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12:07 AM
such a tease
wow I wasted my entire day
I didn't even really play any games I just sat here and clicked around the same tabs all day
@GnomeSlice at least you watched some Carl clips
Q: Are all 3DS NES Virtual Console game multi-player capable?

smuggledPancakesIf I buy a Virtual Console game on the 3DS for the NES, and if that game is 2 player or more will it work? I am not sure if there are any 4 player NES games on the NES... will single copy play work on all of them?

I guess I finished off another storyline in Everlasting summer
really did not connect with that one at all
12:26 AM
@GnomeSlice Hmm, free game ... and then I login to Steam, add to wishlist ... then see your 2nd sentence :/
@Alok The storyline, not the game.
Btw, anyone playing D3 w/o expansion? Wondering if there are any good sets at L60 to farm
Although I didn't actually finish it completely, doing that now. This ending definitely has a certain satisfaction the others do not.
Ah ok, so the game is worth trying?
@Alok If you like visual novels, yes.
I don't play many of them, but this game has emotionally affected me in a lot of ways.
I know that sounds lame
12:33 AM
@GnomeSlice Don't think I've ever tried one. I do want to try FSN sometime just because of having watched the anime (sadly, the terrible original one)
@GnomeSlice nah its not lame
@GnomeSlice what @MattGiltaji said
12:43 AM
I hate this game
it makes me feel like shit about myself
@GnomeSlice you can always play something else
No, I don't want to.
I mean I am now
I just played an alternate ending for the first one I played through with
like a steam workshop thing
it wasn't as well written as the original but at least was more satisfying
in some ways
How long is a typical storyline playthru?
also, just because the character is kind of like you doesn't mean that it actually is you
Yes I know.
@Alok A few hours at least.
Especially for the first one.
Probably like 4 hours.
12:51 AM
Kana: Little Sister (加奈~いもうと~, Kana~Imōto~), is a Japanese visual novel originally developed and released by D.O. in 1999. G-Collections translated and published the English version in 2002. Kana: Little Sister focuses on storytelling, and falls into the subgenre of dating sims which are full of tragic events and meant to be emotionally moving for the player. It also falls into the subgenre of games, manga, and anime revolving around incestuous relationships. One playthrough of the game takes about 5 to 10 hours. The story of Taka and his little sister Kana is told from Taka's perspective, starting...
Thanks - this weekend I plan to start another HC char in D3, guess I will try this only on a future weekend
@GnomeSlice you should play this one
that shit was so sad, I didn't finish it
This game isn't even sad
well it is
It's really happy too
My HC chars don't even reach lvl 60, so I can't start getting paragon xp to bootstrap future chars >_>
@Alok if you're playing D3 somewhat seriously, get the expansion
it changes the game a lot
12:54 AM
I need to go eat and move my laundry and shit because it's almost 9 PM already but I just don't feel like moving
or doing anything
@Chippies I stopped playing for a long time, just getting back to it. Want to wait a bit in case I get bored quickly, but yeah I do see a lot of changes in RoS
@Alok also all of your 60 gear will basically be vendor trash when you do upgrade to RoS
and the level 60+ skills and runes are nice
I'm gonna go reheat some pizza and watch aqua teen hunger force I guess
fuck everything
1:16 AM
ugh, all my contacts disappeared from my phone
i guess i should update ios
dammit apple
Q: How do you take down a Paladin with the MAAWS

ardavisI have completed every single Weapon Master challenge except this one. I need to take down 2 more Paladins with the Maaws (I have no idea how I got the first one...must have been already injured and I got lucky...) I watched this video: ...

Q: Borderlands pre sequel not launching TVHM

xGummyMy borderlands the pre sequel isn't letting me go to true vault hunter mode. It did show me the pop up and everything but when I went to go in it just stays at the loading screen and won't spawn. I have no idea what to do I thouht my PS3 over heating would cause this but I could go right into the...

