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12:00 AM
Yeah, Google Translate told me so, but I was unsure.
It's the blasted 'ie' and 'ei sounds. They're swapped, compared to English.
In Dutch it is "Wijn", but I would say "Wein" rather than "Wien". But I guess it could be a common mistake... :)
So... I demanded a Swiss waitress sell me the capital of Austria. Highlight of the trip.
Sounds like fun... :)
@RavenDreamer Bahahahahaha
12:01 AM
Had something like that on a trip to Italy.
calde means hot.
And we thought that calde meant cold. :P
In my defense, this was after I had gotten bad food poisoning from a Crepe, so I wasn't thinking that clearly.
Which I suppose is just as well for eating at a restaurant where the waiter has a goatee down past his navel.
So, we asked to make a Pizza colder, instead of heating it up...
@RavenDreamer A very good restaurant (last year) turned bad this year, also bad food and Pizza that are a little bit too burned (and a thin bottom, and we waited quite some time)...
@TomWijsman - what part of Italy did you visit?
Went to Calabria, Venetia and Liguria; so basically seen most of Italy.
Didn't went to Rome though, tired of driving and too hot at the time we passed there...
Ah. I was visiting my brother in Northern Italy (He was an exchange student at the time) and then we hopped north into Switzerland for a day or two.
So I missed most of the big Italian cities.
12:06 AM
We've been near the lake there some years ago.
3 hours ago, by FallenAngelEyes
Playing with random people sucks
@Wipqozn Make sure you don't reload your save after you fail. The game will start you over from the beginning, but you'll keep all your merchant levels, stock, etc.
@FallenAngelEyes: Got to agree with that, I sometimes meat people in team games in StarCraft II that are just awful.
Then I start to wonder how the system actually managed to team them up with me...
It's getting less worse when progressing to higher leagues though, but still, it accounts for some losses.
I finally got a new spear. Took long enough!
@RavenDreamer Ich spreche kein Deutsch.
Ah, schade.
Then I will stick to English with you, goodwoman!
12:11 AM
I can read a little now that I've been studying Dutch, but I can't really speak it.
I took a course in South African Literature a few years ago. It was weird because the language they speak (German -> Dutch -> Afrikaans) was just similar enough to German for me to feel like I should be able to understand some of it.
But no dice.
Yeah, if you know Dutch you can read German and South African for quite a bit.
On the other hand I believe that German have a bit more trouble with reading Dutch, I'm not entirely sure.
Fun thing is, on our vacation, every where you go they think we were German people instead of Dutch people.
You get like German cards even when English are available, or perhaps Italian as you're used to that from other restaurants...
Think I'll use one of these as my new computer wallpaper
@Wipqozn The first one is epic.
@Wipqozn why not use this?
12:15 AM
Most of my Dutch friends feel that Afrikaans is more elegant than Dutch.
@RavenDreamer that would make an Excellent poster, but it would be a terrible wallpaper due to the dimensions.
@TomWijsman - I dunno. I could make out Yiddish pretty well. I don't think I've been exposed to much dutch, though.
@FallenAngelEyes: Dunno, don't know that much about Afrikaans.
@Wipqozn - Man up and get a higher resolution monitor!
@RavenDreamer A really, really, really tall monitor.
12:17 AM
@RavenDreamer If he scales it to fit the width of his monitor and makes it so that it would scroll up and down the whole time it could kind of work... :)
@KevinY yes, that's what I meant by dimensions :P
@RavenDreamer Holy shit, where's that from?
@TomWijsman that would be cool
@TomWijsman Yes, exactly. That's what I meant.
@FallenAngelEyes It's from....... Reddit.
No idea who did the original art?
12:18 AM
I suppose there's no harm in trolling my browser history for reddit pages with "zelda" in the title.
Let me get back to you.
Thanks. :) I always like to be able to credit the original artist for stuff.
That's an amazing piece of Zelda art.
For the time being I'll go with this one
Although I like the idea of scrolling the one you have
@RavenDreamer Entered it for fun, I only see this in my history: youtube.com/user/zeldaxlove64
That's the follow up reddit post where they cut the poster into 3rds so they could make backgrounds.
I think I need to .... DIG DEEPER.
Apparently she's obsessed with Zelda...
12:21 AM
I get a lot of Bridge Chat logs, actually...
So, Valve added a system to Steam so you can trade TF2 items for game gifts.
