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2:02 PM
@Wipqozn Did you know that was kenorb's question when you posted it?
> Get a flashlight.

All you need is a flashlight or something that you can use to focus a beam of light in a dark room. Attaching a couple of directional LEDs to the outside of the cardboard tube can work also if you don't have a flashlight.
I don't have a flashlight, but I do have these directional LEDs handy!
I'm fairly sure that's accurate for me actually
I am a game developer looking for some inspiration! Are there any campaign based FPS on android?

Most modern flashlights ARE directional LEDs, now.
No, fairly sure I don't have a decent flashlight
@Sterno "You can use the same method to find field spiders"
"Find field spiders"
"Find spiders"
2:06 PM
kenorb for lifehacks mod
@fredley SPIDERS (This link contains spiders)
@fredley Spiders are adorable!
@5pike Not as bad as these.
@KevinvanderVelden Aztec Spider?
@fredley I am not clicking on any youtube links from you
2:08 PM
@fredley That's not spiders
@Frank peacock spider
wtf with all these spiders
@5pike This link does not, in fact, contain spiders.
I merely abide by the rules of the Bridge.
2:09 PM
@5pike that is quite a lot of not spiders
@fredley I was so happy that's what I hoped it would be
@KevinvanderVelden Not spiders.
Bridge without pedantry would be boring.
Daddy longlegs (well, I guess it depends on where you are because apparently daddy longlegs are different things in different regions) are not arachnids.
@Yuuki wut
> well, I guess it depends on where you are because apparently daddy longlegs are different things in different regions
Yes, I was typing and didn't notice your message
@Yuuki I find their name adorable.
Oh: peacock spiders are tiny:
2:12 PM
Those other two usages of the name are wrong.
Glad we settled that.
@TimStone three
There's a third wrong one? I thought there was just the usage referring to the spider and the other two that are wrong.
Why slides
@TimStone (The plant, the fly, and the opiliones are all wrong)
2:16 PM
Sliders are also horrifying
I liked that show
@KevinvanderVelden Oh, I was not aware of the plant. Like everything in Australia it is terrifyingly wrong.
Kari Wuhrer is/was hot af too
2:17 PM
I feel so dirty, I just starred a link to Friday.
@GnomeSlice I stopped watching before she joined.
@KevinvanderVelden Yeah, they are a useability nightmare
I think I really only saw the first season
The last season was stupid because the main actor quit so they tried to pretend some random new guy was him from another reality
But he was like retarded or something he just cried and didn't know anything
And they kept trying to turn him back into other Quinn and not trying to hide it from him
So he was like I'm so bad at this you want other Quinn instead of me
2:21 PM
I thought people only used dailymotion for movie sex scenes
@fredley No!
@MBraedley Was that a No of despair?
@fredley More of a stern "Don't do that again"
@PrivatePansy yeah
if it was despair, there'd be more 'o's
2:22 PM
@fredley No. Bad @fredley
Also apparently the guy who played Quinn's brother was actually the actor's brother
That's convenient
No sliders pls
Spiders for fuck shake
There's also a clip of them dancing!
@GnomeSlice they are tiny and adorable and have pretty colors
2:24 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Why are they posing like that?
@GnomeSlice I think you've set your keyboard to Sean Connery mode
I get it
@5pike Mating call
@KevinvanderVelden Adorable
That's also the dancing
2:25 PM
Can we stop talking about sliders
We'll instead talk about spiders
@GnomeSlice yes! Good idea :D
K whatever bye
@GnomeSlice Spiders are on-topic in this chat room
2:26 PM
Sliders are the worst
My break is almost over anyway
New room tags please:
I'm putting them behind links, don't click them =p
I'm not
2:27 PM
Oh. Spiders. On the bridge....
@Yuuki Those are sliders? TIL
Let me just... set the bridge on fire.. here.. here.. and over here.
The red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans), also known as red-eared terrapin, is a semiaquatic turtle belonging to the family Emydidae. It is a subspecies of the pond slider. It is the most popular pet turtle in the United States and is also popular as a pet in the rest of the world, as, among other factors, it is easy to maintain. It has, therefore, become the most commonly traded turtle in the world. It is native to the southern United States and northern Mexico, but has become established in other places because of pet releases and has become an invasive species in many areas, where it...
Those are brigade burgers not spiders
Sliders* jesus
2:28 PM
One brigade of sliders please.
Spiders are just tiny burgers
I give up
@MadMAxJr don't you like the tiny dancing brightly colored spiders? :(
@KevinvanderVelden I have been hospitalized by a brown recluse bite when I was a child and placed in a military hospital for a week. I don't like spiders.
Now I want to watch sliders again
2:30 PM
5 mins ago, by GnomeSlice
Can we stop talking about sliders
@MadMAxJr =[ These are guaranteed not deadly, if tha thelps
A brigade of sliders would be.. 3,200 to 5,500 mini hamburgers. Standing in formation, of course.
I don't think my phone can handle that gif
I'm guessing its a guy sliding in baseball though
@GnomeSlice The various sports subreddits always seem to have very big gifs.
2:31 PM
@GnomeSlice He's throwing a slider
@GnomeSlice There's a kind of pitch called a slider.
Nope, slider pitch
The word slider now sounds odd to me
Was my second choice
slider slider slider slider slider slider slider slider slider slider slider slider slider slider slider slider slider slider slider slider slider slider slider slider slider slider slider slider slider slider slider slider slider
2:32 PM
sly. der.
Slider no sliding?
@fredley Actually, "slyder" was what White Castle called their sliders.
It starts to sound really weird
And where most people think the term originated.
2:33 PM
@Yuuki half snake half lizard? snizard? lizake?
@KevinvanderVelden slizzard
@KevinvanderVelden Skink, actually.
www.hahgay.com it's just a quite from community
Oh Woops somebody removed it
@Yuuki existing names are boring
Remove that too then
It's funny though
2:34 PM
@fredley yep, best option
I should get back to work
@Yuuki Skink. Skunk.
Well this has been a fun chat
It has been
I should go take my break, it's only 3:30 pm
Q: How to breed good kings?

