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6:00 PM
Interesting concept.
I remember there being a program that would alter everything you type to capitalize first letter in each word.
I knew some people who used it, because they thought it was cool...
@MattGiltaji Yep, it most certainly would be so
@fredley what's this? fredley posting something other than friday on friday?
why are cats obsessed with knocking things over?
6:04 PM
@Rapitor I had a cat who would knock things over to get attention
Because humans are such poor decorators
@Chippies Yep. My cat often bats at stuff on my desk, and when it falls off, runs away.
also, I'm sure they don't like their private space invaded by objects
unless it's a box
Q: Kerbal Space Program - Can I transfer Parts to another in-orbit vessel?

Tim S.I have a few satellites and stations orbiting my planets, but I'd like to add onto them. I've seen numerous videos on using docking clamps to attach my new ship to the existing station, but can I do that on a part-by-part basis? For example, I take an extra fuel tank up there, can I attach just t...

6:06 PM
@Frank i would play that
@MattGiltaji It looks neat, yeah.
@Frank my cat would climb on shelves and knock something off, wait for someone to come over, if no one came, she'd drop something else
WHEN CATS ARE SAD Bartender: What'll ya have? Cat: Shot of rum. [Bartender pours it] [Cat slowly pushes it off the bar] Cat: Another.
@Chippies Mine's learned that she doesn't belong on shelves.
if there was someone within her sight, she would look straight in the eye and wait for a reaction
6:06 PM
@TimStone -1 for wasting rum
@TimStone I get it.
if that person started moving toward her, she'd jump off and run
@Frank we got that cat off the street, but she was still a street cat, she spent more time outside than inside. We ended up giving her away to relatives outside of the city. She ran away and they see her around every now and then. Once a street cat - always a street cat.
@tombull89 those are some unconventional monitors used in that setup
@Chippies 3x 8K. Because 4K isn't good enough.
6:10 PM
@tombull89 i don't see the problem. i wish i had three monitors
@MattGiltaji It's fun trying to figure out what to use them for.
@tombull89 I'm more interested in what kind of PC can do anything more than run office software on it
3x 8k is insane
@Frank at work, outlook in one, browser in another, code in the third
@Chippies you'd probably want a PC with 4x GTX Titan X's in Quad SLI to use it.
@MattGiltaji You get 2 out of the four for my home setup.
at home, code in one, browser in another, game or movie in the third
@tombull89 I'm not sure if that would be enough to do anything more than casual indie gaming though
"if I put my face a few inches from it I can still make out individual pixels, this isn't good enough"
6:12 PM
@Chippies 4x 12GB of VRAM?
@tombull89 still 12GB in SLI
SLI doesn't add up the amount of VRAM
they all have to mirror the vram
well, show you how often I have multiple graphics cards :D
(i.e. never)
@tombull89 I have never had multiple graphics cards either and knowing these things just helps me abstain from it :P
I am slowly going crazy, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 switch.
Reminds me, I need to double check some stuff. Pretty sure Java has selected integrated graphics again
6:14 PM
the only time I've ever been tempted to go SLI is when it would let you run at up to 1024x768 with Voodoo 2's
but even then I still didn't go for it
I'm fairly sure that's a different SLI
yeah the acronym technically stands for something different but it's a similar concept
= buying more than one video card like some sort of crazy person
I'd be happy with a not laptop as my next computer personally
After spending a few years on laptops, building a new desktop PC was really nice
6:20 PM
One desktop card would still be a major upgrade
@Unionhawk I'm still of the opinion, at least for gamers, that a laptop should be a a secondary machine at best.
@MBraedley have you seen those 980M SLI laptops?
or even those very slim 970M SLI laptops
That's not really a laptop as putting it on your lap would crush your bones
@Chippies No, but 980M means it's really more like a 960
Now a 960 SLI setup would still crush my current single 760
6:22 PM
@MBraedley 970M in SLI is as fast as 980 desktop, faster in some games
Non functional in others
there are other sources as well, but this is the first one I found
@Chippies Which just proves my point. If 970M SLI isn't much better than a single 980, think what a desktop SLI setup can do.
@MBraedley having a 980 puts you in enthusiast group, having 980 in SLI is beyond what a regular gamer needs
most gamers still game on 1080p monitors
That's also at 1080p, and I thought that the 980's biggest benefits came when you ran at 1440 or higher
6:25 PM
even 1440p can easily be run on single gpu's
@Chippies But what I'm saying is that 960 SLI can probably beat 980M SLI
@MBraedley but laptops are portable
@Chippies But they shouldn't be your primary gaming machine.
So are desktops
@MBraedley depends on your needs
6:26 PM
@Chippies some are bloody heavy though
I'm just saying that a gaming laptop as a primary machine is a very viable option nowadays
@tombull89 this one's 3kg
@Chippies Unless you're travelling >50% for work, you don't need a laptop as a primary gaming machine. That's the reality. Desktops, in the long run, are cheaper and superior to laptops.
My first machines I bought was a laptop, mainly because I didn't have the room in my bedroom for a desk.
