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12:09 AM
Would anyone like a temporary Minecraft account?
If I download these through Steam, will I need an internet connection to be able to play them?
You would need to start Steam in "offline mode".
12:28 AM
I guess doing it through steam would ensure that I don't lose the files, though.
12:45 AM
Even on the lowest settings, Cogs runs super slowly.
Q: Help me identify old PC children's game with animals.

kbkI am sorry in advance about what you're about to read! Basically, today I randomly thought about this game I used to play when I was younger, probably about 6 to 10 years ago... and the more I search, the more I think I might be imagining it, ooops, hahahaha. Anyway, the description is going t...

1:23 AM
Q: How to dind keys in Team Fortress 2?

Pizzirani LeonardoHow to bind keys in Team Fortress 2? I tried to google it but I haven't reach any comprensible results(because I am not English)

1:41 AM
Q: How could some classic Sonic zones be both wrap-around and partially underwater?

Ryan ThompsonIn Sonic The Hedgehog, some levels wrapped around from top to bottom. Some levels also have water in them. What confuses me is that a few levels have both. The bottom wraps around to the top, so the notions of up and down become relative, yet part of the map is underwater. For a good example of ...

1:57 AM
@sjohnston Posting-nominations-at-around-the-same-time-buddies!!!
@Manaಠдಠ Woo
@Mana @Gaming.SE's resident unicorn – Nice nomination speeches!
Thanks bro!
I was uh, gonna mention ITG in my nomination speech but @GnomeSlice said it would start too many sick fires.
Sick fires of a bad variety.
@KevinY Thanks.
@Manaಠдಠ Yeah, I considered that briefly, too.
2:13 AM
@sjohnston tbh I didn't so much consider it briefly as I had an entire paragraph written up about it...:x
@Manaಠдಠ Yeah, I probably wrote twice as much as actually ended up in the final nomination
2:33 AM
Q: Using the pound (#) in Might and Magic

indyK1ngI recently bought the 6-pack from Good Old Games and would like to play the first Might & Magic game. A friend told me that you can't use Shift-3 for pound (#) and I was wondering if this was accurate and if so how to map a key to the pound event in DOSBox? Thank you.

2:46 AM
Since y'all seemed to dislike my chat-asking-question idea so much, I am going to utterly revise it to be a much more reasonable suggestion.
@GnomeSlice Hello and salutation, internet friend!
Hah, whoever starred that MS paint animation thing, my friend did that.
@RavenDreamer Why hello there.
3 hours ago, by GnomeSlice ツ
user image
You know it.
Oh, that wasn't just for you.
I'm just very proud of it.
Nice, we're currently sporting 1.4 mod nominations per hour. That means we should have roughly 269 choices. Should be a good election.
I don't know what to say in my mod nomination post.
All I've got going for me is rep. :/
2:56 AM
@RavenDreamer Capitalize on the reps.
I don't think I have the chops to compete with level shennanigans.
Everyone loves reps.
@RavenDreamer Might I suggest something along the lines of "Vote for me, and all of your wildest dreams will come true"?
@sjohnston I'm sold.
@Raven Rep is a strong persuader. Also Homestuck.
3:00 AM
perks up at that mention
Q: I can't tell if posts are a joke or not

Matt M.Ok, I have been browsing this site for 15 minutes. I thought I would give it a chance. I have seen 40 questions about merging zombies, robot prostitutes, killing your neighbor with poison. Ok, very funny! Is this whole site just an elaborate troll board sanctioned by Jeff Atwood?

@Lazers +...+1
I was debating running sed s/strong/STRONG/g on my mod nom nom doc but eh
@Lazers He's onto us!
@KevinY Busted.
3:02 AM
Uh-oh. She has the chopsticks!
Something is about to hit the whirling rotary device!
Hm. I need to do something with this block of text.
@Lazers ...Why do I feel like this is mostly my fault.
@GnomeSliceツ Because it is.
That, and all the roguelike-related questions.
@GnomeSlice I'm pretty sure the corpse-eating question predates your existence on this site by like five years.
@KevinY I was afraid Lazers would say that...
@Manaಠдಠ Yes, but that was just one question.
And I want to get rid of this damn symbol in my name.
Okay, now time to see how @Raven changed his stuff, man.
3:08 AM
Q: Can I Pass Out from Excessive Drinking?

