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Capitalising Every Word, Jesus Christ
@No.7892142 it's called a headline.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Not where I come from.
@Unionhawk Did you try using bursts? I can't remember?
12:05 PM
@OrigamiRobot Yes
They use lots of power and actually drain the capacitor
@Unionhawk maybe the Bowel Movement Bandit of Akron is on the move again?
My Pulses actual drain the cap, but I'm only using B class reactor
@OrigamiRobot They drain it at a considerable rate with A reactor A power distr
Pulses drain it slowly
I think so too
12:10 PM
nuuuu I forgot shields
Shields are unnecessary, just don't get hit
You're going to have to go with either 5B shields or 5B thrusters if you want 2 shield boosters
No, I'll make one of the boosters 0C
Ooooo... hmm
What I want is contextual power management. Or rather, I want fuel scoop and FSD interdictor to be disabled in regular space by default
People are speculating that 1.3 will have more power management stuff
12:15 PM
I'm thinking either that or like, faction related things?
> Hey Mark. I'm still really confused about the new set structure.
I, for one, am confused
woooooooo online testing done
seems I am good at network administration.
91%, wooo
There, not even a gif. What is confusing there?
arugh green and gold
12:24 PM
> Does this mean more cards per set to make up for the "missing" set?
> (NSFW if you work at a place that is super uptight about boobs bouncing around on running women)
Pretty sure that's not "super uptight"
Yeah, uuh, what?
> (NSFW if you are at work)
You kinda have to compare how uptight something is by the culture it is in, not by your own standard
12:37 PM
My guess is 7
7 is a nice number
Possibly an accurate number too!
@KevinvanderVelden I live in America. Comparing the rest of the world to our standard is patriotic.
Yeah! Screw that cultural relativism mess
@OrigamiRobot by your own personal standard I meant
I'm saying "Hey, just because you think something is okay does not mean it's SFW"
12:39 PM
My personal standard is the standard
Everyone, including other Americans, that doesn't believe exactly as I do are obviously wrong.
Well you're special
I'm talking about the people who are busy being wrong
more pips in shields does not affect recharge rate
Multirotor UAVs

Proposed Q&A site for RC enthusiasts on the multi rotor world, as opposed to fixed-wing, this includes professional aerial cinematographers, FPV racers, and any kind of multi rotor drone pilots

Currently in definition.

I think it does for shields offline, not sure
Easy enough to test
But no, the overall impact is damage reduction
12:46 PM
@OrigamiRobot It affects the rate to the extent that once the capacitor is drained it'll go slower
It impacts the energy available to recharge
1:00 PM
Q: What Are the Dominant Weapon/Armor Configurations?

Jonathan MeeI'm playing through Final Fantasy X HD Remaster (which should be the same as the FFX International.) I wondered is there an accepted dominant Weapon/Armor configuration? As far as the best abilities to apply to the slots. It seems like the Ultimate Weapons do not necessarily have the best load-o...