Guys. I got asked for my number twice today. I'm feeling pretty hawt
apparently slouchy black hoodie, converse, and no make up is where it's at
@AshleyNunn wouldn't you like to know ;3
lol nah that would be super uncomfortable because it's cold as fuck today. So just boring plain jeans :p
@spugsley You might want to look for them
1:31 AM
1:42 AM
@spugsley raises hand I would like to know
@Ktash ;p
Also, can't blame them. You are super adorable
@Ktash I am mostly worried she would get cold
:333 Yeah they were really super cute about it. It was this Starbucks guy who said "Hey, you're scarf is really cute" And when I said thanks he said "Also, you're really cute" and then he ran away and hid behind the counter for awhile and then came back to ask me out lololol adorable
And then there was a checkout lady who told me I looked beautiful today and asked me if I wanted to go out sometime. Nice and cute and swooooon
giggles good for the ego
1:47 AM
yes and it didn't make me feel gross which is so easy to do when trying to be all flirty so kudos to them
even better
now I just need to talk myself out of another cupcake.
Content warning: language.
@AshleyNunn Oh. Well then. That's not what I was worried about
@Ktash why am I not surprised.....
> now I just need to talk myself out of have another cupcake.
@spugsley I think swooning is what they were doing, beautiful
1:56 AM
@Ktash I already had two!
I agree with this ^
THey are and I do, but I also dont want to have a cupcake overdose ;)
2:09 AM
okay that looks really fun
@StrixVaria you like brawlers right? Check that out
Augh I wanted to drink decaf tea and I picked the wrong bag and now I am all c affeine jittery and awake and I just wanna go to bed
Don't get into IT support.
Don't do it
@Ben um?
Q: Magic Launcher (Random Error)

LyteSo I wanted to play Minecraft but I use Magic launcher because the default Minecraft launcher doesn't work for me,the magic launcher's been processing well for a while now and all of a sudden I get this error. Here's what pops up after I try to open it. java.net.SocketException: Unrecognized Win...

Q: Sega Emulator for xbox360?

VirusboyI am looking for a Sega Genesis/Megadrive Emulator for 360. What is a decent one that reads .zips? The 360 is an S. Can I find one on the Market?