GnomeSlice ツI've noticed that if I grab two or more alcoholic beverages in rapid succession, my sight gets wonky and blurry. The length of time this effect lasts for seems to increase if I grab a larger number of bottles. Is it possible to pass out, if enough alcoholic beverages are consumed in rapid succe...

Q: How do I Know if I'm Dead?

GnomeSlice ツI've been playing Die2Nite for 3 days now, and still have basically no idea where to find many of the game's various notifications and alerts. So, following this trend, how will I know when I'm dead? Where will this be listed? I haven't got much longer to live, and would like to know where to ...

Why? It's so happy.
@RavenDreamer Oh god, here we go...
I'm sure there's more.
I'm surprised you stopped at those.
Oh, I can just click on your name and see EVERY QUESTION YOU"VE EVER ASKED!
3:09 AM
BLAM!! shoots fire from fingers
Darn it all!
Q: How Can I Butcher Animals en Masse?

GnomeSlice ツSo, my friend just implemented a bunch of new mods into his SMP server, which meant a host of new commands to play with. I thought I'd give the /mobspawn command a few goes, and see what I could achieve. So I headed off to the server's jail (I forget why this particular location compelled me), ...

I was going for that one next.
Q: How Many Ways Can I Run Over Those Raptors?

GnomeSlice ツSo I'm playing the web version of Raptor Safari, and it dawns on me that I've been slaughtering raptors in a large variety of different ways, all of which have been generating different amounts of score. Which brings me to the question: Does anyone have a complete list of all of the different w...

Q: What's wrong with the G-Diffuser?

GnomeSlice ツSo I was playing Starfox 64 the other day, and I noticed something disturbing. No matter what course of action I take, if this blue bird guy gets shot too much in the first stage, he tells me that something has happened to his G-Diffuser, and he has to break off. Hmmmmm... What does this so-...

Q: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

GnomeSlice ツI used to play this game a lot when I was younger, but I don't think I ever actually managed to find Carmen Sandiego. Where the heck is she??

3:10 AM
Q: Will Smoking Too Much Kill Me?

GnomeSlice ツI've been mulling this over for a while now, and am unable to get all of the information I require to make an informed decision. My life hinges on my decision, and I'd appreciate some input. The thing is: I know smoking is bad for my health, but can I die because of it? ...now for some context...

This is horrible, I'm disgusted with myself.
I can't believe I asked these.
@GnomeSlice So is everyone.
Q: What Does Plum Juice Taste Like?

GnomeSlice ツSo, apparently everyone in town received some Christmas gifts in Die2Nite, including a Utility Belt, a Letter With no Address, and a vial of Suspicious Looking Plum Juice. Now, I do love Plum Juice dearly, so normally I'd just quaff it in one go, but a few things are stopping me. There is a li...

A: The Memes of Gaming Stack Exchange and its Chat

Nick TMeme: GnomeSlice getting into trouble in Minecraft Originator: GnomeSlice Cultural Height: ? Background: I seem to have made a bit of an error in judgement. I'm in a bit of a pickle. Related:

A: The Memes of Gaming Stack Exchange and its Chat

GnomeSlice ツMeme: murder tag. Originator: GnomeSlice. Cultural Height: Probably about Here. Background: Can I kill everybody? deus-ex I originally wanted to pop a quick joke on how it seems that everywhere I'll look on this site, I'll find a mass-murderer, but it seems that I am indeed surrounded. – ...

Q: How Do I know What To Use For Killin'?

GnomeSlice ツSo I'm playing Castaway, and I eventually earn some quest items, such as the Beetle Shield and the Fire Scimitar. Unfortunately, in this game, there's no way to view the stats of an item, other than in the shop. How do I know how these items compare with the others in the shop?

@RavenDreamer MAKE IT STOP
3:11 AM
Q: The pink comb tantalizes me! How can I get one?

