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6:00 PM
@AshleyNunn someone will have to study it and disprove it, so that we can all go back to sleeping comfortably in our air-conditioned comfort boxes.
@agent86 I do not think I am up for this kind of research.
@agent86 And you don't want me to study it, because I'd recommend everyone go outside for at least a short while.
Is it wrong that I am bouncing off the walls excited at the announcement that Gameloft is going to be making an iOS/Android MLP game?
Yay, nerd stereotypes!
@fbueckert I wish I could dance :/ but I have no rhythm
6:03 PM
@spugsley Take up a rhythmic instrument!
@fbueckert we've already concluded your unsuitability for any such endeavor, as you are clearly insane.
It's not that bad, you just need to keep at it and you'll learn.
@agent86 So I should fit right in with all the rest of you crazies!
@fbueckert woooooo! And I run the asylum >:D
@agent86 He does part time work as a jungle gym; so he has to go outside
6:04 PM
@agent86 YES COOKIES
Cookies & Fried Chicken = chicken biscuits?
They're sugar cookies!
@FAE I don't know if you have access to a 3DS, and I also don't know if it is just an NA thing, but I did download a KH3D demo today.
6:10 PM
@AshleyNunn did you see they announced another 3DS revision? 3DS XL
I'm hoping this means a price cut on existing 3DS'es, eventually I might want to own one
@agent86 I'm hoping they'll finally integrate the second analog INTO the 3DS.
@agent86 Yeah, but I figure unless they added the second circle pad (which they did not) it is not worth spending $200 on
They might drop the price, I know that the DSi did get a bit cheaper when the DSiXL came out. I dont think it was a giant drop, but it was one nonetheless
So few games use it though
@fbueckert nope
6:13 PM
@agent86 Then I guess I'm not getting it.
and I think the existing circle pad accessory is no good for it
I want a KFC so badly now :(
@agent86 It is terrible
I have a massively overwhelming desire to play through Deus Ex: Human Revolution again but I know I will be bored pretty much immediately after the intro sequence...
The entire Deus Ex collection is on sale on Steam right now
6:16 PM
@ickleislands do you have time to help me with belial?
still doing work :(
@AshleyNunn It seems that everyone who originally bought a 3DS was treated like a beta tester. "Oh, you want this extra analog stick? You'll have to buy an attachment for it."
ah ok.
@fbueckert Yeah. Its pretty sadface
@YiJiang What was the context for the quantum computing story that is starred? I'd read it long time ago, agree it has a great concept :)
6:18 PM
@ickleislands you didn't ask for this!
@agent86 damn straight
@Alok @spugsley was looking for stuff to read
Ah ok - this chat has such random stuff whenever I join; whether its philosophical stories or fried chicken :D
Below it on the starred list you could see my other recommendation, The Meaning of Liff
This is part of what makes the Bridge awesome.
6:20 PM
@Alok lolololol this comment is brilliant
Meaning of Liff? It looks good to pick some char names in future :p
@Alok You should know better.
Gamers are dangerously random people; you never know what sets them off.
Have you read Flatland, if you liked the Timmy story then should read that too :)
@Alok All of those words are actual names of places
@fbueckert: Actually I haven't seen people here get really upset often, you guys are way more civilised than all the trolls on D3 bnet (only other 'gaming' site I visit regularly)
@YiJiang That makes it so much more funny ;)
6:25 PM
so... we are seriously doing more LoL stuff?
You'll find some more well known places too. See Chicago :D
like for serious. we did not learn that lesson?
@agent86 Looks like it, unfortunately
@agent86 Apparently not
@Alok Sets them off = passionate. We're just more civilized and rational.
We actually managed to have a respectful conversation about opposing viewpoints the other day!
6:26 PM
I just hope it would only be sponsorship and not a full fledged contest tie-in this time
There were no threats, no swearing, or screaming fits.
sigh Okay, let me go get my cluebat, and prepare to whack some sense into people
We sounded like.... adults!
Yea that is such a rare occasion on the general Internets, you actually remember when it happens :(
@agent86 I wasn't around for the last LoL event, whatever it was - what is so bad about it (short summary only please)? I mean, the D3 one was nice def. made me get more involved with so many actively asking & answering questions.
@Alok well, we attracted a ton of really low quality content. Not only was it particularly low quality, but without sort of a rudimentary education in the game and its terminology, it's hard to separate questions/answers into "good" and "bad" quickly, which is important for community moderation
6:30 PM
Yeah, the players all seem to speak a different language from the rest of us.
as opposed to other game contests which brought about a large number of excellent questions with many views, which contributed to the popularity/knowledge base of the site, the LoL contest gained us relatively few questions that garnered any views
so the short version is "it was a ton of work without much in the way of gain"
It also didn't seem to create many real contributors
The number of LoL questions dropped like a rock after the contest was over
Yeah, it was a lot of headache and mess for very small apparent gain
When did the contest start exactly?
@YiJiang I've got a bunch of stats on the LoL time period, stand by
6:34 PM
Hmm interesting - I def. find it hard to even read the LoL questions as I haven't tried it; heroes are good 'junglers', fast in some lane etc. >_< Re. the contest, I just wonder if there is no other game that hasn't been covered earlier?
