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12:02 AM
Also, it seems that Ms. Marvel doesn't fall within the MCU like I thought it might last night. It's either January or February's issue that features Loki, and I thought there was some exposition from the movie that I needed to know before reading the comic. Which is why I rented it off google play.
@MBraedley What do you mean?
@Yuuki Just the way the issue starts off. It's pretty clear going into the movie that Loki is getting locked up, yet the issue starts off with Loki paying penance.
I thought it was him continuing his penance after The Dark World
@Chippies Yes he is.
Even if he wasn't it's still a somewhat serious animation
12:06 AM
@MBraedley There's a tie-in comic?
@GnomeSlice did you not read anything I wrote after?
not yet
i just sat down
Haven't really been paying attention, but the comic universe is pretty much independent from the movies.
@Yuuki At first glance, no, not with the MCU.
yeah okay
that makes sense
12:07 AM
also, if this is the first time you're seeing Savlonic, check out Tiny Japanese Girl and Electro Gypsy
It's not
but thanks
I was looking at weebl stuff today again
this unbreakable kimmy schmidt show is hilarious
alrighty, just seemed like it may have been, considering you seemed surprised about him making serious stuff :P
@MattGiltaji I love it. I finished it earlier this week and was sad there was not more
No that was for the benefit of other people who might only know him from Amazing Horse
speaking of which:
Time to link this again.
Because it's badass
12:10 AM
Which is disappointing, since I would have really liked to see Kamala Khan on Agents of Shield.
he also did Narwhals, which people might know
Just don't let 'em touch your balls.
My family gave me so much food for my birthday
Popcorn, cookies, tarts, chocolate, nuts, caramel chocolate eggs, dinosours...
ALso Majoras Mask 3DS
@GnomeSlice He also did the badger song, which was when I first heard of weebl
@GnomeSlice is this being autocorrected?
Also a gift card for marble slab ice cream. Best ice cream.
12:10 AM
@MattGiltaji No, it's from the narwhals song
@Chippies yeah
@Yuuki also, to be clear, I'm referring to Khan, not Danvers
My first thing I saw of his was some waffle thing, one of his looping videos.
> “Badger Badger Badger” is a Flash animation created by Jonti Picking in 2003
Also the owls one is pretty great
damn that's older than I thought
12:11 AM
> There's owls in the navy
@Wipqozn Dinosours are AMAZING
@Wipqozn oh is today your birthday?
@Wipqozn Also a delicious thing. :D
Let me make you something.
@Wipqozn Happy, possibly belated, birthday!
12:12 AM
And why am I only learning about this place now?
Ok so I'm in /review on SO and is it just me or is the question quality there really really terrible
@Chippies Found it already. Probably not gonna spend that much on it.
@MBraedley You're crazy? They make the ice cream themselves in store. It's expensive, but worth it. I can never buy ice cream from sobeys/superstore anymore. It's just so much worse.
despite being in that general vicinity approx. once a week
12:14 AM
@MBraedley Ah. Is Kamala even going to be in the MCU?
@AshleyNunn I know. I love them.
@Wipqozn I haven't had them in forever :(
Oh, never mind read peripherally.
@MBraedley I think superheroes need to be a bit more entrenched in the universe before Kamala fits properly.
@Yuuki It hasn't been mentioned, but it was my hope. She's technically an Inhuman, so there's a chance she'll be in that movie, but I think it'd be a great step for Marvel to reveal her on Shield
yikes, 24 mb
12:17 AM
@GnomeSlice ...is really small these days
not for a gif
I'm trying to make @Wipqozn something for his birthday
I think I might play The Witcher
or write fanfiction
or maybe both
FIRST I SHOULD EAT. I kinda forgot that food is a thing
@spugsley Thor/Loki fanfiction?
@MBraedley @spugsley? More like Loki/Loki fanfiction.
@MBraedley Nope! Loki/Reader fanfiction :3
@Wipqozn amen, hallelujah
also how do you know me so well O-o that's scary
12:19 AM
@spugsley Your love for Tom is well known
oh god. I can't deal with the dancing
thank god it's not snake hips
if it was snake hips, who knows what would happen
I'm not sure what snake hips are
it will literally end me
Google knows, though
12:22 AM
@spugsley It burns so good?
@Wipqozn I don't find this all that attractive
Now I'm stuck in a Hiddlehole. Thanks a lot
I can't look away. It literally hypnotizes me.
@Wipqozn so nsfw
I should probably be banned.
@spugsley That sounds vaguely sexual.
12:23 AM
@spugsley is that... is that slang for... something else?
Fiddle my hiddlehole
oh god. I don't know anymore. My life. What even.
look what I've started

