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@FallenAngelEyes Yeah, I think one of his questions is a dupe of mine as well
or at least very similar
@badp said I should post it on meta but I haven't had chance yet
Wait, I just noticed that the question I linked to was asked by the same user.
2:03 PM
Q: TF2 - Shotgun vs Sandvich

NottinylilI was wondering which one is the better choice for certain situations. Sandvich can heal me, but Shotgun is an able backup. Which one?

Q: What use is the shotgun for the heavy?

Thomas McDonaldTypically my loadout for the heavy is: Minigun Sandvich Gloves of Running Urgently However, some of the players I play with (a 32-player server, but I have a reasonably close knit group of people I play Highlander with) have been moaning rather loudly about the amount of time I spend eating m...

I don't think there's anything s/he's asking in the new question that couldn't be addressed in the old.
But some people answered both questions
If I merged then it'd be... weird
glares at @Powerlord
meh, I'll just merge
2:06 PM
YOu rebel.
8 answers. :/
oooh I caught an Ocean Sunfish
jeeeeez. another game that needs updating
tbf it is only a 15mb update, but still
Well, now it's 7. I'm sure Powerlord appreciates I chose to delete the one that got less upvotes.
@ThomasMcDonald ?
2:10 PM
Well, I want to play on Rock Band 3.
I forgot none of my ps3 games have been updated since January
oh, Sony updates. Sucks to be you!
@ThomasMcDonald do you already have humble bundle #2?
@tzenes I'm sorry to hear that :( hope you got better.
yeah, they take about ten times longer than they should do
2:11 PM
@RonanForman yeah, I picked it up last time
don't feel the need to get it for me, I'm gonna sort it in a minute
@ThomasMcDonald Yeah I hate that
What I hate worse is the updates you can't download in the background
As in, all game updates
yeah -_-
Yesterday there was about 1gb of patches for GT5 to download, (plus a system update) and it must have been 3 hours before I could play
2:12 PM
anyway, rb3! I wonder if I can still play expert.
Too bad you have it on PS3 or we could play together :(
@badp Hey, I get my rep primarily off of TF2 questions.
As long as you're merging questions, are you going to merge the Engy question asked today with the one asked... yesterday was it?
Since both are basically asking for tips on playing Engineer.
@Powerlord They're from the same user even! I don't get it. :|
How hard is playing engie? You build the things where they're needed and kill spies trying to stop you!
@Powerlord gah
@RonanForman Killing spies is hard. :/
2:17 PM
Killing Engineers as Spy is easy. :)
(Most of the time)
I actually never try to kill engies, just sap their stuff, get DR killed and swoop all their metal while cloaked
@Powerlord Yeah, I find the same. You just to pay attention to what's going on.
hit them once with the southern h and then shoot them with the shotgun.
As soon as it becomes 2 Engys in the same nest, it makes it much harder.
that should set them back enough that somebody else can take care of removing the engie for me
@Powerlord Then you go sap their teleports. :P
Either one or two will go rebuild them if applicable.
2:18 PM
@badp I find sapping teleports is more useful then sentries most of the time.
@Wipqozn I agree absolutely. That's my primary objective most of the time.
Sap and shoot entrances, then the rest gets much easier.
I always try to sap teleporters first, but they're also the easiest to unsap.
Dammit! I've got the perfect pose for a character but it doesn't work as he's a walrus!
@RonanForman Koo koo kachoo?
@Powerlord Typically sap + enforcer works beautifully
even if they unsap, they need another wrench hit to repair
2:20 PM
@Powerlord kachoo kakoo koo
enough time to land me at least one more shot and finish the TP.
ANd they need to leave their sentry unattended if they want to rebuild it.
@FallenAngelEyes Heh, it seems it's not a bad game to come back to
NOt to mention if they decide to not rebuild it, which sometimes may be the best option, it really hurts the team.
Teleporters are the most useful building in my opinion.
Left a comment on Nottinylil's newest question