But it's currently in Beta.
I might actually crop this wallpaper, and use the shield as my new gravatar
And lo, Raven Dreamer did deliver unto the chat the awesome Zelda portrait in a more mangeable size, so that they might enjoy it without a "really, really, really tall monitor".
12:25 AM
@KevinY He disagrees with your reality, clearly. </random out of context response>
@TimStone Mhm.
Time to bring my Meta rep back to a multiple of 5…
Well whenever it gets around to updating this will be my new avatar
@Wipqozn But...DOCTOR WHO :(
@Manaಠдಠ I know, I know... I'll probably switch back to this one when I'm done with the new one.
I rather love this Doctor who Avatar and all.
Interesting. Clicking on the 14 vote answer in my meta user page brings me to a 4 vote answer to the same question.
A: Last Chance -- Top domain name: pauseforhelp.com. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Raven DreamerBoss-Level is also available, (and works as a double-meaning-- the place where bosses, us, the experts, hang out) but I was afraid to suggest it on account of the hyphen (as bosslevel is taken (but then again, has copyright 2001, so it might be for sale)). is available through GoDaddy (either 7...

Uh-oh. My gravatar broke.
12:32 AM
@RavenDreamer You've got multiple answers - 14 would be the sum of them all
@RavenDreamer Ah, I was wondering if I didn't saw you before with a gravatar...
@GraceNote Aha! Wunderbar. Thanks. Makes sense.
No porb
No porb indeed.
yay, new avatar refreshed.
I'm going to miss my Doctor Who avatar
12:34 AM
You're still Dr. Who to me.
I mean that literally - it hasn't refreshed for me.
And now, it is permanently snowing in this level of a volcano. I love ecosystems.
oh, for a second there I thought you were being nice :P
Great, now I have to associate Link's sword & shield with Wipqonz instead of Doctor Who.
12:35 AM
@KevinY You're welcome.
@GraceNote Charme + Ice + Dashing = recipe for disaster.
I had mega man for the longest time. In fact I think I've only had the doctor for a month.
@RavenDreamer Nagi's Flame Dash is a bit safer, if only because she's much defensier.
Actually you probably need to refresh chat, or I need to leave
But, really, the big plan? Slide-by Hundred Thrusts.
12:37 AM
@GraceNote - But Charme's a drunk berk! Miss "Totally lost" can't top that!
...and I think I just triggered a slick trap while the entire floor is slicked. Nice.
Anonymous: Facebook's going down on November 5, why do I have the feeling that it will only be offline for like an hour or so?
Actually, I think in one of the conversations at the Tavern, Charme gets really drunk and tries to take Reccette home with her. That was mildly creepy.
@RavenDreamer She tried to slit my throat!
@RavenDreamer She said she was joking. But... it's Charme, so.
@GraceNote - BUT she has AUTO-Detect Traps!
12:38 AM
Highly reminiscent of Higurashi.
Yay, Meta rep is back to a multiple of 5.
@TomWijsman dang, I'll need to go somewhere else to troll people on November 5th
@GraceNote - have you met the Elf archer girl, yet?
@RavenDreamer I have 7 adventurers.
Well, I'm off. Goodbye all, and remember...no matter what happens... I'll always be awesome
12:40 AM
Later, @Wip
@Wipqozn - wait, didn't you just leave? And then you came back to leave again?
And then he left again.
Tielle is nice, but... no defensive capabilities. Her defenses are worse than Charme and Charme's a bloody thief!
Night @Wipqozn
Cya @Wipqozn.
I'm trying to remember the name of the
Callieou. I hate him.
12:41 AM
Also, Nagi is cooler than Charme because Nagi can open chests by running into them. ♪
He looks like he'd be useful once you get him to a high level... but you have to get him to a high level.
@RavenDreamer Minus the e. He's annoying as a person but powerful
@RavenDreamer I recommend the first 10 levels of Obsidian with a Club or better staff. That's a good way to boost his levels rather safely.
@GraceNote - That's gotta be some kind of trope.
@RavenDreamer Which?
"Man this guy's a jerk, but he can blow up mountains with his mind, so I guess we should keep him around".
12:43 AM
Ah, that.
@RavenDreamer Jerk Sue? But not quite that bad.
You know who's cool and fun to play, though? Elan.
So, Steam added a system to trade items in one game for items in another.
Or Steam gifts.
