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9:00 PM
@Wipqozn your towns always seem to be more or less the same size, as if they don't ever grow
also, how the hell do you have so much money?
there's always buildings I need, so my cash is always hovering just above 0
@Frank how insisting do you have to be to manage to plug a USB in the wrong way? :O
@Chippies Depends on how stressed out you are.
(Hint: She was REALLY stressed)
@Frank Idk, unless the port was really flimsy and made of crappy materials, it would still require quite a lot of force, imho
24 mins ago, by Frank
@MadScientist It was mostly because it was kinda fragile, and she probably shorted it out by lifting the slot right off the board.
@spugsley yeah just try to catch me on steam
@StrixVaria excellent :) thank you
9:07 PM
NP :)
And now train tunnel
Q: Is it possible to model real cities in the new Cities: Skyline?

Tyler DurdenIs it possible to model real cities in the new Cities: Skyline ? By that, I mean to recreate the look of the city so it would resemble an aerial of a real city like London or Chicago. Obviously to do that you would need to make buildings look like real buildings in the city in question. For exam...

When did @StrixVaria become a shellder?
4 hours ago, by Matt Giltaji
21 hours ago, by StrixVaria
(Please don't mod abuse my avatar to a shellfish.)
Oh snap. How to Train your Dragon 2 is on netflix
I'll need to watch that soonish
@Wipqozn You are slow. I already watched it with my kids.
(Though, you are a turtle, so I guess I should assume you are slow.)
9:19 PM
@JasonBerkan I'll probably save it for the weekend. probably maybe.
@Wipqozn So goooooood
@Wipqozn And skip the Women's World Curling Finals? For shame!
> “You black b----es don’t know how to take care of your kids … you need to call the kids’ father, not us … we can’t raise your kids … why are you wasting our time, we aren’t here to raise your kid … why don’t you take your f---ing kid and leave?” the officer said, according to the lawsuit.
> Mobley said at her preliminary hearing that when she tried to leave, the officer stopped her and told her he was arresting her. She also said that when she asked the officer why she was being arrested, he told her, “If you’re going to say another f---ing word, I’m going to knock your teeth down your throat.”
Q: What do I get for getting Poke-Bank?

PezantishI apologize to those who are disgruntled by the wrong type of question, but what do I get if I get Poke-Bank (besides the ability to transfer Pokemon up from older games), and, are there any alternatives? I am trying to decide if I want to spend the £5 a year or not.

9:25 PM
@Wipqozn That's insane
@AshleyNunn ... Why did this show up in your Amazon recommendations?
Side note: thanks, now I'll have erotica in my Amazon recommendations. /joking
9:28 PM
@Yuuki It didn't. A friend linked it and I figured sharing is caring.
But thanks for assuming.
@murgatroid99 Yes, yes it is.
@Wipqozn Fucking hell. It's not like they didn't know why they were there, SHE CALLED THEM AND TOLD THEM AND THEY CHOSE TO BE THERE
@AshleyNunn About the author inside the preview is good stuff
@Wipqozn What the actual fuck
9:31 PM
@Chippies cracks up
@AshleyNunn Yup. Plus none of the other officers even stopped him.
@Wipqozn frustrated anger squid noises
They just stood by, and did nothing, except one officer who just said "we're not supposed to act like this"
I wonder why people don't trust cops...hmmm..
@Wipqozn That's not what 911 is for, but that's a huge overreaction by police
@SaintWacko Considering how misused 911 is, that's definitely an overreaction. Like holy s---.
9:35 PM
@SaintWacko Oh I agree. They should have given her a fine for that, and not actually sent any cops.
> Let it assist you.
@SaintWacko And it's the dispatcher's responsibility to determine that, not the cops.
@fredley shudder
the one time i called 911, i got a busy signal. i had to call 5 or 6 times to actually get through
@MattGiltaji o.0
9:36 PM
@AshleyNunn I won't enquire as to the type of shudder
@fredley yeah, who would pick clintonemail.com as a domain name
@MattGiltaji clintone mail?
clint one mail?
clin tone mail?
cl intone mail
terrible domain name
9:46 PM
Q: Is it true that you need to be always online for a game once you download a DLC for the PS4?