	twttr.events.bind('loaded', function(){
I had a WTF am I writing moment as I typed this code out
I'm listening to a load event listener inside another load event listener
1:15 PM
It's not that bad:
in Game Development, yesterday, by Oliver Schöning
this.startGame = function () {
	  	  start_countdown_sprite.setTexture( textures["countdown_2"] );
	  	    start_countdown_sprite.setTexture( textures["countdown_3"] );
	  	    	start_countdown_sprite.position.x = 5000;
	  	    	is_paused = false;
	  	    }, 1000);
	      }, 1000);
	    }, 1000);
	  }, 1000);
@KevinvanderVelden Not indented properly, will not read.
 this.startGame = function() {
    setTimeout(function() {
        setTimeout(function() {
            setTimeout(function() {
                setTimeout(function() {
                    start_countdown_sprite.position.x = 5000;
                    is_paused = false;
                }, 1000);
            }, 1000);
        }, 1000);
    }, 1000);
@KevinvanderVelden yes
Apparently you can't reply in fixed font messages?
Please, post it again!
1:22 PM
@OrigamiRobot Naah
Too late, I saw it
I know
I just didn't want to clutter up the chat some more
@5pike Final vote cast.
Also, good morning, Bridge
That user's entire account needs burning.
He's got two other spam posts.
@Wipqozn rip
1:25 PM
@Unionhawk ?
@Wipqozn ?
@KevinvanderVelden Oh, oh god
@Wipqozn I've learned that 4-lane roads are the worst, and that making pairs of 2-lane one-way roads is generally superior although it can require some wonky overpasses.
@Wipqozn ¿
@StrixVaria Really? Interesting. How'd you discover that, personal experience, or read something online?
1:31 PM
@Wipqozn Personal experience.
Intersections on 4-lane roads almost always have lights.
You can't have "exits" like you would from a highway or one-way road that only one side can take, so you can't even fix traffic problems with 4-lane roads without just demolishing everything and starting over.
If you have two one-way roads side by side you can control the way intersections work to avoid stoplights.
Every time I try to play Cities now, I run out of money before I even get set up.
@OrigamiRobot You have to start really small. It's weird.
Money is really limited in that game.
@StrixVaria I like that.
If you just wnt to build without worrying about cash, then they've got an official mod for that. They've got one to unlock everything from the get, go too.
@Wipqozn Yeah, it's better that way for now.
At some point I'll probably make a city with unlimited money and everything unlocked from the start too, so I can just design a city without worrying about restrictions.
But not until I get a lot better at the standard mode.
This fixed a really, really bad traffic jam.
It was backed up all the way onto the highway and on most of the other streets all the way off screen until I did this.
Oh god, this looks like the junctions I make in openttd
1:37 PM
I'll go back and make it prettier once I have more money.
I should play that game again
@StrixVaria Well that's silly, but if it works
I think it doesn't have to look so bad. I just didn't design it all first; I added on piecemeal.
Traffic does seem to need some improvement. Based on some comments I've heard from people, I guess the traffic isn't smart enough to take detours. Not sure if that's true, though, could just be people being dumb.
@Wipqozn Traffic doesn't alter its route once it's in motion unless the route it's planning to use stops existing.
1:39 PM
@Wipqozn I like having the restriction, I'm just bad at knowing how much I can do with my starting town.
So if you add a new, better route, people will still wait in traffic until that clears out.
Then new people will start using the better route later on.
@OrigamiRobot Makes sense. You really do need to start small.
Pretty much, after you build a new intersection or something, you have to wait a while then come back and see if it really worked or just caused a different problem.
In my experience it's good to bump up your taxes early too. I usually put my taxes up to 13% really quickly
Which leads to boxing myself in with traffic problems
1:40 PM
@StrixVaria I do like that you need to worry about traffic. It adds a whole other layer of depth to the game.
@Wipqozn I run out of money before even starting the game.
I also hate that it starts the game unpaused.
@OrigamiRobot I'm not sure what you're doing wrong, then. Next time you play, if I'm around, I'll steam view to see if I can offer you any suggestions.
Steam broadcasting doesn't work for this game.
You just see a black screen and the mouse cursor.
@StrixVaria Oh, well then, never mind.
@OrigamiRobot Which kind of power plant do you build?
One turbine
1:42 PM
Okay, so that's fine.
If you were building coal I could understand being poor right off the start
Power is really limiting too. I have so many power plants.
I wish there was a planner like in Prison Architect
At least I can finally build solar so I don't have to worry about pollution and they have cheaper upkeep costs.
@Wipqozn That means I win, right?
@StrixVaria Same here. I just use green energy, so I've got lot of wind turbines.
1:43 PM
@StrixVaria wat? finally?
@Sterno Pretty sure.
@OrigamiRobot Solar unlocks at like 16k people or something.
I had that the first night.
