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5:00 PM
fucking hell neighbors are playing rap in german on full blast
The skill every IT person should list on their resume: English-to-English translation.
so that I can hear it from our house
ugh YNAB i thought you were recovered
stupid AWS
@GodEmperorDune it was
Worked for me this morning
@Yuuki have you ever considered people want to waste their time by walking to IT and talking to them?
5:02 PM
oh android, never change
No like really stop changing stuff
@Unionhawk i'm getting intermittent timeouts
the same app that ran well on android whatever-6 can't get permissions on 7
nope it doesn't run well on android 6 too. I suspect one of the commits the other guy pushed broke it
@Yuuki Significant restraint in not improving the gene pool.
@uni zinke confirmed
@Avery iirc if an app doesn't use the new permissions model it falls back on the old one
5:07 PM
@Unionhawk it does use the new model! And we have old stuff added just in case too, for older devices.
Seems like one of the refactors the other guy made #blame is causing it.
ugh, #notgettingit
> Republicans said the [endangered species act] too often falls short of its goals. Barrasso pointed out that of more than 1,600 species listed as threatened or endangered since the Act’s inception, fewer than 50 have been removed. That’s about 3 percent of the total, the chairman said.

“As a doctor, if I admit 100 patients to the hospital and only three recover enough to be discharged, I would deserve to lose my medical license,” Barrasso said.
that's not how it works
endangered species act is not something where you pump them full of antibiotics and send them on their way
You're right but I think the train of thought is along the right lines
they should be working towards getting species off of that list
you have to rebuild the species while not breaking the rest of the ecosystem further, i.e. it needs to be done slowly
5:10 PM
ideally towards they're okay end
@BlueBarren Yes, but their argument is "not enough animals are getting off the list in time, we should get rid of the list".
Just because the process is slow doesn't mean they're actually working towards helping those species, it could be the opposite. Maybe they're putting in no effort at all hence the list is still long
@Yuuki well they definitely shouldn't get rid of the list
@BlueBarren then it becomes a question of why they aren't working toward helping those species
is it a resources thing and they need to hire more people to do more things at once?
But who says they have the resources to put more people at it?
is it something where we know that the species is endangered but don't know how to fix it?
@BlueBarren right, is it something where budgets need to be increased for the relevant agencies to handle it?
5:13 PM
So there's this big "why" then. I don't think that changes the fact they might need to put more effort towards the process
my complaint is more that the medical practice analogy shortcuts all of that nuance
Because really how often are endangered animals on the forefront of people's minds?
and basically assumes the problem is that people are incompetent at saving the animals
@GodEmperorDune to be honest this is what I was getting at
people either don't know how or don't care about helping endangered species
which is a shame really
the public at large, sure
5:16 PM
if by public you mean most people outside of the organizations that actually do the work towards saving those species than yes
but i expect the specialists who work to actually save those animals (biologists and whatnot) to be competent at what they're doing
Usually the biologists and whatnot aren't the only ones required to save animals species
it can require laws or some other stuff
@BlueBarren right, it's the biologists figuring out that X needs to be done, then policy people figuring out laws and stuff to make X happen
Sure the policy people can figure out laws and stuff but they don't get to make the laws. You then have to convince politicians to put those laws in place
They're looking for excuses to kill endangered species act because it inhibits resource extraction
That's all this is
Oil and logging
5:20 PM
Hence politicians might not want to or might not care in helping the process of saving an endangered species
Slowing down process leaving the list of species super long
@BlueBarren executive branch gets to make policies based on existing laws
and the executive branch is full of politicians
like with the bee situation, they can figure out that its some pesticide wrecking the bees, then they can put out a policy where farmers have to stop using that pesticide over the next 10 years or whatever
because the endangered species act gives them authority for that
We'd have to get rid of all banking regulations if we wanted to do thay
5:26 PM
@Unionhawk yeah that's why it was a stupid rule
i can repeal two regulations X and Y and fold them into Z which says do X, Y, and Z
@GodEmperorDune yeah incidentally, dumbest executive order ever
5:51 PM
Q: How to embed RTMPs Radio Stream file in my wordpress Blog

tehseenhasanI have an RTMPs Stream file rtmps:// , which is stream URL of one of the radio Station, i am trying to publish this radio station on my blog but JW player is not supporting rtmps file. Here is the URL where someone else is already doing this on Ecouter Radio En Direct. How ca...

