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9:00 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Ah, this is true.
It's just something that they sell in infomercials xp
I hate you guys.
I won't purchase that product until I see a black and white video of a woman hilariously failing to prepare bacon normally
@BenBrocka Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
9:00 PM
@ElfSlice I'm defending you! Not for your using of a product that is sold on infomercials though. You can burn in hell for that one
@BenBrocka Tired of dumping hot bacon grease all over yourself? Worried about frying pans injuring your children?
@BenBrocka Preferably, there needs to be a fire alarm and the entire fire department showing up at her door.
@BenBrocka it's not in black and white but there was a woman failing to cook bacon
@BenBrocka Specifically by doing something you wouldn't normally do while cooking bacon.
I have no idea how she got 2 cm of grease in the frying pan while cooking bacon
9:01 PM
Seriously though the baconwave is awesome
@ElfSlice Can't use the frying pan because your one-eyed black Scottish husband keeps taking it to beat people over the head?
@ElfSlice It's no BaconBowl.
@Yuki That's a fair point!
@ElfSlice meh, you can cook it easily enough in a microwave without it
@TrentHawkins is that like puppybowl except with bacon?
@KevinvanderVelden but why
9:03 PM
@KevinvanderVelden no- it 'makes' bowls out of bacon.
@BenBrocka because you need to go in 2 minutes and don't mind committing heresy to the poor bacon
@TrentHawkins ooh, I think a livestream of adorable puppies eating bacon would sell better
(the cat seems to have fallen off the couch)
@KevinvanderVelden I agree, 'specially because it would be more economical to just turn a muffin tin over. (each 'baconbowl' only makes 1 bacon bowl each. order now and you get 4 for $10!)
@BenBrocka I'm guessing one of the peoples plays Monster Hunter.
If they don't but still have that plushie, there's something wrong with them.
@BenBrocka you getting Warframe?? you'd love it.
9:06 PM
@Yuki with that many people I'm sure SOMEONE plays MH. They also have a touhou doll
@Jin I played a couple matches on PS4. It didn't seem bad, but I dunno about getting into an F2P-scaled grinding economy for it
@BenBrocka it's not bad
AGDQ is back
9:10 PM
@BenBrocka Banshee reminds me of Siren from BL2
Oh well, cya bridge, gonna head to bed :)
I mean, if Siren 'n Zer0 had a babbby, it'd be Banshee
@Jin I didn't look too much into the classes. Love the character designs though
@BenBrocka every suit is like a class, and they have suit specific mods i think.
Wow, you can't say 'shit' on Steam.
9:14 PM
3 tweets, 5 followers, following 0 users
(not me)
@ElfSlice That's... not surprising. At all.
@ElfSlice Boo huntress.
In fact, I don't know why that's worth a "wow".
(I assume you're talking about Dungeon Defenders)
A: My wife tried to kill me! What did I do wrong?

user66062Since Drlawrencespelltemple@hotmail.com cast a love spell for me, things are going great in my marriage life. my husband who was cheating on me almost every week is now a loyal and dedicated man. I’m glad he came back to me after the break up with him because I love him from the bottom of my hear...

