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12:00 AM
@GnomeSlice Doesn't work with Rabbit.
You can't have it stream from a video player?
Doesn't look like it's on Google Play.
@GnomeSlice I guess I could set up a VLC stream or something.
what is rabbit?
But it won't be the same format like last time.
And no text chat on the sidebar.
12:01 AM
Could it work with popcorntime?
@djsmiley2k rabb.it
@Yuuki Depends. Don't know if it will hit a streaming site or not
@djsmiley2k It's a streaming "everyone watch the same screen" thingie.
Hopefully this time I won't be busy
Reckitwralph was awesome
12:01 AM
Doesn't look like it's on Amazon either.
@GnomeSlice I think you'd enjoy Big Hero 6 then.
I torrented it and watched it with my parents
My dad def teared up at wralphs sacrifice
Now to see if anyone gets the joke.
@GnomeSlice everyone does
@Yuuki I voted that one up
@LessPop_MoreFizz is your avatar high?
12:04 AM
Ur the joke
Go back to clown college
And make jokes
Also I don't get it
@MattGiltaji Not in a conventional sense, no.
@Arperum Right now, the date really depends on what movie we select.
Any one know anything about PDFs (aka I want to take two files and make them one PDF, is that possible)
Big Hero 6 will necessitate moving the date later in the month.
@Yuuki What about bighero later this month and Guardians of the galaxy earlier in the month?
@AshleyNunn Yup, there exist pdf merge software, there is also pdf split software
12:07 AM
@Arperum Possible or we could move Big Hero 6 to next month and have Guardians this month.
@AshleyNunn definitely is
@MattGiltaji Excellent, now to determine how to do so.....
@Yuuki Would work too.
@AshleyNunn quick google found this pdfmerge.com
never used it, so no idea how it works
I will poke it with a stick
12:08 AM
I've used that one before.
mostly to split pdfs though.
@AshleyNunn I can write something real quick with iText and merge them.
No worries, turns out I don't need the thing
Wow, the OoT community just keeps finding stuff
Apparently it's possible to get light arrows in deku tree
@Unionhawk That game is so ridiculously broken
@GnomeSlice Does the phrase "Damn Good Coffee" help?
12:14 AM
My favorite still is all of the pointer magic involved in wrong warps and RBA and whatnot
So... cool. Because I was on the ACA for 2 months, my income tax return is like $15 this year. And I owe the state $41. <_< Dang.
@Fluttershy what do you mean by this.
hey everyone
@Fluttershy i received a total of $22 from my taxes this year and $14 of that went to the software program that did them
Only reason ACA should be affecting your taxes is if you didn't have insurance, in which case you pay a penalty, or if you had a subsidy, in which case, you get a credit against your taxes to make up for money you spent on private insurance.
@MattGiltaji Sounds like you're Doing It Right.
12:20 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz The state thing isn't because of the ACA, but the former is. Apparently, I earned more this year than I estimated (which I estimated based on my earnings last year, and felt I estimated high enough due to my raise at work), so I was eligible for less credit than they gave me.
Big refunds mean that you screwed up your withholdings and are giving the feds an interest free loan.
@LessPop_MoreFizz luck, not planning, i assure you
Nonetheless! Small refunds are good.
Also, it will cost me $75 to actually file my taxes. So it's a net loss. Still... Could be worse?
@LessPop_MoreFizz tbh, i'd rather give the fed an interest free loan because i am too lazy to invest it for a higher return elsewhere
12:24 AM
I suppose it isn't really the ACA's fault. I think the ACA is great. I just wish they'd given me better estimation tools or something. <_<
@MattGiltaji Alternately, you could spend 12 months spending it irresponsibly.
@Fluttershy aca saved me from having to pay cobra prices
COBRA is the biggest ripoff.
I mean, it's great that it exists - and the best part is that you can sign up for it retroactively if you need it - but holy shit those prices are extortion.
@LessPop_MoreFizz it totally is, but before aca you had no other option if you wanted to keep continous coverage
Something something COBRA Commander.
12:27 AM
@MattGiltaji I'm intimately aware.
(Also of urmom)
tbh, i wish we just got rid of employer sponsored coverage altogether, but i doubt that employers would raise wages to cover it
@MattGiltaji increase payroll taxes by an amount resembling the average cost of healthcare; institute nationwide single payer system that does not require employment. (Today in Things That Will Never Happen But Ought To.)
@LessPop_MoreFizz yes that would be wonderful
even if they just raised taxes to cover medicare for everyone, it would be cheaper than what we have
Woooo Sherriff badge
Oh, Agent Carter writers, you get one glaring technical mistake, and you just made it. 53°72" (sic) N by 27°33"W is in the middle of the North Atlantic, not Belarus. That's 27°33" east.
12:40 AM
@MBraedley i've fallen behind after watching the first two eps, is it getting better?
@MattGiltaji It's the first anniversary of the election!
I think so.
@LessPop_MoreFizz yeah i was thinking of a diff badge and deleted my shame >.>
I'm just watching ZFG test this stuff... looks like VC might become the superior platform for OoT. It'll require some refining and possibly rerouting
Crashing pretty consistently on N64 so far
It's also looking pretty RNG heavy
@LessPop_MoreFizz high-fives
12:52 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz changed his avatar.
People who change their avatar are the worst.
@AshleyNunn it is a good occasion to prompt annual avatar change.
@Wipqozn I have changed my avatar roughly every 12 months for several years now.
It's always just a new picture of Dr. Teeth though.
It's okay, you'll have a year to get used to this version of Dr. Teeth.
@RedRiderX i hope they don't do the cranky doctor
@LessPop_MoreFizz I know, but change is still scary.
Which one is that?
A lot of them are cranky
12:55 AM
@RedRiderX latest one
That's one of the less cranky cranky ones
Especially after this series.
1st Doctor is always crankiest Doctor.
He strongly disliked even having his companions at all for the first series or so.
i'm not a true fan, i jumped in around david tennant
Sorry I'm a little hardcore into the DW
Hence the hyperventilating.
So it would seem
and to think, I always thought you were nothing more than a golf cart driving drug dealer...
But really has me excited is the potential for a Lego DW Game
12:57 AM
cc @AshleyNunn @OrigamiRobot @WorldEngineer
@RedRiderX those lego games always get me
i hunger for 100% sooooo much and they give you all the tools to do it easily
also they are so damn fun
@Wipqozn Golf cart boobytrapping drug dealer.
@MattGiltaji It would be the first good DW game in... literally ever
@RedRiderX very true, you bloody backstabbing traitor
Q: Why do I keep dying?

