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12:00 AM
Whoa, maybe I have all the power bomb ones.
which one are you on ?
I thought there were more than 4 in Prime. :O
Oh, I'm playing the original.
I have 210 missiles right now, and I figure there are either 250 or 255 missiles total, in sets of 5.
don/t most of the metroid games have 255?
@Thomas Man, you saw Wolf Gang live? Major envy points right there.
@Wipqozn Yeah, but I seem to recall the Prime games don't.
Chozo Ruins - Main Plaza: Use the Super Missile Beam Combo to blow up the
grey hexagon on the big tree. Jump in from the ledge to gather your missiles. <-- OK, great, so the scan doesn't give you any indication you can do this? I hate that kind...
12:04 AM
Those ones can be enjoyable to find as you go through, but hunting them down after the fact is annoying.
@Wipqozn You don't have Super Missiles at that point.
Since normally when you're just hunting them down it's just scan an area, move on, rinse repaet
Oh, then yeah. that's super annoying.
So, there's no way to get them your first time through, and I don't remember it ever mentioning that you could super missile trees.
Now, in the Phazon Mines, there are ones that scans give you no indication of, but that's because you have the X-Ray Visor, and that one you can hear when you're nearby.
@Manaಠдಠ no idea who that is
"I hear something, but can't see it. " switch to X-Ray "Oh, behind the wall." power bomb
12:06 AM
sounds like something from peter pan
@Powerlord You can super missile trees?
@FallenAngelEyes to hell with mother nature
Figures, most of the ones I missed are in Phendrana, because you need the Plasma Beam to get them, and you get it well after you go through these parts.
Within two rooms in Phendrana, I picked up 3 missile packs and a power bomb pack.
One of them was my fault, as I forgot to super missile a statue I'd spotted earlier.
12:35 AM
what the hell?
I started anew fortress, an my dwarves won/t haul anything to my general stockpile :'/
one dwarf hauled one thing over, but that was it
IF I change it to just a food stockpile it works... something must be corrupt about this save file with regards to the custom settings :?
I/m wondering if it/s reading the custom from my other save file for same reason
> I am seeing a bug that looks very much like this one; when I place a custom stockpile, the dwarves pretend it doesn't exist. In order for my dwarves to use a stockpile, I must designate it as a non-custom stockpile and then change the settings, even if the two have identical.
That fixed it
How odd. Never had that happen before.
1:00 AM
Gah, EVing Pokémon is so time consuming. :/
G'night all
100% of all pickups. That's what I wanted to see.
Like I thought, Prime 1 only has 250 missiles.
Q: Arm length in Minecraft

El'endia StarmanTo my surprise, I could not find this by googling, but what is the arm reach of the player? As in, how far can you mine blocks while standing in one place?