3.5 hour bus journey. Someone please kill me.
It started on March 16. I remember it overlapped with the ME3 contest
so for the entire contest period, (2 whole weeks from mid march to the first of april), during which there were 3 2-4 day contests) there were 311 question downvotes, and 241 answer downvotes
Next stop: Milton Keynes
@agent86 On LoL posts?
6:36 PM
85 of those question downvotes were on LoL questions (27%)
stand by, work calling
@QAdley That is a long time to be on a bus
So many roundabouts
@QAdley O.o
In 3.5h you can go from one end of Singapore and back
More than a few times, depending on your mode of transport
In 3.5 hours I can get to Paris from my house
And it's a considerably more pleasant journey
6:39 PM
In 3.5 hours....I can get not very interesting places. I think I can get to Niagara Falls or various border crossings but that is really about it
Singapore traffic is alright, mostly due to the extreme cost of car ownership I think
I think the important thing is bus vs driving; you can doze off or play on portable/cell
Also no roundabouts
@AshleyNunn In 3.5 hours I can get home, start gaming, and be sipping happily on wine while committing demon genocide.
You cannot doze off while going round roundabouts
6:40 PM
@QAdley Yup. It now cost as much to own a small apartment as it is to buy a large car
@QAdley There is a huge one near where I live, but generally no
Wow, that's a lot
@QAdley Play through the previous night, and you can
@fbueckert This is a pretty decent plan, I do think
@AshleyNunn The falls are interesting :P
Oh, the prices dropped again
6:42 PM
@AshleyNunn Except today is Friday night, which means I'm going out dancing, as always.
I've fucked up my body clock considerably this week, but even now I can't sleep
@James They're pretty interesting but when every Dutch relative ever wants to see them, they get old XD
@fbueckert This is also a decent plan.
@AshleyNunn Well that is where you take the relatives under the condition that they have to walk under the falls :D
6:42 PM
This is the price for a permit to buy a car
Add on top of that the actual price of the car, and, yes, you really can buy a small apartment for the price of a car
@James Haha this would be a good plan
@YiJiang Holy crap. I'd never get a car for that price.
@fbueckert Me neither.. I thought I had a pretty nice car but I paid like half that USD for mine
I bought mine for $10K.
... And I do have a pretty nice car :)
6:45 PM
@YiJiang O.o And I thought me not having a car here because they are too expensive was a big thing
@James Mine's not fancy at all; the only requirement I had was that it had to have great mileage.
1.3 Singapore dollar to a US dollar / Euro, do the math
Oooh, the Mass Effect DLC is coming on Tuesday....wonder how much head shaking I'll have to do.
Then I lucked out and found a three year old car with all of 40K kilometers on them.
I may buy a car soon, so I never have to do this fucking journey again
6:46 PM
gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/74288/… - so this has 3 close votes now, though it has a finite and clear potential answer. And, can't people atleast try to answer it :(
@TimStone Is it the one where they give you the "director's cut" of the ending?
"Extended" cut. Apparently there's some actual additional game play, although nothing in the way of a significant change to the ending.
@Alok Ehhhhh.....that's basically asking for a list answer. With the amount of legendaries, it would be very long.
The joke I heard the other day when they were talking about car prices was
Remember you can always sleep in a car, but you can't drive your apartment to work
@fbueckert 'Answer would be long' isn't the same as 'not a real question', which is what the close votes are under. I can go hunting for long answers on the site to use as counter examples, I'm sure they exist (cf. special snowflakes)
6:52 PM
Hmm, where's @FAE been to speculate with me on what the additional content will be? :o
@Alok Would it pass the usefulness test?
@YiJiang Would anything asking about lore?
Generally yes, in games where lore plays a big part
ahem, sorry, where was I. Ah, yes
gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/69437/… Why is this at +18, it does not affect any gameplay
6:54 PM
during the LoL contest period, which was a 2 week span containing 3 contests, LoL questions+answers garnered 40% of our downvotes, while contributing 13% of our views, and were 34% of our overall questions asked
@Alok That's in game lore; you're asking for item references that are entirely out of game.
@Alok Would likely work a lot better on SciFi.SE. They're looking for more video game expanded universe lore questions
But I would split it up into three separate questions, you don't need to conserve question IDs by consolidating related questions
@agent86 Those are some pretty sad stats
the numbers are somewhat inexact since I can't tell when a question or answer got viewed or downvoted, so those are cumulative since they were asked/answered till this point
6:58 PM
I remembered that a large percentage of them were closed too
@agent86 You can tell when they got down voted if they're in Data Explorer (what day, at least), though not the views since that's not even tracked internally.
for diablo 3, 72% of our questions asked were on the tag during the promotion, giving us 94% of our views, and garnering 63% of our downvotes
@MarkTrapp Didn't think of scifi.se being more appropriate than here; will look there later. I don't see 3 different questions to split into though, pretty sure there is only one?
wait, I think I might have screwed that up, stand by
Q: Can I buy some airports miles away from where Im based and get passengers wanted to go to them airports only