PaytonEvery time I embark on a quest and leave the village the only way to return home is to die. I don't know if I'm missing where the village is marked on the map or something.

Q: Invisible Blocks and Items

PythonMasterI was playing Minecraft PE with my friend and I tried placing a furnace on top of a grass block but it keeps floating in midair. I did had carpet in the room but did not see it. When I tried to break the grass block, the "invisible" carpet got destroyed instead. Why are blocks and other stuff sud...

Okay, I'm off.
I've been meaning to shower for 2 hours now, bt then my roommate and I ended up talking for 2 hours. It was terrible.
1:01 AM
@Wipqozn Well I wasn't the backstabbing one
I mean it wasn't terrible at the time, but now all I can think of is how I could have been reading instead.
@RedRiderX ssshhh
Also, toodles all
@Wipqozn People surprise you
@RedRiderX I'd like that
My science bot got a liiiiiitle crazy.
@AshleyNunn The TT formula wouldn't be a 100% best fit for DW, but it would be hard to screw up.
1:08 AM
Which is more then can be said for most DW games
cc @SaintWacko, to tempt you some more.
@Frank what is that from? looks cool
@MattGiltaji Bionic Dues.
It's a lite roguelike with mechs.
@Frank like you program them and they go and explore or you control the robot directly?
@MattGiltaji Control them directly.
And get loot and stuffs to upgrade them.
For the eventual massive robot army attack on your HQ.
My siege bot makes massive explosions everywhere. He's a room clearer.
1:12 AM
@Frank :D
@Frank What
That looks amazing
I don't need to buy more games
Q: Minecraft Crash

Wii CraftSo i have a lot of mods installed, but I also had 400 mods not so long ago, so I don't think it is about ram, but now I updated them and took some out. ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Everything's going to plan. No, really, that was supposed to happen. Time: 15-2-4 ??5:19 Description: Initi...

Chaaat, I R Bord.
@LessPop_MoreFizz play some games
1:28 AM
That would require leaving this couch. The couch is comfy.
@LessPop_MoreFizz mobile phone games?
Q: Is there a way to delete all replays?

Shadow Z.In Super Smash Bros 4, I made a lot of replays. I now want to delete all of them so I can get some more room so I can get new, better replays, and to make sure I have room in case something awesome happens. Is there a way to delete all of them. If so, how?

