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4:00 PM
@kalina Or like your face.
everybody cares about my face
@kalina I must not be included in everybody
@kalina I know, that was foolish of me.
@DavidStarkey well I didn't want to tell you straight up but... yeah
@kalina I think I may have finally disengaged myself from the planet :D
4:01 PM
Tonight I think I am going to play EVE Online
and smoke so much weed that playing EVE Online is actually enjoyable
and then I shall sleep
tomorrow will be a Thursday, and it will be a full day closer to the weekend
also known as "the big sleep"
@kalina Sleep is overrated.
Sleep is probably the second best thing in the world
the first best thing is that thing you do just before sleeping
@kalina falling?
@DavidStarkey you fall just before you sleep?
@kalina It is called "falling asleep"...
4:04 PM
oh right, yes, I see what you did there
To er is human, to hm is divine
Also I am going to lunch now
hometime in 24 minutes
@kalina /jealous
@kalina tick
4:06 PM
@kalina tock
too slow
@kalina tick
@kalina You beat me too
@SaintWacko tick
4:07 PM
hometime in 23 minutes
@kalina If you watch the clock it will go faster pfft
yes it does
as a matter of fact, it doesn't
@DavidStarkey kill it
4-frame animations deserve to die. It's 2013.
@ShotgunNinja With fire? explosives? Closed as not sure what you are asking about.
4:14 PM
@DavidStarkey You mean "on hold".
@ShotgunNinja Yea, sure. Why not.
hometime in 16 minutes
hometime in 15 minutes
Q: Returning to the Pirate's Booty DLC

kd304In my normal playthrough, I finished the main questline and started a few missions in Oasis in the Pirate's Booty DLC. Today, when I clicked on the Continue button, no matter what I do it starts from the very beginning of the game with my leveled character. Is there a way to get back to where I l...

Q: What effect do Admirals/Generals/Commanders have?

ChargingPunI know that Admirals make your fleets better, Generals make your troops better (including detection), and Commanders make your starfighters better, but these are very vague statements. What specifically do they affect and by how much? Does Leadership factor in at all?

Q: When should I split push and when should I group up with my team?

GusI always find myself confused as to which path to take. I can split push and often force the enemy team to break up a little bit. But, I can also group with my team incase the enemy forces an engage. So, when should I split push and when should I group with my team?

7 minutes until hometime
@kalina Chomping at the bit much?
@ShotgunNinja 4 minutes...
@kalina You don't have to tell me; that's when I get to go to lunch.
-_- I just got here.
lunch is hardly home time
cba I'm going now bye
@kalina lol, you don't get tomorrow and Friday off though.
4:39 PM
So apparently they're allowed to sell Enhanced Baldur's Gate again?
Or maybe just Steam still gets to sell it. For some reason.
randomly rubs up against @Sterno
@Sterno Baldur's Gate!
That's assault.
@Sterno Not assault! Just rubbing.
Tell it to the judge.
@Sterno Ok
@Judge Not assault! Just rubbing.
4:46 PM
@Sterno Technically battery!
You know what? A little too graphic for one-boxing
@Sterno No one said anything about sexual gratification
Hmm... assault. Physical attack. Seems to fit.
randomly rubs up against @Sterno
I see no complaints when I do it, must be something @fredley did
4:50 PM
@kalina I did nothing different!
@kalina My rubbing was the same as yours!
do we not allow questions like that anymore?
I am disappointed, my marijuana has seeds in it
I might go and plant them in my garden
@kalina Sounds like a plan!
But planting them in a hydroponic setup might mean they actually grow
yes but, spending all of that money on a hydro setup just so I can kill them anyway seems like a waste of money
@kalina pffff
4:53 PM
do you know what I want more than anything in the world?
@kalina You are legally allowed 3-5 plants per person here in the NL.
Randomly rubbing people is still a thing, I see.
@kalina We never did.
original flavour Sunny Delight
I miss being able to consume that much sugar without eating sugar cubes
@FAE brb packing bags
Think it's 5.
4:54 PM
As long as you don't have professional equipment setups, like special lights or whatnot, it's fine.
@FAE Nice
oh well thats no fun
These headphones are much better.
So cool.
4:55 PM
Why is everyone rubbing up against @Sterno? Oh, it's just @fredley and @kalina. Never mind.
@Coronus Join us
@Coronus be honest, if it had been everybody you would have found it weird, but because it's us two you think nothing of it at all, right?
Q: What Are The Recomended Computer Specs To Run Portal 2