Now, as I recall, I'm missing just 4 creatures scans... 3 bosses and 1 enemy that only appears in the final region.
1 hour later…
2:37 AM
Whee, Homestuck updated again and now things are very confusing once more!!!!!!
3:04 AM
@Manaಠдಠ :O Hooray!
Woot, silver badge! :D
Whee, late hours Gaming party!
Whee, internet!
@KevinY That's disgusting.
But also awesome.
3:06 AM
:( / :)
Also, we got some CRAZY emails from some guy about our server, @KevinY.
Was it the David guy?
Lovely, massive amounts of packet loss between my web server and the Internet inside the providers network.
Like, mad cyberthreats (minecraft related) and such.
3:07 AM
Uh, I think so, although it was written as though he were a friend of the writer
@GnomeSlice Can you forward them to me?
However, the emailer's initials are David C so... yeah.
I'm pretty bored.
You see...
@Manaಠдಠ Uh...
I don't think I should do that, sorry.
3:07 AM
He was mad because people weren't following his rules in "Base Wars"
@Kevin > Anyway, I can't make sense of the whole thing.
And he tried to give a 1 week "Base Wars" ban to this one guy.
Aha, but that makes sense.
And he called me and two others online to "jury duty".
Of course, we all had better things to do.
He's talking his 'super hacker' friend 'D' who's going to fuck up our server
3:08 AM
He kept talking and talking until i7 (mod) muted him.
'Now VoS. I might be banned for uprising against your server because of the corruption it has but I am still in control.
In your server I have people in the Resistance. I can contact them easily and I can have them do mass griefing or whatever I find works best.
We also have a hacker that can crash commands and brobot and whatever you have to catch the members.'
It was a 10-minute mute, and he just logged off and came back on after 10 minutes.
I'll seven you!
i7 is an admin, not a mod.
Details, details.
3:09 AM
That's an excerpt from the first email
I lol'd.
@GnomeSliceツ Why is this so familiar to read?
Anyways, then he attempted to cite the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom.
Though not being on the receiving end for once is nice.
Saying we were denying him Freedom of Speech.
@GraceNote Hahahaha.
You have no idea.
3:10 AM
Because VoS is Canadian.
Anyways, I just left.
Oh, he mentioned how we weren't following the Canadian Bill of Rights.
@GnomeSliceツ You sure 'bout that?
@GnomeSliceツ Wow, Canadian for you too?
@KevinY I wonder if that reads anything like the US's first amendment (which only restricts the government from passing laws to restrict free speech)
@GraceNote Er, actually, I suppose not.
@GraceNote And yes.
'Davidccl finally took a page from my book and ended up getting banned.'
3:11 AM
Anyways, it was pretty annoying since i7 and I were trying to debug a 10-input combo lock.
Which is weird, because the writer of this email never mentioned who he was, but I'm pretty sure he's Davidccl
And he was spamming up the chat.
Yeah, it was definitely him.
@KevinY Welcome to Minecraft.
Haha yeah.
He keeps saying how 'I was told by Davidccl' blah blah blah
We can settle this peacefully by unbanning Davidccl and by kicking Weirdpr1sm out of power.
3:11 AM
Man, this sounds weird.
Geezers, passing off as "being told by the victim", too?
Do they have a playbook for this kind of stuff?
That doesn't sound particularly peaceful to me.
Minecraft is full of lol when you play multiplayer servers.
People trying to defend themselves when they griefed everything.
Oh fine, I'll just post the whole thing.
Funny stuff.
3:12 AM
Wow, he even signed the first email with 'D' at the bottom
Ugh, the delay on posting messages is pretty annoying (on chat).
Even though he's been talking about the mysterious 'D' who can supposedly crash our entire server
I thought you and your server was different.
Now I know that your server is corrupted and dose not follow Canada's Bill of rights or any of your 3 rules.

1. Be Respectful (A rule all of your Mods and Admins break)
2. Be Ethical (Only rule not broken)
3. Use Common Sense (Rule Broken by ALL your Mods and Admins)

Now VoS. I might be banned for uprising against your server because of the corruption it has but I am still in control.
In your server I have people in the Resistance. I can contact them easily and I can have them do mass griefing or whatever I find works best.
Let me guess, did he mention DDoSing your server?
Whoa, no mention of me!
I'm surprised.
3:13 AM
Be Respectful (A rule all of your Mods and Admins break)
@Grace Any ideas for this one treasure?
I've never broken that one.
Q: How do I get the treasure in the Sealed Door section of the Sealed Palace(5-3)?

Mana ಠдಠThe hint for this one is... There is, very rarely, a reward for cowards. In response to this, I've tried not attacking the enemies, refusing to enter into the big open area for a minute, running around at the edge of the area, hiding in a corner, and generally being a total wuss. Nothing se...