@AshleyNunn IT support is a terrible profession
2:19 AM
@Ben okay
I've been running around all day chasing up IT requests and no one... NO ONE... has given me any information. "PC Crashed... Fix it"
@GnomeSlice Looks ok but I'll wait for reviews or whatever.
@StrixVaria It's not even out yet.
Great, then no need for me to worry.
I just thought you might be interested in it
2:21 AM
I began owning Ascendant at some point I think but I haven't installed it or played it yet.
You should
I have 5 weeks off after tomorrow, so maybe I'll find time in there.
Anybody want to fly my red eye for me tomorrow?
@Ktash I am not sure they'll let me be the pilot
@Ktash where ya goin?
@AshleyNunn teehee you clever lady, you
2:29 AM
@spugsley Your neck of the woods
@AshleyNunn They won't let me either. It's a real shame
@Ktash I play video games! I know how to push buttons!
@Ktash :O like Charlotte?
@spugsley Relative to my current position, that is. Savanna/Hilton Head
@Ktash yup, that's not too far away from me at all :3
@AshleyNunn Right?! Plus, I'm told those things fly themselves these days
2:32 AM
compared to Seattle anyway :D
@spugsley Much much closer
@StrixVaria wat
Only a few hours away, if I'm not mistaken
@OrigamiRobot Paternity leave pt 2.
@StrixVaria ....O_o
2:32 AM
What is pt 2 about?
Bonding with the baby now that it's old enough to do things.
@AshleyNunn I have 200 hours logged in Microsoft Airplane Simulator, I could totally do it.
@StrixVaria Paternity Leave Strikes Back?
I may also be working from home my last day before leave since it's supposed to snow :|
2:33 AM
@Yuuki Okay, perfect.
I'll be the cute stewardess then
@spugsley Tell that to the fucking sky.
@AshleyNunn I have a joke that @Ktash would probably tell.
atmosphere pls
2:34 AM
@Yuuki :D
@StrixVaria This morning there were puddles outside my door, tonight when I went to take the garbage out they were ice sheets
@Yuuki DOIT!
@AshleyNunn Ice is awful.
My driveway gets black ice if it's warm enough to start melting snow during the day but cold enough to freeze at night.
I learned that a few weeks ago by falling onto my back.
@StrixVaria and I expected puddles so I wore my runners and just about fell on my butt
@StrixVaria oh, shit :(
I was fine.
I took judo as a kid and the first like 4 weeks of lessons are learning how to fall without injuring yourself. I guess some of that stuck.
@StrixVaria that's pretty badass actually
2:38 AM
Each session was just an hour of hurling yourself at the ground in different ways to practice.
I need to learn how to fall
I am good at falling, gravity and I are besties
@spugsley The key is to learn how to miss.
Now that you have removed the DRM - I have to eat my words and buy your game.
If I buy the game now on Desura - will I get the Steam key once it's greenlit?
Bridge, are boy yoga pants a thing? Like what do you wear when you are at yoga?
2:47 AM
@AshleyNunn Yes they are. Usually just called spandex though
But there is guy yoga pants too. Not quite as popular though
@Ktash but lady yoga pants aren't always spandex
@Ktash Good, everyone deserves comfy clothes that makes their butt look nice
Clothes in the men's section don't usually have a lot of real variety, especially not in material
@Ktash Girl clothes seem more fun
Also more complicated
Definitely that :)
Like scarves. I don't get how ladies do scarves and look so damn classy
2:49 AM
@AshleyNunn Oh dear
That just sounds really weird
My scarf makes me look pretentious... :/
@Ktash no, I bet it's cute :3
@Ktash I mostly just look like i got tangled
My scarf makes me look like I'm wearing a scarf.
Which is better than the alternative, I guess.
@spugsley it can be both ;)
2:53 AM
@Yuuki looking like you aren't wearing one, and it is invisible?
@AshleyNunn Which basically ends up as looking like I was wearing a scarf but someone stole it.
@Yuuki I am trying to picture this in my head
@AshleyNunn Imagine me looking slightly befuddled as I walk out of my automata class.
@Yuuki ah, that helps :)
I just don't know how to put them on other than like.....mummy wrapping myself
ladies do fancy style stuff and I am just lucky I don't strangle
I'm patting my pockets for some reason despite the fact no one would put a scarf in their jean pocket.
2:56 AM
@Yuuki I did that today trying to find my hat
it's a knitted winter hat, self
(because oh man your head gets COLD AS SHIT without hair)
@AshleyNunn I just fold it once over so... little weird to describe it in text so lemme rustle up a c--ppy MS Paint job.
heh, you said paint job
@Ktash facedesk
had to be done. After censoring out what I can only assume was chappy, it had to be done
Oh, forgot to add red freehand circles.
Prepare to be astounded by my completely intuitive and work-of-art scarf diagram.
Filename: oh god this is terrible.png
3:02 AM
@Yuuki Oh, I get it :)
I like the addition of the freehand circles, they add a certain touch to the whole thing
@AshleyNunn It's that special Stack Exchange flavor.
@Yuuki Which is mighty...tasty?
@Yuuki Ah, the good ol' Euroloop. Good choice m'lad
@Ktash Wait, this stuff has NAMES
3:11 AM
Of course. Bees Words for everyone
I am so doomed
@AshleyNunn So Tasty!
@Yuuki It makes me want a cupcake, NO SELF. NO.
@AshleyNunn Well-Done Steak?
(Monster Hunter references everywhere)
@Yuuki I've only played the demo of one of those once
3:13 AM
This is in every game in the series.
And it's gotten memetastic in the community.
To the point where there are Well-Done Steak plushies.
This is official Capcom merchandise.
I don't even know anymore
Q: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Controller Lag

user3554664Whenever I play CoD:Advanced Warfare I feel a delay between button presses on my wireless controller and movement on screen. I haven't found this in other Call of Duty games before, or other games period. Was this an intentional aspect to the game? Do other people have this issue as well? How ca...