3x speed or bust
@OrigamiRobot You're such a rebel
Oh I'm really taking my time playing.
Plus it's not like 16k unlocks right away; there are a lot of power problems before you get that high.
1:45 PM
I got really far in Cities. I built a road.
@Sterno The beginning of the end.
@StrixVaria: Did you change your avatar, or were you mod abused by a certain porkchop?
@StrixVaria Once you unlock the level 2 wind thingies, it's not a problem
@Sterno and then cried?
@OrigamiRobot They're ok I guess.
I have a bunch of those and a bunch of coal and a bunch of incinerators in my current city.
Going forward it'll probably be all solar, though.
1:46 PM
I'm so mad I didn't realize there was no autosave
@Wipqozn Mostly I got confused about what to do next, realized I had 10 more minutes of playtime and wasn't going to get anywhere, and decided going to bed 10 minutes early sounded good
@OrigamiRobot I bet there's mod for it
@Wipqozn I recall there being one
@Sterno Sleep is pretty rd
That wont bring back my first city
1:47 PM
@OrigamiRobot No it shall not
It does seem like a huge oversight.
It might
@Unionhawk that's not how science works
It might be!
You just need the save necromancy mod, obviously
My problem is I don't want to bulldoze existing places to upgrade the roads later
@OrigamiRobot Yeah, makes sense. I've been trying to design my cities with that in mind. Have high-traffic roads that lead into lower traffic ones.
1:49 PM
@Wipqozn And that's why I run out of money when trying to start a new city
@Wipqozn In my current city I also tried not even zoning next to the high traffic roads.
@OrigamiRobot You don't need to do that right away, though.
So far it's working out, but I don't know if it's just because of the better road layout or the not-zoning.
@StrixVaria You're a shellfish again
2 mins ago, by Origami Robot
My problem is I don't want to bulldoze existing places to upgrade the roads later
1:51 PM
@OrigamiRobot I think you misunderstood what I meant. What I mean is leave space to add in larger roads later, which will then lead into your low-traffic roads houses are built on.
I'm going to (eventually) add high-ways, which will have connections along my districts so people can take that for most of the trip.
You need high-traffic roads coming from the highway
@OrigamiRobot Just extend the highway to start with two-lane one-way roads.
They're not that expensive. Don't extend it far.
The main costly thing at the start for me is trying to separate the exit from the highway from the entrance to the highway.
That's one thing I really put a focus on in the current city. You cannot get back onto the highway anywhere that you can get off the highway.
I want to make a small loop
That way traffic trying to get on never competes with traffic trying to get off, and they can both flow.
1:55 PM
I left that huge space in the middle so that I can add a highway later. I also have my industry on the opposite side of residential so that not everyone is taking the same road to get to both places
@StrixVaria Then they'll be two lane roads forever
I'll probably demolish the roads surrounding my residentala zone and replace them with higher traffic roads next time I'm on, too.
If I demolish them, and then build medium roads, I believe I won't lose any buildings.
Bigger roads needing more space is the most annoying thing that I 100% understand and that just makes it more annoying.
@OrigamiRobot Not if you space them apart...
6 mins ago, by Origami Robot
2 mins ago, by Origami Robot
My problem is I don't want to bulldoze existing places to upgrade the roads later
1:57 PM
@Wipqozn You need to have a good path from residential to industrial though for people to "commute".
@OrigamiRobot I really don't understand the problem. Just don't zone on the roads you plan on upgrading to highways.
@StrixVaria Yeah, I plan to have multiple on and off ramps along the highway
It'll likely be expensive, but should help cut down on traffic.
@StrixVaria The problem is zoning them
@OrigamiRobot So don't zone them.
You can't zone on highways anyway, so just treat them like mini-highways.
Until you can actually afford to upgrade them.
1:59 PM
@StrixVaria Yes, I know the solution. The problem is I don't want to do it that way.
@OrigamiRobot Then do it your way. This is a solution but I'm sure there are others.
@KevinvanderVelden I'll be 100% honest with you, I am totally okay with bringing back Firing Squads, given the current state of lethal injection. I mean, I'd rather not have the death penalty at all, but if we're going to... eh, I am not totally opposed to doing it this way rather than the horribly problematic other way.
I suppose another solution would be to have lot's of public transport, but that would be expensive.
@Wipqozn Which I 0% understand.
And isn't available at the start.
@OrigamiRobot You don't really need it from the get go, though.
2:00 PM
I'd imagine the 'best' solution is some combination of very strong narcotic painkillers followed by firing squad or whatever.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I think we should bring back gladiator fights.
I give up
@StrixVaria did you change your avatar yourself or was Actual modabuse involved?
We're just talking in circles
Q: Vim Adventures- Level 7 - Stuck on: What's in a name