I wonder what I can trade Portal 2 for!
12:45 AM
@GraceNote All I could think of was giantitp.com
Then I got it.
Team Fortress 2 is the only game so far that supports it, although Valve mentioned Portal 2 will likely support it, too. i wouldn't be surprised if Spiral Knights shows up, too.
@RavenDreamer Yeah, I keep thinking that, too
(Oh right, this system is in Beta)
Also, Valve is making TF2 inventory sites obsolete.
@Powerlord - why Spiral Knights? It's got nothing whatsoever related to Valve, other than being on Steam.
@RavenDreamer It has Steam integration, too.
12:47 AM
It's one of the F2P games Steam has been advertising a lot.
@Powerlord - Ah.
I can buy energy in Spiral Knights through my Steam Wallet.
@Powerlord So you'd be able to trade like, a TF2 hat for a Portal 2 flag decoration thing?
@FallenAngelEyes Yup.
12:47 AM
Huh. Funky.
Or you can trade game gifts/extra copies for in-game items, too.
And both Arda and I have a lot of extra copies. ;)
I still have an extra copy of Portal 2.
Somehow I got 3 copies of the game.
@RavenDreamer Weird... I only got 2.
One was from earning the Valve Complete Pack, but yeah. 2 spare copies? Weird.
But anyway, that makes me wonder... does that mean you can trade one game for another?
Well, extra copies that is.
If you buy a non-gift game, you can't trade that.
Shame, I wanted to trade Lucidity for a scrap metal. :(
Added Bethesda Employee Bundle and Tripwire Employee Bundle bundles <-- I wonder if these are actual bundles in the TF2 store, or just something Valve gave to other game devs to get them to play TF2? :P
12:51 AM
Well now, that was an amusingly entertaining floor
"By all means feel free to murder your own ally. Actually, I believe he just stopped resisting my mental commands to kill you."
Q: Which games look shiny enough in 3D for a show?

WhatsitWhat games would be good for showcasing 3D technology? I've seen some games where the 3D seems tacked on, but I've never seen one with well-implemented 3D.

I think this is a game-rec, no?
@Manaಠдಠ Seems like it to me.
@Mana Quick! To the Close-vote mobile!
@Manaಠдಠ Practically. Either way, it's a list question.
12:52 AM
Wait a minute. That question is a month old.
Who wants to post the obligatory "see FAQ" comment?
@RavenDreamer Year old.
@Raven No, it's a year and a month old.
@RavenDreamer All the more reason to close it
@Mana! You @Lazers imposter!
12:53 AM
@Kevin I'll do it.
YES! I got the closing vote~ Woohoo!
@Manaಠдಠ Hmm, I'm already typing. Heh.
> closed as off topic by Raven Dreamer, Kevin Y, FallenAngelEyes, Mana ಠдಠ, Powerlord 0 secs ago
Clearly you need to work faster if you want the moderator position.
12:54 AM
I almost said "Wow, Office installs a lot quicker than I remember" but then I remembered I'm installing it on my SSD.
@Manaಠдಠ Muahahaha.
@Kevin Fine, you take it. HUMPH.
Actually, I should start working on my nomination post, now that I'm not in the middle of relocating.
@Manaಠдಠ Here's a consolation prize. (::) (it's a cookie obviously)
Hey, fredley posted a nomination! Cool stuff.
12:55 AM
Wish we had more 20k rep users. I feel useless in that everything I vote to delete "still requires 2 votes to delete".
Wow, I never noticed we had no users between 20k and 30k.
@RavenDreamer There are only a handful of games I know the answers to question for.
@RavenDreamer Indeed. The record to beat is 29 seconds, a year and a month is a bit longer than that...better get on that, @Mana
Large rep gap.
@KevinY I'm not eating a cookie that looks like either a button or a relatively bare ladybug
12:57 AM
@Tim :(
How about 6 cookies that look like buttons and / or relatively bare ladybugs? (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::)
@KevinY ...now I'm uh, not seeing ladybugs.
Clearly it's the head of a Quadclops.
@Manaಠдಠ Oh, on Gaming it's 81 seconds. Your chances are already improving!
12:59 AM
Well, a Cyclops is one eye, thus a biclops is two eyes, etc. And then there would be Triclops and Quadclops.
THREE. Geezers.
Maybe Tetraclops.
It looks like shirt buttons. I think my imagination is broken.