It's funny because he was using extremely disrespectful language towards all of us.
I love the contradition at the start. None of the 3 rules are followed, yet one of the rules is not broken.
@Manaಠдಠ I do
I don't have ideas, I have solutions. Remember, I beat through this game three years ago
3:14 AM
@GraceNote We don't even have a list like that anywhere.
The weirest part was when he began to cite the Charter of Rights and Freedom.
@Grace man. You're so cool. :(
As if this Minecraft server were some analogy to Canada and we were subject to actual punishment for muting him.
It's really too bad.
I had liked him, so far.
3:15 AM
> If you want to know more urban Davidccl. and make him talk to you.
I could never beat through all of these by myself, especially not with the hints in Japanese.
@GraceNote I like that part.
It was kinda okay until he kept calling i7 and I to "jury duty".
@Manaಠдಠ Only two of the English hints are easier than the Japanese ones.
i7 snapped and told him to GTFO AND STFU (paraphrased).
3:16 AM
So anyway, after that, I replied:
"Looks like it was only a temporary ban, although I don't really appreciate the cyber-threats. I think you're already unbanned. It sounds to me like your overreacting, but I can't say for sure because I'm not familiar with the situation."
He's going to go around griefing things so...
And you're gonna love what he sent back.
Yay, more cyberthreat messages!
"Why would D waist his time unbanning me?
I'm just a low level recruit.
All I know is D is a master hacker and that he was messing with the commands.
I don't even know how to contact him."
@Grace Also, can you please confirm for me that I don't have to beat the final boss without taking any hits to get his treasure? :( I really don't want to even try that.
3:17 AM
The one for the Speedboots, and... aha, I can't even remember which the other one is right now
kehkeh waist kehkehkeh
That four-line message is just so...
@Manaಠдಠ Did you buy the hint?
Not even that, just the outright retardery of the entire email.
This is sort of why I stopped playing Minecraft multiplayer.
That, and because all my favourite servers shut down. :/
3:17 AM
'All I know is D is a master hacker and that he was messing with the commands.
I don't even know how to contact him."
Lol ^
But in email #1 we have " I can contact them easily "
@Grace Yeah, it says "Humiliate him completely." I'm guessing either hitting him with his own bombs or, well, beating him without taking damage. Or maybe using the Dark Crystal?
Watch out GnomeSlice, he be messin' with the commands!
3:18 AM
@Manaಠдಠ Wow, they made it harder than the Japanese hint? Hah, enjoy that.
It was funny. We were all around the "Base Wars" area or something.
And he kept talking about his waterelivator.
I remember he was talking about that stuff when I left.
(I don't want to consider the shooter thing the final boss because that was way too easy)
Oh wait you saw that through the console.
Also, the Dark Crystal gives you a significant advantage in that fight, so no, that wouldn't be humiliation at the slightest.
3:19 AM
And I remember the jury duty thing.
puddi puddi
I couldn't do that through the console. =[
/puddi has to be done in-game I guess.
Hm. My logic was that since it basically kills your magic defense that it would make things harder.
3:19 AM
Ahaha it's actually binded to a /puddi command?
That's pretty awesome.
Looks like my provider has a problem between ec0-64.agg01.sctn01.hostnoc.net and xe1-04.gwy03.sctn01.hostnoc.net
tracert to the server and traceroute from the server both start losing packets between those two.
@Manaಠдಠ Only by 10.
@KevinY You can also do /leetspeak. Also, bound*
Oh, really? I never really looked at the stat change, just saw the change out of the corner of my eye and assumed it was something drastic, heh.
Unfortunately in almost any online community other than Gaming.SE, there are tons of people like "D" (whom he does and also does not know how to contact him or D).
3:21 AM
@KevinY Real people? Or imaginary.
But when you're not trotting around with only 48 HP (which, by the way, is the reason why I haven't gotten around to screencapping the solution to your question), then the drain of the Dark Crystal is mighty nice
@GnomeSliceツ ?
@KevinY You mean actual people like that, or mysterious fictional figures made up by people like this guy.
Ahh. Well, there are lots of people who act like David.
Just take a look at the TouchArcade Forums.
Minecraft is the best example though.
@GnomeSliceツ Actual people who behave like that, I imagine. As I said, I ponder if there's a playbook for this junk.
3:24 AM
Heh, I still have @Arda's Space-to-Dead-Space-2 script installed.
@GraceNote There are actual all-powerful hackers who waist their time helping out battered kids playing Minecraft that they've never met?
@GnomeSliceツ No, people who make all the same threats in the same style.
Well, on Minecraft, the playbook would be:
• Break some rule
• Have mods temporarily suspend you
• Threaten to DDoS the server
• Get banned
• Come back on "one of [your] 10 other accounts you hacked"
@GraceNote Aha, I'm sure there are people like this emailer, I was actually wondering if @KevinY meant the fictional hacker 'D' is a real type lurking somewhere in the net.
@GnomeSlice I can guarantee you that his hacker friend, if they exist, most likely only knows how to DDOS something.
3:25 AM
Also, yes, there are crazy hackers who do waste their time on this kind of thing, but a lot of them are not associated with the aforementioned threat-casters.
WeirdPr1sm built another spleef arena.
I've seen people who actually can DDoS a server.
Wh...what was wrong with mine?
It didn't have a piston door since it was 3 wide. >.>
3:26 AM
@KevinY >:(
Yep, Minecraft servers are tons of fun. Especially when you're a moderator / admin and have to deal with this stuff.
I wanna be the mod!
This is why I turned down the Moderation promotion on Kongregate.
Right, I have to beat I Wanna Be the Guy.
3:30 AM
Basically no perks, plus you have to deal with whiny internet children.
I wanna be the mod!
I was at the final boss but then my computer's hard drive died.
Everything important was backed up except for the IWBTG save game and some other stuff.
gaming.stackexchange.com/election/2 - "Nomination period begins in 16 hours"
Man, screw everything about this internet connection. According to what I was seeing, that message timed out 3 times before I gave up on it. Now apparently it sent twice.
It's because your ISP doesn't like the ಠдಠ in your name.