3:41 AM
I learned some stuff about MtG.
It's very complicated
@spugsley Yes. Yes, it is.
I got a deck in high school because I liked the art.
Took a look at the rules, decided I'd never play against another person.
I am not good at games like that
my brain gets tangled in all the nuances
I'm trying :3
3:57 AM
dat bass
By which I mean, that bass guitar riff. Not that headache inducing rumbling.
Also, just a really good song. I love Thrice. I should listen to them more.
Where'd all my peoples go? :(
4:15 AM
@Fluttershy i'm here
I've had a busy day.
Had some friends come over, hang out, paint their models.
Learned a bit in the process.
tbh, i thought you were already a model expert
There's always more to learn.
true dat
The day I am fully satisfied with my latest model, is the day I stop building them.
4:27 AM
@Frank So... Tomorrow?
1 hour later…
5:57 AM
@Frank What kind of "models" do you build?
2 hours later…
8:08 AM
Q: Minecraft crashing and corrupting world when exploring

ben andmesserDesperatly need help with this problem i have no clue how to fix this, and i am usually pretty good at fixing what ever happens with my minecraft file, but i have never seen this before and have no idea what to do. Just to reiterate, every time i load up my game and try to load up more of the wor...

Morning @bridge
Q: Overwrite clash of clans account

CalvinI was playing clash of clans with my first Apple ID. And now it is town hall 8. I wanted to transfer it to my new Apple id. But it shows that my village cannot be overwrite because it is town hall 4 or above. What should I do?

1 hour later…
9:39 AM
/CC @TimStone
Re: Solar Eclipse - It got noticeably darker, but nothing too exciting around here.
10:05 AM
@No.7892142 Already done here..
befor 10 minutest. i was working >_>
10:22 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Too many crooks?
@GnomeSlice p. much, yes
Too Manly Looks?
Too Many Schnooks.
Too many books.
Too many hooks
10:35 AM
Too few books
You can never have too many books silly turtle
Isn't it your birthday today @Wipqozn?
10:54 AM
@5pike Yes, yes it is,.
@KevinvanderVelden I'm not clicking that, but I will star.
@Wipqozn It's not like I'm at all hiding the fact that it's friday
@KevinvanderVelden Nope
Heck, it ends with "channel=rebecca"
My birthday is on a friday, so I expected nothing less.
Which is the only reason I did it =p
10:56 AM
In fact I'd probably delete my account out of disappointment if no one posted at least in friday link in honour of my bday.
@Wipqozn Well, then happy birthday.
So in a way, you're a hero.
@5pike Thank you sir
It's also the firsy day of spring.
Mind you, in Canada, spring doesn't actually exist.
I've flagged 2 of 'm
(I also flagged the duplicate one as very low quality0
I love protecting questions.
Protect feature best feature.
11:10 AM
There was a link here, it's gone now.
Q: What to do with my basic coms?

VahxI know this might be a opinion based question, but still... I currently have all the basic gear i need for my character and all my companions are equipped to a point that i am happy with (yavin lockbox gear). I don't need gear for alts since i only play 3 characters and one is for PvP. I rather ...

11:27 AM
user image
Ooh, non looping animated gifs
They still exist :o
11:42 AM
Q: Troops Composition on COC

Clash Of Clans PlayerI have level 6 barracks and an army camp that can hold 70 troops, what warrior should i train? I've tried 7 giants, 2 wall breakers, 15 barbarians, 16 archers it works but i want to use the balloons

12:10 PM
Crazy Canada
Banana for scale
In other news, what game should I play for 30 minuters.
Decisions suck
hmmm cities
I'll likely be playing MH4U tonight
@Wipqozn Trolling Lifehacks would have been a better choice
12:19 PM
Anything to do with lifehacks is never the good choice
For my birthday I wish Stack Exchange would shut down Lifehacks.SE
He could be arguing with Gilles right now
@Sterno Arguing with gilles is such a waste of time
I learned that from my few interactions with him on SciFi.
Next week is going to suck. I can feel it now.
Q: How do I securely tie my shoes?

user100When I tie my shoes, which have round cord laces, they very frequently become untied, even if I knot the loops.