still a lot for a laptop, but it's more powerful than average gamers desktop
6:28 PM
my laptop is 3.9kg
and it's not half as powerful as that one
I made sure it had a dedicated graphics card, and it ran what I wanted it to well (granted, it was mainly Battlefield 2142) but it was no match for the desktop I built after.
@MBraedley but if need a laptop (and very often you do), and you need a gaming rig, you can compromise and get both in one
laptop gpu's have gone a LONG way in the last couple years
Sadly, the next Breath of Fire game is a mobile app, but if that's what it takes to bring back the series, I'm all for it.
@Chippies If you don't need a powerful laptop, you might be able to get a powerful desktop and a cheap laptop for less than the cost of the gaming laptop
My Chromebook cost about $300, and I'm pretty sure I could build a gaming PC for $300 less than it would cost to buy an equivalently powerful laptop
@murgatroid99 when I was looking for a laptop, anything with a 900p/1080p screen was close or over a 1000$
6:33 PM
@Chippies I guess it depends on what you need a laptop for
for me at the time of purchase, a laptop was just a better option than a PC anyway
@murgatroid99 404
also, 300$ for a browsing machine, no thanks
2 mins ago, by murgatroid99
@Chippies I guess it depends on what you need a laptop for
there are windows tablets that cost less than that and can do more
6:36 PM
@Chippies Really? Can someone else check that link?
@murgatroid99 chromebook is pretty nice, it just sucks that you can't install anything on it
@murgatroid99 404 for me too
@murgatroid99 worked for me
chrome incognito, if it matters
404 even in incognito
6:37 PM
That's what I was trying to link to
@murgatroid99 I wouldn't know what to do with a chromebook
The 404 is the price you pay for being non-Americans.
@Chippies What do you do with a laptop?
all those specs don't mean much to me, since you can't install anything on it anyway
@murgatroid99 I do everything with it, it's my main rig for now
@Chippies yeah chromebook can't be your primary machine
6:39 PM
@Chippies This conversation started with the suggestion that your main rig doesn't have to be a laptop
a laptop is just a portable desktop, imho
If my main computer was a laptop people might expect me to bring it into the office on the one day a week I go, and then I wouldn't have an excuse to leave early.
My point is that you can divide your computer usage into "things you need a laptop to do" and "things you could do with a desktop"
@murgatroid99 I never implied that it has to be a laptop, I did however say that it is very viable to have a laptop as your main rig
if I need a portable browsing machine, I'd probably get a tablet
also, I like to have one thing that does everything, rather than multiple things that does a little bit
> Never half-ass two things, always whole-ass one thing.
wait, I think that doesn't apply here
A desktop does everything, it just doesn't do it everywhere.
6:42 PM
I would hate my life if I had to spend a week at my in-laws without my gaming laptop
(they're nice people, but I'd be bored as fuck)
@Chippies See, mentioning a requirement like that earlier would have shortcutted this whole conversation
@murgatroid99 every now and then you have to go somewhere for couple of days and that's when a gaming laptop saves everything
also, everything I do on my main rig is with me, because my main rig is with me as well
Most of what I do besides gaming is internet anyway, so having just internet isn't a significant loss.
I am looking forward to building a decent gaming PC for myself eventually though...
When I travel with my Chromebook, I just read reddit and fanfics
6:45 PM
@murgatroid99 so a chromebook would be fine for you
@murgatroid99 I just do that with my phone.
I have photoshop, lightroom, Unity, Sony Vegas, guitar pro 5 and all kinds of other junk on my laptop that I use occasionally
As phones become more and more powerful, laptops become more and more niche.
@Yuuki I don't like having to hold my phone up for long periods of time when I have a better option
@Yuuki Until phones can nicely display desktop versions of websites and have keyboards, they won't replace my laptop
@murgatroid99 so true
6:46 PM
And at that point, they'll be laptops
@murgatroid99 tablets sort of do those things
but the decent tablets cost as much as a cheap laptop
I think Surface Pro would be nice to have, but they're ridiculously expensive
I should have said "physical keyboard"
@murgatroid99 they have those attachable keyboards
or even wireless bluetooth keyboards
you could have a wireless bluetooth keyboard with a phone though
@Chippies those are weird
that would be silly
6:48 PM
No feedback
@KevinvanderVelden eh, it's physical
@Chippies And then when you have your tablet attached to a physical keyboard and sitting upright, it's basically a heavy laptop
@KevinvanderVelden don't they click a little or anything?
@murgatroid99 Well, you said Reddit and fanfiction. Reddit has a fairly good mobile site (yes, I know it's not perfect, but it's pretty much feature-complete) and fanfiction is almost wholly text, which is fine on a phone screen.
@Chippies nope
6:48 PM
@KevinvanderVelden well that's lame and pointless
They are as physical as a touch screen
They just don't feel like glass
(They also don't feel like a proper keyboard but)
@Yuuki I know reddit is good on mobile, but I much prefer the desktop version
And it's lunch time
Q: Can anyone help me with this error I am?