DrnI've read somewhere that when you download any DLC for any game on the PS4, you need to be online always afterwards to play that game. Any truth to this? Thanks!

I have a phone interview for a Junior Copywriter position
@spugsley congrats!
@spugsley Shiny
Ugh. I have to admit that the idea of a corporate environment scares the shit out of me. But I guess I gotta start somewhere
Granted, this is from a blogspot site so I'm a bit ambivalent on its veracity.
But this is Rick Santorum, it sounds about right for him.
9:51 PM
@Yuuki oh goodness, Rick Santorum.
@spugsley Also, I'm imagining some EU countries saying, "You're saying we're the cause of marriage equality in the US? Huh. You're welcome, I guess."
@Yuuki you know what they say... "when you're born with a bible up your ass it's really hard to get it out."
@Yuuki I would agree with that
@Yuuki Germany here, we have the word "god" in our constitution. Not that we pay attention to that, but it's in there in the part that hasn't any consequences.
why is it that Americans are so fussy about who's left wing, right wing, liberal, republican, etc? Every time I read an article about politics, there's always one group belittling the other group and vice versa and there's never a debate that doesn't involve grouping people into certain groups
9:58 PM
US politicians in general to seems more like we have no plan to fix things in this country, so let's talk about shit that really doesn't matter
and it's not only in articles about politics, it's everywhere
I don't get it
Q: How can I export all item ID's, Metadata and Names in Minecraft?

PikachuHow can I export all item ID's, Metadata and Names in Minecraft if my Minecraft has crashed (i.e. I can't open Minecraft to find the IDs by using the dump command from NEI) Is there a way to get a custom ID, Metadata, and Names list for modded Minecraft instances without actually opening and req...

@Chippies because everyone that's not part of my tribe is horrible and needs to be stricken from the face of the earth
@MattGiltaji but I haven't seen people from any other country care so much about politics and be so vocal about it
@Chippies part of it is that media companies, individuals, and the political parties themselves make enormous amounts of money by getting "normal" people angry about every little thing
10:05 PM
@AshleyNunn It's the rare kind of book that basically writes itself.
Our leaders have cultivated a strong sense of hatred in every American. We're essentially the Sith Empire.
Really the book could just be white except for the cover page, and it'd be book enough.
Q: Looking for a strategy guide for deadnaut

BanditoBunnyLooking for a good strategy guide for deadnaut. Very difficult game, even more hardcore than FTL at times.