GnomeSlice ツFor those of you who have played Castle Crashers, you will know that at the end of the "Medusa's Lair" stage, the boss (Medusa) drops a pink comb into the background before the conflict. I'm not entirely sure of this, but it looks like I should be able to get my hands on it somehow, and probably...

Eh, I was trying to be serious on that one.
My nomination speech: "If I am elected moderator, I will stop @GnomeSlice from asking these horrible, horrible questions."
Q: Is the Progression of My Progress Saved?

GnomeSlice ツIf I halt my progress for now, and later progress back to progressing, will this progression begin from my last progress, or will all progress progress beyond any further progression before starting over? What I mean is: Does Progress Wars save my progress?

My nomination speech: "If I am elected moderator, EVERYONE will have to ask these horrible, horrible questions"
The G-Diffusion question really made me want to it.
Q: What Does 'Exit' Mean?

GnomeSlice ツI've noticed a small square button hiding in the top right corner of my Die2Nite screen. It simply bears a red X and the ominous intonation, "EXIT" I fear greatly what would transpire if ever I clicked upon it. What severe fate awaits all ye who depress the button? (What does it do.)

@RavenDreamer I couldn't resist.
A: The Memes of Gaming Stack Exchange and its Chat

GnomeSlice ツMeme: Nobody finds anything GnomeSlice posts interesting. :/ Originator: All of the heartless people who 'participate' in chat. Cultural Height: Whenever that handsome devil posts anything that could be found interesting in some way. Background: It keeps going, and going, and going... Relate...

At least I'm glad to know that this isn't in fact a joke at my expense
And people sincerely don't find anything I post interesting.
Q: What's so Great About Heroes?

GnomeSlice ツI've obviously picked up on the fact that becoming a "Hero" in Die2Nite generates a wealth of new options for the player. "Heroic Actions" that can be used outside the town walls are arguably the most useful of these. Can someone give me a complete list of all of the possibilities that can be g...

And lets not forget this one, although the actual tomfoolery is in the question body, rather than the title.
Q: Which is ilo, and which is milo?

GnomeSlice ツWhenever I play ilomilo, I can't keep track of which character is ilo (Ilona), and which character is milo (Milton). I really enjoy ilomilo, but I need to know which -ilo is which, because in ilomilo I'm constantly getting my milo confused with my ilo, and my ilo confused with my milo. I feel t...

3:15 AM
I had no idea you asked that Raptor question.
Nor that you even bountied it.
A: What Does 'Exit' Mean?

badpYour session is eaten by Cthulhu.

@RavenDreamer Even I knew that...
Color me unsurprised at your self-awareness.
Q: Why is the Gold on Fire?

GnomeSlice ツI've recently been trying to find a Texture-Pack for MineCraft that I'm happy with, and I seem to have run into a problem with some of them. In 3 of the 4 packs I've tried, Gold Blocks don't display correctly. Here's a sample: Does anyone have any idea why this might be occurring? For refe...

Q: Does Mourning the Dead Serve Any Practical Purpose?

GnomeSlice ツ Possible Duplicate: Is there any benefit to honoring all the graves in Solomon's Boneyard? In Solomon's Boneyard, if you pause your wizard/witch over a tombstone for a short moment, you place a small bouquet of flowers at the grave, and a name (presumably that written on the stone)...

Lest we forget.
I am flagging Badp's answer on that as "not an answer" >.<
@RavenDreamer Don't you dare.
3:17 AM
Too late! It has been done! It's now up to...
A: Does hitting a sheep in the face yield more wool?

GnomeSlice ツNo, but it's much more satisfying, so you FEEL like you're getting more wool.

Then there're my answers.... oh god...
Well, I guess it's up to @badp. Well crud.
@GnomeSliceツ NOT AN ANSWER
@GnomeSliceツ NOT AN ANSWER
A: Does Herobrine exist?

Quinton HopperShort Answer: No. Long Answer: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. And he "removed" him in the 1.6.6 update.

