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4:00 PM
I actually decided to collect all the cards that have quotes from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner or Edgar Allan Poe on them
Still need a couple
@FallenAngelEyes I love the flavor text on cards.
Huh. Seems like half the time when something gets flagged in chat I have no idea why.
@Wipqozn Yay for flavor nerds!
I'm also severely in love with the entire Ravnica block.
That was a pretty great block.
I think my personal favorite was the original Mirrodin, because it was so severely broken. I still bust out Ravager Affinity from time to time.
also Urza's, for much the same reason
@sjohnston lol Skullclamp :P
The Ravnica books were pretty great as well
I really liked them
4:04 PM
last time I read an MTG book was around Invasion, I think
I also may or may not have a City of Heroes character based on Razia, Boros Archangel <_<
I read everything from Kamigawa through Time Spiral I think
@sjohnston That really was a terrible unbalanced block. So many OP cards.
I really liked the whole Urza vs. Phyrexia mythology. When they finished that plot-line, I kind of stopped caring about the stories behind magic.
@Wipqozn Yeah, they banned something like 7 or 9 cards.
@sjohnston Jeff Grubb's The Brothers' War is one of my all-time fave MtG books
Mirrodin is when I started playing. The first deck I bought was the sunburst deck. Actually that was the first 'expert' deck I bought, I bought the discard core set deck first.
4:08 PM
Isn't this off topic?
>Flag as off-topic
>Move to [Magic the gathering.SE](http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/4082/magic-the-gathering)
>Get ignored
@RonanForman lol off topic on the bridge.
link! Y U NO WORK!
Three. I choose three.
http:// ain't optional
@badp so it would appear
4:11 PM
@Wipqozn */b/ridge
@badp I put it in, it still doesn't work
Yay new fishing pole!
oh god, @Grace, @Mana, help me, I'm addicted :x
@ThomasMcDonald oh gawd, my mistake.
SUCCESS! topic derailed complete!
@FallenAngelEyes I'd help you, but it's funnier to see you suffer from your addiction.
4:12 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Wait till you get the RX. ♪
Anyways,back to magic just to ruin @RonanForman happiness.
Illistrad's looking to have a horror theme so I'm all perk
I have... a Thran Golem...
Yeah, since the alternative is another 12 hours of TF2 players QQing about their underpowered engineers
@Wipqozn I NO RITE!
4:13 PM
That's about all I can say on this.
Have you guys played any Archenemy?
@GraceNote Enchant it! For the love of God, enchant it!
@RonanForman Multiline text doesn't support any formatting. No bold, no italics, no links.
@sjohnston *underequipped
@sjohnston I love Wipqozns law. That wipqozn is one handsome devil.
4:13 PM
@sjohnston As it stands, I wish I had Rancor. Or, really, any Enchant Creature.
(That wasn't Sleeping Potion. That one doesn't really help me here)
@GraceNote nice little enchantment for 1 mana
I really should make U/W control deck. I've been thinking about doing it for awhile.
Ah rancor. Add enchantress and auratog, salt to taste.
4:16 PM
@Wipqozn Azorius!
@sjohnston And you've consequently started discussing cards I've never owned or seen.
@FallenAngelEyes I was thinking about creating an Azorius commander deck
(I'm like, pre-Kamigawa here)
Something something phasing.
(I have some knowledge of Time Spiral but only for that kraken)
4:17 PM
Go on card, authorize 63p.
@sjohnston Ooooh neat
You can do it
Humble Bundle GET.
Can someone Ping me?
Hey, who changed the room title?
4:18 PM
@Amithkk pong
@Brant If you want to really go old school, we could talk about banding
@GraceNote Ah. Well, Argothian Enchantress is from Urza's, lets you draw a card per enchantment you play. Auratog is Tempest, and eats enchantments for +2/+2. And the Rancor returns to your hand. Repeat.
Aaagh, banding.
I was the resident Rules Lawyer in our group, and even I couldn't figure the damn thing out.
@FallenAngelEyes I have a few cards with banding.
4:19 PM
Humble Minecraft Key: cfdb271a65b045chumble3b5e8fc85a4756eb7
someone have 5 days (lol) of minecraft on me
banding was painful and I do not regret their decision to stop printing it
@sjohnston Indeed
@sjohnston Oh, wow.
Dammit you guys, now I want to play :(
4:20 PM
Also, hahahaha, Banding
@ThomasMcDonald you're so kind
@ThomasMcDonald I just realised i never gave mine out, oh well: 2ef60f46d68d40ahumble982ef08af05f780af
good point
....The /b/ridge?