EthanBaconGamingI may be getting Portal 2 soon for my Pc but I was wondering if my computer is good enough to run it. My computer has 8GB of RAM an i7 processor with 3.4Ghz and a graphics card that gets about 250 FPS in Minecraft. Is this good enough for Portal 2?

@GrumpyLazers Every time I see Grumpy post a question that has negative votes on it already I feel like I should respond with a slowpoke
@kalina That's a fair assumption. I also find it weird, but rather because I wonder why you two aren't just rubbing up against each other.
4:59 PM
@FEichinger NO DON'T! Infinite loops will ensue!
@James @badp changed the feed to show closed questions awhile ago. Not sure why.
@FEichinger We've done a lot of rubbing, don't worry
@fbueckert Because @badp hates us?
@kalina Pretty much.
No Summer Sale. Boo.
@DavidStarkey Which would solve a lot of problems, actually.
5:01 PM
@fbueckert !?!?
@FEichinger Make a separate chat room for that.
Huh. Greenmangaming is down.
is getting its save function
Dammit, GMG! Put Borderlands 2 on sale again!
@fbueckert Yeah... good luck with that.
@Powerlord If they won't, no biggie.
5:13 PM
@fredley Yay!
I'll just get it from Steam.
@fbueckert Amazon's sale ends today
@Sconibulus Hopefully get something in tonight
So, your other alternative is going to vanish as well.
39 secs ago, by fbueckert
I'll just get it from Steam.
5:14 PM
@fbueckert Without even knowing what the sale price is going to be?
@Powerlord Knowing Steam, it'll be something ludicrous, as usual.
I can't see them NOT matching at least Amazon's price.
I will murder this fly, cut it into tiny pieces and burn every single one of them.
Alternative take: "If Edward Snowdon wants to ensure he's never brought in front of a US judge he should go to Guantanamo Bay"
@fredley That was in a popular daily comic here in the NL the other day.
@kalina 25159 25157
@FAE That's where I heard it (indirectly) :-)
5:22 PM
@fredley I find it sad that the government is trying so hard to silence people speaking out about abuses.
@fbueckert Yes. Silencing whistleblowers is very, very foolish.
@fredley Ah okay. Yeah, it was Fokke & Sukke.
In the very long run
Rather than, y'know, acknowledging that a government entity was overreaching and violating their own constitution.
@fbueckert pffffff
5:24 PM
Attacking whistleblowers just means they'll find other methods to expose the information.
I doubt they'd even have realized it was Snowden, if he hadn't spoken up.
@fbueckert It means they'll go out of their way to make the most out of the data they do have too
@fbueckert I'm amazed he didn't go to Ecuador before leaking
@fredley Exactly.
You'd think that whole backroom telecom spying blowout would've tipped them off that, hey, people don't like being spied on.
The biggest deal, AFAIK, about Prism isn't the government surveillance, but the corporate partnership of said surveillance.
Carnivore was a thing in the 90s
@kalina still assault!
The only reason it went away was because it got upgraded.
5:28 PM
@Sterno @James this is where you should put in Slowpoke.
That doesn't make it ok, I'm just saying it's nothing new.
@OrigamiRobot I feel the biggest deal was the secret FISA court rubber stamping everything, using a secret interpretation of a law, and refusing to disclose that interpretation.
@kalina Surge.
...Dammit. I'm gonna have to pick up a Vita soon now.
@DavidStarkey Lol
5:33 PM
@fbueckert Why so?
@FAE Gust is releasing a new game called Chronos Materia.
I love Gust games. Their alchemy systems are awesome.
@fbueckert Hm, never heard of the series
@FAE If you have a PS2, pick up Mana Khemia.
JRPG or...?
@FAE It's a JRPG, yeah.
It's got a fantastic crafting mechanic, though.
5:35 PM
Q: Minecraft Mac and PC problem?