@Lazers2.0 This got spammed across four sites.
@Frank Do you think it's a spam (as in an advertisement) or?
Probably no
It's off topic and I cast a vote against it
So it'll catch fire sometime between now and eventually
🔥🔥🔥 🚪 this question is fine ☕ ┬─┬ 🔥🔥🔥
6:03 PM
@MBraedley Yes, we fight off packs of wolves daily.
Doesn't everybody?
It's not daily here...
6:16 PM
Q: Arceus needed help pokemon soul siver

monkeyI need to find someone with Arceus who lives in California /Bay Area on soul silver or heart gold?

@MBraedley Eh? Damn, what do they do out there? Just watch you?
@Frank They stick to the woods. We don't go there anymore.
Iowa lawmaker's alleged alma mater is actually a company that operated a Sizzler steak house franchise… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/837003307902255105
Feb 3 at 2:58, by badp
user image
So many stuff are wrong about that I can't even begin to start to argue about that
@Avery I can't help but think (or at least hope) that that's supposed to be an argument ad absurdum for some other right that people actually argue for, like animal abuse or something.
@Avery by this person's logic their wife should also be able to beat them back. I suggest we give her a baseball bat.
@BlueBarren no but apparently he owns her as she's his wife
But funniest part of that mentality is: Who owns who in gay marriages?
this looks fucking awesome
cc @badp @StrixVaria maybe?
@Avery In some countries, that's probably not far from legally accurate
6:29 PM
@murgatroid99 yeah, afaik it's similar to that not too far from turkey, like in jordan and stuff
@Avery but this clearly takes place in a country where people aren't property so using marriage as the reason why it should then work both ways
Either way I still think we should give the wife a baseball bat
@BlueBarren no, we should give her a ride to court
for divorcing and then that one order to keep him away
@Avery well that too
restraining order
that's one of the good answers.
there's ones that support sexual assault and physical damage towards your partner, even giving tricks. Yahoo answers is definitely scary.
I'm surprised people still use anything Yahoo related especially after that fiasco back in August
6:37 PM
@Avery does that mean you can beat your president
it's your president...
@badp #notmypresident
oh so you can't beat him.
What if you don't have a president?
I have a prime minister
me too
6:38 PM
and as much as I'd like him not to be, he's my prime minister
although I don't want to beat him
@BlueBarren I mostly opened it because there was a random legal question I had on my head and google only had YA and that was in most popular questions of the day.
@Avery isn't there a stack exchange site for legal questions?
or at least a subreddit?
@BlueBarren you have the worst ideas.
please stop having the worst ideas.
6:40 PM
@GodEmperorDune did you see that politico video that positions trump "nobody knew healthcare would be this complicated" with Obama "Healthcare is complicated"?
@badp are you telling me Yahoo Answers is better than Reddit?
I don't think we actually have a general legal questions site. But there is such a subreddit: /r/LegalAdvice
@BlueBarren yes, but why would I ask there and see HNQ when I can check yahoo answers and see "Why cant i legally beat my wife.. its my wife.. not the governments.... and if i wanna beat something thats mine shouldn't i have that right?" or "Why didn't liberals care that Hillary is insanely corrupt? "
I mean my question would fit in travel as it's mostly if I'm able to use the fifth amendment if I'm asked to unlock my pc's hard drive on border checks
I guess there is the amusement value
6:42 PM
@Avery Most likely, you can refuse a search at the border, and they can refuse to allow you into the country
Which one is the fifth amendment?
@BlueBarren right to not self incriminate, and some other stuff.
@murgatroid99 yeah i found the answer, which is that. I'll just remove important stuff like PGP keys and upload them to my FTP server.
Also don't you have to be American to invoke amendment rights? (Which I didn't think you were right now/won't be when you cross the border? I really dunno)
The Fifth Amendment (Amendment V) to the United States Constitution is part of the Bill of Rights and protects a person from being compelled to be a witness against themselves in a criminal case. "Pleading the Fifth" is a colloquial term for invoking the privilege that allows a witness to decline to answer questions where the answers might incriminate him, and generally without having to suffer a penalty for asserting the privilege. A defendant cannot be compelled to become a witness at his own trial. If, however, they choose to testify, they are not entitled to the privilege, and inferences can...
6:43 PM
It's basically the right to due legal process in law enforcement matters
@BlueBarren IDK, that's also what I was checking. But if criminal laws apply too, that should apply too, right? idk.
Iirc your rights are very limited at the border
Like if I were to cross the border and they asked to me to do something do I bring up my Canadian rights or the rights that Americans have?
Like even for citizens
@Avery Some of your rights are (partially) rescinded at the border anyway.
6:46 PM
@BlueBarren yeah that is confusing. AFAIK you are object to american laws but if something goes very wrong I think that canadian embassy helps you with your canadian rights.
Included in that is the fifth amendment
@Avery I would hope Canada has my back abroad
Iirc you basically don't get 4 or 5 at the border at all
ah the 4th is the warrant one for anyone wondering
