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8:00 PM
@AshleyNunn i feel like ouya should be Ball.
@Ktash Nope, it was on Arqade
did we not agree that searching was easier than digging through categories?
@Frank Makes more sense
@MattGiltaji It's not like they won't be searchable
You get the categories without losing the searchability
but we are relying on website owners to properly categorize their stuff
8:01 PM
Also, if you register a domain name like .sucks, you can get money from every company that doesn't want someone else to own <their name>.sucks
@AshleyNunn Not bad, except for the shaky hand writing.
or is there some .horse police that is going to revoke your registration if your site has insufficient horseness?
It's a fantastic way to legally blackmail an enormous number of rich corporations
@murgatroid99 that already happened
@MattGiltaji exactly
8:02 PM
@murgatroid99 only 200 bucks a year per company
@MattGiltaji you're rich forever with that kind of money
Apparently any desktop can now be considered a Steam Machine
@murgatroid99 people will just get creative with spelling
@Batophobia Here's how Steam Machines work: Does it come with SteamOS? Then it's a Steam Machine
instead of cocacola.sucks, coke.sucks or cokereally.sucks
8:04 PM
@MattGiltaji and then you get even more money
Companies pay you so that .sucks domains don't exist for their company, and other people pay you so that they do anyway. It's a win/win
@murgatroid99 i would describe it as a waste of a dns entry, but sure
@AshleyNunn I don't see any point of it, but I've added the citation. There are plenty of other, should I list all of them? — kenorb 10 mins ago
@MattGiltaji What I mean is that Coca Cola, for example, would buy coke.sucks just to redirect it to nothing, so that nobody else points it at something worse
His citation got the guy doing it jailed. I don't think that really constitutes proof of a prevalent and overwhelming standard everywhere.
@Frank It was also 6 years ago
8:08 PM
@Frank The fact that there aren't stories about it just proves that people are really good at hiding the cameras
this tld list is great
I seriously don't understand the utility in me filling out this professional development plan. It's not like I'm going to have time to take a (much needed) course between now and when I do this year's performance review in September.
I want to see what people do with the .computer TLD
i like how there is .nyc and .vegas but nothing from silicon valley
@MattGiltaji no .sanfran?
8:09 PM
I'm not sure someone getting jailed for setting them up really counts as proof; obviously, this is something outside the normal behaviour. One instance does not make it a common problem. And it was five years ago. — fbueckert 7 secs ago
@MBraedley nor .cisco
"I don't have a flashlight! Good thing I just happened to have these directional LEDs laying around!" — Sterno 6 hours ago
There. One of my very few contributions to lifehacks.
Might as well ask a new question about what can be used if no light source is available
@Frank I still refuse to have that site associated with my network profile.
8:10 PM
The paranormal domain name should be paranormal.boo
i predict that .com will still be king of all these .junk tlds
Also, I really hope that someone manages to get rebecca.blackfriday
Or friday-rebecca.black
Found some lifehacks for you guys. fakescience.org/5-scientific-life-hacks Since you're so fond of them.
8:12 PM
@Ktash oh
@MBraedley At the beginning, I was trying to help them figure out scope a little.
They need to add a .gtfo
8:14 PM
@Batophobia picsor.gtfo
@MattGiltaji I was thinking more like this
@Ktash fansite inbound?
@Ktash oh... damn everything
@Ktash you.gtfo
they need a gooby.pls
8:15 PM
There are 4 separate TLDs for "adult entertainment"
@MattGiltaji spugsley.pls
Haha, rebecca black was not me lol. Merely noting it is a thing
@MattGiltaji No clue. But it was too good not to get
8:15 PM
Also, .website, the most generic TLD ever
@Unionhawk Invalid number of parameters
i wonder how many email systems have not been updated to accept these as valid tlds
@Unionhawk Invalid number of parameters
8:16 PM
for i,j in pairs(Batphobia) do print(i) end
Wait no that wouldn't help me
unexpected for
@Ktash CC @fredley
They should also add a .nope
import pprint; pprint.pprint({x:batophobia.__getattr__(x) for x in dir(batophobia) if x not in set(dir(object))})
8:18 PM
@badp insufficient permissions
rm -r Batophobia
(Batophobia.methods - Object.methods).sort
ruby pls
This appears to be an XY problem, and you are asking the wrong question. What you should be asking is, "What the dues is what the deese how the doesn't doesn't dues?". Please show us how you determined that the doesn't doesn't dues, and what you have deesed to determine does does (or doesn't) the dues. We're not here to do your work for you. — Jason C 18 mins ago
lol, there is a .properties domain, how do i buy system.properties
8:19 PM
@Unionhawk Are you sure? (n/n)
@MattGiltaji It would be cool if that was a site that displayed the information that your browser sends to the server
@StrixVaria Application 'ERROR' has unexpectedly quit
@murgatroid99 looks like it is unavailable
@StrixVaria Although it's programmatically impossible to fetch a complete list since method_missing could be defined for the Batophobia class.
@StrixVaria same with Python.
8:22 PM
oooo .space is a thing
@badp Oh right, __getattr__
.wang is valid now...
@MattGiltaji isit.number.wang pls
Time to go home and enjoy some beer and rum.
the world is ready for numberwang as a service.
8:23 PM
@badp you could have all sorts of stuff on number.wang
like thats.number.wang
"YES! Rebecca Black is numberwang."
What about lifehacks.tips?
> Saturday: High 65, clear
Q: Can I play multiplayer?