also, getting regular people all riled up over trivial things such as which server was hosting person x's email account and whether the president is muslim or sufficiently "loves america" distracts from the much larger problems that we actually face, such as huge corporations socializing risk and privatizing profits
10:13 PM
> frames per second - more is better
10:16 PM
I'll just wait for when AMD releases their new stuff, they haven't done much lately
295x2 is faster than titan x most of the time, but has lower minimum frames
1080p is gonna be good enough for me for quite a while, I think
Yeah, please, this thing has enough trouble at 900p low graphics a lot of the time
Are we talking about the Titan X?
Dude you're still doing SLIx4? I got a warehouse for a rendering farm next door.
@badp That's a LinusTechTips video isn't it?
@RPiAwesomeness yep
10:25 PM
I'd recognize that benchmarking video background anywhere
Meh. I'd still prefer a 980
Too expensive. But, I mean, it's not targeted at gamers specifically like the 980, 970, and 960 is.
@RPiAwesomeness the Titan X is something you should want, but not necessarily purchase
Titans have never been great price/performance cards
im a filthy 970 peasant Q-Q
@Chippies Oh. Heck, I'd love it. But I would still buy a 980 before saving up for a Titan X
@Serverfrog How's that 3.5GB VRAM working out ;)
they're just the best single gpu cards and without competition they can afford being expensive
I'd honestly buy even a 970.
10:27 PM
@RPiAwesomeness i don't really feel it, the 500mb slow vram
@Chippies And they're more targeted at game/3D graphics devs - more workstation cards
980 seems pointless for 1080p gaming
@Serverfrog I doubt you would. Most people don't on the commonly played games.
but 300€ for a 4k gaming card
It's still an impressive card for the price.
10:27 PM
@RPiAwesomeness well nowadays it's targeted at 4k gaming
4k gaming isn't here.
since nothing can really push 4k well enough yet
Not by a long shot
At least for AAA games.
i mean WoW:WoD... i can't run it on 4k and Ultra
I'm waiting for AAAA games, that can't be run on current gen hardware, but get released anyway.
10:28 PM
@MadMAxJr Crysis?
@MadMAxJr The Crysis effekt?
Doom 3 could hardly run on hardware of those times as well
Preorder now and it comes with a developer box.
Preorder the double platinum edition and it comes with a developer.
but then take the other side of the coin: the Sega Saturn
10:31 PM
whenever AMD finally releases their new cpu's and gpu's, that's when I'll start planning my new PC...
AMD needs to get their shit together in a bad way
Tell me that the green lighting on that Titan X is meant to be there...otherwise they've got some serious color-cast issues with their lighting.
@RPiAwesomeness LED's probably (idk what picture you're talking about)
They're killing the console market (obviously) but who the hell is installing AMD cards into gaming rigs?
I think AMD looses it's Place as price-performance ratio
10:32 PM
I'm waiting for Cyrix to make a comeback from National Semiconductor before I plan my next PC.
@Chippies That was what I'm guessing.
I would still put their CPUs in that category, but their GPUs need drivers, and AMD makes ultra-crap drivers so...
@Ampt plenty of people, actually, a 290x can outperform 980 in many cases and is cheaper
@Chippies That is true.
amd cpu's and gpu's deliver amazing performance per dollar
10:33 PM
NVIDIA == Better Power Efficiency & less heat, but it's more expensive.
@Chippies except when the driver crashes... again... and again... and again... I try not to be a fan boy but anyone who's done crossfire can attest to how awful the experience is
which cards have less fan noise? my rig at home sounds like a jet engine at takeoff
So AMD -> lesser pre invest and then higher Power costs, nvidia the other side?
I would have gone AMD for my GPU and CPU if I wasn't going to only be using Ubuntu for my OS (NVIDIA drivers work better with Linux) and if I hadn't got such a deal on an Z-87 Mobo
@MattGiltaji H20 FTW
10:34 PM
The power consumption of current AMD cards is rather discouraging if you only have a 430W power supply. I'll probably buy a 970 next, I'm terribly GPU-limited after I got a 2560x1440 monitor
and now the question of the questions: Good Linux Support?
@Ampt have you used an AMD gpu since radeon became extinct?
since ATi was bought by AMD?
@Ampt Water is pretty awesome.
@Yuuki you can drink it n shit
@MadScientist 430w seems rather weak for a gaming rig to begin with
10:35 PM
@Yuuki >< i was looking for a card named h20
oops... :) the Asus DirectCU2 coolers on my stock cards worked pretty silently when they were still attached
@MattGiltaji depends on aftermarket cooling solution mostly
well... the bottom one was quiet... the top one realized that it was like 2mm from the next card down and flipped out and went 150% like it was going to create lift and make more room