can't search or take your stuff without a warrant
I really don't know the amendments
I know of them but I don't know which is which and such
I know a little bit of them
6:48 PM
1-10 and 21 are among the most important
I bet most Americans don't even know exactly which rights every amendment in the Bill of Rights grants
So are you going to the US to stay there or just for a while?
(every american here should go ahead and read it all up (at least 1-10 and 21) and learn their core rights btw, not every country has laws like that)
Off the top of my head
13, 14, 15, 19
6:50 PM
I mean, the third has basically never been relevant in living memory (as far as I know), and 5 through 8 kind of blur together
@BlueBarren I'm going as a tourist
@murgatroid99 to be fair 3 is kind of obscure as a thing today
@Unionhawk well, there are some that are less important in 1-10. 3, 9, and 10 aren't as important as 13, 14, and 15 IMHO
@Avery ah okay
Everyone should actually read the Constitution itself, too. It's got some less than exciting logistical bits but it's overall pretty interesting.
Well, Americans should.
6:52 PM
I was looking at the Canadian bill of rights
our bill of rights is impossibly boring
I wish the wikipedia page was just as thorough though
All of our federal documents are impossibly boring
@GnomeSlice turkish one is the worst
@MBraedley I mean to be fair 13 is probably one of the most important
6:53 PM
@GnomeSlice can you really think of a country that has exciting federal documents?
@BlueBarren I know Nintendo has been rather adamant about the Switch not being the successor to the 3DS but I really think they should embrace it.
Probably not
> In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.
I like the hard-coded $20 in there.
@BlueBarren I mean, the Declaration of Independence is somewhat riveting.
everything that starts with "madde" in this are amendment equilavents: tbmm.gov.tr/anayasa/anayasa_2011.pdf
6:54 PM
At least the preamble is.
@Yuuki I think the only reason they're not is because they still want to sell 3DSs for a little while longer. If you tell people it's done and they're not supporting it people won't buy it
@Yuuki but to what percentage? Would you get bored 5% through?
Back from lunch and I have this to say about burgers: it's not just the patty, guys. If you want to make a great burger, you have to consider the bun.
well bored is subjective actually so that's not a good measure
6:55 PM
@Yuuki Ciabatta pls
If the beef is the heart of the burger, the buns are the backbone.
@Yuuki pretzel buns all the way
@BlueBarren yech
@GnomeSlice more like yas
You can have the most fantastic kobe beef patty on earth and the resultant burger will still be horrible if the bun literally falls apart as you're eating.
6:56 PM
This is going to be the best Tweet genre this week https://t.co/BK6tTtZm53
Pretzel buns are good, but it complements a grilled chicken sandwich better than a burger I think
1- Turkey is a republic
2- Something about social government
3- Turkey can't be divided. Language is turkish. The flag is specified there. The national anthem is "istiklal marsi", the capital is ankara.
4- 1,2 and 3rd stuff can't be changed.
@Unionhawk pretzel buns are the only special buns I know
and it just goes on and on for 43 pages
@TimStone ... now I want to put Zelda in my mouth.
@GnomeSlice whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
I'm hungry dude
Honestly, just a nice egg bun is more than good enough.
I went to Five Guys for lunch and I don't particularly like the fact that they foil wrap their burgers.
It traps the heat inside and it degrades the integrity of the bun.
6:58 PM
I was wondering why Archer had a Bob's Burgers crossover episode until I saw an episode of Bob's Burgers and realized Archer voices Bob
Their burgers are good though, but it's definitely something you need to unwrap and eat pretty immediately
@Yuuki IIRC carl's jr used to do it here but they switched to regular stuff now.
Now I want a burger. Fortunately, I'll probably have an opportunity to get one for dinner today
five guys is greasy and nasty
(btw yeah 14 and 15+19 are very important while 3 isn't really important)
7:00 PM
like I honestly don't get the hype
I had a Walmart burger last night
I mean, I hate to praise McD's but the cardboard box for their Big Macs is fantastic packaging for a burger.
I should go to five guys for lunch tomorrow
@Yuuki sturdy and formidable yet collapsible and disposable
@Avery I dunno, 3 might start to get more and more important if we are indeed moving towards fascism.
7:01 PM
Dammit @Yuuki
@Yuuki ideally 1 should hopefully prevent that
@Yuuki what @uni said
@BlueBarren Not to mention the open space inside keeps the heat from the burger from cooking it more.
and thankfully YOU GUYS HAVE SEEN NOTHING (insert something around isis and coup)
Or else at that point the constitution has already been abolished
I hope you don't do so in the future either
7:02 PM
Not to mention if my kids ever join the military, I could always use 3 to kick them out.
Oh, hey, I forgot to mention that I finally got to try Cookout! :D
@Fluttershy ?
Oh, Overcooked is coming to the Switch and I think I might pick it up since at least the Switch comes with two controllers to co-op.
@Yuuki The fast good place that @spugsley (rip) used to talk about
@Yuuki so you can prevent your kids from joining the military because they live in your private home? This only applies to peacetime apparently
> nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.
So unless Congress passes a law for quartering troops, it's also unconstitutional.
7:05 PM
Q: What is the strongest equipment you can just find at level 1?