Bleah, Visual Studio wants me to exit all apps before installing it.
There's only so much I can do with one-line ASCII art. :/
12:59 AM
I think what my moderation nomination needs is a really dramatic quote to spice it up a little.
I was considering the following zinger from programming.SE:
> Everything in moderation, including moderation
Let's give a round of applause to @GraceNote! Fastest close-vote in the west. Or east, as it were.
@RavenDreamer I'd only deserve applause if I had the honor of the fastest Meta Stack Overflow status-completed in the west/east.
1:01 AM
@RavenDreamer You mean close-note.
@GraceNote I decided that was out of the question and went for the Most Pedantic [status-completed].
@GraceNote that's a bit harder to query though. I think.
@RavenDreamer My record is 7 minutes.
@Fallen claps
1:04 AM
> Yay! Thanks Jeff! Quite a quick fix there.
Do we have to dock you points for using IE?
Is this...joy?! :O
@RavenDreamer Not anymore you don't.
@Mana Joy would be me telling you that Homestuck updated.
@Raven mashes horribly mangled F5 key
1:06 AM
Man. I don't want to read daedric scirpt upside down. :/
Hot damn, I love being able to stream 1080p again.
Hm. Armor, Metal Items, and Precious Metal items are all on sale. This is going to be an odd day for business.
@Grace Better hope that folks come to pawn their precious antiques and family heirlooms today!
Woo! I sold Chantelise!
Nothing feels more like capitalism than buying an old man's [Insert Metal Item Here] for 15% or less!
Is that a book?
@RavenDreamer "A Tale Of Two Sisters" is, aye
1:10 AM
All I know is that I keep selling "Booze of the World" to the little girl. It's shocking, really.
@RavenDreamer It's for her brother!
Also, no... gah, Tielle, don't buy the Practice Lance. Buy the Tellbow +12 that's totally your style!
That's what they all say
I think I own most of the Recettear questions, don't I?
You and Fallen, I believe
A plurality.
I will settle for a plurality.
I was like @GnomeSlice, once.
Q: Why am I getting slapped around by giant fish?

Raven DreamerI'm playing Recccetear, and in the "Jade Way" dungeon, I appear to randomly be assaulted by screen-wide giant fish. They're not particularly hard to dodge (once you stop being surprised by them) and don't deal much damage, but I'd like to know what's causing it in the first place. Is it a specia...

1:12 AM
I still need to figure out if the Tuna Slasher does anything to those flying tuna.
Oops. There's a typo in there. goes to update a 10 month old question
Wow. Lotta cs there
Cool, time to play Recettear.
My brain translated that to "Creep Score".
The price of metal things has normalized! Woo!
1:14 AM
I think I'm going to go play League of Legends now, so that my subconscious will stop complaining!
Okay, sleeptime, have a good night all
In retrospect, downloading the Visual Studio 2010 help, Visual Studio 2010 SP1, and Windows updates for VS2010 components and Office 2010 components all at the same time wasn't a bright idea.
Oh, and today is MS Patch Tuesday as well.
Also, Terreria is apparently Steam's mid-week deal.
1:34 AM
I like Recettear's meta-humor. "Button 3...? custom.exe...?"
store.valvesoftware.com/product.php?i=M0211 <-- Is it sad that I'm tempted to buy that?
Not really. Mousepads are cool.
Working EATS road, and my new backups have saved my skin already. It's been a good Minecraft day. :)
1:52 AM
@John Yeah, EATS roads are great once you figure out how to build the launchers.
@RavenDreamer A man/woman (Sorry, I forget) after my own heart.
@Powerlord Just use your highschool graduation folder, like me.
Not to piss @ThomasMcDonald off, but apparently PS3 firmware 3.7 is coming soon.
2:17 AM
Apparently this is the winner of the Portal 2 music video contest:
@GnomeSlice me or Taric?
@Powerlord Coincidentally, the band I was listening to at the moment!
@RavenDreamer What?
@RavenDreamer Oh whoops, did you not ask that question?
You are now set as beeing afk!
Although not that coincidental since well they're my favorite band and I've listened to them twice as much as any other band.
Oh, and the 1.00000000001th Place video (apparently it was very close):
2:23 AM
@Powerlord Man, why does everyone hate this winning vid so much? Jesus christ.
I love the categories Valve has on the video page for ones they didn't choose.