MattIn my game, I am based in Europe at the moment. Can I buy two airports in the US and have passengers just wanting to go to those airports? I know that I would have to buy cheap planes and locate them there.

Q: How does Pound of Flesh bonus work with Health Globe drop rates and bonuses?

DiabloMonkeyThere is a very good answer to a question about generic drop rates, but how do those changes if you are using Pound of Flesh? How does P.o.F. effect drop rates if you are playing in a group setting? Would Elite (Blue) monsters go from 60% drop at 50/0% life up to a 70% or 85% chance to drop a g...

7:00 PM
that's better. Copied the wrong number for question percentage at first.
@Alok You're asking for the backstories on three + n separate items. Also, check out SciFi.SE's video-games tag
Wait, 94% of this site's views during the contest went to D3 questions?
@TimStone yeah, I don't think I can access data explorer for diablo 3 yet (too soon, I think...) but the numbers are kind of sadface even considering I'm counting stuff that happened afterwards :(
@MarkTrapp Ah, I see what you mean - those were examples, I am actually asking for other similar items where I am unaware of their pop culture references
The data explorer's last refresh was right before D3
7:02 PM
@YiJiang 4,050,119 total question views from questions asked during the contest, and 3,820,148 total question views from questions asked during the contest which were tagged
@Alok Do your homework beforehand and ask specific questions about specific items: don't expect people to do the legwork of identifying all the items out there that might possibly have a pop culture reference
I seriously don't know why they won't update it more often. It should be an automated process
@agent86 Wow
@agent86 Was updated on the 12th or 13th of this month, I believe, so about a month's worth of data right? Yeah, they are. :/
@TimStone that's true. If I was more adept at data explorer, I could probably give some more accurate numbers for both of the promotional views. The stats are "accurate enough" for the point I'm trying to make though, which is the previous LoL promotions were kind of a lot of effort for not a lot of gain.
if anyone feels like using Stats-Exchange to check my math, I can dump my query list, although I doubt it makes enough of a difference to anyone :P
7:05 PM
Yeah, fair enough. :P
@MarkTrapp Ok, I was hoping someone would have already done that work (and save me the trouble). There hasn't been any useful answer so far, even if its not closed I will likely delete that Q. in a day or so.
@agent86 I... cannot stop reading that as stat sex change
@YiJiang I'm curious to where your mind goes when you read it like that
@tiddy Extreme confusion
@YiJiang indeed.
7:23 PM
@YiJiang like a really really really quick sex change?
I think it's more like a 50/50 chance on what you come out as.
@fbueckert They won't make any money on the RMAH if the game isn't worth playing, though.
But really I just think that @YiJiang's brain is a bit off. :P
I don't disagree with any of the choices they've made so far. Nothing they've done has impacted my ability to have fun at all, except in a positive way.
Yeah, I certainly haven't run into anything that'd make me want to stop playing.
7:28 PM
@TimStone I'm pretty upset about how I can't smash shit without incurring a huge repair bill. That made me take a day off, I'll admit
I'm happy death is worth avoiding now. Costs are a bit high for those of us who don't die, though, so I'm glad they'll be tweaking that.
On a related note, Writhing Deceivers can go to hell and die. shakes fist
@TimStone Which ones are those?
The annoying invisible snake things with the pointy sticks.
Oh yeah snakes suck.
7:29 PM
@TimStone they one hit me. It's the reason I can't progress in Act 2
They don't one-hit me after the patch, but they still come pretty close...so running into a champion or elite pack is the worst.
@TimStone What class?
Demon Hunter
I've never seen a DH that wasn't one-shotted by most enemies.
I am planning on building a DH next so I can understand why.
