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9:00 PM
@GnomeSlice Check the Die2Nite chat broseph
To be honest the British probably buy so few baseball bats that any change is going to make a massive difference


Discussion of Die2Nite gameplay.
for the lazy
@ThomasMcDonald Yeah, I don't think baseball is all that popular outside of the united states. I could be terribly wrong though.
@Wipqozn It's relatively popular in Japan
9:02 PM
best comments on the HN post:
> UKers, just make sure you get ash bats, not maple. A shattered bat on the ball field is embarrassing. A shattered bat on the streets is dangerous. Likely there will be no bat boy to hand you a replacement.
> These loathsome people have no respect for Britain's glorious history or traditions. Real British patriots use cricket bats on their looting spree.
I wonder if they will crack the baton rounds out tonight.
What's up with the Psi guy?
@BrettWhiteΨ I heard he's Psicho.
9:05 PM
@Powerlord groan
@Powerlord Well, that's obvious.
I got pinged (pinged?) by BadP saying to not make him "regret this" and I have no idea what "this" is.
puts on a Razorback
I mean, I know I regret A LOT about what I do with my life
@BrettWhiteΨ The chatroom feed for the StackExchange Tumblr.
There's a feed for it?
9:06 PM
Brett, it's your job to help this community right?
Who set up that feed?
Right, so how many people are in the office?
@BrettWhiteΨ @badp did. Hence his statement.
@Powerlord Ah, okay.
PSI Feed is best feed, man.
9:07 PM
In the NYC office, of stack exchange, there are around 30 people in office
in Die2Nite, 2 mins ago, by Wipqozn
Star this if you'll play Die2Nite
@BrettWhiteΨ Your job tomorrow is to gather them all up and sign them up for Die2Nite.
@ThomasMcDonald Good idea.
@ThomasMcDonald you just made me lol
If it doesn't interfere with our lengthy espresso lessons
9:11 PM
We need 40 people for a gaming.se exclusive town and we have, um, 5?
Has something about this been posted on the Meta? Or is the chat the place to talk about it?
@ThomasMcDonald 6 actually. I can't star my own message.
I am sorry I've been absent, too, I've had another project that has kept me glued to an excel spreadsheet for the last 3 days
We should just force everyone in chat right now to play it.
We were just talking about it in chat earlier
9:15 PM
But anyway, if this is something you guys want, I could post on the Meta and try to figure out some incentive for people to sign up. Like, if you sign up you get a gaming t-shirt or something (that is, if you guys don't have those already)
I'm unfamiliar with the game, do you need 30 people who will ACTIVELY USE IT to sign up, or just 30 email addresses/accounts
@Wipqozn You are aware that pinning a message automatically gives it +1 star?
You get a limited number of actions per day, and you have to co-operate and what not to survive against increasing forces of doom.
Playing with random people sucks
Obviously, with 30 afk accounts we'd be at a serious disadvantage
@Powerlord I don't believe it does. Not to question your greatness.
9:18 PM
well, lets find out
yeah pin a test message
it gave it my star
yeah it does
9:19 PM
but Mana pinned it, so it gave it his star, not Wipqozn's.
I apology for doubting your greatness @Powerlord.
It's weird, since you can pin messages you yourself sent, which still stars it despite that you can't star your own messages.
so your star is still absent, as such
@ThomasMcDonald Gotcha. If you want to start a Meta post about it, detailing everything, you can (if that's what the protocol is), and I can double check, but I'm pretty sure we can get something done incentive wise if it reaches 30. Like Kickstarter!
@Powerlord And, if someone else stars it and then you remove the pin, or if the pin expires, you will have successfully starred your own message.
9:20 PM
Like, if 30 people ARE interested and excited about it, and sign up and do it, and we get a Gaming.SE town up, we can probably get you guys something cool
@BrettWhiteΨ I don't think we really need an incentive. Just people. :)
let me see what we did for game on that time..
room topic changed to The /b/ridge: of 4chan's super-secret outpost in Gaming's StackExchange™ AlienOverlord AskQuestion™ mothership, wherein our resident angry mob are going to make a terrible charge for our lazers Grace Note will fire in the nyarragabaldic attempt to reject Grace Note and replace him with our own choice of moderators in the undergoing, new StackExchange™ PeopleEmpowering Elections-O-Matic testing initiative. [murder] [identify-this-game]
@ThomasMcDonald Now, hold on there... is always great.
@ThomasMcDonald Yeah, exactly. I want people to play because they would want to,not for a shirt.
