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12:08 AM
Beat that!
dummm de dum.
@badp bet you can't
12:26 AM
@OrigamiRobot Yeah, having the faction you primarily hunt hostile on you is... interesting
Consistently, whenever I found and approached a large target, I'd get a wing of at least 2 on me
wow that looks way more advanced than the last time I saw it
which was a long time ago I guess
@GraceNote You may be interested in crystalgungirlgame.tumblr.com
12:43 AM
Oh, I remember this game name.
thanks @ktash and @Yuuki, b ridge movie night gets better every time!
@MattGiltaji True that
Thanks for having the showing tonight, I really appreciated it :)
thank you very much @Ktash and @Yuuki for setting up a cool movie :D
My little sister says thanks too
My pleasure :)
We'll do another one maybe next month. And we'll do the planning and such after a while. I know people already have movie suggestions in mind
We should watch upside down
although the ending was a bit what
1:03 AM
@Ktash I love the movie nights. Seriously, as someone who doesn't always get out of her house because work and fear and right now brain surgery, getting to do stuff with friends like this just makes me happy
They are a nice and usually fairly easy thing for us to do. I know I enjoy doing them.
Well, thank you. It is much appreciated :D
that film sounds very wha.
right, to bed for I. o/
Q: Why does my Mincraft keep shutting down

APoisonPotatoRecently I have grown bored of vanilla Minecraft. To resolve this I have started to start play around with mods. I have watched several videos on how to download mods for minecraft, and it worked fine until I added Biomes O Plenty into the mix. The mods I wish to use are Thaumcraft, Blood Magic, ...

1:11 AM
Hi, @LessPop
Q: Skyrim Sprint Glitch

The D4n M4nI was playing Skyrim and after I killed a dragon my sprint started acting wonky. It acts like the "Evade" Armor Ability from Halo: Reach. If you're a PS3 user "Evade" is a quick boost of speed in any direction. I've tried reloading a save and restarting my 360. Can someone help?

It's Bracket Night!
@GnomeSlice Cool game
@LessPop_MoreFizz I assume this is a sports thing? :)
@RedRiderX wow
1:21 AM
@AshleyNunn Yes.
@John @MattGiltaji Heh, this showing was all @Ktash, I'm still having dinner.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I feel like I should know what sport.
Though it's a sports thing in which 90% of participants (myself included) know next to nothing about and basically participate by flipping coins a lot.
@AshleyNunn NCAA Basketball tournament brackets came out.
(See also: March Madness)
@LessPop_MoreFizz Ah, I was leaning towards basketball!
@AshleyNunn College basketball to be specific
1:22 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz ah, yes, this is a thing I know of.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yeah, I figured from the NCAA (I remembered that from college football stuff at Nitro, which I AM STILL SO GLAD I DONT WORK FOR)
(even if as of the 26th I have no job)
@AshleyNunn The NCAA is the worst organization in all of sports.
And a strong competitor for worst organization period.
Like, they honestly make FIFA look pretty legit.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I know nothing about it really other than sometimes there were a million bajillion football games all at once and it sucked
At least FIFA condemns the slavery going on in Qatar, even as they turn a blind eye to it, rather than, y'know, actively working to protect it.
1:34 AM
I am flipping channels and just flipped past a reality show where a dude being interviewed, in the Chiron where his name is and where they normally list a profession like "Doctor" or "Line Cook" or whatever, the dude had "College Grad".
My school made it into the Division II championship for the first time but lost their second round game. :(
Also, dude looked like the broiest bro to ever bro.
Like, he clearly graduated from college, has done nothing since, and would give anything to have just, y'know, not graduated.
11 seed. All right. We'll see.
His profession is loitering around campuses remember the goold ol' days of drinking until morning and sleeping until dinner.
@TimStone that is my next weekend.
@Unionhawk yeah, that is about how I feel about St. John's. At this point I am just rootin for Kentucky because I love that John Calipari's whole system is just one bjg fuck you to the NCAA.
And because perfect season would be rad.
2:13 AM
Q: How to stop opponents from declaring war on you

BuddaI conquered a couple of provinces and took a 3 vassals... playing further, once 'truce' finished I was attacked by around 20 other small countries who gathered around 113k of army... Trying to replay... in one of scenarios instead of decreasing army from 70 to 60, instead I've increased it from ...