@Wipqozn It's... mesmerizing
@Wipqozn happy birthday
Maniacal cackling.gif
12:26 AM
@MBraedley I am excited that MCU's Captain Marvel is going be Carol Danvers and not Mar-Vell.
@PrivatePansy yes. yes it is.
@Yuuki It's kind of the obvious choice.
@GnomeSlice That's pretty rad
Friend sent me thisd
@MBraedley Well yeah, still excited though.
12:27 AM
I should eat tunafish but I really want fast food
If only it came with sound
I should probably be reading those comics too.
Okay, I'm going to bed
I only stayed up this late to see what @GnomeSlice was making me.
Night all
@Wipqozn already?
@MBraedley I'm old
12:28 AM
It's still a bit over 3 mb
best I could do
@Wipqozn not as old as me
I'm exhausted
@MBraedley Older in spirit
But to bed with me!
there's a gifv version of it i.imgur.com/XRTuJog.gifv
I'll have a 0 as the second digit in my age in a week and a half
Okay I'm gonna be good and eat tuna
I'm a responsible, healthy adult (for now)
12:29 AM
@MBraedley You'll be 104?
@Yuuki how'd you guess?
@MBraedley Lucky guess, I suppose.
tuna is not as good as a fast food burger :/ sigh
why doesn't healthy food taste good
@spugsley tuna melts are pretty good (idk if that's the common name for it, that's what wife calls them)
@Chippies I love tuna melts
12:40 AM
@Chippies hot tuna grosses me out
I can handle cold tuna on a sandwich or on veggies
you squish tuna from a can with mayonnaise, put it on a burger bun, put some cheese on it, put the other burger bun on top and microwave it a bit
@spugsley don't microwave it or let it cool down, it's good cold
I don't like fish, but tuna melts are good
and salmon sandwiches
Q: Local Minecraft server - connect from 2 computers with same account?

Brad ParksI'm running a local minecraft server, and would like to connect to the server from 2 different computers, with the same Minecraft account. Can I do this? When I try, it says Failed to login: Invalid session (Try restarting your game) and kicks the user from the game, so only one user can ...

@Yuuki i was wondering where they got the brontosauruses
12:57 AM
Leveled Link to 125 in Hyrule Warriors, half way to max level :o
@Yuuki because they're brachiosauruses! Brontosaurus never existed!
and they're disguised as whatever those creatures are supposed to be
@Chippies Tail length.
Bro, do you even dinosaur?
@Yuuki Brachiosaurus has much shorter tail than the Brontosaurus we all know
which is what I'm seeing in the picture
Bro, do you even dinosaur?
"Tail" is still too short for Brachiosaur.
@Yuuki still much more comparable to a Brachiosaur than Brontosaur
A good portion of the images you linked that do match the tail size are pictured from an angle.
1:09 AM
@Yuuki a good portion of the images I linked show that brontosaurus has a longer tail than neck
Also, note the lack of the distinctive head ridge.
@Yuuki seems too minor to make a difference considering all the other mismatches
brontosaur has a huge body, compared to its neck and head size
brachiosaur has a smaller body, compared to its massive neck
Also, Putin is back.
@Yuuki was he gone?
@Chippies There's no such thing as a brontosaurus. :o
1:12 AM
@Chippies He was noticeably absent for quite some time.
14 mins ago, by Chippies
@Yuuki because they're brachiosauruses! Brontosaurus never existed!
7 mins ago, by Chippies
@Yuuki Brachiosaurus has much shorter tail than the Brontosaurus we all know
no such thing scientifically, but there's still plenty of things that refer to a specific dinosaur as brontosaur :P
@Yuuki absent from stirring shit pots or actually missing?
I guess it does explain why I saw some posts about Putin on Facebook today after not seeing any for a while, not that there were many previously to begin with
@Yuuki 11 days I think
1:34 AM
Q: Little problem with the magic world modpack in MC