9:16 PM
@BenBrocka THat was fast.
@MechanicalLoon Risk of Rain.
@LessPop_MoreFizz wutisthisidon'teven
@ElfSlice Can't comment, then.
I want to unlock the acrid.
lol hotmail.com
9:17 PM
Acrid isn't very good.
also magic spells
I want the Miner.
@ElfSlice So?
@MechanicalLoon So nothing, I had no point.
@ElfSlice He seems better for co-op play. Kinda like Sniper.
9:17 PM
@Yuki Yeah, maybe.
The sniper seems like it would be brutal to try and play solo
@ElfSlice I did. It is brutal.
@badp destroy pls
You can kill things pretty easily, but the numbers just overwhelm you too quickly.
9:18 PM
@Braiam This guy needs to make up his mind.
In fact, Sniper can pretty much one-shot anything, but attack speed is so low that they're easily overwhelmed by large mobs of low health mobs.
Like jellyfish.
fuck the jellyfish
@MechanicalLoon I think he just needs deletion.
I had a really scary moment in the final boss battle where I went down to 3 HP. Two actually, I went down to 7 as well
although I guess I had the cheat death item.
@MechanicalLoon heh.
@Frank whoosh
9:21 PM
@BenBrocka Why were you recording the stream?
Not my gif
Why was somebody recording the stream?
To make gifs obviously
@ElfSlice To make gifs?
@BenBrocka wat
9:22 PM
there's like 50k people, SOMEONE's got to be recording
@ElfSlice I'd rather not.
@ElfSlice I don't know if you can do it with Twitch, but you can rewind streams on LiveStream.
@ElfSlice the same reason people record the news and TV commercials?
@badp someone ran and got the cat plush during the fire alarm
Twitch is donating $50 per 1000 people at peak, up to 100,000 people.
9:22 PM
@BenBrocka I can't be 100% sure what I think happened happened, but I will keep believing in nonetheless
@badp That user needs a name change, I think.
@Wipqozn That isn't what I meant.
@Yuki you can do that on Twitch if the streamer has it enabled
@BenBrocka Wait, someone pulled a fire alarm?
@BenBrocka what wait who fire alarm?
9:22 PM
@Frank way ahead of you.
@badp Awesome.
5 mins ago, by ElfSlice
@badp destroy pls
Not ahead of me!
@ElfSlice You said to delete, but the name was changed, so they were actually ahead of you.
either action would have been acceptable
@badp Then who was fire alarm?
9:24 PM
@ElfSlice not 100% of what he's done was garbage, it was a little more convoluted
Fair enough.
@Wipqozn I'm done with you. Forever. You are the worst.
I noticed he had another post after flagging that one.
@spugsley THanks, I try.
@Wipqozn you are a liar and a pooty butt
9:25 PM
@Yuki In my mind, the owner of the plushie saw that everyone was talking about it on the internet and said "Not on my watch" and came and took it.
@spugsley You're welcome.
@OrigamiRobot My friends have that plushie. It used to be my Facebook profile picture too.
@spugsley And he's such a buttbutt face too.
@ElfSlice hahahaha booty pooty? Really?!
@spugsley At least it's not a booty doody
9:30 PM
@spugsley I'm guessing @Wipqozn's big drama queen announcement is what made him a "pooty butt"?
You don't want that on your mouth tube
@Yuki or lack thereof
Oh, he still hasn't said anything about it?
@Yuki he's just lying
9:31 PM
@spugsley I would never lie. I'm the most honest person on The Bridge.
@Wipqozn You are no longer alot of turtles. You are alot of drama.
@Wipqozn According to @kalina, that title actually belongs to @kalina. Or @Simon. I can't tell with those two.
Jan 3 at 17:22, by Wipqozn
He posted some porn in another room, and the told a bunch of moderators to fudge off. Except he used a different word than fudge.
But I did do that.
That is so me.
See? That proves I'm honest!
9:35 PM
@ElfSlice Most restrooms are not family oriented. This is a good way of easily telling the reader that these are. Brilliant UX really.
@FrostEngineer It's just funny because the man is running off with the baby at arms length while the woman just waves goodbye
@ElfSlice She's chasing after him.
Doesn't look like it to me
@ElfSlice Welcome to Modernity. Enjoy your stay.
@FrostEngineer =P
9:36 PM
We're having a special tier in tomorrow’s bundle, but there are only 1,000 available. Be there on Jan 7 at 11am PT: https://www.humblebundle.com
@3ventic I'm really tempted to build a gif where she very subtly moves.
@ElfSlice "tier"?
@badp 'beat the average' etc
i.e. a level of payment/rewards
@FrostEngineer That would be mean.
9:39 PM
@FrostEngineer Just move one of her irises a little bit.
Has anybody else had trouble getting Bad Hotel from the last humble bundle working on Android?
I bought the bundle once I realized that game was from the same developers as Gentlemen!, but I can't get it to play.
Guess not.
Last chance to grab The Indie Capsule Bundle before it ends forever! 7 awesome, action-packed Steam games for $3.49: http://www.bundlestars.com/all-bundles/indie-capsule-bundle/
yeah I posted it again
I really want to play Insanely Twisted Shadow planet. Big download...
@ElfSlice nope, well, sometimes the levels don't end.
@badp huh, I can't even get it to launch
I just get a blank screen
launches okay on a Nexus 7
I guess it doesn't like my tablet...
I deleted and reinstalled it again too
no dice
@badp Hey, have you gotten around to trying Gateways yet?
9:45 PM
I wonder if it's ever going to get to the point where I need to spend help points
@badp They get pretty tricky.
@badp Which portal devices do you have?
the first 2
Which are... uh... it's been a while.
The size one?
9:48 PM
Q: Why are my bitizens staying at home?