Yeah, I assume I don't have enough armour or something to have effective enough damage reduction...At 36k health with 50% damage reduce from armour and 130ish physical resist, but they still get me pretty good. Which would be OK if I could just kill them, but since they spend so much time being invisible I can easily get caught off guard.
7:34 PM
You definitely don't have close to enough resists.
My monk has >1000 resist all and 75% damage reduction from armor and I'm still afraid of some elite snake affixes.
Oh, wow. Yeah, by comparison my stats are quite terrible. I'm not sure what I have in the way of resists that's better than what I already got on, but then it becomes a game of how much that's going to help if I have to sacrifice dex or vit.
I'm sure there's a relevant question on the site, perhaps I should actually research it a bit. :P
Molten Fire Chains Vortex Jailer Snakes = (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
I only have 30k health, though, and I survive most stuff fairly well.
At some point (I don't know the intercept), armor/resists add more survivability than more health.
Ah ha
Ugh, and yes, Vortex + any of those "don't step in me" prefixes is just awful.
Then once you stack enough armor/resists, it flips back.
I really should figure out that ideal ratio, but I'm far too lazy.
I really really really need more survivability. My resists are literally like ~150 each. I have a lot of life ~36k, but I hate sacrifcing damage for resists :/
7:39 PM
Reflects Damage has also been annoying me greatly lately, since it seems to be on everything and my life on hit is terrible.
@spugsley I got so caught up in sacrificing damage for resists that I'm actually looking to go the opposite way now.
I bought so much resist gear that my damage is atrocious now.
Problem is that gear with mainstat & AllRes is really expensive - add in Vit, and even midrange values are only offered for insane prices :(
@StrixVaria my damage pushes 47k with my sharpshooter passive and I like it
@spugsley What is it without sharpshooter, since that really only affects the first hit.
@spugsley What is your bow dps?
7:40 PM
I've got comparable damage, but the crit+ is something crazy like 147%.
So average damage is well below that.
I only do 15k damage (and I don't really use any damaging skills), but I am a really good tank, so those glass cannon types with tons of damage are my best friends.
@Alok 980
I have 30k with around 58% +CritDmg and SS, but I am in A3 Hell so its enough (just need to find a decent team that actually sticks around till Azmodan, or I'll have to try soloing him soon)
@StrixVaria I'm actually not sure :( Guess that's a problem
@spugsley Yeah, I want to steal your bow. :P
7:44 PM
@TimStone yeahhh it's amazing :p
I could probably do with a weapon upgrade, but weapons are the most expensive pieces.
And I spent a lot of money yesterday making star emeralds for my armor.
@spugsley Very nice, mine is 750 with some dex - how much did you pay for it?
@StrixVaria: Are gem upgrades for the additional few stats really worth it?
@Alok I view it as a long-term investment.
I'm not losing anything because I'll have the gems forever.
True, until Bliz realizes there is no gem sink and changes it around ;)
I wish they updated their Game Guide with the new costs for crafting; its hard to figure out changes atm.
@Alok only 500k :p it was very underpriced imo
7:50 PM
I got my ~740 dps bow for 2k; need to convince myself to shell out for better weapons
My total gold is just over 2mil so its not much :(
I have a ~750 dps monk fist with 500 life on hit and 150 vit.
Any upgrade to that is going to be expensive.
@StrixVaria Maybe try to go for only upgrade on the LoH and leave vit to other slots?
@StrixVaria wow...that's pretttty nice
@Alok Yeah I might have to go this way.
I really need a higher DPS weapon if I want to get my damage up, though.
My current weaponry has ~400 life on hit each, and I made sure they had both dex and vit.
Result: I have a spear that has +300 dex and +150 vit, and a +200 dex and +100 vit off hand sword.
Problem with those is that my damage suffers.
7:57 PM
Q: What does the "set friend note" feature do?