Josh BlantonMy friend brought his PC laptop to my house so we could play minecraft. I have a mac with Mountain Lion, but it isn't a laptop. Whenever I start a world and open it to LAN, he can't find it on his laptop. When he makes a world and opens it to LAN, it says that there is no external link. I have co...

Q: Taming horses Help

Laura PetersI have Ridden the horse a lot and have stopped getting thrown off, but I don't get the Hearts. Even the Golden Apples and Golden Carrots don't give me hearts icons Like the Wiki says it will do for a tamed horse. Am I going something wrong? I am playing regular minecraft, not the Technic Pack. Ca...

You rarely buy equipment upgrades.
My PS2 is NA, so it'd have to wait until I was back there or @Fluttershy would have to find it and mail it to me.
Warning: contains blurred penis.
@LessPop_MoreFizz ಠ_ಠ
:10188515 pls delete flagged thaaaaaaaaank yew
5:37 PM
yesterday, by Powerlord
@Jin: New request for chat. Let users block specific messages, such as those that are huge images that take forever to load.
or videos with inappropriate thumbnails, seeing as how some of us are at work
@ShotgunNinja That was not voluntary. :x
:10188515 You've piqued my interest.
@FAE There's many more games with the same type of system by Gust, but I find that the Mana Khemia series does a very good job with it.
@MadaraUchiha Blurred penis is all it takes, huh?
@DavidStarkey A Flagged blurred penis is all it takes :)
5:40 PM
so what did I miss?
@tombull89 lol perfect timing
@fbueckert Oooh, they're the same people that do the Atelier series. I've heard of that series, never played it though.
@FAE Indeed they are.
The PS3 games are fun, but there's a hard time limit that I'm not a fan of.
randomly rubs up against @tombull89
The Atelier Iris series and Mana Khemia don't have that time limit.
5:41 PM
@fredley about time, I was feeling left out. Besides, it's not exactly "random" any more, is it?
@tombull89 I don't know how it can be more random
@fredley You could be holding a spork.
@Ullallulloo Or gutting a fish
5:43 PM
@FAE The alchemy system is really, REALLY involved. It's not just, "Combine item A + B to get C".
@fredley Or rubbing up against @tombull89
At it's most basic, yes, that's what it does, but that doesn't take item quality, and traits into account, and for the really good items, you need to make sure you get those right.
What is Firefall and why am I getting emails about it?
Jun 28 at 13:42, by OrigamiRobot
Free to play shooter
5:46 PM
Heh, my plan to sign random people up to mailing lists it working!
temptation to flag as spam growing
Also, if there's a steam sale, it would start in about 13 minutes, right?
Orson Scott Card was one of the writers, so that makes me personally disinclined to play it.
It's been in beta for a while, MMOFPS kinda thing.
@FAE It's so hard to comprehend how a guy who sucks so hard can write a book as good as Ender's Game.
@StrixVaria I know.
5:48 PM
@StrixVaria Yeah, like many, I read that before I ever knew anything about his ideology.
I'm reading another of his series right now, and it's hard to believe such a good book is written by such a bigot.
Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead were good, but the rest of that series wasn't.
It's been over a decade since I read the first Ender series. I never did finish the Shadow series.
I don't know if I've read much else by him.
@FAE There is no such series.*
(Hint: It's full of political tirades.)
I recently read the Shadow series and honestly it comes off pretty juvenile.
5:50 PM
@Sterno A friend of mine said it got pretty preachy in the some of the later ones, like you really tell it was him inserting his views rather than the character's speaking. He actually threw the book across the room.
I gave up on WoT again because I seriously hate reading while I'm trying to read it.
I started Discworld instead.
@StrixVaria Try the audiobooks?