RaijuuThis game is great, but I'm stuck on the What's in a name poem, and I don't want to give it away with my question, but I really need some help: What's in a na[m]e? That which we call a rose By any other name -> would still smell as sweet. The entrance to the puzzle is at the arro...

2:08 PM
Jesus H Christ what the heck is WordPress doing...
@PrivatePansy Witchcraft?
@PrivatePansy Remove Wordpress, be happy
Okay, I found the bug in WordPress' JS. I think.
I still can't repro it properly on the development copy of the site, but I think I found the bug
Q: Is it possible to change Kalista's bound ally?

PierreSo my strategy would be to bind with my support during the laning phase, then (why not?) change the bind with a better initiator for team fights. Is it possible to change it, and how?

So. The bug relates to this question. I have an element. How do you determine if it is inside the user's viewport?
This really shouldn't be hard, but somehow this piece of code is struggling to do it. And it's breaking the site because its doing it so badly
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'd go with the Ned Stark style executions for the death penalty. The governor gets a huge sword made from Valyrian steel and has to behead everyone personally.
@5pike got a chuckle out of me.
2:52 PM
@SaintWacko You have a chance to check out that Rebel Galaxy video?
@Frank Ooh, no, I'll do that now
Which one was it?
This looks amazing
I want it
What systems is it going to be on?
Arg, why do you return a bare pointer, very important method? Bare pointers suck!
Because legacy code?
3:08 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Yes, because legacy code.
@SaintWacko PC is the only one I know of.
Because legacy code is always the answer
And, really, the only one I care about.
@Frank Oh good
Same here
In that video, the buttons shown are for a xbox controller
So I was a bit worried
> Double Damage says that Rebel Galaxy will be out some time later this year, for both Mac, Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
3:10 PM
@Frank Ah, okay
Not Wind Waker, now on Steam
You might also like Bionic Dues. It's a mecha roguelike, and also has random equipment you can upgrade them with.
@Frank Oh?
@OrigamiRobot I posted some pictures awhile back. Let's see if I can fine them...
Feb 5 at 1:08, by Frank
user image
I still haven't finished my first playthrough.
I have, however, upgraded most of my mechs into their Epic versions, which gives them all at least one extra weapon.
That sounds cool
3:16 PM
The basic premise is that there's a robot uprising, and you're the only pilot left in the city.
Only a monster schedules a meeting for 11am-1pm on St Patrick's Day
Oh, and you have ~50 days to build up your mechs before they attack your HQ.
And if you fail, the city gets nuked.
@OrigamiRobot This is my real life annoyance too.
You aren't on the side of the robots? :(
@KevinvanderVelden Nope. You have to kill them all.
3:17 PM
Q: How many Daedric artificts are in Skyrim?

TheNoobOfRobloxHow many Daedric artifacts are in Skyrim, and what are their names? Daedric artifacts are the rewards you get for completing certain Daedric quests. Some of them are the Mace of Molag Bal and Dawnbreaker. I do not know most of their names, and I am trying to get the platinum trophy for Skyrim, an...

Q: Can`t remember the games name need help

AivoI remebmer playing the game on PS2 it was a small yellow mini cd that had multible games the one im interested in is a side-scrolling shooting game where u could destroy the whole map.

Q: Got 2000 unemployed stil need more workers

XZillA00I got 2000 unemployed in my city but still many shops and even my fire station is closed because its not enough workers. how do i make my unemployed start working in my fire station??

Q: Difference between PVP and sPVP

MaximeI was browsing some website about Guild Wars 2 and I saw that GW2 uses sPVP, but I don't know what it means and what are the differences between PVP and sPVP, what is the difference between GW2 and others mmorpgs? Thank you in advance.