PSA: If you have any interest in the upcoming Bridge Boardgame Night I recommend noting your availability this week so we can try to have a time suitable for the most people.
I might try nailing down specifics next week or so.
2:46 AM
95% Of 2013 Law School Grads Were In Your Mom
Pope Francis Says Your Mom May Last Less Than 5 Years
Q: Overwrite saved Coc game

user105620I wanted to overwrite the saved game on my iPod but then when I tried to link to other device a message pop out saying that I can't overwrite the game for I already upgraded the town hall to level 4. Is there any chance that I can link the game to other device? And how?

Q: how to control gandalf "flying bricks" on PC Lego LOTR?

JohnI'm having a heck of a time trying to stack the bricks together using Gandalf's brick levitation ability. It seems nearly impossible to move them a single stud left/right/back/forward. Is there a way to do this well with keyboard controls?

Your Mom Is A Geological Force, On Par With Volcanoes And Plate Tectonics, New Study Says
Putin's Not In Your Mom, Says Spokesman
Oh well thank goodness
Oh my god, some of these are just so wrong it's right.
2:51 AM
HI @spugsley
@TimStone new favorite Twitter account.
GOP Lawmaker: Wolves Could Help Get Rid Of Your Mom
@TimStone Did you get a Vulture yet?
@spugsley did you see that dolan plays elite: dangerous?
@MattGiltaji ....
We would have killed him, but he was clean
We tried
6 hours ago, by Unionhawk
user image
3:07 AM
@Unionhawk So should I go get a Vulture?
It's a really fun ship
It's more durable and maneuverable than viper
I'm not certain about the damage though in comparison
It feels like I'm doing lots of damage, maybe because lasers hit more a lot of the time?
I don't know
I like it though
I can afford a B class
Q: How do I get 'distroy'?

SeiyriaAt this point, I have many, many districts and I've tried individualizing the policies in each: Steam simply does not seem to acknowledge that each of my districts are, in fact, very different snowflakes. Is there something I'm missing in the acquisition of this achievement?

The shields regenerate slowly, so there's that, not sure what it is compared to asp
You have Burst now?
3:11 AM
Right now, it's...
I don't know
They're power hungry, and they use up the capacitor
So I'm probably going to swap them
Don't know how to compare damage
WTB a better idea about how damage compares in this game
Also a "select next wing hostile" button
Though, if the Gold Dragons are hostile on me, next hostile is probably close enough
Q: In Dwarf Fortress, What ar floors made of?

evangs1When I try to construct a floor in DF, it says that there is no material. What material do I need?

That makes hunting alone extremely interesting
@OrigamiRobot Nah, I think I'll stick with my Asp for now at least.
I haven't tried the asp, so I can't authoritatively make that comparison, but it looks like it performs like a viper more or less plus some power and armor
Large lasers do damage though, with pulses it at least feels like I'm taking things down quicker than viper
3:43 AM
Q: Why/How can Arno see his victim's memories?

OmegaPerhaps I missed something important, but, is it ever explained why/how can Arno see the memories of the people he kills? At the end, he even speaks with Germain (consciousness?).

4:00 AM
I'm on my way back with one
We'll see how it goes
4:25 AM
Q: Infinite Tunnels in First Level?

KecoeyIn the first level, which is also a sort of tutorial, there is a grate that you can break open and crouch to walk inside of, right after you take the elevator up. This tunnel takes you a few places and at one point it seems like a dead end and the only way to go is to drop a long way. You land i...

@LessPop_MoreFizz I'm sure glad they put that NOT A LIBERAL sticker on there. I never would have guessed that otherwise
@SaintWacko the plate is the best part though.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oh, I had assumed it was a vanity plate, but that's what canadian plates look like, isn't it?
That's awesome
Canadian cares an awful lot about Obamacare.
5:00 AM
@OrigamiRobot Total damage: Hull 33%, Thrusters 56%, Power Plant 63%, Life support 76%, shield generator 85%, assorted small damages
Vulture is awesome
@Unionhawk How do bursts compare to pulses?
My power setup was all messed up, so... yeeeah
Q: World edit wood rotation

TherohWhat command should I use to rotate wood to S,N,W,E,D and U? I read the entire world edit guide... make some tries but all the results are not satisfactoryes If you help me i'll be grateful, thanks for atention.