ardaozkalI bought Crysis 2 Maximum Edition on the Steam Holiday Sale and downloaded it yesterday. I speedrunned the story but now I want to play multiplayer, but with the fall of gamespy, Crysis 2 Multiplayer died too. Also the page mycrysis.com was dead for years, but now it redirects to crysis.com. I ...

Q: Why can't I authenticate on minecraft PE servers

ChloeEvery time I try to authenticate it just says incorrect password and I know the password is right this also happens when I try to unregister and I can't play on any servers someone help me!

Q: Pocohud and Hoxhud Compatibility

odixonI currently have HoxHud, and find it very useful, but I recently I have seen some players reporting useful messages in the chat such as health replenishment and warnings of 3 downs. I would like to get Pocohud for that feature of reporting things into the chat but prefer the HoxHud GUI and featur...

@Lazers Our new cheat policy got caveats added to it, so I'm still not sure where this sits.
8:28 PM
@Frank Custom HUDs are NOT cheats.
> Remember that questions that break the terms of service of the game in question are also off topic.
I don't know what Payday 2's ToS are.
@Frank And Payday 2 is open to modding iirc
I'm just pointing out it's no longer a simple yes/no.
I'm not saying that question is or isn't on-topic. Just that our policy related to online stuff just got murkier.
And I'm pointing out that just because you don't know what the ToS are means that you should probably withhold such judgement, and stick with common sense which indicates that custom HUDs are perfectly fine lacking such information.
8:31 PM
So your kneejerk reaction is uncalled for.
No U
@Unionhawk And that's exactly what I'm doing.
Oh yeah, I'm gonna get some use out of that
Q: Detect if a door is manually opened or closed

CoyoteHow can we precede to detect if a door is manually opened (as opposed to opened using an activation module).

8:40 PM
Tag burning: complete.
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
My company closed my contract without telling me
because they assumed I'd be off next week
I am now out $460
@AshleyNunn sorry
@AshleyNunn Insist on that week's pay.
because Iw as going to push through it
and work
@Frank I want to.
Because they should have TALKED to me
@AshleyNunn we got your back
8:49 PM
I am so screwed
Q: How to build the most efficient 5*5*5 power generation system?

CoyoteTo fill just a 5*5*5 space what would be the most efficient power generation configuration?

@AshleyNunn That's how contracts work. They didn't even bother asking you, so tell them that they owe you that week's pay.
I need tyhat money right now
make a big stink for it
I yelled on the phone. A lot. @WorldEngineer can attest to this.
She is now "seeing what she can do" but I am not holding my damn breath
8:50 PM
@AshleyNunn Just point out that any lawyer at all would take an open and shut case like that without any effort.
@Ktash Just looked up jongun.kim for lulz but that is just a blank page :/
Pulling an Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt right now and going "I can do anything for ten seconds"
@AshleyNunn Honestly, for that amount of cash, the company would probably just give it to you if you pushed hard enough. It's not worth the trouble to them for the stink you'd put up.
@Frank That's kinda what I am hoping, but I will push if necessary
@Alok ilsung.kim?
That's a more sacred cow.
8:56 PM
because I feel like "I had brain surgery and they ended my job early without contacting me because they made unfounded assumptions about my recovery" is a really good soapbox
@AshleyNunn That'd be a great news story in the US
and a PR nightmare
@WorldEngineer Here too
Q: Can i resist Magic at full strength with the Become Etheral Shout?