Nick122In SCII you can right click on a friends name and "set friend note". What is this? What does it do? It allows you to type in text but nothing happens after you save it. So is this for your reference?

Q: RAMDisk for performance boost in gaming?

warsongI recently started experimenting with a RAMDisk for web browsing and since it worked pretty well, I began wondering if any particular games would benefit from using a RAMDisk? I realize games are very different from web browsing (and in many cases the graphics card is the limiting factor) and t...

If I can feasibly work Act 3 with 10K DPS, I'm going to poke around and see if I can find myself some upgrades.
@fbueckert I'm at 10k DPS. It's doable but really slow going
Much better when I play with my wife (a mage) and she DPS's while I hold them off her
@Sterno Like Act 2 was pre-patch?
No. Even pre-patch, act 2 wasn't that bad with 10k
I managed to down Belial solo. Not a fan of these enrage timers, but as long as they don't instagib me, I'm usually OK.
8:03 PM
There are a lot of things in act 3 that have a high HP base (or maybe physical resist)
That's true, I haven't tried Ghom with his new enrage timer. I killed him before it existed
I will say that with 10k DPS, good luck killing a treasure goblin (particularly as melee) in act 3
Kulle's cheap now. If he hits his enrage timer, he teleports to you and kills you instantly.
@Sterno I can't even kill treasure goblins in act 2 with 15k dps.
@StrixVaria If I can trap them, I can do it. Barely, but I can.
Did they make nightmarish kick in more often or something? seems like I'm constantly running now
Trapping them is difficult because they seem to have no qualms any more about running past you to escape.
@Sterno Nightmarish is the most annoying attribute.
Nightmarish Wasps, even post-patch, are so frustrating.
8:06 PM
@StrixVaria I think it got bugged in the patch.
I read something about it somewhere.
It's proccing much more often than it should.
I don't mind the extra repair costs in 1.03, other than the fact that even if you don't die, it leads to a pretty high bill as melee
@Sterno So what do you think is the min dps for monk or wizard in A3 inf? Slow going is fine, I also want to try farming for atleast better blue drops
Ran around act 2 a bit. Took out about 10-12 elite packs. Never died. Repair cost at the end was ~7k
> The player can be feared in rapid succession by Nightmarish monsters.
Yeah. 1.0.3 bug.
@Alok I don't really feel qualified to answer that. I just know that on my barb, with 10k DPS (unbuffed), he can really slowly plod through
8:09 PM
@Sterno You don't hit enrage timers on elites?
@StrixVaria Definitely not on act 2. On act 3, it depends on the pack
@StrixVaria You're really close with the gobs; I have ~17k on my wizard and barely kill them (or they escape with a sliver of life). 0% MF as I can't afford to swap that in and still kill them :/
It's not uncommon for me to kill 1-2 of them, hit the enrage, and then just warp to town for a minute to reset them, then finish them off
But it's rare I can't get at least 1 down
Also - ur a monk ... the teleport punch should help right?
Unless it's like extra health, health link, nightmarish :P
8:11 PM
@Alok I don't use teleport punch, and I don't want to sac valors to kill one goblin.
Yeah true; I usually have CW/mangle on
I love Mangle, but I use Deadly Reach with...I forgot the name of the rune but it's the one that buffs armor.