Q: Cs GO ranking system changed

DividingBy Zer0After the recent update in Cs go ranking became easier up until silver 3 which now houses the majority of silver 1s and it is confusing me Q: what has changed in the ranking system to get players to silver 3 and then stop there

@OrigamiRobot It's 1.2 seconds between bursts, and you cannot fire them continuously, but each burst is pretty powerful
How did you fare overall?
I could only see no shields no hull which was obviously a bug in the hud
Never lost shields
5:05 AM
They took my shields down and then I saw "Incoming missile" and I was like "oh fuck POINT DEFENSE DO YOUR JOB"
Then I apparently took enough damage to have power outages and thruster malfunctions
Which, if you've never experienced a thruster malfunction...
At least we didn't explode
cc @TimStone
That's what I miss about viper, that dude can reliably outrun shit (but also needs to outrun shit)
It's a trade off
@OrigamiRobot RIP ME
5:08 AM
Dude, having an entire faction hostile on you is... well it makes things interesting
Because all of a sudden there's an entire wing on your butt and...
3 sidewinders do work, and apparently 3 vipers do work too
Who would have thought
Q: World edit equations

TherohWhen i first go to the original world edit page I saw an amazing tree made by an equation, but I can't reproduce it. I would like to know if it's a plugin configuration problem or the equation: (0.5+sin(atan2(x,z)*8)0.2)(sqrt(xx+zz)/0.5)^(-2)-1.2 < y ( That's the code world edit page gave me...

Yeaaah they're still only unfriendly with me.
They do not like me
So all of a sudden they all turned red and I was like "Crap"
At all
I thought I was toast when I got the incoming missile alert
Apparently they programmed them to fire their missiles keeping the 1.1 changes in mind
5:11 AM
Ah, now they're hostile
It was to the point earlier that every time I found a big target, reliably, I'd have 2 guys on me before I could engage
At least
Sometimes it was a sidewinder wing, and, let me tell you, those guys are dangerous in numbers
I think my next transaction is going to be either A shields or some hull reinforcement or something
Or shield boosters maybe
5:48 AM
Q: How can I save my buddy in Oeduard Rex?

congusbongusIn the last part of the Oeduard Rex mission, after accepting your buddy's alternative, you need to go to the North East Oasis and go down a cistern to tag the gold. But as soon as you do so, a large firefight breaks out at the surface, and by the time you get back up you are surrounded by almost ...

Q: In Cities: Skylines, what is the effect of increasing the power budget vs building a new power plant?

Stafford WilliamsAnyone know what the pros/cons of budget increasing vs new plant building is? If the budget can go up to 150%, shouldn't I just put it up there rather than building a new plant to cater for power consumption?

1 hour later…
6:57 AM
Q: Transferring downloaded games from mac to mac

iOSDeveloperI am downloading a Game in Steam in iMac which is present in my friends place. I want to take the downloaded game to my mac. my internet is too slow so i am downloading it in my friends mac. i am downloading Team fortress 2 can anyone tell me how to download and take the game to my mac

7:21 AM
Morning @bridge
7:38 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I just realized the tournament starts ON St. Patrick's Day
I cannot tell which day the Dayton game is
It's going to get ugly
Either way
Things are going to be destroyed
May god have mercy on those who park cars on campus
(supposedly glass bottles are banned for this reason, but... HAGOODLUCKWITHTHATGUYS)
Q: Getting out of Demonstration mode on ps3

SevenSo basically my ps3 is in demo mode, which means i can't access many features such as, playstation store or any other app that requires download via playstation store,and many other features. Only way to get out of this so called "demo mode" is to boot up recovery mode and getting a reverter fo...

