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- User needs to be in sudoers
- You can only escalate with the software you're already allowed to run with sudo
- It does however allow escalating to root on that software
- Still requires user password
here's what I determined ^
I think the big point here is that sudo will not log the correct UUID
> This results in sudo log entries that report the command as being run by user ID 4294967295 and not root (or user ID 0). Additionally, because the user ID specified via the -u option does not exist in the password database, no PAM session modules will be run.
Wait, but it still requires the user who's already a sudoer's password?
so if security is just grepping sudo entries for user id 0 for whatever reason, then you'll be able to be sneaky
> myhost bob = (ALL, !root) /usr/bin/vi
and you'll be able to circumvent such a !root bit
@Yuuki essentially yeah, and rumble had a lot of presence that game
Qiyana and Rumble is really strong wombo-combo duo, I guess.
I guess balanced by the fact that you're opening yourself up to counter-picks in two solo lanes if you draft them both in the first phase if they don't get banned.
9:30 PM
Q: GTA V started crashing with error 0xc0000005 STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION after Casino/Rockstar Launcher updates

K4R1Ever since the Diamond Casino and Rockstar Launcher updates happened, GTA V has started to crash inconsistently every time I play. Sometimes I can play for 30 minutes, sometimes maybe 4 hours or more. Then at some point the game closes to desktop saying "Grand Theft Auto V exited unexpectedly" ...

If I'm working on Columbus Day, does that mean I'm protesting Columbus Day?
@Yuuki isnt it indigenous peoples day now or something?
@Dragonrage Depends on where you are.
It looks like it's still officially called Columbus Day in most parts of America
python3.8 is fun.
9:42 PM
i never got columbus day off in high school or college. we got cesar chavez day off though
@Memor-X Is Wargroove a fun game? I like the aesthetics but I don't think I've played a game like this before.
Other than maybe Into the Breach
I mean, it's all right.
@MageXy never played Advance Wars?
I enjoyed it when I played it but I haven't touched since I first picked it up. Not because it's bad or anything, but because I'm playing other games.
9:47 PM
@Memor-X Nope. I never had a GBA
@MageXy good news, you can emulate it on a toaster and actual second hand GBAs are common and super cheap
And AW1/2 are extremely fun
@ToxicFrog i liked the second one more because of the Pipes and steamrolling Neo Tanks as Colin
(also I had no idea that Wargroove was (a) an AW-like and (b) out on PC, I need to pick this up now)
@ToxicFrog yes, shame on you for not knowing this
Advance Wars with dogs!
oh it's chucklefish
9:52 PM
@Memor-X Switch loves its exclusives so when I heard it was on Switch I just kind of stopped paying attention!
@Ave what's the chant on Chucklefish?
@Ave i miss/forget some bad Chucklefish news?
@Ave oh yeh. looks like i forgot about that
9:57 PM
shit now i'm conflicted because Chucklefish games look good and the ones i have are really fun, butt that means supporting shitty people like that
see I hate to see this because I love chucklefish games, I bought my switch as a portable stardew console even (even tho I haven't played it for a long long time now)
this is why we can't have nice things
IIRC, they did an interview with the creator of Stardew Valley and brought up this issue. He said that he did everything himself with the exception of the multiplayer.
Plus, Stardew Valley's self-published now so there's that.
huh, nice
10:10 PM
Q: How can you view the contents of another player's enderchest? [1.14]

ginkgoI think you can use /execute as <selector> run replaceitem entity @s enderchest.0 minecraft:stone to change the contents of someone's enderchest, but that doesn't really show you the contents of their ender chest. I also think that you can use /data modify to copy the contents of someone's en...

10:23 PM
@ToxicFrog @Ave @Elva the c_str() thing didn't work D:
Fuck it
I'm doing it the stupid way
cc @Ash
I can hear these
Are those... real?
I hope so
I didn't check
They're great imitations if they're not
Princess Protection Program is definitely real.
I think Smart House is real.
My gut instinct says that Operation Dumbo Drop is also real.
10:38 PM
@GnomeSlice Not my Halloween Town
Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire sounds like it's real given the release date of 2000 and the mom character seems to be played by one of the lead actresses from Sabrina The Teenage Witch, which was popular around that time.
^ that is my Halloween Town
@Yuuki that one i have heard of
So yeah, I think all of these Disney movies exist.
@Yuuki Haha
I wonder why none of these were featured in the Walt Disney museum
The museum definitely need a new section for them
10:49 PM
just spent the last 2 hours trying to debug an issue that occurred after my last prod publish
cannot reproduce the issue, but digging through the code in a different spot not related to my work, it appears that it might possibly due to an unhandled edge case where one of our external apis we integrate with breaks contract and returns no data
11:05 PM
I like how the room description is still in reference to my initial confusion when I first joined this room
Now that I'm trying to do it the stupid way atoi is working properly
@Himitsu_no_Yami blame @Wipqozn
11:46 PM
Also, protip
If you're using mosfets to drive an led strip off an arduion/esp, hook the sink of the mosfets ONLY into the negative terminal of the LED strip power supply, and leave the ground of the arduino/esp out of it
It really fucks with the microcontroller if you don't
And gets the mosfets REALLY hot
To the point that I ripped a heat sink off a random circuit board I had lying around and screwed the mosfets onto it and it still wasn't enough
11:58 PM
@GodEmperorDune You around?
@Himitsu_no_Yami tbh we're normally confused anyways. Especially @badp. Have you ever seen him try to park a truck? It's a rough, confusing and hilarious time.
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