Each of them have their own little characteristics.
One of the boss bots has a massive amount of health, but if he's beside another bot when it dies, he does, too.
@Frank D:
@OrigamiRobot Sorry. Your brethren are trying to take over the city. It must be stopped.
3:22 PM
@OrigamiRobot Except they've killed all the rest of the mech pilots.
@Sterno Are they providing lunch?
So...I'm gonna go with, "No"
@Frank Those guys were probably jerks.
Having a meeting take place over lunch is only ever acceptable if the meeting provides lunch, otherwise it's terrible.
3:22 PM
@Wipqozn Maybe, but not to me. They're all in Texas, so I call in.
@Sterno oh, I see
So from their perspective they are breaking at lunch
@OrigamiRobot It's a game. That's the premise. Your brethren are bad.
And actually, kinda stupid, too. I have no idea how they managed the uprising in the first place.
Sheer numbers
@Unionhawk Hrm, I guess so. That just makes it worse
3:24 PM
Also providing cakes to the humans
Cakes are involved right?
Although everyone knows that 11am lunch is superior to noon lunch
@KevinvanderVelden That would explain much, yes.
@Sterno I lunch at 11:30.
@Wipqozn That can work too, as long as you're going somewhere close. The important part is you get in before the 11,000 other people who want to eat
(drinks a glass of water)
I hate routers. Haaaaaaaaaate
3:26 PM
@Sterno I usually just eat here
I'll either bring lunch or get something from our cafeteria.
@OrigamiRobot no stars, didnt happen
@Wipqozn Well, that's boring and then your timing is also irrelevant
@OrigamiRobot Honestly, they are pretty bad representations of your kind. You should want to kill them, because they give the rest of you a bad name.
@Frank So they're the ronnie of robots?
@Sterno Yes.
And besides, there's something amusing about bringing along a mech with a rocket launcher specced to make bigger booms. Everything dies!
3:29 PM
"Nintendo, together with DeNA, will jointly develop a new membership service which encompasses the existing Nintendo 3DS and Wii U systems, the new hardware system with a brand-new concept, NX"
I see you there, hardware announcement
So they're making a smart phone that will send you push notifications that you should preorder <insert upcoming nintendo game here>
Or something
I guess if they nuke the city after killing your HQ, they probably are bad robots
3:31 PM
@Yuuki well, that's not really a suprise
@Sterno On the plus side, I now have some super badass mechs that can murder most of the robots without really trying.
@Wipqozn Yeah, not really breaking news.
@Yuuki I did have hopes for it to be real (it's awesome after all), but I pretty much knew it was fake from day 1.
> Ah, Australia. Come for the scenery, stay because you're in the hospital.
@Yuuki i get it. That's funny because everthing is Australia is trying to kill you
3:37 PM
@OrigamiRobot Yes, yes I am.
And so modest
@Yuuki Sad, but not terribly surprising
@5pike Handsomly modest.
What a bunch of jerks
> The teen was suspended after the school said it had reason to believe she had been selling drugs on school property for several months. [...] No drugs were found.
Now for it to spread throughout Canada
Guilty until proven innocent
> The incident created a furor in Quebec's National Assembly and made headlines around the world after then education minister Yves Bolduc defended the strip search, saying it was acceptable as long as it was done in a "respectful manner."
> The mother said she was particularly upset about not being called before or after her daughter was strip-searched.
@Yuuki Quebec is the French area of Canada yeah?(I don't know)
3:49 PM
@OrigamiRobot I can remember someone (maybe @Wipqozn) linked an article about that some time ago.
@Rapitor It's French Canada, yes.
@5pike It was
@Yuuki Yes. Quebec is completely backwards compared to the rest of Cnada.
~There's no Canada like French Canada~
> In response to the controversy, Premier Philippe Couillard said there would be no more strip searches in schools, except in extreme cases where police deem it necessary.​
Assuming the search would be carried out by apolice officer, anyways.
@Wipqozn Why it required the premier to say this, I don't know.
It sounds like schools are afraid of their students, not for them.
3:59 PM
> The board’s lawyer told the court the school had "serious reasons for expelling the student" that the media could not report on for the moment.
Also, it's possible she really is selling drugs, and her suspension makes sense... but she should never have been stripped search

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