7:55 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Also are you a wizard?
inb4 the rest of the bridge
Go to bed.
Why not?
8:00 AM
Originally, I set out to do some stuff
The stuff didn't finish itself
Apparently I am not a wizard
So, in case anyone was wondering
@UNI STATUS: not a wizard
At least you are still a hawk.
8:13 AM
And awake at hours even I would probably go to sleep.
Yeah well
It's easy to go to bed at a reasonable hour when you're a wizard
I must be a wizard then ...
I mean, I was partially referencing @Arperum's avatar too, sort of a "I see what you did there" thing, but, meh, dumb joke
I went to bed around midnight, stopped playing MH4U around 1:20AM I think, that's pretty reasonable I think.
That's better than where I'm at
I've been at 2 am lately and, apparently, just... not, tonight
8:21 AM
I know, I grew a habit of going to bed around 2AM every single day, decided that wasn't a perfect plan, so I'm trying to bring it back to midnight. Or 1AM if nothing else.
Because it's too-- well, it's probably not too late, but
Usually it ends up being try to sleep at 12, youtube for 2 hours somehow
@Arperum Hehe, I'm working on pushing my bed time back one hour, to 11 pm.
When it ends up being not at all, it ends up being plan to do shit all day ??? do shit at 5 am
@Unionhawk I know the feeling.
So really I've got 30 minutes (literally what they all say, literally worst possible attitude)
(goddammit @Uni)
(why are you such an idiot @Uni)
(don't answer that)
8:30 AM
Get to it. Be productive! Or slay monsters, either works.
NO because what will happen is I will play Elite Dangerous tired
And with the local pirates hostile on me, that can only end in destruction
Check that, with the local pirates hostile on me, me tired, and @OrigamiRobot not here to clean up the mess I make, it will end in me blowing up, and @OrigamiRobot with shields online
Q: How can I prevent Esther from blowing all her magic on songs?

TroyenIt seems Esther will happily burn all her mana on party buffing songs that aren't really necessary on the first random bunny we find outside town. I'd prefer it if she would save her mana for boss fights and bounty hunts instead. I know about the Tactics option for "Don't Use Abilities" but I s...

(related: may have to get some shield cells given how slowly those guys come back, and also given how much time one has to pop a cell)
@Unionhawk Elite =/= slaying monsters. Go get Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.
8:43 AM
Also: fuck IE. Stupid table rendering bugs in IE.
IE is a bug in itself
Also: Chrome does the stupid too.
I could also blame the client for not having spaces in super long strings of data. But that's not going to get me anywhere.
Q: What's the easiest way to set up a private game in Insurgency?

Dan HulmeOften I play with friends at a LAN party. We don't play Insurgency online, so our standard of play is much lower than average, making it completely unenjoyable for us to play on public servers. We'd like to play on a server with nobody else there, but we couldn't find a button in the GUI to start...

Over 50's Programming Club

Proposed Q&A site for senior Computer Programmers, age 50+

Currently in definition.

Healthcare IT

Proposed Q&A site for technical discussion specific to the healthcare industry, health informatics professionals, healthcare IT professionals and solution providers.

Currently in definition.

@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment ...
What on earth is relevant there that isn't for other programmers?
8:54 AM
I wouldn't know ask @Sterno
9:27 AM
@Arperum cobol
@KevinvanderVelden Young programmers learn COBOL as well.
@No.7892142 that is a lie, a filthy lie
@KevinvanderVelden :^)
I like COBOL anyway.
9:39 AM
moooooaaaargning bridge..
fixing a css issue with a site. I'm going to use the :hover selector, and that's going to solve so many issues this thing has.
because currently that's all done through jquery nonsense.
I'm also going to use the css3 :nth-child(even) and :nth-child(odd) selectors, as that's going to sole another class of issues.
9:44 AM
Wieeee, how many "HALP IT DOES NOT WORK IN MY INTERNETS HERP DERP" calls do you expect?
Doing so will reduce the number of weird bugs to fix to one. and that's a date sorting issue thing of horror.
Q: How can I change my old mail to new mail

HteinlinphonekyawI start play with the other gmail and that is now hacked.So how can I change with my new g mail account?