DovahkiinI just want to know before I set out to find the other parts to it. I have tried to use it at the beginning one but i die anyway.

@AshleyNunn It is. They'd take a pretty massive PR hit if you went to the news about it.
@Frank Plays right into the narrative of hiring agencies and insurance companies being heartless monsters
8:59 PM
@WorldEngineer Indeed.
Oh, trust me, if they don't fix this, I am not going to shut up
@AshleyNunn Just point out how bad they would look if these details came out in the news.
They should be able to take the hint.
I am also trying to determine which government agencies to contact
You had brain surgery?? That seems scary >_<
along with various other things.
@Alok I did! I have awesome scars now and a really cool haircut.
9:02 PM
@AshleyNunn Congrats on the recovery :) Haha, I can understand the haircut ... always a problem when you need to do anything on the scalp
Once I walked thru a glass door and got a gash on the head, some hair had to be cut off for the bandage (iirc there were no stitches, but its been a long time)
@AshleyNunn still bald or did it grow back?
also you should threaten to headbutt the contracting company
So the dealership I bought my car from wants me to trade it in. Not sure I can afford a car loan right now, even if it's small and relatively short term.
@MBraedley haggle them down
@MattGiltaji She's on the phone atm
@WorldEngineer no worries
9:07 PM
@MattGiltaji Well they're offering "well above" market value plus $7500, but that still doesn't equal new car. I doubt I'll get much better than that.
@MBraedley Car dealerships do funny things with math to make it look like you're getting a good deal when you're not.
@MBraedley my wife and i were in a similar situation. they asked for the car back, then started to give us some crap about negative equity
so we told them some outlandishly good terms
when they said they couldn't make it work out, we told them that was fine and tried to leave
after playing that stupid game for a while, they gave in to the outlandish demands
@MattGiltaji It's not negative equity in my case; I paid off the loan last year. There was a period, though where the car was worth less than what I owed.
@MBraedley tbh, it doesn't really matter
all the stuff is marked up
FF Type 0 for £28...
9:11 PM
they know their costs and profit margins
@MattGiltaji But that's what negative equity means.
@MBraedley true, but it's all numbers to them
they are going to turn around and resell it and make it back
all their inventory is marked up
@MBraedley At the end of the day, no matter how good the terms on them buying back your car are, it's the price you pay for the new one that matters.
@Frank yep
So ask them what the price of whatever vehicle you want, research it, and see if it's reasonable. Haggle on that number alone. Once you're satisfied, then bring in the trade value of your current vehicle.
It's by jumping back and forth between the two values that they usually confuse prospective buyers.
9:15 PM
"we'll go 100 up on the resale (also 200 on the purchase)"
@MattGiltaji I'm fuzzy. Like it's really short, but there is hair.
It feels nice to pet
@KevinvanderVelden Yep. They love to do stuff like that.
@Frank No, I'm just not going to bother. The reason my name popped was that I've had it serviced on a regular basis, undercoating is up to date, and I just had the brakes replaced. Well, "just" being before Christmas.
Okay, more info - not working monday (because they closed out my client access) but maybe I can get paid for that (hiring lady is going to check, but she can't promise, etc etc), and maybe tues/wed/thurs I will work or they will work out something blah blah vlahg
@AshleyNunn well fought :D
9:16 PM
@AshleyNunn wat
@AshleyNunn cool
@MattGiltaji I made her feel horrible, apparently
I don't care
She screwed me
you have to use the tools in your toolbox
and telling me "well you can get EI" is not the same as "here is the 400 bucks we would have paid you for the work"
9:17 PM
@Ktash Lawsuit in -29, -30, -31...
@badp or he could sell it to disney for big bucks
brb disemboweling bus
@badp Nope. U.S. courts have held domain name buying up as alright. The content on the page currently may get flagged, but that's a different matter :)
That's why there are still so many domain name campers out there
@Ktash Besides they can buy the domain off you... for the right price.
Yep. Doubt they will, but in theory
My mom (or sister, idk) messaged me on skype (they only have skype on PC) saying "Hi, can you please check why we don't have internet connection"
classic parents
9:21 PM
So long as I don't use it for something like streaming the episodes illegally, I'm sure I won't even hit their radar :P
@Chippies What are you talking about? Skype doesn't go over the internet!
@MBraedley well for one, browser is internet, everything else is just magic
@Ktash Hacks possible.kim web server and uploads pirated episodes
@badp C'mon, it's not like he's putting horses on Walmarts.
Q: Is random tripping really random?