2:23 PM
@Powerlord It's the legs you see, well lack thereof
@FallenAngelEyes do you mean comment?
@ThomasMcDonald I only play Expert bass with reliability. I'm working my way up on Guitar, but I mostly stick to Hard there. I can only play a bit of Expert for that.
@Wipqozn I do, thanks! I'm watching comic book reviews so my brain got its wires crossed :P
@FallenAngelEyes You're welcome. I'm officially a hero now. Well, I was before, but now more so.
@FallenAngelEyes For a second, without reading the rest of it, I was thinking an entirely different bass.
I can't help but wonder if there's a simpler way of writing that room description
2:28 PM
@GraceNote Hahaha. No, I have no skill in playing a fish (though the Fender Jazz bass guitar I own is black).
@RonanForman You could ask @Powerlord.
@GraceNote Why me? :O
You're a room owner now. ♪
i think if we replace "own choice of moderators" with "community elected overseeing representative" it might make it an easier read...
@RonanForman You mean Grace no longer is a community elected overseeing representative?
Just because she's an employee it doesn't mean he's not been elected by the community at one point!
As for overseeing representative, she keeps that position still I believe, but you'd have to ask him.
2:35 PM
you'd have to ask her but i think he's doing more of the meta stuff when he starts her new job, so he's not really being a moderator for gaming as such.
@Grace Does the fishing tutorial guy have a name?
@Powerlord owning the bridge is a double edged sword
@Wipqozn You mean other than being a troll?
@FallenAngelEyes See, this is what I liked about the Japanese version. There was a very distinct naming convention in the game.
@Powerlord Basically.
2:36 PM
You know what would be the best, if I added this room's message feed to the feeds for this room, and framed Powerlord for doing that.
@GraceNote I can't remember what it was while I was talking to him, if he had one. :S
@badp Do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it.
Girls: Chante, Elise, Aira, Elma
Guys: Priest, Fisherman
Bosses: Kane Lu Honua, Peleka Mapuaa, Kanaloa Haoli, Laa Maomao, Puu Honua o Hornaunau
Guys: not cool enough to deserve a name
@badp wait, so this room gets alerted everytime someone posts a message here?
2:37 PM
@Grace Way to spoil the boss names, man!
(No, the fisherman is never given a name in the English version. There's just nothing where the name would go in the message box)
@RonanForman and then the room gets alterted everytime the room gets alerted!
insert here the laugh the announcer sometimes makes as the bomb approaches its final terminus
it already does that, so does that mean it happens twice?
Would it actually infinitely loop?
I'd have to test this.
time to find out
2:38 PM
So...what should we do about these engineer questions?
Meh, no time now, got work to go to.
@badp it goes: Ha! ha! ha! haaarr! ha! ha! heh!
@Manaಠдಠ If that don't work, ask more question.
I'm thinking we should stick to one general engineer question that's divided between defense and offense.
tries a small chord and bashes Mana in the head with the guitar that magically popped in his hand to fix Mana's nose being far too up in Mana's face
2:40 PM
What's @Mana's nose doing in @badp's face?
Listen buddy we don't accept questions about philosophy, we answer gaming questions, like: how do you get more gun
no that doesn't work, sorry guys, ruined it
ಠ ಠ @ArdaXi
@badp ಥдಥ
I guess the first thing
Where the chuff is the rss feed?
2:41 PM
@Grace @Mana Incoming Chantelise question
@ThomasMcDonald I don't actually think there's one, although you can make one out of searches
Yeah, there isn't one
@FallenAngelEyes Duck and cover! Chandeliers incoming!
Fiestier? Is that how it is spelled?
@ArdaXi This is not the Phantom of the Opera
2:43 PM
@ArdaXi clonk ow! here guys catch! whoosh
Anyway, I'm off to work.
vanishes in a puff of capitalism
@ArdaXi ho!
@FallenAngelEyes Argh, I was meaning to ask this actually. So I can't answer it.
Guess I'll answer it ♪
@GraceNote Dammit guys! look what you've done!
2:49 PM
Here guys, have a cool kid wallpaper
Q: What's the difference between the fishing poles?