@KevinvanderVelden no clue.
Since nth-child is supported starting from IE9, I expect not that many issues.
10:00 AM
ok, now I'm super confused. In one case the dev of this thing uses :hover, in other cases he doesn't.
Multiple devs?
nope, one stupid idiot.
also: <META http-equiv=X-UA-Compatible content=IE=EmulateIE8> in a responsive website.
@Arperum Oh, then he probably just discovered the :hover and forgo (or to lazy) to use it on other sites.
IE issues intensify
@Arperum WHAT?
10:09 AM
IE + :hover + :nth-child = problems.
so, #id element:nth-child has priority over .class:hover it seems in IE, and not in Firefox.
oh well, #id element:nth-child:hover works.
Q: Getting Started with FreeOrion

EmmetCooperAny good guide on getting started with FreeOrion? Really would appreciate if there is an elaborate "how-to" guide with this game.

10:37 AM
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment Any proposal which doesn't get 5 example questions from the proposer should be shut down by a bot within 12 hours
in fact, cc @GraceNote. You guys should actually consider that.
10:53 AM
@Wipqozn Even better option: make them required on launching a proposal.
@Arperum Yes! This.
cc @GnomeSlice (Also @YourMom)
Fargo was so good.
Everyone needs to watch it if they never did.
i hear currently she o.o
Q: Minecraft EULA and home family use - is it a violation?

mbaitoffThe Minecraft EULA at https://account.mojang.com/documents/minecraft_eula states under Using our Game section that ...you cannot sell or rent the Game, or make it available for access to other people... However, I'd like to purchase the Game to play myself a little and to allow my kid to ...

@Lazers Who's going to check?
cc @LessPop_MoreFizz, since I feel like you'd enjoy this joke
@OrigamiRobot Pretty sure he's a witch
Q: How many first gen PS3s are affacted by and how can I avoid YLOD?

Andreas HartmannI want to buy a second hand 1st gen PS3. What are the odds that I'll be affected by a YLOD and how can I prevent it?

@Wipqozn he is Jesus
11:27 AM
@fredley that's a big whoops
@MBraedley Yup. I can't think of all the requests being denied.
@fredley The funny thing is that the links on that page still work and lead to actual content
Protip: don't visit stackexhange.com
Seriously don't
You might get infected with a virus
Tempted to investigate it with a VM though to see what it's trying to do
Eyy, getting a virus by visiting a webpage.
@fredley That's all kinds of ungood.
11:39 AM
@Arperum There are plenty of Flash exploits that can cause that to happen if your system is set to run flash automatically and/or has an outdated version of Flash
@fredley vistited
@fredley Mostly the part where SE is infected.
Don't touch @Serverfrog, he might be infected.
@Serverfrog I hope this virus isn't transmitted by Bridge
@Arperum Look closer. What do you c?
@fredley BTD?
11:41 AM
@fredley Oh.
@fredley (joke incoming) i use linux, i don't have viruses
+ so many web blocker that i don't see anything xD
@Serverfrog I'm on a Mac. I pretend I don't have viruses.
@fredley there are no worms in a apple?
@Serverfrog None. Never.
@fredley ok. you are a person from the internet. you are right.
12:04 PM
@5pike That's a guy with a big nose sleeping.
I see a guy with closed eyes and opened mouth.
12:10 PM
Your mouth is between your eyes?
No, but I see that.
@Wipqozn Tossed as a quick suggestion
Man I am so sad Samsung blew it so hard with the SGS6.
@Arperum I mean, there are very real and significant issues about coping with ageism in the tech industry and all...
but workplace.se should be enough for those.
@Unionhawk also, yes.
12:32 PM
That fucking feeling when you know you're coding spaghetti code but don't have the time to start over.
@GraceNote Radtastic.
Q: How can I allow one player to receive an item or XP without another player being affected?

MarkVHow can I allow one player to receive an item or XP without another player being affected if he/she is too close. I used command blocks with buttons for players to buy items and when another player is too close they lose their xp points.

Q: DreamWorld in pokemon black/white black 2/ white 2 curiosity

ShinyAronFruitBudI am wondering does the dreamworld for pokemon black/white black 2/ white 2 still work?


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