TheKafuI try to start the game but always send me this error: mar 20, 2015 11:25:52 PM net.minecraft.launchwrapper.LogWrapper log INFORMACIÓN: Loading tweak class name cpw.mods.fml.common.launcher.FMLTweaker mar 20, 2015 11:25:52 PM net.minecraft.launchwrapper.LogWrapper log INFORMACIÓN: Using primary...

@GnomeSlice must really be into the game he's playing on Steam right now. :P
1:50 AM
2:09 AM
Q: My hexxit server is too laggy

KingDomiantor616me and my friend want to play hexxit together. I made the server already, and its perfectly fine for me, but really laggy for him. How do i fix this? It would be appreciated if someone could help. Thank you! :)

2:25 AM
It seems like the top leisurely activity in Banished is hanging out around a cemetery
I guess they're all wannabe vampire hunters?
@StrixVaria that's quite neat, but doesn't seem like it may have much depth
I hope I'm wrong though, a new incremental would be nice to have...
It actually reminds me Clicker Heroes quite a bit
2:49 AM
@Chippies Yeah I got that too. They say there's some ascending too once you hit area 100.
I haven't gotten that far yet.
@StrixVaria ah, maybe there's more depth than seemed at first, I'm only on 15
I, am, drunk! Drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk!
> Heads up, nephalem! Season 2 ends Sunday, April 5.
Whoa. That season was much shorter.
@StrixVaria as it should have been, the first season was way too long
@StrixVaria The season did start in February, didn't it?
3:00 AM
@Chippies Agreed.
2 or so months per season seems perfect
It's just enough to get good, get bored, not play for a while and build up wish to play more
@Chippies I think it's a little too quick. I'm still bored.
I need those transmogs though :|
@StrixVaria bored as in, don't feel like playing yet again?
@Chippies Right.
I haven't played in couple of weeks, so I'd be down for some more action
3:03 AM
I guess I could try out DH again.
I will start a new class when new season starts
I decided to do a diff class every season
@Chippies Yeah, same here.
Well, I've already level-capped every class (except Barb; I've gotten to 60 twice but haven't played it since RoS).
I hadn't played a monk since RoS was released and I made one in season 2 and it was so far the most fun I've had in the game
@StrixVaria I've done that, solely for achievs
I mean, level capped twice
first level caps were because I just wanted to play them all
I have 3 wizards at 70 for some reason.
my wife had like 5+ wizards at one point
2 from normal, 2 from season 1 and 1 in season 2
she just loves those wizards...
3:06 AM
Only one is worth using (the one from season 1); the other two are trash.
My 2 seasonal characters are my 2 strongest characters.
our character slots are usually at the limit, so we delete the extras
@StrixVaria same
Makes me feel bad about my first main, a WD, but he's just bad.
my first season WD got stronger than my normal WD within couple of weeks after season started
my season 2 monk destroys everything I've ever made
highest I've been able to go was T4 with my WD and that was pushing it, my season 2 monk can faceroll T6
Yeah my season 2 monk is my strongest by far. I can't faceroll T6 but I can do it. I think you played longer than I did.
I never got an ancient weapon :|
Any ancient legendaries I found rolled strength or something dumb instead of dex, which I thought wasn't supposed to happen.
@StrixVaria Maybe so, I also mostly just duo'd with wife, who was a monk as well, so we shared drops, which helped a ton
@StrixVaria all the ancient weapons I got were 1h :/
I got quite a few other ancient items though, hardly any of which were useful to me
except the gungdo bracers, which was like, my 2nd or 3rd legendary drop after reaching 70
my weapon wasn't what I wanted, but it's a great weapon nonetheless
3:16 AM
everything about this incremental reminds me of Clicker Heroes
even the abilities so far seem to be very similar
Q: Cities: Skyline fails to generate correct menu and crashes on exit