DorianThis question will help for two projects, one being a No-Leveling challenge, and the other being for any new game I start to help raise respective skills. By "strongest" I'm referring to just the base value of the equipment, such as base damage for weapons, base defense for armor. And by just f...

@Yuuki which they would only do during a time of war.. probably (passing a law for quartering troops)
also isn't it called conscripting? Since when was quartering a thing?
Or was it drafting?
Man I don't remember
Quartering is the goverment housing troops in your... house.
Quartering troops in your home, i.e. being required to house them
conscription is being forced to do military service, outside war times usually
drafting is being forced to do military service, IN WAR TIMES usually, when the army size isn't big enough
quartering is government forcing you to house troops
#include <why not both.gif>
7:09 PM
I thought they meant the same thing
Quartering also means having each of your four limbs tied to a horse and then having the horses gallop off in opposing directions.
Fun fact: American men are still required to register to selective service to this day (it's what people are picked from if drafting is applied)
@Yuuki um
yuuki pls?
it also means dividing by four.
it gives you quarters.
I suppose @Yuuki's use is improper since that will probably divide by 5
7:12 PM
@badp Not necessarily.
Actually, probably not.
If you want something in five pieces, you need 5 forces on the something, not 4.
@Yuuki though that's generally called drawn and quartered
If you have things pulling on your arms and legs, one of your limbs is going to still be connected to the torso. It's not like the torso's magically anchored to the ground or something.
7:14 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Yes.
the amount of forces on the body is much higher!
I kinda want to do a simulation but on one hand I do not
but yes @Yuuki is probably right
I volunteer as tribute
@BlueBarren now we just need 4 horses
@Yuuki would cars work?
I'm hoping this will help stretch out my back
> "Write a function to check if a Binary Search Tree is balanced."
"What is an abstract class, and why do you need it?"
@Avery to many horses, you only need 4
> LPT: if you're struggling in your intro programming course, become a border control agent
@Yuuki i know some of those words
7:20 PM
@Yuuki Haha
@Yuuki I could maybe answer the second one
although I suck so it might be hard
return BinarySearchTree.checkBalance(tree);
@Avery Done.
@BlueBarren i dont think too many would be able to write those on top of their heads properly
def child_count( node ):
if node is None:
return 0
return 1 + child_count( node.child1, node.child2 )