Shadow Z.Despite it saying random, is it truly random? I always find myself tripping at the worst possible moment, like when I am going in for a kill, or trying to avoid an attack. Or, am I just getting unlucky?

9:26 PM
@TimStone Now that's a joke I haven't gotten yet.
@MBraedley You think you're all that kim possible but you're not!
the things internet notice
@Chippies Should have worn a higher cut shirt. Then it wouldn't have been as bad.
at least she didn't wear like a tie dye white and peach shirt
9:55 PM
Q: What the impact of 'co-belligerent' check-box?

BuddaWhen I declare war on country that has allies I have option to chose any of those allies to be considered as co-belligerent. If I don't check than I will suffer penalties trying to get army from those countries. But what if I do? I don't see any drawback to have that check-box always checked. ...

It's cute that you asked.
> Make Chrome stop eating all of my RAM
@murgatroid99 That's basically what I wrote.
Chrome did essentially make me buy 4 GB of extra RAM.
Maybe they're sponsored by Corsair or something.
@badp I recently upgraded to 16GB and it still uses most of it
Chrome is like a gas: it expands to fill the available space (memory)
10:02 PM
nevermind: I got eight extra GBs
@badp yeah, that's what I did
meanwhile, I have 4 GB of RAM at work and that machine has to run Eclipse (800 MB), one Chrome tab (~400 MB?), two IBM Websphere servers (2.5 GB) and Windows 7 (1 GB??)
I wish I could use the Windows 8 task manager so I could look at the average HDD latency and sob quietly about it.
And that's when I don't need a log viewer, Sublime Text, the design document PDF reader, a Putty session, my cygwin shell, ...
...WinScp, one or two Explorer windows, Keepass, Excel, ...
Holy crap Service Canada you wanna know A LOT for EI apps....
sends many emails
10:20 PM
ART FACTS. If you hit undo more than 5 times it really isn't ART.
Real ART does not know undo.
Starting from scratch counts as 3 undo's. At the very least
@AshleyNunn posted on Lifehacks! One of us! One of us!
@AshleyNunn one of us!
Comments are the gateway post.
10:26 PM
It's a slippery slope from comments to meta posts
Q: Emojis in careers messaging result in ��

badpStack Exchange Careers clobbered my 😅 into ��. This offends my basic human right of using emojis in professional communication with prospective employers. It also probably means that somewhere in the stack, Unicode wasn't handled correctly. Fair disclosure: I'm using Chrome for Android so I can...

You're an idiot.
@Unionhawk You're mojibake.
@badp You mean 💛?
I know it was "fixed" (read: lost) in Lollipop.
10:33 PM
I feel like I should install an emoji font
To get the full experience of U+1F49B INEXPLICABLY HAIRY ANDROID HEART
@badp On my phone I see it as an emoji in a couple of spots
I see it in SwiftKey
the only emoji i need is ಠ_ಠ
@badp wat
10:36 PM
That's not even what it's called. It's just "yellow heart"
@murgatroid99 I'm fully aware.
Q: Why should I keep my soul, anyway?

Paul MarshallThe Devil may hang around Georgia occasionally and strike deals with passing fiddle players when he's running behind, but selling your soul in Sunless Sea takes a bit more effort. There are at least two places I know of where you can part with your soul: the Wistful Deviless at Mount Palmerston i...