Fernando[B#283] 2015-03-20 15:42:57 [INFORMAÇÕES] [ForgeModLoader] Forge Mod Loader version for Minecraft 1.6.4 loading [B#283] 2015-03-20 15:42:57 [INFORMAÇÕES] [ForgeModLoader] Java is Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM, version 1.8.0_31, running on Windows 7:amd64:6.1, installed at C:\Prog...

Q: Can Yasuo block thresh's basic attacks?

user105282Thresh's basic attacks are technically ranged since it works with runaan's hurricane. So does that mean that Yasuo wind wall can block.

I have almost completely ready for the switch to a desktop PC
I use externals speakers, external mechanical keyboard, external mouse with my laptop
all I need is a monitor and then the PC itself
I'd have a monitor long ago, if I had a bigger desk though, which is part of the reason why I didn't have a desktop to begin with
a desktop without a desk would be just a top, whatever that is
Hmmm, I'm not gonna answer that question
6:52 PM
this is my old setup (wife's PC on the right)
@Chippies You're doing it wrong
@MBraedley doing it as good as I could with the things I had :P
this is my current setup
that desk is still way too tiny though
@Chippies is that a desk or a tv tray?
@MattGiltaji it's an actual computer desk
it's not very wide though
although it being a tv tray would explain that sliding thing where I put my legs...
(the sliding thing has been removed)
6:56 PM
@Chippies i guess sliders no sliding worked
the desk works for now, but as you can see, my laptop is 2/3rds of the desk width
@Chippies Huh, I don't think I could live like that
Q: How can I play a crazy character?

PhilippI would like to try playing a "Lunatic" and/or "Possessed" character, because I heard they have some really entertaining events. Is there a reliable way to drive my current character crazy? When there isn't, is there a moderately powerful and young historical nutjob I could play? I would prefe...