Q: Where do Harbingers spawn?

pinckermanI'm trying to get Meat Boy and Bandage Girl achievements and this is driving me nuts. I know I have to defeat all 4 Harbingers (a.k.a The Horsemen) in one run, but I can't find them. It's not easy to find the Book of Revelations, and each time I get it I find a Double Trouble boss room that rui...

Most of those stink.
@Frank \o/
takes a deep breath
Okay, resume Bridging as normal.
I wish I had more table top gaming friends near me. :( Someone move to the 2nd worst state in the country pls.
1:38 AM
@Fluttershy what state?
@Fluttershy and which one is worst?
@Fluttershy I am telling you we need to make a Bridge commune
@Unionhawk I found a new NOPE gif.
Which is kinda NOPE in and of itself.
@Yuuki spiders suck
@Yuuki The fuck is thiiiiiis
1:48 AM
@AshleyNunn what, no spiders in canada?
@MattGiltaji not like that
@Fluttershy Roll20 is actually pretty great, TBQH.
ffs nintendo I just want free shit why are you always broken
@TimStone it's the annual changing of the dr. Teeth.
@AshleyNunn because lots of other people want free shit too.
@LessPop_MoreFizz shuuuuush that's logical
1:55 AM
@AshleyNunn would you like me to hammer it home with the argument that 'distributing free shit' is a cost center and thus a low priority for resource allocation?
@LessPop_MoreFizz I thought at first you were replying to the TTC article and was confused
But no, I am good
I get how it works
I just want to bitch about things
@AshleyNunn the bigger question is why does that TTC station look like a penis?
@MattGiltaji I am not sure Downsview actually does, I think it was artistic mapping license
the innuendo in this article
> Ross said the TTC is taking a long, hard look at the incident
@MattGiltaji cracks up
1:58 AM
> I'm told that map was erected
It just keeps on giving
@MattGiltaji Missouri.
@murgatroid99 Personal opinion: Texas. <_<
@AshleyNunn Yes we do.
@LessPop_MoreFizz This does seem pretty great. :o
@Fluttershy I think you would make an excellent roommate. I'm in
@AshleyNunn I do indeed! I mostly stay out of everyone's way, and keep to myself like a shut-in, so... :P
@Fluttershy Me too
We'd work well :P
2:11 AM
@Fluttershy I use it a whole lot and it works super well for any basic dice and a map sort of tabletop rpg.
I picked up Tabletop Simulator on Steam. I'm excited because it has Boss Monster. :3
@Fluttershy What is this thing? peeks
@AshleyNunn It's what it says on the tin, but people make mods for it that let you play all kinds of stuff.
@Fluttershy Nifty
@AshleyNunn Oh wait, did you mean TS, or Boss Monster? >_>
I just realized I mentioned those both in one sentence.
2:14 AM
@Fluttershy Both
@Fluttershy Yes.
@AshleyNunn Ah. That explanation was for the former. Boss Monster is a dungeon-building card game based on old school dungeon-y games! You play as the boss of a dungeon that you make with your hand of cards, and try and kill heroes before they kill you.
@Fluttershy That sounds funsies
This looks fun
@AshleyNunn It is so much fun.
2:17 AM
@Unionhawk Watching various people I follow tweet while they test this all out is fascinating as heck
Yeah, I'm still not sure what impact this will even have
Doesn't look like it works on N64, but it's confirmed for Gamecube and Virtual Console
@Unionhawk Yeah, looks like its crashing out on N64 pretty bad, but still, I am just in awe that people are still breaking this game to bits
Yeah, it's a consistent crash on N64 looks like all versions.
This trick is so RNG based it's kind of stupid
Errr... a monster just attacked me and I gained syphilis.
@Sterno it's not nice to call your mother a monster.
@Sterno I don't even know how that happens.
Ooookay. The heck is wrong with Steam on my computer...
Ugh, finding a Xenoblade Chronicles rom is annoying.
All that Xenoblade Chronicles talk this morning made me really want to play it.
2 mins ago, by LessPop_MoreFizz
@Sterno it's not nice to call your mother a monster.
So, I started up Steam, and it asked for my password & steam guard code. Bit odd I thought, but whatevs.
Then it asked me to accept the user agreement - really strange
Then, I go into my library ... and none of my games are installed!??!
2:35 AM
@RPiAwesomeness pretty normal if you haven't used Steam in a while, or are using it from a new IP
Okay, maybe not that last part.
Hmm... should I get Life Is Strange...?
Probably not.
Thankfully it didn't erase my steamapps folder this time, I'm manually backing that up.
@RPiAwesomeness Had this once. It hadn't deleted everything, it had just forgotten where the library was installed. I pointed it at the correct directory again and all was fine.
Annoying, but not a big deal.
However, when I go to install the games again, it shows this:
Methinks Steam is drunk
Why does it say I have 0 MB of space? I've got 700+GB...
It also doesn't know any locations to install your games.
Just point it at the library you already have.
2:41 AM
It doesn't have a location
It "forgot" the location of your library.
Thaaat was weird
Oh well.
Restarted Steam & we're all good.
This glitch discovery/testing, man
@Unionhawk What game?
@Unionhawk I know, right?
2:48 AM
@StrixVaria OoT. Apparently there's a way to get a blue potion or light arrows in Deku Tree
@Unionhawk wat. Is this ZFG or someone else?
ZFG is testing, the glitch was discovered by a couple other people
Skater and GlitchesAndStuff I believe
2:51 AM
Q: Why should I share my stuff?