3:18 AM
^ And let's not forget ^
What a waste of reps.
@Raven You know, technically it is an answer. "Your session is eaten by Cthulhu" = "your session ends"
@Manaಠдಠ My point.
'I wish I could favorite answers. – StrixVaria Apr 29 at 19:20'
"In any case, this answer is wrong." – Nick T Apr 30 at 0:41
@KevinY +28
@Mana - Yeah, but it's a wrong answer.
3:20 AM
I never did work up the courage to click that exit button
It is?
Well, either way.
@Manaಠдಠ I was just about to ask you why you hadn't posted that yet.
A: What is this boot-like thing buried in the first desert level?

GnomeSlice ツ      It's just a boot. It doesn't do anything. I mean you can't expect to dig up treasure EVERYWHERE, right? You honestly can't do anything with it. :(       The boot appears in a few places around the game, but that's the only one I can remember off the top o...

@Mana If I was trying to get some sicknasty info about the fabled blackdeath trance of the woegothics, I would have been very dissapointed that the button did not do what badp said it would do.
A: How to die in space?

GnomeSlice ツIt's been a while since I played it but that level sounds familiar, let me see... So, you're in space. And it says "What is this"... Have you tried pressing the Space bar? :P

And You actually beat me to the homestuck reference, so kudos there.
3:23 AM
@RavenDreamer You seem surprised.
<spoiler> </spoiler> is brilliant, by the way.
To be honest, this one is probably my favourite.
Q: Obese Icon on Meta

GnomeSlice ツI've noticed that the inbox notification icon on Meta seems to have put on a little weight. Depicted below are the icons of both sites, with the main site on top, and meta on the bottom.

Now that we've sufficiently aired out your dirty laundry, are we agreed that you can never, ever, ever run for a public office?
@RavenDreamer What? I thought we were setting up my campaign...
By the way, on the topic of awesome question titles, I want to share this little line from the Dwarf Fortress devlog:
"I suppose the current peak of this feature will be learning to be a necromancer and then animating your own severed arm as a permanent traveling companion. That's going to be my test case, anyway.
I am very much looking forward to that next release.
3:26 AM
Who unstarred THIS IS STUPID?! How can you un-star THIS IS STUPID and have anything resembling a heart?
@Raven Man, I love everything about Dwarf Fortress. It's a shame that I can't play it at all.
are you literally physically prevented from playing it, or do you simply find it too overwhelming?
@sjohnston took the words out of my mouth.
I simply find it too overwhelming. It's like eating an entire cake at once. Sure, I guess part of me thinks that would be pretty cool but I can't handle that.
I can only handle small spurts of dwarf fortress.
that's what she said except I kind of have to run a sharpie over the of dwarf fortress part so it's kind of dumb at the same time
3:30 AM
I play until I'm tired of manually telling my farmers to go see if the water buffaloes need to be milked.
I am reminded of this
Man. I need to hurry up and apply for moderator-ship so I can stalk myself.
Some day I'm going to engineer a multi-step system, in which a user is subjected to progressively more obtuse roguelike games, until they're fully indoctrinated
How do you define "fully indoctrinated"?
"Sees 'c' instead of Cats?"
You start out playing some diablo, and before you know it, you're looking up which five monsters are represented by an uppercase D, just in case that throne grants you the ability to wipe out a race
@RavenDreamer Exactly. It's like that scene in the matrix where they're looking at the scrolling green gibberish. Turns out that was a thriving dwarvish settlement.
3:35 AM
Hm. Would a question of "Elvish vs. Elven && Dwarvish vs. Dwarven" be better suited for English.SE or RPGs.SE?
I would say English
I believe the differentiation predates RPGs.
You know, I've never played Diablo 2.
I feel like I've missed out on something.
@Manaಠдಠ You have, and you should feel have.
3:38 AM
It is basically a shinier, sleeker version of D1, with a lot of the annoying bits removed (e.g. click once for every swing of the sword)
I've gotten to Act III in diablo 2.
@GnomeSlice claps slowly
Wait, there's a way to play Diablo II that isn't click once for every swing of the sword?
@sjohnston You know, I've never played Diablo 1.
@RavenDreamer hold down mouse button?
3:39 AM
I feel like I've missed out on something.
@Manaಠдಠ Well, s#!t
I give up
@Manaಠдಠ You have, and you should feel have.
3:40 AM
Sometime I feel have, but then I wait a bit and it passes.
@Manaಠдಠ +1 for chrome.
@GnomeSlice Actually...I'm using Firefox. pulls trigger
Hm. This is odd.
The question was last edited 7 hours ago, but because I voted on the question 8 hours ago, I can't change my vote?
(Unless the question is edited, which it already has been?)
@RavenDreamer Which question's that?
3:44 AM
No repro. I could change my vote even though I made it before the edit.
whatever, no skin off my back.
@RavenDreamer Ew.
Though I do hate how one can accidentally lock a "neither up nor down" vote.
@RavenDreamer Wait, really?
3:46 AM
@Anna Nice nomination! :)
It happens sometimes when I am trying to click on the net number of votes to split it into the up/down vote view
I hit up or down instead of the number istelf because I'm trying to click it too fast.
So let's see, with 7 and @Raven and Powerlord on the way...I guess there's a fairly high chance this is going into primaries.
Q: Vote locked? But I haven't voted on the answer...