@Ktash desks are expensive and there are none that are big enough
I will most likely build one myself some day
and hopefully it won't break
@Chippies They are. But they are worth it. I just bought a really nice one for not too bad. $150 I think it was
6:58 PM
I've seen some pretty cool pipe desks online
@Ktash HAH, if I could get a good desk for 150$, I'd already have it
all I really need is just one big surface
@Ktash I'd go with that, if we had such around here
not ideal, but it is big
@MattGiltaji what's wrong with that shape?
I mean, I know what's "wrong", but why?
@Chippies It is very big. I have my two monitors, my laptop, my speakers, and plenty of room still for all the crap I throw on it
7:01 PM
also, I don't think we have ikea in Newfoundland >.>
@Chippies google said they were :(
in any case its basically a board with metal legs underneath
apparently not :(
@MattGiltaji I'd be fine with that, as long as it's big enough
@Lazers Man, I want to re-title this to 'How do I go insane?'
We have an ikea in my hometown. Thing is a goddamn tourist attraction.
@Unionhawk silly americans
there's plenty of ikeas in Latvia, they're almost always empty
7:03 PM
I hate ikea with a burning passion
@Chippies ah, google found a "province" picklist, sorry for that then
I shouldn't need to pick up a map for fear of getting lost in a store, and traffic needs to be able to move more than 1 direction.
Living on an island sucks, there's nothing here
@Chippies It's the only one probably for hundreds of miles
7:05 PM
@Ktash you must have some massive ikea stores in the US
@Chippies Yes
@Chippies With the dumbest layouts you can imagine, yes
@Ktash you shouldn't need a map anyway? the stores (at least the 3 i've been to) have been laid out extremely well and make sense.
And to think they shut down hide and seek!
@Ktash which one did you go to?
7:06 PM
This is not a sensible layout
@Ktash how do you get lost on a one way street with no turns?
yes it is? it's pretty straightfoward
He's got a point
it's a stupid layout, but I don't see how you'd get lost in it
@Chippies Those two maps are actually the same and they connect. Can you find where?
7:08 PM
@Ktash they seem like they shouldn't be split
@Chippies different floors for the one near me
@Ktash the yellow box that says "to marketplace" and the clear line indicating where marketplace starts... probably
Yeah, the arrow is either a staircase, or Seattle IKEA has invented portals
Both seem equally plausible
I mean, valve is here so...
when I go to ikea i pretty much just beeline to restaurant and then proceed to fat on many many meatballs
7:11 PM
@Rapitor Good thing there's a shortcut secret passageway to there \o/
But no, the map shows a nice straight line through everything, so you think it's easy. It's not. Especially not if you miss a section and have to go back. And all those wall also have "shortcuts" and "alternate routes" and things
@Ktash there's also lines and arrows on the floor
There's probably arrows on the floor leading you to safety, no?
@Ktash the one near me has the main path indicated on the floor
you have to actually try to get lost in an Ikea
7:12 PM
It's laid out such that if you want a particular thing, you have to hunt for it and/or walk through all the things anyway. I will give you that.
Which makes me reiterate my point, when I go shopping, I do not want to need to take a map (or directions from the floor) to find the thing I want
@Unionhawk especially in the self serve furniture area
I also don't want to have to follow these paths if I find what I'm looking for in the first 10 seconds in the store
they fit like a puzzle piece
It's laid out intelligently from a "make you want to buy things possibly" standpoint
7:13 PM
@Ktash usually you need to go to the right section of the store, i don't see the difference here
So in that sense, it makes perfect sense
@Ktash if you know what you want, then you don't go to the showroom, you go straight to the warehouse and get it.
@Ktash if you go there often enough, you'll know where things are without having to look for them or get a map, just like in any other big store
@MattGiltaji Great, I want a dresser. Where do I go? Point to it on the map
@Rapitor Can't do that in this store. You'll want to consult your handy map ;)
@Ktash bedroom section
7:15 PM
@MattGiltaji You'd think
But no
@Ktash that's just a "flaw" of the stuff they're selling
@Ktash entrace->turn right instead of left->you're in the warehouse.
@Rapitor Do not enter, security there to stop you
Ikea makes me wobble because I always feel like I am trapped
@Chippies Buy why? It's laid out and clearly labeled on the map. It's under home organization. You want to put it in your bedroom? Good for you, it's not with the bedroom stuff because we layout things by room and by however we feel we want
7:17 PM
@AshleyNunn did you forget to upload the map to your cyborg navigational system?
@Ktash Are dressers exclusive to bedrooms though?
Again, I know people love Ikea. I hate it. It is my least favorite store in the world. I would burn every last one of them (and all their crappy furniture) down if given the chance
Q: What should I get to kill the wall of flesh