9:20 PM
room topic changed to The /b/ridge: of 4chan's super-secret outpost in Gaming's StackExchange™ AlienOverlord AskQuestion™ mothership, wherein our resident angry mob are going to make a terrible charge for our lazers Grace Note will fire in the nyarragabaldic attempt to reject Grace Note and replace him with our own choice of moderators in the undergoing, new StackExchange™ PeopleEmpowering Elections-O-Matic testing initiative. [murder]
@GraceNote Err, where did come from?
@GraceNote oi.
Oh, hey, that actually goes in here.
@Wipqozn Yes, understandable. Got it. Well, we will keep that between us then. I'm still up for getting shirts/mugs/something made for the people that do, perhaps as a thank you, and not as incentive
Just doing some testing~
9:21 PM
Cause come on, I like suggesting stuff to get designed and made
Also @Jin man, those tags need styling proper like.
@BrettWhiteΨ true :P My concern would just be people join for the incentive, then stop playing the moment they are sent it.
(We're seeing if you can remove tags from a room - turns out you can't. So we need a persistent tag for this room. And I suddenly have a better idea than just murder)
@GraceNote Murder game-rec and identify-this-game. Seems fine to me.
9:22 PM
@GraceNote wait, but you just removed them then?
What about wipqozn? You're welcome to tag me.
@Wipqozn That is why the incentive won't be part of the pitch. Just ask people if they want to play. Don't mention any incentive or goodies.
@ThomasMcDonald I can't remove murder, and I couldn't remove all 3 at once, and I couldn't remove just two at once.
@Wipqozn You're not a word. You're not even a full-time employee.
9:23 PM
@BrettWhiteΨ Yeah, I understand. That's a good way to do it.
room topic changed to The /b/ridge: of 4chan's super-secret outpost in Gaming's StackExchange™ AlienOverlord AskQuestion™ mothership, wherein our resident angry mob are going to make a terrible charge for our lazers Grace Note will fire in the nyarragabaldic attempt to reject Grace Note and replace him with our own choice of moderators in the undergoing, new StackExchange™ PeopleEmpowering Elections-O-Matic testing initiative. [arda-makes-a-terrible-mod]
@GraceNote I had a feeling you were going to do that.
@Wipqozn Then heck, after two months of healthy fun times, we can do something cool, then we can send you guys something, perhaps even customized with a name or in joke or something
:1579968 Is 25 chars. Fits.
Plus, that would also help on a design side too, don't want to flood them with a ton of t-shirt ideas
9:23 PM
Oh. Awesome.
@GraceNote Oh, so there has to be at least one tag. I thought you were saying that you couldn't remove tags at all.
although the quicker i can get a "my children are useless" mug the better
@GraceNote Yeah, it didn't show up at first.
@ArdaXi Ah, gotcha
I had to refresh to see the tags change.
9:24 PM
@BrettWhiteΨ Hell, I'll pay for a "How do I tell if a corpse is safe to eat" mug, or t-shirt, or whatever.
@BrettWhiteΨ I should buy my father one of those.
@ArdaXi My hope is to start getting those made. I will probably start a meta post, voting for which phrase to be included and what items to make. I'm assuming we can only get one at a time, but perhaps we can do two at a time. I just have to get the specifics locked down.
@BrettWhiteΨ I am so looking forward to this
Eight mod candidates now!
I'd be no good with any promotional swag
9:28 PM
well, maybe a mug.
Ooh, @Fallen, why don't you mention to @Brett about that store idea you had?
I already know who I'm voting for, barring any serious changes in nominees.
@ArdaXi Same here.
@Mana's fan club checking in
@GraceNote Oooh hey, yeah.
9:29 PM
@ThomasMcDonald I want to think of things that are quirky, that gamers and you guys would actually use. T-shirts and mugs are fun, but also....done to death.
Red Five, checking in.
@Powerlord Porkins?
@Brett I was in my local game store wearing my Gaming shirt the other day and the guy there noticed it and asked what the site was about
@BrettWhiteΨ I just watched that again a few weeks ago. :D
9:29 PM
He seemed to find it pretty interesting and I gave him a rundown of what we were about and stuff
Are we going to have 3 votes or 2? Someone said 2 earlier.
And I'd never seen "It's a Trap!" at all before then.
I was wondering if we could ask him if we'd be allowed to display something of ours in there and if they'd be allowed to do that for us, what we could offer in regards to business cards or maybe a poster or something
@ThomasMcDonald 2
@ArdaXi You sure?
9:31 PM
Oh right, my clock says it's time to clock out and go home.