Now people visiting the site will see "The /b/ridge" in the sidebar and think this really is a 4chan outpost or something
4:21 PM
@Manaಠдಠ It's a joke. Let me find you the context.
@brant and it will be hilarious
@mana here
I think you need the URL too
@Wipqozn Thanks, things make more sense now.
4:24 PM
woo, vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvwvvwwwvvv is on mac.
dang, can't find it :/
Has anyone here played the Deus Ex games?
@FallenAngelEyes @sjohnston was trying to find the old video that came when you bought the starter pack. With magic the gathering.
I've never played them and Human Revolution trailers looked kind of neat
@FallenAngelEyes playing through the first with afriend actually
4:25 PM
The concept at least seems interesting
@FallenAngelEyes Deus Ex 1 is a classic. Deus Ex: Invisible Wars not so much
@FallenAngelEyes I reached the third chapter of the first game, lost interest, lost game saves, played through the first chapter again, lost interest again.
@Manaಠдಠ I have a bad feeling human revolution will just be gears of cover duty 3
@Manaಠдಠ This is exactly right
@Wipqozn I rather agree with Yahtzee about why regenerating health sucks
4:27 PM
Is er... Chantelise any good then?
Seems like Human Revolution reviews have pegged it as a good game where you have a lot of choice as to how you play. Since that was a large part of what made the original good, I have hope
I have £13.60 in my Steam account
I really find it hard to believe that Deus Ex was published after Quake 3 or System Shock 2.
@FallenAngelEyes Me too. I hate the concept. Although I'm not a fan of Halo, I need to give it props since at least it's regen system actually made sense. Your health bar didn't regenerate, your shield bar did.
The graphics looked way more like 1996 (Quake 1) than 2000 (American McGee's Alice).
4:29 PM
It wasn't a pretty game, even when it was new.
@ThomasMcDonald If you like action gamepad-style games, it's a lot of fun. It's also great if you like puzzle solving ridiculous puzzles, or if you're like @Fallen and are obsessed with fishing minigames.
@GraceNote It's sad, I know. ;_;
Then Halo become SUPER DUPER POPULAR so now every FPS needs to have health which regenerates.
@GraceNote I'll give it a shot, it's only £6.50. That still leaves me with some money for some keys in TF2.
@ThomasMcDonald Play the demo first
4:31 PM
@ThomasMcDonald you kids and your keys
Yeah, a demo would be a wise idea to try first, since you have the option to it.
@badp ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿
You really really want a gamepad for that game, it turns out.
You have to admit though, regenerating health was a good idea at the time, and still is really.
4:32 PM
Seriously, I've had conversations like this: Friend: "You should try this game." Me: "Maybe, I've got too many to play right now." Friend: "It has fishing~" Me: stops playing other games and goes to the new one to fish
If you don't have one, be aware you'll have to turn around your camera with the keyboard
@FallenAngelEyes Do you fish IRL?
@Wipqozn I don't have a license to fish here in the NL, but I used to, yeah.
@badp I haven't had an issue with this, as it were, but... I use the keyboard a lot, eh.
Irony being I don't eat seafood.
But I like to fish anyway.
4:33 PM
@FallenAngelEyes So you just like to torture them? Wow that's twisted.
The keyboard camera controls are no different than the gamepad ones, after all
And I thought @ArdaXi was evil.
@GraceNote I know you fit right into this kind of control scheme; we've had this discussion already. It was too frustrating for me however to handle camera, jump, attack and hit those bats at the same time, without being hit for 9 damage. (You start at 30.)
@Wipqozn I'm very nice to fish. It's people I like to torture, tyvm.
Fishing is a pretty cool thing to do until you realise it's cold and you haven't caught anything in 4 hours and while you were releasing that something's nibbled at the end of your line but you missed it ever so slightly because you were too busy realising that fishing is not a cool thing to do
4:34 PM
@badp Locking on helps.
@FallenAngelEyes oh, never mind.
@badp I won't disagree with you there, but I don't see how the identical control scheme between gamepad and keyboard makes it any different to use a keyboard in that particular respect.
@Wipqozn I guess you're also a vegetarian?
I wonder if die2nite is still going...
@ThomasMcDonald To be fair, I don't really get why people run after this round thing and try to punt it into a net either (soccer) and get paid millions of dollars for it.
4:34 PM
@GraceNote Super Meat Boy is a game that never made me reach for the mouse. People still claim it plays much better on a gamepad.
Die2Nite? I remember that game.
(cough @arda cough)
@FallenAngelEyes soccer? I don't know a game by that name
@badp I am awful at platforming with the keyboard.
@ThomasMcDonald football, whatevs :P
@Brant Yeah, didn't we have a g.se game going?