Ashley NunnI work hard, I save everyone's kids, and along the way I find rice or berries or rabbits, and when I am back in town, people keep asking me to share with them. Are there benefits to sharing and becoming really good friends with people?

Q: How do I defeat a yeti?

Ashley NunnThere is a yeti in the forest! He is in my way. How can I defeat him? I tried just throwing stuff at him, but so far nothing has worked.

> The shape of the eggplant means that once it's [sic] equator has passed the anal verge it has a tendency to scoot up up and away. When that happens... well, it means an embarrassing trip to the emergency department, or perhaps the local horticultural society.
Need to get used to this avatar. I keep thinking you're @Wipqozn
Meanwhile, today in Internet Comments:
Then you pinned a thing, though, and it couldn't be @Wipqozn because he better not be room owner.
2:55 AM
> Hey, kids! Don't ever let anyone tell you there's anything wrong with putting things up your butt! You probably have urges to put objects up your butt all the time, and I'm here to tell you that it's a-okay as long as long as you can check off three things:

1. Is it yours? (Don't stick other people's stuff up your butt without permission!)
2. Is it smooth and non-porous and washable?
3. Does it have a flared base?

Remember, big flared base, it'll stay in place — long and thin, it'll get pulled in! So don't put anything up there without a big flared base, or you'll end up standing while
I have come back at an odd moment
@GnomeSlice neat. I saw it on youtubes tho
I don't really follow my YT subscriptions.
@LessPop_MoreFizz changed his gravatar!? I don't know how to feel about this.
3:03 AM
@MBraedley I do this once a year, every year. It's still Doctor Teeth.
Who wants to take the Four in February challenge with me? :D
@AshleyNunn is it really an odd moment though? Odd implies unusual, and I contend that this moment is not particularly unusual in the greater context of All Things Bridge.
@Fluttershy wuzzat
@LessPop_MoreFizz Truth
Basically, pick 4 games to beat by the end of February. And stick to your guns.
@Fluttershy I rarely beat anything, so this would be impossible for me
3:06 AM
Holy crap 4-8 minutes? o.O
(assuming perfect RNG though)
Q: Dying Light PS4 Update Broke Multiplayer

Rachel G.So my friend and I got Dying Light on release day and have been playing multiplayer everyday since then. There were no problems. Then yesterday (Feb 4), we were forced to update. Once the update was done, the multiplayer no longer worked. When we go into our games, they say our game visibility ...

@Unionhawk O.o
@Fluttershy I'll do it.
On OoT, which is currently stuck at 18:05 for any%, that's huge
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yayy! I can't post to Facebook, but I can announce here and you can hold me to it, if that works.
3:11 AM
But like I said, you'd need really good RNG
@Unionhawk Yeah, but it is neat to imagine
and just watching people poke at this discovery is great
@LessPop_MoreFizz Alright... Transistor, Grim Fandango, The Walking Dead Season 2, and... Tearaway.
Good list.
And it sounds like MQ might be faster if it works. But it might not work. And MQ is hard.
3:18 AM
Okay, Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth won't be done any time soon, and I suppose I should sleep.
Or at least crawl in my bed
@LessPop_MoreFizz Thanks. :3
Well, all of a sudden, my Visual Studio's crashing on start-up.
Starting it up in Safe Mode works though.
Nope. MQ not faster. Chat just trolling.
I ate pizza
also two people in my family that I've been in contact with recently have the flu. Can we have like an anti-flu Brdige vigil or something?
I really don't want the flu :(
3:37 AM
@spugsley Oh yeah, food. I should do that
Well, found out what was causing VS to crash.
Note to self: you probably want to install Git when you install Git Extensions.
@spugsley flu shot works good. Should've had one!
Can someone pin the Bridge Movie Night post? I'd like it to get as much attention as possible so we can make a smart decision on which movie to watch.
@spugsley I had the flu when @FAE was here. :(
@LessPop_MoreFizz I did have one. It wasn't the right strain this year. Only about 15% effective, if that
3:41 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz From what I understand, this year's vaccine missed a strain
In fact, my mom got the shot and has the flu right now
Q: Is there a way I can make zombies run in a certain pattern?