BuddaI play France and had quite a few good monarchs (with 4/4/4 Monarch points, 5/3/2), but now my King has 5/1/1 Monarch Points, my heir 1/0/6... Why monarchs became so weak? Should I have marriages with STRONG countries? Is

2:40 PM
@Lazers make a farm, dispose of bad ones?
@Lazers Don't make them breed with their immediate family! Amazing how many royal lineages got that one wrong.
@GnomeSlice Yeah, it's a bad sign for your show when it's gotten so bad that even Jerry O'Connell won't be on it
Q: What gives additional scores in the game?

BuddaSome of wars you run give additional scores, you can see on the screenshot that Ottomans earned quite a few good quests: 2nd Makurian Purge of Funj Heresy: 3rd Georgian Reconquest of Mingerelia I (play France) also had some of them, mainly related to expansion and colonization ideas. But not...

Q: What can I purchase with in game gold?

ahsteeleIn Heroes of the Storm I know that I can purchase heroes with in-game gold. Is there anything else I can purchase with that gold: skins, mounts, etc.?

Sliderman. Sliderman. Does whatever a slider can.
2:54 PM
@Yuuki Spenderman?
@fredley Well, from that suit you can tell he has a lot of money.
Q: Battlefield Hardline Purchasing Issue

David HammerI pre-ordered Battlefield Hardline Deluxe Edition some months ago. I am and was really excited for this game. 2 days ago I watched how long it was till I could download the game. It said 1 day 9 hours (and some minutes). Then I realised I had to renew my membership for PS+. I picked the 1 year on...