I haven't asked them yet if we can because I wanted to see what we'd be able to offer up first.
@ThomasMcDonald Entirely unsure.
> Election. A final round of voting is used to determine the winner through Meek STV. You need 150 reputation to cast your three choices.
@BrettWhiteΨ I can pretty much guarantee we all use mousepads
@FallenAngelEyes Aaaaaah yeah, I like that, I like that. I imagine that would be incredibly doable on our end. Only resistance I could see is like, if it's a chain store and their Overlord Allmothers Corporation Heads would frown upon it
Yeah, exactly
9:31 PM
Two would make more sense though, since we only have two mods. @Gracenote probably knows.
@ThomasMcDonald I would think 2, since there are 2 slots.
I was under the impression that the number of votes = the number of positions.
> Each community member has 3 votes. Please cast your votes in order of preference, starting with the most desirable candidate first.
@FallenAngelEyes My mousepad has my name on it though.
@ThomasMcDonald That's getting removed.
9:32 PM
@ArdaXi Maybe your mousepad can have your Gaming.SE flair badge thing (it's called flair right?) on it
I should get more up on our lingo.
Most desirable could be misinterpreted.
It used to be numerically specific in that blurb because it was always 3 initially. Already reported. ♪
@BrettWhiteΨ Yeah, they're a very small chain here in the Netherlands, only 3 stores, so they're somewhat independent. I'd have to talk to them and see if that'd be allowed at all.
@GraceNote Ah okay.
@BrettWhiteΨ Flair includes reputation, which is far from immutable.
9:33 PM
But I wanted to know what kind of stuff we could say we'd want to use.
@FallenAngelEyes But that's a great idea. That's the kinda stuff we want to start doing. I will bring it up to Joel tomorrow
Great, mousepads with LCDs that update depending on our current reputation!
@BrettWhiteΨ It's called the "user card", flair is that linky dinky thing. At least, according to Meta, so it is.
it could be a mousemat with an LCD mounted
@BrettWhiteΨ Awesome. :D
9:33 PM
Besides, I don't think I could get a mousepad with my avatar on it, as Valve holds a copyright on it.
@GraceNote but didn't the elections initially start out to elect 2 moderators before being updated?
@FallenAngelEyes I'm not using a mouse pad. So take THAT!
Although... I should check their store, maybe they already have one.
e-ink business cards.
@Powerlord I'm using a modified version of Left4Dead on mine.
So lon gas I don't sell it...
9:33 PM
Though admittedly, some of us may be particularly attached to our current mousepads
@ArdaXi Gotcha
I use a Steel Series gaming mousepad, m'self
@ThomasMcDonald That was a buggy thingadongdong
@FallenAngelEyes My mousepad currently isn't even really attached to itself.
very nice surface
9:34 PM
I need a new mousepad. Mine disappeared when one of my roommates decided to "help" me clean my desk yesterday. Along with my coaster for whatever reason.
@FallenAngelEyes Yeah I'm planning to buy a new one as well. My current one is too small, which is why I'm not even using it atm.
That's what you get if you pay $2 for a mousepad I suppose.
@GraceNote okay
That reminds me, I need to find a new coaster.
Well, the mousepad idea wouldn't be forced on anyone, it'd be an option. I don't have one at work, i would probably be pretty proud of a mousepad with one of the question titles on it
9:35 PM
@FallenAngelEyes would you suggest a steel series one? You seem pleased with it.
We're putting in new carpet in my room on Friday, so I need to clean out my desk so we can move it.
My mousemat is a Uni of Birmingham one they gave me on an open day.
This is my current mousepad.
Wouldn't like to say that it's influenced my choices to apply there at all, but it probably has.
Oxford didn't give me anything interesting, apart from some course information and stuff
9:35 PM
@Wipqozn I like them a lot. I've used them for the past 2 years. What I like about them is that they have large surface area and also a very nice surface for gaming.
@ArdaXi Is... is the thumb missing there?
@FallenAngelEyes yeah, size and surface are what I'm looking for.
@GraceNote Yep
My computer is already moved to another room (and it doesn't fit in my desk's computer spot. :/) I may get a new desk while I'm at it, as that one's starting to fall apart.
@GraceNote It's Left 4 Dead.
9:36 PM
Or is the thumb just twisted in a horrifying, mangled angle?
That's part of the L4D logo.
Oh, that's the L4D logo.
Suddenly it became entirely uninteresting.
@GraceNote :(
Of course, Left 4 Dead 2 has the same hand but only having two fingers extended... and didn't I say I was leaving?