FallenAngelEyesYou start out with the Teacher's Pole, and I see that one of the rewards offered by the Fisherman who teaches you to fish is the Old Man's Pole. What's the difference between the poles offered in the game? Does the cursor for catching them move slower? Is the Impact area larger or does it do more...

@Manaಠдಠ actually are you sure that isn't the teacher?
@Lazers Where are you seeing this as a reward?
My first thought was that maybe the Old Man's Pole's official translation ended up being "Teacher's Pole"
@Powerlord No, you're given a teacher's pole at the beginning of fishing, and then by catching enough fish you can get the old man's pole.
@Powerlord After you go through the Fisherman's tutorial, he has a sort of store he offers where you can trade fish for items
2:55 PM
They're two distinct items.
Question, @Mana
'sup @Grace
What pole were you using when fishing in the extra stage of the Zephyran Ruins?
Teacher's pole. Didn't seem to have any problems.
Oh, you shouldn't have. That's what I wanted to confirm ♪
3:00 PM
Clearly the difference is that the Blump Family Fishing Pole gives you +3 Fishing. (Kudos if you get the reference)
@Manaಠдಠ is that you?
slaps Powerlord This is not WoW.
@Wipqozn uhm. Yes?
@Manaಠдಠ Although that item is no longer dropping in game.
@Manaಠдಠ Thought so.
It has a replacement as I recall, but heck if I remember the name.
3:03 PM
Great, now I need to add "What fish don't like what" to my research.
I love your website btw @mana. Very impressive.
Thank you. I'm a master of HTML5.
It shows.
Speaking of which, I'm actually working on that atm.
Although, now I have to doublecheck something...
I haven't worked with raw HTML since the early 4.0 days. :O
I agree with the diablo III sentiment.
Which I realize I have no idea how long ago was being discussed.
@RavenDreamer Several days, at least.
@RavenDreamer I'm honestly conflicted. It'd be great visibility for the site but uuugh, I don't agree with the always online DRM or the fact that you can't back up your save game at all.
@Powerlord Actually we were talking about it a couple hours ago.
3:07 PM
So, I have almost everything set up on my new computer. I just need to reinstall Office and Visual Studio.
Nah, @Powerlord. Only a few hours.
(You can only use Blizzard's cloud storage for your save apparently)
@RavenDreamer Well, I guess that depends on which Diablo 3 conversation you're referring to.
@FallenAngelEyes Foolin' is an awesome song on Expert
Q: Can I disable the background video effects?

Thomas McDonaldWhile playing effects/filters will occasionally be added to the video that runs in the background. While some of them are not so noticeable (b&w), others are incredibly distracting (over the top motion blur, faux-overexposure), to the point where it's difficult to concentrate on the track in ...

3:08 PM
Take note Blizzard!
Also. I think Skyrim is going to be more relevant than Diablo III.
In terms of next big game release.
Even if half the questions become, "Well, if you look here on the unofficial Elder SCrolls Wiki..."
@RavenDreamer Sounds like Nethack
@GraceNote bwha, hm?
That's what a lot of the nethack answers are, you mean?
I thought you were implying that that is what the answers to the Skyrim questions would be
@Fallen What's the site for Gamescom, again?
Now you've just confused me entirely. Ah, well.
So is Need You Tonight, but it's hard as anything to keep a streak going
@RavenDreamer Our Nethack questions often get answered with links to Nethackwiki, that's all.
Thanks. Just composing the final proposal for your sponsorship.
Oh, so I did understand you then.
I wonder if anyone ever did the TF2 RPG mod.
@Powerlord Yeah, Valve did it
@ThomasMcDonald No, I mean the one someone did a mockup of before, with NPCs that sell you items and things.
Of course, the mockup screenshots didn't include combat...
3:14 PM
@FallenAngelEyes You're getting sponsored to do something for SE?
To go to the conference and talk up the site, I imagine.
@RavenDreamer Maybe. I'd like to go to Gamescom so I can do some coverage for the site there.
Don't we need to give her buisness cards first, to avoid uncomfortable shirt-staring? :P
Or that.
@Brant I don't think we can actually speak there because it's a trade show and we don't have games of our own to show.
3:17 PM
Ah, it's a trade show.
@RavenDreamer Hopefully my shirt will survive the wash. I hear @Kevin Y's didn't so well. :(
@FallenAngelEyes really...? :/ that sucks. I thought about buying one, but not if I can't wash it