James PaceMy shop ran out of stock and 2 of the 3 employees went home. I have since restocked the shop but the employees are still at home. How can I get them back to work?

Q: What are the specific effects of hidden armor bonuses in Minecraft?

CPsloStudentThere are four possible general armor enchantments available in Minecraft v1.6.x: Protection Fire Protection Blast Protection Projectile Protection As discussed elsewhere, stacking different enchantment levels of these on different pieces of armor can maximize the damage reduction from differ...

@FrostEngineer You ... could just use the video.
@ElfSlice That makes me wonder: Is Pacific Rim going to be in the next Super Robot Wars? 'Cause that'd be awesome.
I pressed start on my gamepad but nothing happened. =[
Freshly made Cc @OrigamiRobot
Apparently my daughter can now say "bacon" and claps and says "yay" when it comes out of the oven
10:01 PM
SkyDrift got her priorities straight.
@Sterno smart kid.
@Sterno .....I'm only going to say this once. That's pretty cute.
@spugsley o_O ... This is only the beginning.
@FEichinger NO. No beginnings. One time. Just once.
@spugsley I will remember this. And I will remind you. The future, my dear. The future is dangerous.
10:05 PM
@FEichinger O_o
also I'm making tea because it is coooold :3
Does the future feature spider snakes?
@badp I will murder your face
@spugsley Why? I don't decide what's the future.
this is a hostile environment
@spugsley It's the Bridge. Redshirts die everyday.
Wait, does that mean Bridge regulars are yellow/gold shirts?
Or blue shirts?
10:11 PM
@spugsley starts her kettle for the third time today
@Yuki The ones who argue policy all the time are clearly gold, because they're yelling at each other all the time. The rest is just blue shirts that never really get any screen time and just idle around.
@FEichinger Yay for blue shirts!
I am a blue shirt, right?
Oh god, what if I'm a red shirt?
(Actually more like teal, but ... this is getting too deep.)
@AshleyNunn :3
@spugsley Seriously I am drinking so.much.tea.
Currently Lady Grey is my fave
10:21 PM
It's a sirtaptap
and it's drowning in lava
RIP @BenBrocka 2014-2014
I could still really use some help from my delicious friends to nurse me back to health
@SaintWacko Did you ask me?
@AshleyNunn It's something you have to initiate. From "Invite a friend to do something potentially dangerous
@SaintWacko oh, okay, I can help :)
@AshleyNunn Thanks!
I'm far too close to hitting 8
10:27 PM
@AshleyNunn mmmm. I want to buy some Jasmine tea. I get it out a lot when we go to the sushi place but I always forget to pick some up at the store
I really hope I'm not a red shirt
[23:27] <@Kiyura> Someone unrelated to the marathon was smoking in an upstairs room
@AshleyNunn ALSO DID YOU SEE TODAY'S?!?!?!
my friends helped me :3
I have no idea what @SaintWacko is on about
@badp Fallen London
10:31 PM
@SaintWacko hey could you do the same to me?
Speaking of Fallen London, does anybody have a free evening?
I've sent some soup your way.
@spugsley lemme deal with my burned fingers then I will look
@Yuki I have a few
@Yuki I have like six
@AshleyNunn oh no D:
10:32 PM
I keep forgetting to use them...
@spugsley If day 271 is today: That picture is AMAZING
All right, sent requests to e'erbody.
@Arperum yes it is :D thank you <3
@spugsley hot damn, lady, that is fucking beautiful
@spugsley I really like it.
10:35 PM
@AshleyNunn I was so scared to ask them to model for me but then I did and they did and they were wonderful and yay!
@spugsley it is aweosme
@Yuki Thanks.
also, word to the wise - if you suspect your burner may be cold and not working, but aren't sure because you did turn it on
dont be like me and think I will touch it with my fingers
you will cry
@AshleyNunn I try not to touch potentially dangerous things with my fingers. Or any part of my body.