Raven DreamerI was trying to vote on Jin's answer to this question, but for some reason Stack Exchange thinks I've already voted on it. I don't particularly care if my vote doesn't get counted in this instance, but I still think this is some bug. Neither up nor down votes work -- both give the same message.

@Mana so yeah, that's possible.
@Raven ಥ_ಥ Just...WHY?! WHY??????
"To help curb "tactical-downvoting," up/down voting:"
3:53 AM
@Mana Thanks. :)
Are there really people who game the system like that? I guess there must be.
@Manaಠдಠ Of course I don't do that, don't be silly.
@AnnaLear - you have a picture of a cat. And you are on the internet. Clearly, you're a front runner.
@GnomeSlice Man, not even the look of disapproval works here.
@RavenDreamer Not to mention she's female. And on the internet.
3:54 AM
@RavenDreamer And don't forget that I'm... yeah, that.
@AnnaLear Now I just sound crude...
I thought the girls on the internet were guys, the guys were guys, and the children were FBI agents.
@GnomeSlice It's hard to say something like that without sounding crude.
@GnomeSlice Nah. But you are showing up my typing speed, so stop that. :P
@AnnaLear o sry
3:56 AM
I have started to wear off the letters on my keyboard.
Part of my continued survival on the internet as a woman is that I'm almost impossible to offend. And the cat helps.
It was funny because when my dad asked to borrow my internet today, he couldn't use my keyboard at all 'cause he was totally a type and peck guy. He had to wait till he got home.
@AnnaLear How could it not?
I am a huge proponent of teaching people how to touch-type.
WPM for the masses!
Hello Mavis Beacon.
It's been a while.
3:58 AM
@GnomeSlice Nice, you made a reference I actually had to Google to get! I'm liking this.
@Manaಠдಠ Wh... Mavis Beacon was the greatest matronly influence in my life.
Two good ways to ensure nobody borrows your computer: switch to Dvorak or at least get a split ergonomic keyboard. I went for the latter.
@GnomeSlice :|....
@AnnaLear Heh, I used to have one of those.
I want to try to learn how to use a Dvorak keyboard.
I lack employment and the memory and hence the money and the effort to find one, however.
Like brain memory, not computer memory.
4:00 AM
@RavenDreamer Just get a screwdriver, and rearrange the keys on your current one.
Yeah. Keyboards don't work like that.
Rearrange the keys and then remap the layout. :)
@RavenDreamer ...that must have been why I had all of those errors on that unit in my photography class that had a shuffled keyboard.
Though why am I not totally surprised at the thought of a Gnomeslice question that begins, "So I wanted to switch to a Dvorak keyboard... and I rearranged the letters, but now my keyboard doesn't work! Help!"
@RavenDreamer "Look at what you made me do!"
4:02 AM
@GnomeSlice You're the kid who peels the stickers off their Rubix cube to 'solve' them, aren't you?
No, I just put it down for a minute or two until my dad can't stand it anymore and solves it.
Q: I get notified of my own comments on my moderator nomination

Matthew ReadSo the moderator election stuff is obviously "weird" and not stress tested like the rest of the system, and I don't even know if this is worth fixing. But, I got notified when I commented on my own notification, which doesn't make sense; just like anywhere else, I know that I made a post (promis...