linuxfreebirdI just installed Cities Skylines on my linux mint 17 os which includes a R7 260X Radeon graphics card. The game fails to launch with an appropriate menu screen as depicted in the screen shot provided. The image of the menu is centered at at the top right of my screen, while the menu clickable b...

@Chippies I like what happens once you hit level 100 in a weapon, though. That's pretty unique.
@StrixVaria team weapon or your own?
@Chippies Team.
3:19 AM
ah, my highest is 75 so far
> Massive DPS boost, but fire rate is reduced.
that's interesting
does the weapon drop to level 1 or something after that as well?
@Chippies No, it stays at level 100, but it's kind of like "resetting" to level 1 of a more powerful weapon.
But it happens again at 200 at least, and I imagine it continues.
And it has different abilities on the new tier.
@StrixVaria so you still keep getting new upgrades after 100? that's good
Well, at least 1 ability is different.
4:00 AM
Q: Can I get my AE2 network to see what's in my logistic pipes network?

Tom HartI have a big Logistics Pipes (LP) network setup, and I'm moving over to an AE2 network, and I want to connect them together. I found this tutorial, and it half works. Through the request pipe I'm able to see whats in my AE network, but not the other way around. I notice that tutorial is using A...

4:12 AM
imagine taking a giant crap, smearing it on your table, and having to eat raw apples off of it.

that's what madden mobile is like.
@swasheck Thank you for your input
Q: Technical Difficulties Running C&C Generals/Zero Hours on Windows 8.1

Kasun KodagodaI wanted to play C&C Generals and Zero Hours again and installed the game on my Windows 8.1 dell 15R N5110 laptop. But when i run the game the following error pops up and i can't open the game. I have played the same game installed using the same files earlier on the same laptop. This is not e...

@BlueRaja Thanks for the game dude
5:10 AM
Very beer. Much drink. Holy hell have i drinked a lot of beers.
Also whiskeys. And a boat full of tequila. But mainly beer.
(literal boat FYI.)
Q: Minecraft servers and how can you make private?

Ichimaru Mew UchihaI want to understand how servers work and if it was possible for me to make the minecraft server private so me and only a select few of my friends could play?

5:44 AM
(if you missed it, Providence coach threw a chair in a time out and got a technical)
6:31 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Go team Lots of Beer!
@swasheck I... I don't even... What?
That user... I don't know what to say.
@Unionhawk I'm glad I'm not the only one.
Mar 10 at 2:02, by LessPop_MoreFizz
@swasheck Life Protip: Calling anyone 'retarded' is to insult the disabled.
That user.
Q: Crusader Kings 2 crashes on certain date

Finn RaymentHi, so I'm playing CK2 as Croatia, and all of a sudden, on the 21st of March 1120, my game unexpectedly disappears and my desktop appears. I have searched the web for solutions, and all I can find is people stating the problem... "This problem is caused by conflicting events." What I am tr...

7:16 AM
@Unionhawk Ah... I remember that.
7:30 AM
Q: Can I change dynasty in a single player game?

wontonSome weird bug happened where my singleplayer dynasty became out of sync and it made a second dynasty... Is it possible to select a different dynasty in the single player campaign after one has been started?

Q: How does Riot decide which tier to put you in after the provisionals?

Kim MinseoSo as we all know, we need to complete 10 provisional games at the start of a new season to get into a tier (Bronze, Silver, etc.). Some people manage to win all their 10 provisional matches and get into only Bronze or Silver, whereas, some people only wins like half their provisionals and still...

8:08 AM
Q: How do I complete the 2nd portion of the raid on Vay Hek?