@Wipqozn Yeah, he said the colors faded :(
I haven't washed mine yet. Or worn it.
I still have a couple A Tale In The Desert t-shirts I bought back in 2003 that I never wore once...
Mine's in the wash right now, gonna see how it is when it comes out
We don't have a dryer though, so I wonder if that'll make a difference
But yeah, Guild Wars 2 will be showing the Sylvari race for the first time and are also making an announcement, Valve will be showing off DotA 2, Borderlands 2 will have its first showing...
3:20 PM
@FallenAngelEyes GUild WArs 2? Awesome.
@Wipqozn Sylvari week started! They showed the new art design.
@Wipqozn Correct.
(I am a really big GW fan)
In fact, that should be the subtitle of the game. "Guild Wars 2: Awesome"
I am looking forward to it so much more than TOR.
3:22 PM
I've been meaning to get back to GW1 and get some more HoM points, but I guess I still have some time
@RavenDreamer We're hoping to provide swag for Fallen to distribute. Shirts and stickers, mostly.
Apparently, the stickers have been big hits, even bigger than business cards were.
@GraceNote I hope that gets figured out quickly then. :/ Packages from the US tend to take around 2-2.5 weeks to get here.
@FallenAngelEyes Yeah, I started out really excited about Old Republic, but then they started showing more gameplay, and gushing endlessly about how much talking there is in the game (OMG, 92 days of voiceover content for me to skip? YAY!)
I will buy it, but I don't have high hopes
@FallenAngelEyes I've been shooting to get this done as early as feasible. It's been a matter of figuring out who to talk to, as it were.
@sjohnston Yeah... admittedly, they have never claimed that they want to revolutionize actual gameplay experience as much as GW2 wants to, but GW2's shaking up of MMO archetypes really interests me.
@GraceNote No problem. :) If it doesn't get here in time, am I allowed to print off my own cards or something to take?
3:24 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Me too, I like how anti-trinity they are.
@Brant Yes, I really like this.
@FallenAngelEyes We could suggest that. I know someone else once spoke of that exact same tactic before, though I don't know how that fell through.
@GraceNote Okay cool.
Also the person who works at the game store closest to me seemed pretty interested in our site
Did you write down the name for him? :P
I'm wondering if we could ask to maybe display a poster in the store or cards or something
3:27 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Can you convince him to... yeah, do exactly that? ♪
DIY was discussing doing something just like that, actually.
@GraceNote I wanted to ask here first if that would be allowed before bringing it up to him.
And see what's even available to offer
Well, we don't have any official posters. That said, I'd check with Brett White - he's our awesome promotions guy.
Posters would be neat.
I have a good relationship with the store and the guy who works there. We go there pretty much every week (even if we don't always buy something) and we've spent uh... a lot of money there, so we're known there as good customers.
Although I don't know if our logo would really look good blown up poster-size...
3:29 PM
@Brant That's okay. We'll just expand some text like, say, "My children are useless".
Ideally, I'd really love to have stickers/business cards or something small people could take with them because our URL is not that easy to remember from just a glance.
can has domain?
Speaking of which, did anyone else catch the original title of this Meta question? ♪
@badp that question you asked if it should be on gamedev probably shouldn't be migrated. It would probably be downvoted quite a bit and the answers wouldn't add a lot.
@GraceNote Nay, what was it?
3:31 PM
@FallenAngelEyes "Ok, is this site just a 4 Chan rip-off?"
@GraceNote ...ahahaha oh wow, really?
Obviously this person hasn't visited 4chan...
Or really visited our site. 15 minutes to make that kind of a call.
3:31 PM
@sjohnston Was thinking the same thing.
@GraceNote I'm curious how he came across all those question titles in 15 minutes.
@Grace I kind of wish there wasn't a timer on the trial mode. It's letting me know exactly how long I'm spending fishing...
The /b/ridge?
@FallenAngelEyes Haha
Also, it drives me nuts that Carpe Fulgur didn't translate the Jukebox.
For an otherwise completely English game that you mightn't even realize it's a translated work (due to their style of localization), it's just sudden Japanese.
Q: How did I get Corki for free?