No, my ISP was acting up long before that dreadful face ever tarnished my name.
Thankfully, I only have to put up with it for another 26 days or so.
3:35 AM
Must. Catch. Adamant Croagunk with Dry Skin...
Yeesh, this grouplist is so messy.
There are users in like 3 or four player groups at once...
Does Treepunch use Permissions?
Or GroupManager?
@KevinY Hahahahahahaha
@KevinY Uh...
Permissions... I think
@GraceNote :(
3:37 AM
I'm not actually using the console, there's a web app that gives you access to a large number of console abilities.
@GnomeSliceツ Hmm, that's pretty useful.
Hah, but I should be working on my team.
I haven't done any training for months.
I'm making a 3 Pokémon team right now for Random Wi-Fi in Black and White.
McMyAdmin although I've no idea if this is the right website for it.
3 Pokémon is more than enough for me to breed for natures, egg moves, and then EV. :/
3:39 AM
@GnomeSliceツ Ahh yes, I think I've heard of that.
Rash nature? RASH NATURE?
Any shinies?
Sadly I've only encountered one shiny in my entire Pokémon life.
That I remember anyways, maybe I'm missing one.
It was a Shiny Seel in LeafGreen if I remember correctly.
I've run into 3. I KO'd the second one. It was almost horrifying, except that it would've been my second shiny Spinda.
@GraceNote Were you just search for a Spinda with a nice pattern?
3:42 AM
Still peeved anyway, two is better than just one, but... wargh. Spinda. Cute but... wargh this was in Sapphire, too.
@KevinY SpAtk training.
Unfortunately for me, Shiny Seel and Shiny Dewgong are almost exactly like their non-shiny counterparts.
I do like that now, if I run into a shiny while SpAtk training, it's gonna be a Litwick.
@GraceNote Peeved?
Heh I was hoping to run into one.
I was EV training a Galvantula earlier today.
It's like a different gamma setting on the screen or something.
It's... lighter.
Yeah... lighter...
3:44 AM
Since there are different people online now, I was wondering what you guys thought of this:
13 hours ago, by GnomeSlice
user image
@KevinY Haha
I sort of rushed through Platinum and have only really high and really low level Pokémon, so I'm trying to catch Croagunk using a Wobbuffet. ._.
It works pretty well, two Counters bring them into the low yellow if they use Pursuit or Faint Attack.
3:47 AM
That's an... odd strategy. Also, isn't Croagunk a Safari Zone?
Wow. Note the fourth and fifth from the bottom lol.
In Platinum it also appears in the route west of the Great Marsh.
And of course today isn't a day that Croagunk are in the Safari Zone so...
Nice ban @GnomeSlice.
@KevinY Ah. I don't have Plat. I see
3:48 AM
@KevinY The owner must have put that in. Good thing it doesn't work I guess lol.
A daily ban and unban of me.
@GraceNote Ahaha isn't breeding for natures fun.
@KevinY Let's not talk about my Excadrill
(Except for the part where it only took 4 tries and I nabbed a 31 ATK/SPD IV out of it...)
(That was nice)
I'm way too impatient to breed for IVs.
If the important stats are above 23 or so, I just accept it.
I don't shoot for good ones, I just shoot for, say, "My primary attack stat should not be single digit". The 31s are all lucky.
And RNG Abuse feels like cheating to me so...
Okay let's see if this one is Adamant...
3:51 AM
I'm shooting to catch a nice Lilligant, myself
But that's what a KO'd Synchro Elgeeyem is for.
And its nature is...
3:52 AM
Anyone going to give me an opinion on my logos?
Or did I already ask all of you? I forget...
@GnomeSliceツ I haven't done logo appraisal in too long and it's late at night.
@GraceNote ... is there anything you haven't done?
@GnomeSlice I like #2, #3, and blue and yellow.
3:53 AM
Besides, it's not commercial, just a personal fictional thing.
@KevinY I dunno what those numbers relate to.
The second row of the first section, the 3rd design (left to right, top to bottom) of the second section, and "bionic" in blue and "beats" in yellow.
@Grace I could have sworn that there was a meta discussion that took place semi-recently that you were involved in where defining and using more frequently was the subject.
@GnomeSliceツ I have a lot of responses but we'll just stick with the much less crude, "Hijack a submarine"
I should really train that Shroomish from My Pokémon Ranch to aid in catching Pokémon.
@Manaಠдಠ Hm?
3:55 AM
@GraceNote I wouldn't have put it past you.
@Grace Maybe I'm mistaken then. Carry on. Also @GnomeSlice "your mom" LOL
@Manaಠдಠ ಠ_ಠ
I recently finished training up my Breloom. It feels very odd to run a non-Spore Breloom.
No flushin'
3:58 AM
@GraceNote Sub-punch?
@GnomeSlice ...excuse me?
@KevinY Nah. Facade with Poison Heal.
That song always makes me think of Puzzlevania now... =/
(Also Drain Punch and Leech Seed, just in case I need more survivability)
3:59 AM
Because I wrote that review while I was taking a dump.
But I did flush.
We should organize a Gaming Stack Exchange Pokémon Tournament!
But there would probably only be about 4 entrants. :/
Seed Bomb as a fourth so that I'm not completely walled by Ghosts, but Gengar and Chandelure would be a big threat.
I don't play with the pokemans.
@GnomeSlice That...That's So Raven.
@Manaಠдಠ You already did that joke
4:00 AM
@Manaಠдಠ I lol'd
I know, but how else am I supposed to react when someone says he wrote a review while taking a dump?!
1 min ago, by GnomeSlice ツ
But I did flush.
Also, it's a really bitchin' review.
@KevinY +1 for ego boost.
No flushin'
@GnomeSlice You're the worst. I'm going to bed.
@Manaಠдಠ There goes my vote.
Argh, why did you delete it @KevinY.
4:03 AM
It took up too much space.
Oh, but first an XKCD comic.
Also, that reminds me.
@Manaಠдಠ Well, you're supposed to comment on how it's a "shitty review." (and I'm only saying this now, because if I get suspended, I'm heading to bed anyway)
I found some evidence supporting "You're bad, and you should feel bad".
But I can't remember which episode of Unforgotten Realms it's in.
but yeah going to bed now peace
4:05 AM
Hm... maybe that email was from dbishnu.
Has anyone even tried the demo of Puzzlevania yet?
4:28 AM
@GnomeSliceツ Nope.
Whoa: replays enabled on OCRemix BLU – thanks @Powerlord!
Someone please tell me what happened to that game.
Samus vs. Master Chief? Moar please!
Actually, found it in the comments:
" The game is called Card Sagas Wars. It is made with MUGEN's engine. It has not been released as of yet, and it has been in development for near to 5 years. Not sure if that means it's close to release or not. "
Also, it's in Spanish, and the official site hasn't been updated in over a year. Pity.
1 hour later…
5:52 AM
Q: Steam installation on another computer