0-frame linksVery confused by all this. Apparently, according to the number of players in your party you need to activate a series of buttons in order. But my team ended up failing so many times we quit because I had no idea how to complete it. There are these weird symbols next to each pressure pad and I hav...

8:19 AM
@StrixVaria My season 2 DH feels a lot weaker than my S1 monk.
8:38 AM
Q: How can I run mods with 1.8.1

annaI have minecraft 1.8, 1.8.1 and 1.8.3 and forge on my computer. we have installed mods for 1.8.1, but my son (8) wants to make a hot air balloon that flies, and I can only find a mod for this (or can he build one without a mod?) in 1.8.1, but forge won't work with 1.8.1. How do I get the mods t...

2 hours later…
10:28 AM
10:38 AM
yeah sure
knees playing up
11:05 AM
Goddamn it, why must the package manager for both python and perl have the same name?
Package Installer for {Python,Perl}? =p
Q: League of Legends Chatroom and Ranked Team (EUW)

Tim BA number of League of Legends players have been hanging out in the chatroom Summoners Rift. We've also created a ranked team called "Arqade Community", on the EUW servers. We've players ranging from Silver through to Diamond so whatever your skill level come and say hi. LoL is fun playing with...

@KevinvanderVelden Yeah.
Be glad PHP doesn't have a package installer =p
@KevinvanderVelden It does, but at least they have the mind to call it "Composer"
@KevinvanderVelden Also, apparently Python's is Pip Installs Packages, while Perl's is the Perl Installation Program
Never trust programmers to name things
11:21 AM
@PrivatePansy all the this
Pip Installs Packages. Seriously. They must be high when they came up with the name.
Well... python's author is dutch
We do have legal weed
Q: Is it a good idea to dismiss traders as quickly as possible after trade?

Private PansyThe trading post has a "Dismiss" button that allows you to dismiss the trader after you're finished with the trade. Is it a good idea to always finish the trade as quickly as possible after the arrival of the trader and dismiss him, presumably so that he can come back to trade again more quickly?

11:49 AM
Q: What are good routes to jungle and gank at level 2-3?

DarJulWhat are possible jungling routes in LoL Season 5 to get to level 2 and 3 (both possibilities) and gank afterwards? That is, jungle to get to those levels quickly and have enough health to gank afterwards (assuming you take the standard 3 pots you start with nowadays). If it is necessary or opti...

12:20 PM
@Alex Your question doesn't require any special tools, though, and you're not looking for an uncommon solution. You specifically asked for the method waitresses use to transport liquids. Asking for the method used by professionals is not on-topic on lifehacks, because we're about looking for out of the box solutions, and the standard method used by a professional is not uncommon or out of the box. — Wipqozn 10 secs ago
Q: Is it possible/reasonable to sneak solo/duo Baron?

DarJulBasically that, is it too hard or too long? Because I tried to search for an answer and most answers are with the old Baron; emphasis on the sneak part, I would think of doing this extra early when nobody is thinking about Baron, fully knowing that if you get caught even by one roaming enemy you'...

Nothing like some lifehacks arguments to get your day started.
12:39 PM
1:05 PM
I feel old
i am old D:
as old as the universe itself.
No wonder I feel so tired.
1:22 PM
Q: Is there a way i can kill all while dead in Minecraft?

Brendandude1In the skyfactory modpack I keep getting killed by by player mobs that don't burn in sunlight that are standing over my bed so every time i spawn the game lags i here the sound of being hit about 8 times and it puts me back onto the death screen

Q: Does Red Orchestra 2 contain Single and Multiplayer?

imulsionI'm looking into Red Orchestra 2 (http://store.steampowered.com/app/35450) and am hearing great things. However, on Steam there is no singleplayer tag, and no reviews mention singleplayer. Is the product linked above a multiplayer only game or is there singleplayer as well?