DecencyI played LoL months ago and began saving IP. I intended (and still do) to buy runes upon hitting level 20, using just free heroes until that point. Recently I started playing again with a friend who was surprised to see that I have Corki "purchased" on my account, who is in the most expensive tie...

@FallenAngelEyes IS there any word on when they plan to release Guild Wars 2?
3:39 PM
@Wipqozn Hahaha godIwish :|
"When it's done"
@FallenAngelEyes dang :/ Yeah I thought they were still saying that.
@GraceNote They said that may or may not get changed depending on audience reaction and time they have
@Wipqozn But like I said, they said they're going to have a big announcement at Gamescom, so people are (hesitantly) speculating that it may be either a beta date or release date
Hah, they actually looked into that.
@FallenAngelEyes Probably a beta date. I was just looking on the wiki and...
> ArenaNet will be conducting small closed alpha and beta tests in 2011.[39] The feedback from these tests will determine when they will do public beta tests and ship the game.
So I assume it will be a beta date, and after the beta they will announce the release date, or an estimate.
@Wipqozn Yeah, people jumped all over that small tidbit of news when it came out.
I've been waiting 4 years, I can wait a little longer.
3:43 PM
This is why I try not to follow games anymore. I hate the wait.
They first announced it when they released Nightfall.
and there was like virtual radio silence on the matter til 2010
I seen the video for the engineer, oh my god, it looks like so much fun
when we got a shitload of news
@FallenAngelEyes yeah I remember that
I was honestly afraid it was going to be vaporware because we'd heard so little
3:43 PM
SAme here actually.
But 2010 came and it was like choir of angels time
I got a bunch of my guildmates playing earlier this year in anticipation for GW2.
NIce. Yeah I might start playing GW again soon, do some HOM stuff.
I can't remember, did we trade ingame names?
yeah we did
ah, you're Crovax, neh?
3:45 PM
Indeed I am
k, I put that on one of my virtual post-it notes
Crovax was my old screen name, BACK IN THE DAY.
heh, mtg player, are we?
@sjohnston well snap, nice catch.
Speaking of which, I'm kind of excited for Illistrad
3:47 PM
me too
more Liliana <3~
I haven't bought any cards in awhile so I'm thinking of starting to buy them again with Illistrad.
@FallenAngelEyes is that confirmed?
@sjohnston Uuuuuh, somewhat. MTGSalvation has some stuff if you're interested.
@Wipqozn I had basically quit around Ravnica and got hooked back in around Zendikar.
3:48 PM
@Wipqozn I have a lot of cards but I've stopped buying paper regularly because I don't have anyone to play with around here. :/
I do have a rather considerable collection on MTGO, but I haven't played in a while there either
Liliana Vess, Planeswalker
of course now I'm sad that I missed all the interesting stuff like Lorwyn mini-blocks and time spiral craziness
Oh. Not of interest. Ne'ermin'
@FallenAngelEyes one of my close friends recently started playing it, so he got me back into it.
3:49 PM
I started around Tempest and played a bit til Invasion then stopped until Mirrodin
I played from Mirrodin til Time Spiral then stopped again
I started in Mirage and stopped when the first Urza block came out
Well, if there's a new Lilliana, that will be super exciting. My favorite plainswalker and the only original one to not have a new version yet
@sjohnston Yes, she's my fave too. <3
Her new art is sexy.
@Tetrad Thanks.
@FallenAngelEyes I never got into MTGO.
3:52 PM
@Wipqozn It's pretty much the only way I have to actually play with my friends :(
@sjohnston room topic changed to The /b/ridge: of 4chan's super-secret outpost in Gaming's StackExchange™ AlienOverlord AskQuestion™ mothership, wherein our resident angry mob are going to make a terrible charge for our lazers Grace Note will fire in the nyarragabaldic attempt to reject Grace Note and replace him with our own choice of moderators in the undergoing, new StackExchange™ PeopleEmpowering Elections-O-Matic testing initiative. [gaming] [not-really-4chan]
all of my friends who play are on the other side of the Atlantic
I've thought about using MTGO to test out some deck ideas, since the "cards" tend to be much cheaper. I have a hard time paying for virtual cards though.
@FallenAngelEyes Force your friends to move to the netherlands. Problem solved.
I wish :P
3:53 PM
CAn you buy singles on MTGO?
@sjohnston Yeah, I know what you mean. That's actually the same problem I have with paying for digitally distributed games.
@FallenAngelEyes I am lucky in that people at work recently discovered that we all play mtg
But in this case, it's better to buy virtual stuff I'll actually play with rather than physical stuff I never play :/
we now have about 5 games going at any given lunchtime
@Wipqozn Yes
@sjohnston Haha awesome
3:54 PM
@sjohnston Well that's awesome.
I used to read the articles every day on the website, but I got behind after Time Spiral
We've started doing booster drafts when the new sets come out
Mark Rosewater is awesome though and I love his articles
When I was in HS, Grade 10 to be exact, it's all I did every lunch time for the entire year. Seriously. There were about 15 people that played, and we hijacked some spare room the learning centre never used.
I really love his stuff about the color wheel and the player archetypes of MtG
3:55 PM
Oh. Now we can link chat rooms to tags. that's the actual meaning of the tags field.
Hah, oh, I remember reading his article on the color wheel
I guess this room's only possibly valid tag can be
@GraceNote He's done in-depth articles on each color. I really like them a lot.
I read those a long time ago, too. A long time ago.
@FallenAngelEyes The design stuff is pretty interesting. I'm sure it must be ridiculous and stressful, now that everything is discussed by the community at high-speed online and they have to balance for standard, extended, modern, legacy, etc. etc.
3:58 PM
Never realized how many MTG gathering players we had here. If we didn't all live in different countries I'd suggest a meet-up for MTG.
room topic changed to The /b/ridge: of 4chan's super-secret outpost in Gaming's StackExchange™ AlienOverlord AskQuestion™ mothership, wherein our resident angry mob are going to make a terrible charge for our lazers Grace Note will fire in the nyarragabaldic attempt to reject Grace Note and replace him with our own choice of moderators in the undergoing, new StackExchange™ PeopleEmpowering Elections-O-Matic testing initiative. [murder] [game-rec] [identify-this-game]
Let's see if this can increase the visibility of this room on those tags as well.
I also liked Matt Cavotta's Taste the Magic column a lot, where he suggested a 4th player archetype (the Vorthos player) and discussed how flavor and concept relate to design and development
nope. I'm now confused
I'm a very nerdy player who sometimes loves the flavor text of a card more than the mechanics :P

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