To be fair, Android 5.0 comes with U+1F630 CLIMAXING ANDROID
so that's a definite improvement.
I mean it's called "Face With Open Mouth And Cold Sweat" but then again they called Inexplicably Hairy Android Heart "Yellow Heart"
10:39 PM
@spugsley just thought I'd let you know that I'm watching a movie with one of your favourite actors in it.
so those names are quite useless I'm sure you'll agree.
@spugsley did you register spugsley.pls yet?
@spugsley Thor: The Dark World
10:42 PM
@MattGiltaji She better hurry or I'll get off my lazy butt and do it.
And then it'll just host Dolan.
@KevinvanderVelden I'm using chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/… which still uses the 4.4.4 emoji icon set.
It does mess with the layout of a few sites like, uh, SE.
I don't think that's worth it =p
@KevinvanderVelden so long as I keep posting Important emojis like U+1F630 CLIMAXING ANDROID as pictures, then perhaps.
True, you are doing a great service
Burn with extreme prejudice
10:58 PM
Yay, I just got my Google Cloud Hoodie
@murgatroid99 I can has extra?
@murgatroid99 pics please
@Yuuki they were custom ordered, so there shouldn't be extra
we are jealous, btw
11:06 PM
@MattGiltaji maybe when I'm somewhere better than sitting at my desk for picture taking
11:24 PM
@MattGiltaji I'm not XD
Q: Will i be able to redownload games associated to my NNID on the 3DS

EchoedGuestSo my plan is to Transfer from my old 3DS to my 3DS XL ( not the new 3DS) i just recently found my old 3DS so it doesn't have a NNID associated to it but it does have some games on it. So what i was thinking is to transfer from my old 3Ds to the 3DS XL but to do so i'd have to format my 3DS XL to...

I'm a happy owner of a Google Munich hoodie
It's not much to look at but that's not really the point
Mine is a Mountain View Google Cloud hoodie
Hey, why is @kalina's name not a link here? I checked and she didn't delete her account..
@John Yes she did.
11:32 PM
She did delete, but restored, and then weird stuff happened as a side effect
@Unionhawk This.
Ooh that makes sense.
She's on new game+
As it were
@Unionhawk she prestiged in the incremental that is arqade?
Speaking of incrementals, has anyone found a decent new one lately?
11:33 PM
@Frank swarmsim recently added prestige, but nothing really great
If the Kittens Game had graphics, I suspect I'd never stop playing it.
Amazon is weird. I had to buy envelopes, but it made me buy other stuff to hit $25. Then they shipped the envelopes separately.
So anyone remember that whole thing about being charged duty a month after getting the item?
11:42 PM
@Frank yeah i do
I just got a response. They pointed me at their main site, where it says I'm responsible for import duties and whatnot.
Except here's the rub: I never saw that site during the buying process.
Q: My triangle.gs server keeps getting an error

Phoenix SchallertEvery time I try and start my free server, it comes up with: "This error occurred: 504 Server Error: Gateway Time-out. Please try again later or contact support for help" I've already contacted support, but they were no help, so any help here would be massively appreciated. Also, I have tried ...

@Frank you bought it on a diff site?
@MattGiltaji Completely.
They made a site dedicated to this product.
Sounds rather sketchy.
11:45 PM
yeah that really sucks
And, actually, there's a rather large implication that Canada is exempt from import duties on this site.
I'm sorta enjoying the back and forth, in a schadenfreude way of pinning them on their own terms.
@GnomeSlice weebl just makes the videos, he's not part of the band playing the music, afaik
Q: Why can't I pull the lever when i drink the strength potion?

PaigeIn Lego Harry Potter years 1-4, After i drink the potion i am not able to pull the lever to open it. I did it once and it didn't save but not i can't get it to do it.

actually I might be wrong
@Lazers We've been getting a lot of these. Perhaps a canonical, "We can't help you if it's timing out, because we're not the server admins" would do?
11:51 PM
> Savlonic consists of singer Roscoe Thunderpants (voiced by Weebl,) singer/keyboardist Evangeline D'isco (voiced by Sarah Darling,) and backing vocalist/drummer Kandi Flaus (voiced by Katt Wade).
I guess I'm wrong, I think whatever I was looking up forever ago mentioned Roscoe Thunderpants and didn't mention it actually being voiced by weebl
@MattGiltaji To be clear, if they had charged duty at the time of receiving the item, I wouldn't have any issue with it.
It's this charge coming a month later, without my knowledge, that I don't like.
right, you made that clear last time we discussed it
Sorry. Wasn't sure if you had remembered that part.
no worries
On the downside, I'm giving future purchasers less wiggle room to dispute this stuff, as they will probably clarify this information on the site.
11:56 PM
clarification benefits everyone
future purchasers will now know that they need to pay the duty one month later
quicky review of Thor: The Dark World: good, but by no means great.
@MBraedley because of loki's performance amiright? cc @spugsley

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