My armor is an embarrassment next to my resists.
I have ~900 resist all unbuffed, but only ~5800 armor.
I can often survive through the enrage though
I wish I had half your resists, not above 250 :(
oh god
8:13 PM
@Sterno I haven't hit enrage more than a handful of times, but I survived it once. I think I could probably survive it decently consistently.
@StrixVaria But it's soooo slooooowwwww
0 bucks say Meet the Pyro will first be aired on Adult Swim
before anyplace else
which means - it'll be something US only :(
can any of you guys craft the 6 property dread shields?
@OrigamiRobot Yeah the damage output using that really is atrocious.
8:14 PM
@StrixVaria My build actually got better since the patch.
(unless adult swim isn't its own channel and a container inside something else - but then I don't know what else because I for one certainly don't have a channel named "Adult Swim" on my sat tv)
I'm not dying as much
I should put Mangle on my right click, since Tempest Rush is trash because of rubberbanding and no other Monk skill is worth using for damage output.
Then I can have armor and do damage or something.
@OrigamiRobot How's that work?
Oh because the damage was nerfed in A2.
@StrixVaria and all of inferno
I only lost 2k dps
@OrigamiRobot ಠ_ಠ
I lost 3k dps and I didn't have as much AS as you.
@StrixVaria :P
I've died more times because I thought I was safe after using Tempest Rush but I really wasn't (because my client desynced from where the server said I was) than I would have if I just didn't have Tempest Rush at all.
I'm pretty sure if I could afford a 1k DPS one-hander with properties comparable to my 600 DPS one, act 3 would become ez mode
@StrixVaria every piece of equipment I had had IAS on it. :/
8:19 PM
@QAdp It's Cartoon Network's night time block, so I guess it's not technically it's own channel.
@TimStone ...oh. So perhaps... I'll need to check the italian site of CN then.
@spugsley Ouch
Relying on a single stat like that must've really hurt.
@spugsley Heh, luckily a bulk of my damage was from dex rather than IAS.
yeah, no such thing here in Italy
@fbueckert it did :/ Thank god my quiver still has it
8:23 PM
Hai, @spugsley. I hear patch's got you down.
@spugsley That's basically why they did it; the reliance on that one single stat and it's synergy with everything else was way overpowered.
@QAvenDreamer I am quite butt hurt, indeed
@fbueckert Oh, I totally get why they did it...but I'm not happy about it :p
@spugsley We'll getcha some better gear, never fear.
I found a ring earlier this week that was a straight upgrade for @StrixVaria
@fbueckert I shouldn't have been pumping damage so much anyway. I need to put some stuff into my resists :/ This was like a wake up call
Q: Can you use gates without a check-in desk?

Cory KleinOccasionally I will see a customer reach a destination inside the hot springs by exiting the building, walking down the sidewalk, then entering nearer the destination. This is particularly true if there is no other route to the destination. However, all of my gates have a check-in desk attached...

Q: Is there anyway to stop a download on Steam?

FluttershySteam recently started downloading an update for Super Monday Night Combat. Remembering the fact that the game never ran properly for me, and that I was unable to ever find any fix, I impatiently paused the download and deleted all local files from my computer. The problem is, Steam is still try...