turoktonyIf I install my steam on another computer, will I start my games from where I last saved them?

6:51 AM
@Thomas I'm pretty sure you needed to be drunk for thato ne
@RandallMunroesxkcd I don't geddit.
7:46 AM
hehe :P
8:05 AM
@badp Yeah, the notstarted phase! Best phase of an election.
@ThomasMcDonald Only goes downhill from there.
Q: Stranger: How to get Steiger through the 3rd level (lighting cretions and archers at the exit)?

Simon A. EugsterThis is about the game Stranger (RTS/RPG) by Fireglow. (Webpage) No walkthrough or anything alike is available online, so maybe some of you have played it? The problem is that either I haven't found the right way to fight yet or the game is just ways too hard. I could kill the wizard in the isla...

Hammerfight is getting fun.
Ohh, now I get a... bronze ribbon?
(I succeeded at the second try.)
8:29 AM
Q: How are SC2 start locations fair?

RSGIf I spawn at the 12 oclock position typically the mineral line is above my hatchery/nexus/command center. The workers have to run all the way around the structure to get those sweet blue crystals. If I spawn at 6 oclock, they're right there. This seems like it would also affect future drone...

8:47 AM
Q: Sharp flat panel scaling with Nvidia drivers

Brecht MachielsI have a Samsung 226BW flat panel with a 1680x1050 native resolution. As my PC is rather dated (Athlon XP 2600+ and GeForce 6600 GT), I need to run more recent games (but still old) on a lower resolution. Unfortunately, scaling low resolutions to 1680x1050 results in a very blurry image (bilinear...

9:23 AM
Q: What are the criteria for different medals/prizes in Catherine?

AubergineI've just played through the demo for Catherine, and I noticed that at the end of each level you get a "prize" (I think the game calls it a prize, though I might be wrong as everywhere I find mention of it on the web the term used is "medal") which is either bronze, silver or gold. I assume you ...

Q: What was the side scrolling defender clone for the Atari ST called?

stsquadI'm trying to remember and old side-scrolling arcade game that got released on the Atari ST. I can remember it's game play was quite smiler to the classic Defender. The only other thing I know is the main screen has a 4 track digital Quartet track for the theme music.

2 hours later…
10:56 AM
I remember when he used to do 1-panel comics

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