FREESTYLE ZOMBIEI don't know what items I nead to kill the wall of flesh . I have a Nights edge , full molten Armor , good accessories , bee gun , mini shark , tendon bow , a water bolt spell and a Starfury but last time I tried he killed me . Those anyone know what I might need. P.S. On Xbox one

the categories for furniture can easily overlap, so it makes sense that it's hard to find what you're looking for
should they put kitchen chairs in a different section than regular chairs?
furniture stores are difficult to navigate in general
@Chippies Most other furniture stores I've been in do a great job. They say things like "beds", "dressers", "tables", etc.
7:21 PM
@Rapitor Yeah, this. I've never seen any Ikea that didn't allow you to immediately go to the warehouse bit.
I've have gone to Ikea and thought they didn't have something, because I didn't know which section to look in
@Ktash I have only been to stores that categorize furniture by rooms :/
Ah, most of the other stores around here don't do that
They organize by what it is, not where it is
With some logic closeness of items for common things
but then you have the issue of matching your furniture for your room
@TimStone well. looking at his layout again. it is a little bit different, you have to cut through the restaurant, but still... that's definitely not a bad thing.
7:23 PM
you have to go through sections and find items from the same set
@Rapitor Well yeah, there's arrows to take you there even if the specifics of the layout are different. :P
Every Ikea I've been in has had a similar wonky stupid layout. And all of them do this "walk through everything to try and find what you're looking for and hope you stop in the right section because you can't go back if you miss it"
you can go wherever the hell you want. the guidelines are so you can get back on path and not be lost for long
@Ktash This is why Ikea is icky
7:26 PM
WTF!? Why am I getting (illegal) robocalls to my cell phone all of a sudden?
Yeah, the Ikea by my office has doorways in the walls to skip between non-adjacent-on-the-path areas if you know where you want to end up.
@TimStone mine too
@MBraedley did you give out your phone number
@Rapitor So long as the crowd lets you. When it's packed (which it often is) going backwards or anywhere not on the path is like swimming upstream with an anchor
@Ktash throw elbows
7:27 PM
@Rapitor I don't think so
not to anyone that shouldn't have it.
@MattGiltaji I tried moshing, but no one else seemed to join in
@Ktash I would!
Oh, I've never seen Ikea packed, so maybe that explains things. :P
@TimStone Really? Cause it's always wall-to-wall people every time I've ever been
middle of the day on a weekday? Packed!
I've been registered on the do not call list since January, and there isn't a business relationship, so they're definitely illegal.
7:29 PM
@MBraedley repooooort them
@MBraedley There are a lot of exceptions to the rule. Also a lot of companies ignore it and just pay the fine
@MBraedley better business bureau them
@Sterno Yes
@Wipqozn If you're travelling a lot to foreign places, hotels abroad, it's actually a common problem, especially in poor countries. Many small hotels or guest houses are installing spy cameras in guest rooms, bathrooms and then uploading sex tapes onto X sites to get some extra money. — kenorb 7 hours ago
@Wipqozn Wait, what?!
7:31 PM
@Ktash remember that absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence
@TimStone they do tend to get pretty crowded.
@TimStone Go to Ikea in the united states on a weekend.
@Wipqozn You made me interact with LH, I hope you are happy
@Ktash Booh. Random moshing is fun.
Seriously, people come from all over the state for the one around me
Fun game! Count the in-county license plates. (those are the employees most likely)
7:34 PM
@Alex As you said yourself, waitresses do this all the time. This isn't something that needs an uncommon solution, because the simple fact there are millions of people doing it everyday means it's a common solution. — Wipqozn 7 secs ago
We have multiple local Ikeas.
@Unionhawk how can you tell the county from the license plate?
So there's that.
Now off to my folks palce
@AshleyNunn BEst bday present
I wonder what an Ikea in sweden is like
7:35 PM
@Wipqozn happy birthday @Wipqozn
@Wipqozn Paranoia much. *That's why he needs paranormal. So he can ask how to best find out if a ghost is spying on you and trying to sell the footage on the internet.
Happy birthday @Wipqozn
@Arperum i tried to ask about ghosts stealing from me and got nothing :S
@Wipqozn Good. Don't expect it every birthday
I have 3 Ikeas within 50 miles, 5 within 120.
@AshleyNunn Did just that
7:37 PM
@MattGiltaji In Ohio there's a number that indicates the county
I suspect more people go to the Philly Ikea which is why the Conshohocken one isn't that busy.
In addition to the registration expiration date
@MBraedley Good :)
@MattGiltaji In all likelihood, it was a scam call with a spoofed caller-ID.
@TimStone Oh, well then.
7:37 PM
@Ktash I know the exceptions.
I have 1 within 100 miles, I'm guessing
@TimStone I am just repeating "Conshohocken" because it sounds so odd when I say it
Place names are weird
Everywhere in Pennsylvania is weirdly-named!
Conshohocken, Swarthmore, Bryn Mawr...King of Prussia.
@TimStone We have New Prussia, it's near my sister
7:40 PM
I'm still not 100% why a place is called "King of" anything, but.
Does their mayor have the honrary title "King", and therefore is the King of King of Prussia?
If not, that needs to be a thing.
All I know is that it has a giant mall and a (also giant) Wegman's.
> The community took its name in the 18th century from a local tavern named the King of Prussia Inn, which was named after King Frederick II of Prussia.
Oh well that's appropriate
Apparently that was attached to someone's StackExchange newsletter
Q: Did anyone else get an attachment from the Super User newsletter?