1:41 PM
Ugh why an I so nervous about talking to my new boss about a schedule problem
I've been putting it off for a while now
You shouldn't be. Just go do it.
I talks to him about it before and was like I can't make it in by 7:00 on the bias from my new place but 7:30 is fine
Bit turns out weekends are different a d I can't get there till 8 on Saturday and 9 on sunday
My dad has just been driving me in at 7:30 for the past few weeks while I get used to the job but now my boss is gonna be like why didnt you tell me this sooner
And he's right. Why didn't you tell him as soon as you knew?
Because I get a lot of anxiety about shit like that
1:52 PM
@StrixVaria Level 50, and it turns into a slog.
@Frank Yeah it slows down a little bit too much. I'm going to check it every once in a while and try to get up to where the ascensions start to see if that improves it.
And concierge the faucet that he was really concerned about my availability in the interview I was afraid he'd just tell me it was't goin to work out and to find another job
Concierge the faucet?
Funky Autocorrect
Considering the fact
And, the longer you wait to tell him, the more that anxiety will mount and grow and gnaw at you. The only way to make it go away is to punch through it.
Which, yes, I understand is easier said than done.
1:55 PM
Nonetheless, it must be done.
Well I mean it's not like he's going tours er me
To murder me
Are you sure?
I still get nervous talking to my boss about anything, even though he's a cool guy.
1:56 PM
No just some donuts
...And was their nickname "Donuts"?
Back go wok
Q: Ps4 online transfer?

user106053If I buy a ps4 from someone and they have a online for a year. Am I able to transfer his online to my account? Because it would be a waste, but his username is dumb. I tried going to settings and looking around, but nothin came up.

Q: Noore had to die thrice

hjpotter92Sometimes, one of my colleague comes around to play the game on my system. Yesterday, he finished the mission Shoot the messenger. He chose not to kill Noore. A cutscene followed where Noore cuts herself, and drops down to the wild animals. She died and we finished the mission. Afterwards, we we...

This account should just get a straight up burning.
2:08 PM
@Unionhawk @TimStone
I made 1.5 million last night in the RES in about an hour or two, but I got exceptionally lucky toward the end where big wanted ships just kept appearing one after another. I actually ran out of ammo and had to resort to killing Anacondas with my small beam lasers, heh. Thankfully there were enough feds in the area to make that possible.
@TimStone I made 2m from bonds in a few hours, but that put me in the 15m reward tier
Ohh, yeah.
The rewards are much better now I see.
I still need to turn in mine from one of the past events...
For that one even being the top commander only netted you an extra 200,000 or something incredibly dumb like that.
Total assests are now ~35m
mm, think I'm at 22
2:18 PM
And combat rank up to Master!
@Unionhawk will have to play catch-up now
3:01 PM
Tempted to play through majoras mask, and put cities skylines on hold.
@OrigamiRobot I only made Top 70%. :(
@OrigamiRobot You're a pretty cool dude.
Q: How to scan a system?

inf3rnoI am playing with Mass Effect 1. I am in the Strenuus system, a person called Garoth asked me to find his brother's ship. I read that I should scan for it, but I don't know how to do that. I cannot see a scan option on the map.

> Leonard Delaney was hurting for a lucky break. His two erotic novellas released via Kindle, Motherfucking Wizards and Sex Boat, had yet to garner even one review on Amazon. He followed up those duds with a short story about having sex with Tetris blocks, aiming to kick off a series titled Digital Desires.
I suspect that first title is uncomfortably literal.
Nooooo Clippy
3:14 PM
@TimStone I am disappointed that this article makes no reference to the legendary Clippy Phone Sex Tape.
That's just bad journalism
"Space Raptor Butt Invasion"
3:39 PM
Q: In Rock Life, what do fans do?

OakIn the game Rock Life there are three types of resources. You can use coins to purchase more instruments, hire personnel and upgrade your guitar You can use stars to do some things like the coins, but also basicly pay-to-win You have fans What do fans actually do? I haven't noticed an incre...

Q: Borderlands 2 Weapon Leveling

pashmoreI'm level 43 and I was farming Doc Mercy and he dropped a level 35 infinity. I'm already in TVHM. Is there anyway for me to get a leveled version without UVHM?

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