@Lazers is it bad that I have no idea who this guy is?
Apparently he's Pedro.
Haven't you ever seen Napolean Dynamite?
Haven't you ever wished you hadn't seen Napolean Dynamite?
Yes, and yes.
4:18 AM
Well, going to bed now. Let us see what the morning brings!
And by going to bed I mean listening to this new Jay-Z + Kanye West album. Man, I'm so cool.
@Manaಠдಠ Atta bro.
I think I'm off as well. Time to check whether I need to milk the Water Buffaloes again.
@RavenDreamer Sounds like one of those 'social games'.
Which reminds me... I bet my advertising campaigns have all completed in Car City...
Wait, that penguin is a character from Cave Story?
Q: Tags seem to have too much padding on the right side

Matthew ReadTags seem to have too much padding on the right side. This is best illustrated when put in parentheses: (example-tag) You can see the gap between the tag and the right paren that doesn't exist between the tag and the left paren. This could be solved by reducing the padding-right for a.post-ta...

4:36 AM
Hello internet. I've missed you.
Anyway, I've been busy, so I haven't done the moderator thing. I'm not sure that I'm going to this time anyway.
@Powerlord I was going to vote for you, too.
and now I need to go to bed.
Work tomorrow and all
5:33 AM
@FallenAngelEyes q-a.vg
6:26 AM
maaaaaaaan 7 candidates
@RavenDreamer I'll leave it for other mods to work on, but it's technically correct: your session is eaten by Chthulu, which causes it to end and you get logged off as a result.
then again I'm biased ;)
7:12 AM
Q: What use is the shotgun for the heavy?

Thomas McDonaldTypically my loadout for the heavy is: Minigun Sandvich Gloves of Running Urgently However, some of the players I play with (a 32-player server, but I have a reasonably close knit group of people I play Highlander with) have been moaning rather loudly about the amount of time I spend eating m...

Q: TF2 - Shotgun vs Sandvich

NottinylilI was wondering which one is the better choice for certain situations. Sandvich can heal me, but Shotgun is an able backup. Which one?

8:20 AM
Then why add that comment in?
8:49 AM
To deal with the character limit?
You can't just propose a title edit?
9:01 AM
Does that not have a limit?
I've been looking at the election page and I just want to upvote all of you!
I don't get why people I've never even heard of are applying. I mean, you have to be at least somewhat active to be elected... personally, I think some chat activity is a must.
@ThomasMcDonald post on Meta, I don't see a clear course of action
@ArdaXi That would probably have been too small of a edit
I know, I think chat activity is more important that meta activity, we dicuss things here so that we don't need to post on meta
Well, both. I mean, policy is set on meta, not here.
Meta is more permanent and can be referred to, much easier than chat.
That's a point, just meta is boring, it's so grey!
9:14 AM
It's supposed to be boring.
There may be effective moderator not using chat. Flag management does not require chat for every flag. But still chat reflect at least the will to be available. Do not need to be chat active.
@Mvy What I mean is somewhere in-between badp and Juan.
Although I might be a bit beyond badp in terms of chat activity.
@ArdaXi Not even close.
9:16 AM
The way I see it, Juan is mostly a flag handler, badp is mostly a chatter and Grace is mostly on meta.
I lead with 30.3k messages, you're second at 22.6k
then there's @Powerlord at 13.8k
@badp Quality over quantity.
But well, then my point stands.
Quality and quantity.
Your quality cancels out your quantity.
It wouldn't be quality if I kept replying to you :P
9:17 AM
Where do you see the amount of messages anyway?
info → frequently in room
@badp but quality and quantity's not a phase so it doesn't count
@RonanForman It is now
9:21 AM
Language changes, man.
Does anyone know how best to compress video? I'm still trying to get that let's play going.
Depends on what you need.
Why do you even want to compress it?
Q: Tag synonym request

M'vySaw on a post someone using : dedicated-server server and servers. Not sure to merge the first one with the last two, but server and servers could be synonyms. I'm not sure we needed the server tag to be distinct from dedicated server, because as far as game and servers are concerned, we will alw...