4:36 PM
@ThomasMcDonald Oh my on. I'm just messing with @FallenAngelEyes Although I am opposed to hunting for sport. Eating meat is just part of the circle of life.
@ThomasMcDonald There was... sort of not really one. Town placement is random so you'd have to restart at the same time.
@FallenAngelEyes because humans suck at using their feet!
@FallenAngelEyes Yeah, but we were in a group so we all got pulled into a town together
@badp What space? You're crazy.
Um, what was it called, a coalition?
4:37 PM
Though if you made Hero, you could pick towns, right?
I haven't revisited the site in a while.
Great. Now I feel like watching through The Lion King again.
If you paid money you could pick towns and drag your coalition with you. They were capped at 5 but you could coordinate and have one hero in each.
And then when the game launched and hero status cost almost as much as a WoW subscription, everyone stopped caring.
@Wipqozn A couple weeks ago I felt this necessity to listen to a bunch of old Disney songs and sing along. :x
@Brant Holy shit, really?
I know we played for a little after the game going "gold" freemium
then... meh. Bigger and badder stuff got our minds.
I just lost interest, yo.
4:40 PM
@Manaಠдಠ me too l o l
I forget exactly (and can't find it on the site easily), but it was pretty steep for a low-interaction web-based game.
Phew, just found out one of my friends who lives in the UK is ok and the riots haven't affected him much.
@Brant It's no surprise they have hidden the price if it costs that much.
@FallenAngelEyes Riots? I've been completely disconnected the past few days due to not having easy access it internet at home, due desktop issues.
@FallenAngelEyes If he doesn't live in London or Birmingham, he should be fine up til now
I think it was limited to a very small area in Birmingham last night, and the same sort of areas in London that it has been the past few days
4:45 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Oh wow, that's crazy.
@Wipqozn check this
@Wipqozn The police shot someone and there's this whole hullabaloo about it
They're on about potentially using baton rounds tonight
@ThomasMcDonald thanks. I was on the wikipedia page.
People really start talking when I'm gone.
263 messages in an hour and 15 minutes.
4:47 PM
so, does anyone fancy trying die2nite again?
I still appear to be in the coalition
@Powerlord We like talking trash about you behind your back.
@ThomasMcDonald What's a polite way of saying no?
1 month of die2nite subscription is €12
@Powerlord ignoring it. ;)
4:48 PM
@ThomasMcDonald Yeeeeah, screw that
You didn't play with us before did you?
You don't have to pay like... I just seem to think it was almost pay2win.
You can play for free of course, but paid users get huge gameplay bonuses
Yeah, I've no intention of paying
I hate that kind of system.
4:50 PM
I'm trying to figure out why someone would pay the same amount as a modern MMO subscription for bonuses in die2nite.
@Powerlord probably the same reason someone would pay for keys in TF2
err I mean, who knows!
hats hats hats hats hats hats hats hats hats hats hats hats hats hats hats hats hats hats
Wow, webmasters.se only has a single >10k user, and it's a moderator anyway.
Oh, weird. The blog link goes to blog.SE since that's where the last blog post happened.
4:52 PM
Instead of the gaming blog...not sure what I think aboot that.
@Manaಠдಠ No, it goes it the SE blog period. All meta sites now link to the SE blog.
Oh, right. I was on meta. Okay, that makes more sense.
Yeah I think it's a good idea myself.
I think you accidentally missed a.
@Manaಠдಠ just making sure you were paying attention. You need to notice these things if you become a mod.
4:56 PM
@badp omg
vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv‌​vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv‌​vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv appears to be awesome
@ThomasMcDonald It is. You also have too many v's there. Learn to spell.
@Wipqozn Too few.
(I seem to be having a bit of trouble here today)
I'm uploading a screenshot of what made me go WTF but it's taking too long.
4:59 PM
@Manaಠдಠ When you first put "@Wi" I was thinking "Who's name starts with Wi...? Oh wait, right. I do."
@ThomasMcDonald duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh.
ef that, I'll use imgur proper
cmon imgur don't give me up and let me down
let's try imageshack then
why do you build me up, imgur baby, just to let me down, and mess me around
What are you uploading, a hippopotamus?
@GraceNote I lol'd
I keep trying to play other games and end up just reloading Chantelise to go fishing more
5:05 PM
They climb up to 100% and get stuck there :/
> Fetching the page failed due to too large request or content.
stupid mobile.
Hippopotamus, indeed.
@FallenAngelEyes perhaps you should play this instead
It's 1.8 MB, ffs
not rocket science
Fine, let's go 8-bit.
Since when can you assign tags to chat rooms?