def isbalanced( node1, node2 ):
if node1 is None and node2 is None:
return True
if node1 is None or node2 is None:
return False
return child_count( node1 ) == child_count( node 2 ) and isbalanced( node1.child1, node1.child2 ) and isbalanced( node2.child1, node2.child2 )
I like mine, it's more succinct.
7:23 PM
I like mine, it's python
Also completely inconsistent BUT MEH
> Whiteboard questioning or waterboard questioning, you get to choose.
> ... I'll take waterboard questioning.
@Yuuki god no
@KevinvanderVelden I don't think that's actually the definition of "balanced"
Hmm... is S3 down again?
7:26 PM
after being nearly drowned by a bully waterboarding is like ugh
Image upload is borked.
you feel you're dying. It's just ugh
It probably isn't actually my brain isn't working right now
Wikipedia says that a binary tree with n nodes and height h is balanced if h = ceil(log_2(n+1))
fact: I have an interesting life
7:26 PM
In other words, you can have a balanced binary tree that doesn't have exactly 2^k elements
@Yuuki Ynab is up so it looks like no
Hmm right that makes more sense
@Yuuki I was looking at the comments for that and people are skeptical if it's legit
@Avery Well, you are dying. People say waterboarding simulates drowning. No, it is drowning.
7:27 PM
@Yuuki it is drowning
but it is called simulated execution
not simulated drowning
I think, for an algorithm, you want to check that the difference between maximum height and minimum height is at most 1 for each subtree
i just ugh even ugh yeah thats giving me ptsd I have to go
@Avery Sorry.
@Yuuki "WE HAVE 10 OF THEM"
@MBraedley This is my new favourite What If
7:30 PM
@Yuuki its ok you didnt know
just Id be really happy if you didnt really discuss choking, drowning or waterboarding in bridge
@Yuuki Ok that made me laugh
7:52 PM
Q: We will no longer be hosting Blog Overflow

Grace NoteWe are discontinuing Blog Overflow as a service on this network. Not only does this mean that no new blogs will be created, but it will also mean that all extant blogs are becoming functionally shut down. The reasoning is three-fold in basic: The vast majority of blogs aren't really active. Th...

Q: Now that Journey to Un'Goro is out, will I be able to get previous free packs?

Matteo TassinariNow that "Journey to Un'Goro" is out, and the patch has been released, will I still be able to complete the missions to get the free packs of the previous expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan?

@StrixVaria So what's the answer to that question? (Hehe, I'm so funny)
@StrixVaria rekt
@GnomeSlice hue
@Yuuki not even mountain dew
8:09 PM
> Friendly mimic that transforms into any weapon or tool you happen to need at that time?
... Interesting.
> It was a longsword that had a mouth on the end, so when you slashed someone, it would open its mouth and bite them as it was going through them for piercing damage. In addition, it had a level of enchantment that dropped by 1 every day and increased by 1, to a maximum of +3, for every 30 damage it dealt with just its mouth (its current enchantment level affected the piercing, not the slashing) or 5 pounds of meat it ate. If it ever hit 0 (or -2 once they'd had it for a while), it would have rebelled and tried to kill its wielder in their sleep.
relics are weird
@Yuuki That sounds like a thing that is awesome to have in any sort of game.
I would love to work with a DM and make a magus with that uses a mimic as a weapon.
That'd be great.
Q: What is the symbolism behind the scene that follows a major character death in Assassin's Creed: Syndicate?