@Wipqozn I think you'd like these then. The only thing is if you prefer mousepads with a wristrest, I'm not sure if they have any of those
9:37 PM
@ArdaXi Hey, my mousepad is just slate grey. At least yours has a picture on it. I sacrificed picture in the name of history.
@GraceNote Mine is (was) the same color.
is boring
@FallenAngelEyes which one are you using now?
I've got another one based on EVE Online, let's see where I kept the picture.
@Powerlord Did you accidentally pilfer yours as well?
@Wipqozn @Wipqozn Let me find the container for it, one sec, need to rummage
9:38 PM
@GraceNote No, I bought it because it was cheap.
That raises an interesting point.
I don't use a mousepad. This is probably a bad idea.
Where is my mousemat?
@FallenAngelEyes thank you
Anyway, really gone... and I need to make a few stops on my way home (grocery stuff mainly)
9:38 PM
@Manaಠдಠ Not necessarily. In modern times, you don't really need mousepads as much since rollermice are almost a thing of legendstuffs.
@GraceNote Err?
Lots of table surfaces suck for optic mice.
Yeah, if you have a crappy table surface
oh, it has a pocket where i can put stuff
Not my table surface. <3
time to implement flair
9:39 PM
But to do that, you'd need a crappy table. So you're already making a mistake.
Okay, thanks everyone for the ideas! I have to get out of here and get HOME. Workday OVER. I'll talk to Joel about all these ideas tomorrow and I'll hopefully be able to update you all on everything tomorrow
@GraceNote Depends.
I'll try to get into The Bridge more often
Yay! Have a safe trip, @Brett!
Later @Brett!
9:40 PM
My desk isn't crappy, just worn.
@BrettWhiteΨ toodles
We're getting some nice answers from new users today. I'm happy about this.
Yay, found my other mousepad just in time for it to stop being relevant.
@Wipqozn This is the Aion one I used for a year and a half before putting it away to save it because I like the pattern and where my wrist was resting started to get a little worn
@ArdaXi I like this one more
9:43 PM
@GraceNote Made more of it myself. It's still a photomanip, nothing more, but it had more work.
@Wipqozn Ah, the other one I have is Roccat, not SteelSeries. It's still good though. Here's a link
Sheesh I used to be ugly.
@Arda I can read the "Arda Xi"!
Not like in your avatar...
@ArdaXi I don't mind because it's not L4D
I prefer thinner thickness
9:44 PM
@FallenAngelEyes which one do you prefer? Steelseries or Roccat?
@KevinY It's meant to be readable.
This Mars avatar is only supposed to be readable at 512x512 or bigger.
@ArdaXi Uhh, that's a...cool feature?
what do I win?
@KevinY It was never created to be rendered at smaller sizes.
@ThomasMcDonald A university of Birmingham mousepad.
9:46 PM
but it has the updating flair and everything
@ArdaXi Ahh. You could have picked more contrasting colours though. :P
@KevinY It's all intentional.
@ThomasMcDonald So if I upvote you, will you scribble out your old rep and correct it? :D
@Wipqozn I like them both, honestly. I put the SteelSeries away because the cloth was starting to roll up where I rested my wrist. This was only about 2 months ago though.
@KevinY I'm just happy I'm not the only one. I just assumed I couldn't see it that well due to being colour blind.
9:47 PM
@KevinY it's on a 48hr cache
@ThomasMcDonald Ahh.
The SteelSeries I used for maybe 2 weeks before I'd saw the Aion one and switched to that, so I've only got 2 months and 2 weeks use out of it, so I don't know how much it will wear in comparison.
Surface wise, I think I like the micro-crystal surface of the Roccat slightly more
anyway, that's enough for me tonight. I'm feeling pretty rough
Though the SteelSeries cloth was still high quality
Mostly though, I like having A-a large gaming surface and B-a relatively thin one
I wonder here he got these
@FallenAngelEyes yeah that's what I would want. Well I'll definitely look at both brands. Thanks for the input.
9:49 PM
The Roccat is only 1.35mm thick and I quite like it
No prob :)
@Wipqozn I'm confused. Is craigslist supposed to look that badly?
@ArdaXi Yes
@ArdaXi No idea. I've never been on the site before now.
Yeah, it's their site design.
@FallenAngelEyes I prefer Marktplaats...
9:51 PM
@ArdaXi Agreed. Craigslist is a mess in general. Also a bit... creepy.
Also @Grace, I inbox'd you back a while ago but forgot to mention it in here.
