is the essential-but-also-insane supporting mechanic. :D
@Yuuki did you hear about the issue with banning phase for TL?
8:59 PM
@Ave this explanation of the bug doesn't compute
@badp It's very uh
@Dragonrage Just saw it, there was a language bug with champion names and CoreJJ couldn't find Rumble in time?
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