AnonymousI'm trying to make an action scene, where zombies run down a hallway. But I need a way to make a zombie run in a straight line in vanilla minecraft. (And possibly wearing armour and a player head!}

@Unionhawk Yeah, flu shots are kinda educated guesses because it mutates so quickly.
@Yuuki Yep
... Even though they repeat the chorus line quite a bit, I really like this.
Doesn't hurt that Rob Thomas is super-awesome.
3:46 AM
> This game is far too broken for its own good and we don't even know anything anymore - Zfg, on how this might impact the various categories of OoT
I've been to one of his live shows too, he's pretty good.
@Yuuki I know the song, and oddly enough I may have seen this video
which is odd because I usually don't watch many music videos
@Yuuki eh, not for me. His voice is just blergh
I have no idea what's going on right now with this testing
@Yuuki I've never had problems with gifv
Just large gifs
Q: Why arent all of my workmen working?

David GrinbergI have ~15 workmen in my prison, and most of them seem to be standing around doing nothing. I just started a huge fence project and only 1 of them is building the fence. The rest are standing around in storage, deliveries or garbage doing nothing of use. What can I do to make them work on the fen...

@Yuuki Not really looking like it's in 5K; there's still lots of low polygon objects.
4:24 AM
I'm so bored
I mean...
I have a lot of work that needs to be done?
will you pay me? :D
@spugsley ME TOOOOO
I am just sitting here letting shark tank reruns wash over me while I wait for the NyQuil to kick in.
@spugsley if you're bored enough, might I suggest an introduction to the wonderfulness that is The Best Show?
@LessPop_MoreFizz which best show is this?
4:33 AM
It's The Best Show. That's its name.
It's a radio show/podcast hosted by Tom Scharpling who is very very very funny.
Well that's confusing
@Unionhawk well it was The Best Show on WFMU, but Tom isn't on WFMU anymore as of about 6 weeks ago.
Here's a fairly famous clip in which Tom tears Billy Crystal a new one for doing the verbal equivalent of blackface right at a relief telethon right after hurricane Katrina:
Q: "Mazing" Into a secret room?

CrubleighI started a run (curse of the maze) and when I walked out of the item room (the first room I went into) I teleported into the secret room. From my experience, curse of the maze only makes messes up rooms in the same row/column on the map, however the secret room was not opened and was not adjacen...

4:52 AM
Q: Reckoning - Kingdom Of Amalur


So, given perfect RNG, the newly discovered glitch makes OoT any% faster. Probably.
I wonder how moose didn't make it on there.
But given that you need a deku nut/deku seed to drop exactly in the right spot (within some distance)... and there's no real way to manipulate it... it'll be inconsistent as all hell.
Until someone comes up with a magic setup
@Frank Moose are only found in very few areas in the US - and even fewer that are substantially populated.
@LessPop_MoreFizz But they're all over the place here in Canada.
5:03 AM
@Frank Canada is only about 1/12th of the population of north America.
5:26 AM
Childrens Poetry.
1 hour later…
6:29 AM
Q: Pokemon love requirement

Amir ShaIt's Amo Shah with a real account now! I'm really sorry for the delay. But here's the question: Some Pokemon need to be raised with love to evolve right? Well, if it is possible, I'd like to evolve my Riolu at Level 2, but I don't think I can get enough love into one level. That's where Pokemon A...

Q: Spawn a villager with a certain effect

BenAfter seeing this post about making zombies run in a particular direction/fashion, someone suggested spawning in a Villager to run from the Zombies. This made me think, can you summon an entity with a certain effect(s) active on spawn? For example, a Villager with Invisibility or a Zombie with H...