@Yuki you are smarter than me.
10:37 PM
This is why you need to be like a D&D adventurer and carry a ten-foot pole on you at all times.
@Sterno That looks nice and thick.
@AshleyNunn I could use some physical pain now to get my brain away from the mental mess I currently am. I'm not going to hurt myself for that though.
@Arperum dont do that, dude. It never helps.
@Arperum Do some sprinting. The lactic acid buildup will make you sore and you'll get some exercise!
@AshleyNunn I know. But my brain is a royal mess.
10:38 PM
Pain that's good for you!
SAO ep17:
@Yuki It's nearly midnight. And I don't feel like doing anything.
@Arperum Well, if you can't leave your house, crunches are also a good option.
It's.... quite a change of tone... I guess.
10:39 PM
Basically any form of exercise.
CC: @Frank @Wipqozn
@Yuki I've been thinking of kicking something, but I know I'll be sorry for that tommorrow.
@RedRiderX Just finished Episode 18..
And yeah, the second half is MAXIMUM CREEP LEVEL
Like what.
Shoot, everyone on Fallen London: Hold off on drawing Suspicion away from me. I requested too much and my Suspicion is at 0.
No, seriously, wtf?
10:40 PM
I need to rob a few people to raise it again.
I should rewatch SAO, but not now, the related memories are exactly what I don't need now.
@badp that was my cousin
@BenBrocka that's what all dead guys would say
I never watched anime until I met my now-ex girlfriend. We broke up end december.
@badp "all dead guys would say"... wait, wut.
10:42 PM
@Yuki like, in afterlife.
"who? me? tripped and drowned in lava? never. I'm, um, just visiting."
@OrigamiRobot Oh god, I remember that.
@spugs I'm currently staring at your newest picture. It feels like it is life and death walking away together, past an future, both halves of my torn self,...
10:44 PM
Sigh, failed a heist. Remind to never try one of those until my Casing... gives me a straightforward chance.
Very modest just isn't worth the chance of going to New Newgate and losing all my Casing... progress.
@Yuki what is the penalty for that?
@badp Go straight to New Newgate Prison, no matter what your Suspicion is and lose all your Casing... progress. Which, for me, took several turns to build up.
@Yuki whoa, straight to new newgate? o.O
10:48 PM
@AshleyNunn Yep, if you fail one of the big heists in the Flit.
I suppose it's literally called "Casing..."?
@badp Yeah.
@Yuki yikes. I've not failed one, but now I really don't wanna
Teach me to get cocky, huh.
@Arperum that's fairly spot on :) The concept I had was basically personifying contrasting or opposing forces coming together. And I think there are lots of different things that could be
10:51 PM
@spugsley It worked out so, so, so well
@AshleyNunn thanks you :3 I'm thrilled that you like it
The changes for Star Command PC look neat.
@Frank oh?
...And ultimately make it not anywhere near completion, or what they said it would be.
@spugsley dude, it is definitely one of my super faves.
10:51 PM
@Yuki I've already watched it twice.
Ugh, there's a stupid watermark in the middle.
@AshleyNunn They're making the entire ship customizable. Instead of just having rooms where you place things you want, you can size the rooms to whatever size you want. As long as the hull has room for it.
@Frank iiiiinteresting
10:53 PM
@spugsley It is exactly how I feel right now: completely torn in two. And then some.
@Arperum aww :( I hope things work out <3
@spugsley I broke up with my girlfriend, and kinda feel like I'm having a crush on someone I hardly know. It feels so much like treason.
Dakamari to start momentarily .. kinda
@spugs mind if I share your picture on facebook?
@Yuki Yeesh I haven't seen this in years.
10:56 PM
@Arperum go right ahead! I'm honored you find it worth sharing!
@GraceNote I know, right?
@OrigamiRobot just started yelling the lyrics.