I want it not to take 10x the length of the video to upload
@RonanForman What codec is it now?
9:27 AM
It's just an avi straight out of fraps
Right, then it's completely uncompressed. Recode it to H.264
@lasers would ever be different to ?
@RonanForman Listen server?
But in terms of tagging I know they're different but would it ever matter which one it was for a question?
@RonanForman I can imagine there are corner cases where you'd need the dedicated bit, but not many.
9:30 AM
How do you recode to H.264?
Well, there's many solutions for that. VLC is one. I'm not sure, haven't done it in a while.
I personally use Adobe's Media Encoder.
I'll look it up, thanks
@RonanForman Handbrake
It's designed with iOS in mind, but works well in general
Q: Are there any other games that have main menus similar to Portal 2 and the Witcher 2?

Steveis that just the type of menu that comes out by default of w/e program they use to make the game? I just started playing the Witcher and noted it looked similar to the Portal one and thought the menus could use work. follow up question, is whether this is because the games are developed to be m...

Posted by Jeff Atwood on August 9th, 2011

Every Stack Exchange question is required to have at least one tag; tags are how we group, order, and find questions. But how do you find the right tags for your question?

When you start typing in the tags field we show you a simple list of existing tags that match what you typed so far, ordered by frequency.

Simple indeed. No explanation, just … activerecord (485).

It became increasingly clear to us that were doing a poor job of educating users about not just which tags to use on a question, but also when to use them. And I believe our old tag completer was a big reason why. …

9:49 AM
@Lazers :|
It's sort of game-Rec...
But it is asking of a specific thing, so it's not really subjective.
I really dislike that question.
That said I love menus
I can't think of a game with more stylish menus.
although CMR3 wasn't bad either there.
I really don't see what's special about those menus...
They're stylish. They're different. They're well designed. They're a joy to watch, and use.
This is CMR3's.
Man, menu shots are so hard to find. :(
10:02 AM
I meant portal and witchers ones
I can't be the only menu/overlay lover out there.
@RonanForman That's the asker's point: they're not special at all.
Except, well, Portal 2's actually is.
That's a lie and you know it!
I love the white panels' animation.
(I don't own Witcher 2.)
10:06 AM
@badp I'll have to do it in a bit
I've got some papers I need to make notes on first
no worries.
Dirt 2 is also a game with stylish menus, although it feels more gimmicky.
...what is it with driving games and menus?
Which should be fun, clustering is a fun topic
@badp I like Bit.Trip Beat's menu
@FallenAngelEyes Yeah, it's a subtle but nice twist.
10:08 AM
As long as they have the same aesthetics as the game I'm happy.
I don't want a steampunk game with 8-bit menus
Also I'm not quite sure what to think about that question.
It's like a hybrid rec/gamedev question, sorta...
casts close vote I think it's just a bit too off-topic for here.
It might be too designery, yes.
Would it be on topic for game dev?
@RonanForman Maybe. Depends on their policies on speculative questions. Maybe if s/he edited it to just request citations rather than discussion?
Hey @tetrad or @noctrine - do you think this question belongs to Gamedev?
Q: Are there any other games that have main menus similar to Portal 2 and the Witcher 2?

SteveIs that just the type of menu that comes out by default of whatever program they use to make the game? I just started playing the Witcher and noted it looked similar to the Portal one and thought the menus could use work. Follow up question, is whether this is because the games are develope...

(@@number is a mod only thing, sorry)
10:16 AM
so it's like a global ping?
Pretty much.
@ArdaXi I'm here now.
Q: SC2: How do pro tournament organisers choose maps?

Fritz MeissnerWhat goes into the decision about which maps to use in the pro SC2 tournaments? I'm organising a friendly tournament and want to make sure that the maps are chosen fairly.

nice nomination speech @mana
I'm just going to leave this here
10:51 AM
@Wipqozn Bwahahaha this is awesome
I should probably learn the song, and use it as a pick up li- err... pick up song?
I still can't believe battleship is a real movie
When I first seen the trailer, I thought it was a joke. SEriously.
It's painful. I can't believe they even reffed the white/red pegs. :|

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