@Wipqozn It's weird, I'm not horribly interested in fishing-*based* games
mostly minigames
5:08 PM
@Fallen Can you post something big on our Meta?
Though uhm actually, I don't think I can say that. Now that I think about it... I've specifically avoided actually playing fishing-only games for fear of getting addicted.
@badp That is a lot of stuff.
@GraceNote Er, pardon?
Talked with the moneys, they want a basic "pitch" from you about Gamescom and why it won't be a waste of money for us to sponsor you.
5:10 PM
@FallenAngelEyes in that case may I suggest some Animal Crossing or HArvest MOon?
They won't really take me pitching it through email. The other parts are mostly secure, the main thing to write on is like, "I was thinking about sponsoring the Gaming community at Gamescom. Here's what I found out: [details]. What do you think?", explaining what Gamescom is all about, all the key figures that'll be showing up (GW2, DOTA2, etc.)
@Wipqozn I already play both :)
Man, $20 for Diablo 2...? Isn't this game like 50 years old?
I've already covered the actual monetary aspect, your job, @Fallen, is to pitch about the actual conference itself and why it's going to be an awesome idea, what will be there, and most importantly, what you plan to do to help promote us.
@GraceNote Oh, okay, sure, no problem. Though I'm a little confused as to why they won't accept the pitch through email?
5:13 PM
@Manaಠдಠ Only $20? I thought it was still $35.
@FallenAngelEyes All I know is, I gave them the pitch via email, and the one big thing they said in response was, "META POST"
Gotcha. scoots
Heck, Warcraft 3 BattleChest was still $40 last time I looked.
Wait, if I add "bacon" to the list of room tags, does it tell everyone I changed it? ;)
@Powerlord Yeah, same with the D2 battlechest.
@Powerlord Yes, but we could blame it on badp
5:16 PM
@Wipqozn Nah, it shows that I changed it.
in SE Game On!, 1 min ago, by Powerlord
room topic changed to SE Game On!: TF2 is free now. Maybe we should schedule a little somethin' somethin'. [game-on] [events] [bacon]
@FallenAngelEyes Are there any smurfs?!?
@Grace Should I have made a meta-post earlier about this? :/ I didn't know if we were really allowed to.
@FallenAngelEyes We didn't really have this worked out before. We should have, yes, but it's no foul at all that you didn't do this before.
I'm afraid they'll be all "Wtf, why are you posting this now when it's in a week and a half" x_x
5:20 PM
I could be convinced to do Die2Nite if we could do an entire town of Gaming SE. Anyone can create coalitions now, so all it would take is 40 interested people and some coordination.
@FallenAngelEyes Security posted the day before their conference. You'll be fine.
And I've got your back here.
@FallenAngelEyes It'll be fine!
Baghdad: saved
@badp when you said that, it made me think of an episode of Doctor Who.
@bwarner So we're at 2 people then.
5:26 PM
Also, I still don't fully 'get' Terraria
@ThomasMcDonald AND MY AXE!
@ThomasMcDonald If we don't need to pay, and can play together, I'd be willing to give it a go.
@Manaಠдಠ wat.
@Wipqozn Yeah, it's free, C. Ross played with us before as well, but I cannay ping him from here
5:29 PM
so er, terraria. I started playing but then there's no obvious path of things to do next
@ThomasMcDonald You can't ping @CRoss from here? Why?
like I made a leetle house
@Powerlord Didn't autosuggest, I was too lazy.
@ThomasMcDonald Just remove spaces and puntuation from names and you can ping them. If I wanted to be funny, I'd ping JeffAtwood.
I thought they had to be in a room within the past x days.
5:30 PM
I'm guessing @Gnome would join. But I think we're going to have a hard time getting much more than that.
@ThomasMcDonald I don't think so. I've been pinged in channels I haven't visited before.
@bwarner Which is a shame, because it's free.
@Powerlord Doesn't work if he wasn't in this room recently
@Brant also played last time
@ThomasMcDonald when would you want to do it? Saturday ?
5:31 PM
Of course, moved posts also count as visiting a room, so that may be why.
@Wipqozn I don't mind, it's like a turn-based (?) game so you get a limited number of actions per day
Yeah, I'd play d2n again if we started up a gaming coalition.
It doesn't cost money, but it does cost a lot of time...
@ThomasMcDonald ah okay, gotcha.
I would at least be willing to give it a try.
And I'm less interested in playing if it is 10 Gaming people and 30 random schmucks
5:32 PM
Same, really.
@bwarner same. I would only want to play if it was mostly gaming people.
Gah, why did Terraria have to update when I'm trying to write this proposal!
So how do we go about advertising such an event to try to draw more people?