6:54 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz That's almost as disturbing as Randy Quaid's YouTube meltdown
7:42 AM
This is weird. work pc at client suddenly has "raptr" installed, which seems to be some gaming related achievement tracker or something. I most certainly did not install that stuff though.
Is the "AMD Gaming Evolved software" installed? Seems raptr comes packaged with that.
@5pike That would cause exactly the same reaction, this is a pc at a client, why the fuck would I install gaming stuff on this? (Especially gaming stuff I don't use)
IDK, maybe you got bored? Maybe the client did it.
@5pike I am not going to install achievement tracker or some such nonsense on a pc at a client, I'd use the goddamn laptop from work if I would do crazy stuf like that.
7:59 AM
Does the client have a kid that may have been bored at their parent's work one day?
shouldn't be the case. AFAIK kids are old enough to not do shit like that.
(as in 16+ AFAIK, so old enoguh to go home and do stuff there if they really want)
Meh, no clue then. Malware?
@Ktash That's what I was thinking, I removed it now though.
I'm not caring enough to dig deeper (I'm fired and in my notice period[which happens to be a stupid long 5 months{yay for changing laws causing weird stuff when you fall under the new and old law at the same time}])
8:19 AM
Q: How to get D6 as basic item for Isaac?

666nordless666I've seen in many streams that Isaac has D6 from the very beginning. How can I get it? P. S. I have all characters except Magda.

8:52 AM
I am Sheriff
@fredley 1 year of terror (Congrats)
Internet's been shitting the bed tonight... crapped out at least once around 12:30 and once around 2:35. Can't remotely refresh connection / restart modem without the password (default side-of-the-box number soup). Don't feel like going upstairs and waking @Frank with squeaky floors (although I'll risk this ping), particularly since I should be alseep anyway.
@TrentHawkins Yea, don't wake the Frank.
(And learn the exact spots that squeak, so you can move past the squeaky floor silently)
9:10 AM
@Arperum It's the entire hallway section between the livingroom and bedrooms where the modem is. Might not wake him (I swear he's slept through the C02/Gas detector going off one time when the battery was running out), but I avoid it as much as possible.
@TrentHawkins Does literally every step squeak? or just most of them?
Frank probably secretly installed nightingale floors...
9:25 AM
@Arperum Pretty sure all of them to some degree.
@TrentHawkins And now is not the time to test :p
@Arperum exactly.
@5pike If he did, they are well hidden (there's no ceiling paneling in the basement along the water lines to the bathroom)
@TrentHawkins He's crafty...
In any event, the issue seems to have been resolved - internet's been stable for almost an hour. I'll chalk this up to ISP doing some late night maintenance when most reasonable people should be asleep.
@TrentHawkins Heh. My ISP does maintenance generally around 2-3AM, or I assume it's maintenance anyway. Most times my internet dies it's around that time.
10:08 AM
Q: How can I determine which items I can safely sell?

FAEI've never played a Monster Hunter game before so I'm going through the various tutorials, venturing out into Moga Woods for each quest with little to no idea what I'm doing. In the meantime, I'm also gathering stuff from nodes obsessively because that's what I do in games. In addition, I receive...

Can't wait for monster hunter 4 ultimate
Q: Steam auto download issues

BigFishI have set one of my games to auto download during the night, to stop me from manually having to press the "download" button. I cannot get the download to start at the allocated time with me having to manually start it. Is there a way of getting a game to automatically start during the night? Tha...

Dammit weather. The one day it's snowing I'm at a client, an hour drive from home in normal circumstances...
10:24 AM
Q: A free windows online 2d racing game with mods, probably from a Spanish developer

danidemifour/five years ago I played a very nice 2d racing game. It supported online racing, modding of cars, circuits ecc... I remember the community developed all the major F1 circuits like SPA, Monza, but also lot of fantasy circuits. The game run only on Win. The game was continuously developed, a...

@fredley usually I'd jump to javascript's defense, but... getting basic maths wrong is indefensible
for a programming language, at least
although, this makes a good stab at explaining the problem
In computing, the modulo operation finds the remainder after division of one number by another (sometimes called modulus). Given two positive numbers, a (the dividend) and n (the divisor), a modulo n (abbreviated as a mod n) is the remainder of the Euclidean division of a by n. For instance, the expression "5 mod 2" would evaluate to 1 because 5 divided by 2 leaves a quotient of 2 and a remainder of 1, while "9 mod 3" would evaluate to 0 because the division of 9 by 3 has a quotient of 3 and leaves a remainder of 0; there is nothing to subtract from 9 after multiplying 3 times 3. (Note that doing...

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