Oh, hey, so he did. That at least gives context.
@spugsley It's a really, really good picture. ANd exactly how I feel.
Well, I have eggs.
@spugsley it seems sharing is restricted on the picture. Can you enable sharing?
11:03 PM
@Arperum hmm interesting. There should be a little box with an arrow coming out of it and if you click on that it should have options for sharing....is that not working?
@spugsley I can open that box, but then I can't click anything on the thing that pops up. It might be related to me not having a flickr account.
All the share buttons are greyed out.
oh yes I believe it is. Hold on and let me know if I can change my settings to let anyone share :)
@spugsley I'll do a google search.
@Arperum I think I got it :)
try now
@spugsley It worked now.
11:07 PM
@Arperum awesome :) I didn't even know I had sharing disabled. I learned something today hahaha
> This is exactly how I feel right now. Torn apart. And both parts have to continue together.
This is the accompanying text I added to the picture on facebook.
@spugsley Thanks for enabling sharing.
@GraceNote I never saw this to begin with
@Blem-baFett Ragequitting has never been this exciting!
@spugsley oh, see, I thought you just didnt want sharing! :P
11:11 PM
@spugsley this printed on a t-shirt was the parting gift I got from my ex.
@AshleyNunn hahaha no not at all! I really had not idea :P
@Arperum aww :( that's sweet and sad. Sorry things didn't work out for you guys
@spugsley oh, well, this just means I can share ALL THE AWESOME :D
@AshleyNunn I was first to share. Hah!
Or something.
@Arperum grins That just means you also see how awesome she is. I like that :D
11:13 PM
I should go to bed now. I have to work tomorrow.
@Arperum that's pretty meta.
@AshleyNunn Yea, I'm generally not a huge fan of pictures. But there are some really good ones made by @spugsley. And the one from today is exactly how I feel right now.
@Arperum It's nice sometimes to find a visual representation of feelings. It makes things easier to explain sometimes.
11:16 PM
Ugh should I buy a nexus 7?
I guess the resolution is no higher though.
Won't they come out with new one soon?
@badp Wow, that was fast.
Tonight's supper will be 4 hard boiled eggs and an entire honeydew melon DON'T JUDGE ME
11:17 PM
@OrigamiRobot hey, that sounds tasty
also katamari damancy starting now
@OrigamiRobot I thought judging people was mandatory when you where on The Bridge?
@AshleyNunn Yea. I'm going to try to fix this mental mess tomorrow. Bedtime now.
banished, be released already
cc @OrigamiRobot
@Wipqozn Chroma Squad should (hopefully) be entering beta at the end of this month.
11:34 PM
Q: Can my PC run Rust?

BobReally wanna buy rust but im not sure if my pc will run it. PC Specs : Model: G5312de Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) IIX2250 Processor 3.00 GHZ Installed memory (RAM): 3.00 GB ( 2.75 GB usable) System type: 64- bit Operation System

^^ Michael Bay can not handle lack of teleprompter and walks off stage at CES :D
Q: GTA 5, Managing money, AFTER last heist?

digitalbumEach player has about 55 Million, any tips on how to invest that so I can make more without restarting the whole game with the assassination missions in mind? Thanks!

11:51 PM
@OrigamiRobot yeah, never eat too much of any one thing at any one time
Katamari in 31mins
I wonder if "I didn't want to disturb my cat" would be a valid excuse to be late for work.
@ElfSlice Congrats!
Q: Why can't I extract canticle bark?

oscilatingcretinI am on the quest Unseen Visions, acquired the draw knife, and am now trying to extract bark from canticle trees. However, when I "use" the tree, it freezes my character for 3 seconds and then resumes. Nothing happens. Is this a bug or do I have to do something special?


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