The hell did I wake up to?
31 mins ago, by Batophobia
Sliders are the worst
2:58 PM
41 mins ago, by GnomeSlice
Why slides
Starts about there
Although, this is the best:
28 mins ago, by GnomeSlice
Spiders are just tiny burgers
Yay, critical component wasn't shipped with rest of the system.
@MBraedley Gotta love when that happens. When I ordered wife's new PC, motherboard arrived a week after every other component
@Chippies Oh, not a PC, some other type of system for work. Big system. Expensive system.
And my boss is on to the third or fourth person over the phone at the subcontractor.
@MBraedley I figured from your use of words :P But I can't fully relate to business systems
@MBraedley at least it's not something you wanted, so it's not personal?
3:02 PM
@Chippies Not really a business system either...
@MBraedley a system for work is what I meant with that choice of words.
@Chippies Well, if it means I don't have to have a shitty week next week testing the system...
@MBraedley sooo, that's a good thing, right?
@Chippies Potentially
Although it's more delaying the shitty work to another time/place, which admittedly wouldn't be as shitty as next week.
- my boss
This is old, but it's the first I've heard of it.
3:16 PM
@Frank humanity.hope--
Meh. Dumb people have always existed to this extent.
> Same thing has happened to me actually, I've run over 3 kids right where there are signs for kids crossing, if they are gonna allow kids to cross on roads where there is traffic, they can't blame me for running them over, move the signs to empty fields where there are no cars you idiots!!
great comment
The wat is strong with this one.
3:21 PM
@Frank Oh boy ...
Just noticed how well the top 2 stared posts go together
All except @Yuuki's starbait one go well together
Which is why starbait is the worst
> Paying the rent is like hitting the snooze button on being homeless.
So what's getting a mortgage?
Also that word is still really weird. Wtf english?
@KevinvanderVelden I agree with that.
I actually am compelled to look up what the full meaning and perhaps origin of that word is...
> The word mortgage is derived from a "law French" term used by English lawyers in the Middle Ages meaning "death pledge"
3:36 PM
Do it and report back, I will be doing useful things in the meantime
(Not really, just browsing reddit probably)
that explains why I always thought it meant something related to death
Mort (and variations thereof) does mean death in several language
@KevinvanderVelden yeah, I knew that, but I never put 2 and 2 together, I guess :P
There are even English words where that root means death: morgue, mortician.
3:37 PM
it just didn't make sense that mortgage was related to death
because it kinda shouldn't be
The ability to die comes from that root =p
it's just a big loan
Well yeah, it's also several steps removed from the original word
so from what I understand, Mortgage is basically a huge loan that you can spend only on a pre-specified building
Mortgage is usually a huge loan with prespecified purpose
3:40 PM
@KevinvanderVelden that puts what I meant in better words :)
Related to an insurable building, I believe.
can you have mortgage for not buildings and such?
Heck, in holland (I don't know about america) I never had the money for it in my own bank account
I don't think you can take out a mortgage on a car.
like, if I want to start a business, would I take a mortgage?
3:41 PM
@Frank I've heard people say they took a mortgage on a car
So, I think it's possible, though it could be sloppy language
@KevinvanderVelden Really? We usually just call those loans here.
@KevinvanderVelden could also be that people misuse the word mortgage for any sizeable loan
But then, we're basically trying to define verbiage at this point, when it really boils down to the same thing.
@Frank I believe so (it was in english, that much I remember)
@Chippies sloppy language, see above =p
Someone is giving you money so that you can purchase an asset of some sort, with the understanding that you will be paying them back at a previously agreed rate.
3:42 PM
in Latvia, when you buy a house, you take a loan, there's no special word for that
@Chippies Something something potatoes.
@Yuuki something something tomatos
In holland we have general "leningen" (from the word lenen, to borrow). But there's also a "hypotheek" which is only for something that is written down in a land register
@Frank @fredley So I can't figure out a way to word the bottlecap currency question without sounding like a discussion topic.
@Yuuki Hmmm. Check in the WB chat room then
@Chippies not a bug, it's a feature
@Batophobia that's what it's being advertised as
@Chippies That was hilarious, also, it wasn't really a bug...
@Unionhawk it wasn't intended to ever happen, so sort of a bug, not really
What probably happened was 1) a player fired on the Nevermore 2) The Nevermore responded to the player and hit the station 3) the station responded 4) they both let loose
4:07 PM
That's... exactly what it says in the article @Chippies linked
Characterizing it as a bug is... meh?
He is the worst.
@Unionhawk It's things like that that just add to the story.
The automated responses of both the ship and the station were working exactly as intended
Somebody had an itchy trigger finger.
4:08 PM
@Unionhawk according to article, neither "let loose", they just kept returning fire
although it probably means that they let loose, in my head it looks like they were just shooting back and forth, one lazercannonball at a time
I'm pretty sure the ship became hostile to the station by firing, and then the station became hostile to the ship by firing
@Chippies TIL Elite: Dangerous is really just Pong
But I don't know, I wasn't there
@Unionhawk Wouldn't the station have become hostile first, since the ship was aiming at the player?
@Frank No
4:11 PM
@Chippies You... haven't seen a station destroy a ship, have you?
Pulse and burst lasers everywhere, no cannonballs (which I would assume to be plasma accelerator rounds).
That is what the station lethal response looks like.
@Yuuki Nope. They are firing actual cannonballs, via gunpowder
@Unionhawk that's from the inside though
@Chippies The response is similar on the outside
Slightly less deadly
@Unionhawk can't be - target is surrounded by weapons on the inside
response might be similar, but it would look totally different!
4:13 PM
@Chippies is off-topic, please limit yourself to
@Unionhawk I dunno, if you're breaking him, wouldn't that just make more chippies fly off everywhere?
@KevinvanderVelden pedantry+ pedantry+
@Chippies Acceptable.
@Chippies Error: Illegal start of expression
4:17 PM
@Yuuki Code has no expressions, it doesn't even have a face! pedantry+, funny--
An expression in a programming language is a combination of explicit values, constants, variables, operators, and functions that are interpreted according to the particular rules of precedence and of association for a particular programming language, which computes and then produces (returns, in a stateful environment) another value. This process, like for mathematical expressions, is called evaluation. The value can be of various types, such as numerical, string, and logical. For example, 2+3 is an arithmetic and programming expression which evaluates to 5. A variable is an expression because...
@KevinvanderVelden pedantry++ : Unacceptable
Good class
Productive class
20 minute class
Hmm... are chocobos galliformes or ratites?
Abominations, fairly sure
4:31 PM
The premise for Tales of Zestiria sounds pretty interesting.
Newsletter is as boring as yesterday's dev update
Some lame imperial courier modeling
Some lame mac edition talk?
And taking about lugh
Someone who isn't on mobile can one box that
4:43 PM
@Unionhawk Okay, better than the first model I saw.
The wing thingies were way too long on that one.
Q: Minecraft how to detect when a player accesses an anvil?