"Best Video Our Lawyers Won't Let Us Pick "
@GnomeSliceツ Treepunch has a Facebook page? Who knew.
@KevinY I created it.
@GnomeSliceツ I didn't.
2:28 AM
Anyway, Windows update wants a reboot now that I've finished downloading stuff.
@KevinY like that page.
The actual server owner never updates the page...
@GnomeSliceツ I try to avoid as much Facebook as possible.
I just got an email from someone trying to connect, and realized he hadn't even posted about the whitelist...
@KevinY What rank are you on the server? I can't find you.
(What colour is your name)
@GnomeSliceツ Well yellow, as you can see from chat.
You don't have to promote me.
Or anything.
@KevinY Weird, I can't see you in the regs.
@KevinY I'm just going to make you a blockguy.
2:37 AM
That's because I'm being sneaky.
Means you can place whatever you want.
@KevinY Uh?
Won't chaos and a bunch of other people get pissed? (This tends to happen on MC servers)
@KevinY Log out and back in. And probably.
@KevinY Now you're lightgreen?
Err, what was I restricted from placing in the first place? Like, water and lava and stuff?
I couldn't find you to remove you from [regulars]...
2:38 AM
@GnomeSliceツ Lemme check.
Ahh, just the griefing stuff.
3:00 AM
Nothanks to the nickname.
@KevinY Sorry, just trying to see what I could do.
@GnomeSliceツ :P
Well, I timed out of the server.
@KevinY Uh... did I just break it.
Yes, I did.
Oh well, that was enough Minecraft for one day anyways.
I tried to .slay weirdpr1sm.
Then I /derp'd
Commence server reboot.
pew pew pew
3:05 AM
I wonder if i7 ever figured out our issue with the combo lock.
Wow, I really frigged this up.
Nerdook takes first prize in Kongregate's Mobile developer's contest
I know that guy. :D
3:19 AM
Is the server still broken?
I think I might have also disabled all of the plugins.
This is why you shouldn't mess with MC server consoles.
@KevinY IM TRYING, OKAY? ಥ_ಥ
@GnomeSliceツ FIX IT
3:23 AM
Is a forced server stop bad?
What, a stop command?
There's a big button in McMyAdmin that says [! force stop]
Next to the restart server button
I'm not used to accessing the console through anything other than pure Terminal.app. :/
This is really my first experience with the console stuff.
Why does it just say it's waiting to shut down?
No idea, probably a side-effect of this "force stop".
3:27 AM
I only forced it to stop because it got stuck there when I did a manual restart
forced it, then started it, and it hung at 'started but not accepting players'
Shit. I hope I didn't completely wipe it.
Can you force it to restart again?
I can force it to stop, and then start it.
Done it twice already.
3:28 AM
Just forced another stop
okay... I stopped it and then refreshed mcmyadmin because it was acting weird
now it says it's started but not accepting players
I hope it's not my internet connection
I think that might be what it is.
Server has started but is not yet accepting players
Maybe the host is doing some downtime.
Even when I force it to stop, if I reload my page without starting it again, it says it's started, but not accepting players.
VoS runs the server, right?
3:37 AM
Yeah. But I think he's on Vacation.
Also, I don't think he really understands how it works either.
His father is a sysadmin. He probably does it for him.
Can you input commands into McMyAdmin at the moment?
Yes, but not sure if I can at the moment.
I would say try a stop command, but I wouldn't know how you would reboot the server after that.
3:40 AM
They don't appear to do anything
Sounds like GnomeSlice is in trouble ~
I don't think I did this.
Believe it or not.
True, it was probably the chicken overload.
You have no idea how many eggs they were throwing.
Plus, chaos had about 20 dispensers hooked up to a rapid pulsar, filled with eggs.
Chickens galore.
Oh, I've been trying to get eggs banned forever.
3:42 AM
It was probably those.
This other guy says he figures that was it.
Nope, not my fault.
Q: Source for 3DS eShop titles

Ashley NunnI am planning to get a 3DS, and wanted to know what sort of games are up on the 3DS eShop. I tried checking the Nintendo website, but it only shows a list of "featured" titles, not the entire shop catalog. I assume they want you to look using the device itself (and thereby hopefully buy a game or...

Looks like McMyAdmin might be having issues.
That's also possible.
It doesn't appear to be behaving correctly.
Maybe the mysterious D has finally struck.

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