@Chippies It's perfectly fine at the moment, it's a reasonable Seasonic that actually can provide the nominal power. I've a 2500k and a 560Ti and still some power to spare.
o.O 7 GHz? Imagine that on a CPU. You'd have to cool that bad boy with liquid nitrogen and stuff.
10:37 PM
@MadScientist well, yeah, you can get by with it, but I'd imagine at full load you're running pretty close to limit
@Chippies That was my thought. I've got a 550W and that's about as slow as I was willing to go.
I'd go as low as 500w, just because it's a nice round number
but sometimes you can get a nice 600w for just a couple more dollars
Yeah 500W would probably be fine. But, I mean, there really isn't too much price difference between the 500W ones and 550-600W ones and I was going for future-proof upgradeability/peace of mind.
Whoa. 8.7 GHz. That's impressive.
Ouch. 250W TDP. That's almost half of my PSU right there.
@Chippies 354W currently with Furmark and Prime95 running both. And that is the power draw without calculating the efficiency of the power supply, so there is still quite a bit of headroom
@RPiAwesomeness future is heading towards power efficiency though, so there's that too :)
10:41 PM
@Chippies Yeah. And, it gave me some overhead for OCing the CPU.
@MadScientist 430w * 0.8 = 344w assuming it's 80 bronze certified
I mean, you're not gonna hit that wattage at normal use
but it probably wouldn't be too good to run at 354w for a long time on your 430w psu
@Chippies The rated power is the output, I think. And I got something like 85% efficiency at that load
That moment when you go to close a Firefox tab with the Ctrl+W shortcut and accidentally hit Ctrl+Q :P
@MadScientist Idk, you're probably right, Idk that much about how the PSU's work
@RPiAwesomeness seems like a crappy choice of shortcut keys for closing all windows (that's what google told me it does)
@Chippies ik. I use my keyboard for a lot of things, but that one nips me in the butt fairly commonly. Especially when I'm changing tabs when it's dark out :P
10:46 PM
@RPiAwesomeness Yay for backlit keyboards! Also, can you disable/rebind the shortcut?
doesn't seem like a shortcut I'd ever use
@Chippies Oh, probably. But I'm too lazy :P
It doesn't happen very often though, so it's nbd.
alt+f4 works just fine if I really have to
not sure if alt+f4 works in linux though, so there's that
No, it does :)
coolbeans :)
I was thinking about installing some linux distro on my old laptop, but it runs louder and hotter at idle than my gaming laptop does while gaming
acer - never again
10:49 PM
it was also from that line of laptops that didn't have vent holes drilled in the bottom
Oh bleh
#Macbook anyone?
That mid-2008 Macbook gets so freaking hot and loud in that plastic shell thing it has
Acer has the best quality control
@RPiAwesomeness at least they did all they could at apple to lower the heat
It couldn't hurt to try putting Ubuntu, Mint, or Elementary OS on there just to give it a go. Who knows, it might run cooler, especially if you install TLP on it.
@RPiAwesomeness I don't think anything can make it run cooler, if it gets quite warm on windows idling
I have vent holes drilled into it, so the fan can actually get some air in, but it's still quite warm
@Chippies #CaseModsFTW :D
10:53 PM
before I drilled the holes it shut down from overheating in summer even when idling
>.< Ouch
I love my linux install
it had good specs for the price though, so I got what I paid for
Ubuntu (especially if you're using a light DE like XFCE, LXDE, or MATE) is lighter on the resources than Windows.
@SaintWacko What distro/DE combo?
@RPiAwesomeness Ubuntu 14.04
10:55 PM
@SaintWacko Nice! I've got that on my desktop. 14.10 on my laptop was just too boring of a release to make it worth the extra upgrade time.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Also, Pillars of Eternity has gone gold!
@AshleyNunn Did you ever look up Red? I'm just curious because they recently released a new album that's quite good thus far in my listening.
@RPiAwesomeness I originally installed it so I could play KSP 64 bit
\o BBL. Dinner time has struck.
@SaintWacko Fair enough :D
Whoever said Linux can't game is obviously not with the times.
Yes, most AAA titles aren't on Linux, but tons of others are. And just because AAA games aren't on your platform doesn't mean it "can't game".
Anyways. Dinner time
Q: Controller Controls?

RyanMy PS3 controller will not set up it's controls. I've gone to options, then controls, then selected my controller, but I can't set the controls, rendering my controller useless. Any suggestions?

10:57 PM
@RPiAwesomeness if it can't game the games I want to game, it can't game :P
same goes for software
@RPiAwesomeness I dont remember

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