8:27 PM
@spugsley You were following accepted glass cannon advice; always more damage, never try to survive.
@fbueckert yeah and then Blizzard said, "Fuck youuuuuuuu" and I said "Please don't" but they did anyway :(
@spugsley Are you sad over dying in Softcore?
I laugh. I laugh at you softies.
@spugsley Well, I can provide 20% more resists, but that's the limit of my buff help.
@QAna I'm not sure if I should respond with this :p or this ;) or this ;p or this O-o
I seriously need to start getting some returns on all this goodwill I keep generating with everybody. :P
8:31 PM
@spugsley I'm not sure if I should respond with gooby or dolan or bags or pudo.
@fbueckert I promise I'm looking out for you :o
So, anyone not watching Mario Marathon: Since they hit $10,000 before the event even started they decided to go ahead and do a 100% run of Super Mario Sunshine. =D Normally, it'd be a fan choice between that or Galaxy 2 100%... So... that's pretty cool. =P
@spugsley :P I know. I'm teasing.
I've been bashing my head against the Act 2 brick wall, and successfully shattered it.
Even with my crappy DPS, I'm still progressing through sheer stubbornness.
@Fluttershy That is pretty aweome
I have been watching MM so much today. :D
8:32 PM
@AshleyNunn I've had it running since the beginning. =P Just had it muted for a while.
@Fluttershy I was workig for a few hours
@Fluttershy We still wining?
@RonanForman Yep. we're still the #1 contributing site. They gave us a shout-out at the start of the event. =D
Which is weird; both of our other Inferno Monks here are too scared to even attempt Act 3. :P And they both have much better DPS than me.
@fbueckert who?
8:37 PM
@Alok @StrixVaria and @OrigamiRobot
That Valve Economics blog is going to be awesome
That guy is great
oh, right, I hadn't yet defeated the pee boss. Done
I thought @StrixVaria was in Inferno since forever, based on the spreadsheet - shouldn't he have farmed enough for A4 by now :)
@Alok We're not running glass cannons who can just run away from everything. :P
You must be doing it wrong
8:43 PM
crashes through Saint-Jean-Baptiste
@Fredy31 O_o
Quebec's National Holiday () is celebrated annually on June 24, St. John the Baptist Day In Quebec, the national holiday is a paid statutory public holiday covered under the Act Respecting Labour Standards. The festivities occur on June 23 and June 24 and since 1978 are publicly financed and organized by a National Holiday Organizing Committee (Comité organisateur de la fête nationale). June 24 continues to be celebrated as a festival of French Canadian culture in other provinces and in the United States. Origins The feast day of Saint John the Baptist or Midsummer was a very popular e...
@Alok I got to Inferno in under a week, then started another character and got to Inferno there, then started 2 more characters and ran almost to Hell with each of those.
I haven't really farmed Inferno yet.
I'm just there.
I don't have MF sets, I don't really play solo all that often.
how did I just unlock magdalene
without picking a blue heart, anyway
it happened when I picked up dessert
oh well
Depths 2 get
@StrixVaria Ah, then I'm actually in a similar situation - have 2 chars in Inferno, one more at lvl 60 needs to finish Hell quests ... all of them with crappy gear :(. Going to actually sit down and try to kill a lot of elites tomm., alone w/ Kormac ... coz random pubs suck, and chance of getting a good team actually went down post-1.0.3 (dunno why)
8:52 PM
@Alok Glass cannoning is no longer as viable as it used to be.
And people are butthurt about the IAS nerf.
@fbueckert I wasn't referring to glass cannon in this case; I thought he'd have farmed good monk gear with armor, AllRes and also dps (or more likely, farmed the gold for it)
@Alok I was commenting on your observation that chances of getting a good team went down.
@Alok I don't die in Act 2 if I have someone with DPS supporting me. I'm almost invincible in Act 1.
I'm more upset about the repair changes - it was FUN to keep wiping against a tough mob and finally bring it down; now the first thought is to skip any bad combos
I have gear, but I won't really consider Act 2 "finished" until I don't die there.
8:55 PM
@fbueckert Its not just glass/ias though - have encountered more people who just sit in town and don't help; as well as others who run ahead w/o keeping track of rest of the team
I would rather progress slowly but surely than try to rush forward to Act 3 with the increased repair costs and set myself backwards.
@Alok These are bad players. Why would you ever play public games?
Aha in that case; I take back being remotely close to your equip; I'm not even safe in A1 all the time
And if you're playing with friends, why aren't you smacking them upside the head for being deadweight?
Because its fun when it does work; and my ranged like meatshields while monk likes dps?
8:57 PM
I got the achievement yesterday for having required level 60 on every slot on my monk :P
@Alok This is what friends are for.
Time for me to go home. I'll probably be leveling my DH today if I ever finish all the crap I have to do tonight.
Only ones I have in D3 friend list are people met off public games :(
Yest. teamed up with some barbs in Hell (on DH) - 2 of them were having < 300 dps weaps at level 58+

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