@FAE That's not a bad idea.
My commute is 4 minutes, though :P
@StrixVaria I find that strange. The series sucks me in, and doesn't let go.
@StrixVaria Oh. Well, I listen when I'm doing stuff around the house, like chores or whatnot, or when I have to walk somewhere.
5:53 PM
When I'm enjoying what I read, I get through books really fast, and I also write a lot more of my own stuff. When I don't enjoy what I'm reading, I tend to stall out and then stop doing any of my own writing.
The latter is what happened for the past 4 months.
It is so boring.
@FAE Nice.
I hate you, Windows 7 UAC
@Sterno Turn it off.
The current plan is (depending on whether I enjoy Discworld) to just alternate between Terry Pratchett and Jim Butcher.
@OrigamiRobot I think IT would yell at me.
5:54 PM
@Sterno Let's all come up with humorous things that UAC is an acronym for.
Unfriendly Auto-Correct.
@StrixVaria Butcher's fantastic.
@Sterno Do it anyway.
I still gotta read Cold Front.
Unwelcome Account Control
@Sterno it actually does yell at you when you try to turn it off
Turning off UAC is the first thing I do on any fresh win 7 install
5:56 PM
@fbueckert Dresden is good. His fantasy series started out good but got pretty meh
@ShotgunNinja Uniforms Aren't Candy
@BenBrocka But that's the LAST time it yells at you.
Ugly Annoying Construct
@Sterno Really? I've heard good things in general about Codex Alera.
@ShotgunNinja how rude!
5:56 PM
@FAE I felt like it kind of just petered out at the end.
@Sterno The Codex Alera series? I liked it. Not as much as Dresden, but it was still pretty good.
@Sterno I've read 4 Dresden books and they seem to be starting to hit their stride.
Unfortunate Accident Causer
@Sterno Is it over or still ongoing?
@FAE It's over. It was 5 books I think.
5:57 PM
@FAE It's done.
I really enjoyed it up to book 5
@StrixVaria Yeah, the first few are a little eeeh, but it starts to come together then.
Oh okay, I didn't know it was that short.
I'll have to pick it up.
@StrixVaria There's one rather epic part later in the series where Dresden threatens to bill God for saving the world. Again.
Unintelligible Asinine Chattering
@StrixVaria I highly enjoy Terry Pratchett. I own almost all of the Discworld books.
5:59 PM
Someday I'll figure out what order I should read Discworld in.
@ShotgunNinja Ultra-A-Choo, AKA "Super Sneeze"
Sounds like a question for SciFi.SE!
@Sterno Actually I think they already have it.
@FAE I go with publish order.... but there are a lot of opinions.
s/opinions/opinions otherwise/
6:00 PM
@ken.ganong Yeah, that's why I never know what to do. It's almost as bad as asking people what language you should start with if you want to program. :P
@FAE I went with publishing order
I'm pretty sure that actually is chronological, at least within individual story tracks
@murgatroid99 Unless you include the guards book where they go back in time.
The only Pratchett I've read is the one he did with Gaiman, Good Omens, and Small Gods, which is standalone, IIRC.
@RonanForman The way I see it, time travel doesn't really break chronological order from the point of view of the perspective characters
@FAE Small Gods is part of Diskworld
@murgatroid99 Yeah, but I mean it's not like part of any particular series in Discworld.
6:06 PM
@FAE that sounds right
Rather than like part of Witches or Death or something.
Anyone has news on Kingdom Rush Frontiers?
@FAE I'm going with publication order.
The way I view it, it's literally impossible to go wrong by reading in publication order. That is the order people read it in initially anyway.
6:10 PM
Ah, here it is.
Q: What order should I be reading the Discworld books in?

blueberryfieldsI've read some of the Discworld books, and they were referencing each other in an order different than what I've been reading. If I wanted to maintain chronology, and get all of the back references, which order should I be reading the books in?