MakotoWhat in all actually is this PDF attachment doing with the newsletter? I'm fairly confident that this also came from Stack Exchange, so would someone care to enlighten me as to what's going on? I admit I'm rusty at reading mail headers, but the sources seem to line up just fine. Delivered-To...

@murgatroid99 Seems legit. Ship it
@murgatroid99 Argh the left borders of the Account Number and Root Cause Code boxes overlaps the bits below. BURN IT WITH FIRE.
7:47 PM
> Bill to: The Prisoner of Azkaban
@murgatroid99 they should be burned for not using the example.com email domain
@MattGiltaji On the other hand, I don't think .email is a valid tld
Also, I don't think this was ever intended to be seen by anyone ever
@murgatroid99 probably not
This is a list of Internet top-level domains (TLDs). A top-level domain is a domain name in the Domain Name System that is a direct subdomain of the DNS root zone. The official list of all top-level domains is maintained by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). In an initiative to expand the domain name space, IANA is considering approval of several proposed top-level domains. As of February 2015, the root domain contains 810 top-level domains, while a few have been retired and are no longer functional. == Original top-level domains == Seven generic top-level domains were created early...
It's valid.
@Arperum owned by donuts?! wat
Donuts or Donuts Inc. is a start-up company that was created to apply and run new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) as made possible by ICANN's gTLD expansion program; it was co-founded by Paul Stahura, Jonathon Nevett, Richard Tindal, and Daniel Schindler. In April 2011, the company was in stealth mode and raising capital; based on the company's filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Donuts raised $1 million equity financing. Since then it has submitted 307 gTLD applications and secured an initial investment of $100 million in financing, and a subsequent round of an undisclosed...
7:53 PM
this.email is even registered.
Q: Why does it say "User was removed" and not anything else?

ardaozkalI just entered Stackoverflow and saw "-10" on the top, I checked it and it said "User was Removed". I was like "Whaaaaaaaaaat?" and I quickly entered the page, which said that one of my answers were removed with the removed person I answered to. (< over complicated sentence) So: I answered X's q...

... The internet runs on Dunkin?
@Arperum so it is. I should probably just stop assuming any TLD doesn't exist
I'm still excited for the .meme TLD
@murgatroid99 At this time, the default is that it exists. Especially if it sounds dumb.
@Arperum .lol, .wat
7:54 PM
@SepiaLazers How in the world did that end up on our meta?!
@Ktash started there, migrated to meta.se
Network wide question about something on stackoverflow and it got asked here??
Why is there a .ooo? What does that even mean?
7:55 PM
@MattGiltaji .wtf
@MattGiltaji I know. I'm wondering how they got there
@murgatroid99 nooo.ooo
@murgatroid99 There's a .kim
@Arperum my sister has her own TLD? :o
7:56 PM
Target: people named Kim
Kim is a common first name in the US and is also the most common Korean surname.
Though to be honest, procatinator.com gets me by just fine. (Warning: Plays music.)
@MadMAxJr I want nice.meme, just to redirect to niceme.me
@Ktash I think they're talking about a gaming user but they saw the notification while on SO? I am not entirely sure
@Arperum Ö I know what I'm registering. I just have to find out where!!!
There's a .horse tld
I'd bet on bronies buying a bunch of those
7:59 PM
There's a .guru and .hiv tld.
i do not understand why the internet wants to use tlds like the old school yahoo internet categories

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