@bwarner Ping everyone that has an account?
some sort of @everyone command?
I guess there might be some people on mso up for it
we did have a room for it as well
I'd be up for Die2Nite.
@ThomasMcDonald Yeah, I still have that starred
It's frozen though
you'd need a mod to poke it

 SE Game On!

TF2 server is TF2.stackgaming.com Minecraft server is mine.sta...
Maybe one of those community ads that show up on the right of the questions?
5:34 PM


Discussion of Die2Nite gameplay.
@ThomasMcDonald Frozen room
@Powerlord I know, but that's where it was
Just looking through the transcript to find everyone with accounts
@ThomasMcDonald Can the owner or a mod unfreeze it?
Yeah, @badp can do it. I think
5:36 PM
I did it
@Powerlord did you get the ping I sent you from Die2Nite? (testing if it will)
@Wipqozn Nope, but I'm not looking at the super-collider either.
Why do all the Terraria LPers start by customising their character
5:57 PM
okay, I am still none-the-wiser
@Thomas Watching an LP != playing the game
@Manaಠдಠ No, I've been playing the past half-hour
Q: Is Kinect worth buying?

AndreDuraoI've been wondering for the last 2 months if I buy or not a XBOX360 with Kinect. I have a PS3 and a Wii and like both those consoles. Since this "new jailbreak" was found for Xbox 360 Slim 4GB, the prices of Xboxes w/ Kinect rose from 800BRL to 900BRL (original ones, not the cracked or custom fir...

@Lazers No.
6:02 PM
@Powerlord Man, you're so blunt.
Oh goodie. Decent schedule for the fall. I'm off 11:30 two days, 1:30 two other days, and then 3:30 one day.
@Powerlord reminded me of this
@Wipqozn I lolled
OK, that's a weird error. I have a function defined in one .h/.cpp file, and this file is included by another file, but I get an error from visual studio about how the other file can't find it.
> Error 1 error C2065: 'SortVoteItems' : undeclared identifier d:\Projects\SourceMod\libs\sourcemod\public\builtinvotes\extension.cp‌​p 454 sdk
Oh wait, maybe it's not in the .h
@Powerlord for shame.
6:17 PM
<3 linker errors instead now.
That's the problem with me moving functions from file to file (and class to class)
I keep forgetting to update the .h files.
and now I'm yawning like crazy, which is really annoying.
oh wow, I just made an equally derp mistake
forgot ' ' around a string
6:36 PM
> FireFox will matter to me again when it gets rid of all the bloat. If the Mozilla foundation isn't willing to streamline the Firefox codebase they should release a stripped-down no frills version. They can call it something like Phoenix or Firebird to distinguish it from Firefox.
Best quote I've seen today.
I don't think they'd use Firebird without worrying that it'd get confused with Thunderbird
@GraceNote I did it. I'm in the familiar forest. I got all the secret treasures!!!!!
Took you long enough. Did you answer your own question or are you waiting on me still?
@Manaಠдಠ Congrats!
I answered my own question.
Sealed Door was cruel.
6:41 PM
@FallenAngelEyes FireBird and Phoenix were both previous names of Firefox. Firefox was created to be a less-bloated version of the Mozilla Suite.
@Manaಠдಠ Best part is? You don't get any hints
@Manaಠдಠ Huh, I think you can get that one on Practice Mode, actually.
...but the puzzles should seem oddly familiar.
6:43 PM
@Powerlord Yeah I know, I've been using Mozilla since 2002, but I think that was one of the reasons they didn't want to use that name in the final.
@Grace Really? Hmmm
I'll have to retry and I'll just post a better answer. We could use a Chantelise question with more than one answer ♪
Well, the first secret treasure here was easy. Hopefully they'll all be like that.
Yeah, actually, they seem to be generous to accomodate the fact there are no hints.
6:45 PM
oh, @Powerlord ... yeah, I haven't wandered in here in a long time
mainly b/c people are acutally chatting about RPGs
@CRoss Pretty sure you were here like a week or two ago.
@GraceNote I just got an item called the BlamFisher RX. That...that's pretty hilarious.
6:51 PM
That's what it's called in English, Hahaha
I think Chantelise just patched
I got a popup for it downloading anyway
Also @KevinY: My shirt just came out of the wash and is suffering the same problem as yours :/
The bronze coin especially seems to have lost a bunch of color
oh man...:(
It's not super noticeable now, but I can't imagine the shirt will survive a few more washings very well :/
Great, so that means I can never wear the shirt.
I'm going to go check my shirt, then.
6:59 PM
I don't even have a dryer, we hang our stuff dry, so it's less wear than someone who dries I'd imagine

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