@FAE I'll keep an eye out for that Mana Khemia game.
@StrixVaria Yeah, also if you go in story order, then you might finish reading witches, then start guards, but then he releases a new witches book! Nooooo!
@Fluttershy No rush, I've already got a ton of stuff at your house still.
@RonanForman Such a shame about his Alzheimer's. :(
6:11 PM
@FAE Ugh, I know. I'm starting to feel like I'll be tripping over it for forever. You should probably just come get it.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Welcome back.
Also, thanks person who flagged that for giving me the chance to edit it on mobile. It takes a second, you jerk.
@RonanForman I have no idea what you're talking about because I have only finished the prologue of the first book.
@Fluttershy You are such a dork. :P
There were 2 prologues, which was confusing.
6:13 PM
@Blem Good Afternoon good sir.
Best facebook feature ever. PUSHEEN STICKERS IN CHAT
@BenBrocka That's... that's kind of adorable. I've never used FB chat though.
@BenBrocka Cat's on the internet are still well liked, go figure.
@Fluttershy Also this would negate the whole "I'll leave it here so it doesn't take up space in my bags" thing. >_>
6:16 PM
@StrixVaria The only problem with publication order is that, in the first two books, other than a couple characters, the world isn't really the same
@FAE it's pretty useful really, but limited in use when lots of people disable it
Q: Using Mods with the new Minecraft Launcher

Sarah SteuberI read the question "How to install mods for the new minecraft launcher" and got the modified directory to show up in the list and I can load mods for a 1.5.2 version from the launcher now. The problem I am having is that when Minecraft comes up everything is flipped. It is both upside down and i...

@BenBrocka Needs more "Toes look like beans."
it's better than keeping track of everyone's AIM/yahoo/whateverthebutt messenger addresses like it's 2001
@BenBrocka eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
6:22 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Also this was hilariously ridiculous.
@FAE Oh. That was the plan? I was just gonna hold your stuff hostage until you came to collect it.
@Fluttershy But my ICO/SotC collection! T_T
But my cow!
DAMMIT, I forgot to pick up the last Humble Bundle. >_<
6:28 PM
This game looked pretty awesome.
@Ullallulloo It's free and live on the facebook homepage for me. Just open a chat and click the emote button, there's a pusheen tab
I really wanted that Pulse game for Android too. :(
Argh, I'm so mad that I forgot.
@BenBrocka oh wow
That's really cool.
Aaand you can't disable packs form the sticker store it seems.
@StrixVaria Wow, IGS got Steam keys fast.
In other news, still no summer sale.
Steam must hate freedom.
6:37 PM
Steam's marketing guys are probably working on something more fun.
@Sterno It still has a while until the 4th starts. I think their HQ is on west Coast so still about 12 hours.
Summer sale. 4th of July. Half Life 4 confirmed for 7/4/2013
also, timestamp of 13:37, woo
@BenBrocka I think you missed a number there.
You guys sound the same as last year; all grumpy because there isn't a sale yet. But there's no pleasing you. As soon as the sale starts, you'll be grumpy about them not having that game you wanted on sale. Or you'll be grumpy about Steam emptying your bank account. I swear, there's just no pleasing you people. =P
6:39 PM
@Fluttershy Welcome to the internet :D
@Fluttershy I am very easy to please.
@OrigamiRobot Oh, I know. ;)
I mean, uh...
@Fluttershy Last year's sale was more dumb than usual though.
Started really late, not many good sales, lots of repeats, pointless voting.
@Fluttershy YOU DON'T KNOW
Although at least badges will have a point now.
6:42 PM
@Ullallulloo I thought last year's summer sale was really good.
@Ullallulloo Badges are SUPER ACHIEVEMENTS!
All the sales since then have been lackluster.
@StrixVaria Maybe it was just the letdown from the winter sale.
And the previous summer sale.
No free stuff.
I was excited about this week's Midweek Madness! I'd been wanting Dust for months. :3 Steam has some pretty awesome sales when they aren't being dumb and wasting time on trading cards!
@Fluttershy "Do you have any Spies?" "Go Fish!"
Oh wait, trading cards, not playing cards.
6:48 PM
Steam Sale is going to be Rogue Legacy for $1
You know, I don't think they were doing a very good job scheduling this Sprint for the project I was assigned to.
Scheduling it for 2 weeks over a holiday... with the lead dev taking a 5 day weekend.
randomly rubs up against @Fluttershy
@OrigamiRobot How is the randomness determined? Are you rolling a die or something?
6:53 PM
@Sterno Don't ask me, I don't have access to my own code.
@Powerlord oh, I thought that was a new game in the series for a moment
@OrigamiRobot Oh my. :o If I had a reply feature, I'd cc that to @FAE.
@BenBrocka Ha I wish.
Having said that, I did find a game that... while not in the series... starred the robot. It was actually as a commission and was inside a website's (Flash) logo.
@Fluttershy The 'emptying my wallet' complaint is constant. That has nothing to do with the sale.
Q: Mission of Crisis (Android): Getting past level 20 skill