Oh lifehacks
Also, I'm making a point of flagging questions.
I'm curious to see if any of them actually get closed.
question which should be closed, that is
Q: How to locate pinhole cameras planted in any room?

kenorbHave you ever wonder if there are any spy cameras in your hotel room or your friend's house while you sleep there? Are there any methods of finding these?

JEsus fucking christ
Finding cameras isn't an everyday problem
12:31 PM
He should've asked how to build an EMP to destroy them all
Much more common
@Wipqozn paranoia.se?
Physics is weird
@Rapitor No, that's too obvious. Everyone will be an agent from some secret TLA organization.
@MBraedley thisisnotparanoia.se
12:47 PM
Oh boy, helping a pebcac is damn exhausting.
problem exist between chair and chair?
I've only heard of pebkac (keyboard)
Yeah, keyboard is better.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Ahahaha
1:09 PM
Morning, Bridge
Q: What files to move if I want a clean slate?

TheFasterThe Stanley Parable is a single-save game that lasts roughly 20 minutes. Then it loops. However, each play-through is subtly different, depending on the choices and paths you took in earlier play-throughs. This leads to a lot of in-jokes and references to things the player has experienced before....

Q: Which jobs have occupational hazards?

Private PansyIt seems that, in addition to dying of old age, workers can die randomly when occupying certain jobs. So far I've witnessed: Stonecutters crushed by rocks Foresters killed by falling trees Herdsman trampled by livestock What other jobs are potentially deadly for citizens in Banished?

1:31 PM
@Lazers You have to be a terrible Forester to be killed by a falling tree.
@Lazers I hadn't realized Banished was that dangerous.
@Frank It would be extremely funny if the livestock in question is chickens
Happy Birthday Turtle.
1:38 PM
... wat
@Yuuki Do they know it is illegal to employ toddlers?
I'm actually a little worried for my life right now considering I have a small pile of water bottle caps sitting on my desk. 25 at current count.
What if I decide to put one in my mouth and then I choke?
Then you'd have done your part in removing your self from the genepool. Congratulations!
c'mon, starbait...
@Yuuki Are you preparing for the aftermath of a global thermonuclear warfare?
1:42 PM
@PrivatePansy those are only metal caps
Otherwise they don't count, pff plastic
I wonder which will be more likely to survive nuclear holocaust - plastic or metal bottle caps?
@PrivatePansy Define 'survive'
@fredley Usable as a currency in the aftermath of
Well, metal bottle caps are less common...
1:46 PM
@PrivatePansy Hmmm. Plastic bottle caps would probably be a better currency. Harder to forge.
But I don't know anything about the tech required to make plastic bottle caps v. metal bottle caps.
@Yuuki Yeah, this. Getting a forge up and running from scratch is not too hard. However the tools required to injection-mould plastic would take a while to rebuild...
I doubt a post-nuclear holocaust society would still use a fiat currency though.
Most likely, they'd revert to barter-and-trade.
@Yuuki Yeah, probably barter. In which case the metal caps would be more valuable
You should totally ask this on Worldbuilding.SE
"The world has gone nuclear apocalypse. What is the standard currency?"
1:49 PM
@fredley Not sure what to use as an account name for this... I have Steam, Origin, and uPlay already...
@Frank "In a post-apocalyptic world, which would be more valuable?"
@Yuuki uCrap?
@Yuuki Dang. Origin (as in Chris Roberts' company) would have been perfect. "We Build Worlds."
@JasonBerkan I guess I could always shift it from Lifehacks...
1:52 PM
We Create Worlds. I was close.
Huh, this is GOG's logo?
@Yuuki Used to be, I think they changed it
They dropped the Good Old Games moniker after they started accepting contemporary indie games
Is what I got from the Google+ page.
The website has a variant of the latter but more square
> Traders committing suicide
1:57 PM
Q: Are there any campaign based first person shooters on android?

Byte CodeI am a game developer looking for some inspiration! Are there any campaign based FPS on android? Thanks

I mean, this isn't exactly the Great Depression

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