thezi3How would I detect when a player interacts with an anvil? And I don't mean by repairing, I mean opening the anvil interface. How would I also detect when a player interacts with an enchantment table? The only way I can think of is wait till Mojang adds those statistics. Also, is there anyway to s...

@Unionhawk looks pretty big, but then again. no other ship has a person next to it for scale (that I know of)
@Rapitor it looks a little bigger than a viper
4:52 PM
really? I guess even "small" ships are still pretty massive
@Yuuki that looks fun
Why is there a thing up 500 meters?
Triple elite contest is over
@KevinvanderVelden Well, that one's a turbine, I think.
Or maybe some sort of telecommunications tower.
@Rapitor Yeah, I used debug cam to try to kind of get an idea, but I know I'm off by a few feet. Even still...
@Yuuki i saw something like this on dirty jobs with mike rowe
4:55 PM
@Yuuki that makes sense
@Chippies noice
Q: Astro A40 headset with mix amp or A50 wireless headset

KrissyI'm trying to buy a good headset to use for PC and xbox 360. I know the A50 still requires a cord for 360. I want to know what has better sound AND mic quality and more reliable.

i actually thought of a star destroyer when @OrigamiRobot was talking about an imperial cruiser
4:56 PM
I know I'm short maybe a few feet, but even still, that's not a tiny ship
so, what's everyone up on this beautiful friday afternoon/evening?
it's morning here, so work
then again, I'm staring at the screen thinking of what to do, so I'm not really in a much better position
@Rapitor viper is 55m long
4:58 PM
@Yuuki I wonder what the average lifespan of those lights is
@Batophobia 2 hours. As soon as he climbs down, he grabs a new bulb and climbs back up.
@Yuuki i'm expecting him to do a sync with eagle vision then a leap of faith once he reaches the top

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