LukeOn Mission of Crisis on the Android, how do I get past Level 20 for talents or skills? Further talents and skills require the previous one to be at least level 21 or higher, but the Upgrade button disappears once it hits 20

6:57 PM
@OrigamiRobot FINALLY
@Coronus I know the feeling. I just wish The Swapper would go on sale so I didn't have to feel bad for spending $15 on it. =(
@FAE lol
I'm writing PHP. I feel dirty.
@fredley :o
@Coronus My wallet is almost empty! That's just because I pay for everything with a credit card though
Waiter, one Art please
Regardless, it's the best way to write a simple PUT/GET backend for . All working and it only weighs 37 lines.
7:01 PM
@fredley I had to climb around a rusted I-Beam in snake/spider/tick welcoming grass, and I'm pretty sure I put some part of my body in raccoon poop. I am dirty. <_<
@Fluttershy Filthy
Yeah... I really want a shower. ;_;
I love it when you guys talk dirty.
@FAE Don't get too excited. It's random. You could be next.
7:04 PM
@fredley Lines are poor weight representation. 1 line infinite loop can be pretty heavy.
Unspecified Soiling
@BenBrocka Robot Wants JIG should be the game you probably haven't played in the series.
@DavidStarkey True. But for maintainability and 'simplicity' it's a good measure
@fredley Quite. It's nice when things are straight-forward and easy to follow.
@DavidStarkey It's appropriate for this project anyway
7:08 PM
@fredley Then Congratulations! Pops cork Drinks all around?
@DavidStarkey Don't mind if I do
@Powerlord huh, yeah hadn't heard of that
Woo I capped. Not done that for a while.
@fredley Hey, don't hog it all! Pass it over here!
7:16 PM
@fredley Awesome name too
100 of it doesn't count.
@Sterno 437 is still quite a bit for 12 days
7:35 PM
Q: Torchlight 2: What is the point of using staves/wands?

Burak ÖzmenI have a 50 lvl mage, with skills prismatic bolt lv10, fire/ice/shock brand lv8, hailstorm lv10. My question is, equipping a staff/wand doesn't affect the damage amount I inflict with prismatic bolt or hailstorm. So what is the point of using staves and wands? Is there a reason for using a staff/...

Q: How can I get to chest behind walls?

Rodrigo CostaMany chests appears behind walls and I can't reach them. I tried to pass through the walls close but I couldn't.

7:52 PM
Woo! 8.9K rep exact!
I retook @kalina today. Feels good.
I am still ahead of @Wipqozn. Everything is normal and good.
@fredley Hush.
I get to pick up my new to me e-reader tomorrow!

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