@FallenAngelEyes yeah, the colors in my shirt didn't fare so well. Can't tell bronze from gold anymore, after only one wash.
@RavenDreamer You should probably ping @Jin about that
@FallenAngelEyes I saw. My thought pattern is regular attendee, by the way.
@GraceNote Gotcha!
Well, I've moved into university housing once again.
Can I get a "hells yeah" for direct, T1 connections?
9:54 PM
@RavenDreamer hells yeah!
Anyway, sorry to dive in and dash, but I got places to go, so Ciao!
Oh man, Terraria's new Quick Stack option is so nice
Weee elections. So exciting. And 8 candidates in one day is promising
@Oak are you planning to run?
@Wipqozn what for? I don't see a reason
9:58 PM
@Oak Wasn't suggesting you had a reason, was just curious. I know you were a mod in the beta days.
@Wipqozn I really wanted the site to succeed back then, but now it's already all grown and works just fine
Why won't you run?
@Oak No idea how often I'll be on the site once school starts.
Good enough reason, I guess.
Wouldn't want to claim "I'm always on the site!" then school starts and I'm only on once a week or something.
@Wipqozn Should do what I did, then - schedule all your classes so you only have class twice a week!
10:05 PM
@GraceNote Actually I'm off everyday fairly early. My main concern is homework load. I actually don't think it would be a problem, so I might change my mind and drop in a nomination before the week is up.
I highly doubt I'd get elected anyways, so I might just drop a nomination to get my name out there for when the next set of elections come around.
@Wipqozn I think that's a good strategy, it definitely helps to get your name up there
Also a lot a meta discussions could help
@Oak yeah, that's another reason. I have not been active in meta. Mostly because I forget to check the meta.
Q: Protoss Counter to Mass Marauder

SbossbWhat is the best counter to mass marauder while using a standard build order? I have tried charge zealots but the just get kited to death. High Templar with storm do not do enough damage. Colossus are also easily sniped. Void Rays are good but switching to air is sometimes not an option when you ...

That's why I'm wary about Anna Lear... she has decent reputation and a great track record on Programmers, but I just don't feel like she's part of this community
@Oak I was thinking the same thing actually.
10:08 PM
While Matthew is a relative newcomer but his presence is definitely felt in meta
I very rarely see her around gaming.
I already have a solid idea of who I'm voting for though.
I did decide, then it turns out we only get 2 votes not 3, so I need to knock off one candidate.
Hold on, still a week for candidates to nominate themselves
You are correct, but these are people I already had in mind before the election started.
That said someone else could still come in and completely change my mind.
Last time there was public Q&A with candidates, that can also affect a vote
There will be a Town Hall Chat, yes
10:13 PM
When does that happen? During the primaries?
I believe during the secondaries. (Err, election-part.)
Anyway I should go to sleep... class early tomorrow
@Oak G'night.
Night @oak
10:15 PM
Actually this discussion reminds me that I need to take a more active role in meta.
@FallenAngelEyes: Here.
@TomWijsman Your answer about NPC spawning in Terraria was used as a citation on the official wiki :)
See here
@TomWijsman You're famous!
@FallenAngelEyes: Cool.
@FallenAngelEyes that's really cool. Unless it was @TomWijsman that put that in...
10:20 PM
@Wipqozn: Lunboks added it back then: wiki.terrariaonline.com/index.php?title=NPC&oldid=17090
@KevinY If so... It's Lifehacker's fault.
(Err... That chat message went quite wrong. Took some time to notice that I used the Lifehacker tab to copy the blog.SU URL!)
@Tom Nice application bro!
nomination rather
@ThomasMcDonald What convenient web apps!
10:36 PM
@ThomasMcDonald Safe zones
Pretty amusing that they are going for the JD sports though, the clothes in there aren't even expensive
> Thieving and looting across much of the country. London calls it 'an abomination'. Birmingham calls it 'a disgrace'. Liverpool calls it 'a Monday'...
@Manaಠдಠ Thank you, badp made me do it and I don't like stalking... :)
10:56 PM
I might be wrong here, but I think it does make sense to have a different amount of preferences than seats, unless you only have one position available. After all, no matter how many choices you make, you only cast 1.00 vote at maximum.
The situation I can think of is a landslide for one candidate, with everybody else being roughly at the same position. Third choices would help differentiate for people who casted the weakest preferences.
Ui. I find all this awesome unique weaponry and armour that can only be found in dungeons... and none of them are spears.
@badp We're...not talking about the moderator elections here?

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