CybersonUNMARKED SPOILERS AHEAD When playing thorough Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, both Jacob and Evie Frye have missions where, within them, they take out a special target (usually one of Starrick's more prominent henchmen). After they do them in, a certain scene follows where the background goes white...

@Arperum if its a pen and paper system, it gets annoying to have to keep track of that damage separately
8:16 PM
@GodEmperorDune True, still want it.
depending on your level, 30 damage per encounter is nigh impossible or fairly trivial
though if i was DM i'd have them fight undead or constructs, where your piercing does nothing
goddammit youtube. unskippable ads of 1.5 minutes are not fun.
@Arperum watch it
just to cost a lot of money to advertiser
@GnomeSlice He also does a duet with someone for "Photograph".
@Arperum ad block?
8:28 PM
> 'Doing a postdoc' is a Canadian euphemism for fighting off a wolf pack.
@Yuuki @Wipqozn pls to get wolves under control
@Avery It played and got ignored by me.
@BlueBarren Not gonna do that on channels I watch because I enjoy the content, that's those people's living.
I just want youtube to bring youtube red to the netherlands
It was some vague MMO where every sword cut caused blood spatters or something, mostly because blood.
@KevinvanderVelden Continue our game? Or not?
Naah, not today
8:38 PM
@KevinvanderVelden retube?
@GnomeSlice cc @RedRiderX
Dutch govt runs ad quizzing on legal amount of cocaine you may consume per day #alternativefacts https://t.co/ja6WX7bJqJ
Is this how you breitbart
Actually it's the "kidney foundation", a non-profit for research into kidney disease
But yes that is pretty close to how you breitbart
@badp i think you need more cocaine to breitbart
8:40 PM
(also it's about how much salt you should eat)
wait i am confusing that with alex jones
@GnomeSlice no, we called second >:(
@KevinvanderVelden that's so wild
> Do an interview with your players, find out how far they can run, how much they can lift, their stamina, their intelligence, etc.
Assign a balanced score for the six stats to them.
Make a level 0 character based off of their stats, and have the first session with their characters (i.e. them) go from our world to a world of your choice. You can do this by having something convince them or, like me, have them make WIS saving throws and have the world collapse around them to force them to go through a portal. Give them some time to get some things, and then start them off as weak as they are
That's an interesting premise for a campaign.
But it feels too much like the recent anime/manga fad for me to join a campaign like that.
i think using real world stats would end up with a bunch of underpowered characters
8:51 PM
@GodEmperorDune I imagine "level 0" means you make a character based on those stats and then you add on a few points based on what class they want to play to bring them to 1st level par.
Honestly, I'd like a playthrough where the wizard doesn't start off with 18 INT or the cleric doesn't start off with 18 WIS or something.
@Yuuki the problem is that 3.5 is so stat dependent
The whole "you can only cast Xth level spells if you have 10 + X stat" has always annoyed me.

Proposed Q&A site for object-oriented programming experts

Currently in definition.

5th edition is much more forgiving and balanced around stuff like that
@GodEmperorDune Yeah, I want to give it a try but I need to find a group.
8:55 PM
@Yuuki it's night and day, especially with a good DM
Q: What do exclamation marks on tiles mean?

Question MarksOccasionally in combat, certain tiles will show an exclamation mark icon on them (as shown below). What do these icons mean?

i mean i liked 3.5 but after playing 5e i will never want to go back
stuff is just so much smoother
@GodEmperorDune I saw something about warlocks and it was interesting.
> my great old one tiefling calls on cthullhu to advise him
"go ahead and roll"
nat 20
"roll d4"
"You fall to the ground and scream for the next three minutes"
rest of party: carries on
my group is playing a modified version of Into the abyss and it is like dark souls level hard but still enjoyable
like no starting equipment, no starting food/water, and you are in the underdark so everything wants to kill you

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